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February 13, 2020 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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February 13, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain Acts 17-30, what does it mean that God overlooked the times of ignorance---2- What's a book you'd recommend on hermenutics---3- What do you think about what is happening with the SBC and homosexuality---4- When it says in Romans that Abraham believed God, does that mean he was believing in the Messiah---5- What's your definition of faith and works---6- Why do you identify yourself as a Calvinist---7- Can you explain 1 John 5-15-16---8- What other historical sources can confirm the resurrection---9- How do I respond to someone who says that I am saying the Bible is true because I am starting with the assumption that it is true---10- How important is it for churches today to be vocal on politics---11- What is Romans 2-24 referring to- Why is it in bold in my translation-

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Matt slick alive man is the founder and president of apologetics.

We search what is written found you have questions in our Bible doctrine. There is a max Y brands is called in responding to your questions at 877072276, charismatic, slick arrival and welcome to the show met in Ivory Coast match look as usual, it will grow to have a good time listening. I don't know what the Lord has in store for us. But will find out we have no colors waiting right now if you want to visit me a line.

All you do is dial 877072276 if you watch online you go to Carmel or Don Facebook or caramel org on YouTube either one of the human coming on so please bear with me.

All that happens about one you can watch if you want to go to Carmel page and check things out there to truly and we stay on the air by your support nations. If you want to keep the show on the air. All you gotta do is go to and we appreciate anything that you would would help us with it. If you want to go specifically for the radio all you do is just email us and say hey I donated this much for the radio be erected for that real simple.

All right, let's see, let's see, let's see if you could talk about but you know what I think just jump on the phones here). Figure the number out again for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's just get on with Chuck from North Carolina hey Chuck I met you on here Georgette you on your butt about your own measure. You find that my commands. Everyone everywhere to repent.

Yes and what you recommend on government. While I don't know of any particular books are great on hermeneutics because I just don't read.

I don't know my written in a written article on how to interpret the Bible is real simple, short and sweet is basic common sense stuff but maybe some people that I might know some really good books on principles and stuff. You can check it out from there for the mind and Rappaport from striving for eternities after New Jersey.

He has some believe a course on hermeneutics and I was actually the right school of hermeneutics, but got sidetracked and desolate people could come as well but what I recommend is so go to Carmel. Look at the article on know how to interpret the Bible and check it out. It's pretty basic and that's those of the principal that recommend that your will. Have you heard what happening in the southern Baptist with the know.

I guess I haven't watched which happening on the on the world you now.

I believe that guy that you can be a Christian and they like your homosexual desire all the time, rather than get rid of you know, those are the ones to get through because people can be born with no desires. Hypothetically the people we do with them. If that's the case then what you do is you fight against and hopefully they will go away, but maybe not.

So then what you do there's actuations are sent you all depends what's being said and how he's saying it you you it's because to be careful here.

Very good point. Okay yeah and I don't whatever the map we love God love you and that okay then I'll let that action 30 God commands it.

Whenever our tent. Okay okay okay.everywhere but you think that okay wait that thing on their back, but he winks at wing.

Yeah, I don't have all the should you mean this or should we ever forgive me Matt, let me write my Bob right now but here going to I okay I wanted five. No will overlook the times of ignorance God is now declaring two men all yeah worship book okay on overlook what what that no aces overlooked the times of ignorance. They did not know the full revelation of the Messiah to come and God was very patient with people because of their ignorance in regard to him. And now Jesus, but what about all. What about all the people there save auto.note that well they would those who died without knowing the Messiah before he was born, etc. they are justified by faith, the same ways of people in the New Testament they roof their fight with yet was their faith was in God and the Messiah to come and we look at God, and they believe I got. They believe God yet but I think Roman or rogue or believe in God the father will have which part of the last four yet when I well yeah yeah when you go down to the bottom layer back down the white box. You know, I know.

Okay Abraham believed God was that Abraham and believing in the Messiah. No it was. But he believes God sees leaving the miss yeah there is believe in God and in verse three was as if God was credited as righteousness.

And so that was it because it suggests an answer.

Okay okay yeah I got up early and I don't give your thoughts. But I really think programming. I think you're doing a good job of one of the few people you you end up Laura know and from the teachings of Brown and things like that but you know what my favorite was the very use grazing rights. The best order copies of the sermon by the help about eight great okay that I've heard my life as believable. I love it.

Now I love it I love okay Matt, thank you very much brother God bless. All right hey folks want to give me a call we have for open lines. All you do is dial eight 772-072-2760 McCall let's get to Canadian Catholic again. Welcome back Mr. slick.

I hope you're doing fine. I don't know you can hear me well I hear you fine problem. Obviously I'm someone who has been familiar with you now learning more about old about going out like the primary objection. You have that you believe that arguing justification is according to what you believe is the biblical gospel like the Bible says that we are justified by God by faith before God without any works of the law and all without any effort on yet what I wanted to ask a question you make it a short so you don't.

So when you say faith in Christ you mean several things.

The first thing you mean is taken to correct Christ in his correct teachings right, more or less. You can't believe in the God of the Jesus of Mormonism or Jehovah's Witnesses or Islam and be saved cannot get great, but I would say is a Roman Catholic in the category I include belief in the correct correct teaching and following correct commandment worksite include what Paul included. Which of the works of the live in Judaism you disagree with your definition of faith isn't just making things up to the consumer what you want. At that point. Faith is evidence of things hoped for, and conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11 one service and you just keep poking in Galatians 519 through 21, and for Christians the continuing God's grace they have to continue not doing several okay you said… I 19 through what verses are you talking about 2119 through 21. You just said was, Christians have to maintain certain things in order to stay in the grace of God and these of the versions I'm going to the deeds of the flesh Dragon which is immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery enmities, these Christians are describing her strife, jealousy, outburst of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions envying, drunkenness, carousing, these Christians are talking about her Christians that are not doing the element continue not doing anything to continue along so that the words you will you do is you.

You are not immoralto be immoral, you're not impure, which means to be pure wet talk but doing nothing. Talk about doing something that's what you're saying is you teach that you keep your place with the infinitely holy God of the universe by your effort and work. Take a look at Judy unit Mormons cultic sensitivity is to the trail say hey you believe the Trinity guess what they're actually saying is what they say three separate gods. They redefine things like you're doing.

You see, the Bible tells us what it says what you're doing is trying to expand the idea of faith in order to be justified by your faith in your works. You believe a false gospel you believe a false gospel you believe you died right now I would have no hope in your salvation because you believe in the lies, the false gospel of the Roman Catholic Church which says if the keep the commandments to be saved for says in paragraph 2060, the Catholic catechism you obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments. So that's what is teaching his works work righteousness. False gospel you click. I personally believe that that is actually what the Bible teaches which which is made is what is teaches what okay I'm not trying to be effective. Please not take a day. I believe that yes, I believe that frequent theology is based on a misreading the descent.

It is the Bible teaches us to teach the music you commandments to be saved, or is it teach that faith alone in Christ.

So the Bible mean keeping several commitment of one of you know, you convert NSS faith means to keep things of faith means every I want to verses and hey folks would write back after these messages if you want to 877207 mass Y call 770776 is Matt slick already but it will come back to the show Canadian Catholic still click okay universe that says that faith is a bunch of works okay so probably the one that would illustrated the best in a good bit. Galatians 6 which which really like to think that I know you prefer the NASB, so that's relevant to read it from Frank Christ Jesus neither circumcision rock uncertainty in anything but what I can get about, so faith and working through a lot of the same thing for Paul does not exist separately from the following: is that that's not accurate, but faith working through love, not the same thing face is the object that is working through something else, so this something else in the object are not the same thing so that show that is equivalent to works true faith will produce works, but faith isn't something that occurs in the mind. Faith is something that occurs in the heart is an abstraction. You understand what that is an abstraction in the sense of thought it okay is nothing thing that works English mean something else you need me to do you think right to the laws of the 613 commandments in the Old Testament. I've done a study of the word now must every single instance of the word law en masse in the New Testament and is particularly focused on Romans 320 this context. Now Paul uses it. It always is not referencing us some say just the ceremony or the priestly laws that try to get her out for the difficulty, no sign with the law. The 613 commandments which Jesus said this is summarized like when he quoted during the 65 and Matthew 2237 love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and also he quoted Leviticus 1918 in Matthew 2239, when he says love for me litter neighbors yourself. He said these are the two scripts commandments and that the law summarized in there so we know the by Jesus own words, the law is summarized by love God and love your neighbor and called apostles as a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law apart from having a love God and love your neighbor.

Thank you.

I won't take any more time there. It was okay but I think Frank what are you what you do with this we do with this verse. Romans 45 but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his face is credited as righteousness called apostles as no works just faith. That's faith alone sort these were justified credit as righteousness is what that means 40 we do that performance for five community as it is. I didn't understand you're at work. Romans four enrollment, three times would work in Romans 320 pulpit because by the works of the law no flesh will be through the lock and knowledge of English is the work that he mentioned in Romans four and regular work like baptism or the obeying the command that that's what I how I understand it, and I might be wrong about claiming to be… Work with that I can deal with at the island for now, that means nothing actionable with no workforce of the law as you said it would be loving God and loving your neighbor right so then what he does not love his love God and does not love his neighbor just believes in God and trust in him. His faith is credited as righteousness. Judy, the law are requiring Christian converts to keep the Judaic law think that we have to only keep the Christian faith and there is no effect to the Christian faith. The requirement to be circumcised to a get up to slaughter animals or whatnot. How are you okay I you find that in the New Testament the things at work told to do. Take care of widows is Old Testament to love God, love your neighbor as Old Testament to confess our sins, it's Old Testament and that these things are all there in the Old Testament what he's talking about in Romans 45 is we don't do any work submitted to keep any longer be justified were justified by faith.

We do love God and we love love our neighbor because the love of God is in us. We been regenerated the manifestation of the regeneration is our love for God and love for others, and in so doing we accidentally keep the entire law but the Bible tells us were justified by faith without the works of the law from 328 does not work does not do any of that law and that law includes an honest being people of integrity of not fornicating of being just nice to your neighbor and all that stuff which is with the.

The Roman Catholic Church says a works of charity, which is sites in the New Testament, but these are also the new Old Testament requirements. I got an article on this so I think you need to really re-examine this because what you're essentially doing with the Roman Catholic Church is doing is adding its own works to set the blood of Christ.

You either trust in Christ completely and totally or you do not trust in Christ, yet totally on the Roman Catholic Church is actually in and out canons of Trent and Canon nine can 12. I believe it's 912 and 22 or 24. Forgot which it anathematized is anybody who would say that if you trust in Christ alone and believe in him alone because of the faith alone that you said your your cursed so that the Roman Catholic Church officially curses the true and saving gospel. Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church is apostate Falls Church and work of the service of the spirit of the antichrist and you need to get out of your still alive. Thank you letter okay calculator all right strong words Bradley from California readily welcome you are on the air and all right with you. All right I wanted why you by yourself. Calvin Calvin III want I want your life that you and the mouth when I got over it with their usually reacting to his was called hyper- Calvinism, which is a heresy in the misrepresentation, but is just a session on the Trinitarian.

It's a shortcut of sets up. I'm trying to get into the habit of saying I hope to reformed theology in the five solos within a get explain everything is a knee-jerk reaction to the doctrines of God's grace and people don't like it but you know it just it for me is just efficiency. That's all of this you hold that a break on the main level okay hold on hey folks, we have an open line 877207).

Mats like why call 770776 is Matt's leg.

Welcome back to the show everyone back to Bradley from California. Bradley there were short-term shortcuts words so it was that it didn't answer everything.

I would like make it abundantly. What hyper- Calvinism you hyper- Calvinism is the teaching which is condemned by record Calvinist is the teaching that we don't need to evangelize at all. Doesn't matter what we say or do people get saved and that God basically causes causes directly sinful things to happen and we don't we don't believe that Saturday will have evangelism and we deny that as well so I have a Calvinism is considered a heresy and false teaching, but I don't believe that either get you. I witness a lot and I really try and share my faith all the time and I just trust that the Lord will low duty what he's gonna do it right does preach and teach as much as we can attract a member all right, what all right I was Bradley from California. Let's see next longest waiting is Jonathan Leor and he's gone. Let's get next to Jared from Raleigh, North Carolina Jared welcome the show it on their aliens on that element is going to get funnier terminology to one. I will about John 515 or 1616. If anyone sends me that he was he's better committing a sin not leading to death you shall ask God. I will give him life to those who commit sin not in the death there is a sin leading to death. I do not say that he should make request for this.

I don't notice their theories on dissent on that and we don't notice it on the death of some say it might be the blessed be the Holy Spirit and class okay so well we don't know the Roman Catholics will say there's venial sin which does lead to death in mortal sin as they make that out of that, but Texas require that the Bible doesn't say what it is.

Now there is a sin leading to death that we could say out of first Corinthians 15 or sufficient five when a man was having relations with his father's new wife and he was to be delivered over to seek the destruction of his flesh so we can might build make the case that the sin leading to death could be that kind of thing and or blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

But what it actually has made a way that a private-label absolutely, we don't know what their hearts are like we don't know what the conditions are and I remember a young story from Chuck Smith and really stuck with me. I was at school to check Smith's church, the founder, travel, and he said that he knew of a young woman who, without the park to preach and teach and Judas give the gospel his witness in this one guy would come up to her every week and just give her a very hard time and asked her question.

She couldn't answer.

She just kept saying I don't know why I just believe in Jesus.

If you trust in him, you can be saved. And this went on for weeks and weeks and weeks until finally swept her one day and so what I do to get saved and became a Christian.

We just don't know who they are, who you believe how it's gonna work.

Our job is to witness our job is to pray and that women are in word and sales not production okay and all of the got that's rights of the God he receives all the glory or event calculator. All right hey folks if Wendy McCall we have three open lines 8 772-072-2760 McCall Carl from Idaho. Carl welcome Michelle today.

All right we got buddy vapor.

I think you should get a radio station back in Idaho… I have every man an answer and I like you better.

Okay thank you I radio station backup air well that be nice but the not here now so it be not back here in Idaho people asked me many times when you tobacco and I don't want to but oh well okay I get the reason I'm calling and I'm looking for local or direct IFU IQ and out but it but I'm looking for. Maybe other sources that confirm no fish or maybe written by company out in that I have all the thing.

Here's the thing with the resurrection of Christ. No one witnessed no one witnessed his seeing his body be dead and then go through a resurrection with a witness was him after his resurrection, and they saw him, I that's what I'm getting at Tanglewood.after that, yes. And the thing is that the ones who saw him were the ones local the Jews because he rose in Jerusalem. He rose from the dead and so he was there among his people and his disciples. You're not going to find things like, as some people say the Mormon psychological model that was Jesus and in the South America know we don't find that what we do find is the eyewitness accounts written and recorded in the Scriptures and we have a secondary evidence of the offense. I have non-biblical accounts of New Testament events and people, and so we have even go to Carmen and look up just that nonbiblical accounts of New Testament events and talk to Flavius Josephus, Tacitus, thallus planning, the younger Vuitton lid Lucian etc. the problem with these is that they are secondhand or thirdhand right with secondhand because they were there, and students see the risen Lord, we do have are people who are writing about it and saying that it that the evidence of of people saying this is what happened was there, so at least they're confirming that as well. Okay okay I think I get back in Leinart real fast. Go ahead okay so II believe that Scripture is true on the evidence I have, you know like Mormon at me.

You know how you know that the Scripture is true without presupposing it is true to confirm that the Scripture articulate that way shortly what with the Mormon sadist they're talking with the testimony. The burning in the bosom things like that and what I'll do is also right right you know there's there's truth to the idea of the witness of the Spirit of God and all :-) like that.

And the truth is that the witness of God's vigilance of Christ, the Holy Spirit's of Christ. And Jesus says that his sheep will hear his voice and wears his voice recorded but in the New Testament we have the eyewitnesses right there and so that's we go with.

So just go with what the Bible says no say well in the book of Mormon said another Testament of Jesus Christ. No, it's not. It was written essays (opposite apartment read up on a three night and I IRI always I had a burning wide and you can't really get around that I feel I'm with you, not some RMA godless money.


All right. It was Carl.

Let's get over to Courtney from Ohio Courtney, welcome to the show you around the year at your on how important a you the vocal on how archaic or things that are happening in our nation anything about. I think they should be patient. I think we can speak from Paul about politics in the pulpit.

I think we should speak about candidates who advocate killing babies and they should pray for and condemn and against homosexuality speak on these things. Voting is visually important, etc. we have recalled on okay with Rebecca right folks right back out his messages. Please mats like why call 770776 charismatic leg shorter buddy.

We have three open lines 877-207-2276. All right, let's get back on their you heard Courtney, are you there okay yes I think Christian should be very involved in politics very alarming. After thanking anything about politics.

Our government are looking for a church and nine I want to go there and the number one reason I went to college were set the Lord, that I felt like nothing being bad about what's going on in our country. I became able to continue uniting right. You agree and if the person the pastor is preaching to the word he will end up preaching on politics.

If I were a pastor of the church. Again, I would be saying things about politics and give a flying riff about 501(c)(3). If people are building the church because they wanted tax deduction then well you know it's a problem on their rent that I would be saying things like, look folks, this candidate supports you abortion. That's it.

We can support Christians can't in good conscious. This is why never teach on why abortion is wrong.

I tried go through the issues related to that and would address it. This is it. You know, don't call yourself a Christian. If you be supporting people who are killing the unborn. Just where that will and I am comfortable like wishy-washy at bay and found out that Allie should say it lacking the debate with Hillary Clinton era thing you know she's okay. Let elsewhere, like I think that me being a draft that you certainly didn't believe that you have a question that cannot support you one of the worst thing is happening to the Christian church is a 501(c)(3) because you can't say that about politics well actually you can you can. Let's just say that a church has $5000 year coming in donations left to say. And a certain percentage. If you have less taxes because they have taxes pressing less taxes because of 501(c)(3) and the government is up. I'm sorry you lost your 501(c)(3) I could to see me.

They came to me and said you lost your status. I boo-hoo allow my gas now I go preach the same thing forgiven more of it.

Who cares understand why people would Christians are so afraid of the world were really worried about Sitting on your hands start speaking the truth in the pulpit slam the pulpit down with a fist if you have to emphasize a truth but you say it God's power is they don't say anything ever that you personally would you, as the circumstances not know something. Ever.

That's a long time, but they avoided politics that would be a concern by probably looking elsewhere, but we need to speak on homosexuality need to speak on the degradation of morality, moral relativism, to speak on the political and this going on. We need to pray for the people in a political office.

Christians need to become lawyers. They need to run for Senate. They will need to run for Congress.

They need to be involved, and we have to do that kind of thing because if we don't then the unbelievers are to get control one or things that scares the right to me is that guy. The homosexual guy Peter Jay Sekulow presses name is running as it left would eject thank you, you know, some sexual well okay. Can he be a good president. I don't know what would happen if bills and things came forth defending the Christians right to say no to homosexuality. What's he going to do this scares me because I know how aggressive the homosexual movement is, there is little stories about their aggression and against Christians and they actually do things to set people up on purpose so they can bring lawsuits against and the news media which is in cahoots with the leftist wackos doesn't relieve the stuff on all we Christians of telling people I'm not learning paradigm learning I'm reading right now. I will guess what the word in Greek for sorcery is sorcery its form. I am a Kia sorcery and drugs and also other say something here that I think I've said this before, think maybe have. I have a friend who was one of the first responders and 9/11 and he's got all kinds of medical problems because of the long story short, he was a paramedic for couple of years. He told me to my face. He's verified lack of SMO are you sure if he has told me that he would get in the New York area. He would get calls to you would get calls to go into drug houses were owed overdoses had occurred and he's told me that they got very good. He and his partner had very good at assessing who is dead, who is not that very quickly.

They would triage they would do whatever they could to try and save as many people as they could fasten the cut and he told me that he counted. He went through and he counted them. It happened 11 times that people who had used injectables that Carol injectables that they had died and he told me 11 times was working on somebody else in a drug house over DoD 11 different times.

A dead person that sat up and said you can't have mine then falling back out. Yes he has it happened 11 times. I can call him again on the air sometime and he can verify it but the thing is, the cult is there and it there's some connection between drug use and the degradation of morality society and everything.

It's a portal. When I do stuff with the occult in the sense of witnessing against it and working with people who have been involved with it. I have to ask them about doors of your liberty doors and over one of the questions I ask is your done drugs, so he what this guy wants to legalize these drugs. Isaac yes I know about it is Christians were terrifyingly alarmed about this and it should be preached from the pulpit's and if the government wants us able to clear 50's, 23, I think. Thank you. I'd love that they tried separation of church and break our part in the car. It's not is not in fact when people tell me that what I do as I say, if you read the early constitutions of the two of the 13 colonies and they became states in a single course that you read the Bill of Rights. If you read the Constitution.

You'll see in which Christianity is woven into it. I read them and the constitutions of many of the other founding states stated you could not hold office if you want a member of the Christian church. I remember learning that part is all kinds of this stuff out there that quotes on my website. The second government and the separation of church and state UI member was this gets me I was some know I was going to prayer thing here voice he had pastors and stuff on the steps in print was one of the when the gadget prayed, been there a few times and in the atheist, redundant protest and will have the right to protest and so because they want separation of church and state, and I went down to talk to one woman.

I said so the chief the church, you have no with the influence of the state right so that's correct should not have any influence of the separation of church and state. I took each of the state told the church what to do and she stared at me. I said because you will church separation of church and state or do you want the state to tell the church what it can do with the church to which is it.

She was visibly stunned by the question which had never the leftists you know you could beautiful leftist with one frontal lobe tied behind her back. We can pray for this country.

We need a revival in this country and we need we need Christian men in the Christian pulpits to preach the Christian truth of the person work of Christ, and we need to have them speak without fear of the government or the fear of their friends and her family were fear of the congregation staying or not you need to preach the truth of God's word and let people leave and Linda second job that they have to preach that word because that's what they're called by God to do and they ought to do it with power with prayer, with fasting and with pleading before the throne of God that they can properly represent his truth and let the 501(c)(3) donation stuff fall by the wayside. Trust in God not in the dollar not in our laws not in our protections. Trust in Christ and preach the truth the chips fall where they may need to happen that's what you have in the church is a church or to doing that revival would probably occur but instead it was happening us too many people are lowering the power of that word to defend this deeply.

I just tell people if you want, when I preached you come to hear the truth. I'm not here to make you feel good.

I'm here to tell the truth what happens if you praise God, if it doesn't, the death between you and God. Open your Bibles to that's out all right okay thank you you're welcome. You got me going 28th of July, gigabyte, all right is the right of the currently have a minute left, or so Curt welcome, selected a quick question about Romans romance 224, or as it is written the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you that highlighted in bold solid instrument, the exactly why the like involved with the company Old Testament of the reference here.

My computer don't think I got it memorized and there it's quote from Isaiah 52, five or Ezekiel 3624 compilation of them so that's what it is called in the Old Testament to the NTSB that the Bible, Paul the apostle used the NTSB will take the Old Testament quotes and put some in capital small-cap so you know it's quote in the Old Testament thought is all I met God bless. All right, folks seek their you know I like to speak the truth love to be in the pulpit to speak the truth. The confidence of the truth of the word of God. We need more people in pulpits, not ashamed of that word.

Not ashamed to speak, believe in the power the transformative power of that word that can be spoken from that. We need all across pray for our political officeholders prefer masters going how the Holy Spirit. Amen they folks cannot hear me.

The Lord bless you by his grace back on their tomorrow

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