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January 17, 2020 4:38 pm

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January 17, 2020 4:38 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- The former atheist from the 01-15 show called back to tell Matt about his attempt to go back to the church's men's group to try and talk to them about the issue of women pastors.--2- What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit---3- A Oneness Penicostal called to ask if Acts 2-38 contains the plan of salvation and if not, then where is it biblically---4 Can you clarify the Muslim argument that Adam was 90 feet tall---5- In Matthew 16 17-18, are there two different words for rock used in the Greek---6- Why didn't God warn Adam and Eve about Satan while they were in the garden---7- What are some of the major points of difference between christianity and JWs-

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Why is the founder and president is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why, January for the broadcasters and if you want to give me a call. As usual, number 772072276 and three open lines want to give McCall Liberty know that I am working on some video work, video room, got cameras and doing my best to teach myself how to make the lighting write it. It's a it's just a tremendous work to make everything look good to do my first video be released tonight or tomorrow. As new videos years ago, but because of things life. Everything try trying to videos most every article that I do now.

Maybe do some old ones as well. So look forward to that on Carmen hopefully like what I'm doing a lot of work a lot of work to find someone who know how to do it video editing and who cannot do this kind of stuff and help Mel help us out a lot of stuff to do again. We have three lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Stewart from Rhode Island Stewart Michelle you yesterday. Okay darling, you will soon go through the deftly going out with the weather.

The man just cut ties with the church going confront them. You did your my car and drove their flight told Pringle weight of the Lord, only about 40. I need a seat in the 12 etc. I you I was November lock your ideas will be immediately correct and you might feel is just going by.

I can work standards sounded quite well what happened last night when I confronted them well-liked and amazing, not of photos Pringle Lord about this.

You know that I knew I was right and I had to confront the people. When I tore like 10 minutes late. Yes, what topic they would first 1434 and 40. I have that hard work has to be coming off the challenge because they live with them.

I rightly pointed out what was going to happen and they were modifying the Bible modifying the current field and chemically I like you might surmise that I'm sorry but you're wrong.

This is the word of the Lord. I found it is Christ talking through pole. He was appointed clearly shows pain. The apostle Paul and dividing the inspired word of Christ teaching lately. A lot of them didn't even realize that it was inspired word for it was a letter from Michael Cole and that it could be modified to try to bring that Michael very things that are specially startled, 14, 15, 25 work.

Christ, are you fed, you must know they might be dumping everything quite that my correct tracks. So what was the conclusion would have to look at the word and stuff of the note. I was wrong right that one gentleman I couldn't believe it when I read about John the you love me you will keep my command and I will have already will give you another Counselor to be with you forever. That means everything is all right not really but why should you mean, but you we have to learn some things that the other side; hermeneutics, the proper interpretation of the word of God and you know I recommended you go to Carmen learn about that some more but you are definitely right track. You want to be able to confront them with the word of God and I like a said they would reject what it says because they're more steeped in the tradition and in the comfort of their their church done being submissive to God is normal when brought into bad more than what is what happens for you to drop one quite have here the commandment. Innovative thinking. You can you talk to you. Show me that lies in the eyes of the book of second Marana calls to Joe to get you people say you know I think. I left quickly, very, very little about and from what might be the leader of the group who was not informed he was talking about it with the letter of the call was returned call of Aphrodite. Note: even uncorrected, not worshiping here yeah it's hard I had. They had different the different had different names for different gods and goddesses.

They would worship and one of the things that is in the text that a friend of mine actually showed to me. This is when will I preserve through childbearing hearing. Excuse me but with this is be saved or preserved through the bearing of children because it was a pagan goddess I forget. So teriyaki or something like that. I wore the name of the Greek gods and she was the goddess of childbirth is was upon play on words without saying in verse 15 there, but any rate, urinary tract while you work might disregard the argument over the leather coat because I why they thought Paul says is if it was Adam was first created, then Eastwood has nothing do with anything that could take the created order exactly. So that's what you get free up network: the then group is very good kite left. I think he committed blasphemy date know you one of us equally. If I repeat what it is that family no glass in the Holy Spirit and is spoken of in Matthew 1222 232 and what it is for the context is saying that Jesus was doing his miraculous works, by the power of the enemy.

That's what it is. Okay, people can blaspheme the Holy Spirit. That's not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, they can blaspheme say bad things, but that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is right there in the context of Matthew 12 sow 3.okay well been praying to God all day, but the one repeating what while I understand, and it took me years to be able to say what blast will Holy Spirit was without target the willies.

Because of this kind of a fighter Lord while things you email me email me what is this type that we said okay you be okay and that what he is extremely blessed, however, agreed, and I remember one of the show: going to have company therapy will come to our company. She's never alone. Christ has come to grips with how it when I get that I change my opinion. I told them that I believe hundred percent of the word of God and you are not screaming for my ever covering on the never going to change that Christ told me clearly that there is 100% correct. I liberating feeling I've ever had. I nearly finished.

I will let you get a lot of people, the audacity that your think we ended up with the need of prayer and the person of the prayer at the city to God guided me in this, you know and try and help my opinion there's I like, I can start if I had said those things just like you had been in there and the person prayed that God would make things even more clear to me. I would agree with the prayer because it is true. I always I always want God to show me more and more things so I will I will be offended by that prayer. I would speak out of the word of God and I would say that they need to stick with the word so to Quickstart before The caller I was once interviewed pastorates in the PC USA a very liberal denomination and the only reason I agreed to be interviewed was because I was preaching and teaching at a certain church and they did not believe in the PCA PC USA stuff and etc. long story short, I didn't think of accepting and of course women pastors and elders snaked the closet door and walked out and I stopped one last guy and I said you wrote Presbytery represented by said you believe the word of God. He said yes this is what the Bible says right here with her not to teach or exercise authority in men and women to be or elders are to be there music when I cuss and one woman. How is it that you can justify that are the word of God, and he looked to be solicited?

I simply have an entry does not get to go left.

This is what you're against. Okay people submit the word of God to their feelings and it happens all over the place all over the place so you keep going on a network. It was already quick question will be really quick map you know what I want to make it many years and I know I worry about work through your whole but I know I know I never course you didn't because you couldn't do so just I did make it. Knowledge is live. I would say probably some level in context. I got that I never said what about that so I think the fact that I saved muscle being that I've been given a chance you grew up without a doubt the me tell you, you maybe worried about things in the past, but all of these things up and walking away by the blood of Christ. You could not and would not be a subject of God's great merciful kindness. If you had committed such a great sin, that would be unforgivable middling one that is hunger. The fact that you know the word of God is true is testimony to the fact that your sheep to let me give you the word of God.

The word of Christ my sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me, we hear the voice of Christ we hear the voice of Christ, through Paul, Peter, to James etc. the very words of Jesus and to Moses and Elijah and all of them in the Old Testament and just because you recognize that it's because Ray sheep are Christ's sheep even redeemed by okay thank you very much right. I got this. We have two open lines 207 why call 77077 Matt Becker skews one open line 877-207-2276 Patrick from Ohio. Welcome. I like are you doing there. Sounds good. If coming here that Mr. slick it just I was good kick out of it. 2007, but are you ready to do a fine brother.

We got good I have very bad. I mean your debate with when you called an experience with mapping the Humpty with your tag argument and I enjoyed that big guy amicable. So from that standpoint we are on the same page with all my question, or rather what I would like to talk about. I'm glad I made one apostolic gospel and I believe that the plan of salvation found in at 238 now my my question to you you you believe that that birth of the plan of salvation is not what you expect first name and where you could plan of salvation found at well. The tessellation started next 30 1632, 30 1F he brought out the method that the jail, their sensors, what must I do to be saved and Paul and Silas said believe the Lord Jesus, and will be saved in your household.

That's what the US what is right there believe the Lord Jesus Christ asked 238. He understands nothing about asked the whole context to go back to chapter 1 verse five.

This is what it says it says for John. Jesus has for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. So what happened is the Holy Spirit fell upon them at Pentecost. That was the baptism of the Holy Spirit the spirit falling upon people. The prophecy had a Joel 228 29 fulfilled and asked to 17 and 18. So was asked to know that one something and so what is the what was going on and you'll notice in act 238. What happens there was asked to 17 to 38. This would assess be baptized in the middle of Jesus annual charrette of the Holy Spirit for the focus of your sins doubt you say to formula for salvation is faith necessary for salvation. Every salvation I would greatly yet very good, only that of you how that is required in Hebrews chapter answers yes yes okay are you so yes but faith is not mentioned in act 238 repent. Each of the baptized name of Jesus Christ as a percent you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, so faith is not mentioned. Therefore, this cannot be a formula of salvation.

Furthermore, it says you will receive that gift of the Holy Spirit is the single receive the Holy Spirit, but the gift of the Holy Spirit what is the gift of the Holy Spirit when he would ask 1044 to 48.

The kicker in verse 45 it says is the only other place in the Bible where the phrase gift of the Holy Spirit is is occurs in liqueurs and acts 1045 in act 238 here's what it says in act 1044 and 45 and 46. While Peter was still speaking with these speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message all the circumcised believers who came with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also, for they were hearing them speaking with tongues and exalting God and then they get water baptized, or the get baptized. Okay, so they'd already received the Holy Spirit. Same as Peter had the gift of the Holy Spirit would poured out on them and the evidence of that was speaking in tongues and exalting God. So what is agora 38 meaningless as you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit is talking about the Holy Spirit himself or the gift of the Holy Spirit and the charismatic work are we look at verse 39, if I don't are promised you children. I can recall it from you and your children and yet there are far off as many of the Lord our God shall call another bird on it that if you go back to the problem, I stroll yeah Joel 232 but you're not answering the question and asked 238 see the gift of the Holy Spirit at the question was is receiving the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit or the receive the Holy Spirit in act 230 repeating the spirit, then why does it say in acts 1044 when they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit is the manifestation spirit speaking in tongues required for academic orbit immediately. Spirit isn't what the doesn't say that they well we have to. They might not explicitly say it, but we when we look at the Scriptures that we look at where the Holy Spirit with or without the manifestation. Yes, it's one of the stations. It does not say everyone must speak in tongues in order to be saved or have it as a proof of the presence of the Holy Spirit because it also says that they were speaking in tongues and exalting God so exalting God around the manifestations so I know the oneness Pentecostal very well.

You all I know. I have to disagree with you there exalting God can't be a manifestation of the Holy Spirit because Jesus said I'm sure you know you could. What did you say your lips may praise me with their lips, but their heart is far from me because they're crazy. God does not mean that they are happy, the only spirit is talking to the class lamented talking about some of the hypocrites is not the case. In acts 1044 to 48, the Holy Spirit fell upon all of them in the circumcised believers who came with Christ with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit have been poured out on the Gentiles also for their hearing and speaking with tongues to glorify God, and you can have to understand something that the Bible says the unbeliever cannot do any good. Romans 10 suite Romans 310, 11, 12. He cannot receive the things of God from their foolishness to him, so they're doing is there say, but can receive a Baptist buddy enter Canterbury God with everything that happened. Breath praise the Lord your joy be different another place or not focusing you take something from some other place to put it is a puzzle piece forcing pieces together to make a picture you want to be with with this is not how it works. You read the text for what it says you understand what is says in its own context. Then you compare to other things.

You can't just sit there and have of course at that contact is why I want to ask one starting in verse five, and brought you back to 38 then I talked about the phrase that you will see the gift of the Holy Spirit will the only other place for that phrase is used is in acts 1045. What is it mean you say it means to receive the Holy Spirit. But here it says receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and the evidence of that is speaking in tongues and glorifying God. So the question is to receive the gift of of a car or estimate of somebody took it the gift of someone doesn't mean receiving that someone with the gift that they're giving you you belong to Ryan. I will say this, you belong to a non-Christian cult you are in a cult non-Christian because you did not doctrine the Trinity add staff at work. This currently hold of Rebekah's messages that I call 77077 charismatic back to show Patrick, are you still there. I am indeed show you something here. The Bible says were justified by faith.

All right, right yet they're probably a vapor or swimming courts. As you know, I, I, I, I am aware of Mac.

I am aware of it will hold specific answers so the Bible teaches just locations by faith, and that is found in Romans 328 Romans 51, Galatians 216 to 20 one quarters versus but the Bible says having therefore been justified by faith know me asking. Are we justified by faith we have faith rejected or modified by faith. Now what you mean Mike to ride my feet when we have well said were justified by faith justified me to be to clear the right and just justified means to be declared legal neuritis, according to the law Christ fulfilled the law.

First Peter 222 he fulfilled it because he represented us for 2015 22, Romans 518 when he died, we died with him. Romans six, eight, so therefore the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us.

Romans 39. This is by faith. Romans 328 Romans 51 okay as of the Scriptures teach well, so faith is something that God grants to us looking for 29 are believing is the work of God. John 628 29 now.

We justified by faith finally have faith justified by faith when in regards to what to justification.

Just pick only the saved are justified justification. Her by the unbeliever to the to those who are down those were not saved.

Are we justified when we have faith, which is led by faith we have faith, I would need more information before I can really become friends not to here sign you're using it.

Okay I got you read my my website See and look up justification by faith and go to the Scriptures.

What you teach your church teaches in the church of Christ, teachers and other church churches that teach this false doctrine that had you baptized in order to be saved. What it teaches us that you're not justified by faith. When you have faith justified by faith to get baptized. That means that you're not justified by faith. It means you're not justified by God's grace. It also means that you're not justified until you decide to go through a ceremony and then God is obligated in the condign sense he's obligated to be able to save you at that point because you have believed, and then later on when you decide to get baptized.

That's when God is now going to save you so you deny just eradication by faith alone in Christ alone. You have to add a ceremony to it. That's a false gospel you preach a false gospel. You believe in a false God.

Yes you rebuilt act. No mention of a purveyor with the jailer. There's no mention of faith. There will when I quoted to you.

What must we do to be saved and he says in verse 31, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved us from the Greek word for stool. That's the verb form the noun form is to status that is translated into the English belief and faith. I was looking at the 237 would make good now my neighbor are parked in the heart.

What that means.

That means godly, repetitive, godly work all at that point they had believed in what preaching, that's true. They get out there is what I got baptized, elevator area. Great, but there used. Be pretty, but you said acts 238 Miller Chamberlain excuse me you said actually 38 was a formula for salvation isn't correct. It is part of Hebrews we do go that well I gotta go. The other colors but I was here let me call back yet sure get in line. Only two people who were with the logotype trust the I can do the whole hour if you talk about this, but people wait absolutely show as a matter of fact would like to do a Google hang out.

I clung to be online tonight 8 PM 8 PM Eastern time. I plan to open up a chat room and if you go to Facebook Matt slick face not that slick Facebook I put the links of their participation and for watching and I plan to do that tonight unless song comes up, you know, life happens. But if they plan to do tonight or and you can call and I will show you why you have a false God, a false gospel and you deny the necessary sufficiency of the toning set okay okay I might not be able to do it tonight but I'm going to do the Google hang out with you. I was wrong to do without you want me to call back call back will credit up there that's no problem that's all right we can email out all right night talk to all right okay all right I know she is all right. We have two lines 877-207-2276. Let's get on the phone now if you want to get the loop from California. Luke, thank

Thank you for rent, question is regarding human very quick debate with a Muslim and RDRAM it will be speaking about Eric and the Bible. But there is an allegation that Muslims claim that out. Adam will 90 feet of society. We try to buy the can you give me some died by now are three archaeology lighted if I typically cost about 880 Lincoln 90 feet thought it's a bias is a biological side, but the blood pressure necessary for the heart to push the blood down and then up to 60 feet requires an incredible amount of pressure and you can study the giraffe in the issue the heart pushing the arteries up through the neck of the giraffe that be the place research and how much pressure is necessary how the arteries had to be an incredibly stage of critical strength or for that to happen. Now if you're to basically be in the scientific edges of the Bible, then you stick with now. Undoubtedly, you know that in the Koran. There's many problems in the Quran you on the man's seed formed in a man's chest and things like that seven heavens and things like this. I'm sure you're aware of that you debate is about the debates about the issue of the of the. The Bible, so let me get a recommendation. You sound like your nose are doing here but always look at what they say in context always and don't let them snow you and say that this is what it is and then going to something a signal we must look at everything in context. Okay, I agree.

What a lot of the point that most marked way that no whatever book you the voluble but about now obviously thought that virtual hard but the Muslim, the thing that heated lady by incorrect not everything is not only prickly is what you do is say they'll say there's the QuickVerse there's nothing outside a man which can defile him if he goes into him defiling is a spiritual thing right yes but I think it out of the matter with the file then you say that just talking with the biological function to go to the restroom. Music can you show me that the Scripture that that's what is talking about the freedom of so when they make an assertion that there always will almost always wrong. I debated Muslims to publicly and on TV going on on radio. I've done it many times and they don't listen don't care what you have to say what you need to do is continue to ask the question, show me the text why that your view is the right one for me that that's what it means. Since you talk about defiling and defiling is something that occurs to the person's heart, soul, mind, the person that they will be able to and when they play him and Hartigan want to change the topic you said no you said and repeat the verse you said Mark 715 he repeated.

Please show me what you said is true, because I'm going and I tell him I think I'm in asking the same thing for everything that you raise up but I like their little hook biting them like an awkward all you right on the Bible, however, in regard to Mark it.

My rebuttal to make that I'm the same argument against them because in the hadith, on the all water and make water into your know that body will probably think that the only prickly but you don't value the reject it on faith because mom and made think of a claim regarding water you like to make sure the double standard's sake is blessed. okay no call back. limit how to write back. after these messages you lines 877207 matt slick. why call 77077 back to the phone's chart from greensboro question on the on and remember that the dollar on this rock i will build my church question is really to work a block usually that likely bottles to garden yet so it's okay cognates cognate.

there are different forms of the single word. so, for example, actor actors actress actresses is the same word the same route that has different cognates and forms and so an actor is different than actresses and actors a single male actresses is plural female in the same kind of a thing is going on in the greek with the word petross so we see petross is peter trauma is rock. both can be translated basically is rock but what we have here is petross is the same as i call it on the concert but it's a masculine singular ending in greek so you are peter petross and that word is used of small rocks, and upon this rock petross feminine word for rock the cognate form that form is used of large rocks of large boulders of humongous areas and people know that, but that's that's the usage so you are is like saying you are the male small rock upon the female huge rock. i build my church people so it doesn't quite make sense of female who huge rock.

what's not really what it's saying like i'm just trying to emphasize the idea of what's going on in the greek now that rock that large female rock was christ michelle you right because it says in first okay will let me tell you right first with his 10 1744 do not want you to be unaware, brethren, that our forefathers according to were all under the cloud and passed to the sea and were all baptized into moses in the cloud and see they all ate the same spiritual food. they all drink the same spiritual spiritual rock, for they were drinking from a spiritual rock is the word petross the same word used in matthew 1618, with the second rock. you know the rock which followed them and that rock petross was christ is not seen the crisis feminine.

it's just how they would speak like god may missile in spanish is female with a female gender to write so it doesn't mean that in rachel is what we have here is the biblical mandate to show that the word petross is in reference to christ. peter is a reference to him and it's so that that's that's the roman catholic church assesses peter that the church is built on it just doesn't work doesn't work. the article talking thousand lab years, and i'll try to get the word out in the last block. it ridiculous to think that god would not start my backlash that an event-based excessive instruct on a make technological that's what you pointed out the logical and i thought that that was right about the working so i'm an article on this on carmen reader that can read it, but it also the first printing 311 for gnomic nomenclature foundation other than the one is laid, which is christ jesus, so when he was arrested directly on the ballot documenting what model someone very happy to talk about the cornerstone to clear when he pointed to the right people to go work at night, let's get over to james winston-salem north carolina. james you're on the year. good evening. thanks for taking my call.

sure you last last night i got a seven-year-old daughter and we've been working through our bible story and we were reading and talking about genesis guard to be and she asked me a question left by the company and right before she went to bed.

she said that if if god were interested in protecting out the why didn't you warn them about satan and then let them make their own choice and i didn't have an answer and i was going to call and if you could speak to that first of all to get explain that genesis the first chapter, there is not meant to answer every question, but it's a good question okay and in genesis 217 god does warned adam and eve about eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

put in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die. and so there's a is a warning that god had given about them obeying him and so automatically that would include a warning about listening to anybody else who disagrees so that would be a warning that would include the devil and an indirect way. absolutely imperative that make that make them think. i'm not sure you remind me there's something i forgot about that.

i was working on a few years ago, five or six years ago a family home training course and went to pick it up because, especially from mom and dad are 2.3 children and go through and teach them stuff.

i work on it would be popular okay that would be excellent thank you so much i appreciate your ministry. i thought i've been a call that that makes a lot of fun. thank you. all right, let's get on the phones with let's see you next longest wait ms. andrew from raleigh, north carolina angela commercially on a mass like think negative called shirt on call in regards wanted to say thank you for what you do realize you up a lot of your pike are you looking for you.

look in the stumpy which is no more than just the enemy coming acknowledging out a perfect man, but i do appreciate that your your card bring biblical truth and it's really 23 years old, graduated they now in the military expansion is really concerning that they were in college and it really concerning the city that yet all this off. throughout this loss narrative that society pushes out none more than than the enemy, satan, as we have all the illogic with false biblical doctrine within the liquid christian community and example.

example 1 is walking outside of the wells fargo building downtown raleigh and there's this to every week to have the witnesses that stand and asked her something and make do i really want to know when i knowledge great time to make you really want one. but but they think that that's a pretty off-the-wall stuff what they believe and i just want to call in regards what are the major points on the average agreement. what are some of the major points that they believe that don't line up with the other than they think that there's knowledge they tell me that multiple godů one jesus is in the messiah. that's all i hear that jesus was the start over. what else can you speak on will the jehovah's witnesses deny the doctrine of the trinity and they say that god is only one person. they say jesus is the first created thing and that jesus was art michael the archangel to the st. michael the archangel was the first graded thing, who then stopped becoming an angel and became a man and died under torture steak and did not rise from the dead, physically, but only in a spirit form as he went back to become an angel again and only hundred and 44,000. jehovah's witnesses are allowed to take communion and they're the ones who can go to heaven. but the rest of the faithful. jehovah's witnesses are going to stay in paradise earth and all people who were not true jehovah's witnesses will die and be annihilated. there is no eternal suffering and to stop existing and that in order to be saved from your sins, you have to do good works, and so this is what they think is a non-christian colt out of understandably so, what were they claim their evidence they have was called washer bible and tract society organization which teaches through the various publications the washer magazine in the awake magazine of the primary sources and what you might suggest to you to try something very unusual, and that is to ask to go to your kingdom house with them and you. it's good to go ice recommend liberty do this go once or twice to see how their brainwashed you don't go there to argue you won't become unsaved are knocking to be damned you can go in and you can see what they're up against.

what you'll see us, then reading from the watchtower organization's material so i called them watchtower rights because they follow with the watchtower tells them to believe if you go into a kingdom hall and you polite to cause a problem like this many times you just listen. it becomes evident that they're not trusting god's word through trusting with the watchtower says about god's work and it gives you an idea of how to approach them a little bit better because they are lost. here's something you could try with you. just say it is meant to member this mark 1018, why do you call me good. jesus asked no one is good except god." that you said you agree with that versecourse, martin 18 what jesus said only god is good right that's right, this ask him. could you please tell me was jesus good.

it's real quick. it's real fast and because the answer is yes. he was good within he said only god was good, but you're saying he's good. so this kind of a thing will work on this quick and easy. when i meant a little more difficult to to becoming very difficult, but that one's easy mark 1019. you could say something, leaving something with and stay polite with them.

i would even say take their literature and you can read a little bit because you can see with your up against and how deceived they are and then pray right pray for their salvation that god would be merciful to them. okay right so absolute that will one more thing. is that what was in the collision in 1914 that they want for their church prophesied that relevant and i think working with genetically happen as it yes the they said many things in false prophecies and that jesus was supposed to become the king and move into a certain place in the heavenly realm in 1914, in order to finish and work in do the rest of the atoning work and the fact the first time.

look a lot of serving for folks that what times are jennifer want to call back tomorrow the lord bless you all advise great value on their

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