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January 10, 2020 2:40 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 10, 2020 2:40 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is lordship salvation---2- How do you respond to Catholics who use 1 Peter 3-21 in regard to baptism---3- What's your opinion of the elements of the Lord's supper- Is it merely a symbol---4- What are your thoughts on Dave Ramsey---5- How is the word decree meant in Jeremiah 19-5---6- Did God create sin---7- What's Mary's place in the Bible- Is she honored-regarded like David or Solomon-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine as a matter why MS would live. It is January 9, 2020. For those of you who might listen to the podcast of later Rhonda so you have a date and if you want to give me a call. While your due was usual is just oil its assessment Cigna. My home phone number 877-207-2276. Hopefully you won't want to call you for the lines right now.

I will try to new technology here and just let you guys know that we got those in the Coldstream yard was early to recommend and it allows some good Internet video and some work and things like that to be done from broadcasting on simultaneously and periscope Facebook and YouTube and slightly people to watch and periscope on the phones of the one or wherever they want to do that they do but were destroying stuff so those of you who are watching it all works out like that again want to say thanks for all of the people who are supporting us.

We do appreciate that we definitely do need that we are trying to expand the radio show. Hopefully we can really want to get on more and more stations because some will not say how great anything but we certainly need more of the gospel preached. The more the truth. God's word promoted there in that dark world and I do ask that by God's grace that the people who hear are those who God wants them to hear whatever reason with her to begin the faith are outside here and be convicted of your sins, hopefully the unbeliever and come to faith in Christ and for the believer to be, well, to be more inclined to understand the truth of what God's word has to say. Which reminds me was I on Reddit today and is going through some of the atheist post is really interesting because the atheists there is dislike, not a big deal but the atheists were posting anything and only anything. Everything that was negative but Christianity where a pastor did something bad, and is arrested. That is what represents Christianity and was widely read through all these things that all of but you don't go through and I finally posted.

I said look, there's a fallacy of composition which is now the. The engines blue. Therefore, the whole car is blue in the words of one part represents the whole is not how it works. I said I wrote it and I said that's not what represents Christianity, you will find what they do represented in the New Testament and I said that that's not what Christianity is and the post was rejected in the atheist form. Then somebody came on and said that they overrode the root automatic rejection and allowed it to be put in it. He thought it was a good topic and I was really surprised by that self.

You never know when right so there's that. And I was like reaching out as much as I can to those who are lost because atheists are lost they need Jesus Christ save the right folks anthropologically give me a call 877-207-2276 is at the Micah from Salt Lake City Micah you're on their day that is.

I can click him. I do mind that worry about study material from John Barker bad that they preacher of courtship salvation, and that I can defend that because I didn't know what it felt like your Lordship salvation. It's some it's a problem if it's defined in certain ways. Basically what it means is that in order to be a Christian you have to receive Christ not only as Savior but also as Lord and so it is either a single step or two step process a single step process is by faith alone in Christ alone, and your justified your saved and the result of that is he is automatically the Lord of your life and and that will be manifested through sanctification. The other view of Lordship salvation. Another view, click the variations of it is that you receive Christ by faith. You also have to purposely turn from their sins.

And you have to willingly decide to proclaim or whatever it is that Jesus is to be Lord in all areas of your life and that these both of these was necessary to just be Lord as well as Savior in order for you to be saved now, though the latter one is problematic because if someone is to repent. In order to become a Christian and that means then that the unbeliever, the unregenerate is able to do good work by which he is then saved.

And this is where the controversy one of the main areas of comes into play and we had to make sure that were justified by faith alone in Christ alone. However, it is also true that Jesus does need to be Lord of our life because that's rightful we can block without the blood of God.

Acts 2028.

If that's the case then what ought to be, is that Jesus is Lord of our lives so they go together in either view but that the controversy comes in.

Is it a one-step process of salvation or to step one partner to part of one faith alone in Christ alone, or to faith and you have to make him look or live your life and and then become true Christian and is a little bit we could make Scripture we cook scriptures for both of those because you know if you so you know him until he was commitment to truth is not in you and your liar.

First John 240. That means you you you can't just be saved by faith alone. If that faith alone is a dead faith that produces no works, no goodness, no rejected no regeneration associated with not saying that those of us who hold to the oneness deposition. I believe in justification by faith alone in Christ alone. And then what you regenerated God works this other stuff in you and you freely do repent because of what you naturally can do when you regenerated so you see how the thing is difficulty to ask your friend to to define Lordship salvation and ask him to show where John MacArthur says what Lordship salvation is and if he does say there is a two-step process. Faith must come, and you must also do these other things in order to be Christian and that would be a false teaching, but I believe you teach right so that I I will write sounds good but I write you too. God bless. All right, let's get on the phone with William from Texas William the show. You are on their it's I will go and what are you buddy.

I got a quick question regarding that made into a Catholic family Support and that how do you how do you respond Catholic when they bring out first Peter 321 regard at as a verse absolutely. So what I would say is that you try something here to just read the context is what you gotta do read the context and if you like.

If you do read it before real little after nine Maria starting verse 20, who once were disobedient, when the patience of God kept waiting the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water corresponding to that, baptism now saves you, not the removal of dirt in the flesh, but an appeal to God for clean conscience to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Okay that's that's the context okay so corresponding to that, in the Greek is a single word and teach upon us and antitype. Something that represents something else. So Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was the father and that account, and Isaac was the son and the representation of experience explaining that later but. So corresponding that baptism saves you corresponding to what we have to go to is called the antecedent words what comes before what's it referring to what's baptism referring to. Well if baptism here means water, then you might want to say that they were brought safely through the water. But if you want to say. Baptism is the work of God, because Ephesians 45 has one faith, one Lord, one baptism, then the baptism of the Spirit of God, where its speaks about this and that Mark 1/8 in Matthew 311 for talks about which assignment John the Baptist baptizes with with water, but you be baptized or he'll baptize you with the Holy Spirit and so this really gets interesting.

But anyway she could ask him what is the word baptism refer back to what saved Noah was at the ark was a ladder. The ark, so course or an event that is now saves you will look only to have payment but why would you say water or why would it imply water but does it and asked for their 13 21 and I must say it is water. Nesting is not water on the same let's does not assume everything.

What does it say corresponding to that, baptism now saves you, there are instances where baptism does not mean water and it says are baptized. For example anger first Corinthians 10 enforcement is 10 it says I do not want you all to be unaware, brethren: that our forefathers or fathers were all under the cloud and passed through the sea, and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud in the sea to their baptized into Moses, but her baptized the but there never worked flat they never got left, so it's easy the baptism is interesting so there's a another relationship to it there but anyway so is asking what refer to that, though I would. Back back that could revert the covenant with the covenant baptized in the covenant is a lot you might, but I don't think so.

I think it probably deals with the issue of water and if it deals with the water then is probably what was within is the issue of sprinkling, pouring, or immersion because of some things that are in the Scriptures about this because of those say he will John the Baptist said he baptizes with water. Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and when you look at the Old Testament prophecies about the Holy Spirit coming forth. It's always considered pouring in and it is idea I've done the research and then it said to be the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament that baptism has to be the point so it makes you wonder what's going on here. This is not a simple thing.

The more I study this more binding out that a lot of the views I've had, may not be all that accurate that I have to modify a few things. So anyway I think it's for 3021 most probably is referring to water in the and in that baptism now saves you means water, but the baptism is not the dunking of an water because this is not the removal of dirt in the flesh, but an appeal which is an issue of faith, which is why was it would happen when Adam and Eve would and of the ark. They entered my face. Ark is what saved them and what people don't know this. Each Greek letter is also a number in Greek so Alpha Beta Gamma Delta epsilon is 12345 goes on like that is when you write a word you're also writing a letter a bunch of numbers like our 010 the same thing or one Anna and I could be the same thing will we know they are by context and so today.

The funny thing is that when you enter the letters of Jesus name Sue creased us, Jesus Christ. It has up to 888 888. Those two words, Jesus Christ. A people who will water the yard better, but it will move alive.

Everything got was a foe to fill the lines 877-2072 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave to show Matt slick live. Mr. Metzler command when you recall all you do is dial 877-207-2276 John Selleck city looking to show your own ear thank you Baker take my call. Sure you not a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church that a good friend. It is a member of a nondenominational church, so-called non-and we have a continuous dialogue about the Eucharist and its position is that the Eucharist nothing more than a symbol where in my church. We believe that the real presence of Jesus Christ. We don't use the term transubstantiation is using the Catholic Church go use the term real present and and am wondering what you think about that because as I look at the Scriptures.

Jesus says take the this is my body in Fenton. Kinda like my body three permits all it is my blood of the new covenant, but I believe there's a real present scorning with what your belief or my belief is that I'm not exactly sure what it is because the Bible doesn't tell us.

And when he says it is my body can't be literal because he was incarnated, had not yet been crucified and resurrected and glorified so it could not be his literal body.

Otherwise, we have a potential violation of the incarnation with his physical body bring in more than one place at a time. That's from another problem is that in Leviticus 1711, Arthur seven 2014 says it forbids actually forbids that the drinking of human blood says nothing drink the blood of any flesh so he says my body, my blood, it can't be literal. Otherwise you be asking the Jews. There is a cycle to violate the law and he wouldn't do that. So what's going on. Well, I think they analyze and some people say that it's when he instituted the supper that it was a sacrifice body and blood will how can it be as it wasn't sacrifice to and if you want to say well he's outside of time and space and all that kind of stuff.

It doesn't work and I could dismantle that so when I look at this I say it cannot be transubstantiation or consubstantiation, but at the very least the very I mean this in the literal sense of at the very least it could be something just a symbol.

But let's sidestep and look at what circumcision was in the Old Testament.

Circumcision was in and I say this on purpose. This way, just a symbol but was more than just a simple, even though it was just a symbol or something. Something associated with the symbol because I think was an exit I forgot 25 I forgot where victim or Moses did not circumcise his son support his wife did that through the foreskin at his feet and blood probably touched up and saved his life will why is it that he was in trouble with God for not obeying that covenant will because the this the circumcision represented the covenant so it doesn't circumcision itself have any power will know but it's a representation of the covenant sign this communion itself have any power delegate ask, what is that mean do we say that it's a means of grace, as in grace is somehow infused into your soul is Catholicism teaches mistakenly know will this have power. While it has an effect on you law all our rights in. I'm not a great cricket live so many are partaking because you get taken unworthily. That's why so many people are sick among us that there must be some power. Yes. But is it power that's inherent with in the communion itself or by the fact that they're not doing what's right and God is judging them in the ceremony.

This is the question that we can't answer from Scripture and Eastern Orthodox, less so than the Roman Catholics will save know it has actual power in it as though you could hold it and put on a scale and measure its heat wave is got power that kind of thing being ridiculous, but can illustrate that.

I think that power is needed communion with Christ, and Christ has power and my friend we talk about. I asked what is Jesus living your art or strategically let the same way Jesus was present in the wind and the bread is done mystical way will. Here's a question that can you defend that from Scripture that he lives in the communion in some mystical way because Ellie said Jesus that 8 feet is my body some kind of a mystery because obviously, as you said earlier he had not died yet he had not been resurrected yet he's present, there, and I'm Jesus that it and stop well yeah you see he's ubiquitous and he doesn't dwell on us easily with you always.

So what is it mean and when I actually talking with Eastern Orthodox people a lot lately and when they say that it we talked about this before this. It's mystical well to me. The games over that point because, well, what is mystical meaning like you know nothing rude, but it can mean almost anything you want to me because mystical and that's the problem I yeah I wouldn't delete I don't think that I think it means we can go so far intellectually but it goes beyond that, we have a what a paradigm of what it means week.

I have some understanding but then mystery just as God as best we can figure out God, here's a question. If you know I was in a room with a bunch of Eastern Orthodox people, which I would love to do when we were discussing the sexy will what is it and it is mystical.

It's a great. I got a pencil and paper utility with those attributes of mysticism are in the can't on the list. Anything will he's with us simply beyond our company.

Even Leiser with I don't think you understand my point is safe mystical is meaningless. It doesn't mean anything. It's just mystical ones that mean all stated I think it's a collage mystery when withheld from Bob time that's throughout the Gentile church with the Gentile is a different thing. Mr. this review again when you would dismiss that you would know the word mystery.

If you know I would not because he tells us what the mystery is, and we are what you cited the mysteries of the Gentiles will be included in the company right now. You know, and I appreciate what I have a little bit better understanding of what you're saying even though I I would disagree, but I suspect thank you I appreciate that the detritus has an exercise see if you can list out what the attributes are of the communion under the title of it's a mystery and see if you can find those attributes are described in Scripture that my test exhibits a mystery. I don't know what it is and I say this guy I okay one other thing you said Jesus's name Jesus Christ. That really is name or is it the correct Jesus the Christ is to creased us in the Greek just Jesus Christ. Jesus restocks out everything that is name.

I thought it would. The correct would be Jesus the Christ. Meaning those the anointed one, of God will think that is in English it says in Matthew 121 you shall call his name Jesus specifically says the phrase Jesus Christ is simply not already. My one call one of the blind 877207 mass Y call 770776 charismatic/writer party will match from Pennsylvania your life on your all sure I question you don't mind 11 regarding Dave Ramsey what what your thoughts on him. He knows you're familiar with his ministry got ministering season. Yeah, good Christian, I yeah I learned a lot of things from men that the written anecdote because I don't want all you them, but it's been my impression that like a lot of time, ultimately his is the advice did the lake basically pursue riches like the end goal of this is that I pursue riches at I know the Bible speak that a lot of warnings against that and still get to be my concern that I did not want to turn off that I've heard many times and he has no problem people making money and he does urge that, but he does in context, remember, say, and you serve the Lord with it and you become.

I want whatever kind of a giver. So is talking about Giving getting to get to giveaways you make getting in order to give a great deal. I haven't heard anything I'd listen to them on purpose listing doctrinally that he speaks a theologian is not using the finances but haven't heard anything from him medical ever so yeah I am exactly.

There is just you know the Bible talks about like one man with old buddy should give any only suffers one and that its author says that a man gives what he ought to do any girls all the richer and the way I've heard it a lot of Dave Ramsey and it seems like you thing you now do the best you can with your money now so that you can give later and actually enact the bottle with the main office that Bible talks about what money does St. do well now and get many sources of income and save with affiliate trust in that you know that it's it's up to the balance time anything else. Anything else let my attic, thought/question with regard to the Lordship salvation so my perspective over the years that been a lot of confusion on defining Lordship salvation.

III feel because automated that you you believe it would be appropriate to tell a thinner that they must be willing to turn from sin in order to true genuine genuine repentance course they must turn from her since you write yeah and and yet that's basically the way I feel and by I get like you would say oh that's heretical, and he said that that's part think the vacation no neck 1739 says he convince everyone to repent. All you doing is he just heard from her since you do trust and cry, I got slicing people you trust in Christ you to stop your sins, you do the I did. I'm not saying these are the things that will get you saved is a combination I desire you to do these things and would cut his right okay but only one thing all that sinner doesn't have to have victory over stand anything, but they they must be willing to turn from their San yeah yeah I bought a computer not because I even work with this guy. You claim that John MacArthur was teaching easy believe in them, as it now even the little book on the Lordship salvation issue and none of your even read the path to God that you and I agree to must be like that, but arrival good. We had a call as late as we move along to organic math on last text. This move along this good to Kevin from Washington DC Kevin welcomed back when he got that question on that damn man 19 five and not the part where on it said in that it did not enter my mind.

I'm sure you're familiar with, not not the part where it says it did not enter it mine that hyperbole is just that name himself meant, but it goes on to say which is not enter my mind. Nowhere did I command nor did I decree it will I am wondering about the decree part because the Westminster confession God has from all eternity. You know all things are decreed by God and you know a secret will and its prescriptive will just wondering if we can actually say that God did not minority that he decree this certain thing and not say that he currently or doctrinally yank it and it will. I will know what version of the Bible you read. So I called it a look and the nicking game and yet the BEST is the one that uses command or decree, but it means the same night I looked at that the meaning of faith auditor on to what it took command and I mean I command you today, God. So what was saying that he he's not the one who commanded it's ordered its desired it. That's all it's that's what's going on but if you save if it has decree I have to look into that. Look at the ESV now and it says the command or decree north to come to my mind. And that word is in the Hebrew looking at the at the consummately lexicons the theological word book and it says to speak so it's probably the case is that it has with the word has was called a semantic domain.

A variety of meanings used in different contexts. In fact, let me check this out. 1696 and do is look up 1696 my Bible program every single instance of the word there which is right now. I got a lot of that have awesome so it occurs when the somber could stick occurs 1042 times and I'm scanning through speak speak speak and spoke promised folk smoke and spoke speak, spoke promise spoken, spent, said need to produce the same thing and see it so I spoke Sarah to Medicare toxins on vascularity affect outcomes. This it is what it what it means without having that were studying right now to tell you exactly that's what I would say is that is how it is leasing an SBI driver for the NSP. It's just my opinion I got. Bible literal translation yet more literalist and so in the ESV to I'm seen the same thing spoken speaks on so okay I got it on my my log off said that that majority of it to get this really really cool like pie chart on and that majority at time it is used as command like Lynette when at the Hebrew word it that command like like the word command that work mandate or command what has committed or spoke.yet they both thought both of double down on. So this is why it's just out is friendly brother Matt even doctrinally when he had decreed it so that the art of using-I know I like so he works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111 so there's the will be call a director careening directory. He directly decree certain things of those things he directly decrease he commands that they will occur under his direct hand and will for example B light but what he also does is that he will decree in the looser sense whatever occurs, even bad things all those bad things cannot occur unless by the will of God. We say the will of God. We don't mean that he desires that it occur but that he desires to permit occur. So we would say within theological circles is what's called the decreed of will of God, where he decree certain things to be by his direct will B light, we have the prescriptive will shalt not lie we have the permissive will he wills to let you lie and so there's different aspects of the nature and character of God we know in one hand he doesn't want anybody to sin.

On the other hand, he wants to allow people to sin, so we can say that nothing occurs without the will of God and be careful how we use the word. Will there because we have had the definition of these things in a subdivision's interdict to clarify that all is going on here. You hope to permit the that permit. It will does not force an essay that of course I don't belong to what is right already folk you like that gap is the man's Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back. The shorter one.

Let's get on here with Jay from failure on the mat on guard all you do and I am about year ago probably converted to calendar and question that the mind and dialogue about original and the God authored the people to hear your I can understand you but you look muffled but you going Tiger okay so a lot of time to come back to God being the creator of and I've done a lot of respect on your left side but I love you figure your perspective on that got caught did not create sin. So what's the problem I agree with why would anybody understand the problem you're having discussion with someone about original sin and to show God creating sin no create sin. But Original Sin is not can it be interested in two ways. Two main ways. One is the original sin that Adam did not leave. She said first him and that we inherited a sinful nature because of him.

So Original Sin is that original fall but he did and then the consequence of that to the other Sensex continues because we inherited a sinful nature. Ephesians 23 by nature children of wrath, I agree with Laura. How that eventually came out how it came about the came about through his rebellion against God, right and that you know exactly everything good yes to anything like in all become conversation it ultimately electronically. The whole thing in a determinate link that can happen the way you get this we doing is you're talking about topics that are thinly related in some areas and profoundly related others, and so determinism free will compatible as libertarianism, Original Sin, inheritance, things like this federal headship. All these are interrelated doctrines that need to come into play right when discussing this with a group of people who I don't mean any disrespect anybody who discusses this as the learning but sometimes it takes to live a more theological understanding to get through these things because of these concepts can be difficult but the biblical and how to put together distinctly little practice, so there is no problem here, with God's decrees or Original Sin, or the fact that it was made good is a perfect and say holy just good and with his goodness he was able to rebel and he didn't sin entered the world through him, not through Eve. Romans 512 for even though she said first and he is the representative of all of us use the federal head and as such, since we were in Adam prescriptive 1522, we died with him.

And so we inherited the US sinful nature that Adam then, so to speak, earned in his rebellion is passed on down to us and so we are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 because it would have but yeah I agree with you that I get just trying to think on that thing and what that mean you know how that first then came about in knocking about how it came about is as described in Genesis talking about. Satan deceived Eve and Eve then gave the fruit to Adam and he chose to rebel and partaking of that particular from talking about. If you want to talk about the issue of how can that be in God's decrees.

How can it be if Adam was good. Why would God allow this.

These are our other topics they can become more difficult to get through. Not that we cannot have had many discussions about these is just a business to jokingly first you talk about what free will is referred to me to talk about in relationship to God's will, and the nature of what God desires to talk about federal headship and why Adam had represented the power, it's because he's the first Adam and Jesus is the last African 1545. What is it mean to be the last Adam. Why is he the first Adam and who's the last one to all this is Bible study material that when I teach Bible studies will take me an hour to go through all these things the teacher yet put all the good for people so but if he gets on discord. If you get for the discord karma server, we can maybe arrange a discussion have these guys get only the nice family talk about the yeah all I thought really good conversation, but the unit that it appears that thing like somehow conversation always in fact you know what is been decreed by God.

For example United that are committed to get the first day, whether it be you rape or whatever like that being part of the plan that God purposed we know that part but we understand that certain think that we understand that there's think that we get, but with that purpose by God ethically and if that's you know then that was happy to hear here's a mistake a lot of people make when their new at this illicit think that the question has one shade with the answer might have one shade of meaning and I'm not trying to be confusing, but when we say in what sense did God want this vintage two senses we could look at.

He wanted it in his sovereign will to allow it, but that is real in relationship to what we call his prescriptive. Well, he doesn't want sin doesn't will let it occur, but he will to permit occur to occur and this is why say people are different senses which we have to understand this and if we don't discuss both of those senses and use the proper terms to relate to those senses separately then becomes confusion something I'm willing to do some teaching on this if people want to get on and I can arrange it a video discussion and the people come on stream yard. We can we do very say that I can answer those questions, but is good take an hour to go through them in a man's life. If you do it. That would be put on a people wanting contact me at school to conduct organ email me and we can arrange a time and I can maybe on Tuesday night or something like that does have people in our questions at me. I go through this is a systematically okay can I be the I got less all right.

The skin on the air with Chuck from Greensboro I Chuck Michelle you're on the air.

Sorry for the long wait but that's what happens talk about communion lately, like I haven't A lot of cute they got us out and I think the making of plastic backtrack to scrap about Mr. to the elements, I think is quite quite a reminder. For example, this is my body felt good for you should remind us of oppositely that this bike was blasted by his stripes we are then because this is my blood poured out the blood of the new covenant.

To me that's the key celebration. We should be celebrating.

This is foretelling the sacrifice of the perfect plan by which we can always say that the old testament sacrifice day and day out final sacrifice and the need to happy as I think bad guys going on these elements making a real blessing to be trying to tell us that the blood of the new covenant. The good news there is a real quick yeah that's very good I like it because it's the shift covenant theology. Jesus obviously taught the covenant aspect of what he was doing and one of the things you may notice them on the air talking as I mentioned covenant theology a little bit and also mentioned the covenant signs that I don't usually get very deep into it because of the nature of the discussion radio. I need to sometime in how a covenant sign represents the covenant and how God was covenantal. He and that all covenants have signs and why these signs are so important and so I'm glad you said what you said because it is the blood of the new covenant. Matthew 2620. The new covenant in his blood and we go to that with the covered aspect of ratification to the death of the testator of Hebrews 8 and nine and it gets complicated but not Getting a bad way, but you noticed more information together for you but when I lay on the socket.

The public that we might like a blood not a lot of people left.

He was talking all at the Last Supper covenant. All I think that and I always have a product say mystical probably is missing is exactly loses its power becomes mystical and whatever you wanted to point good stuff Chuck. Okay thank you goblins all right. Let's get on the air with to Nic's could be from Texas neck. I don't hello are you around the minute hand is good answer my question is about the married Virgin Mary was asked this question the bill and I do not ask the question what were what is the married lady. She now we gather King David collagenase and I see where you work with what Mary's leg was her place was to bear the Messiah that was what she was called to Dubai got that's what the answer is, she was there to give birth of the Messiah, but it should read like the garden and a great mom.

I may not bog all the way. Mr. Corsi was blessed among the guys together. She was blessed among women she got to bear the Messiah. She is highly privileged absolutely doesn't mean we can pray to her as a Catholic teacher doesn't mean that she has influence over Jesus way a mom has influence over her son, and you go to Mary doesn't visit me know that is all heresy.

She's hiding in the wind going there but which is highly blessed absolutely, and we should consider herself if she if we were there in her presence. I'll tell you what Messiah while Micah Prater Nonaka figures of the Messiah need to have you on the statue went and go in and pray to you know no way Nick never to have for the person who has to all right know it probably Catholic right okay we don't get okay thank you my mental goblins I thought you have no no callers when you get about one minute to show this limit kind of conclude talk about Mary. No disrespect to Mary and ever. She was most blessed among women she got to bear the Messiah. She's not not to be free thought out and that they felt like a great effect on their tomorrow. May the Lord bless you and

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