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January 8, 2020 11:40 am

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January 8, 2020 11:40 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain Acts 13-48- Can those who are predestined reject their salvation---2- Where would you recommend people go to seminary- What do you think of John MacArthur's seminary---3- As a Calvinist, is it still needed to witness---4- A former 7th Day Adventist called to thank Matt for the CARM site and also to ask if that section would ever be expanded.--5- What's the difference between subjective and objective morality---6- Can you explain the Trinity. What place does Jesus have in it---7- What is the book of life in Revelation and what does it mean for someone to be blotted out of it---8- Is there a point where God stops moving in a person's life---9- Is process theology and open theism the same thing-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Why is a mounted resident is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is like live and hope you want to give me a call or talk or listen to whatever it is you want to do because we do here and show so the Lord bless you greatly and the okay just checking things out all right with no calls waiting want to give a call 877-207-2276 and just want to say hello. Let's see Armando in the stream yard app so hopefully what is going fine and all the sound is good.

Nothing like that so they David hey Andrew, Jess, are you guys all doing sounds muffled. One guy says while working on things okay try to get things right. It's a one-man show, so to speak your mind and the tech place you'll stop the producer's great guy to okay now going to be calling us at 877-207-2276 and we do apologetics here answering questions on the Christian faith and what I'm doing is I'm working on a series of topics presenting and stuff prepping to be able to present to do one thing I forgot to do her nesting on a rare and somebody working on seminar and conference speaking topics. So if you're interested in some things you let me know if it look I think what might you be interested in the working on that developing some interesting I think I topics PowerPoint handouts and all of that kind of stuff. Alright so you want to say thanks again to all of the people who donated for the end of your matching fund drive and I think everybody is a matter fact, who has been supporting us. It is a great honor to be able to serve God and I just thank you for the ability that you have given to financially support us really do that. We have missionaries and in Turkey we have one in Brazil. We have one in Columbia and out.

We also have a guy in Selleck city so the ministry here is is doing well and were expanding their finances that keep us going and if you want to support us all you do is go to all the information needed will be right there. Now I know that a lot of people don't really know or not don't really but haven't gone to the website of your list in the show.

Not sure what's going on go to Carmen and I say that because there's so much information there. I have written hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles on various topics over 24 your. And have been just doing apologetics defending the faith and there's so much information if I would check it out sometime. I hope you will be blessed if you do let's get to Chris from Raleigh, North Carolina Chris, welcome you are on the air.

Thanks for taking my call. Sure, the general question my wife's doing a Bible right now. The other day she ran across a couple of verses in their which refer to salvation through faith but then they also in the same verse reference people being appointed and sort of like precast and so I don't know the exact birth X 13. I okay sounds right now, just in general. Can you shed some light on that you know we were taught we always kind of understood salvation to be through faith and grace than anybody because they but these other passages seem to like kind of implied that there some sort of no predestination. And Paul is hoping you could make that the reason the idea predestination is there is because it's true and I could give you versus if you want to go check it out. Check them out but predestination is a biblical doctrine. Now explain more about it, but I want to say that when a lot of people hear me talk like this. They don't want to listen to Internet radio or whatever it is because I don't like that idea God predestined people to salvation because it means that God is not predestined everybody to salvation and what people generally say is that it's completely up to the individual is free or her free will to be able to choose God. And that's is not biblical. And when I talk like this a lot. I know a lot of people are just taken aback but let me defend what I'm saying. Let it remind you that I've been doing apologetics for 40 years and it doesn't mean I'm right really studied these issues a lot and so the Bible says that the unbelievers, a slave of sin. Romans 614 through 20 in the room with three, 10, 11, 12, it says that the unbeliever is doesn't see for God can do no good in prescriptions 214, it says that the unbeliever cannot receive or understand the things of God for their foolishness to him and he would go to Isaiah 64, six, or practice, teacher, filthy rags. We go to Ephesians 21 or did not send Ephesians 23 where by nature children of wrath. There's just all kinds of things in the Bible that talk like this and the effect of that reality of biblical reality that the unbeliever is a slave of send a hater of God can do no good doesn't seek for God cannot receive the things of God's deadness since this is what the Scriptures say I'm quoting literally quoted Scripture. If that's the case, and it is, then it would be necessary that we would be caused to be born again.

Which is exactly what it says in first Peter 13. It would be as it says in export 1348, as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed.

The word there a point to the Greek as possible and tossed so is used in some ancient writings in military context to to where general would put a certain group of people in certain places. It's a direct arrangement of things that Ms. had been appointed to eternal life. Jesus said in John 644.

You cannot come to me, and unless a father draws you in a John 665 is if you cannot come to me… Been granted to you Mrs. what it says in John 113 talks about being born again, born again, not of her own will know when I quote these two people who have been raised in the standard church that of free will is him now.

I believe in free will, but I'll explain when it is what happens is they usually react very negatively because they don't like the idea that God is the one who chooses people for salvation.

It has to be up for our own choice, but you won't find it in Scripture that is a man-made humanistic doctrine that has crept into the church and is very unfortunate that is the case is not to say that God is and is our people to be safe and he certainly does God want to save anybody all he has to do is move the heart of the king where he wishes that the goal Proverbs 21, one make is born again, not of her own well. John one freak or grant that we believe Philippians 129 or grant is repentance second Timothy 225 and so the question becomes, why doesn't God granted everybody well the answer to that is found in Romans nine 9023 and the summation of that is God does what he wants and you can answer back to him, will people so that's not fair will, who are you to say back to God a thing multiple knots in the motor. Why did you make me like this will and he goes on in Romans nine addresses these issues. But the funny thing is that when we pray the prayers of a righteous man affect God avail much with God. James 516 says the house at work. I don't know.

We pray for people salvation and its way beyond our understanding, to build explain all this, but our prayers matter so we can affect God because God says so but yet from all eternity. As it says in explain a few more things here is says in Ephesians 1 starting in the verse four just as he chose us. That's the Greek word X like them. I chose just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless before him in love he predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ himself.

According to the kind intention of his will that they mean. So what we have here is being chosen before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and blameless and the only way that's possible is if Christ died for us. This is an in love he predestined us he predestined us that were says election and predestination go together, or the choosing of God. Now there are three main Greek words that are used for calling in that sense lexicon efficacy for but to Clegg of my eclectic costs. Act like a these are the three words that I'll get to that one in the second and if you notice a repeat of the first syllable is at E. KL Eklund getting classy or scabby Clegg of my eclectic times will work for church in Greek is Cliff Sia where the called once the chosen ones is a Greek word for called in the present tense. It's collectible, but in Greek. When you go to the past tense you putting E and F salon on the front of the word, we put ED on the back so that we would get his clay again.

Those who are called so church is the called ones, the ones who are given by the father to the son. John 637 through 40 talks about that Jesus is all of the father gives me will come to me and he talks like this.

So when we see these things in Scripture to because it's true he predestines us from the foundation of the world and her son is really interesting. A lot of people don't understand I Michelle you this this is just Scripture. If you notice I am coding versus I'm quoting scriptures. I know that a lot of people don't agree with this and that's fine. You don't have to agree, but I'm quoting Scripture.

And if I'm wrong then show me the Scriptures that contradict us.

But how could the Scripture contradict the Scripture does make sense. So a God only knows believers is no unbelievers.

Now this, it means doesn't know who they are in his state of omniscience.

He knows all things police as I know you. A major say it is because I don't know you mean you're not saved that the Greek word can also go as many guns as I know you your meter saved and I can show that liberty and a time for the break. I shall if in Scripture, but the word for Forno is Pro and Osco is says this in Romans eight 2930, which is really interesting for those whom he foreknew he also predestined that were foreknow spoken Osco God only knows good Osco people that are his and the saving weight of the phrases used in Scripture so to me, foreknew he also predestined there.

The same group. This is Romans 829 this is what the Scripture says those of the foreknew he also predestined there to same group.

The four known ones are the ones he is known as salvation, weight from before the foundation of the world. He predestined them there to same group for those whom he foreknew he also predestined to become conformed to the image of his son so that he would be the firstborn among many brethren and those whom he predestined, that's past tense. He also called that's past tense, and those whom he called past tense. He also justified. That's past tense those we justify the also glorified Orphic glorified in the past tense, but it's something that happens in the future is because were so secure in him because we been elected, chosen, redeemed, predestined that we belong to him that help yeah yeah very interesting. I is a lot there so I hope you know posting the recorded version yet one more hold a break. Hold on, get back to Chris, along with the folks we write back after these messages the mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back everyone, let's get back to Chris Stiller down here so yeah so sort of related to that question then is it possible from a scriptural point of view are those who are appointed to reject their salvation through three will what it was free will was renting my account they can. Everybody will real. Everybody has the ability to reject God over and over and over, but when it's time for God to regenerate you, then you be saved on the given example something we would teach that regeneration precedes faith logically not temporally so there's a light switch and I turn on electricity. The light is instantaneously there, but it is the electricity that causes the light even though some simultaneous social logically prior God regenerates us and gives us the ability to freely believe and we do. It's a free will that we do that, but God changes us so that were no longer slaves of sin were regenerated insofar as then God's work is in us and we can believe when it comes time for that active, nobody can resist because it's God's sovereign act of regenerating us once were regenerated. We freely choose God. That's how that works okay great thank right but God bless will see you. Okay let's get to Gary from North Carolina, Gary. Welcome to the show. You're on the year hello are you doing all right for God's grace hanging in there. We got your list until you three quick questions the normal get all clear.

Recommended young people to seminary. What suggestions do you have what if I could. John MacArthur in the master seminary and then when I was in Bible college, one of my professors took the question about sovereignty and responsibility, evangelism, and the question was, you know what's delayed evangelism. God already planned out the answer to dislike these and scripturally.

There's no excuse or even a God who claims to be a hyper Calvinist or one who does not leave it over Everson and her friend forever center link should never center is a correct statement I get all village antlers rushed to her place library. All right it was Gary from North Carolina recommended seminaries. I recommend reformed ones and I recommend there's reformed ones are the ones that you can be safest in there.

I did a lot of seminaries in America.

I have not done a study in which seminaries are better but I like reformed ones I've heard of some of the ones that are prominent have been prominent are starting to liberal in some areas so I can research. That is why will recommending the others at the moment. John MacArthur seminary. I haven't heard nothing bad about it. Only good things so I recommend that and sovereignty responsibility. Why evangelize of God predestines and things like that because he told us to answer. Plus, we don't understand house to God's sovereignty works in all things we don't know how our prayer affects and works in all that we don't know what we have to do is is is go witness evangelize Paul the apostle taught the stuff of predestination election and he was out witnessing all the time. Let's follow his example not use such doctrines as an excuse to remain ignorant and ineffective. We need to get off our lazy rears and get out there is are witnessing ensuring the faith. That's why when the radio to I'm on the Internet is why I want to seminars is twice go door-to-door collided years of prison ministries. Why dressed like a punker went down the beach in Southern California witnessed its why I did swap a ministry. It why did all kinds of stuff because I trust God's sovereignty, not my understanding of Scripture. I may be wrong about these things so you know what I put all my eggs in a five-point basket or my understanding of election predestination and all that kind of stuff I don't mow Mike's and their gotchas go witness is a yes my Lord I witness and leave all the rest of that stuff to him all right. That's how it should be. Let's get to Jessica from Des Moines, Iowa.

Jessica here on the air.

You're welcome. I actually why after year by number and great guy got it my way out the call for transformation in my life and in speaking resource that you help me with and help me kind of under the thing you know I'm not valid at your website with actually one that I like you and I know that you're not good college on their diet.

I wonder if that's something that you would maybe expand on it.

We have to restart the farmer and athlete.

We got ready for work going and studying more of my way out of that. I think it's really important to bring enlightenment to call and after having spent 40 years in line. I can tell you how damaging it is you my whole life, not only my belief in God and my relationship with God that to my social life in my church how my church family is very damaging and heartbreaking. Thank you. No bringing more enlightened that you call the doctor and like that I think is something that would be really soft for your listener.

Thinking about you and your website to be able to know in their life, how to administer them out… And will be glad that you are using clearly blended, was there to build a help you a great deal we just kind of let you in on a little bit of a secret.

Maybe no one else is listening and knowing also find out about this, but the we are so overwhelmed with work. There's only now we have a full-time guy in Salt Lake City and my email. I have over 1400 and I have 3700 and and in the another one. Let's say you get the idea.

That's just in emails and I have over 600 questions on the list. I'm supposed to get to and then I have a group of probably there 5200 groups that impose a get to as well. And I'm supposed to start developing seminar material for teaching you know equipping Christians to do PowerPoint slides after direct work.

Everything positive. The radio I have in our neck while in two hours from now roughly, if the guy agrees. I'll be doing a debate discussion on his baptism necessary for salvation. I supposed to do another debate on the 27th on predestination free will with a hyper Calvinist will do another debate on eternal security with another guy who I think is the fourth of defend her honor was very went to. I'm very, I'm absolutely buried with the forms I'm trying to solve guy database errors in the forums were trying to arrange getting the website rebuilt. It's been almost 3 1/2 years to get a server crash and I'm trying to raise the funds to do what we gotta do I need to hire that are 2 to 3 people full-time and I can afford.

So if we had people and I'm 63 and what I want to be able to do is start mentoring people to take over this ministry. I want to dilute to have people that I can work with on a regular basis preferably live close by teaching how to speak things like that is why some whining things working on is you go pick Douglas Jessica already voted right back please message is why call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to the shorter one. Let's get the Joshua from Idaho hey Josh, where are you in Idaho with a what city are doing or liner at their North. Okay I'm done south near Boise or anybody what a young man what's up all all sure sure, objective morality is a morality that exists outside of us that we had here to record and recognize subjective morality is depend upon ourselves.

For example, if I were to say it's wrong for you to wear shoes in my house.

That's a subjective kind of a moral requirement but is not universally object applicable objective morals are those which come from God. They reside in him. And so to us. They are there are objective and they are universally true. Okay understand how good your little muscle but people are telling the can is yes. Much better that that's all you needed to do it.

Okay, here not remember this is the statement and ask your friends who can complain asking that the statement is true or not true. It's either true or it's not true. Okay you try something like love you say is 2+2 equal four. Is it true or not true. Thus a true okay good touch of now here's a statement that it is always wrong to torture babysit death merely for one's personal pleasure is always wrong for anyone, always wrong for anyone to will always wrong is is universal for anyone is universal always means all time wrong is a lateral statement for anyone that means past, present, future, always wrong for anyone to tutor today was a death merely merely only just because your personal pleasure you asking the question if they say yes it's always wrong, then they are believing and affirming universal moral absolutes. If they say no it's not wrong is not true, then there affirming interest times what is okay to say that evil and you ask, okay, exclaiming when and how it's okay to do that okay right right but you will not read. May God bless over to Eddie from Houston. Eddie, you are on the air welcome and had a monomaniacal list because I will guess we got you question. I love all my Catholic good hand that now I debate Catholic and very good, or they think that marrying the mother of God because they think he got his gun and not nasty and I've seen other Christians struggle with this to my understanding is that you that the person of one can you clear that up. Sure, let's go over this little bit will play the basics out first. Okay, the doctrine of the Trinity is that there is one God who exists in all. Place all time and that the this one God is Trinitarian and that there is a person of the father, a person of the word of the son and a person of the Holy Spirit and these persons are not the same person as each other to three persons. Not one I can go through the Scriptures and how that's derived patent how it's arrived at all that stuff.

I take I can teach on it a lot. It's really great topic but anyway so we have is the second person we call the son became man and united with humanity are united with the human nature. So we would say that in the incarnation when this happened when the word became flesh. John 11 verse 14 when the word became flesh.

We call this the hypostatic union. This means that in the one person or two distinct natures. The divine nature and human nature. So this what we call the hypostatic union in its proper correct doctrine in Jesus right now possesses two natures, the divine nature and human nature are not to persons in the body, but one person for the one person said I'm hungry on Thursday. That's claiming the human attributes. The one person also said I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth. John 2018 to 20, so his claim of the divine attributes is a big fancy doctrine called the cheetah caught you in your motto which describes this will get into that now so this is who Jesus is. Now when the Catholics talk about this when they say Jesus is God.

Mary the mother of God, there'd committing what's called the fallacy of equivocation and we equivocate means you change the meaning of the word. As you're talking about.

And so if I were to say give me some green you might understand that to mean money and I say will you give me grief or extra plant and going about that you suck at it best that we met. I changed up the what the meaning of the word was in this what they do here unfortunately not clear slowly say that Jesus is God what you're saying is that God there. The word God.

It means he's divine in his essence he's divine he has that God quality the divine essence that's what were saying when he said he was a he's God the Holy Spirit is God. He's also divine. The father's God. He's also divine and is only one being who is divine.

This is God's divinity. So when they say he's God there correct when they same Jesus are Mary the mother of God. Now what they mean by the word God, they mean the Trinity because God is a Trinity and so it was a Jesus is divine. Is she the mother of divinity will can't be that the case so they're not being clear and how they're saying this and so what I had to do with them as a what he means God because God is Trinity is she the mother, the Trinity and the say no is the mother of Jesus juice of two natures is God and man is okay, so that's interesting. He's the mother of the divine nature will that he was born. So in that sense, he's a mother she's a mother, I can agree with that. In that that sense but what they do with it.

As you know, having been Catholic. They drive a truck load of heresy through that statement they force so much stuff into it. You know she's the media Trixie's the co-redemptive tricks. She's the one there's no other no better way to to look and then to look to Mary Brinkman regarding the church. I think it's CCC 792 phone number correctly is full of heresy. So what they're doing is elevating her not to the level of God, but real close to it and so Mary can hear the prayers of millions of people simultaneously all over the world in different languages both thought and spoken and she could answer these are the attributes of God himself. So what they're doing is in their blasphemous tradition, blasphemous doctrinal teachings in their idolatrous machinations as they are using that phrase and other phrases in order to elevate her to a level that does not suit her. This is why we have to resist that statement one sense, but not in another.

She is the mother of Jesus, in the sense of the of the divine aspect in the sense that the divine word was born through her and we can say that but she's not the mother of God, the Trinity, and that mom at the Trinity. It's going talk tomorrow if you like is done is Catholics often say they seek to be real careful what they say in how we do that make sense glottal regular out loud. I'm troubled that the Christian I'm troubled you do a video wanted my video room is not ready, and he certainly videos and point is how the people in so much heresy, so little time or nobody there I got bless the little right that's Eddie from Houston.

Let's get on the phones with Tony from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Tony you're on the air do nor I meant what he got called local live moment, but all you get the last book of life is was written before the foundation of the earth will create that name.

It will feel to Bob thinking one thing but doesn't that mean that all the people in a lot of out of the book of life already been blotted out right after these messages, folks, mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's slave. What about everyone back to Tony.

Tony still there. Alright, so there's some debate among theologians about what the book of life is and their different commentators will say different things about it and basically they say that the basic same thing. It's the heavenly record now. The first mention of it is in Psalm 69 talk to the book of life there so the phrasebook of life occurs eight times in the entire Bible. Seven of them in the New Testament and Psalm 6928 it talks about being removed, or the possibility of being removed from the book of life that they may be blotted out a book of life may not be recorded with with righteous that's an imprecatory Psalm is a Psalm of cursing and people don't like you will know that there imprecatory Psalms where the work got where people say kill him get up destroying it in there.

There are called imprecatory Psalms. This is one of those.

So that's that. Now the only other reference really talking about tubing removed to them going up in this context it deals with Revelation 35 he overcomes will thus be clothed in white garments, and will not erase his name for the book of life. Does that mean you can be removed unnecessarily. It might mean is possible to be removed, but it could also be a statement of your security or not to be removed because your secure flight deck be removed or secure because you will see that kind of logic.

So we're not sure exactly was going on.

So some people think some commentators have offered the idea that the book of life is a listing of all people who ever lived in that as people die in their sins. Their names are removed from the book of life, and God knows who will be the ultimate ones who are in that book will remain in that book is one theory. The other one is as you have kind of hinted that there is that God knows we Trinity whom he has called and who is chosen as Ephesians 145 and so therefore they are in that the book livered beginning and he will not be blotted out, so it's it's a tough topic. Not exactly sure no one is exactly sure what the answer is that helping you more well what what you will and I got all the lights up like looking at what angle like the name of the book of life or the you know let's just say it to say that there's a lot of that that was a group thing to me that the book or the deal before the foundation. There's different ways of understanding things in the Trinity ambivalent here, but the angels wrote it will that mean that before the foundation of the world would God create the angels that the angels then wrote this, and because a new or does it mean that in Revelation talks about being in an out of the book of life. Does it mean there that think you can in the Dano's one who writer got yet I don't see that I needed to say this, that of an alternate sound like I know everything. I certainly don't agree to learn, but unfortunately a lot of pastors just don't know your theology very well and they need to study it and I'm not trying to say that it can be good pastor.

If you haven't studied theology that that would make someone good, because being good pastor has different levels and God may call a pastor to a certain church where you don't need to have all that theology but you do need to build a minister and a great way in and that's fine. I'm not making judgments you're going to do that not doing but it still is a requirement that the pastor's study theological issues because the Bible is theological. Unfortunately get a lot of pastors sometimes who say some things are just not as difficult as I think they and that's a 40 the case.

Okay RMS when you move along the lines lit up okay but it got bless alright, it's good to Charleston, Charlotte, North Carolina Charles, you're on their right hand or called about a month ago and they I went into the car so that there was no static or knows that I know a lot of people don't realize how bad it out on radio, but now try to get the right guy. Anyway Jacob all decked out made a month ago a question of the first caller had a question about being in you being left by demon you know I was the caller called in about you belong to God, you know, nobody, not enlightenment everything and anything can you start and you know your air, you can be, but that your conduct by the only father he owns you. He can do what all of your heart. My question well actually there is one more thing about the Don called in about the Catholic question. You know, I might add, you know, Mary. Thank her know I thank her for being obedient to God.

The woman to the flesh, like we are human being, God chose a woman with with her and she just obediently obeyed God.

Have you know, even God, I would say that you correct correctly. If not, you know, I think God father and mother to Jesus because you know he had a plan and I hold on hold on hold. Does the Bible say that that God is a father and mother to Jesus all, no, no, no, don't get me wrong. I then then then holding out in then then I wouldn't use a phraseology since God doesn't.

I got I got I got and I need a budget that I got. Did you have a question my question.

I have a question for a while now. I was driving and I heard the radio station.

I think one of our couple pastors. Maybe a couple guys are talking about God called Donna you know to come to give up our heart and and then you know I guess you know you don't know what you and your not knowing which way to go. You Glide back you know you all of the things they were doing. But then God does something else in your life where you're like you know you're just parading them all your needs and your dislike. So thankful you know that he come to you again through the pain, but I heard that them two guys that were talking. There think something that there is like to do five times left like time or so or thumb somewhere in that range. You know God just stopped calling on anything like that in the Bible that have no okay so it's just strange that my fiancé heard it somewhere and and I said it because I told her I told her, because I heard on radio and explain it correctly will tell you where you can find out on second season with that exact phrase was somehow and then quoted to you that we could analyze it, but know is that in the certain number of times I five okay at. Thank you map a new brother. Praise God I got authority.

God okay.

All right. Is it over to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck. Luckily so you have never met about that reality that name it open. You know know it's similar open theism of this is God is learning the process theology started by Alfred North Whitehead in 1800s says that God is progressing in actually changing and that the universe along with him is changing that God might be changing to a good great big three were open theism, does not teach that God's nature and essence change what they do teach open theists to teach that God increases in knowledge and understanding that God can make mistakes and open theism, which is unfortunately having getting a little bit of ground during gaining ground little bit in Christian theology, Christian to some churches. The idea that God can actually make mistakes as part of bad news there that I understand, but I got up about 500 Paul Hoven know Kendo in the area of all open the PAN COPA and I haven't got endorsement from the more learn attorney Stephen Evan Moore, okay, that one God God create that name that is the thing that reveals God wired new characteristic or property as the three remaining eight with the world. Okay let me just interrupt you and say millionaire if you say that's a heresy is a false teaching from the pit. God is not gain characteristics of new properties and the reason that is the case because a new characteristic would arise if the nature and the essence of something changes and God cannot change – he has immutability. Malachi 36 so he does not change.

So that's justice but statement and it is an area that you know what I write for you without the more nonprofit like that not I don't trust.

Trust University press anymore and smothered via groups and J.P. Moreland quite writes but unfortunately finest anti-host open to some degree.

So open theism is our open his monism. I believe it is. There are some clever errors. Everything in the church open theism, monism are clever and their errors in this matter. To avoid my amazing how you can keep up on the well you know… Bobby Kennedy obligated that, but knew you were a boy you had a good thought, when I say this will hold on to those on the know and I went on to correct that I need to correct a theological head. Okay God did not look into the future. Know what I could do what I could not do based upon anything that's in me. The reason and the only reason that I can do what I can do is because of God's grace God's gift in God's calling. He is the one that not heightening that I met that that's it. And he has one given me the unction and the desire to be able to study over and over and over member stuff and he had her all the glory. I deserve to be dead. I deserve to be dead for what I have done it in my familiar light created purely as if represented, that's correct. So he gets all the glory. I have I have is not to say I have asked burgers why people don't know that. But this an autism spectrum disorder and so my brother has okay and and God still uses a broken vessel he has to receive all the glory. There's absolutely nothing I've ever done is been fewer you write so that all him or actively.

I don't know how to say that God is is allowed me to be able to have some odd thing is, and thank God for what he is allowed and what he's he's granted, and may I use whatever I have for his glory.

Okay not to go, buddy. I say sorry about that Mike from New York and Charlotte, North Carolina the Lord bless you all

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