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February 4, 2020 5:57 pm

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February 4, 2020 5:57 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How can you fight-flee temptation when it's constantly entering your mind---2- Can you glorify God without believing in reformed theology---3- How can God exist when there are so many religious cults---4- How do you know if someone is possessed and if they are, what should you do---5- How many days was Jesus in the grave---6- Is there marriage in the afterlife---7- What are your thoughts on preterism-

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Why is it apologetic is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why live will have a great day great weekend. A lot of people watch the game. I didn't. I watched the commercials I'm little different and so will pay what you recall, we have work in lines 877-207-2276 animated plans to go to Nashville for the national religious broadcasting network and hopefully will see some of you guys out there are some listeners who attend in the mid-a few before and had a lot of good time in good fun, and in what I just hope that the Lord blesses yet if you call 87720722764 open lines give me a call and just let you know that we still nearby your support if you like what you hear, you can shield information we ask for a recurring donation future small is fine because it helps us make budgets do as I were selecting decisions based on what you have and on some African stuff together so is moving forward with the Lord bless our efforts all right.

One we just jump on the phone is good to Michael from Pennsylvania. Michael welcome on year when I met, radial league of so I wanted to you about fighting against temptation and sin lullaby will go. The only thing applicable temptation, but you know it gets very difficult when it beginning in your mind, how do we from something that constantly entering into your trainer mind to do something else. In martial arts when you chance basically the train yourself over non-I watch a lot of you. Let's talk about such a good idea mutually watch UFC I could talk. What we do and Marshall. I took it for years. In order to train because in what I do, publicly controlled tell me they want to threaten me. The various things that happen over the years, so it's just us and needed that I do right now. What we do is train the same move over and over and over again and when you train something in your mind over and over and over you train something your body over and over. Your brain actually physically changes you nicely cause mappings remapping so if you were to do an experiment. For example, you get off here.

You figure out your handsomest neck or fingers were from 30 seconds to snap it over and over and over 30 seconds and see if you have a continued desire for 30 seconds to continue this article to more people get hooked with the what it does is it shows you that the brain can be patterned and you can patterned your own brain regarding thoughts as well. I recommend you do is you get some Scripture that you memorize. For example, go to this is a good set of verses to use you go to Philippians 46084 be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Now that's a great couple versus next one is really something that you should memorize in this context.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise dwell on these things. It's an issue of the mind what you can do is train your mind to react certain way when you marriage counselor people all things.

I'll find out his bad habits that they have reactions will have certain reactions and wife says something a certain way and over the years you've condition yourself to react a certain way. Well be a good reaction we have to do is rehearse in your mind over and over.

The right reaction and with Scripture guiding you. You rehearse in your mind the thing of it.

Temptation comes what the right thing to do with time is the meaning at a particular time, but does mean is that your training your mind over and over and over, and when you fail because you're human being. You continue in the training of the mind and what happens is things change. It works the struggling right now I'm can be pretty bad and I feel nostalgic saying because the thoughts that I'm having a hard habit that built I was a child now like a glowing, the like cancer spreading: getting stronger and stronger throughout the year will go away for a while lie dormant and come back fiercely battery went out. You sound kind a lot of people and a lot of issues have these things at surface and sometimes though, think about this that when we are Christians we become more sensitized to the problem. I think it's getting worse. While we don't realize that the frequency of the occurrence is less and less, and when it does happen we feel it more.

We think were doing worse a lot of time to submit a respective so sometimes recommend people keep a record of when the thing or things surfaces and nothing detailed just think private note little paper notebook. Whatever. And what you did in response afterwards prayer to the Lord, remembering the Scripture you to train yourself that way in and we tell you not in my 60s. And you know the young man with the all kind of temptations and hormones and thoughts activities and stuff. It took years and years to have as much victory over some of them as I have had in some not a complete victory and the summons put in a note I have an article you need to do Christian CPR CPR keep you alive confess. Pray read Christian CPR. Confess your sins, pray for the Lord read the word in the case were talking here rehearse in your mind those things that will you want to do react in the right way. It's a battle, but it's when Canada is it is when I you could you elaborate glad you say you like watching you. The good is good. Thank you elaborate on that.

Well I look at it this way, you know, when I wasn't in school high school to get the fights and the people would gather around and scream and yell and encourage violence and encouraging people hit each other and harm each other and he would laugh and they would love it and I could never understand that I thought that was an evil reaction. I've always thought that and so when you they do MMA is still the different boxing.

I don't watch boxing either boxing is more controlled. MMA is former Bilotti and etc. there's degrees of things and so I have a problem personally with with enjoying watching two people made an image of God injure each other for the entertainment of others, and reminds me the gladiatorial games that would occur in ancient Rome for entertainment people would go to watch people fight each other and they would cheer them on sale that was a great strike.

See what he did have had you heard of. Yes, more of that and I don't understand that. I've Christian friends who watch MMA and they know my view, that judge him on it. I don't bother them, they just know my view and I don't understand how I understood that they could do that but it but you see I'm sensitive that way and they're not. So I don't judge them because maybe on the one is wrong, but I know I deftly agree with you and I do think it kind of sacred somebody given enjoyment out of it.

I guess I watch it learn when I can afford to take MMA glad, glad the but I do watch certain people and, like so help myself and watch my motive in watching it yet. I do agree with your negative plans enjoying it hurt like consider how I could not just no one ever told me it was just something I didn't understand why would you see somebody hurt each other. I just met. I just understand this, we wanted to. I still get it just doesn't is around the square to me.

Why would you want I get it, but okay.

People are different and why one month on an okay guy I been up in the real quick Google not been born.

I know you get me a coffee doll member but I'll tell you before how really studying theology really grown to accept it in the Bible. It is just something that we should go. I came to relaxation note. I really don't think that you can glorify God believing and you know glorify God holy doing the full glory without believing in reality it is the other the other end of the all God or not all knowing if he did, but they did it. You coming halfway God come together happily. You do not give all the glory to God is the path of the board without allowing report theology.

You agree and I think it's will isolate resistant because it does not elevate themselves does in salvation in their own wisdom and their own hands in the hands of our Lord and the greatest sovereignty and the greatness of his Majesty and it also what I will do people and explain what theology does is all my left and right hand in front of of me in front of them for me between us in space, my hands equal assesses on the left is God is us and the writers God and I move God all the knots down sake. This is how it really is between us we really below God said this is what reformed theology to us and then I'm set bare hands even further.

I said what it does isn't it shows you who you are before God and before yourself, and then in light of that, you understand incredibly great love of God because in reformed theology. What I believe is biblical theology.

The unbelievers and incapable of understanding the truth. A hater of God who does no good is a slave of Sandy's deadness since is going Scripture and yet God's right.

I voted right back after these messages, please see Matt Flynn why call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back to everybody. We have one open line 72272. Anthony from Las Vegas. The on-air Anthony melodic question recently been fired from my job well off duty.

I guess you thought behavior interaction but from what I've learned on my own I guess understanding even though you're not the live by your understanding is that the stereotype one day and you know who does live at an early age and for me it discerning, but you know some of the great parent. They should be grateful, but behind the theme. You never know what's going on are doing what I you like me.

I've always just kept my mouth shut about a lot of things and it Aki like out of and saved at an early age I started voice my opinion of what's going on right and question you know it. I mean it's just I don't I don't know but I have cheated tattooed on my arm.

I was somebody that will believe in Christianity you have the Trinity Cross tattooed on my arm but I just it's hard for me to believe in a God anymore and not in a social system that is just created to try and get people progress in a way that maybe is invalidity necessarily healthy even if there are social structures for religious control and has no bearing got it actually exists. People can certainly develop cult systems and they have been developed there have been religious systems developed for the control people undoubtedly so does that mean God doesn't exist.

Not all is have in day-to-day life. Now the later with they got exist or write will depend on what contacts are trying to explain God like for me. I just believe we live in a communist country and we don't know who God is a guided going strength of everybody I like that all the citation: second lesson on personal what country you live, but we don't live communist countries not here in America. So what country did you live I live in America I believe will not be as I see think America's communist yeah dog lately like a hello control nominating is still you said yes so you even you know what communist on the subject you a communism is the idea by manually using tank explaining our people in China are still happy you looking to find a communism that this is see the fine communism. Okay, I might contact you wanted to find it going like the way you're allowed to live life who develop the go a lot a live like who develop the commissary.

I believe it was somebody like Karl Marx. Like that I okay and the socialistic thoughts when you don't know that so feel a covetousness's work all pop for target know is where all properties publicly owned and private property. Private rights are subjugated to the state and this would Jeff do not want and so you can automatically bent litter out and I we don't live in as far as it did the issue being saved goes for God's existence. I would suggest you do is go to Carmen look up the atheism section. Look at the evidence for God and arguments for God's existence, but we will certainly not dominate it is, why not answer me, excuse me Anthony.

I by my long list to say that I can tell I can go anywhere, let's get to Samantha from Richmond, Virginia. Samantha welcome your on-air I'm fine, thanks for calling all one person good and driving a car, not merit) Eric Eric, he read demonic possession can be manifested different forms of usually it's in a vocal artist hung up in the wrong person calling you and sorry about that.

Whoever was listening just on the phone numbers to call back in my bed thinking manifested different way. Demonic possession through usually through the denial and cursing the things of God and also with the desire to harm the individual who is possessed and is hard to determine if a person is or is not. Also, #of ants is miraculous occurrences, super strength beyond just normal super strength to meet and understand when adrenaline gets to the person there been some interesting accounts of alleged demonic activity is manifestation plus extra credit. Plus, there's the sometimes a manifestation of a person having knowledge that you would not know that they could not know an issue that's evidence of a spiritual connection will you do with someone or about someone who is demonically possessed. A lot of people say just cast the demon out of my signal.

Not until they're ready to receive Christ and the reason is because the go to Matthew 12. After about 30 verse 32 and the 4444 think it is 43 and talk talk about those demons. Demonic forces cast out of a person. The Bible says a go to dry place is looking for replacement habit, finding nothing, they come back and find their home swept and clean and they enter with seven more and in the second stage is worse first so we do is is so carefully, prayerfully deal with anybody that might be demonically possessed and urge them to trust in Christ and that of course is a very confrontational thing that takes practice.

It takes a involvement with people who know what's going on and unfortunately in my experience with that lot of people who say they can cast out demons a lifetime to cast out demons from Christians in the spirit of cutting its cast out of your peer methods are coughing and kind of ridiculous stuff. Unfortunately, this is rampant in the Christian church so it needs to be done with the one who's knowledgeable and seriously biblical about it was a case all right.

Let's get onto the phones to Carl's my I hope Carl welcome your on-air my all right we got well I like Samantha. Enjoy your show and for a long time very grateful when senior in Idaho, we listen.

I knew I was on in Idaho here I got you for years. I want Randy.

Randy church interviewed meet your website perform theology okay year-end is a great guy but said about him, there's a music I have recovered a hold on okay I mostly say to the mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave seven Carl Carl and I hear recording back when you have arm work at on the plane going again learner share with you.

Night night lay waiting for that I've learned most of perform faith from your website very powerful. I am very grateful for is now. There's a lot of weather in the grave today three day any rate on the third day. On Friday and right on day or did he write on Monday.

If you were there for three days is on Sunday as a group. If I don't that's an idling towards and some say it was Friday and then we have no how we deal with that tradition says some tradition since Friday but traditions are true and so it was Thursday that we would have Thursday Friday and Saturday and race on Sunday. Another thing is that the Jewish calendar day is different than ours.

We go at midnight, but they wanted Sundance let's a safer for exercises here. It was at 6 PM addressing sub's assessment was that way we can work with will. That would mean them that send out Thursday sundown became Friday and right away by our Friday and still are. Thursday but is there Friday. On Thursday evening for us and so when the unit you look at that is okay will if Jesus died on Thursday in the afternoon, for example 3 PM let's say, then three days and three nights is the idea of him being in the grave. They need to have Thursday because a part of that day and then the evening became Friday on what we say 6 PM you'd have that first day covered every Thursday and Friday automatically included and then Sunday next day would be Saturday. So now you have three days we need three nights so then Saturday night and then nonsense during the nights are early-morning of of that day he rose would be that would work.

Another one is to say that part of the day is considered to have touched the whole day so far I did something yesterday at 10 PM. That's only two hours left in the day like yesterday. Okay, got it. Gotcha. But does it mean the entire day, but part of the day, so some could say. On Friday he died.

And then they could have part of the Friday part of the day and Saturday night. Part of the Friday day Friday night and then Saturday day Saturday night and then Sunday day in the morning. I already think that works because in they wanted stretch it to have that third night in this work that way. He was raised on Monday but on Sunday, so some push little bit towards Thursday night something Friday and had different was accounting I do say 30 and somebody was alluded to get it Wednesday late Wednesday and I forget how that works but it is different. There is idling towards Thursday crucifixion make sense right and cut Brendan God bless. All right it was Carl from here Idaho and the few of you because we have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Josh from Texas Josh on their a seven, five point Carl Manor looking well.

You affirm that the reform doctrines of God's grace. Okay now Mike you are born new question that you are like yeah okay is 40. I'm sorry to have smile as my what your marriage find one because I wanted to know if you had a perspective on merit in the afterlife. There is no merit. Afterlife my wife and I will no longer remarry with one of us dies were no longer married in the afterlife.

Okay, I think. So that was kind of Joe's pretty much what I was wanting to know what you believe on the less the Bible teaches that the covenant of marriage is is broken upon death till death do you part that you agree to lie.

I guess another way of putting it is there is there would be no sort of like marriage. You know I got I guess you could say that again for people.

The only marriage that will occur in heaven is the marriage of the Lamb. And it's a ceremony don't know how literal, to what extent let's call the marriage supper of the Lamb. And that is a release of figure to the event that were going to participate in heaven but now there is no giving of marriage in the afterlife were done. Marriage is for the purpose of earth procreation sexually you need and fulfillment raising of children is to be done in the covenant bonds of the marriage relationship and marriage is a reflection of the intra-Trinitarian communion because it's based upon the work of God in his intra-Trinitarian communion of fellowship and the extension of that is in the covenant aspect between male and female were made in God's image and will as God created we through God created life that we don't create life. Life discontinues life does not begin at conception.

It continues at conception, because in the spirit we make some people have referred to Leica women as being children of God, it still considered a form of Ship Children of God. This Misreading My Son Ship Because It Can Be Used in Different Contexts, and in Different Ways in the Bible, but We Are All Here to Me like There Is a Direct like There's Always This Payment Allow That There's a Direct Kind of a Direct Contact between the Weather's Angelic Beings or like Adam and Stuff like That Heritage Is There Always Closes Connected to God When the Referred to As Sons of God, like like Not Little Versions of God That You Know What They Got There to Be like God in His Character Itself More Than One Chance Know Nothing Is Mormon.

This Teaches That People Are Married in the Afterlife and Have Potential of Having Offspring Afterlife Is What I Also Believe That That Google Offspring of a Lesser God Drive You They Teach That God and His Goddess Wife Okay for the World Come to This Heavenly Realm and Produce Spirit Babies by Having Physical Relations in Heaven Because They Have Both a Body of Flesh and Bones in It. Then These Spirit Babies and Have Acumen Bodies at Birth and You Potentially Coming God of Your Implant and Starting over Again, Mormonism and What I've Noted That They Don't Ever Really Don't Ever Heard Bill Never Say God the Father. They Only Say, but I Only Say I Think Father God, but They Never Say God, but the Father Heavenly Father Because They Literally Bled Heavenly Father. There They Go There Because I Believe That God the Father Is Literally, Physically, Literally, Their Father, If You Think about Its God in His Goddess Wife and Mormonism and Not the Preexistence Hardly Produced Many Offspring Billions and Billions and Billions I Could Just See the Goddess Wife Look at Him, Saying, I Don't Think so. Billions Me, and Know How That Work but Any Rate. So Anyway That's It until There Is No Marriage, and Have Right, We Are Not Remarriage or Spouses Anymore and Have a Great Relief to My Wife Okay so I Know That You Do Too Good She Say Right Now If You Listen to Your Friend in the You Just Inflict of You How It Is a Way of Know She's a Good Woman, except for Tasting Men and Open with You for That. I Have A Lot More Respect for Any Rate, so You Know You to Be with the Lord and That We Had Children and Repented Our Marriage and It's What Is so She's a Good Woman Okay Thank You Ma'am Already about What You May Call You Do the Math.

Like Why Call 77077. Here Is Matt's Leg 877-207-2276 Let's Good Back Anthony from Vegas to Welcome Back on the Air and Looked out Sway on Them. So We Walked All the like, You Know It's Connected or Something but I Was Just Curious on like a Communist Country with Which Acosta What Is Your Question.

Now My Question Is like the Stereotype from Being Saved like That. Something That Maybe You Know the Angels in Heaven Should Look at That. Hey Maybe We Got This Wrong.

Or Maybe We Should Structure on How People or Rather I Don't Understand Your Question into I Don't Understand Your Question Look like I Do Know Growing up I Witnessed Multiple My Friend Being Saved but It Was Mostly Actually with All the Majority. My Friends Were Packed Single Parents Right to Coax. How about You Just Ask a Direct Question Try and Answer Okay. I Mean How Do You Explain That That Is a Communist Country You Move along. I Tell You What, Let's Get to Laura North Carolina. Lori Jumped on You Got under Your on the Year Laura, Thanks Woody Got Calling about Arm.Frederick Them and the Idea of Matthew and Revelation, Referring to Things That Happened in the past like the Distraction of the Temple in Jerusalem, or the Appearance of Either an ADR If at All, Still yet to Happen, Safely Risen As False, and the Reason Is False Is Very Clearly Spell Spelled out in Acts Chapter 1 Verse 9 to 11 Mascara You a List of All the Diversity but Are You Being Swayed by Preaddressed Arguments.

There Hello Laura Are You There on Sunday Just Started Bringing up A Lot Of Your Question Kindhearted Order a Deep Dive into A Lot Of Material about It and You Know That One about the 50 Think They Need in All the Different People Reporting That They Thought of It.

The Fire and They Know That All That Alec Had an Intriguing Point. I Never Heard of This, It Is for 40 Years so You Always Asked for Documentation If They Don't Produce Documentation That Is Hearsay and Gossip so I Talk to Somebody and They Said There's a Can Usually Documentation Is My Email Address. Email It to Me. Well I Don't Have It, Then the New Spring Gossip. If You Have Documentation or Something like That. But the Bible Says This Was Sent to My Okay Looking at a Family. There Were A Few Different Historian Hire Writers at the Time Who All Had Recording All It Recorded Being the Thing in the Sky and Being Very Similar Phenomena That Is Very Similar to the Way That the Bottled Fried Let's like I Let's Go for the Bible Does Say about His Return. Okay You Ready Now in Action for One Okay Only to the Verses, Jesus Ascended into Heaven Right Was Taken up in the Clouds Right yet One Verse Nine and after He Had Said These Things, He Was Lifted up While They Were Looking on, and a Cloud Received Him Out Of Their Sight. So What Happened Was He Just Vertically Went into the Air and a Cloud Covered Him. Whatever It Was He Disappeared and As They Were Gazing Intently to This Guy While He Was Whole Going, Behold, Two Men in White Clothing, Said the Side the Oxley to Angels, They Said Said to Them.

Men of Galilee, Why Do You Stand Looking into the Sky.

This Jesus Was Been Taken up from You into Heaven, Will Come in Just the Same Way As You Watch Going to Heaven. So How to Get to Come Back Court of the Prophecy I Was Reading about 50 Think Anything of That. Apparently That He Gave a Bad When You at the Park Hyatt, You Know, You Will Need about a Man Returning and Sina That Would Have an Entire Lifetime That That Happened and They Did All She Is Vintage to a Little Bit to Leave, the Stronger Trying to Help You out Here Because Full Plagiarism Is Heretical, Right, and Denies the Full Return of Christ in the Future. What Is It Says What It Says Is That He Returned in 70 A.D. and the Destruction of Jerusalem and the Roman Armies. If We Can Have People to Say That They Saw These Various Things in the Clouds.

It Doesn't Mean It Occurred We Have To Understand That There's Only Two Ages and This There's This Age, the Age to Come in at the End of This Age Is When the Resurrection Occurs. The Judgment Occurs in Return of Christ Occurs I Go into It and Put a Distant Nails in the Coffin of Full Plagiarism Parcel, Plagiarism Is Acceptable but Not Full and All She Had to Go to Matthew 17, Matthew 17 You'll See the Full Transfiguration of Christ and in That Some Commentators Are Discussed at Varying Degrees of the Involvement of How Many People Saw What Was Going on and What It Meant for the Full Glorification of Christ and How That Sufficed Some of the Prophetic Fulfillments of What Was Said about Him Coming in His Glory When It Says That You Will See Him. It Also Says in First Thessalonians 416 the Fibers to That Basically Every Eye Will See Him Assess His Revelation As Well. So How Is It Then That They Could Be Fulfilled in 66 A.D. If This Is Supposed to Happen If Every Eye Would See Him, Even Those Who Crucified Him Because by Then. Some of Them Had Died and so It Seems to Allude to the Idea of the Resurrection Account and the Events of the Future Time of the Return of Christ. If You Go to Car and You Look up on the Card Website, Two Ages, You Look up an Article on Examination of This Age, the Age to Come in since a Portable Millennialism What's Important Is That You Will Find out That the There Only Two Ages This Age and the Age to Come. That's the Eschatology of Paul the Apostle Best Eschatological Position of Jesus Himself.

The Previous Don't Deal with This and They They Deal They Fail to Deal with It to Their Demise to Their Failure. If I Was with That Friend.

I Take Pate What so Was Heaven Study Together and What You'll Find Is at the End of This Age.

What Happens Is the Wicked Are Gathered, the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs. The Elect Are Gathered. The Harvest Occurs. Jesus Return Occurs at the End of the Age and the Rapture Occurs on the Rapture Spoken of the First Thessalonians 416 Two Chapter 5 Verse Two Is Where Were Caught up in That Is an Event, like a Full Prayer Is to Deny That. But It's Right There in Scripture, and It Also Says That the End of the Age That the Wicked Will Together. Matthew 1340 and 49 to 50 in the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs Then to in Matthew 13 and the First One to Where the Wicked Now Is That in a Human and Ugly That You Will Do to Return, but That That A Lot Of What like That in Matthew, Revelation, What about the Distraction for Islam, but She Is Pointing out That When the Bible Talk about Just in the Day That Nella Where You Know All of the Wicked or Slight Delay. There Will Be Two Men in a Field One Will Be Taken and the Other Will Be Laughed and He and I Think It Strange That We Just Asked Him That That Mean That Christians Will Be Taken in Anna Kind of Way.

Went Right and about, but It Did Say That Matthew Predicted the Taken Place a Distraction on the End of Luke 17, It Talks about the Tomb and the Field Was Taken Was Left As the Wicked Were Taken Take the Place of Destruction. If Full See Partial Print Resumes Okay Because It Says That Some of These Things Were Fulfilled at the Time of Christ. Then in the Fields Filled in a Different Way to Logically Again at His Second Arrival at His Return the Full per Your Estate. All of These Events Were Completed, Then and 70 A.D. Is Well on Their Loved One Interesting Point about in Revelation Where John the Thing That He Was Instructed Not to Field a Profit. Because They Were to Happen, Very Thin, Whereas Mike and Daniel. The Properties Where I Think for Engineers Away and They Weren't There with the Instruction to Feel That Property but Then That Other One Now If It Was 2000 Years. No LA That They like Long Enough to Feel It Right except for the Usual Daniel 12 Assess Seal the Prophecy until the Time of the Age When They Go To And Fro, Take Great Distances, and Knowledge Will Increase.

That Wasn't the Case Back in the First Century. It Seems Be the Case Now and Also Daniel 243 Cross Reference with 24 Luke 17 As Was the Days of Noah the Deaf in Naphthalene within Daniel 243 Talk with the Feet of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar. It Says Say Will Intermingle with the Seed of Men and That They Can't Be People Linguistically and so It Looks like the Naphthalene Issues Going to Occur Again but We Don't See That Recorded or Mentioned or Dealt with at the Time of Christ in the First Century Is Something That Looks Prophetically in Place for the Time of Now She's All There's All Kind of Stuff I Don't Talk about Whole Bunch of the Stuff Because They Could Get Kind of Hard for People Who Have Not Studied This Don't Know What's Going on. I Don't Teach a Position That Is It Is so Popular a Really Good Rapture Deputies Could Define No I Hi Teach Us Something a Cold Depressed Ecology. We Go through the Actual Stuff with the Scripture Said and at the End of the Age. The Wicked Are Gathered, the Judgment Occurs.

The Lecture Gathered. The Harvest Occurs in New Heavens and New Earth Are Made New Heavens and the Work for Me and It Happens the Day of the Lord. That's When It Happens That They Lord, Entirely. That's Right, and Eat the Day the Lord If This Can Happen. And If the New Heavens and New Earth Were Made Which Can't Be the Case of Second Peter 310, Etc. It Could Not Have Happened in the First Century.

It Just Could Not Have Asked Your Friend If She's a Partial Prearrest, Not a Full Prearrest a Partial Prearrest Says A Lot Of What Was Prophesied Was Fulfilled Because People Did Flee to the Hills, the Type of Person of the Neurotic Persecution in 666. As You Noted, That the Antichrist Will 616 Is a Variation of Textual Variation and It Seems to Be the Case. Woodmere Was Number Was and Did It Feel like It's a Really Involve Federal I Could Talk Too Much about Because It Really Opened up Again Want, but Partial Cleaners and Is within Orthodoxy. Full Plagiarism Has All Kind of Problems. I Recommend People Steer Away from Partial Prism Fulfilled, Then Fulfilled Now Department of Macular Talking about Anything Will Happen in a before This Generation. A. Duration May Inherit Which Generate That That Will Not Generate 20 Things Occur or the Generation of Him, Then All Alive Because If It Says. During This Time, This Generation If It's Big and the Generation the Future. This Generation Will Not Pass Away until All Things Happen. This Is Why Partial Plagiarism Has Such a Strong Foothold and Is within Orthodoxy, and the Whole Thing Happen and Is Coupled Either with Post-Millennialism Millennialism, but Generally Not Gone Okay Okay They Fall Short of Time.

I Will Not Be on There Tomorrow Doctors Appointment Stuff.

The Lord Bless You Back on by God's Grace on Wednesday

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