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January 27, 2020 2:04 am

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January 27, 2020 2:04 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are Jewish translations of Old Testament more accurate than Christian translations---2- What is your oppinion on the claim that the whole Bible is ultimately about the loneliness of God---3- If two people are in a gay marriage and then convert to Christianity, are they supposed to get divorced---4- I used to do hard drugs. What should my motivation be for not returning to it---5- Should I be ambitious about persuing leadership in the church---6- How should I deal with Romans 9 and the doctrine of reprobation in a Bible study setting---7- Why would God wait to be gracious to someone---8- How should a church determine a particular dollar amount to give to missions---9- Do passages about the -anointing- of the Spirit and the Holy Spirit -teaching all things- apply to us today-

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Why is the president is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is called 77226 would love to hear from you under one color coming in right now we have for open lines so the numbers 877-207-2276 and answered a lot of stuff going on and all of a sudden right at the time of the show we have a problem with the video feed so right there.

All I can do is try and work on little bits which break something like that. Hey, if you like to show you want to keep it on the air. All you do is click on the work/donates all the information you need is right there what we're hoping for is that people would give us.

So for recurring donations because that's what helps us be able to do budget but is full swing with her. You go see what just jump on the phones and let's get to Tamera from Des Moines, Iowa camera looking to show you on here. I am reading. I store and talk where I am. People in Pakistan. If so, you hadn't heard of at night, but it years ago and am rereading that I loved it, but I did in that they talk about how the cancellation of the old typically Deuteronomy. Because it was hacked for that you and therefore any talk about how that Christian translation are heavily weighted toward where I went to Jewish translation is written translated translated heavily toward Jewish word and had written for that you that I translation most accurate, and I wanted your opinion on that soon the name of the book 1st source story for the game that Starbucks is really SORSOURCE that's it. Trouble okay so the source home.

I studied that issue, but I do know in seminary that Prof. was so brilliant in his Hebrew and if anything like this would've come up where there had been an issue he would've brought it up. His idea of reading. Have a good time was reading Hebrew what he would do this do that.

It was like okay his wife would tell me that your kidney so you know he really really enjoyed it and that's what he did and he knew it.

So I have everything like that. I have not heard that there's always a plus when I you know I would lose for 40 years in seminary since 91 and I've got you don't deserve trend tremendous Bible program, Lagos, and so unable to go in and him and check the Hebrew and check things and translations I've not seen any problems so I'm not sure what you are getting at is so is making me nervous that this idea of the sort. I called and I read it.I love that really made the offer anyway, but that really made me think about while I wonder where they were in Deuteronomy where the property find the coming of the Messiah and in the creek and cancellation of that word is translated as Virgin and translation young woman with this is this is where looks like this are dangerous to the Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Jews themselves did this translation, the Jews did the translation of the Hebrew into the Greek. That is called the Septuagint, and it was done around 200 250 BC Z translated the Hebrew Omaha into the Greek Parthenon which is Virgin.

They did that. So this book. The source didn't mention that it now. Okay, so what is doing is misleading you say just leave made in the remedial young woman will then why did they translated as Virgin in the Septuagint why the Jews himself do this 200 years before Christ.

You know, I just read the Bible translations are fine and when atheist bring stuff up like this I go check the Hebrew check the subject object.

The Greek I just find they don't know you're talking about. You're only looking for information to discredit Christianity and unfortunately no they find half-truths and what you just said that book is a half-truth and so after dropping whole lies okay now I'm thinking I really your opinion and I know I learned a lot.

Thank you very much you welcome very much and I would take that book and I would talk with his telemedicine already. It's deceptive is not given up all the okay I think you very much. You will let okay so folks are going to McCall we have for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to John from New Jersey. John looking to show you around here hello Matt am writing a book called Psalm 23, written by David Roper on something client here on page 57 said God cried to wayward Adam and Eve were are you in Genesis 392 just the loneliness he feels will separated from those you love. Close all the Pharaoh quick take you dozens of this that the whole Bible is about the loneliness of God.

We have two books that need to be used for cleaning toilets, so let me go to the verse my mobile phone and wasn't planning to legal diverse in Genesis and read it to you. Okay about this and what you do okay.

I want you to do is read that again and okay and unless they stop going to stop okay. We had God cried to wayward Adam and Eve were are you done stuttering nine stop stop stop stop to Adam and Eve. Here's the text actually says Genesis 39 the Lord God called to the man and said to him, where are you if you're writing a book and you make a mistake so blatant is that he called adamantly. He did not address Adam and if you trust him.

The man, there's a reason for it as well because the man Adam was our federal head. He was a representative he was one of the already so it says the Lord God called to the man and said to him, where are you he said I heard the sound of you walking the gardens of freight etc. right there for the very beginning the guys wrong when he sang when people do this to see what it really means. Both of them know it doesn't really mean both of them.

It means exactly what it means what it says and then it'll it'll cost ÷ had read some more glowing that he feels will separated from just the stuff that was a doctrine called the CT of God, and it means that God is independent and noncontingent in the Trinitarian community which is lasted forever.

God is never been lonely we think about this. The guy gets it wrong about who God calls and this is God's loan is look on the lonely idiocy is this.

If I met the author and I think you said this where you get off saying this like a beefy man with people do this because it misleads others. It causes problems.

It shows a weakness in God. There is no weakness in God, no loneliness, and God did not create us because he was lonely God for from forever ago was completely self-sufficient. There is no loneliness in God. In the intro to Trinitarian communion, father, son and Holy Spirit cast God has everything that is needed for this what he's writing is sheer foolishness. It's foolish to half its kindergarten level stuff but even then I wouldn't ever say to parents of your child.

What God was lonely. That's false with pseudo-heresies is guys teach a good wee little more well, J.

K. Chesterton the church that the whole Bible is about the loneliness of God help to them. Yet this look if you need something like a toilet with you. Take those pages, you just use a good mother put to good use certainly is not a good use to teaching but a true living God.

In fact, if anything it does to the contrary, it demeans God reduces God, it insults God this is the way of the world right I will the unregenerate foolishness you agree with you I fell in a book.

I agree with.

I thought I believe you said that I want to bring to your attention. Sometimes things like the nations will call back tomorrow when you distinction well and God knows who's going to agree with him in heaven, then sliding create people knowing that they're going to go to hell.

The Romans 992-2023.

That's the Romans nine line 9 through 22, 23 okay okay I will what I read Romans nine starting in verse nine through 23, and you need to read it in such a way that it confuses you, because there are objections when you can't see that that's not right that's not fair that kind of thing is what all you do is read it if you read in such a way that everything makes sensors, no problems. They're not reading it right. Otherwise you wouldn't raise the same objections of fossil accents. And I thank you all right you call me back a little talk about is you need to go to okay brother that was John from New Jersey. Let's get to Steve North Carolina, Steve, are you there here are my okay for you go leader Amir hello so divine a few seconds still there. Writer yeah you I have trouble hearing you Cheryl tell you what's all winter break Steve what you call back hang up call back all that we have five of 107 mass like why call 77077. Here is Matt's back in the show.

So for open lines 877-207-2276 Steve, are you there as I can write a good talk with them from the color guard from week back request all around. If a man married multiple women and then later convert to Christianity. They looked at one another or my my question is actually good around gay marriage. If there are two new guide to get married and then later convert to Christianity are they to remain are they that break got out of that look between her to begin with a very sinful situation and so do is course abstain from any homosexual or lesbian activity and seek forgiveness found in Christ and then work to if they can work to be married if they want to to the person of the opposite sex, part well landlord anywhere but part of the letter about this what it is. Think about God blessed. Okay, alright, let's get on the phones with Scott. Scott, you are on the air I and and I again raffled by the year and you.

I did do you what you you understand? Because there is something God.

The AR on the trainer okay.

I'm not sure I understand what the real question is, you forgot in your field for the police because of what you did in the past will matter. Ready now. You can bet that Lauren Hale said that that will do a quick understand so you disincentive the past and you want to go to the police and talk to them about it is interesting is that with what they go now to all of you here just don't just don't do it it sinful.don't do it you plan real drugs do a talk to a marijuana I don't do anything for don't do things like that just to have fun because that's not the proper use of those things, but you don't want to do to drugs you want to stay with him alone and I have you course, you should wondered what a non-day what you do is you pray you ask the Lord to use you ask God to use you. Whatever way he wants you to that he might not have you used in a way that's consistent with what you want. You might have you be using a weight is consistent with what he might, there's of course that's what he's connected so what you do is you ask that the Lord use you and just trust him for what he's going to do in Houston and went and then will use you and that it.

I wanted melee I wanted to be 1/3 are noted for 2000 and lately yeah okay that you will let you live in the amount that an learn what is eldership requirements.

Good reputation things like that could have done that sings in her old life that become Christians and all things are new and he could become elders, so it would depend upon the situations will depend upon what's going on a few things, but it would be something that would have to happen inside the church are attended, so you should be going to a church and then then the issue eldership gradually comes up.

It's something that has to be carefully entered into current carefully.

Maybe you have violated yet about a minute. You have you like my limit tell you home barely to say is that there are all kinds of opportunities for anybody to be used. You don't have to be used in a way that you think you to be used.

People understand this, that they want to be used and what they do is they say God will use this way with a need to do is say God use me and change me and put me where you want me to be and that's what needs to happen. Then God starts to work in shortchanging you working on new and putting with situations and he gradually moved to that place.

What has to happen is the person has to be changed is gonna be prepared to be used for some people can be used very quickly and some people it takes more time and sometimes more time requires more change in preparation because it might be a greater use in a sense of what we might call great in some areas but the thing is that we have to be very careful and you have to decide what God wants to set fire to people to say God use me only you will will we will just got pretty much do what he wants to get better every day right back mass like why call 770727 there is Matt's late arrival to look back at the show. We have five open lines.

What you may call 87720722760 this is not very often were wrong people.

Testing: and usually happens at the bottom of the hour, the craftwork and East Coast things like temperature, so please feel free to do. That's 772072276, and so I been doing like it had been doing a lot of research on baptism I've been doing a lot of research on church fathers would do a lot of research on Catholicism and some other issues of what I'm doing is producing videos and doing the liver area so venues various contexts he go to Carmen you can check amounts and will be flicking a new video today that I did and released a day or two ago and I forgot to link up on so what I'm trying to do is produce videos that look good and try to do that and I have to teach myself how to do all kind of stuff A/V and okay will hang in there and so what you do is go to Carmen and look at the what's new section and you'll see the videos linking the articles that were doing things like that.

I get a link when in tonight to see if the Protestant distinctives in the early church and answers yes they are distinctives and stuff like that so I been doing that and working on people lower our liking video format. Hopefully you will too. If you want to just check out the videos you go YouTube just type in Carmen, orca, CRM, RG, and that will lead you right to the videos there. Let's get to where this is reprobate here on the air but hey we got meant.

I tried calling our character night roaming chapter 90 building group thing and our money And I think our AW paint called the doctrine of reprobation evangelical churches. Jack that Dr. how lightly the trap will first of all, if you can do the study. Feel free to give me a call if you're interested you can call me become speaker funnel answer questions.

I know Romans nine very well and I be able to to answer a lot of questions if you want to do that if you don't that's fine but I'm not landing okay okay let's that's fine. This will probably happen is that the people will reject with word of God sets only to clue about something in Romans nine. Because the issue of reprobation which for those who don't look that means good music. There are those who prepared for destruction by God and thing and I would never do that yes he would. Because the Bible says he does in the thing about Romans nine is that it's problematic. So we go through semi-quickly.

This is a point you can have in your head and always feel free to give me call the office.

Even in the study, so I know somebody knows this and etc. but is it said the twins went out were not yet born. They hadn't done anything good or bad was nothing to do with their works, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him who calls us being sick specifically is because of God. It was said to her, the older will serve younger just as written, Jacob I love buddies.

I hated what should happen when you're going through this, they should say well that is difficult. That's tough is next verses will make personal injustice with God is, or may never be this thing equivalently that this is difficult this is. This is a problem.

The difficulty trying and he says the Melissa have moved mercy on whom and who was in the singular, and the Greek glamour self compassion on whom I have compassion so that it does not depend upon the man that's individual that wills or the man who runs but on God was mercy, and so they can essay probably well talking about nations because it was Jacob and Esau.

If it's people groups.

Then, why is the objection there. That's the point if it's people groups. The why would you say will that is not fair what they're doing without realizing it is the reinterpreting the text so that it agrees with what they feel it should say. But if they do that, then the objection of root of verse 14 does not occur or verse 19 it does not occur, so they are doing harm to the Scriptures, in the sense okay. The Scripture said the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose I raised you up. It was for my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed throughout the whole earth. So then he has mercy on whom he desires. He hardens whom he desires this with word of God says so you say to me then why does he still find fault resist as well if it's just people groups. Then why did the objection.

Why do you still find fault resist as well and you want au contraire. Who are you, oh man, I singular that you people group, you nations, as you bent over and went back to God. The thing the individual thing mold it will not save the molder. Why did you make me like this will it is not the potter have a right over the clay to make the same lump one vessel, one vessel that the person for honorable use another for common use. I did a study on the word vessel in relation to the people with severance of the singular. It always means an individual with God.

Although willing to demonstrate his wrath of the make his power known, endured much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction. I hear he specifically uses the plural because he talked about a bunch of individuals are you doing this for and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory is not nations.that's not sin. The Greek so I love playing why I want you to memorize a verse okay Proverbs 16 for Proverbs 16 Frank Proverbs 16 for your net profit 16. For this what you okay Proverbs 16 for okay so 4×416 right puts Proverbs 16 for right Proverbs would all do and miss studies like this are pretty, very polite people.

So I reject that I say will you know and we all do this also will.

I believe that God makes everything even even the wicked for the day of of of evil II think that those I know he doesn't. I was just courting Proverbs 16 for right were so as what I'll do. I will actually bury my great help. Okay you can feel free to call the office. During this time, would you collect lovingly patiently be able to field a bunch of questions if that's what they wanted to. If not, that's okay.

Of course okay right.

I thank you very much. Will praise God meant thanks a lot. Okay are accomplice so folks will do often and studying witnessing apologetics. I will quote a verse to somebody balloon in such a way that it sounds like I'm saying it to see if they will accept or reject what the word is saying and I'll tell you a lot of times Christians reject God's word because they have a sensation, a feeling of what they think the word of God ought to say, and they will often object to it.

God's word actually sets Romans nine was like that for me when I was younger, but what, but that's what it says. Folks, no apologies, no excuses. That is what it says.

Look at the Solomon from Iowa. Solomon welcome around here here | right on your reading the book the writer out. The chapter the Lord. Amen talked about how there a lot of your computer when I can live a Writer out that the name on your own thought invaded America a great fight in the light of God. Great used on that backs up Alexander from God complaining about them. Depending on the part of the grace of it that I thought thought on Yolanda what you're saying. Why would God wait to be gracious to people that we should question us can understand is that with your question is why would God wait to be Irish as white okay will God wait because the timing wasn't right to God is always gracious because he's kind to us in so many different ways with her levels of grace and graciousness that he would have with us and so sometimes what he'll do is, he will not bless us until late. A later time because we have to endure certain things to get to that point. Learn lessons be sanctified.

Learn to repent. In various things the Lord would be gracious to them. Okay, okay I will bless.

They voted right back after the mass, like why call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to show everybody look at the map from North Carolina that year on year and I don't do all right with you buddy. You will get you to give you a call on the question it might be a little word with the objective, but I network how to give obviously independent Christian organizations in charge in order missionary outlet at the thing.

What do you think you like a church body should go about figuring out you know a percentage or maybe even a certain amount. The go to mission. What do you think like a lesser opinion on that of the church, with a financially like should churches even do that that the fair like well taken particular. What I would say is to help pens in the church, the situation just depends on variables and so you know it in one geographical area, you might be economically suppressed.

We might not have any real connections to any missionary work were another church might have something might have lumbar money coming in, for example, and be able to afford more. You might have a church in Hill country and for the areas of phone of America have a hole punch to the get the missions well yes and no, they just depends on the situation. I think it's good idea to give commissions if possible and find something that would permit that.

But if not, it is not a sinful thing run out of this one. I like what I've been battling with the like that name individually work out. I was just wondering the corporate body. If were not given our supporting mission something make me nonserious. It is something that I've been thinking about because of Carmine. The present founder of this ministry and how should that work or look in this organization. It is a serious thing.

What we do and and what's the reason. How we doing so it's really the elders of the church need to be involved with in the decided to an innately decide that they might be saying, for example, they might only have let's say $10,000 a year.

They can do for mission work extra work whatever it is outside of the seller, the pastor and paying the media bills. Let's say that's the case… Also say that or some widows in the church is an example and they don't have the money to pay their rent or perhaps buying food will put the money into their receipt, and not employ academicians. Well, it's okay to care the body Christ that Thing in Hollywood as well yeah Vanessa biblical principles taking care of the brothers and sisters and but I wonder if they know they would get it felt like sort of a body by body type. Yes, this is good thank you very much you look very much accomplice. All right African lines folks 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kim from rule four rural Hall North Carolina is a little tough to say to go ahead and commit to rip listing.

One time I would like to go to quickly look… Do they first John yes 22 2020. Okay now and John getting John. Yes we should get to it.

All mercuric and I walked outside only, and not on a question for you, not complaining. Okay, but you call up and I'm glad you do. I'm glad you asked for versus the question do you look at the context of each of these verses and then put them together trying to harmonize them or do you read a verse here worse there and just wonder about them without doing any analysis of the context know I Like Gavin, make them make sure that okay magic taken might be okay I doing all right will good, so we have an anointing from the holy one, and that's John 220 that anointing is all spoke of the first John two 2720 which you received abides in you and will bless you teach you will guide you and you have no need anyone to teach you is anointing that will teach you all things in the universe. John 1613, when he the spirit of truth comes, will guide you into all truth.

He's talking John 16 to the disciples and first John is more or less talking to the body of Christ was at first John 513. He says he thinks are written so you may know you have eternal life.

So we as Christians possess the anointing we possess the anointing of the Holy Spirit and we have the ability to learn from the Holy Spirit directly as he and we go to the word first John 227 is one of those verses. I will sometimes appeal to W enter your question so you wouldn't think that John 1613/what will it the best.

The context and you know it says in verse 18 to 19 which I'm familiar with the last hour.

In verse 19, the Antichrist enough or must they never were of us, for they had been the best. It would've remained, but you have an anointing the holy one, and you all know I've been to you because you do not know the truth. So he's contrasting those who leave their like the Antichrist is people who leave Christ leave the church there never seem to begin with but you have an anointing anointing is a Holy Spirit think about this, incidentally, the anointing is something that reflects the Old Testament anointing of instruments and objects in order to be used in people sometimes in order to be used for holy purposes. Holy uses so things were anointed.

This is why it says.

When Jesus says in Matthew 315 to fulfill all righteousness and the issue of his baptism, and you look back into the Old Testament, it looks like that he was sprinkled with water because it's a symbol of anointing to be the thing that's can be set aside for holy use as water or oil or blood applied to it.

And that's what you do seem to be fulfilling in the priestly law of entering into the priesthood so the object the person you think is anointed.

That's the pattern of the Scriptures and what he wont be surprised what I said to go to and read up. Why was Jesus baptized. See all the references the evidence for this. So we, as Christians, we also are anointed and this is really important because a lot of people don't know they have an anointing from the Lord.

Some people think on that on the radio. I would have a big website. I don't write books about a preacher I can't be anointed yes you can. Everybody has us set of spiritual gifts or gift from the Lord and we are to use those in the anointing that God has given us nothing anointing like people do with the slick hair on TV you nearly soap so $50 to me and you get 500 back and look at idiocy initially were anointed of God, no, no, no real Christians, real people have an anointing because there set apart for holy use by God himself. Every single Christian is, and so this is what is going on here.

Okay, okay, okay, going requested that BASS all right will fulfill five open lines 877207227, section 4 more minutes. Let me talk about this issue, anointing and gifting and things like that. Now, as you may know, I do affirm the continuation of all of the charismatic gifts.

I do not affirm that this toughest on TV when they speak in tongues and joke in tongues and things like this that kind of rash on the humble ungodly presentation and misuse. I am against that kind of stuff. God can certainly do what he wants inside the Christian church's hands are not tied still does the miraculous through Christians, but Christians don't have these gifts the way the apostles did okay but every Christian has an anointing for John 227 is for you, the anointing which you received from him abides in you, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, whose which is poured forth upon people and is manifested in the pouring forth of the spiritual work of the Spirit of God. In acts chapter 1 and two. This pouring forth is a kind of anointing and the Holy Spirit. Not only is upon you in. As for you, first John 227 the anointing which you have received from him abides in you and you have no need for anyone to teach you not that is a tremendous day don't have anyone to teach you why we have pastors and elders will there anointed to be teachers, but you don't need them in the sense that you can go to the word of God on your own, you can go to that word and read and study it says here but as his anointing teaches you about all things and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in him and he goes on aces and little children, abide in him, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink away from him in shame is coming if you know that he is righteous, you know that equity practices righteousness is we have an anointing every single Christian you driving the car sitting at home listening to podcasts.

Whatever it might be if you're Christian you have a spiritual gift given to you by the you have entered what condition you I don't care how young you are, how old you male or female doesn't make any difference.

The neck difficult language you speak or if you have disabilities or abilities are charismatic or not charismatic. Your stronger weakness make any difference because the gifting is given by God and he's the one who can use you. You already are anointed for his use is what I said earlier to a caller when you want to be used of God, ask God to prepare you and send you where he wants you to go because it's going to be consistent with the anointing that you will be giving you and the gifting is already given. This is what we have to understand as Christians but to make Christians what they want to do is I want to do this and they prayed they sought out the Lord on her knees asking God to open the doors and move forward at the right time waiting for that blessing from God. After they have been made ready by him to do what he wants or are we so anxious to be used so quickly that we push the doors open and the blessing doesn't come because we've done it ourselves. Anointing is from God. The gifting is from God, and he knows how to work those in a post we a lot of time with the Lord bless you, by his mother tomorrow

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