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January 28, 2020 7:00 am

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January 28, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about his most recently preached sermon out of Romans 12.--2- In Revelation 21, will it be Paul's or Matthias' name on the gate---3- Should I be concerned that I don't have-know an exact moment or day that I was saved---4- How does Ephesians 2-15 fit with Jesus saying He did not come to abolish the law---5- A caller wanted to challenge Matt's answer regarding the earlier call about having an exact moment when you were saved---6- Have you heard anything about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship---7- Is there a place for Annihilationism in orthodox Christianity---8- A caller shared their experience with the Cooperative Baptist Felllowship.--9- What can you tell me about Joseph Smith-

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Why is the founder and president is found alive, or you have questions about Bible.why had a great weekend.

Guided to preach yesterday. That was fun and joy that people apparently enjoyed it as well.

So there you go.

The preacher more frequently small church in Syria and if you want to give me a call. As usual, all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 and we have nobody waiting right now. It sometimes happens usually like us in the last part of our dysfluency.

That's fine so you call 877-207-2276.

Now let's see him posting a debate tonight in three hours from now to be 9 PM Eastern time and the debates title is does the Bible teach free will and I think this could be an interesting discussion because it's not as simple as people might think it will be a discussion of what free will is in different kinds of free will, and various things I think I might know.

Might be interesting and so will cease with Dr. Sonny Hernandez and he is saying deterministic theological determinist that's more time and so we'll see how it goes. So if you want information on that you can go to the Facebook page There's a link there for it. You can check it out and also just so you know I run also a web Facebook page called his Roman Catholicism true and that's really interesting. We have lots of discussions there is also one called Christian apologetics and the few others as well is not a big deal and if you're interested in following what I do maybe like my style of teaching will go check those things out also have a Facebook page called the doctrines of grace and leave over 6000 members and that magic. It's kind of busy. That's okay now once again if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and yesterday what I I preached on was something I think is really important for a lot of people. It's the issue to double issue.

The issue of our gifting's an issue of our anointing.

I preach this because I think the body Christ needs to know more about the good things that we have from the Lord and the anointing that comes with this gift anointing upon us because everybody is given a spiritual gift, one way or another. Everybody does. And so what I like to do is look at God's word and preach to God's word is give a little synopsis of some stuff that you what you call 877-207-2276, and so the text appreciatively so Romans 12 six relates since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us.

Each of us is to exercise them accordingly. If prophecy, according to the portion of his faith of service in his serving or teaches in his teaching goes on like this only issue was, according to the proportion of our faith. Did you know that the gifting that you have is also given a portion of your faith. If you reach out and you trust God you take risks, so to speak for him. You'll be surprised at what gifts given you at that time what you might need and what can happen. I know I know I experience it all the time, along with the gifting's anointing. First John 227 is for you, the anointing which you received from him abides in you and you have no need for you to teach you, but as his anointing teaches you about all things and his troops on the line and just as it is taught you, you abide in him thing is that people who were called to do certain things in the Old Testament were anointed Jesus was also the because when he was baptized. The Holy Spirit came down upon us the means of anointing and we can see that in various verses in the Bible.

For example, Aaron was told.

You shall anoint them and ordain them and consecrate them and take the anointing oil and pour it on his head and anoint him, anointing is for the Christians anointing is for those who are being set apart for holding use and that's what we are as Christians and you if you're a Christian, you have a gift from God and along with that gift from God given anointing to be able to use that gift now what happens, however, is a lot of Christians don't know what the gifting is if they want to learn with her gifting to pray and ask God to reveal it to them and then try and live in that gifting now I mean by that is if you're not sure if you have the gift of evangelism go evangelize and find out if you don't know if you have the gift of service does serve and find out you do things and then the gifting will manifest and when you recognize hey I think I'm gifted in this area or is calling me to do this or that you understand also that there's an anointing for the gifting that you have comes upon you, anointing courses by the Holy Spirit the same Holy Spirit that went and came upon Christ and for the work to anyway just stuff like that and I believe and that's I think that we need. We need to consider that as Christians if you would give me a call with four lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get John from I want John Locke appear on the yes I do welcome you at multiple and related by both Dr. Paul.another to be wrong on that look it's okay for the man's name is not written book of life is like a fire revolution 2020 was 20 2001 verse you look at Revelation. I think that 20 book about that all the light came on. The door, I will okay yes it's all kinds of fruits and let's see this as a token to fruit. There you find exactly verse 12 pearls religion 2112 apostles of the Lamb. And that is Revelation 2114 and the wall. The city had 12 foundations done on them with 12 names of the 12 apostles of the Lamb.

So you want to know the names of those 12 apostles are since Judas was out. Yeah I'm not the Lord, and find out for you and find another number is yes awful we find out recognize when you all and not what you know they're all not Lord Emily besides just the question and we don't know for sure because the Bible doesn't say. One theory is that the disciples when they chose Matthias to buy the drawing of lots and that that was an Old Testament procedure and they were in the New Testament time and so that was the right way to do it.

Some people hold to that now. It may or may not be the case of the Bible doesn't say we do know that the 12 apostles names will be there.

We don't believe Judas would be one of them so they will either be Matthias or scummy Paul and I can't tell you which were discussed Bible doesn't tell us all. Okay that you're not there authentic medallion on Oakville thumb but Revelation out that I really like you know the name of your know it okay that I met God bless, Mike Wright Smith-lines functional to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Michelle for my with Michelle welcome you all on your head.

You were all aware of when we were in really good at. I don't recall where I live, burning flesh all night know that I had alerted me and I know I wondering why where you know something you know some people.

I look at it this winter. I illustrated this way.

That's so some people know when you want to arraign if it's a deluge of the rain you get wets drenched to the bone very quickly. But if it's a soft mist. It takes longer and windy. You become what at that point right and we can't say some people when they become saved, is by gentle wooing and drawing from the Lord to such a slow degree that one day they disable when a minute I I'm saying a timeline of events that happened were others like myself. Gloomily was a very monumental event. I remember it clearly but you know it just doesn't matter. You worry about it and when you know if I were preaching and I would never say we all know that day and we don't not all people do. Some people could have a traumatic event with a loser memory and are still for a while and are still say they don't know is all kinds of things but don't worry about coming from. I wanted to clarify that, no problem Michelle, God bless was Michelle from Iowa voltage want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Duane from Canada you doing looking Michelle you're on here going Stoneman. Still, we got it on Friday and then I got to think time you a request that I not all right, so I am abolishing the law of commandments found an article you're probably aware of the birth yet. My question is how do we justify that abolishing the law of Clement which is when he didn't come to abolish the law, but what it says is by abolishing in his flesh the enmity which is a commandments. So it's the enmity that is removed and so that he himself elected to its wanted Jews and Gentiles.

So the enmity is intense hatred and so hold on both their former lives, what you call 87757707 is recall 772072276 Duane Stiller triggered a break.

I went little bit of looking at the Greek and by 13 come to abolish the law would abolish their Scott to Lou. Oh, top against him to loosen and into 15 is cut or get all the different words to render an additive so I looks like we can fully talk of an infusion to 15 is not getting rid of the law as is Matthew 517 says he says did come abolish the law and the prophets. You got to talk with the Old Testament. You cannot fill with was talking about because John 539. He says you search the Scriptures because in the Metha give eternal life but is the super witness of me, for the Bible is about him to fulfill. If we talk about in that context only time just to 15 your fulfillment and are at the top of a profit given and been filled by the lag here between your not good that the and so the abolishing in the flesh in Ephesians 215. The enmity which I guess is the law of commandments contained in ordinances and because it was a law that distinguished June the Gentiles, Michelle you something this Romans to the cart yes is it is.

If you read Romans to you will talk it will Paul mentions in there about the different aspects of the law and he says you have no excuse, everyone who passes judgment for you who judge another condemn yourself.

You practice the same thing is talking to the Jews, and he talks in verse 17 about that you bear the name Julie reliant on the law and boast in God, the law was of the Jew had with the Gentiles did not end the than the Jews look the law as it Revelation and as it was between God and the Jews governmentally and so they look down at the Gentiles.

They had two categories. I don't have sinners. Tax gatherers and sinners and said they had these categorizations of things about those who did not follow the law and this order talk about Ephesians 215 abolishing the end Jesus in his flesh the enmity between the Jew in the Gentiles the context which is found in Matt Lauder that was going on and that make even in liver or talk about about Israel. It then being called uncircumcised by what Mike made made in the flesh by and that though he is kind of thanking you guys were circumcising the right hand, but there's going to be one going to circumcise your heart. I'm in it I get a sort of pull of the Jews and the Gentiles them together to be one click make make that great Matt. Thank you so much. Welcome goblins are you to all the rights we have for the lines folks want to give me a call 87720722764 lines on her family get to Ricky, High Point, North Carolina Michelle, you're on their thank you Nick, burst out whole. If I understood you. I wholeheartedly disagree with you when you greater lead and asked about her not know Keith say say mom instead and use that will something happen that I understand you to say that I said expand a little more God can move people and they can come to a place of believing and then later on name.

I don't have to remember it, understand it, but I guess I'm okay mom started is you. You you verbally have to ask him to come into your life and be your Lord insert Lord and Savior. It just doesn't happen. As most of it better not well if you say you have to say those words then then the people who are mute can't do it or the people who work in hospitals on their deathbeds tubes down the mouse they can't do it, but I understand the sentiment of what you're saying we talk about those with mobile people are different. They are so different in so many ways and I remember very very clearly the moment of my regeneration in the very presence of God, but that doesn't mean that's how others affinity and I have talked to people who just they see you there. Raised in a Christian home, for example, in the fetus have believed their whole lives will what you say what they were. You saved. I don't know.

I've always been a Christian I talk to people who believe that this happened in your Christian students raised in a Christian home so that you have to you have to you have to him to become saved and are you just by your belief in him being your Lord and Savior. You click on site God grants that we believe likens 129 are believing is the work of God. John 620 29 so anyone who believes our trust in Christ according to exit 1630 through 31 when they said what must we do to be saved believe the Lord Jesus Christ. You shall be saved.

For someone who believes they do so because God is granted that to them.

Then there saved statement.

This is just your opinion.

It may sound right but it's not every thought about why if you look at all of the plague of JV. So many of the clock working for the F they got busy. They'll remain physically deformed and even gone back to the Bible for all of the people who live so many problems as long as you want. Why it appears that all about the people of color and not the co-pay amount lacking group that that you have about that a little bit. Yes I have. Believe it or not I got to Siri about it and I don't believe it has to do with anything anybody with race because I only believe in one race that the human race. And there's different colors of the human race as my position but his skin color goes gatherers does seem to be a tendency why I think it's because the truth of Christianity spread out throughout the Mediterranean area which happened to be at that time, pride, predominantly Caucasian and it moved westward and I believe this is an interesting topic. I think they have. I believe that what that some biblical theology, particularly in Protestant theology, not Roman Catholic that when it is the underground underground. The undergirding foundation of a society's morals, governmental systems, believes that it results in prosperity.

I believe that I do it and so but generally speaking the Caucasians with a one of the Mediterranean area and so that's why we think would see that because as they moved west and they came into America etc. etc. and those of the other, so to speak, skin tones want in that area geographically and they didn't have that same gospel affect them in that way. That's what that's going about Christianity spread okay alright so separated him from the rest of the people of color when it came to things like that right now.

I was a separated them. I think it's just a geographical not chance quizzical chance of God's economy, but just the way thing I kind of were and if it happened that things happen in the African cough confident Christianity spread, it will be reversed. That was a great I have five bells and really never been asked for negative golf logic 777577077 is Matt's leg that everyone with get right on the phones to Matt from North Carolina here take my car in Korea, I was wondering if you'd heard anything about the cooperative that fellowship before know I had not, and the producer put those words in your block on the thing is, and so I looked it up in the break and it looks okay. I mean avoid looking for a couple of minutes, but it's it seemed to be okay seem so okay I won a couple weeks straight and I think the thing that kind of jump me know what that look uplifting with the fact that Eric communion was not close to believers. It was pretty much anybody could take communion and agent backed up by if you're not a believer, you really should have what it represents an altar to a yet they did not share the gospel and batted the head pastor but almost giving more than a I'm kind like a chat online generation in insert to bring along younger generations with our biblical but the thing that both it sounded like it would be like a conference or something and then I thing with me and he says well you come down he'll come down fine if you want you want me to share the gospel that you seem to cleared to me that that we are well could be not going to context how things are purposely going on.

It's always easy to sit back and go hey what about that and ask what time I so what was the goal and maybe you know it's always possible that people are talking about that incident sandwich for dinner better with within the staff is possible that they were evident better and you could just kind of not the best example.

So yeah I it's hard to tell, but I got to look at it and I didn't see anything noteworthy is in no but seem to be okay right nexus with the truth and yet look so okay okay okay They hated him take my call and I keep up the good work that question. God bless you. Thanks. I think that was math North Carolina folks therefore open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276, both from New Jersey will welcome your fear looking right here in order that question come from loving everything but look at you without going out of their thinking, help, and click the button, crying like different clip of you. Another gentleman about annihilation delay would like played in a different clip like your maybe feel a little like you that I contact followed maybe a little rough on the guy cannot.

I didn't hear the whole thing context. I didn't know. Maybe if the guy that was kind of family and I like it with. Maybe now you carry it more reactive to how he was acting but anyway I got from that point I was, like looking on Carmen find different things and I'm just trying to understand if you learn to annihilate the fleet for an Orthodox Christianity like I'm not at all really deny it flat out and I was just talking my wife this morning about Christine.

I have Chris's number and he's been in my house and we were supposed to see if you have debates on the exact wording.

We couldn't come to an understanding and agreement on the exact wording that I wanted to discuss the nature and extent of the atoning work in light of annihilation is from his perspective because I believe his view was heretical, but as far as that that other this.

I don't know which one it was.

And you're right. Maybe you know he was being up that somebody living obstreperous and maybe was just me just having a bad day, and is not being nice. It certainly does happen.

I try to be respectful as I can and something to blow it.

I used to be pretty tough on people now I really worked hard over the years trying to abuse you know, live claimant, I brought that up. Think about, can you believe that heretical that somebody if they hold all other point of Orthodox belief that there is a final annihilation that you would think that that person is in a Christian I think that that holding the view that political it's a false view of what we would in this context I call it aberrant, but it doesn't negate a person salvation because they believe in something is not biblical.

I have written hundred and 80 articles on annihilation is 180 and I could do even more, and I know there's all kinds of skinny variations will be explained to you why annihilation is the start different versions I can explain why one version is heretical and is dangerous, so let's just say that the we talked with the version that says that when a person dies he ceases to exist, and then later God resurrection okay that's among the forms of an anomaly that is some hold to the idea of soul sleep now with socially thought to ask questions that are clearly critical as energy expenditure, current either thoughts occurring how you have existence without consciousness. How do you have this in this virtual room realm. Since consciousness is a physical thing or unconsciousness is the obvious question and they can't answer these questions. They hold is something I think it is when you get this let us assume for a moment and why it is dangerously heretical. Maybe even damnable. Maybe, depending on how far people go with this. If it I not skating on annihilation. This holds the position that when a human being dies. He doesn't exist anymore, and then God later resurrection is a problem of continuity in the theft.

If that's the case then it invalidates the atonement and the reason invalidates the atonement is because Jesus is both God and man. And if his human nature ceased to exist and we no longer have the hypostatic union we no longer have the union of the divine and human nature that would mean that in those three days that Jesus wasn't existing anymore because Jesus by definition is both God and man. But if the man part ceased to exist and that has ceased and Jesus ceased you see the problem yeah yeah but I think I thing yet, but I couldn't believe it, without believing that you said there's annihilation is him trying get around that problem and with the Lewis estate soul sleep, so that the, the nature of the person continues within the supply to Christ was Christ's human nature not working was was it adornment and I would just explain to me what is it mean to be dormant was the mean to be asleep in Christ human nature with people don't realize that annihilation is him is to have a family that I sent you. I noticed that Natalie I could got what you think of the creek that will be a mess. They'll know what I like in the same way as a ministry that God problem with mystery is that you can say anything and just say it's a mystery it's a mystery. So therefore because of this this this and this.

The mystery of how God can be both God and man how Jesus could both God and that it is that is a mystery but we know it is what the Bible teaches flipping 25 Thruway Colossians 29 John one 114.

We know the Bible clearly teaches that we can see the attributes of both natures describe the single person. Hence, we have the doctor, the commuter car to edge a lot is clear, but we don't have the site. The site clarity of what happens to somebody if their position is correct in the afterlife. When the if if they want to hold to the issue of soul sleep how it continues, live questions, what does it mean to be sold to be asleep. Unconscious. How is the soul unconscious doesn't mean that they can't answer because the only reference what they have is our unconsciousness and they say that's what it means, but how does it apply to spirit it doesn't start asking serious questions they don't have the answers to these things in the state budget, the mystery will then you can say anything you want, because the Bible doesn't say that there unconscious weight says that Jesus had two distinct natures beseeches unconscious will show the verses for that and we have segment is 12 to Paul out of the body.

Saw things was conscious with we have a Luke 1619 to 31 in the afterlife letters enrichment were both conscious, with all say is that the parable about to be nice to each other that they just dislike it.

It's incredible to build them. If you bring a vote for field lines 877 mass Y call 77077 back to the show the real bow will still there yeah are you heretical you don't know what certain aspects, certain aspects are in the nature of soul sleep as it relates to Christ is highly problematic in all but annihilation teases that the wicked are disconnected not exist and that it doesn't make you non-Christian mentor. Okay with you putting the category of someone not ministry with defense of the situation. I can disagree with people different things on if they're promoting annihilation is him and that's what they want to promote.

That's their chip on their shoulder. I'm not good to work with them if they say that's my position that I could push anybody we can work together in some areas. I think it has potential danger because say just like universalism, universalism, everyone can be saved. Annihilation is him. Not everyone can be saved but the wicked to still exist. So in both cases the wicked won't be suffering forever. So why was the motivation. Then really with some believers some unbelievers to get saved now because of this been annihilated but are you got there just like your level of yeah that I would recommend you go to Karma and look up in isolationism and check out the articles I did extensive study and work studies of written articles on continuity issues, logic issues, identity issues, and you know, for example, punishment is essay that were punished, but the wicked are punished and the punishment is nonexistence will house a punishment.

You don't exist, how you been punished and I did a search on the word punishment and it's experienced in the Bible without there was a single punishment is like when we execute someone they don't live anymore. That's the punishment the execution but is is that what God does.

That's begging the question to say they don't exist anymore. They're taking a human analogy and imposing upon God, but the biblical pattern is that they experience it, and if the person is existing then they stop existing to the experience of punishment.

No real experience of it I will. I really went in-depth on this issue. I really did. There's a lot of problems with it lots, what more do it right. If not, please do please do go out.

The big thing I will really I think that everybody yeah I think I thing to get useful talent want to debate the issue of from of the nature of soul sleep and ultimately that's his position as relates the atoning work yet and hopefully he's changed his position and hope I represented him properly, is always possible. I misrepresent him, but that's not my intention so you know Dr. Fernando years ago on this, but I don't think they didn't cover like the soul sleep as something that is yeah right, and because heresies are never by themselves. There they have other bedfellows. Okay I like to got to us all right listing the phone with Bath and North Carolina Bob luck initially on the year think that adequate comment on the person you called a minute ago about the idea that okay. It is a rather small and no denomination without the then we have looked. Could we attended PDF after while we were enchanted one that was nearby, rooted in the old mainline Southern Baptist convention, but they split away from that event and I can't speak exactly for the why, but I will say and Kurt that you trust there in think in terms of what they were hearing.

Thing in the clerk.

It is wandering from Scripture very little growth is the: cooperative values yes in general. Yeah, they are the week spent that week that a good deal of time there, but it rooted in an mainline good old Scripture based Southern Baptist theology, and in many of the old. The older pastor or holdover from that though there is there not knowing pain at the little you have been writing to look at things with 1/2 can think of the ceiling in well we would go weeks on and not my daughter. Note that the really wealthy with probably 98 or nine fan at the time would would affect in the car on the way home. Why didn't they talk about today in the thermic. Why was there no script or really very workday very almost with the word the good the good work and the death was the one church that you and that Aristotle but that was one church that you were not. I don't think like that, but that's a concern I would. I would say that affect because there were holdover thereon that can who were from of them about the addition of Christ centered everything in and there's a lot of her a lot. So believers there.

In fact I would say that the ones that were there or generate the older I was a very multi generational Kurt wonderful and I would say that probably most of the older believers who were there, 20, 30, 40 years or more probably were even unaware of the week to week, but we did a little digging, we did a little leadership thing than we were.

You're involved in some of the meeting and beyond that the debt incurred Sunday and you could you get then say a liberal underpinning the most of what with being thought and in the leadership movement there definitely worth investigating deeply on that thing that all the all the yeah are that way they that the denomination split from the southern Baptist buried. As you're talking I'm looking at an article it is with this letter articles everything I know about the doctor, the holy Trinity. I learned from Waylon Jennings and that's not a good title yet that Friday, Saturday, since found that what we revere on Sunday now and there are better off if there are better that I would encourage that the yeah he was looking at more deeply into them. I never heard of before. So today's the first day of her and then we had the learned their affiliate and effort then because it was an old mainline earth that hurt that one and and over over time had drifted and yet I would encourage that. Think I'm glad you brought that up and let you experience.

I really appreciate that.

That's good but thanks not you in your ministry very much.

Well, always learning much from you lately.

Praise God appreciate okay good night you 2000 Bob from North Carolina. We have the see through for the last 877-207-2276 Michael from Utah looking show your on here. There Michael. Let's give it a try.

Here I can blab about the low areas of the all right. I'm fine, fine, I like that but yet that outline the other day I thing out but I well but don't do what you got go with and they can farewell will go you started everything like that while a couple of that dealbreaker for me without that far when he something about being nobody at the greater work that I have and I didn't know the reference to the church knowing about which one you want to value yes is the church. Volume was I quoted volume 6 just for me for not just let me read to you okay that I find on your website. Yes it is I got right in front of his church line sufficient only for nine. The switch assessment sent this quote was read to me by a friend of mine Chuck spine, who right now is inside helping in the chat text and things like that and I've known it for forever.

She read me this quote, which started me studying apologetics.

This is the quote switch assessment sent God is in the still small voice in all these affidavits indictment to dissolve the devil corruption. Come on you falls come on you prosecutors you false swear at all hell boy over your burning mountain drill down your lava for I will come out on top. At last I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I'm the only man that ever been able to keep the whole church together since the days of Adam, a large majority of the whole have stood by me and Paul John Peter nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such work is I the followers of Jesus run away from him. The Latter Day Saints never yet that's what he said his research on 60 449 validate without thought they think that I get that right since it again like it dealbreaker only, and without thought there making noise. That's not true exaltation Nigel Tatian Mark I know everybody gets saved and Mormonism salvation.

A double meaning it's universal resurrection as well as the forgiveness of your sins and other Universalists. Only the very very wicked go to the place of utter darkness and as for thousand years, and in the released and so the three levels of heaven and and Mormonism. The lowest is celestial. The middle is terrestrial and the highest is celestial in the celestial kingdom are three levels and that the highest is called the church of the firstborn and that's where they get exalted, so exaltation is becoming a God become a God through this so salvation everybody gets saved.

So to say that I salvation without exaltation is damnation is not a true Mormon site like that without God really yellow Mormonism just to give an order to become a God just to keep celestial law and no Mormons keep celestial law you basically perfect and many go to get DNC doctrine and covenants 82, seven I believe it is where it says 337 work if you sin your past sins come back upon you is called impossible gospel and Mormonism you can be saved and Mormonism is the perfect it's on not a Christian organization. It's they say they have Jesus as I have it on their website and then call back to my mom is so short a time there's a guy gotta get going.

The Lord bless you

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