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February 10, 2020 2:15 pm

Matt Slick LIve

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 10, 2020 2:15 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the errors of the Word of Faith movement.--2- Can your believing loved ones see you from heaven---3- Why exactly do we share the gospel if predestination occurs- Is it purely out of obedience---4- Is partial preterism ok- And how does Israel play into that---5- Is harboring unforgiveness an unforgivable sin---6- When Moses talked with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration, was that an answer to his request to see God in Exodus---7- A Catholic caller wanted to discuss Acts 15 as it related to authority.

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why back on one of those weeks so I was out Tuesday on Thursday and back on Friday and everything should be going okay for that me. The Lord blessed the effortless radio show. I if you want to give me a call you to do is dial 87720722765 open lines of these numbers waiting right now so you can call would love that and him and run up and down the stairs and take care things so last minute stuff so we we still nearby my donations.

If you like what you hear if you want to hear somebody who is dedicated to the word of God, who believes that the Scriptures are the inspired and infallible word from God himself, and that all of the Scriptures. In the old and New Testament. The 66 books of the old and New Testament.

If you believe that they are true that we ought to live our lives by them and you want to hear someone teach and preach from that. From that perspective on the net officials about.

I have been defending the Christian faith for 40 years and is quite a privilege to be on these stations here to be able to speak the word of truth to the best of my ability. Don't claim. I always get it right, but I do study the word of God.

Very deeply and on a constant basis so you people call me over the years and tell me that they disagree with me but doesn't bother me. Okay, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the right to show me under Scripture.

I'm always open to that. I have been corrected over the years, you know, if you don't like what I say well okay check yourself and NC is it because it's with the word of God says we don't like it, or is it because you think that's what the word of God says I don't like because sometimes people think they know what the word of God says they really don't. That's what I'm trying to do is get spam my phone down. What I trying to get people to see what the word of God's house to try and get them to understand the truth and to challenge them. I want people challenged. They need to be challenged.

As Christians we need to be challenged. See I don't preach this this idiocy that a lot of preachers teach that God wants us healthy and wealthy.

He may he may not. He may want you to be wealthy.

He may not want to be wealthy.

He may want you to be healthy, he may not want you to be healthy. We have to do is find the will of God for our lives, but so many people. What they'll do is they'll take versus Julieta context are the Scriptures and they will then promote the Scriptures and the site.

If you want to be healthy and wealthy list of the words that I'm telling you in here just for 2995 big new get the CD set and perceived fate of $100 you can get this and that and it'll be blessed and all this kind of stuff which to me is usury, which to me is is a way of calling people out of money.

I'm serious, I thought. I believe it is not hope one day to be on TV. I love to have a weekly or even a daily TV show and what I would do on TV as if we needed the money we save you know we did not build may not say will have the bills being paid. If you want to support us is what you do if you don't want supporters don't do it.

I'm not a safety support is to get blessed. You may, you may not is between God and you. But here's the truth.

This is how it needs to be done where people are trusting God that manipulating Christians not manipulating people and trying to get them to give money based on emotion based on selfishness and narcissism you think about this when Adam and Eve were in the garden they rebelled against God.

What they did was they sought their own will. They want their own health, their own prosperity.

Because this was Hassan Galindo. Romans 36 Marie just talking about the course of 877-207-2276. Nobody: that's a difficult soul of this notice is when the woman saw that the tree was good for food personal needs. Ryan was a delight to the eyes, its appeal and could even be part of the pride and is how the tree was desirable to make one wise, so this is a self kind of exaltation she took from its fruit and ate and she gave her husband with her, and he ate nothing about with the set is after Satan misuse the word of God doubted the word of God and what she did not understand that because she's a woman now, Adam blew it too.

But here's the thing what Satan appealed to was the flesh he says in verse five the Lord God God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes only opened you'll be like God, knowing good and evil.

He appealed to the sensibility of Eve and what he did was he mixed truth and error. Your eyes will be opened. That's true.

You'll be like God, knowing good and evil. That's true.

You'll be like him in the sense of knowing good and evil, but in violation of what God had said, don't eat for this tree. See truth and error go together. That's how you get people to believe lies by mixing the light and with truth. It's like poison mixing with something sweet and smooth, will gladly take. And this is what happening in the Christian church today.

A lot. I watch TV and I am up all appalled by some of the things I see on TV in the name of God people saying certain things and so your seed faith that be blessed by getting this.

Here's the anointing oil here so-and-so's anointing water. Here's the thing for this much money you send this and you get this. I'm immersing one where you send your your donation and and he'll put your brother to put your envelope on the table, put his hands on the envelopes and pray praying for you. It's just a con. And when you stand against this kind of thing the enemy comes against you, and I threw it in a lot of different areas you know this is what Jesus said the world would persecute you. If you stand for him and standing for him is important to look at Jesus himself was a rich no is persecuted and he said, take up your cross and follow after me. How many of you Christians if you read church and the pastor said look you want to become a Christian. This is what makes it means you to pick up your cross on a daily basis. It means you have to give up your pride remain. Sometimes you may have to do things that will cause you to suffer that you to live for Jesus and not for yourself, he may want you rich.

He may want you poor, you may want you healthy. You may want you sick may want you in varying degrees to accomplish his ultimate will. If you're willing to live for Jesus to matter what he has for you, but it would be for his glory, not your own. If that's what you want to have your sins forgiven by Jesus and Carrie that crosses he commanded. He says if you do not deny yourself and pick up that crusher not working with him, if that's what you want to do SIB preaching, then prayed to receive Christ without I was worn people ill take you as you are but you won't leave you? Christianity is a serious undertaking is not something that the having to make your life better. It may make your life greatly better. It may not is not a thing that we do for personal gain. We become Christians to be forgiven become Christians to serve Christ we become Christians to be disciples to love God and to love our neighbor and they can be costly. Sometimes and other times it's just wonderful pleasant.

This is the whole measure of Christianity.

If I were on TV I be preaching like that I wouldn't be preaching this only these verses that talk about blessing and would not take those verses out of context. I balanced them with the whole Scripture that were supposed to do as teachers.

What a false teachers out there who want to get your money, get your recognition and so will say what pleases you. That's not what I do is with this type talk about that going to McCauley one open line 877-207-2276. Let's get to Wade from West Virginia weighed your on-air show is all right by Koch arrangement where you will pay it bad that your body won't leave you nor a restroom is on something that is very not let it come up, and the click of whether your loved one can look down from heaven after they had and I've been unable to find anything in the here that the board that but I've been unable to find anything in the youth that you might be able to help me with that what you arty said what I would say I don't know of anything is good for the supports or refutes it. The Bible seems to be neutral on it. So therefore we can't support it or deny it. What we can say is that what we're told to do is to pray to God and no one else and I suspect that the reason this is not talked about in Scriptures because of the idolatry that would occur which is rampant. For example, in the Catholic Church. We pray to saints to pray to this person for that person. Pretty soon you're not even talking to Jesus anymore. It's creatures after praying to them and asking for the for direction and guidance. That's just idolatry. So I think this is why God says no that can they hear our prayers.

Some people say that there's an verses of Revelation was part of the saints. A sound and 24 elders and they stay take the symbolic things and they say see they can hear doesn't say that. So I don't say that they can hear us.

I don't know.

I don't believe so personally because how can they hear us, what is it mean because think about this, if they are someplace there to be with the Lord in the third heaven, the presence of God and where is that is it. On the other side of Jupiter is it in the eighth dimension, we don't know where it is and so if I'm praying silently. My mind how can they hear that it is only a thought. Only God can hear that wealth does that mean then if you hear the prayers that God has to take the prayers and make them audible somehow to people all over the spiritual realm.

That's what good would have to happen in that sense because how could they be the spiritual realm and then just hear our thoughts. I had Catholics take will be don't know what they can do so therefore it's possible the Lord we don't know. There's no evidence so therefore it's possible this was happening while say we don't know if there's an ice cream factory and the fourth largest moon of Jupiter either. I guess it must be there. So this kind of argument is very very bad when people look to support their idolatrous positions. You're right it's not there.

And because it is not there.

Don't do it this don't do it right. What about praying they can hear right Diane. Your path on love one will you know what going on in your life now. The argument that are running a lot of is what they couldn't know what you were doing. They could be looking down have been. It there, you know, there's no thought bring. There's no crying heaven, and if they could look down the you know what what their love going that way but well mounted logic is that you break when you get a break. Hold on okay right back have these messages, please wait the mass Y call 77077 show everybody. I all right man down there. We get to get a that we don't know if they can hear us.

We don't my belief so so and hopefully your are looking us in the shower. You made the argument that I commonly run out there without land or the breakout rep pretty quickly is you know that that bring that up in heaven and I don't see how they think they're mutually because I believe you once you're doing with Christ in heaven 11Q you know going and then you'll hear you're better able to understand God will and though even if our loved ones were looking down and you know something good happens do it. They would say in a great God, but even when I thought something bad that they would think right Will that the back that the was good thinking because the yard with the use no sadness to look to see something that happened really sad. How do you know that I can be said is in heaven because we don't know. It's an assumption can we we don't know and believe so, but you'd be careful and make assumptions in the make doctrines on assumptions or anybody for light okay. All right. It will doubtless whatever we get a lot of calls wait. All right. Okay God bless. All right, the skin of the phone with Ken from Richmond Virginia can welcome your on-air thank you that my question is about the pre-predestination. My idea believe it to be clear in the Scripture and also I believe it to be clear that were supposed to share the gospel with other but I'm having trouble drawing the link between the 2 W, why God called Christ and they can't come without being called, and though we are called to share the gospel. Why we are doing it. If God doing the work is we out of obedience or are there some other reason why were you sharing the gospel of Christ. Destination is inside the doctrine of God's sovereignty and nothing can occur without his sovereign will. Ephesians 111 works all things after the counsel of his will. Even Jesus says in John five 1919, the son can do nothing of himself, except what he sees the father doing his new anything of his own initiative.

John 530. If there's a freedom in the nature and heart of Christ, who came to do with the will of the father, was that was predestined from all eternity. So we don't understand the level of depth of how all of this works.

Nobody does. Their theologians, philosophers who have discussed these issues and try to get down to some varying levels of understanding, and we can't get very far we can get form one sense but not for another sense of who can understand the mind of God.

So we don't understand how God has worked his election predestination.

We know that he has is the Bible teaches it. Ephesians 145 on saying these verses for the people who don't like these documents well then note to Ephesians 1 verses four and five in Markham Ave., Bible because it right there. It's what it says.

So if that is the case, why are we evangelizing well. I evangelized because I don't know how it is that God elects I evangelized because I want to. I evangelized because God told me to.

I evangelized a because that's one of the means that God uses to bring his elect into the world by my evangelizing, which I do my freedom in Christ that God has ordained the foundation of the world which I am the efficient cause of. I'm the one who's doing it, then it brings about what God has wanted decree from all eternity and I get a reward for that. Not that I'm doing it for the reward, but those who are faithful to Christ going out doing his will, to which and through which God has ordained the means of his election, then we receive reward and it actually make a difference.

The prayers of a righteous man of illness with God. How does that work as James 516 says I don't know how can we influence God from all eternity is predestined.

Whichever shall come to pass.

I don't know, and I thought I was getting close.

Once the understanding it and then I heard this sound in my brain and the that when I blacked out for a while and I wash 30 IQ points so you know I just told him he can do it, but at that help say you get my point here yet my dear that you Job I really appreciate thank you as we may get to heaven, and he will go all now it all makes sense. Here's the thing. A lot of people say this because this is important. A lot of people what they do is they reject these things because they can't understand well that means they want a God who is understandable, but God is the infinite being of the universe will automatically and naturally have certain aspects of his nature that we cannot understand, and so the fact and the truth of the biblical revelation is that there are things in the Scriptures that we cannot completely and totally understand because a deal with the mind of the heart of God in the eternal decrees and will the intra-Trinitarian communion and we expect that we should expect their peers.

Everything's work when we get to mute organist at each other and shrugged her shoulders and but if we have a God where we can make sense of all of it like the God of Mormonism at all makes sense. Well, it's a God after our own heart. We've invented so nothing we want to miss confusing is not confusing is paradoxical, not illogical, just difficult.

That's how it is and I'm okay with the right yeah that sounds good to great curiosity you record Butte because I would love to listen. Your answer again is the and and for 1995.

All we can help you out with teeth as T-shirt and no there all you do is go to go to Carmen YouTube YouTube in the car and it in the videos on or you go to Facebook and it's there and if you go to slick live. One word I once we can catch up and I put the links up for the shows a question but you just go to YouTube and to and in its place on right now you look at it you watch it later okay okay I really appreciate thank you God bless. All right, the skin from Richmond, Virginia.

We have two open lines 877-207-2276 Joel from Des Moines, Iowa. Joel welcome and I will grade up regulation and over the last 15 years of thought over the perpetrator of them.

Not all writer of them and I don't modify don't have all the him through, but I listen to another call-in radio show the other day that of those solid evangelical believer in Christ more to you answers questions and a lotto rejected parcel greater than because he thought no future for the nation of Israel and parcel greater than the outlook.there is no rapture. A you clarify all of his shirt. Let's do that okay right back after these messages we have two open lines 87772276 Matt slick live call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to show everybody there all right of you to Hebrews 1125. Actually he was 1120 elsewhere. My real no Romans 11 Tom, I think newest glitch in their Romans 1125 it says that I do not want you brother to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation of partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and so all Israel will be saved goes on so the time of the Gentiles has not been completed, so it's after that that all of Israel will be saved and so God is not done with Israel and to go to what limits are Revelation 16 talks about hundred 44,000 will turn male, virgin Jews who go about to all the earth, preaching and teaching that hasn't occurred.

Now some partial traitorous deny the rapture. I don't on the partial printers. I believe that the prophecies of Christ were fulfilled in his time or the generation right then and will also be fulfilled again at the end of his return and that that's partial plagiarism and full printers. And I believe is heretical because it denies the resurrect evidence to meet the full return of Christ.

According to prophecy first of X1 9 to 11 listed on the clouds.

They said he came in the armies of of Rome destroyed Jerusalem, I don't buy that at all, but we do know that a lot of things did get fulfilled in the 60s. In the first century, the 60s with Nero the persecution and Christians inflating the hills. We also know at the end time is good be more persecution coming and the Christians are to be persecuted once again to that degree.

We fling as well. So we go to Matthew 24, 34 solicited this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. The partial printers would say some partial printers say will that was a generation then and the one later on were full printers would say will that's only the young generation. Then and then some people would say is it's liveries.

Thanks and I just read some articles cider to break after reviewed it on partial printers and from a well-known website and I felt the article to be quite unsatisfactory and so very problematic in its analysis in his commentary on it so I don't that health or not doesn't think you may like your appreciably allowed them. Everything is in the future.

After all, traitorous, everything is out here are so fragrant spectrum of the note from the great narrow down and figure out exactly will gather that there be no letter in the far right side really close the old freighter of the Montgomery thumb letter on the far left side close to percolating with them, but the little bit of that about the confusion but there is some speculation there trying to figure out exactly where it is in the middle, both to correctly fit of spectrum. Yeah, now I see that with hesitation because a spectrum is an undefined word in this context, which really doesn't help us but I understand I'm planning if you go to Carmen for example need to.

You look at the article this age and the age to come to a steering thing with eschatology and you go through and what the Bible says about the end of this age, the last trumpet, the resurrection and the judgment you'll find that these things all occur basically the same time and also Jesus is at the end of the ages, when the harvest will occur. A single sailor harvesters first gather the tears for the wicked are the first ones gathered. I don't know of any eschatological group that prominently teaches that that's what's right there and I've been teaching this now for about 10 years in an effort if your people are to teach it to the first was taken of the wicked.

Jesus said, and it took me two years before I finally went public within such that's what it says because like I kept thinking how can everybody not see this.

Just as in Matthew 24 Luke 17 to Benefield was taken with his left.

The ones were taken on the wicked. It's it's obvious when you read the context of both and so special people dissident. They just are dumbfounded. They you're right so eschatology is really initialing thing. It's almost like someone's pet you can't insult her past because a negative order child so Thunderbird biblical guys about them. Partial printers on big brother and my no future for Israel. It is really rejecting all credit could be in their variations. The problem is that I like you to email me to an end to me who that is. I think I know, but the problem is that there is variation within plagiarism variation within part of partial plagiarism. So which view do you hear me when I'm answering questions on site. Well it's not that easy to answer because different variations within it and how do you nail all of that one sentence.

I don't see full printers and is is a heretical accent when I say it. It is because it denies first is to be actual 9 to 11. It is meant to be that that is heretical.

I have to say that would just is the partial plagiarism. Some hold to mill some don't hold.

Some hold the post mill, some don't. Summer pre-mill summer not summer preacher rapture proposed director okay you I want to be anybody up over these things and we have people leaving the gospel real issues that need to be addressed and dumb variation. Some of the variation think there early.

You walk in. God bless. Okay, that was Joe from Des Moines Iowa this get over to Scott from Pennsylvania.

Scott welcome your on here. Thank you, but you question it. Matthew 830 though my heavenly father off. You each of you does not brother art.

My question is that is harboring on forgiveness like a type of unforgivable know if you harbor unforgiveness and it was unforgivable.

Then when you become in your heart.

Forgiving of that person, then you couldn't have been forgiven for that because was unforgivable to begin what so the stuff the unforgivable sin. But what he's talking about.

In the context is the people who old different amounts of money and is in Matthew 18 is a famous parable one diode you know $1 million on a diode, a $10,000 and the guy go to million was forgiven much and I did very kind and he went to somebody who owed him you don't thousand dollars guy could pay it so he threw him in jail and then the other guy the first that comes luckily I gave you up for gave you all this and you only forget a little bit and I'll put you in prison and so what he's staying. What Jesus is saying is that you can forgive. You talk about this to the Jews. Matthew short of the Jews. Any talk of the Jews. They had this legalistic attitude. He says this is what true forgiveness is.

You gotta forgive him your heart, not just from the verbal external thing that you say and you do this one the evidences of it is not a one-for-one statement.

If you don't forgive her, but in your heart Matt or Scott that he's not a forgive you because nobody in their heart ever forgives everybody perfectly and completely.

What if you have anger toward somebody and they die before you forgive all your troubles. What if you have the unforgiveness in your heart for somebody and for whatever reason you get sick and you your memories are wiped out for that sorry can't forgiven now because you remember well technically I guess you be going to hell with you because he wouldn't forgiving the heart's we have to be careful about legalistic ideologies here is not what Jesus is talking about. Okay. Make sense collect myself or you what I've heard people say that the problem for what you know not all unreformed.

I see no problem with it whatsoever. Our salvation is not dependent upon our ability to be good in their hearts. Jesus isn't teaching that he's teaching the Jews. You need to forgive. You can't be hypocritical about this. That's what he's talking okay that I goes on to talk about divorce.

These are things that the Jews were very much involved with righteousness, self-righteousness, arrogance, hypocrisy, divorce, Jesus is addressing that's what's going on right already. Ultimately, it is okay God bless right, let's get on the phones with Matt from Pennsylvania man eroding the air.

I guess not. With proven lines folks 877-207-2276 is good to Solomon from Iowa, Solomon, you're on the year.

There you go, Solomon, neuron hello why thought about God But full of the American okay hold on a break right heart break right back folks after these messages will talk to Solomon from Iowa so effectively the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave everyone I Solomon, are you still there. Solomon Solomon there so you are able to get your beer on the hello yes your back or on the outer era) on the regular got on the year-end but on their buyback in the Mondo concert.

A greater type of doubt and fear of thought on the monitor.

More than I like. I am motivated. Either that, like a nonprogrammatic graph. The guard rail is knowledgeable to the big on the thought of him going on on the Mondo conflagration well yeah got flexible like to no man has seen or can see. First Timothy 616 Jesus says in John 646 that nothing any man has seen the father kept the one from God. He has seen the father talk about himself in Exodus 3311. It says that you cannot see my face, for no one can see me and live in an extra 3320 God spoke to Moses face-to-face is a man speak to this friend will we know from the Scriptures we know from exit 24, 9 to 11. We know from excess 6213 Genesis 71 Genesis 18 one we know that God is seen. We also know from the New Testament verses which have Artie quoted is not the father, who was Saints whenever they were seeing God in the Old Testament it was a pre-incarnate Christ okay all right prior order note but nobody thought her father was not like no man has seen nor can see which refuse Mormonism because Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism said he saw God the father. The Bible says he can't flat out for his soul because the tenant and sometimes people go to acts 735 to 60 were talks about Stephen but what it says is that she saw the glory of God. Father not God but the glory of God is reported.

This is something I've known for decades. This argument these verses.

I've used them countless times and I believe using them for against people who deny the Trinity as much of his witnesses against Mormons all kind of stuff from the Scriptures are very strong. Very truly, they refute the false doctrines, nor look anyway. Hope that helps. There is a question okay all right okay buddy. God bless. Okay, we have five recognized want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Esther back to Canadian Catholic background when you like night. Back on the show.

I can't want to ask a quick question about eight if the chapter maybe from the Bible that what I one of the keys to my conversion to Roman Catholicism, chapter 15, you no doubt know, the chapter can you hear me well Mr. Smith two. I met you want but died some of the Jerusalem Council without really quickly.

It seemed like at first the apostles, like Paul, inviting the happy disagreement on Scripture right on mode mode is the law of circumcision and the law of Moses like the establish criteria on seems to be when touched because in the rice different debate, but it goes out of hand and to have the entire hierarchy bring out the authority to decision so do you accept what it looks like you're a good use of the will. That's what was going on. The church there in Jerusalem got together and help make decisions for the system to disagree with that at all.

We reaffirm the kind of thing, except that the church has a right to atypically proclaim a definitive teaching from the Bible as a yes and no. You see when you save the church and the Bible you're talking here about 7X 15 that's a unique situation. Paul is there Peter, is there Barnabas is there or talk to people who were right there and it wasn't handed down authoritative thing and therefore they automatically have that same authority they don't show you that they fail in that the Catholic Church fails miserably thing consequently had. So you see that the apostles and the elders that apostles did discharge entirely, including the hierarchy authoritative definition because it will be typecast in those passages are interpreted differently by the Jews, but we go by what I can extract authoritatively told us this passages were supposed to be out.

If you look at that they charge at least at some point he had such authority, electric hierarchy, but also be elders. Why did that exploit peach get stripped away from the church at some point and at what point did this authority gets longer with his current cadet, you look like planer when it is not an issue authority being stripped away on Presbyterian. For example, as in Greek payable terrace, which means elder. So when I was in the PCA back decades ago there was a Presbytery meeting and the Presbytery decided certain things that were to be followed, not followed and that was binding on that denomination for the principal is certainly there, and we would be Presbytery feel to acts 15 as well. The question is one of authority and differentiation were the Presbyterian Church.

For example, we wouldn't say that we have the handed down authority for the laying on of hands to apostolic succession and therefore we can forgive sins and proclaim thing. No would say we have the authority to present the word of God as an ecclesiastical group and the only way he could be known if that's true with her presenting is by the comparison Scripture because even Paul and Silas Paul Barnett at the acts 17 when it talks about how the brain is checking what they said against Scripture that you can understand something in X 17. What happened here if if the idea is that they have to submit to a hierarchical structure, then it understands and says here in verse 10 of X 17 and brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea in verse 11 of those were more noble minded in that those in Thessalonica, for than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word. The great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether they think yourself now wait a minute. If the apostles were the one who had all this great authority to apostolic succession, then shouldn't the. The Marines have simply submitted to whatever that they said no I didn't though with a did was they use the Scriptures to check even what they who were sent by the commission by the player X 17 by the authorities. There they even check what they said against Scripture and the cold more noble minded now is that what the Catholic Church practices so it is a coat two more minutes is that with church practices though yet another it does not because the magisterium has the final authority and I can quote you than from the magisterium and with a say in the countries they are not allowed disagree with that but Mr. slick exactly the Scripture in the final authority in the same plan that Constitution of the final report.

The fact that the Supreme Court decided based on the Constitution does not mean that the Supreme Court does not also submit to the Constitution. It's just that the Constitution has to have some enforcing power you get there has to be some unity that enforces the Constitution and there will always be disagreement in acts 15 Pharisees arguably still continue to disagree with the apostle possible interpretation of those passages, but that doesn't mean that their interpretation was not buying one that so you agree that the Presbyterian Church has the authority to authoritatively decree that constant satiation and tell Lutherans that their heretics through the land where you knew your shift and you want me to get into place of judgment and condemnation of other people within the Christian Protestant And you what you want to do is go is not in the ducting that you understand that they would disagree and check out what they I would disagree with consubstantiation but listen I Presbyterian brethren would lean more towards it than I would. Certainly I hold more to a symbolic thing, but certainly both the Lutheran element directory like I would end) is what I have huge respect all my question. What is your current claim authority to act 15 seems to get church elders and if not why not.

Why did the church. This authority that characters from locking Dennis pointed I could escape again. I don't know at what point what day I can answer the kind of thing I can tell you look at the church is not a Christian church in Falls Church is an apostate church abridges a false gospel. It promotes idolatry is not a true church is an apostate false religion is what it is you can understand something that would God would Jesus himself said so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive Sandy serve the paralytic I save you get up the giver stretcher and go home 524 to 25 that he says in Matthew 10 one. Jesus summoned his 12 apostate disciples and gave them authority.

Authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness.

Verse eight heal the sick, raise the dead, cleansed lepers, cast out demons for the receipt for the gift. Now we know that the apostles did these kind of things on command.

Jesus raise the dead on command. Peter dated on command. Paul healed on command.

If you, your church has the same authority than two things are to be a noticeable one if they have that kind of of apostolic authority with their claiming the Presbyterian Church doesn't limit that kind of of apostolic authority delivered on demand, acquitted the same authority. The apostles gave an on demand to build healing reasonably kind of thing they'll claim that I don't claim with the Roman Catholic Church says they have the salable authority of the apostles did. They did these things on command, get the catheter that can do that so doesn't have the same authority.

It does not, and it promotes the idolatry of Mary worship and Marietta ration it and I want to be writing an article this weekend. Does the Roman Catholic Church preach a false gospel. Yes, God's it doesn't have the authority it does not have the authority of God. It works in cahoots with Satan because it is teaching a false gospel. The gospel of Roman Catholicism is a morass of confusion is so involved with pendants and were and everything else that you got to do to keep yourself right with God is that of faith alone in Christ alone its faith and dependence and indulgences in confession and sacraments needed to maintain your place with God.

In paragraph 2060 in the catechism says Bloomington says that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments that is a demonic doctrine. I'm sorry but it is. I gotta say it like it is some is that a speaker gets Roman Catholic Church you follow up about my perspective I told you I respect Cory interpretation of the holy Scripture and still get like have the respect that I welcome the use you think about differently is from experience I may convert to a little house I've been in on the sign in record time you I wanted you to save all that money did not want to cut them off. We have to go and this is folks yeah that's what I believe a have a great weekend

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