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February 10, 2020 1:45 am

Matt Slick LIve

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February 10, 2020 1:45 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about being on the ABN network earlier in the day.--2- Should I listen to Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer---3- What is the difference between Cherubim and Seraphim---4- How can I best respond to someone who says there is nothing after death, that life just ends---5- Does the verse in 2 John about not inviting a false teacher in your home mean not to witness to nonchristians---6- What do you think about progressive sanctification---7- A caller wanted to discuss theories regarding young earth creationism.--8- In determining what is or is not Scripture, shouldn't we use what the church recognized rather than what the Jews considered Scripture---9- Did God ordain the fall-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Why is president is found online or you have questions about why a little bit good there we go. Hey it is Lexi February 5 two 2020. I was out yesterday to some people, or someone strict medical stuff that happens you know family hey if you want you to call all you do was dilute 772072276. Now some of you may have noticed or saw I was only being set in the past hour because I like to be Aramaic broadcasting ministries great great ministry and talk about Islam and violence of that of Muslims upon Muslims and things like that. And I'll tell you I was dilute them later to become a going there, they speak Arabic hold the stove so well. Though there are gracious to be the great folks learn a lot from them, and shut my mother would nevertheless like a set of 20. McCall, 87720722761 just jump on the phones. Let's go to Jennifer from Los Angeles.

Jennifer, welcome Jennifer Rainier hello Jennifer.

Jennifer. Jennifer you are all mere either. I that's around yeah quickly there so it's all we got Jill my not. I definitely would avoid them, I would want to see Lucy safe can they really teach good stuff here and there.

You know they teach some something of the Bible is pretty good still teach some stuff. It's not very good nature. That of course is this correct date, they often will fail to do that.Joyce Myers taught heresy flat out heresy. I can read some stuff from her Joel O'Steen, in my opinion.

In my estimation, is not qualified to be a pastor because he doesn't know basic Christian theology. He has gone on record and has said that the Mormons are Christians and then later Henry can't you say that some knowledgeable person. In fact, I went to his church once and walked out feeling really good. Great. But the they didn't teach the truth.

The depth of God's words, a feel-good message which is why so popular and does for the other session documentation submittals, but this just know I wouldn't recommend my member for Dick is the one who lets you think of my website here I believe yeah he's I submit just like I want say something that's wrong Stephen for Dick and he is the one who got me supportive and pastors and he just think TD Jakes is just incredibly awesome and great TD Jakes has problem with the dock of the Trinity and or submissions.

There, I would like to say that even though some have said that TD Jakes has affirmed the Trinity. What I have seen and what I've heard does not vindicate that that this assertion of vertigo for broadcasters and that's not good. You should not be supporting TD Jakes. In that sense and I know you is as we talk with Kate on the show but about reformed theology is also known as Calvinism and if you're believe that that's great or not and that's not a big deal but the thing is that he speaks of it and mocking ways, and it's not just don't do things like this. It shows a lack of wisdom and a lack of judgment, lack of understanding of a lot of things you agree with it is just you don't speak in such mocking tones, condemning tones of things like that would deal with the majesty and this the sovereignty of God and then market by condemning people so there's lack of wisdom there and also tickets with a grain of salt because I'm very serious about the truth of God's word more so than I think a great many pastors are so I believe in sticking with or to God and within pastors not biblical of the Trinity is biblical. TD Jakes should not be used promoted as because of these issues in these things. There's problems Joyce Meyer Joyce Meyer we read a couple things that she has said okay and am this is a cyst it's blasphemous he couldn't. He could've helped himself up until the point when he said he said I commend my spirit into your hands.

At that point he couldn't do nothing for himself anymore. You become said he was no longer the son of God. He was sent so Joyce Meyer taught that you to stop in the son of God.

She talked read the cultural is given the summation she thought he was born again that he finished her atonement and hell that he went to hell. It was tormented there in our place. These are all false teachings. If you don't believe the Jesus well you can't be sent at this is for sure. She said is no problem thing called little gods. She's not a sinner anymore is revelation knowledge.

These are serious problems but because the Christian church as a whole was so anemic it doesn't understand biblical theology revelation. Then let's say that because she's not called on the carpet for her aberrant teachings can be gentle but am.

That's some serious things I must say they don't teach some good things because they do business with people they do.

But the little bit of error is woven into it and sometimes that error can be very dangerous.

So what's the problem can while you welcoming you to couple hey folks, if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and we have open lines right now. Let me just tell you that was still nearby your support. Please consider supporting this all you do is go to Carmen CRM.O are and on the right-hand side to see the link for donate to see the letter word or click on go there on the road/donate and you have all the information it right there that after baking. Not saying always enough you don't do it you get will be blessed if you do, do it. You will be blessed not look just let you know that we always do that supports to stand here if you want to help us out to be great.

If not that's okay so the Lord bless you. All right list on the phones with Michael from Raleigh, North Carolina Michael Michelle Stoneman school. Or you reading about here. Right yeah Barbara believe that the character merger though.

Not really actually living there for more study about it. You you you know about the care of their yeah will I studied and I did an article on different kind of angels in the Bible and the Seraphim is found in Isaiah 63 and it probably means having to do with fiery ones and they have six wings of this is when the benefits of six wings, neck, or the presence of God, cherubim are often represented as wink with wings as in feet and hands describe the different forms of having faces two faces even for faces this legal representation are the real yeah that there real beings there alive.

Seraphim and cherubim and his archangels and the sort that exactly sure which which is the higher group hires higher wrist while highest group looks like the Archangel are the cherubim have a certain function.

Seraphim have a certain function that we have rulers powers are the fallen Angels as well. But yeah, the surf Ventura mentor and archangels are deftly there in Scripture. I would article on this on Claremont are different kinds in the Bible. And yes, there are, however, quick question know that quite walking over rated bike but duty Angel at all clear: daily life yes you are.

If you yes because they are here to do the bidding the will of God and angels have been sent by God to do various things to fight to reveal to inform, to help in the Bible so yeah we can say that they're involved in our lives. And that's the date the lessee.

They can never be redeemed once were lost because of the Redeemer foreground, but the ones who do not fall they will forever be as they are not, that's fine. Angels. But you can go out and or centers of ministering angels in the Bible as well and saw one of four talks about Luke 16 but you know it says there. The poor man died was carried by the angels to Abraham's bosom.

So Jesus said there's some interaction that they had for governor novel called the influence where demons and angels and I took some liberty.

There is fiction, but they fight each other and the influence people and so there in the novel violates Scripture so good so much. Okay, lockable. God bless.

Okay. All right. Hey folks, what you may call we have the let's say you have all the lines are open. They want you to call them and become after 877-207-2276 so let me talk with the angel a little more than our fallen Angels and one of the theories is that some fallen Angels had relations with Mary with the with the women in Genesis 6 of naphthalene and one of the theories is that the offspring than ethylene or them, and that when the flood came, the naphthalene were destroyed in the flood. The disembodied spirits.

They became demonic forces or demons is just a theory, but there's a lot of studies about different angels, some sailors, rulers and powers are different levels of angels and archangels, cherubim, Seraphim the letter to seem to be ministers that ministering to the work of God and offering worship around the throne of God. Various things like that so have Seraphim cherubim and the archangels and see Michael's Archangel and Gabriel's in Archangel and it looks like Satan. Lucifer's name Lucifer was also in Archangel and Sutter seem to be three mentioned in the Scriptures.

Other books superior to full apocryphal books of other names we don't consider them Scripture. So the three angels sexy to be part archangels who imagine Michael, Gabriel and Bill hey folks, with five of the must give me a call 877207277 mass Y call 77077 let's get to Alexandria from North Carolina. Welcome your on the year and a lightning though when acting individual what they believe there are kind of way you share the gospel. I will guard my family telling me they believe life and like their dad. I was wondering if you could share ideas that are Bible will go to second Corinthians 12 to that's one verse talks about with her in the body around the body do not know a man was caught up to the third heaven this going place of God can also sync with his 58 which says to be as for the bodies to be home with the Lord in the good of Luke 1619 through 31 talks there.

Lazarus and the rich man and that they were both conscious after death set out for their people, though, who don't do not affirm the truth of God's word will say to them is also look if you believe that we do cease to exist after death then you're putting everything you have your soul on that belief that you can't verify is true, which is something you believe is linked to possibilities you either continue or you do not continue after death.

If you do not continue after death. You will never know what is just nothing. If you do continue continue, you will know it. The only option you have is to be concerned with continuing because you never know if you are right.

If your position that there is no life after death is correct. You never know you could only know if you are wrong slick possibility of knowing, so I say don't risk eternity based on something you can't verify as being true, you just disappear because anything I think also look at NDE's near-death experiences, people die and they come back they describe things that are not possible unless something very unusual happened. No talking like that. So those are some the approaches of those are some of the approaches NDE's near-death experiences books out there that this is something to talk about this and nothing he put it all the screens all these experiences, but these are the kind of things that are out there that are so to speak, not biblical that you can say is look even here it happens, the Bible is correct yet again there is life after death. Okay, I'll follow sure that what we lightning I will find a common like I know. Believe that you are like anything I can share what I believe and I balance I'm not guided by linking the bank though not brought in mind and don't think about it and get it by lifestyle which you talk and recommendation that Byron being now like nine now. I now like Ali really the Lord where the God.

Truthfully, when you said too much are going to strong somebody witnessing everything yeah I like to save RAD shared that may be a pretty strong and bare believe that happened that day will truth of the Bible. What you do is speak the truth to them know Isaiah 5511 says the word of God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires and so you spoke the word of truth to them and let God's work word work on them and that's what his job is to present the truth the best of your ability and then just move on. God opens the heart and mind right to do okay will okay thank you God bless.

All right let's Alexandra, let's get to Cody from Texas.

Think about this matter. Cody welcome your on the start.

I okay we got where you are hearing it guard on the radio.

Radio. You are no basically, like an army that wanted a lady called yesterday and… You never heard of the got a orthodox belief are five products that lady called everything was an he was expressly conferred. Now she didn't want to interact with the other gospel about deadly stuff like that are referencing believe that the only thing there.

Dr. Dr. Kari anyway basically tell the lady in Iraq is not difficult. I'm sorry I'm a Christian, versus second John deals with the issue of inviting someone in your home and something with them what he's talking. What in that culture is very important in the culture when you invited someone in your home, you were essentially aiding and abetting in their work and that's what talk about their and this is not the issue you're at work you're talking to people were Jehovah's Witnesses. They want talk to you about with their faith is.

The Bible says to give an answer to everyone who would ask you first Peter 315, Paul the apostle went to Mars Hill in acts 17 and saw people out to talk to them about the Lord. People would come to him and asked questions and he would answer those questions that would dialogue is the oligomer in the Greek and he would do this without so it's okay to talk to people at work about the faith. If they want talk to you whether faith talking about the fate this idea. Don't talk to them and just shun them. No, no, no, don't do that. That just causes them to feel persecuted and verified and what is it they believe there told that the Trinitarian sees the Gentiles of whoever and whatever the swine class are going to persecute them in a treat with the truth. It just makes Joe's with us feel more vindicated in the there. It so what she should do is learn what the George JW believe go to combat org read up on its end interact with them and witnessed the got shot by spotlight or what… I and your life you gospel they need to start another thing is you will get a break.

All right, right. That is why 07 why call 770-7700 and I regret what is your will to Benson was meant by that, but generally we become more sanctified. Further, with a long we walk with the Lord Jesus and that's okay if people with everything else that we know very anti-law super well I don't know. I can't comment.

Having heard what he said and how he said what exactly he said, but to the researcher. Listen to and stuff like that before I can go without me. If by if you mean that we become more like Christ.

The longer we are Christian then yes that is fine okay dispensing definition as well as connect with me by certain things. Okay I don't get a call's but will wait and okay RMM kick out all right, okay, let's get to Bob and Sully city Bob look of the show. You're on the air met long time with her longtime home will break it up. Okay hello yes okay you're talking about number of creationism in your conversion to it and a couple points on that support you in that work for light on the day for when they were created is actually the word like if you look at it. The memo on the front, which is a prefix for light, it actually suggests that there was energy everywhere and the funding coagulated or condensed out of that energy which is actually matches the scientific model of I know you I don't like to make doctrines out of one occurrence of the word ma'am, which is blunter but I'm just not interested about at the end of the seven day if at all.

It happened in the day, singular Lord created the heavens and the earth bring seven days in one day and it suggests that creation happened outside of time. I wouldn't say that it suggested creation happened outside of time, God did things in order. Day 123456, which suggests that time is a sequence on 11 that's up on what I look like they've done. I don't know what my left leg, known Sumitomo's site said time is a progression of definitions where it isn't the people physicists are working on trying to get the proper understanding of what I don't understand exactly what it is but we normally just say to sequence of events. We passed through anytime is that but I just first time was in the smells I don't know what that is. I don't like to attend. That's why people don't want created outside of time that appear to have taken a long time to create happened in an instant and then spent all will. Let's see this thing to say that those essay have nothing to time. We don't know what it is we can see how it was. We don't know we can relate to out so anything built on that well is how to set a time. Therefore, we don't know, so that conclusions about moving of the things that look like look like that happened late in the same record and so it actually support that position is not hypothetical. At that point I got the wood you doing is bringing things we don't looking at contextually drawing conclusions and was reticent to that that kind of progress on the show so what I will say is that there's evidence for long earth short earth but with so young earth old earth, basically. And I think they can all harmonize very well.

I just asked a bit of training and smuggled in his question, how do you deal with the single day.

At the end of I don't deal with it. I just think it's a politically speaking, and I think that is evidence that it doesn't necessitate that when we have ordinal numbers with a few bouillon day that necessitated 24 hour period is because of that kind of so I'm open to it now longer.

I have no problem with it being 24. I don't know exactly how long it was, or how it works. There are theories within physics or deal with relativity where someone on the earth would've seen something in a few days progression were outside of the law longer because relativity but I don't know all the stuff so I just heard theories that jacket is repeat the theories are just observation by way of observation that we don't really deal with five-day part of the equation when we do get to understanding about what appreciate that. So he has some esoteric discussions. There we will yeah got them to be a younger creationist on younger creation that time is an artifact of all you know, I know, but that's another discussion will either but you like that. Thanks a lot Bob appreciate the two writings, phones was cannot encounter the nickname OIC oh I get it okay welcome your money or go ahead and you hear me Matt right now. Yes I can. So I think the connection with you, I might not Canadian, I'm thinking of your website on your website harm ERM you have opposed the Apocrypha I think basically that they're not Scripture. The Jews did not recognize Jesus did not start that the Jews didn't. Jesus didn't the apostles, the right guy? Shouldn't we as Christians rely on what the church recognized other than the truth because Jews denied that that was the crux of my question. You need to adapt your question to the full set of information I gave you the Jews didn't recognize it. Jesus didn't recognize it, and the apostles and recognize it so I don't recognize it either. So the question is this one also like for example, you know, Jesus also didn't recognize the book of Revelation in argument you write.

Our phone is not correct because God because Jesus said he would give them the Revelation in the words and he did and the church then recognized what was already inspired, but you understand something that you read my articles you know this, you need to abandon that the Falls Church of Roman Catholicism in its works righteousness and is false gospel you to come to the faith in the truth of the crisis in trust in him alone and you should know from the articles that I've written that the Apocrypha was not considered Scripture by by Christ. It was not excluded in Luke 1151 when set in the blood of the fabled Zechariah at the first and last book of the Old Testament arrangement at that time in the Apocrypha was excluded from that by Christ's own words in Luke 2444 he spoke, he said to think about him in the law, the Prophets and the Psalms excluded the Apocrypha.

He knew what that was, that there are many people and if one broke. He seemed the book of Enoch in Scripture, but based on current authority when they will not. So sorry that you description. Are you familiar with the other books mentioned in the Bible that Gavin article as many books there's at least 20 that are mentioned in the Bible that are not Scripture. The book awards the book of Joshua, the Chronicles of David. The kings of Israel and Judah there just referenced a lot, something referenced. If you want to say that because Jude quoted to Enoch. Therefore, unit is inspired, then at the amenities of Menander. Pagan philosophers need to be inspired with all the rest is because Paul quoted them. What should be our final. On what is recognize the Scripture, should it be the church or something else that you understand when she when you say church. You mean something like the Roman Catholic Church and its authority. Ecclesiastical structure when I saw the church I'm talking about those who are drawn by God manifested in the first century second century. They're the ones who recognized God one apostasy later in the right folks, please state to like why call 77077 is Matt's way back to the shoulders get back on the phones with the right so Apocrypha met with slightly different ultimately the question is should I know judging the point be that you recommended fighting or should there be other factors such as what you think the question is ill-informed because you say that the church is the Roman Catholic Church and it has authority was major, begging the question, assuming that it has authority to begin with but you don't know if it had all noted on sorry sorry for that matter.

It really doesn't matter what I I'm Catholic so I will. You could say or quench urgent. It's the same thing though is not an issue for the church today Jews are the ones who recognized the Old Testament can. They're the ones who established it.

The New Testament Canon is not the Apocrypha, the Apocrypha, as part of the Old Testament time and the Jews themselves rejected it. They never considered the Apocrypha to be Scripture. They did not.

They're the ones who recognized the Old Testament Canon they rejected Roman Catholic Church. It accepts the Apocrypha, which the Jews themselves who established the Old Testament Canon. They're the ones who gave us the Old Testament can they rejected the Apocrypha what business does Roman Catholic Church have of saying that the Apocrypha is Scripture.

When the Jews who recognized the Old Testament Canon rejected it themselves.

And we got the Old Testament Canon from the Jews to enter yes I said can you answer the my perspective and I'm not trying to break out of my shell and I wouldn't. I'm not that good or anything, but if you want the country. From my perspective I think that the fact that Jews recheck the New Testament completely disqualified from having an opinion on what our Bible should look like. Also, then the Jews are wrong about Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, etc. they're the ones who did not cite.

Not all the Jews rejected the Messiah. The New Testament books, many of them became Christians speak to you can't yeah they read they accepted the Jews who gave us the Old Testament also recognize the New Testament they became Christians.

Those who rejected the New Testament did not become Christians.

Both groups still accepted the Old Testament in both groups rejected the Apocrypha something really quickly and I know I'm thinking probably right now if you believed later this but did you know that origin, Cyril of Jerusalem, Athanasius, Jerome. They rejected the Apocrypha.

Also I find troubling you think the field and that's good you they don't they call the Hebrew Bible and clearly we disagree that what they have is the Bible automatically excluding our New Testament completely for them what they have in the Bible. The Jews now want to decide the Apocrypha, the Jews of the Old Testament times, there is a want to recognize with the word of God was and it was certainly good enough for God to use the Jews establishes Old Testament Canon and God directed them, and God move through them and he did not have them recognize the Apocrypha and the Jews who became Christians still did not recognize the Apocrypha and the Jews who stayed as Jews still did not recognize the Apocrypha. The Roman Catholic Church in 1546 included the Apocrypha in light of the Plaza Reformation doctrine of justification by faith, and so wanted to add its false doctrines, it's false gospel and justify it.

So, would it then canonize made official via the Apocrypha, you need to repent of Catholicism. You know I've had a lot of discussions about your very respectful and I very much appreciate that. But the fact is, the Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel. It says in paragraph 2068 that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. The gospel is not that we observe the commandment to be saved but they were justified by faith. The Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel.

If you believe the gospel, the Roman Catholic Church, you will be damaged. This is my concern for you, I am a convert to. I'm a convert. I was actually an atheist one so I can read it back to be honest of you differently so you still just as from a season to two Catholicism, no gospel to false gospel. You still held down to youth understand something. If anybody preaches a gospel concert we brief you B accursed Galatians, 189 says that the gospel is a death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That's what is defined is properly for our sins and Paul the apostle and Jesus very clearly teach that justification is by faith and not by faith and in the ceremony or any sacraments or anything, and certainly not by keeping commandments of righteous deeds we do are filthy rags. Isaiah 64 six in the Bible in public policy. Paul clearly taught. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. 328 from his 45 the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies in godly, his faith is credited as righteousness.


Galatians 5125. If you receive circumcision Christ to be of no benefit to you. You are under obligation to the whole law.

That's what is Catholicism, you have to keep the whole law in order to be saved and its damnable heresy it for the pit of hell. This is why the parts Reformation.

I respect that we get on something and I I bet we can disagree civil conversation and understand and appreciate that we have to understand that I'm not mad at you like that was wronged by some Catholic guy is not revenge. This is an issue of salvation. You, the Mormon church says are saved by grace through faith. After all he can do Jehovah's Witness organizations has yet to keep the commandments in order to be saved. You preach in your church teaches the same thing as the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. It teaches that you have to have faith, but you also to do things to hear think that your works can contribute to your own salvation with the blood of God himself was set on that cross.

You can add to the blasphemous American thing to do. That will ensure judgment upon you. Not only the afterlife but now is the hardness of the hardest is a result of sin and the sin the great sin. The Catholic Church promotes is a false gospel works righteousness saved by grace of faith definitely can do no second Nephi 25.3 the book of Mormon. No but that's the same thing that Catholicism teaches you have to do all the works of the sacraments. You have to have grace re-infused into you. You commit a sin venial sin a little bit of grace is lost from your soul. You commit a mortal sin. All of the grace is lost from your soul is to go to the church and its authority to get it all back and they give you works to do works works tenant's various forms of things that are due to get that grace back into the turn grace into works. They turn the grace of God into war. It is a blasphemous religion. What I don't want to anyway like me to another topic which is not my initial question, I respect the fact that you understand think differently and, when you see things differently than we think. I respect the fact that we can disagree on things and still be cynical because I don't see it the way you do.

But that's not really something that I think Kyle and other good thing is that I still respect you because of the know your experience and your way of presenting many important and essential things to unbelievers and others. And I mean, you know, I came across your material. When I had an atheist face before converting to Roman Catholicism, and after accepting Roman Catholicism and my respect for the same appreciate and always had good discussions with four different venues besides radio continue to preach the gospel to you faith alone in Christ alone.

I love that you not Roman Catholic Catholic.

I I would like to have the lady I would love to but I don't know if it's fair to others willing to talk with you well. Greek mold and discord. Sometime when we can have a discussion tomorrow night. I probably will be on apologetics life. We can have a discussion then if you think so much for getting the time to question thanks appreciate it all right. I say probably tomorrow night is my daughter's surgery to be there so let's see, let's get to the next longest waiting is James Wake Forest, North Carolina. Sorry for the long wait, but James get about two minutes of the shows are about to give Matt and required so I believe that that felt that in current at or creation that all you that a little bit more sure we have time to say this quickly and efficiently home. Nothing can occur in the universe and the world in our lives unless it is by the permission of God. He knows all things for John 320.

He does not increase in wisdom or knowledge because he knows all things.

When he brought the universe into existence all things that would occur in it were already known by God and given permission to use these loose ways of saying it.

Given permission to exist. The fall was part of that plan of God.

God's plan can be direct and indirect he can directly cause something to happen with her be like the universe exists in the can indirectly permit it were Satan came in of his own free will and then acted contrary to the will of God, but even that was only possible by the permissive witness of God. The permissive will of God for the fall was inevitable.

Not that God was making it happen. But, because, as God brought the universe into existence. That was part of his plan to allow it and it's good to have but he didn't cause it okay okay thank you. Hope it helps. Doesn't yet that it took up a go way out. Want one layer of all will we have to get into it's called the ultimate cause the end and we get down to is called the efficient cause and proximate causes in between them and we can talk about the decree of will and in and the permissive will get it into the wills of God's decree of will is prescriptive will and his permissive wealth and not trying to be show off and always words but these are the topics that we need to talk about in order to get through this issue that you're raising radiation and the wrong answers to know some more things than just excellent bit longer than we have here okay Matt I think you come back again this morning but it was James Wake Forest. I apologize for half-hour or bless you all and by his grace back on their tomorrow

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