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January 16, 2020 7:00 am

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January 16, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses further conversations he has had with church of Christ members and how the belief of baptismal regeneration leads to other errors, like denying eternal security or predestination.--2- Have you heard of 9 marks church---3- Do you believe in eternal security---4- What's your opinion on the proposed separation agreeent in the United Methodist church regarding homosexuality---5- What is the view of subordinationism- Is it different from eternal subordination---6- Where does it say that the Son sent the Holy Spirit---7- I received Christ at a Vineyard church, but they never preached repentance. Now I have come to understand about that, but was I a false convert before---8- Is there an age of accountability---9- What do you think of preterism---10- A member of the Church of Christ called to discuss issues.

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Why is the founder and president is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is is called live. We have five open lines of server 207-2276 (and of course you watch on YouTube if you want, and also on Facebook and group the karma homepage of the right-hand side you'll see the link in the service of today's dates click on that of the YouTube thing and you'll build a watch on the big deal in the sojourning office in headset on and do stuff like that but people do like to watch.

We have thought we had up to 4000 people are time watching as we do different things and Facebook and stuff from now. It's a difference but nevertheless you want to call 877207227 surgery of Randall on his watching Carl is watching Caleb is watching and said yes. Again, thanks for those of you who been supporting us. We do need that and if so to say thanks so we stay on the air by your generous support you for the kind of phrase was to enter inventors okay to truth that you know if you like to show you want to be to continue to challenge you want others to be challenged well then please consider supporting us. As you probably 40 figured out him a little bit different than most of radio hosts tackle all kinds of things are getting the discussions and I don't pull punches, so we don't serve anybody but my Lord, and you like that if you don't agree with me that's okay as long as you check when I say against the word of God, which is what you always want to do if you want that show just down here. Please support us discredit Kundera/donate that's what you do see and the hope Lucas McCall was coming got nobody calling right now. I had a conversation today with the guy you call the office and/or a call and forget whatever it does make a difference. We are talking and it took me a while to figure out that he was a Church of God in Christ guy and we got talking and he did the same thing.

I confirmed the same thing that I discovered with my debates with a guy last week on the Church of Christ guy what they're doing is holding to the idea that salvation is by God's grace and the act of baptism and water baptism by immersion. So I noticed that in both cases that ended that this guy had this conversation with today, I noticed that in both cases that they were both informed pretty well informed of their position. I noticed that they do not entertain the difficult questions they dismiss them and it's like they have a a Arnold it's a trigger that if a certain thing is said to ignore it and go to something else that to me is very telling. Well, I got thinking about something because because some there's a teaching.

The Roman Catholic Church called con dying merit and con dying merit as a reward for an action because God has promised to work in that action that you've that you're doing so for example in Roman Catholicism, connect this with church pressure. If you do certain things God has promised to bless you in those certain things and if he does not reward you with what he's promised that he's not being just and fair because he committed himself. It's con dying merit congruent merit is out a reward for an action is not based on anything other than the kindness of the one giving the rewards of eat the other doesn't do it. It is not right or wrong. So with the condign merit I realized that with the Church of Christ people are doing is saying the same thing as the, the adherence of condign merit inside the church. I'll explain. So what they're saying is that God obligates himself to save us in the waters of baptism know for I understand and am still open to be corrected in this this of minutia point that what you're telling us the Church of Christ people is that it's not the act itself of the mere water that saves, but the promise of God to save us in the water baptism and so that oversight will that's the same thing is condign merit and that God promises to to supply a gracious movement of some sort. When we do something that he says he will combine himself by in course they can't prove that this is the case need a coach or Catholic Church or the Church of Christ that I noticed was interesting and I'm working on an article probably gets released tomorrow is one of those articles is taking more more time plus add a lot of things to do today. I think as I say this this is important for you to understand or listen to this. You should hear this no heresy sits by itself, it always has company.

No heresy sits by itself no heresies alone. It always has company and because of my discussion with the guy last week. It occurred to me to ask certain questions of the guy today and so I did and lo and behold the exact same issues were stated exact same heresies were supported. For example, the idea of no original sin, or that we don't have a sinful nature. Winterbourne now the Bible tells us were by nature children of wrath.

Ephesians 23 that all have sinned and 323 that were fallen and I get in the car kinds of things were talks about this and yet they'll deny that the reason they deny it is because if water baptism is necessary for salvation, then infant babies who die have to be baptized, but since are not baptized. They can't say they go to hell so that have to is that of St. baptism is necessary now what they say is no. They don't have sent for them to get baptized so with in order to substantiate their baptismal regeneration heresy, they have to sacrifice another doctrine to support their error. They also deny federal headship that Christ represented us on the cross, which is really interesting because to say that is to just invoke all kinds of problems and I will get that there's a whole kind of problems or problems that they deny that we are totally touched by sin and all that we are and because the thing that's in line with original sin. They deny that and they deny they will have to either could come little aspect of God's redemptive work of the thief on the cross. It's another thing and they deny eternal security that were safe in the arms of Christ in the deny election predestination.

So I anyway, it was just the they are across-the-board to do that none us. If you don't believe in structural security or heretic and not saying that but is just one of the things that they do teach a few deny election predestination.

Yet you are heretic because the Bible teaches selection for this nation as it tells us were elected, that that set it up doesn't feel like it. In electing the first to cross your Bible. So those are there but nevertheless of the point is that no heresy is alone and always has company and whenever someone has an agenda still sacrifice other truths to that agenda and the other releasing an article they were doing a video on that pretty soon, as well. Anyway, forgive a call if open lines all you do is give me a call at 877-207-2276 is good to send Nick a I guess that's right from the show.

You're on the air. No problem. So I got that back on the fact that I'm coming find information about Mark church had been going to a non-trick for allowing interdenominational churches engaging in conversations about going out during the day nine Mark nine Mark church and not the nine characteristic that on that day or an event that nine Mark church talk about the characteristics of a godly character in trying to figure out what fine credit that are very kind of looking like Bill Murray first visited the airport and Ironman start on when I look get educated on nine Mark because this is done on you know there's a lot of things I've heard about yet so what I could do them looking at their website. BRCA2 is probably contact them and ask to interview some of them about what it is they teach if they don't want to do that than it have to write a review without their input, which I would make known that it didn't return my calls.

It had this kind of thing happen before people talk to me most do not. Most evident out of the deal. So nine marks Journal nine Mark Slough that I love stuff you know will will check it out. I'll check it out. I'll have to. This is interesting preaching and theology look pretty pretty harsh and anything that you can offer you and lick you here and I'll back your website periodically at yes that's a good idea and I'm looking to the women things is training limited. Teach women to women something to be doing for your that's good. You know all soothing. Contact them and to see if you would be will to have a conversation with a bunch of questions and learn article you don't approve or disapprove which looks pretty good so far but we'll see that you let me know and I agree that you two might be installed. That's where I will go for us okay. Thanks all right was interesting, and I have to research that's more nine marks.

Yes, that's correct.

I hadn't heard of it before or if I have I forgotten. I know there's a nine marks of a set of proper church or something like that.

The nine characteristics of her level for me was the same thing as posting a call 877-207-2276 is get to Jim from North 010 Jim, 100 talk about that he said I believe in eternal salvation, and that was the question have five open lines folks can call 877-207-2276 yes I do live in eternal salvation when were save or save eternally.

Christ doesn't make any mistakes the ones given to him by the father are not going to be lost. That's John 637 through 40.

Jesus says give eternal life to the sheep and they will never perish. This is what Jesus says in John 1027 and 28 John 316, got to love the world he gave his only begotten son would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life. So you know Jesus equates eternal life with never perish online or call 87720727 mass Y call 77077 Matt slid back everybody let's get the Todd from North Carolina here. Matt forgot what I'm just wondering what your opinion is only the proposal that came out of the Methodist Church, last two Fridays ago about potential separation agreement familiar with what they say. Basically there the high profile mediator who went to the church and brought 16 people together all the different angles and their the agreement they're going to put the general conference is that the UMC will keep the name and they will they will donate $25 million to a fund to establish a new war. Wesley and Methodist Church, but it will be a new church by itself still hold to the sexual stuff UMC will that they Wesley and the spinoff church will not will be a traditional Beano no gay marriage and all the women pastors and elders look at an article on this, but scanning so it's nothing to do what they should do it right. This need to stop supporting the idea of homosexuality being legitimate lifestyle, etc. and they need to not have women pastors and elders to do it right yet slickly yeah the new church will use you and they will not have the UMC name anymore UMC that's that's is consistent with the rule of thumb, I forgot that if it church or denomination has the word united and it is generally pretty bad deal. Except I'm aware of is United Reformed Church. That's a good church but I know why it is with those of the liberals will keep the word united so okay yeah except yeah I literally literally actually have stood out in front of the United Methodist Church with signs and handouts. Many literature protesting what was going on inside during a Sunday service when they were having a young Muslim coming in a message on Sunday service from one pastor while you at this heresy and I'm when the people come out of the fuse had been a you're right, they should be doing that, but others were condemning me for being intolerant so I said Jesus is intolerant but do not hold it until his people to want the truth. But you interesting okay and Methodist Church announced proposal to split over gay marriage should split that no church should support gay marriage or homosexual pastors and elders visit me. We don't love them. Treat them well sister not the position of authority, they shouldn't be doing okay sounds good. Thanks a lot.they fulfill flow three open lines. Let's give me a call 877-207-2276 is for the Martin from Louisiana. Martin, you're on the air doing all right pain in their aerial view. Yes, all subordination subordination is okay.

Subordination. This is a heresy is good to get into the difference subordination is that the sun is subordinate to the father in position but not in nature because he was sent by the father and so having that's the that's a good view and because we know that he was sent by the father and go to John 637 through 40. Father sent me and things like that and that he was made on the law. Galatians 44 and the file is greater than him John.

John 1420 80. So these are our issues of subordination, but does not mean that he's not God. This is my wife is subordinate to meet authority in the family does not mean she's not a human being or a person. Subordination is is different and what that means is that Jesus is different in nature than the father.

So were subordination is him is Jesus being different in nature.

Subordination deals with his relationship with the father subordination is him is a heresy tape subordination is him okay it's a bad teaching and one of the forms of it is was in the Aryan heresy Arianism is okay so that that that cleared up that wiped out. Thank you, Margaret Courtney oh yeah eternal subordination is fine and what that means is in light of me to just doctrine. Here we have is called the ontological Trinity.

We have the economic Trinity, the ontological Trinity deals with the nature of the three persons of the Godhead father-son Holy Spirit. Each are by nature divine than the one God they are they are God there divine. That's that that's the on tossed the essence the economic Trinity we get that from Wikimedia as we get economy from the interrelatedness of something so the interrelatedness of the father son and the Holy Spirit. So for example the father sent the son but the son did not send the father the father and the son send the Holy Spirit.

But the Holy Spirit is not send the father or the son only. The sun became incarnate. Neither the father nor the son became a current so we see with in the economic Trinity. We see the differences of their roles in the intra-Trinitarian communion. You can probably go to I believe it. Hebrews 1320 speaks of the. The intra-Trinitarian covenantal relationship is taught when it mentions the blood of the eternal covenant the eternal covenant, I believe, is that covenant inside the Trinitarian communion in the economic Trinity with the father would send the sun the sun would become one of us, and there are sins, and redeemed the ones given by the following to the son and the Holy Spirit would redeem would apply the redemptive work to those people to Christ redeemed us. We have intra-Trinitarian communion. So in that context in the eternal nature of the economic Trinity, the eternal subordination of the son would always be the case because it would not be that God would learn to make temporal decisions. But since all things are known eternally that it necessitates an eternal necessity of that subordination position and that the second birth. The Trinity was always to be the one who would be sent become one of us okay real fast. Okay go that far. John 1426 and John 1526 okay on either your body. Okay. All right. Is Martin Louisiana let's get on the phone to someone after the break, but I give a call 877207276 max Y770727 Matt back everyone get on the phone with them to the show you were on the air to the right of every little trouble understanding you and I want to hear how you so linearly. Yes, that's better. I thought, years ago and never ask you again after I went back I heard out of anything.

Thank you. I like fluffy what that what the church waiting creature, and I can return it like I have of her before that when I looked at her current mask.

I don't know what to ask you when you so to speak, receive Christ that vineyard did your life change. Did you stop doing things that were bad instrument trying to things that were good, kind of a thing that happened in our life. So you still okay so you still lived in a sinful manner. Seven. You might have very well been a false convert but I can't tell you I can taper short so they would say of course is occult false convert but II know this is without knowing particulars and not wanting to expose you to those kind of things over the year. There are different levels of of of sin and there's different areas of conviction and knowledge is more complicated than just you don't you worry you want but when I counsel people like to get into the issues and ask lots of diagnostic questions so that I might find a mentor on the air have time, but usually takes quite a while because I need to hear them, but nevertheless he is is really a big issue for you now because if you trusted in Christ you turn from your sin, you know that you have to to turn could use. You are supposed to repent your spouse to turn from living a sinful lifestyle to be a Christian but the unit understand that it doesn't mean that that's what makes you a Christian where we are made Christian by faith or trust in Christ and then along with that we have regeneration, which is a change in us which manifests itself in a change of life change in attitude and so there are people like I died a friend who went to seminary together and he and his buddies to go smoke pot every day and he would to a church one day in and walked up front to receive Christ. He said he felt nothing different, nothing at all and is okay with that was whatever and then the next day. Just like every day is his friend said they want to go smoke a joint and he said no and he couldn't believe he said no and he said that's when he realized he was saved because he actually had lost that desire something it happened to him was a change and so that's interesting. No small story but unit with the seminary were friends there and stuff but to see Sue handling it to what extent there was some issues because people can still retain certain levels of sin and still be Christian.

Every Christian test pride or selfishness or stubbornness or lack of forgiveness are holding on to resentment for various things and they may stop external sins like like lying and adultery in drug use and alcoholism, whatever it is little retain in their sins, and there might not be true redemptive work because those inner things aren't altered with the externals are to see this like it's more difficult to talk about what if you have now trusted in Christ and you recognize that you are to turn from your sin is not okay to send actually have died to sin still live in it from 612 talks about this so now if that dictatorship your Christian and that will God is extremely patient. Let's say that was the voice of God. I don't have a problem with that. I know another guy that happened to them. He actually heard an audible voice, and it saved his life.

Interesting circumstance became his religious extremism, a movie of his life but nevertheless God often deals with people with such incredible patience with such grace that he woos them that he draws them.

John 644 and rooms to for his kindness leads us to repentance that he sometimes does that often will grow as a reason. I suspect a lot of times that reason is so that when we look back and we realize that incredible grace of God even pack that time when we were A inconsistent use very loosely. We see that it is something that will echo in our hearts for the rest of our lives. It will work in us and can work miraculous things as well. God knows what he's doing and been around long enough not to judge everybody by the same standard God standard. Of course, but the application of is different for different people and to be careful and loving and patient and kind. That's why when I meet Christians who are struggling. You'll find me to be the most gracious patient people unless there is an open rebellion of Satan. Adultery is a need to stop but are struggling.

You know people are very often find me be very patient and are surprised think of because hard Cardinals guy and the disk used to carry through our Christian life and the lives of others. So I would say I don't know what your situation was, but God's kindness was working through you and in you and now walking with him fully and completely okay, back you say are that and trust me I can relate to. I know will God bless means okay muchly all right let's go in the phone with Leonard from Raleigh, North Carolina hundred before the show.

Doing all right hanging in there. We got buddy typically short child. We would dictate eight veil in the Bible about a there is no legal requirement for going to happen. There is no number that the Bible says so when people say you're the age of accountability is whatever age now we can say that in Psalm 22, nine it says that talking about. The Lord alerted make me believe will have my mother's breast.

So God grants, we believe, and he can work that even children will God is one who does this so we don't know how it works. We don't know what age we don't know what mental capacity we don't know how it works.

God does not tell us and so we should not lay down any rules about how it's supposed to be because he has revealed to us. So if she were to say. 12 she she she might be accidentally right in that it might be a logical possibility that the way she can't say that the Bible doesn't say so she shouldn't okay okay quickly really fast to think that over child you all whereby new minor children of wrath. Ephesians 23 and Romans 323 all have sinned and fall short of the glory God and also for script is 5022 in Adam all die, the way Jesus's death. Okay God let all right it mostly right back after these messages that Y call 770-7275 look back to Stephen from New York. Steve walked initially on their yes I can. Thank you. Thank you Wally. You're at on that minute people a lot but a big thank you for your at be a real blessing, but I just wanted to ask a topic that might member my judgment talking about what Don had arisen where you draw the line between art department on an would you and between get back to millennialism and which can't be allowing for yummy partial three-dimensional millennialist self full plagiarism is heretical and the reason is because full triggers and for those who don't know says that everything that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24 Luke 17 was fulfilled and the armies of Jerusalem that came against Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and so this colorful pre-tourism pre-before and but is refuted by acceptor one verses 9 to 11 because the prearrest say that Jesus returned in the armies but the Angels prophesied that Jesus would return the same way that they watch them go up into the sky. That's X1 9 to 11 and so that alone refutes the idea full plagiarism. So with the full prearrest do is really just a distant damage to that section of Scripture to make it fit so that's a problem okay and that to say that the Jesus returned in the armies of Jerusalem to wipe out Jerusalem well understand why they say that because of certain poetic kind of usages of phrases in the Old Testament in regards to judgment, but I don't I don't buy that either.

I think they're the wrong there but partial plagiarism would say no, Jesus is not yet returned but the times of X 24, Luke 17 Mark 13 those those related chapters about running to the hills and things like this. They were partially fulfilled. Then at shortly after Christ's death within the first century because people were being persecuted and they did flee to the hill hills and they didn't follow what Jesus said there like the parcel prearrest so that it will be completely and totally fulfilled when Christ returns the sees be double issued fulfillment. So that's fine.

Partial pre-tourism within orthodoxy. Full pre-tourism. I would says not in all millennialism that is this a teaching course for those who don't know that we are in the millennial reign of Christ right now and it's not a literal, figurative thing were hills in heaven from heaven, and then sentencing rebound for a literal 1000 years because Jesus is Satan was already bound in Matthew 12 2232 so you know there's pluses and minuses to review and say that you know maybe I'm not all millennialist but make them wrong, and if your pre-milk, that's fine. I don't care. Just make sure you believe it in the Scriptures and don't put your hope in it which open Christ that that's all okay.I think Dr. number all believe it They had already met Psalm is to yet. How would you get that somebody will view that that that will look. The point of view then that that they believe that I'm back in there and I would think this leads to refutes the idea that he only came back to worry about it and it says that generation a will which generation is one of that time of the one of the latter time.

That's the question so I am still the full plagiarists do and I think that they are unfair and inconsistent and how they analyze texts, but again ask 192 11 refutes it flat out as okay thanks a lot have a great day man you to convalesce all right with the phone the swing person is Jeffrey from Des Moines, Iowa. Jeffrey welcome Michelle you're on the year I was going driveway on right heard are your shoulder you are talking about.

The Church of Christ, in spite of having been taught all of those I don't believe I now just wondering if we could go wrong.

This real quick and I could play with.

I've been caught your memory.

Church of Christ that baptism is necessary for salvation, water baptism by immersion. That's not to heresy and would you say that it is a field or clerk on that had a first 321 and this is corresponding to that, baptism now saves you what's that referring to the look of the previous verse is referring to the ark energy ark, and what baptism is being spoken of their it's a really interesting issue because baptism may be the work of the spirit, if you go to ask 15 talks about baptized. John baptized with water, Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is always prophesied as being the one who be poured out upon and it was fulfilled in acceptor to enact 238 talks about the baptism and into 39 talks with the promise and that baptism is supposed to give you the gift of the Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit, but the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you go to John so he acts 1044 to 48. It appears to be that the gift of the Holy Spirit is charismatic, which seems because that with good when the apostles went out and I get what were I get a lot what was that then the sugar supposed to baptize because it's a symbol and a representation of the work of Christ. If you good. Romans chapter 6 talks about have been buried with him in baptism and were baptized into his death from 630. But here's the thing, in Romans 66 says we work.

We died with Christ, aroma 68 says we are crucified with Christ. When did we get old fire Church of Christ people when you die with Christ.

To say the baptism the Bible says no. We died with Christ, we are crucified with Christ that happened 2000 years ago. So what's the baptism that he speaking of in house related to that. These are the difficult questions of people Church of Christ can't answer my opinion not very well not being disrespectful and intending to be understood that that might get that would be what I would wonder about is what I wonder you don't rebaptize, but also preach and 3000 baptized in Munich and their slaughtering usually baptized, dressed socially fast. If you read the context of the Ethiopian eunuch connection after Angel find that what the Ethiopian eunuch was reading was Isaiah 53. If you read backwards just a few verses will talk about God's frequent donations than the they both went down into the water and only the eunuch was baptized at the both went into the water. Then they both had to be standing in the water and then there about one was baptized.

If they say that the baptism there means immersion is a problem because he went both went into the water, so the into the water phrase can only mean in that context that they were standing. As for the 3000 getting baptize goes. I've done the math on this if they had to be immersed if the 12 disciples were doing the baptisms in one day.

First, let's say there's no numbers given so he's happy to speculate if the 12 disciples were baptizing for eight hours. Let's say 3000 people would take roughly 2 hours which make two minutes and 20 seconds for each baptism. Further, that means it would be the Jordan River and the average Jordan temperature the Jordan River's like 60 and I do some research on hypothermia and if you're in the water for very long.

Up to three hours. You start having motor function failure if you are not active and some other stuff and within six hours. I think it says you're in danger of basically just succumbing to what and so if they were in the water. The cold water up to their waist, baptizing people who are immersed well okay could he do that for two every two minutes and 20 seconds go through a ceremony baptism water standing say waist deep in the water. Plus, when the door someone in the water, then lift them up to getting way more because of went. How long can they do this you just question it have to be asked okay and that it places I've thousand.

Why would I we probably did up. I I suspected it by sprinkling because Jesus was sprinkled according to the law and is baptism.

This is not a popular thing to say, a lot of people don't like you say it but I have to stick with the Scripture says, because Matthew 315. He said he was baptized in order to fulfill all righteousness and fulfilled that with the Old Testament and the only place I've done the work, and I learned this from another teacher and then I did the research and verified the only place where you find it. What about the water being involved in the priesthood issue. It is because Jesus was baptized to enter into the priesthood. Matthew 612, having 627 5:25 hit with 30 years of age. According the Old Testament. Leviticus chapter 8 Numbers chapter 4 nexus 29 so is the chapters that describe what a man needed to do and be in order to the priesthood every 30 years of age had to be anointed with oil must Holy Spirit a verbal blessing given my beloved son, whom I will please and sprinkled with water at number six, seven so Jesus was most probably sprinkled us with Jesus. John the Baptist was probably doing what he says he baptizes with water and Jesus were baptized with the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit baptism is by pouring.

That's the prophecy the Old Testament that is without a doubt, the, the prophecy, the spirit is always poured out in his fulfilled New Testament skull baptism to Church of Christ people they don't study this to very deeply in my opinion they don't go. I was sitting a lot more lately but anyway I know I can rambling a lot to me like abutment left the show, but when something else okay with the will, all I hear from slightly different parts of it have anything to do with Fisher. I've always wondered what does God allow them out in Revelation go out there. I suspect that there together. The unbelievers just like it says in Matthew 24 Luke 17 to the field one is taken and the ones who were taken of the wicked are taken to a place of destruction. According to Jesus words in Luke 17 so those frogs are representative probably of angelic forces may be representative of Intel forces accounted to move people into the place of Armageddon at large 3 feet that you'd mention about the baby not being baptized night. I believe that I'm under load. If you're too young to know right now even though you're born with an unequal and thankful heart.

If you don't know what's right and wrong. The all men want to hear here because it had the extra music to go so I will skip talk.

There is a change of schedule is the only folks failure time for the Lord bless you back on your tomorrow will talk you

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