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February 19, 2020 7:00 am

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February 19, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain James 5-15---2- If children die, will they be in adult-mature bodies---3- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 14-34-35---4- What is the position of Reformed Christians on what the Lord's supper means---5- What did Jesus mean in Matthew 27-46---6- What can you tell me about N. T. Wright---7- Can you explain the differences between modalism and the Trinity---8- How do we know what is cultural and what is literal in the New Testament---9- Is asking for forgiveness of sins necessary for salvation-

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Mats like why is the founder and president apologetic about all I got board you have questions about Bible doctrine. Matt why you called in responding to your questions and Matt's leg were 17th 2020 2020 there and if you want to give me a call as usual do is dial 877-207-2276 last four numbers spell CA or Elmo on your dial harm Christian apologetics research ministry we have for the Lodge right now. 877-207-2276. Please consider supporting us financially over not begging what is let you know we stay on the air by your support. So if you want to do that you like what you hear. You want to have the show continue and expand into other radio stations all you do is go to all the information you need is right there if you wanted to earmarked for radio. Specifically, just email us tell us your name and you donated one of her that everything all right. Good weekend.

Did some theological discussion and teaching on the issue of annihilation is on the on a college because it's good. It's a voice chat system and so did a lot of teaching on that for about an hour or so and Doug and I was enjoy that and also an atheist friend who's become Lisa's become Christian and we had a discussion today. He is asking about predestination and free will, of all things. He's got a friend to talk to about it.

So I spent some time talking to him about that stuff so well also Lucy working on my novel and is about. I can't think of anything else really going on. You know how it goes. You busy busy alright folks, will you call 877-207-2276 let's go the phones with Oliver from Maine all over welcome euro near the remnant hanging in there with you but my question here.James 515.

It reads in the prayer of faith will save the one with Dick and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed yet committed sin. He will be forgiven. So I am wondering. The first thing that a prayer of faith will literally save a sick person has been quite like they could either that this is why I say it's good using NASB see my opinion, more accurate translation of the Greek and so it's is a prayer offered in faith will restore the one who was sick so you know he does say save in the Greek from so to say which is to say, but words have different meanings in different contexts is the context here is about sending someone from his sickness to save and its use in the use a loose term loose context is a story him raise him up his committed sins be forgiven him in the general ideas. With this verse as some commentators have five speculated that the person who is sin skinny sick may be sick because of certain sins committed and so he calls for the elders and the anointing is healed and restored. That's really the general idea that we don't know exactly what road really is that okay okay thank you very much Matt sure you know the profit on many welcome goblins. All right, it was all over from Maine.

Let's get on the phones with George from Richmond, Virginia. George euro near. I don't like it all right hanging in there. Join today we got what all you made your wind yield the course of job when children my granddaughter asked me this when she goes to heaven, will she be at that baby always you have is virtually adult body when she gets up mythology is already when you go to habit out but I'll try to find out the Bible doesn't tell us and so we can't say what will happen, but the general consensus and I agree with them is that will be in a mature state.

We Can't prove that from Scripture, but that this might in fact I wrote a novel called the influence that in the influence. The main character Mark loses a son as an and crib death and there's an instance in a vision.

Let's just say we give too much away, where he encounters his son, but he's mature and discussions occur so that I just put it in but doesn't mean that's the case, I don't know but we don't know is nothing wrong with saying the Bible doesn't tell us we don't know for sure but it looks like I would if I suspect he might be at the age of 30 or 33 because that's what Jesus was when he began his ministry.

And I like that idea.

I'll go with that one for a while. Okay, thank you so much for your good will greatly log well. Thank you for, really appreciate goblins. I was, but you all right.

Let's go on the phones with Nelson from California Nelson euro near they met a goblet bless referring to the first rate of 14 versus 34 and 35, you could pull it up and read John all right forgot is I got a confusion of peace that women are to keep silent in the church for their not permitted to speak, but are subject to subject themselves a social also says the desire to learn anything to mask your own husbands at home for is improper for women to speak in church explain it before you do that would will link to a couple of men of God Bible printed document and then took Meredith and Chuck Nestler and Doc and then of course we all know context is key and document you said that it was referring to the women should not speak and come to church but they would have met and took Mr. not saying that but we have to look at the kind that I'm with you about the boat preachers and everything and so you just, just wanted to note this passage.

What is the first thing and check that that in those times the manual went back to the room and the women on the other side and it was disruptive when the life of the husband would yell out about a meeting about that and so which which wanted life well will hold to is the cultural context which is women were on one side and the men on another, that was the culture and so they went and had their new freedom in Christ.

Generally speaking, women were a testament property were not considered property but they had to be under the covering and the headship of the man if they want by themselves, that was considered scandalous to be a really good reason why that would be the case so we would go out in groups and which is why John four.

Jesus wouldn't talk to woman at the well, that was for you. Don't do that kind of thing because women had to have their men with them for you to address them all right.

In Christ, that wasn't the case anymore and so is the they still had headship issue with the husband being the head that's fine, but it looks like what they were doing was abusing their freedom in the cultural context not remaining sensitive to the norms that were there disruptive inside the church and this is important because if you go to first convince 14 Republican here talks about the charismatic gifts and yet it mentions you should speaking in tongues. This is when unbeliever comes and there's no interpretation of the crazy so yes we look at here. If the culture is that a dominant exaggerated, just to make a point.

The culture was that when women were in a gathering like this in synagogues meeting sick quiet and that was the what was considered proper that's what was considered polite, go to a Christian church and there being disruptive love and the Christians are teaching women how to be out of control and so you can see why probably saying things like, ask your husband at home etc. etc. and culture really has a huge emphasis huge Valleywood staffing catalog mojo back when were very illiterate that I miss you and you know, in fact it was describes the special job of men to be able to read the Scriptures and teach the Scriptures and so it was a man's job with Twitterrific was responsible and partly out of Genesis 3 because Eve sin. The first and led him into sin, and so the complacent cup cultural things going on with that and so this is why Paul would say that neither male nor female in Christ is the federal headship and representation and so he was leveling the playing field but at the same time being cognizant of cultural norms and this reminds me of people would say why did Jesus. For example, go against the culture and tell people to stop having slaves because slavery was prominent in the Mediterranean area at that time while in the Roman Empire is something like one in four people were slaves. If he had said all slaves are free or whatever was it would've if ended up causing mayhem economic collapse, famine, etc. plagues so he would feel as the apostles are there cognizant of the cultural norms and changes to occur slowly towards Christianity torts of the pultrusion. I think it was also reflectors well.

The sporting okay okay I'll go bold and 30 McCartt Griffin that verse right, but he implied it and as we see here in conflict may be attributed and it is not referring in this diversity, referring to women being almost at that after his right thinking that is not there as it is addressed in first Timothy 212 and 13 also did not allow the teacher exercise authority or man silent Brad was first created were silent. There is Sadako skinny is this a Kia which means keep it down the self talk is deep down so you and then the next chapter. First Timothy 315 he says is giving instruction out of the household of God is to behave in a good Titus 1527 and first Timothy three rough landings 12 and that women are not as okay goblins I vote for one open line of what right in 8772072276577077 charismatic slave back in the show to Eddie from Houston. Eddie welcome around here no merit to get us great for you. I would be debating a Catholic all about you. And awarded me them and that he actually ordered it means to me and I totally that I believe the Last Supper is to remember and we are the covenant of grace that deeded established on the crop. That's what it means to me, but I really don't know the position of reform Christian what what do they really believe that there is well within the Reformation. There's a variety of views so I can say this that universally those in there and now Protestantism reject the idea of the Roman Catholic transubstantiation with actually eating the body and blood of Christ that would violate Leviticus 1714, which clearly says do not drink the blood of any flesh and so it couldn't be that, but I went to Lutheran College and a Presbyterian seminary, and so the Lutheran view is little bit closer to follow young Catholicism, then, is Presbyterianism, and so on. In the Lutheran view. Some call it consubstantiation, but it really is, but generally speaking, the Protestant position one view of it within that is that Christ is present they call the real presence is present in the communion, but you're not literally consuming him what I like to say is that Jesus is present the same way.

He was the first time I can define exactly what that is because he was there with the disciples when he administered the elements and he had not yet been crucified known Catholicism. They say that the Eucharist is the sacrifice body of Christ, but he had not yet been sacrificed for could have been that and also it would violate the doctrine of the incarnation to say that Christ's body was now in more than one place that's not what it means to be human by CI being human necessarily or physical body, the one place and time of what you're not human is one of the necessary properties of being human soul, but the capital and say well it's a mystical thing is miraculous and then we get into ambiguity here, so the roof the general ID within Protestantism is a stay way from that view would hold to various things from as simple as it's a simple representation in remembrance. Because Jesus did say to do it, in remembrance of him and then a little bit further on over there would be the idea that he's present in some site and with and under the bread and the wine but his his actual essence in a physical sense is not so the biggest debates on and then we get the issue of is it a means of grace. What is that me and Catholicism a means of grace is sacramental is him out of the sacerdotal system of Catholicism, but what it basically means is that grace is something that is infused into your soul via the sacraments of which they have seven well in Protestant theology is only two sacraments of baptism and the Lord's supper, but they don't infuse grace into you, but they do help the participant to be further in union with Christ tribes were speaking in generalities, but that's basically how it works within Protestantism is representative to what we call the real presence in that range between their two extremes. In the end there, but tell them that they are still called sacraments by some higher church Protestant groups like reformed theology, Lutherans and things like that but they are not considered a means by which grace is infused into a person okay if it helps I know I know I know and I will not not like Half. It may use that agrees to give them anything from Eddie Hancock that the company may think forgiveness from complete form Christian. I really didn't think about Christ being narrowed by humiliated and PS is there something I plan I, not offering and why they came to their windows only in the way. I just wanted to know what the perspective of the reform audited an article, this research would have different views of the Lord's supper in Protestant theology. Article okay okay thank you so okay man out a little okay will see you all right, let's just move right along. Let's get to.

We just lost loved talk about that topic.

Let's get to Edwin from Texas and one welcome here on the air. Thank you Matt about United. I am doing well question on Matthew 2746 and I've been hearing and hearing to view and update when he thank my God, my God, why have you forsaken me.

I heard that one view of faith that but the father on the second part of the Trinity that the separation not marry you if that okay well I reviewed that everyone that divine nature of the non-got that way from that human nature is know what is your next understanding of the verse and let it but what if you think let me address those to the second was a heresy.

There's a yes and no to that defending and how it's understood the hypostatic union does teach that the divine nature and the human nature distinct and yet they both exist reside in the single person of Christ. Think it cannot be broken if they're saying that the human nature and the divine nature were separated in the sense that it was no longer the one person that is a heresy and denies a true incarnation that will be approaching what is called the heresy of Nestorianism that's that's to be condemned.

The first view where the fellowship is broken and they was no longer in fellowship in the Trinity that would be heresy. Also, because the necessary requirements of the we understand God to be via the revelation of Scripture is that the Trinity cannot be broken in its communion in its essence in its nature. We have ethological Trinity which says that the father-son Holy Spirit are all of the same divine essence and is a word home here when I forget these big words sometimes. Anyway, the economic Trinity is how the relationship is between the father-son leave after break will do is I will get back the break. I will talk little more about, please hold on the right that folks after these messages the man's Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg will come back to the show. Still, there are men like to do right, but the wrong one Apple is to write it where you RMS or about so I was saying that character recesses.

The teaching it's a doctrine within the that describes an aspect of the Trinity where the father-son Holy Spirit: Duell: here are the incher penetrate one another's essence in being, yet without blurring the distinction other person and so when Jesus was on the cross and he said my God, my God, why have you forsaken me what he was doing was quoting the Old Testament.

Psalm 22 verse one which is a messianic Psalm dealing with the prophecy of the crucifixion, so he was doing that and so were not exactly sure that we know that for fact we don't know is why that is said in that verse that way, in relationship to Christ because what we see in the Old Testament, and that verse is some the prelude to the ordeal of crucifixion and the suffering. So is a man.

Jesus had prayed in Luke 2242. The garden that he wanted to not have to go to the crucifixion and he said nevertheless not my will but your will be done. And so, having been there on the cross going through the incredible agony of crucifixion, which maybe sometime if someone asks me to I'll give a brief description of the dust of the body. It could be that in his suffering.

She asked why, he forsaken me, not necessarily it doesn't necessitate that the father had forsaken him in the sense that he was no longer his son would no longer pleased with the sun, etc. couldn't be that would violate the doctrine of the Trinity hypostatic. I was skimming the first recess, the ontological Trinity, etc. it can't be that.

So, though I'm not exactly sure what that means. I think it has to do with the suffering Christ was in and in his humanity.

He was suffering, he cried out as the person of Christ to the father quoting the Old Testament, referencing that drawing their attention to the prophetic word of the crucifixion, which was written a thousand BC and before crucifixion was ever invented as read Psalm 22 focus fasting and also probably has to do with the issue of him being made on the log 44 bearing our sins, first Peter 224 and I having to suffer and not have his so to speak. Prayer answered what he wanted in Luke 2240 242 and so is Rick lean towards of them except thank you, Matt, Wilkinson, God bless what all right okay let's get to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome to show draw near Matt Matt what you tell me about an see right.

He's smart and dangerous pattern over the true Christian or not might be might not be.

I've been studied is theology enough but really in some areas of historical study, but what I've understood. Many people have used his research to undermine the clarity of land. The truth of God's word so I recommend people very careful, very cautious with okay okay a lot, plus they folks you want to call. We have two open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to London from Canada hello.

Welcome hi there Matt will start with a big thanks for all your work in any website for quite some time and your coat lumpy book and your dear brother to me. I pray for you and your ministry very greatly encouraged by your work and so my question I I guess my question would start with what I had seen a comment on your post. I am a man by the name of Wayne poster is something and I think couple comments by people who would not really be into sound doctrine birthday and embrace some form of modal of them and wanted to discuss a little bit about that. The distinction with the Christian faith of the Trinity. The distinction with that with the Trinity and modal of better understand it shall be compared and yeah tearing is correct doctrine of God is revealed in the Bible is that God is one being who exists is three simultaneous that's important. Simultaneous and distinct persons.

The father-son Holy Spirit. Each are defined in their nature and essence, but each one is not the same person as the other there three distinct simultaneous persons modal is will be also call Multum an organism or oneness theology today is the teaching that God consists of one person and not three distinct simultaneous persons modal is him would be a false teaching a false view of God and his heresy can I understand maybe. Maybe I'm wrong on me to get you can correct me about this, but I always understood localism II really love about Pete medicine you you you probably know about him and he teaches church history found wealth, although that eat all of what he teaches about the ancient heresies and stuff like that. I was very interesting understood moralism to be different modes that that if God were putting a mask and any either the sun putting another map and then he the father and anything another masking and so on and so on. But this was called modal menarche in this mono and you one God and takes three forms are manifestations usually consecutively, which is like simultaneous is the distinction the Trinitarian view. The three persons is three persons who are distinct and simultaneous remodeling organism would which is also not a civilian is him in varying views of it is the idea of one God and one person who takes reforms and am some people the oneness deny that now and have different views but yes correct so want one today would take modal position. Some do and some deal the reason I say this because 30 years or so ago I was in Anaheim California at the convention center.

They had a United Pentecostal convention.

I went and I raise some issues are the Scriptures that would refute Apsley refute Multum an organism and I had five other pastors around me and I was discussing this with them to and just walked away.

Three of them remained in after I presented my little argument, which took about two minutes. They said they couldn't understand why was it.

They saw the problem and then after that not know what I said because of the convention. I'm sure they talked about stuff by messing with for me and not taking any credit but I noticed that within the next few years that night understood United Pentecostal to teach change slightly and that they went from Multum an organism more to a dynamic organism with three manifestations not modal, but we dynamic that wouldn't say it was one you like the look moralism for those I don't know what talk about the Old Testament was the mode of the father. The New Testament was the mode Jesus on the earth. The mode of the sun, and now the person of God is in the mode of the Holy Spirit and the course is all kind of problems with that I can destroy that very easily and plus it risks how would a understand chart Africa felt much if I can ask you one last question, but every hair sure. All right.

Well, I would be understand a passage such as the example when Jesus used praying to the father and Ife father glorify me together with yourself will live with the glory that we had before the world was with what I use that main idea by going to Luke 2242 when Jesus is praying to the father, not my will break with the response of that is, which I suspect more than he would give defiance of these hold on, give it right back folks after these messages, Matt Y.

Call 770727 is Matt slave back to the show get back on the air with John with John one from Canada.

Welcome back so in Luke 2242.

I've dealt with that verse with them many times. I'm going to assume that they're going to use the same kind of an argument in John 17.

Five. So when Jesus says thoughtless capacitor may nevertheless not my will but your will be done with a say is that the human part of Jesus was praying to the divine art so that the heresy of course but I suspect that they will be along the same lines of reasoning in John 17. Five. They could also say it was just metaphoric was symbolic, but they could say well that's also say well that's because he was God and he could talk to himself that way so that's where I would think it would go that route. But how could he explain the fact that Jesus is saying that you thought about a glory which he had with the father before he was good question. Their answers are convoluted, desperate, so that particular verse have not heard an explanation that I've heard under the talk, the different lists who said various things that for I hear some of the think about if you go to Carmen my website and you look up the plurality study, we find this is what stomped the pastors in Anaheim 30-ish years ago when they said that the mode of the father was in the Old Testament and I said are you sure they said yes they all said this to me. Yes I said okay. Then Jesus says in John 646. Not that any man has seen the father time except the one who is from God. He has seen the father in first Timothy 616 says God thoughtless and unapproachable light. No man has seen or can't sleep so I said if that was the father.

The Old Testament wiser than Jesus as he was never seen who was God Almighty, who is not the father and yeah they destroyed them destroy their argument.

Now they come up with different ways to get around that and they try and be slicker than me to come up with an answer.

I would want to be to be slicker than you on your last debate took them out to Lundy ago I watched it. Marion enjoyed it very much. I myself come up with additional guys so I like I like that guy that side of the debate, and I thought you did a very good job, so I thought you would want to thank you for that was appreciated. I love discussing stuff with atheists. I think they're quite easy to defeat not because you're stupid. It's just that atheism doesn't have a leg to stand on it just we positionable so I got you even got one on your on your health lately by the name of Katarina and she is really really angry should make an altar to coast like Jesus never existed and my dad and she gets a lot of attention now was brought to my attention today. I gave some moderator ability to take tackle that because the person you can say that this finds apologetics website. If they don't listen to the evidence and they just argue just arguing and negative will then okay you know we just couldn't move on but so when I deal with atheists who say that Jesus never existed on the Savior and what's your evidence that he did not exist with your reasoning. In other ones making a statement on this can ask them to verify the statement and then I'll just jump all over like a monk in a cupcake ripping to shreds right in the world. He doesn't even make sense of evidence. I'm surprised you said that because you're correct I tells me you have studied all the more than the average bear. I pray God I got a good teacher, yet they can't justify evidence they cannot see the Ground there have have a grounding problem when it comes to rationality by basically ontology deontology epistemology origins, evidences, and things like that. There's just it. It's six fun is an amusing but it's so easy to deal with them when you know what their weaknesses always keep pointing them out. Which is why the Delahanty debate.

I could not believe that he actually said let's just forgo art are rules here are great. Would you have a back-and-forth discussion okay and though it's really fair a bit, well, you know, I mean he's a materialist which means he can't trust his physical brain to produce proper information is just producing chemical reactions so his brain made him say that and I kept saying that to him during the debates and and then afterwards he did a video where he took a chessboard in and then swept all the pieces away angrily as it is. Would Matt slick did. He doesn't go by the roots.

And now we got in those areas ago we had that are atheist Skyler fiction who I try to teach them about God's decrees and stuff and now he put up a video we just found out yesterday where he took things that I said at a context and combine them to make me convict myself and the desperate these guys are no issues with contradicting themselves in the world have no mind behind the transcendental things I find that's right. And they can't justify that with what you call the one in the many with your interesting discussions like that go to discord. We have discussions like that periodically run the right okay thank you very much welcome.

Very nice.

God bless.

Okay alright I do the discussion, let's get to this person whiteness Scott from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Scott welcome around here man are you doing I'm doing all right hanging in there.

We got our right right I wanted to know how the leg. No what is cultural and what is literal in the New Testament are just talking earlier about wedding band Stalin in the church and that was cultural and you know, I know some of their other parts of the Bible. It would take literally jobless.

How do we know which one are cultural which ones are literal study throughout the history a lot of people written various things and we can go into the Scriptures and see doctrinal statements some very clear in all its influence for the glory of God.

323 okay well that that's very understandable. What you do when it's for example, he very culturally rich parable of the good Samaritan and why the injured man was naked and unconscious because he couldn't tell who he was, by his speech or his clothing is so sometimes it is necessary to understand the culture that explains things like the account of the unrighteous steward which when you understand the culture it makes perfect sense why Jesus praised the unrighteous steward, but there are times over. Not exactly sure how much of a cultural relevance is there is a passage that's what I'll do is I go to commentaries and look for to cultural enlightenment. I also recommend that you get a book called, if you're interested in some like this called poet and peasant two-volume set. The first line was poet and peasant.

The second volume is through peasant eyes and it's by Guiney Bailey and it's one of my most valuable books I have not because it's a rare additional autographed because of its content. The it goes through Akai Astec structure analysis and cultural norms.

I learned so much from and went through with a fine tooth comb and took me two weeks of just reading every day and studying for the few books on never loan out so I recommend doing that because it cost the parables, and cultural context.

You know when the man is born blind sees and he said I see men walking around like trees. Is that well back in that culture. At that time people would walk up in the hills and take twigs from tree branches and they bundle them up and they would scoot underneath them and lift them up on your backs.

They walk down the hill and some firewood.

I see men walking around like trees so you see these things from the culture and a lot of the culture from over there is the same as it was 2000 years ago and some of the areas so they have researchers going there and ask certain questions as a lot of books to go through this okay. Then the US that I made it look up poet and peasant. The first volume and thought peasant and through peasant eyes tell you if you read it you will be challenged and you will be enlightened. It's a wonderful book but it's not an easy book to get to get through is not hard but you had to do is a study book because what he does and it's wonderful. I recommend okay alright I think my rhyme in God bless. I okay alright but that was God. Let's get over to Deborah from North Carolina. Deborah welcome your on the map.

Thanks for asking. 101 quake, and they always kind of wordy that my headache had three when he turned to get the good I know you have to repay you know what you say and you will will you be careful here. Repentance is part of salvation but not the cause of it. Repentance does not make it possible to be saved because repentance outlines with the law with your lying in the Bible says stop lying and you repent from that. That's not what saves you, but we are obligated to stop sinning because that's what it means to be Christians.

So were to repent and believe that gospel. But what saves us directly is believe the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. Acts 1630, 31, but go ahead, but I knew that quite well but at you know and well as you know, believe now is not an there is no formula in the Bible of what you do to be saved works is you have to ask forgiveness. It's very interesting what we do is we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the gospel.

The gospel being the good word. The good news that Jesus performed everything necessary for our salvation and that we don't to keep the law to be say. That's the good news that Lynn galea he died across most of the dead. That's why were justified by faith alone in Christ alone. Romans 541 through five talks about this so we know okay I know you and you know live in the light, you know, mortal Bentley thinning and asking for forgiveness. And there's a break Deborah tomorrow go this show is an hour long is just ending, so to an hour ago. Okay now are going okay right right here folks about that we are out of time in the Lord bless you, sorry ma'am, I will focus

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