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January 27, 2020 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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January 27, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- My brother passed away two years ago and I still can't get over it. My sister-in-law is now dating someone new and I resent her for it. Is something wrong with me- What do I do---2- How can it be true that God both pursues His own glory and yet that God is also humble---3- When exactly did the Old Covenant end and the New Covenant begin---4- Do you believe in a holding place for the dead prior to the final judgment- -i.e., paradise and hades----5- If the first resurrection happens after Christ returns, how can the dead rise at a rapture before Christ returns---6- What is the role of angels today and how are they involved in our relationship with God---7- Is the story of the Saul and the medium justification of praying to the dead- How about when Peter and Jesus spoke to dead people to raise them-

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Why is the founder and president found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why 20 2020. Give me a call. We have three open lines 772072276 and if your newbie listener. This is a Bible kind of a program that was a different one. After difficult questions.

We talked all kind of stuff.

So if you want to participate. Listen get confused or ask questions answered.

Well, this is your place anyway. Lines 877-207-2276… Jump right on get to Joanne from North Carolina, Joanne Rainier, personal, and not exactly around my brother path and you didn't come to the pajama Marty Fenwick Kane activist personally. My brother felt like passed away two years. The guys and I'm just not able to get over it and why eight-month guys, a 47 years started dating one of his best friend and I have spoken to her verbally and she tell me I was kind when she told me that I'm bothered and so last Friday we met as a family should bear 200 miles away, and the first time without my brother and I every day I get up I lowered to read. It may have made and still make more with him to get player and I don't know what's wrong with just what's wrong with me will I would say you're full of love you miss your family is gone, and it still hurts co-op only only children. Mother and daddy and Gollum's glory so that leaves you will feel remarried and I'm married and have adult children that she/weight height that the next time we did this, she would like to bring in a course about noninfected public can your so and I started crying and I'm sorry I can't do it and questioned your you, brothers, ex-wife, wife is she Christian well she been Christian. However, I only Karen bought how he was raised in the Baptist Church. I thought what you know I've been in the garage that it might me a car okay will not ugly thought that this is a tough thing and losing a loved one is difficult for me. I know that yes she is and what you probably would want to do is focus on the fact that she's free and that she couldn't date somebody and find happiness. There's nothing wrong with out so the issue rests with you at this point was for something 07 tell me about it rests with you and what you need to do is just take it to the Lord and just talk to him about it even open leak coming out loud in room walking on the beach by yourself next to liquid you just talk you just lay it all out or something cathartic about it.

Sometimes it helps to write things down what you feel you have to understand. Also, she's free, and she can date and get married in all flawless godly doll that the problems and we had to do is learn to rejoice in its difficult.

It is difficult saying it's easy when we know it's okay.

Then we have to look at God and say it's okay and if God says it's okay and we need to deal with it from that perspective. And if our hearts don't move along that way, then we need to talk to the and then win because you know it's the right thing to do to support them and then you call Robin you say it's okay.

It will be difficult for me.

If I can't hang around there very long, and if I leave, it's not you, it's not him. It's me dealing with this just give you time to work through.

When you open like this new process she can process they can process otherwise.

What happens is animosity develops resentment and we don't want so you know, unless it was adultery. You know there and all that kind of stuff but you haven't mentioned it like that is just unfortunate will then I can say it and I'll tell you to. It's not easy to do what I'll say let it go put it in the hands of Christ and let him take care of it.

And since you know it's okay biblically, then do your best to act as though that's the case in and talk to the people involved in safe you know it's okay but you're just having a hard time not their fault, and the you be surprised at how gracious the and didn't you know how you will have a very unique life and clouds cried and her chin up with that. Please forgive me please forgive me I'm sorry that wondering elder in her skirt. No, no, you got a problem. That way we don't believe that way about, but that's a different gesture okay so I don't okay. The woman eldership think is a different issue to be brought up in another time.

You can't bring it up until this is been dealt with, and so this has to be dealt with and you need to move forward. I say it is like I just do this thing up and find you get to go through.

It is not easy to do this.

I know I count a lot of people like suffer the loss of my parents. The loss of a child. These things are just things to say all Kel decided to go on what we sometimes have to do is do what is right or hard lines follow because we know what is right for the Bible tells us in the New Testament is to obey obey God and his forgiveness and his love is extended to others.

The best of your ability. If you don't do it properly and perfectly take to the Lord and just keep moving forward to my heart at night you go and I'm not mad at the Lord.

I'm just mad about Bob but Abe from the nursing background and automated closure when she and her pastor. Call me and tell me the path I his ring talk about it with him but I grabbed all federal, said Monday night that I call that I did. My uncle said there were two plots that you can have and she said I'm Craig mating and it just totally and I did hear the why I never had children and that you're the one I pictured vision, but we please let me get there. I'll leave first thing in the morning, but I just made closure and she wouldn't let She wouldn't wake chief did not happen at 9 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't get a guy I think. I'm still not the saying is that when you have resentments and things like that that are not taken care of that can lead to anger, and it can lead to other and lateral out.

I know were human with the deal with them so you need to find someone you can talk to find someone that you can just just talk it through who will love you throughout this whole thing and you might want to consider going to the website and I wrote her devotion called is a rude visitor and what it does to us and it's hard okay I would guide about what you don't know about you not doing anything wrong and what you need a tender hand, tender heart. Speaking this is something going to go through you deal with and it's just not easy and is not just solved by a sentence or two or five minutes or 10 minutes you have to work through what you need friends to talk to the Lord, and you will grow through it you will grow through it. This is not easy to say just cavalierly better off for it. I don't mean to be disrespectful but the pain, but this is what often happens to us as we go through things. The deeper sorrow carves into our hearts. The more joy we can contain right it's hard thank you very much Ali will you know if you are I was there with you, give you a hug. Okay God bless thank you so much and I'm still praying for your dollars.

Thanks.when they got it right. Thank you appreciated good all right, let's do it all right.

You know my heart goes out is just a hard thing and even when we know the right thing to do is it's another thing to actually do it. Our hearts are so wounded. Sometimes it just takes a while to work through it and I recognized the we can know what to do. Getting up parts to that place is difficult, which means we have to trust the Lord even all the more he agrees with us. All right, let's move along to Matt for Michigan map look your rapidly sure we don't talk help me with first. But God granted that God doing his own glory and the.that's a very good thing is absolutely nothing wrong with God.

The paradox in my mind that I think God is also humble. I think that's what I can think of is God condescending and becoming a man. It came down and made him feel lower than the angels for little while and humbled himself the point of death familiarity, so could you help me reconcile this in my mind all the paradox God is humble and it is doing his own glory.

So what's to be humble. That's the question and see what the definition of devotion trifecta 177-577-0727. Are you still there I all right so as I say so often ready to define our terms first. So what does it mean to be humble you have an idea definition. English. And man of about three concrete number of the word humble and humble. They're both sort of similar so dictionary definition I'm looking at your having showing a modest or low estimate of one's own important one possible meaning of low social or other kind of rank modest pretensions or dimension and verb form and Greek were not found in similar sounding problem is that when we define humility perspective and this is where the problem comes because you and I were not humble, but if we were to say humble well we humble and it's a difficult thing to be humble. One of the definitions of humility that I really like is knowing our proper place before God that what I like about that is it puts God as the standard of what is right and us compared to him.

So does humility apply to God. If it does, then how does because if were made in his image and we can be humble that it would make sense to say that there's an aspect of his being that is also humble. I would say is humility.

If we use that word is wedded to his love, which is self-sacrificing and so we could say that from all eternity. God had planned and was going to institute the self-sacrifice, humiliation of going through what he did have time for us. And in matters humility but also that's not all there is because God is also completely and totally holy and righteous and merciful and judgmental and gracious and so all of these things work into what he totally is. And we can't say as we often do we pick something like humility and we definably work that part of us work on my humility which I do and I need to lessen that part of me that part of me that is prideful like at two things to work on lessening one and increasing another. But God it doesn't work that way because he balances every bit of his attribute all attributes completely and totally coherently and so with us. We can, so to speak, compartmentalize a certain aspect of our essence. But God doesn't do that. So with God's humility.

There's also the right obligation for us to bring glory to him, but also since he's the perfect standard of righteousness and holiness. He is automatically and naturally worthy of being glorified. Well, that he should and he does ought to seek his own glory and since he does do that. That's what's right to do, but it's also right for him to be home humble because he did that in the sense of becoming one of us so both of those work together well. We don't see how they can properly do that because we think of humility differently than what God does and we think of self-glorification different than what God does. We walked to the shadows of what those two things are and so we don't get a full grasp of them were God does is what we do is we say God is right to glorify him, not because he's appealing to something outside of himself that what is right and wrong and that he glorifies himself because of that know is right because that's what's right in his own nature in his own assets wedded to that also. Conversation is the aspect of humility, which is also right for him to do as he expresses love because that was necessary, and true love to be humble so the true nature of love in the character of God consists of humility before himself, as well as others and himself is only possible in the intra-Trinitarian communion with the second person of the Trinity humbled himself and became one of us lipids to five through eight, and that was before the father. So we have an interesting kind of a thing with so to speak. Step outside of our world. We can't but you know in a thought experiment. Okay, outside of our idea of humility and self exaltation.

What is it for God will he's what's right it's wrong for us to to exalt ourselves because we ought to be exalting God. It's wrong for us to be rid of humility and adopt pride because God doesn't do that he can't.

So what we we see these things is in parts and pieces the way God manifests them is with perfect balance and completeness. So there's a disparity between our ability to understand properly, but there's also a manifestation of the truth so I would think. Then finally to say this, that the disparity between the two from our view would be lessened if not removed completely by studying the glory of God in the humility of God and sing how he works them and then define them according to what he has done and then everything will work out make sense. Thank you and I think I like the working working the wrong way to go.

From my experience and reason about God and find what must be true about him because of what about the exact it is natural because we don't know what it's like to be to be God. We notice like to know everything and really be humble. We don't know what we can't know, and so we naturally fall into that. That's why we have to so to speak. Make it out of that the way to do that is what does God say was looking as word list at the Christ that he is the perfect example of humility.

List the finer terms of what Christ did nothing. What we do.

That's the secret that's really interesting life. All right, thank you. I'm glad is really fumbling through it trying to be humble through it as you did a good job because I say to my friend. I think that humility pretty well.

No one is give me that stare so it's that's what you do you look to God to Christ.

All right yeah I am one of the most proud people that I know you know me on and I am ahead of you on that one. One of the sermon I preached a sermon for scope, who's the biggest sinner you know and when it done was the spark appoints themselves.

And when I talk about my wife points to me on the same lines, read letter that helped you. All right, let's move along let's get to Johnson why would John welcome you are on the think you have a question about the old covenant and the new covenant and went to the old covenant. If you can point to events or point-and-click sure Scripture is yeah right after the mass Y77077 let you know that we do need your support.

Please consider supporting us all you do is go to CAR M.O RG/donate all information you need is right there was failure by your support.

We do it to please consider that hey thanks all right when we get back on with John from I want Johnny still there you want to know when the old covenant into the new covenant begins right you are right really suits in the answers in Hebrews 915 through 17. In all reality.

For this reason he is the mediator of a new covenant, so that since a death has taken place for the redemption of the transgressions that were committed under the first covenant. Those who have been called may receive the promise of eternal inheritance for where a covenant is there must of necessity be the death of the one made it for a covenant is valid only when, for it is never enforceable lives there you go.

When Christ died.

So when the moment. It really is read the glass know the old covenant was like milk across in the new covenant began at the moment you think.

Yes, it is death. Will the old covenant not really arguing trying to verify the old covenant began at the altar, and the sprinkling of blood wandering you know you talk about the sprinkling of the blood in the heavenly, and I thought maybe there's a gap there maybe a couple maybe under the no technicalities or something but I will. There could be like a gap or something. No access with the death of Christ, the death of Christ is resettled as the start of new covenant and that's important okay because the thief on the cross died after Jesus did. That's John 1930 something that Lucy and I the reason that so important is because John 1931 through 37 and so the thief on the cross went to heaven, but he was baptized and those who hold to baptismal regeneration will have a problem here because if you baptize to disable the thief went to heaven because Christ said he would but he died after Christ in the new covenant was instituted the death of Christ, so therefore he died in the new covenant and they will say that the new covenant requires baptism so it's probably no you don't believe in like holding the location of all 80. Let's differently but in Luke 1619 to 31. We have to the story of Lazarus in Richmond and they went to paradise when the series is that when Jesus died, the new covenant began. But what he did in that three day interim. Some think is that he went up her room upper first Peter 317, 18, went and made proclamation to the spirits in prison who was disobedient the time of Noah, and he didn't give them the gospel to be saved because rooms Hebrews 927 says that supported on the die once the judgment was, not sure exactly what he was doing. The theory goes, but it looks like you might've been proclaiming. This is why you are here. This is why there to be there, just the information that's one of the series.

Everything is in Ephesians 4 it says I think is run to get to ask Robert right around verse 11. I did get some apostles looked at my before. That's right versus verse eight. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives and gave gifts to men. Something with that is referring to is he went to paradise where people who died in faith had gone to the holding place paradise because they couldn't enter into the heavenly place because the blood of Christ had not yet been shed so after it had been shed, then the theory goes that he went to paradise took those who are in faithful waiting and took him up into heaven, and we don't know what happened there and then was resurrected. That's the theory effort right know for sure though, and each what about when he said to Mary, don't touch me because I haven't yet exert what they're doing. That question, the Hebrew of either the Greek tested with cleaning holding on and clinging ST says in John 2017 cleaning to me like it ascended my father yes it sure but don't keep holy I think I do like to go to the father but few people can do these things is one of the theories about that as well. Right does not exist.

So I don't think you're not brought their own stuff. Okay, I think you are right, God bless all right is gone there with David from North Carolina. They effectuate David S was Saturday from Laura doing a complete nightmare. All right quick comment solution, and I had the previous two colors back about the glorious you. I think it's kind of explain pretty adequately because God give Lori a way to the son completely. Don't think the main cannot be more above all with all other the Trinity them appointed during a thing can be seen as the ability of black well you're saying several things your new address.

He didn't start the first thing he said I want to address and I forgot what you said that there were the glory or the problem. Whatever the what is a can't understand that we can accurately recall everything you said not sure what to reply them because I need to have the exact wording that could point out so that siliceous move forward and I had a question what Revelation was a school there will or pre-tribulation. As long as I can remember, you can correct there's a broader understanding and knowledge of always looked that the pathogen loan about all that is the leading cause that's first in chapter 4. This is a in verse 16 that they will rise first login ring to rapture which I think most pretrip people use this passage is ring to the lab. I've always wondered bringing up to be argumentative, but understand what I read Revelation, quite an extensive study of Revelation chapter 20 talking about the second coming, and John clarifies in verse completed verse five or six the dead did not come to life until the thousand rest of the dead, until a thousand years in this one I'm talking about right now is the first letter let's blessed and only etc. so without which is talking about after Christ returns on and I don't see how there can be a first resurrection think you're caught up into heaven, that a rapture this this is difficult verse to deal with.

In Revelation 20 verse 500. Talking and I don't know of any eschatological position that has all the answers to everything in my opinion and I'm on millennial.

I'm not premillennial, but in my opinion I think this verse. Revelation 25 fits the premillennial position better than the arm of the position and I say that because the yeah but if this is the issue of the first resurrection. When does it occur because it says until after the thousand years were completed. The question then becomes, what's the thousand years. In some states the literal future reign of Christ. Well, maybe it is. Maybe it's not in your some problems with that. But there's some good parts to it to and it will go to Revelation 20 verse one and talk about this about Satan being abound for a thousand years. In verse two.

Well, we can make the case that the thousand years. There is figurative because it's in the middle of figurative context is literal.

This is when it gets more and more difficult.

So if we say that the first resurrection is after the thousand years will then what you do with the rapture, which it would seem to apply to have the right back up his messages. Why call 7707 is charismatic. What about everyone. So Dave, are you still there longer learning right like really late will be bailed more are ready the right direction and that the thousand years. It looked like non-Christian leave which is really about length of the direction of the tribulation that the Christian land Christian man right is likely that the martyrs represent that bumpers that thing like the point is that I think out of the resurrection naming going to a premillennial pre-tribulation argument that long felt like I pretrip and it throws a monkey mentioned to me because alone I which is been used as long as I know all the tribulations argument that talking about a rapture, then there can't be resurrection or the rapture.

People dead in Christ than the lot and then about calling them both first resurrection, that and you can plot of that outlet. Do you like there is a lot worth commenting in the premillennial view the first resurrection is after the rapture or during which occurs before the millennium and then it would not be a necessarily a bodily resurrection, and I know some females would disagree with that but as I was during the break is looking at this and it really is a better argument that think about it for a millennialism which will in effect when the rapture occurs because Jesus said in Matthew 12 2232 that Satan was already bound and what is says in Revelation 20 is that Satan has to be bound during the millennium. But Satan said he is already bound. He did Matthew 12 2232 then it would make sense that if the millennium is a figurative root of time because that's how the word thousand is used. God owns the cattle on a thousand hills a days with the thousand years a thousand years, but today use a term figuratively into the middle of figurative usage in Revelation 20.

Grab the dragon by the tail down in the chain is all figurative so if that's the case then the end of the millennium would be the time of Christ's return and the rapture, then it would make more sense as a the first resurrection occurs with the occur with the rapture in it for settling for starting of her 16 ones who have died in in the hope of Christ precede those in the resurrection of those who are oddly raised at Christ's return. And it makes more sense that way.

It really is. So yeah it's a tough one and it's a tough one, and some say the first resurrection is been born again and they have arguments for that little thing like that last little thing about our distress, but I think that thing that the old argument of already not yet right already know her already within the linear Raymond really have light. I think I gotcha with you because with the long yet. Okay health all right when I was Dave from North Carolina and you know, folks, this is not an easy topic. This millennial stuff is not as cut and dried as you might think. And I've been studying often on for years and I still say is not a cut and dried. Just a lot to study the really Jennifer, Raleigh, North Carolina looking to show your how are you tonight I'm doing all right.

By God's grace we called before and call back again because you have been on my mind for long time, but I have a real comfort feeling when I think about Angel and I just I know they been method used in the past, especially the Old Testament, and when the announcement of the birth of Jesus and I just want to know how how do they apply now to today how to Angel affect our relationship with them at the point I don't know, but coincidently I've written a novel that deals with this and I know everything I'll call the influence and go to Amazon and read it or check it out and order it abuts course publishing house not a business or something and and the game it and we can check it out.

But I dealt with the issue of the Angels how they interacted is it's fiction, but nothing violate Scripture, but nevertheless, so demonic forces angelic forces the work for against things like that and how exactly don't know that they are sent to do God's will with us and among us, and I could see Scripture that's pretty popular. I don't know the whole heart go right talk about. We need to be carefully might be entertaining angels unaware right and so they are interlocked with that me, it means that sometimes angels because Neil test with the could take human form.

We can't tell the difference tween Angel and regular human being is likely entertaining someone who are talking to somebody who is in middle her story of a friend told me years ago that she was out with somebody and it was in an injury in a boat a little car on the desert and their car broke down and one of the persons with them was injured, and out of nowhere somebody drives up and takes them he and you had room for 100 person or something took him in to town into the ER and it ended up saving his life or something like that. And when the when the other guys got there they asked where's your guy about a minute. Everybody said nobody about was no record of a cadet at Bennett name is an angel. It was just some guy just ducked out. Who knows, but I think like that.

The final part of the question. I have to give Hebrews wine I heard Mike talk about ministering angel angels minister that bring about anything. Yes. And what we're we can say is that angels do help us but we don't know in what way or how they do that. Could it be don't know we don't know. I remember reading a story once about a guy on the river he got ejected from his life. Rafter Weaver was the drafting and he was pinned under water, extra rock by the raging river and he could not get out and he said he physically felt a giant hand on his upper torso pull him free and let him go. He felt it around as they had never thought a person, it was not. It was noted that his entire chest. His whole body he said as it fell on her forgot that with an angel don't know.

Was it just something in the water that just gushed out that made it feel like I don't know you wonder how would you know I think we get to heaven and we meet a bunch angels and yet I hope you have no idea your legacy and say to me yeah Matt you puke how to comfort me but you comforted Christ, not an angels look okay but yes look to Christ.

Don't look to angels as you comfort don't look to them. Thing is the one who are helping you as your comfort look to Christ, always and only, and then he brings angel could no Angel who's truly a God would ever want you to look to an angel himself is any comfort at all, but in Christ. Okay Ryan I make the anthemic man.

I hope you have a nice weekend you to question this move a lot look sorry, but that this was on the bill from California bill you're on the air. Hello Matt, I how are you doing fine link baiting with Expected but dad can hear our prayer to pray.

One guy brought up Daniel chapter 25 verse one and also acts chapter 9 talk about Gattaca Peter talk to Tabitha, and mentally for civil 25. Not sure what that is in the buffer symbol 28 with which of Endor is that what it is about how much Emma, and Tabitha come forth is not talking to Tabitha. It's a command and that would be God doing that what we can do really talk with Catholics. It is I listen to them and also did you hear that you hear what in the court and the reversal to hear that. What a sick universe like it's been ripped out of context and ripping sound is that with the going to do to get a rip versus out of the context to make it fit their theology. Instead of making a theology fit the Scriptures if Paul says her peers is an ice come forth, or Tabitha come forth its command its command by the authority of God, but you have to worry about is not talking to the dead because were not supposed to do that that's all cultic. They also brought up to allow the journal and I was well you know God what he's God will he would have been in in paradise and got he could.

Jesus could've said, come forth any debt he obeyed God doing that to me.

We can say that something to sit to somebody like the Catholics so errantly say Mary for example, can hear millions of prayers spoken and thought all over the world simultaneously in different languages.

Catholics all over the place, she can hear them all.

And the answer.

She's a little goddess.

It's just ridiculous. God, yeah, it was actually a movement a few years ago. I've heard a couple decades ago were some people of the Catholic Church were trying to get Mary included in the Trinitarian God had in the got it because quadrate in the Catholic Church rightfully denounced that which is the fact that some woods would want to do that within Catholicism is evidence of will. That's how highly that exalted her. She was a sinner wonderfully blessed woman she needed to savor the same as us, but she is not afraid to marry if they don't like getting… If you call back next week you asked me to read some of the apparitions I can do that neuropathy to monitor all I know you think I debate what you sure it's a one to the baby to be done on the right slack to do that is against is the promise and recommend okay but you too. God bless number but at a time, folks. So I wanted to just do it anyway see if we couldn't do before the show ends. Duane don't have much time with your question.

Yet I Matt all right, we got buddy were on the yes I know what you needed 50 I want to get this right would want to be a heretic. This is okay at a time that happened to the Lord bless you greatly

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