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January 23, 2020 7:00 am

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January 23, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is worshiping on Sunday giving homage to the sun god---2- Is it possible to determine the name of the antichrist- Do you think he will be Islamic---3- What's your position on the rapture---4- Can you explain Zechariah 6-12-13---5- Can you explain Pelagianism---6- Matt talks about the signs of the end times.--7- Can you explain the vision of Abraham when the covenant was made with the animals- What was meant by the flame, oven, torch, etc.--8- What knowledge are we born with---9- Is the LDS church going to build a temple in Jerusalem- What do you think about that---10- Can I, as one who believes in believers baptism, attend a church that affirms infant baptism-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why window will be heard from you by the way, just let you guys know that we stay on the year by your generous support superior student continuing to loosen the show would have us on all you do go to in all the information you need is right there. We really do need it and that's how we stay only hurt this wife rightly, that that's a real good support. Look off your thought a threat. It's not like what was me knowing God's done, this will mean more than a change. Good with just trusting the Lord.

But for now if you want to see me on and continue just continue to support see it expanded within the consider supporting us. Five 1015 $20 a month recurring is what helps a great deal enables us to go forward and know there's nothing on the horizon about not being on the air, not doing any threats or any please just let people know and off those you who don't know all you do is to check out the website CAR M.OR and I have been producing videos to outbound new that a lot in the past few years, but I'm now doing it again and you can see one on are the Protestant distinctives in the early church history courses. Yes, I did want baptism stuff and done it. So I think it was so go to check those out. Go to YouTube and just look at Karma CAR M.orgy on YouTube. You can check it out. It also putting links on the articles release that again today with the newest release of the newest video what's new page and you can go do that and want me to do, hopefully, also, is to be able to track the audio side of these videos that have them for downloadable so people can listen to driving all right there you go that's so interesting and entertaining, so let's do this. Let's get to the phone to schedule Nelson from California Nelson welcome around here that unless all I was watching the video for where I know that the Bible to keep the Sabbath holy. You and the bad bed that out that if by going to church on Sunday worshiping God on that day that were actually giving homage to the God. It's it's a common attack on worshiping on Sunday an attack levied by people who don't know what they're talking about who don't have all their logic and theological deposit box so that we can were free to worship on anything you want. That's out of Romans 14 one through 12 says one man can police worship the state when they believe that one that each man be fully convinced of his own mind if were obligated to worship on Saturday. Then home. Then the Bible tell us that we say right there yet.

When this was another if the state of the sun god knows Sunday the sun God Saturday from Saturday so all you worship on Saturday worshiping the planet Saturn. The logic is really really dumb it really is and it has no place in rational discourse, but know you know the whereabouts at all of the 10 Commandments except for one are reiterated as being necessary in the New Testament.

Guess which one is not reiterated and repeated as being necessary.

Guess which one of the 10 Commandments this and get the Sabbath is the only commandment of the 10 Commandments that that's not repeated in the New Testament is being necessary part of what will Jesus says he's our rest at 1128 yeah and so if he's our rest. ABMs is at rest that he had the habit he's our Sabbath.

So were free to worship a day and closer to 16 says so. Let no man die judge in regard to feasts are yearly new moves which are monthly and sabbaths which are with our weekly so these people could not argue their way out of a wet paper heresy and they don't know what they're doing. They don't know how to think critically and I had to say it bluntly, because those kinds of statements and comments of people make confused people worry people like that will astray and they need to stop thinking so badly. It is not not helpful. Okay yeah and then to follow up with that question. Also, the map model are referring. Ned and with the bottom of the list say that the president cannot do, how to do it but I like make a base order where everyone had to worship God on that day.

All from getting something now know that I did something that I've been very thought of something good talking to Seventh-day Adventists about this is not I like I did the okay okay think that the day will go back but had so the thing is that the Antichrist when he comes in the future may or may not require certain things that you I talk to people like this and also look Say that there's a bunch of Christians on a missionary trip flying over the ocean and there's engine trouble that crash land in the ocean and are in a life raft for weeks. They have supplies they just barely make it to an island, and there's therefore a couple of years they completely lose track of what day it is because electronics are destroyed they been in and out of delirium a little bit out there all the time. So what do you worship have one in seven chance of getting it right. And if it's that necessary that we have to worship a certain day, and those people are to be in trouble with the right day seat that the legalism the. The immediacy of this position that the present is is just ridiculous were free to worship on any day, but Jesus raised on the first day is called the Lord's day, and so an article on Carmel about this why we worship on Saturday is giving on Sunday is that if Saturday and I will see worship on Sunday. Okay just looking it up and so what we have are several instances in the Bible that talk about things like acts 20 verse seven in the first day of the week that Sunday when we were gathered together to break bread, Paul began to talking to them and that he departed next day and he prolonged his message until midnight frequenting 61 into the concerning the collection for the saints as I directed the churches of Galatia. So do you.

Also on the first day of every week but each one of you put aside and save as he may prosper. Revelation 1 1011 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day desk called death of the resurrection. Lord Jesus, yet his resurrection Sunday I heard behind me a loud voice like a trumpet, saying, right in the book etc. etc. so you know the first day of the week is it. I think there's a little of the trip numbers to that the book of numbers.

But in numerics and in Greek, we have only one set of characters in the biblical Greek one set of characters that are enter both letters and numbers so alphabetic Gamma Delta epsilon Zeta antithetic you and so each of these letters is also a number. It's with the right words are also writing numbers so words have is called a home for good battery and a good match for you is a mathematically equivalent of any work. For example, the mathematical total of the word fish is 1224 just just have to be what it is Jesu kris Doss Jesus Christ. Those two words. At up to 888 888. While there were eight people in Noah's Ark the male is circumcised on the eighth day Jesus was raised on the first day of the week which is 7+18 don't you know you see these things. He doesn't prove anything, but you see the consistency of things like this in Scripture.

You okay but a circumstantial evidence, but it builds a case and in the early church. The they worship on Sunday. They did the right answer my question with Matt Lowell neglected the ministry and walk goblins writing folksy of the fourth line to let you give me a call if you want to call you do phthalate 772072276. Let's get to Jim from Florida Jim Buchan the show. You are on the year that you doing right. I think you answered my question and then your last caller I was following it precisely where talk about the Greek letters than the my question would've been that the determining, for example, the name of the Antichrist. Now the letters of his name. As I understand it will add up to six think that I write in Greek is correct it right in only a biblical Greek.

We can't you our alphabetic and what what is interesting about that. First of all, I know this is no J in the Greek alphabet in that attic. I'm alive to slit his well this is what it is. Some languages have certain sounds underling, which is not oh okay yeah that that that you think that there is no J but anyway so here's here's what I'm thinking we can we can look at a guy like macron okay well the other world saw him rise to power by me another headline you couldn't miss it. Who's hello macron, the president of France. All right, I think it's France okay I like what so go ahead and some people have even heard from Christians today.

Well guy could be the Antichrist night coming up out of the nine I stated her European Union in the PLO are naturally good speaker all at this. There's other credentials is probably to be homosexual and alone. You also be wounded on his right side, right now is my point is especially well will be able to stop this guy real quick. Even before becoming a power those people who are trained well and understandably God, let me be able to get a break for focus will be affordable and getting all seven mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg. All right, back to the show. Everyone we still have four line 20.

Call 877-207-2276 last four numbers spell see ARM on your phone phones subject 877207 car right in. All right, let's get back on the phone with Jim from Florida.

Jim right so that I answer a question about the use of the Antichrist.

Yeah, that's great. I appreciate that three more quickies what it what if adverse about the Antichrist being blind in one eye. Zechariah I believe it is just a long time to study doubts let's see if I can find all that I can just Google it probably Zechariah 1117 awarded the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock. A sword will be on his arm on his right. His arm will be totally withered and is right I will be blind to some think that that's in reference to the Antichrist.

And then there's also very it's Zechariah 1117 and Lucy-whether you haven't been Zechariah 1117 and but it is believed the Antichrist will be Islamic. I don't know, it's one possibility. I don't know if you will or will not have studied it for that level that some people think you will be and it would make sense that he could be a Muslim because learned a lot of Muslims now who were inside of the old Roman Empire geographically, which is one of the prophecies that it looks like a commodity rebuilt Roman empire well out of Europe so I could be and the Muslims are looking well. I think the Roman Empire is a struggle on Daniel 1130 thick 45.

That's why I didn't make that point more mentally Antichrist but I understand there's a different view their final selection. I do not. You say that you know publicly you take a position on the rapture yet. I'm sorry if so not poster rapture. Here are your Florida hold poster rapture.

I don't see using this for for this is pretrip and when I look at the verses that people use for pretrip. I don't find anything there and when they talk about verses. I am in the field. What is taken. What is left.

That's not the rapture, the wicked who were taken and this is not a scribe that that's new. It's you read attached. That's it. Tonight I have got in the Bible studies were and I try not to go to Bible study scheme I was rooting for people got gonna Bible studies and and you just keep quiet right and some other actual come up and and that is happened a few times Rensselaer either the context of those verses and within just a few minutes there all their confused because they sent read in the context they find out what they been taught for years with those verses are true, the rapture occurs, but those were sort it and clusters of been a very interesting verse in Matthew 1324 familiar with this of Matthew turned 13 yet 30 and this is in the parable of the wheat and errors it says in verse 30 about allow both to grow together until the harvest in the time of the harvest I will say the reapers first gather up the tears and by them and got up the wheat to my barn. The tears of the unbelievers and accorded Jesus own words at the time of the harvest which the sales rapture. The first was taken of the wicked. That's what it says.

I've shown this to people and they just stare at the next never seen about right and that bothers me.

They've never seen it before, and edited it. The pastor teacher doesn't have that the end of the age. This is my fifth attitude and on bothers me is that the passage of teaching the stuff in the not read the context and so the you know I have sent this to people before said, why is it in 2 to 3 minutes.

I can throw your pretrip thing of into a tizzy and not by being mean and I'm boasting just by reading the context and destroy what it is and I guess it why is it it it's so easy to do that. I said have you ever looked the context before and I'll say no and I think all these years live. He never left the context and why the pastors never shown them the context what's going on it's because they don't know Danielle will later.

There's a life after their lot in with pretrip narrative exactly that.

Like you say with it without thinking, without really studying it. Looking into the narrative and know the end of the contact one of the great verses. I think that is absolutely demolished pretrip is one Corinthians 15 work. Paul said that the last trumpet that will be swallowed up if the rapture is pretrip, then the Bible is false. Christians will die during the tribulation.

Christians are to be around and I have a study called the Sage of the age to come, and when I've done, I taught it before. Takes about an hour to go through slowly up the verses and what I do is get a chalkboard or whiteboard, and I draw the line middle of the board and estate left side is this age right side is that his age to come and show them this is what the Bible says of this HVAC, initial the verses Jesus teaches this age the age to come. Paul teaches this age and the age to come in and what happens in this age. What happens in that age I show this what they teach and people like I never heard that before The Scriptures Say Let's Go through the Last Trumpet. Let's Go through the Resurrection Must Go through the Last Day. Let's Go through Various Things and You Tell Me Where to Put It like That I Can This so Many Times and Each Time Each and Every Time of Done It. They've Concluded There Is No Pretrip Rapture and Some Think of Concluded I Had People Say I Don't Believe What You've Shown Me Is True It's Okay Can You Refute It Is a No but I'll Come Back in a Week or Two with Respect to Take in and Nobody Ever Has and Does Not Mean You Know Being Arrogant and Stuck 20 Years and Nobody Has Because It Scriptures Says so This Is Something We Need to Get into the Church Is Taught This Kind of Stuff and How People Stop Putting Their Faith in Pretrip Rapture.

It's Another Thing to Believe in That They Are Wrong and You and Your Instant I'm Not Saying That I Hope Pretrip Rapture Is True, but If You Believe That Willing to Go through It Then Were More Motivated Lease in My Opinion to Tell People about What's Coming and Be Prepared Because Jesus Had This.

It's Another Thing People Don't Know Is a Signs of the End Times Signs of Intech People Don't Know What's Coming. If They're Putting Their Hope and I'm Not Saying It's It's That While This Is a Bad Thing or Each Position Has Its Weaknesses and Strengths, but If People Are Putting Their Hope and Pretrip Rapture That We to Get Out Of the Problem Then Went If It If the Wrong and Their Internet Will Their Faith Be Challenged and Destroyed. That's the Question You Go and so Here Are the Thing to Do the Things Are Now 23 Things I Found by Doing the Research That Are Coming Presents a False Christ, False Prophets, War, Persecution, the Faithful, Apostasy, Lawlessness, Love Grows Colder, Earthquakes, Famine, Plagues, Increase in Selfishness, Lovers of Money and Pleasure, Arrogant, Disobedient Martyrs of Jesus, Increasing Rhizosphere K of Marriage. This Is What That Whatever There Are Very Minds 87707 Mass Y Call 770727.

Here Is Matt's Leg or One. We Have Three Open Lines 877-207-2276. Let's Get to Sean from North Carolina, Sean. All Right We Got There I Would Question That Grad Will Hear about Okay and It Is Driving There with All Their 1213 Element of the Lord Anything. You'll Going to Pay As You're Driving on the Reno Okay Because Her Drug. Harris Says the Lord of Hosts, Behold, a Man Whose Name Is Branch, for He Will Branch out from Where He Is and He Will Build the Temple of Lord Yes It Is He Who Will Build the Temple of the Lord, and He Who Will Bear the Honor and Sits and Rule on His Throne. Thus, You Will Be Preached on His Throne in the Counsel of Peace Will Be between the Two Offices. Okay Okay Switch a Question Okay What Do You Think That Made Very Few. I'm Not Exactly Sure What Had I Know What Something Means but I'm Not Sure.

Also Well Known Could Be This or Could Be That It Could Be a Reference to Someone Contemporary of That Time Could Also Be Screaming As It References the Idea John 14 Budget Spring. The Branch That He's and Rebuild the Temple or Build the Temple but in Which Temple Is Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem during the So-Called Millennial Reign, or Is It the Temple. Since We the Temple of Christ by Being Indwelt in Him Is Debates on and Discussions on Weaknesses Right to Jury Verdict. This Article Just I Figured Those Working or off for a Full Common Build the Temple. The Lord Then You Will Know That the Lord of Hosts Has Sent Me to You All What I'd Said That You Looked at All That You Will Be Plugged Both Magically Okay. I Thought of That.

Either They Might like Longer like Wearing out. That New Jerusalem and All. Well This to Be a Result There's There's Their Varying Degrees of Spiritual and Literal Interpretations with Varying Eschatological Positions.

So What's the Exact Answer I Can't Tell You but Yes, Some Hold to the Idea That You Have As New Workers Can Be a New Temple Literally Built Some Say No It's Figurative in Heaven Because It Meant There's a Mention of a Spiritual Temple in Heaven Right and Then We Are Called the Temple, so It It's It's Just Tough It Is. This Is Difficult to Really Say a Pretrip Millennial's Would Say What Is Good to Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem for the Thousand Years across the Rain. There Was a Problem Well, There Are Problems, but You Know Is Some Some Views Some Eschatological Views Have More Answers Than Other Eschatological Views on Particular Topics like the Whole of Everything. You Know It's Kinda Careful and Dumb Yeah Okay I Did Nowhere like That but It Would Invite It. Educated and I Get Whether the Millennial Alert of the New Jerusalem Company Need to Be Building Right That by Their Right and What I Would Do Is Restudy This and Just See How the Word Branch Is Used. Not like a Branch of Throw into a Fire Naked on a Campfire.

But How Branch Is Use a Variant of This Kind of Thing and See You Know How to Work Temple Appears and Diversity Related Context. That's What You Have To Do and yet Is a Little Bit Okay Okay Will Aggregate It on Buddy.

I'd like to Edit Arrival. God Bless.

All Right, That Was John. Let's Get to with the Fourth-Largest Is 877-207-2276 Is Good to Mark from Connecticut Marking on the Year on That All Right, We Got Is Your Friend Mark Barnett and Mark Barnett Okay Good so Yeah Not Found on the Plate, a Lady and Flaking Heresy. Pelagianism Is the View Is That When I Person Is Conceived and Were Born. They Have No Fallen Nature That Your Blank Slate. That's a Pelagianism and It's a Heresy Is a False Teaching. When Adam Died, We Died with Him. And That's First Print Is 1522 and Romans 518 It Says Goodbye through One Man's Transgression.

The Result of Condemnation to All Men from 323 Says That All Have Sinned and Fall Short of the Glory of God. Ephesians 23 Where We Are by Nature Children of Wrath, so the Idea of Original Sin Has Two Main Views.

One Is That the Adam Sin Is Imputed to His Descendents Because He Represented Us the Way Christ Represented Us, Then the Imputation the Reckoning Legally to Another's Account of Adam Sin to Us Is One View of Original Sin. Another One Is That Original Sin Is His View or His Original Sin, Adam Sin, and That the Result of It Is That All of His Descendents Are Born with Sinful Natures. I Hold without Matter Once for Sure. And so We Are Born by Nature Children of Wrath, We Are by Nature Lost. Okay Thank You Very Much Pastor My You Are the One, the Only Thing Okay You Two Things All Right on the Pastor Anymore Thoughts and We Will Call Me That. I like to Correct Them. Something I Want to Pastor Was a Pastor and Sometimes a Call the Doctor Don't Have a Doctorate. I Wish I Did. I Just Don't Have the Money to Build to Pay for a Doctorate Study Get to You like to Do a Doctorate in Theology, but Some Don't Have the Money so Can't Do It If You Know the Cook Will Be Called Dr. Slick Gail Soulful for Five Open Lines 877-207-2276 That We Could Talk but Different Things. I Was Talking about the Issue of One of the Signs of the End Times. So I Want to Talk about That When Anybody Waiting Right Do Is Read Some of the Stuff That Would Tell You Folks, This Is Depressing, but This Is What the Bible Says Is Good to Be around the Time of the Antichrist and the, the End Time so Go to Sleep More Slowly. Each of These Things Has Scriptural References. I Got This Right Out Of the Bible.

I Have an Article on Car. One of the Side of the End Times in the Last Days. It's on Current.

I Have 23 Things There the Community with a List of the More, Fewer, but the Presence of False Christ's and False Prophets. The War Persecution of the Faithful and More People Were Christian's Artwork She Could 1900s in All of History Combined and Christianity. Christians Are Now See Most Persecuted Religious Group in the Planet. This Could Be Apostasy. That Means a Christian Churches Can Have A Lot Of Problems in It and It Does Lawlessness Will Increase in People's Love Will Grow Cold. That's Obvious. Eight Earthquakes Famine and Plagues an Increase in Selfishness, Lovers of Money and Pleasure, Arrogant, Disobedient, Ungrateful, Unholy, Haters of Good, Conceited, Appealing, or Appearing Godly, but Not Always, to the MTP to Be Mocking Christ. They Do That A Lot TV Increase in Knowledge Will Occur. That's Obviously the Case of Rise of Spiritism Which Is People Don't Know but It's on the Rise. The Decay of Marriage of Rise and False Teachings. The Gospel Will Be Preached to the Whole World That's Interesting. This Is Part of This That This Could Happen at That Time the Be Signs in the Heaven with Those RX. Another Issue to Be of the Sun and Moon to Be Dark in the Side of the Son Of Man Will Appear in the Sky the Abuse and Destruction of the Earth and Its Resources That's Happening All the Nations of the Earth Will Be Gathered against Israel Rebuilding of the Temple Arrival of the Antichrist Enforcement of the Mark of the Beast and Repentance of Israel and the Jews Coming to Faith in Christ. All These Are the Ones I Discovered If You Got Any More Email It to Me. I'll Check It out. The List so When I Teach This Economic Course.

But Why Teach the Study.

A Call at Depressed Cryptology Because If It's Not Fun and I Read What the Bible Says. I Read the Scriptures We Go through Them and Then We Talk about What Were to Do during These Things. Let Me Tell You, Folks, You Better Have Your Eyes on Christ. You Better Take Very Seriously the Testing of Your Faith. How Strong Is Your Faith Will It Stand up under Persecution. Are You Being Weak Now. Are You Looking to Money in Your Bank Is Your Security with the Blood of Christ. Even If You're Persecuted, to the Point of Death, Which Is What Happens to Millions of People throughout Christian History Is a Series There Is a New Breakdown of All Writeback after These Messages the Man's Leg. Why Call 77077 Charismatic Sling Back Everybody, Let's Get to Steve. Welcome Here at All Sure I Had a Quite A While and You Were Talking about Covenant Back and There Is Very I'm a Firm Believer That Everything in the Bible Is That There Are a Reason I've Never Heard an Explanation about Them Biology and Got Covenant with Abraham and Abraham Was Sleeping and It Is Any Flaming Tour Moving up in That between the Feet Making His Cabinet, and My Interpretation of and It May Be Nave and Wrong Is Going and That That Way.

The Flaming's Court with the Right Job for Me and That Smoking Evan a Fiery Wrath of God the Father Basically Deeded Heading There over Abraham, Necessary to Say That I Would Just Leave It at That. The Torch, the Lights, the Other in This Heat the Flame Going on. It Seems to Be That When Christ Appears in the Old Testament the Christophe and He It's in Human Form.

It Seems to Be That That Is the Way the Holy Spirit Is What Appears in Acts Two Manifestations of Tongues of Fire so It Could Be the Holy Spirit. There Could Be Just the Nature of God Himself. And the Reason Is Passing between the Animals That Had Been Killed by Abraham, Which Is Ordered to Do by God and Then Put Them in a Distance Apart so That the Flame Itself of God Could Pass between Them.

The Reason That God Did That Was to Bind Himself by That Covenant. It Was a Blood Covenant. Regards. It Is Limited to so That Was a Serious That God Was Showing so That Is Going on a Bit. As Far As As Far As That Issue Goes, I Wouldn't Go That Far with and Do the Dragon but Angry.

I Have Spent Abraham. In Other Words God Was Cutting Covenant with Them without That through Week Two Cut Will Depend Which Verses You Talking about, but We Make a Covenant with Yourself That This Really Makes Sense to Covenant with Somebody Else. The Covenant Is by Definition a Dirt You Pack an Agreement between Two or More Parties so Not My Wife. Abraham Went Okay.

Sleep Well, but He Wasn't an Active Part in the Donning of Covenant. He Laid out the Pieces. It Is Right, Something Nice, British, Late at Night.

Good Night. They Walked between the Feet of Internet Form of Covenant. So Be It to You If You Break the Covenant Rights and Abraham Wasn't There to Say That It Was God Who Was Doing That and I Don't Know What That Says That Looking at the Sea with the Context Is What It Is about Being Asleep but That Unit That's What's Going on There.

I Wouldn't Go with the Oven in the Flame and Sings Jesus and the Father Right Because the Bible Says, for Example, First Peter First Peter but First Timothy 616.

Speaking of the Father the Context He Doesn't Unapproachable Light of No Man Has Seen or Can't See John 646. Jesus Has No Menacing the Father.

Okay, so It Can't Be That They Were Seen the Father Right Right Okay I Did II Know That Those Symbols Mean Something More Than I Don't See the Problem with Symbols Is There Symbols Don't Read Too Much into the Night Unless There's a Pattern in the Bible Wears a Consistent Pattern of What That Symbol Is Associated with Other Backed by Don't Go to for A Lot Of People Do That and If You Think It Means This List That Ideology on What I Think It Might Mean He Don't Do That. You Hear Me in a Radial Say It.

I Don't Know What It Means.

Here's a Theory Here's a Position Here's Another One. It Could Be This This or That with the Study You Lean on Something but Don't Be so Dogmatic about Things of God Is Not Clarified. Okay Right Okay Thank You Very Much Welcome. God Bless. All Right, Let's Get to, Which Is the Wrong Button Want to Get to the Guy out If the Baptism of His Church Called Back Okay I Just Hit the Wrong Button That Was on My Eye and I Want to Talk about That Check from North Carolina.

Welcome. The Years Right but It's Matt, That's Who It Is That You May Map out Wrong, but I Didn't Know If You Drop Your Own Snacks. Yes, What Knowledge Are We Born. I Know Were but What What What Are We Born Let You Know. I Know That You Know I Got You Know Mark Night Stop Again Have the Right, That Will I Believe That with Your Nature, but I Think You Think Were Born with Modern Right with Defining Terms What Is Knowledge. And so a Quick Look at the Dictionary Knowledges Fax Information Skills Acquired by Person through Experiential Education.

The Theoretical or Practical Understanding of the Subject within Infants Would Know to Have That. By That Definition, but We Don't Know What Level of Understanding or Comprehension or Awareness That Might Have a Different Areas. So Depending on How You Define Knowledge That Would Be an Issue on the Definition Is Awareness of Familiarity Gained by Experience of a Factor Situation Will Could They Be Aware of the Presence of God on the Thing They Can't, so Maybe They Could Have a Form of Knowledge in That Sense, so What We Would Not Reborn with.

I Don't Know the Bible Doesn't Tell Us Say I Know You by.

Check That Make a Great Mark Barth, Lord God of His Gun and Ether. Yeah, Even a Bag Wonderful. As You Know, and I Am Performed by a Lawyer, God Recommended What He Read Gordon Clark Yes Go-Getter.

I Read None Book That I Enjoyed Him but I Got on That Language in Theology and about Four Papers but Anyway, That Does Happen You Just Gotta Keep Standing Refill Looked in My Life and for All and What You Would like a Copy of Carl McIntyre Biography of Note, I Have No Idea Who the Guy Yes and I Will. I Don't Read by Oglala McIntyre.

It Was That Friend of Break Great and Make Arrangement. Let Me Know.

I Does Not. I Spent All My Time Doing Video Work Now by Answering Emails and Doing Various Things, I Just Don't like It.

I Do Any Reading Is Candy for Different Reason Noticed a Biography on Yeah I Don't Have Unless I Was Doing an Article on a Biography of Somebody, but I Just Don't Have Time to Do That. Sorry I Okay and I Bought I Thought It Went on Back of Matt by God Bless This Jump over to Terry from Utah Terry Look of the Show. Hey This Is Terry. I Know It Is the Terry I Know Now. Now I Could Tell I Could Tell Thunder Voice.

Okay, That's All Right. So We Got Terry Building and I Really Think You Know Christian.

Yes the Mormons Have Been Trying to Do That for A While. I Saw When I Was in Jerusalem with Actually Terry Johnson and Johnson That We Were There the Years A Few Years Ago and That If You Turn Great Folks but Earache That I Think Was Eric That Pointed Was Bill McKeever but It Was. Eric Pointed to. That's the Mormon Place over There with a Do Such and Such. Try to Do Training yet They Would Try to Get in to Jerusalem, They Want to Appear Christian and It It Said It Is Unfortunate but They Have Lots of Money. So That's a Okay Yeah Okay Okay Will Stand All Right.

God Bless All Right Discovered to Jason from Greensboro.

Amen. I Cut You off If It Was My Mistake. Sorry about That, Looking Back. Really Glad to Be on a Very Quick Background Going to Church on Car Lie and We've Been Living a Reformed Presbyterian Church Greatly and Have Loved It. The Preaching of Stalin Theology of Solid Egg Is a Credo Bag. If I Do Not Go along with Their Teaching Thought It Best That I Want to Dictate Can I Credo Bag Attend at Church in Good Conscience Will Depend in Your Conscience If It's Your Conscience That You Can't Then You Can't Put Your Conscience That You Can Then You Can.

So Let Me Run Something by You. Okay Now I Affirming for Baptism, but Not for Salvation. Okay, so the Giving Argument for an Cepheid, You Can. I Don't Expect You to Change about Expecting Who Adopted but If You Went All I See What You're Doing Leader Agree with It within Your Conscience Will Be Fine Right so Ably Abraham a Covenant Was Instructed This the Fast Version Instructed to Have Infants Included in It. The a REMIC Covenant Is Spoken of in the Gun. In Genesis 12.

Three and You All the Nations Shall Be Blessed and Sick and That in Just 1710 the Side of That Covenant of Circumcision Will Paul Relate Circumcision and Baptism in Colossians 211, 12, and He Quotes Genesis 12 Three in You All the Nations of the Blessedly Quoted Insect and Not Galatians 38 and He Calls It the Gospel. So Apparently the a REMIC Covenant, Which Is Called the Gospel by Paul Is Still in Effect.

In View of the Nations of the Blast That Same Covenant Is Just As Instructions to Include Infants. It Wouldn't Wouldn't There Need to Be an Instruction to Exclude Infants in the New Testament. Covenant Pattern If the Same a REMIC Covenants in Place That Are Strengths and Weaknesses to That Argument, but I Just Give You a Really Quick Something Okay. You Might Build My Say What I See What You're Saying but I Just Don't Agree, and If You Can Do That in the Church. Then You Can Say What They're Not Being Heretical They're Doing Covenantal Theology. I Understand What You're Doing.

I Just on Agreement with It but Is Not Heretical. Then You Could Go with No No Problem If You Said No.

I Believe That It Is Wrong and You Should Not Do. According to Scripture, Then You Have a Crisis of Conscience You Deal with One of the Issues Where We Can Extend Grace to Each Other. Yeah Because I Truly Believe Those on Both God the Issue Are Doing Their Absolute Best Trust in the Word of God, to Obey the Word of God and to Live It out Faithfully, Though for My Copper My Heart Right Now. I Think the Matter Is Great That You Understand the Point That You Just Made. I Don't Agree with Them but It Got a Loving Parent and Command That I Believe That God Is Given Believers to Be But Again, Do You Think That Holding It Is an Issue That We Can Show Great Each Other Is the Growth Absolute Good Moments 14 One through 12. Read Romans 14 and That Will Help You.

I Love You Call That I Will God Bless.

All Right, Jennifer from Los Angeles Call Back Tomorrow for the Lord Bless You All

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