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January 15, 2020 10:00 am

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January 15, 2020 10:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is meant in Ephesians 5, the husband washing the wife with the word---2- If a woman is a believer but her husband was not, if he were to ask her not to be baptised, should she submit to her husband or be baptised---3- Can you clarify what is meant by a new heaven and a new earth---4- Did God the Father always consider Jesus His Son, even before the incarnation---5- Regarding Romans 7, where Paul is talking about not doing what he wants to do but doing what he doesn't want, was that post-regenerate or pre-regenerate---6- Do you have to tithe---7- Why didn't God stop the Holocaust---8- Will Jesus reign on earth or stay in heaven---9- Does baptismal regeneration lead to other errors---10- What's the definition of dispensation---11- Are the Jewish people still under the obligation to follow the law---12- Why can't Catholicism and Lutheranism be joined together---13- What are some good verses for talking to JW's to prove that Jesus is God-

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Why is it apologetic is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why starlets are used in were 13th 2020 nice Monday you'll have a great day great weekend so well you got what you want to give me a call. As usual, I'll do is dial 877-207-2276 we have three open lines right now.

Love to hear from you. And if you're curious about watching you go to work on the board in YouTube and and Facebook and can watch you if you want Roman got a headset on and things like that. So there you go, and I think of links working fine. Well, there we go. So I would just jump on the phones. Let's get to see who's okay this get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina Kim look initially on their back back back 33.why that would be watch by the board may not plot adultery test with sexual things to be washed by the word is different issue but what is talk about here is that what the husband's job is to sanctify his wife, and biking with the washing of the water with the word he doesn't baptize his wife is not the issue. It's the washing of that water washing of that that word cleansing thing is God speaks but little Testament but nevertheless so well if she's the disciple by another man. That's permissible under certain conditions that would advise it. A woman should disciple a woman but throw it unique and look at every single circumstance and say every one of them is condemned under every rule but not really speaking woman should disciple by woman, a man by a man so will be settled by another man's letter man not her husband. Depending on things her husband could be in jail and he can't disciple her so she's under the tutelage of an elder and he calls her under full knowledge of his wife, and everybody's knowledge and things like that is is coaching her and discipling her in that sense if there were no women available to do that job. At that time until do that until woman is raised up for that purpose under circumstances in which it would be possible it doesn't necessitate any kind of adultery.

In 2008 and if the man you know what to do it job know the main map would be grown, well, what if he's a nonbeliever, then what I write you and grab you like another made up your problem that the problem because at that point, your she would be risking something if there is no reason see he might not be as small as knowledgeable as her. But that's okay. Then what you need to do is is submit and a willing way to his leadership discipleship and check everything he says against the Scripture, because in so doing will happen is she will help him to rise to the occasion of doing what he supposed to be doing a lot of times women will say no. I want my husband Ryan wants also to do something myself to find somebody else and they don't realize what they're doing is injuring themselves because if you give them an excuse to be lazy.

He'll be lazy if you require some things of him in a loving expectation way usually rises dedication and women need to be being a sensitive and in support of that process, and the more they are the better they will do men have a tendency to respond very very well to that, but nevertheless that's what I would be saying is the issue in a sense, she should not be going to see the commercial significance of some of the normal situation home now verse 33 will grab no defense was going on. What if he's a drunkard and he's trying to get things right and this other guy is is just a stellar example of something with her still risks their necks and would recommend that necessarily good news of the woman involved in discipling another woman but like I say, you don't.

You can look at every single instance but in this kind of thing I normally speaking, a woman is to respect her husband whether she wants to were not is not the issue. This is where I teach my teacher took a course on the theology of marriage, just like a husband is required to love his wife whether he feels like it or not is irrelevant. That's his job and likewise a wife is respect her husband whether she feels like it or not that's her job and by the way most women and most men can list 15 different ways that American love his wife.

But when we ask one of the 15 different ways you can respect your husband usually is your crickets because they don't understand what that really means. And when they do answer. Generally speaking, they want to respect their husbands the way they think that they should be respected themselves with a lot of problems in this issue.

This is a very important topic. I love discussing and talking about it when I'm teaching on it, but nevertheless normally speaking that room should be doing and when she does do that her husband usually will rise to the occasion. If he doesn't genius can talk contact with the little church and to be frank and somebody's come alongside and help them out.

Nothing wrong with her and God bless arrive you to let's get on the phone with John from New Jersey. John look initially on the year John and I hit it I hit the button John. I guess he's not there.

I don't hear anything with them on hold and let's go to Carl from Idaho hi Carl look initially on the what's up when we got a bill. I joined a reformed church OPAC, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Okay, I've been gone for a week now.

We went to Murray and have theology taught by stuff like that and the topic came up that paid out that covenant baptism stuff like that and thought though I agree with baobab is that you know bring them into the covenant relationship between you know and I think God in all that and they were asking if a woman were to have an unbelieving husband say she got Dave and he refused to allow her to get baptized.

Should she obey Christ and get baptized or be submissive to her husband and not get baptized and the main island and back. If you were to ask her to commit adultery. Should she be respectful and do that or should you be the word of God's answer either. I think I yeah I'm here.

I think she should obey the letter. You know you will be back. You be the word of God over your husband over your wife if there's a conflict between the two particular initial baptism of the Bible tells us to be baptized is a very important covenant thing that she needs to obey the Lord and what she needs to do is work with the elders. If this is a real situation from shirt Before she needs to work with the elders in and provide a way to present it to the house without doing it against behind his back, but she needs to make it clear that she asked obey him. The Lord over her husband and that should not try to disrespect him but what he's asking her to do is to violate the greatest of conscience that she possesses.

I wouldn't still be under the federal headship-yes the federal headship deals with representation and even if he's not a believer. He still has that place and women need the wife did understand that but the Bible says, for example, to get baptized, so she should get baptized. The Bible says do not lie. If he asks her to lie for him. She can't do it whenever I once had a job and am the boss actually told me when so-and-so called to tell not fear as if I can't do that because of my job. I said that I circuit is either what is it because is not true until I can't lie, I will say your unavailable but I won't. So you're not here.

If you are here and he was all right. That's good enough. That's what I said so you know you had to obey God rather than man becomes of these things means always you do that make sense okay I okay sounds good all right does call from Idaho. Let's get back to this trying again. I think it was Chris from Raleigh, Chris, are you there yet you think okay there you go, look at me on the hello there Gary, yes I hear you.

Go ahead okay I so I thought all though. My question is about like heaven, and not further the lot number like actually needed thing that is not there. It about all we get there. They were to be worshiping God and not saying that the bad thing because I worked for God here on earth is not docketed, the magic would be like, you know, in heaven, but there's also that Scripture at the you know there can be a new heaven and new earth, can you like.

Bring Scripture to clarify that time and time again but I'm I always try like Google are like oh you know kind of thing really in Jewish theology. There's three heavens the first heaven is where the air in the clouds are the birds. The second heaven is where the stars and the moon are the third heaven is called the dwelling place of God. So the Bible talks of a new heavens and a new earth is talking with the first two levels.

First two in the Jewish cosmology, not the third heaven, which is that that place of God. I won't be redone. Everything that's always going on okay yeah okay but not like the first part like it when we get to heaven, like all working to be worshiping for eternity and that would like the main main part of like what I will okay what your question about worshiping God forever at one you like had clarity on like okay percolate that what it says about the only guy go to heaven.

Then when the Bible says I don't have the processes we don't have any idea of how greatest can be when we got there and I'm hesitant some time to talk about this. This is okay casual way but that the breakup tell you but it's very it also tells me the wrong right back.

Why call 77077.

Here is Matt's way back back on with Chris. Chris are still there.

Here. All right, so I had the experience once when I was 17 and I got saved and naturally be make it so casual, but it was the singularly most important event of my entire life, the singularly most emotional event of my entire life and I have literally carried the body. My son the grief I have experienced things, but only tell you that I got saved. I can tell you is the very presence of God himself, not just who I can feel something no being reduced to just a heap of sobbing tears. The presence of incredible holiness. Now leave it at that.

But up. I believe that if all we do in heaven is power faces to the ground and worshiped God that we will have a board the glory of his presence is so and readily intense and wonderful that it will never grow old.

It can never in her capacity to understand will heal in comparison to the infinity of time With him, so it's not just what we can be doing. He'll sit around talking, no way to be in the presence of credible purity and holiness that will shine in upon soul notice and just more miraculous things okay yeah I believe that God can II me while at the very light out like God. I now want but I didn't know it like I thought about that you know wrong if I like my goal is not get all the grit to get you to talk about like it is evident by Otto only note that is not only her that the call and your thoughts are on that one. Nobody got off the island outlet yet one night you to move over to Mike from Winston-Salem North Carolina might look at the show. One time with everything, feel free to think about a right while in whole the multistep got a new thing hundred and like your opinion on it.

Well, not evangelical always want their you know God, and know that okay but he is the fun of God, though I like your opinion on how is that when when the Pentagon got ready that eternal son of God. Okay, did not consider him on even before the beginning. Yes, let me help you with the defined terms first so the first element defined here is who Jesus is.

So this make the statements people here just need to hear it out might say what Jesus came into existence. 2000 years ago. Know what I mean by that is that the incarnation where one person has two distinct natures that began 2000 years ago Jesus the man Jesus the person with two distinct natures.

The divine nature and the human nature God and man that began 2000 years ago. However, the word which became flesh and dwelt among us John 11 verse 14.

The word is always existed. The eternal word has always existed as a second person of the Trinity, and in that eternal existence. The word has always been in relationship to the father as the sun we mean by that is that from eternity God in the Trinitarian form always had decreed the incarnation, and that the word to be the son Jesus would be the one who would atone for our sins so for forever ago that how it was so in one sense in the intra-Trinitarian Communion from before the foundation of the universe from the infinite time back, the second person of the Trinity was in relationship to the father in the sense of being the son because he would become incarnate. Leave it at that for now and the person of Christ began his existence as a single person with two natures, 2000 years ago so depends on how you look at it how you want to answer the question because Jesus technically didn't exist till 2000 years ago the divine nature always did. So when did Jesus become the son of God. As soon as he was conceived and had this to natures in the hypostatic union incarnation with the word was also always the son by relationship having been decreed to be sent. So it makes sense to help out while I would think. I think it I would think it would dilute before the beginning but as I said, let the stick is this Jesus himself didn't come into existence until 2000 years ago and that that actuality. Of course he's the son as soon as he's incarnate now doesn't mean Burling's conception with no great there was no J no. 2000 and/or the beginning that had arrived in Nazareth and in section when the word became flesh.

Now he is the son of God in the flesh and is is in the flesh and have the correct yes and forever will be a man you think heaven and gave the man and got but that talk to some people and I read a little bit. Then something on the noncollege dependency that I did was I define my terms they did do that so Jesus, of course, he's always been the sun in the sense of his divine nature, but the human nature didn't exist till 2000 years ago so you know we have this at his place of going to get here where apparently like the Queen appear in the flesh anywhere annual Jessica topic of immediacy could be good to explain that's that's called a Christoph and he nodded incarnation and incarnation is a permanent indwelling a manifestation is simply he just takes a human form and is habited to the 17, 118, 1 to 24 nine 211 Exodus 61. Three. Mention these things. So these things occur, but that's not an incarnation. It's a manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ okay and you know one of the hand of God.

They call them right agent. The defendant gone the earth's is the eternal son ship in the sense that in the intra-Trinitarian Communion the sun, which is called a word here. This relationship was eternally decreed to be the one who would be the son okay for them right. Yesterday was the second verse of right okay I write back athletes, but it is one open line 877207 why call 77077. Here is Matt's leg look back everybody, let's get on the phone. David from Atlanta, Georgia Dave, welcome to the show.

You're on the year: reality in with three read 10. That got about conversion, basically not having any longer that basically not yet been filed in a health optics that had yet I could do the same. Let's leave that equipment. They like Roman said in 21. You horribly were called talk about it is trying to get it cannot hold right topic into my question for Emily knew that the pre-regenerate host regenerate by habit you did not dispose regenerate site messes with a man that I am not. I was and what I could do with the sinless perfectionists is ask him to use it anymore. The same course not. So that means then that you keep in the law of God perfectly ranked all the time right you are on the level of Jesus who kept the law of God perfectly all the time in that lot.

I'm talking about is what he said in Matthew 2239 237 and 39 love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in your neighbor as yourself so safe did. Are you loving God with all of your heart, all of your soul. All of your mind. All of your strength and if they say yes safe wow really so you are doing it perfectly right. If they say yes safe yourself. Eric is refusing Eric and said that point because they're doing on the level of Jesus himself. That's incredible arrogance.

So this is the line of questioning will go with them because they are either arrogant and it can even see their own arrogance to see pride and humility are very similar.

Both of them hide themselves in you and you can see them, but others can with yeah exactly the couple plated out my stocking. I call my watch for anything negative there, trying to come.

It sounds like safe without anything you it's it's it's incredible manifestation of Cooper's Americans to think that we, in our sinful selves can reach a state of loving God perfectly all the time. There is no room for improvement mean that it at that point you really can't do much because they're so arrogant that they can't even see their own depravity in this area, and trust me, I've had a lot of encounters with and I discussion with friends name Jesse Morel in the middle semi debate thing going on in Montana and I remember the there's a group of them who all taught this sinless perfectionists and remember when the crowd is asking questions, whatever.

I remember the moment when I looked at them, realizing they didn't understand the gospel did understand the gospel really was and that the preacher preaching the gospel to them. But that is another side note, but never less sinless perfectionism is, is when asked and first John 18 if we say we have no sin. What we are deceiving ourselves.

Truth is not in us so that John the apostle right there is better than John the apostle just keep hammering and I like what you said. Matthew 2237 Jesus as a great effect on grace at the commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in society do that express a month. The level of perfection that they're obtaining and that if they say with everything that means there's no room for improvement right they say there is room for improvement.

Dinner not doing it perfectly. They just deceive themselves extend they've lied about it and trouble and ask him if you do send you lose your salvation. Just ask a little send this little one and onto the paperclip… You're so did you lose your salvation then you have to get up by yeah keep it by your good works and so heresies are never alone dismember that are never alone. Okay, yeah, follow what in your church.

If someone falls out of the about anything and the prop that the they would be excommunicated, or whatever that Linda can a missing and it is very rare. They they misunderstand versus virtual create. For example, if you practice the sins of the devil. They don't understand the Greek nature of the Greek language and how the present tense is this site slight participial quality to it, but the nature of abiding phone, absent the rate that helps okay what you think RMN got lost all right to skip to two let's leave Jonathan New Jersey John look initially on the year and yes I do hear you when you go but okay, I'll drop in at 700 club and they said it commanding the Bible that we have to tie you as a command in the Old Testament so the Old Testament law you can find my new take note of Deuteronomy 1420 till you and I yet something in there and we all decided well then that would mean were still under the Old Testament law. Now if I were sitting there on the set with them. I would raise my hand the sixth excuse me, is that not Old Testament law requirement.

Yes, to have an equivalent in the New Testament. The answer will be no so then you say were back on the law but Bible says, for those who died with Christ are freed from the law. Roman seven for we died with Christ. Romans 66866 crucified with him over 68. So how is it then that were under obligation to keep it Old Testament law. Furthermore, the Bible says in Hebrews 952 16.

That the old covenant is, so to speak, fulfilled in away with so to speak, abrogated with the arrival of the new covenant, and when the new covenant so why the going back on the field covenant so there's the problem is I don't understand the proper theology behind the issue were not obligated to tide unless you love God and love your neighbor didn't one of the obligations of love is to give God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, Jesus says we are love has no man than this, but he laid his life down for his friend, the nature of love is other centered and so tithing will be a natural manifestation of loving God and loving your neighbor not obligated IRA. I pray to the question about that you are why God stopped all across well because he chose not to and why. Why would he choose not throwing people because that was just the counsel of his will. He doesn't tell us why specifically about that.

Why would he let my son be born with a birth defect and pass away.

Why would he let that person down the street could cancer. Why would he let all kinds of things happen because it's within the counsel of his will to permit these things. That's it. Okay God bless. Let's get to Carl from Hideaway Carl, welcome to the sharing here back in my area. Okay so been talking to a lot of different patient alive and a lot of them well they needed to rain here on earth in a clouded out gospel along with the pre-tribulation rapture and all that funk. But I want to know. You know what Scriptures they are because they won't show me Scripture that proved that either the both the rain here on earth rather than raining in heaven and didn't haven't any training at the right hand of father back the Revelation 22,000 years, so I need to come out in heaven holding the Q did this and reaching his hand and he laid hold the Dragon, the serpent of old, who was the devil and Satan, and bounty for thousand years.

So he threw many did this and shut it and sealed it over him so that he would not deceive the nations any longer till the thousand years were completed after those things the release for a short time. This is generally where they get the idea of the millennial reign of Christ for thousand year. Trial Satan is bound to say that they are but I understand you millennial okay great okay okay folks after these messages, please why call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Let's get back on the line with Carl from Idaho.

Carl still there right okay now where were we dispensation line when you list all. I understand they all the near figurative it out raining right now. They break out gospel that generate if there any more than five being on the throne of David here on earth in Israel Old Testament stuff that implies the undo the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem and the sort of David will be there Christ be in the throne, but there's also in the Old Testament's stuff about the heavenly Jerusalem. Assuming the rebuilt Temple. It's in heaven as well. It's what really is can a difficult point like dispensation lists. There certainly within orthodoxy on the dispensational sponsor and coven analyst they want to say that it is the truth. I just ask Joey from Scripture how it is true that on a look maybe you got something I don't believe so, but maybe they do certainly open to being corrected, but I would ask. Show me that if you were that there is a list look at the context of each person. Let's say that's where the discussion should go right right but right now I filing that Larkin can you know any script I like which one I can actually go look at just go on the web and I plan on disco look up Bible verses for Jesus raining concept to find various dispensational it's a little far better job defending the position that I could write. I okay, thank the Marlin Martin Steve from Louisiana. Martin, Michelle Mueller oh yes hello. I on the 501:1 about it from Deuteronomy 3011.that not all on your billing would start by one you will and one individual that we don't inherit quality readily not met, only go through the house so that now I thought Roman thousand and out. They say that last involved so the question about visual I'm okay all, and I helped someone the error of their theological thinking. You have to be trained to train yourself theologically to people to rebut them to go to such things as side acts 238 2216 first Peter 321 Galatians 327 about the issue of baptism to be talking about this kind of stuff. Now this is no joke.

I literally am working today on an article on this very thing that you brought up this baptismal regeneration lead to other errors and I had a recent debate with a Church of Christ guy.

He denied original sin which means he's a Palladian Pelagianism is the heresy that we are born without a cycle nature. He denies federal headship deny total depravity deny with the Scripture says about the unregenerate ability come to Christ denied the covenantal aspect of the redemptive work regarding the thief on the cross and denied election predestination so they do this and I'm in a hopeful release her thigh tomorrow, but that they do this because they have to defend baptismal regeneration, which is a strong heresy in error and in order to do that. The things attached to it. They deny so what they're doing is raising this particular issue up and bowing before it, and in so doing, they are preaching a false gospel that you had to be baptized to be saved, which means you save my face and a ceremony. I think maybe you I did of Marquardt do what how I communicate that God thought you got your paper read Galatians 3 and five in James two article about about it but never going to David know like you did not adopt… You.

Thank you. I do accompany the thank you. Sherman got blessed right yeah it's a very interesting topic. I love discussing the particular things get to Steve from Richmond, Virginia. Steve you're on here due to rapid got gracefully about the definition of degree.

So you telling me or asking the wrong letter. I hear some noise in the background hard understand you. I DISPENSATIONAL is him is the idea that God works a little bit differently in different periods of time.

We dispensation will be. Of time. Okay great, they would say that that's the case in the seven categories view of dispensationalism that we are now in the dispensation of grace God was graciously that that's not to say doesn't exhibit grace and other Thomistic dispensations after the okay. Wondering if the Jewish people. The audit obligation.

All of the law. Mosaic law. Yes, they are because they have not died with Christ, and so still under that last minute knew about the blade upon penalty better barbaric. That's in doing that that's in your theocratic system and nation of Israel is where that would be applicable to get going. Talk to them and asked them why they wouldn't be doing certain things and also what people without The first.

John Benevento is a global value of the audit that is no mandatory. He was referring to. Those people are preaching various forms of heresy committing various crimes and that death was unwarranted.

In certain instances, and so he was talking about that okay will it be carried out without asking one question for nothing of another sauté what would you do is we got people waiting to get to them.

But call back tomorrow with more questions okay right.

I met a good night you too.

Thanks all right, let's get to David from Raleigh North Carolina who we lost. Let's get to Richie from Indiana Richie will commercially run their ride). Why what they unite their select any 888 ERA and at an marking of the Lutheran Lutheranism yet said, because Roman Catholicism is apostates is a false religion. Preaching a false gospel teaching idolatry and has many un-biblical teachings that are woven into its theological construct and Lutheranism depending which nomination within that can never join with it because I Lutheranism, particularly Missouri Synod ranch would never be able to join with the heretical views of the Roman Catholic Church. Though some more liberal Lutheran feet denominations could probably end up doing something like that.

We welcome so much the problem. Okay, let's get to Tom from North Carolina, Tom, you're on the welcome hello. Love your really a mammal fan I make it my business to Emma,. I was witness… Shared through clinical and all when I do I always get into the subject which I was trying to bring out the most important subject golf unit and they already use to try to prove me wrong by failure. Things that Jesus said when he was in the place such as the father's right in the not the type height of the father and and things of this nature. I don't think you have a valid argument because Philippians chapter 2 verse five said that Jesus and the very nature of God, he inconvenienced you humbled himself and became a man, and I want a scoping and do not have a valid article, then all Hebrews chapter 2 of the Bible said that he would man in every way unite. He had to forget that we had the stop thing right window and fire up her spirits up for air do not have a valid seat you do you and your clippings to five through eight is very useful and couple that with Galatians 44 where it says that he is made under the law estimate is made under the law is obligated to follow the law and therefore is obligated to pray to the father as far as John 1428 goats were sissified is greater than I deals with position, not nature in a way to demonstrate that is to show them you know, for example, I married and you can ask him are you married yes okay yes the husband know if your husband are you greater in authority and position than your wife and answer is yes to you greater than her.

Does that mean she's not human know this is a father being greater than Jesus we Jesus is not divine, just talk about position and I say you took the verse out of context and I have a lot of information on the website about the Jehovah's Witnesses. So I find 100 all right will they won't know they they are. I call them watchtower rights their loyalty where watchtower tells them to think and to to believe, and so they were there instructed not to go to sites like mine, but you can go and you can read a great deal of information there. There are things you there's plenty of some stuff you can memorize that if you have it memorize you can show them in their own Bible will trip a month. Seriously, I know some stuff was there. One thing that I recently learned. They they say that Jesus came back in 1914 he was available but rather like this chapter are all one verse and said that when they don't buy it. Yet how could he come back and forth before you read the article on see how the okay I probably call back tomorrow.

Love Romans 14 five of us have the time, the Lord bless you and by his grace

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