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February 20, 2020 7:00 am

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February 20, 2020 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses upcoming events, including being at the National Religious Broadcasters Network in TN next week and being involved later this evening in a Catholic online disucssion.--2- How do I deal with the claim that truth is subjective---3- Should Christians engage in politics---4- Do you have an article related to God and causation---5- How would you respond to someone who says that interracial marriage is the same sin as homosexual marriage---6- Do you think it's significant, in regard to end times, that the US embassy was moved to Jerusalem---7- Have you heard of the Christian artist who put out an album rejecting Calvinism---8- Was Jonah alive the whole time he was in the fish---9- What is the context of 2 Thessalonians 2-11---10- Why don't preachers talk about the Book of Enoch---11- Matt discusses the importance of truth in all areas.


Wrestling why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research what is found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine as a matter why 19 February 2020 will give me a call on you to do is delete 772072276 and I think that's so disturbing the culture, and a second let you know good things going on next week I'll be going out to the natural religious broadcasting network so I may or may not be live Wednesday or Thursday. I won't be on Tuesday and Friday traveling and might be doing shows live from there might not. So either we'll have a short listen to and also in God's providence in a couple of hours I will be opening up a video chat room and engaging with the hopefully several Catholics large Catholic form on Facebook is asked me to do that, and shall be doing that tonight if you're interested in and watching listing information up on the caramel org Facebook page.

The spring starting at 8 o'clock Eastern time that this could happen. That sounds inviting her fun and objectively got list if you want I'll write accordingly call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Michael from Pennsylvania.

Michael welcome on the air. It was going on that very radio that's going on with somebody so bright it would all the time. The guy that I've been debating with like his main objection to to religion in general is that truth is subjective and I already pointed out the fallacy of the statement unites making an objective claim, while also denying that you think the objective could any any manual switch. Say you everything outside of that claim is subjective like I did a pretty good job when you release the distributions of the second time all objective except of that and they said, and then a second statement everything outside that statement is now subjective.

So that's another absolute truth that he just nicely received himself twice I normally do and I ask people who raise these kind of issues I'll ask, is something true if it contradicts itself as if a self refuting answers will no therefore your statement is not true self refuting were done talking that's over it and if you want to keep doing that you'll keep they will everything except I'm sorry but you just you refuted yourself.

You're being irrational try to build a case on irrationality. No wonder you're an atheist work. No wonder your whatever because it is nothing logical and I can't think get to be on what he believed.

The private bank of five world you bring bring the you know about morality don't like talking about the think the only good it according to your worldview is opinionated, you can't tell me God is able to meet you Ken but it is not fairly true. Just you and Edith need to view the two. They hold onto what he believed and thought I'm not sure believe what you believe.

I just don't know how to go about handling the food to a person like this and you might make a good point and you urgent not to go vote for one thing, I say on this and can be trusted to the rational and also what I often do. Sometimes I will do something to since I talk to someone like that an alt attribute if it's obvious or being so dumb, so will logical so ridiculous that I'll say do you drive a car.

Yes what state are you in and rarely were the same. Stated I am a Celtic God, that's want to make sure it was on on the road when you're driving if you drive like a good wardrobe and I don't know what else is ridiculous know you and that there's no such thing as absolute truth that people send it to me like what you serious refuted self except for the statement just made folks not get to statements that are absolutely true right now. Don't you know that's third when it said they don't is 1/3 one.

So how many job sutures are very in your worldview how to justify them and you know it just just shredding that argument to shredding it and when you get to the point where people they don't care. I mean, you know that you're just reading of the book of second Chronicles. It's just less you do it for you did a great talk to hundred people like that over the years despite lot of unit four had slaps andpalms and you could something about voted that that made me remember another question that had been before guy got it at that time. What we really did with like I would take. Should we engage in something like that. You know I hear a lot of people say you know that for the change the future if we can attain waiting on Jesus saying something if they know about outpatient the branches of government were designed in order to not let one person or one group dominates and rule everybody else.

The problem is that we assume a liberal, black olives in government and who don't have any moral certain certainty that what they're doing is they're interpreting everything the way they wanted to be interpreted so the constitutional meaning less and less of assessed rights are being attacked left and right. This is why Christians should be very involved in politics. We should be voting and we should be running for office. We should become lawyers and we should be getting as judges. Everything everything we can to get the Christian idea into government, you know Christian principles like these in your foreign things. A lot of politicians with the idea of meaning what you say. Keeping your word when you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. You actually do that instead of going socialist and communist so many things so you are in big trouble. Our costs are Republicans that are democracy were a Republic and a Republic is different there democracy.

Democracy is is essentially mob rule.

The majority wins. That's not what we are where Republic where we have a democratic system of voting this by Republic which which of the Bill of Rights. A copy violated the look left is doing is violating those rights to going after the second amendment and the neglect of the First Amendment are going so that we won't have religious expression and freedom and we don't we will build a bear arms and the reason we need to bear arms is, we can protect ourselves as the preamble of the Constitution since I recommended when you read the preamble, says that is in the hope is to guard ourselves against tyranny.

So you know yet so so without doing what and what I'll get that like you know this trap. In Revelation, it buyer you don't do anything or are we in some way, like almost running about that from happening. Like, then time for stuff like that. Our job is not to worry about what will or will not happen in that sense, our job is to get out there and in due mostly doing as Christians voting fighting against abortion fighting against the onslaught of homosexuality being pushed down the throats in all avenues of our society require that the news media start being honest, requiring our pastors or teachers asserts to keep with the word of God and teach it. The people must do this whenever people when they look to others to feed them and take care of them to become lazy and then they just want more and more no vote to get more and more for freedom for free not realize it's not free people have to pay for stuff is why socialism always fails. It always fails because it's a form of robbery is a form of theft you hear these politicians talk about the issue of tax the rich one with tax the rich want you untaxed New York middle-class. The poor you untaxed them to reduce their taxes because they did with her doing a segment we need to the left is fomenting coveting in that we can have with 1/2 and socialistic principles of taking from them what they have earned and redistributing distro. That is communist. You can't work that way, but because our media so leftist I'm so against the media. I really am known yet. It really is really bad.

Oh, it is it is so it's bad that that's why recommend people go on the web and Dominic tell you this is what I use for my news I go to the conservative news Pro, I have an android conservative news Pro app's get that start reading through some of the stuff and also another one I found pretty good is the epic times EPO CH times, but also read the leftist material so you can see how they slant things or have the right slant states could you gotta go through you to find out both sides will tell you media trust are not into truth is there into agenda and when every agenda is prominent truth takes a backseat.

Okay, thank you so much appreciate you everything you do it to us, but all right, let's jump on the phones to just lie what we lost Dustin.

Let's get over to Charlie from North Carolina, Charlie, we do about it when I got one, about something about what God was the ultimate right have no need to write an article on the on the issues of causation. The ultimate proximate and efficient cause, and I need to explain those illustrate that's a good thing understand that God is the ultimate cause of everything but is not efficient cause of everything that means is he's one responsible for bringing everything into existence. Then once it's into existence. It runs on its own, so to speak, and we are the efficient causes of our own sin. God is not the efficient cause, so he does not make us do this in violation 12. I will okay you do that I just wrote a little thing on paracrine recess and I don't do something. Dr. Nicollet attends where the seven spirits is for these two articles today on Catholicism stuff I'm working so okay that thought I yes eight Eastern time and I put the link information up on the current Facebook page. So anybody wants to click and watch can do that. Big deal. I'm real polite, and these things and hopefully they will be to even though I'm I just got accused today. Big satanic. I am my Catholic well okay gutless protect.

Okay, let's get this on the phones to let's say you're Anthony from Kansas. Anthony welcome Ronnie by doing our first time, I thanks love we get a break right there.

You will him but all right right back already voted right back after these messages, please stay tuned mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave Candace Stiller around your arm arm Bible.

Our project audit) I'm really liking it.

Good or simple but yet there's a lot there. Yeah, there but anyway. Are you on what you regard them on that make payment interracial marriage and of online with a guy the other day that they might know not the thing a black man wearing a white woman is never denial homosexuality is the one number two it's not the thing, because interracial couple got off during the gay couple cannot number three never said anything about it like a black not true either because you build them on the carpet about the article you know you the word and basically I don't laugh. What if this might luck… They just bought them bought into it.

So how would you find that you did a great job, Jesus did say that father believes his mother, Terrence Anil become become my letter to a woman and to become one flesh. And what he was doing was talking about man and woman and interracial marriage is approved of in the Bible go to numbers 12 verse one then Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Cushite woman whom he had married. He married a Cushite that's an Ethiopian woman black guy and most probably don't whitish people down there, but he was is due his even white shaven black big deal.

So right there and then check this out and they said, has the Lord indeed spoken only through Moses. Has he not spoken through us as well. The Lord heard it and he's complaining God puts him in the place and he gives Miriam leprosy but not not Aaron.

The reason is because Aaron was the high priest had to be ceremonially clean to offer sacrifices to the path of Israel.

Miriam got leprosy. They won't like so much hearing me leprosy.

Who knows, there's no problem with marriages in the Bible and besides there's only one race, the human race is how it works exactly that's that's what I see I see I see black people, white people yellow people big people skinny people short people. The people that's how I look at it, but we are both running the dogs out will yeah I was hit tonight, my friends, I think there's dumb peoples. I'm looking at him, but you know you it's interracial marriages find in Scripture homosexuality is not okay and is witness all right right by after one more quick real quick.

I like to get married and I felt Matt and Frank with, maybe 20 years about the 30 year you either did after praying for him 30 years. Yes, you do keep writing and bless you God and use dating services and all kinds of stuff go to churches and just ask the Lord to provide. But here's the thing people in the missing doing this but be careful. People say Lord get this great woman for me or this great guy for me but it should be as Lord prepare me to be the good spouse you want me to be for whoever you would trust that Southwest okay and okay that will keep up the good work and go get them tiger mall later, Anthony plus all right.

The skin of the phones with Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome Ronnie here right now. At that you think today that on. I think is very segment that I can sometimes go I think is contributes to some of the issues because in Islam the Muslim Muslim.

The Islamic religion teaches hatred for the Jews in the Christian's 551. Do not take Jews and Christians as your friends are friends with another, and so were to they are to avoid Israel. They think that Israel took the land away from them. But no, Israel had the landed, the Arabs took away from them and so they got and went back so by moving it to Jerusalem what he was doing was was, not agreeing with the with the muscles and I wonder how backpack talking or lacking mom that I now know we need to complete understand that Islam is based not only in the Quran and the hadith, but also in its history is history interviews people to be weak to compromise and then when they compromise its weakness to them emboldens them to move forward. This is part and parcel to the culture of Islam and our politicians did understand this with Trump did was slap in the face on that aspect and good for him because they understand strength and the like our weakness in our politicians and the left are so weak but nevertheless this is probably one of many events that are going to ultimately contribute to the culmination of history, so who knows what degree, but it's part of it. Okay okay I not I cannot read allied on the lack right now. Clearly I Israel and now I think I think of people in the left, the far left. I think there's something mentally wrong with them and I'm not joking.

I think there's something wrong with the mentally there's that whacked they they want communist stuff they want free everything is there. The vote in the detriment of our country at the height is real. I don't they promote homosexuality they promote if the killing of the unborn is I don't see how bad I and I might really orient cake at and each time the Bible – I get you look at Ethan like to have you heard any of you as possible why I never heard anything so regularly… I have you live, the folk there's a break we get three of the lies you may call 87720727 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way to open lines 877-2072 seconds from Washington DC Kevin on good all right read about. Well, I'm a rapper I'm got a rapper and guide that I really, really long time came out with a new album called extra note and Calvin about nine years and now eight became a Lutheran and then he made that album basically rejecting Calvinism.

The guys name and claim I'm wondering if you had heard anything about that in the game by his was a Lutheran college and seminary so I do want to talk to the guy to call me. I can ask questions asked and you are not not heard so okay I think claim and like guy like me like millennial Christian rapper guide like work with Thailand and I am sure you heard of that are required grabbers but yeah I just wanted you heard about it on the email he had email me to the insoluble links second check amount okay for Sir, I'm it, is that if you eat that car just inside the car and okay okay okay I not okay. All right. Let's get to Nelson from California Nelson Irani mad, less the question before all that the book of John the Woman with three together and she'll on their research on it and and many people than that I feel about life everything and people believe that you would dad in God resurrected among their day at the fish BM empty it out and I looked on the blue letter Bible say you Sharon about that they lack the two hounds of people that were actually swallowed alive and get the the early after it, and sure enough they were never there or thinking about life on land and that the man that their faith that it Joan.

My question is you you think he actually died in the work field. I looked it up and concordant to the place of the debt so well in the order that I live. That one works yes all three days is a long time, and since Christ said as Jonah was in the belly of the fish for three days so the Son of Man should be so is Jesus had died. We could say then that easily make the case that Jonah had died and was resurrected inside the belly of the fish which also make the case that he was alive or not hold time and that's not impossible for God to do the Bible doesn't tell us again is one.

You know he could. Is this is a cry for help for the death of Scholl well does that mean he had died in Scholl. He didn't like where he was, he cried, was resurrected in the net resurrected in the resurrection sense but resuscitated I should say in a sense, and so was resurrected and then spit out so we don't know yet that may back your work you have been really fun. I was getting to heaven and the meek Jonah was like in the mail. Let me tell you in a sling and so who knows that all taxes are due. That would likely never met okay last all right was Nelson from California folks we have for open line to call 772072276. Let me just tell you that we stay on the air by your support if you like to show you want to see continue.

All you gotta do is go to confirm that CAR M.G and/donate all the information you'll need us right there if you want something that you don't need to be earmarked for radio then you just email us and let us know the picture but that way so difficult for open lines folks 877-207-2276 the skin to John Washington state angel welcome. How are you John, Marie and also I would hear from you for a long time with.

I broke the street right now and it's going to happen. I got with somebody the other day out of the Honda Accord and I was talking and they brought up the river call August 2 Thessalonians 211 where it talked about the sleeping dog look upon them a deluding influence and upgrading of the NASD is the one that called the non-Arminian sorry but these things attract the user of the history think about the governor left already. Talk about the got it upon them a deluding influence so that they would believe all go clapping to the Christian era and saying you know how do you know that God is not diluting you in our Holly I do you know that God is giving you the contact I was wondering what what what is your cat. What is your take on this is by his is the contact that God is sending a deluding influence to Christian horror they talking about eschatological okay and return of Christ.

The eschaton and the lady will deceive you first. Three. It will not come unless the Antichrist is revealed and things like that and you know what restrains in verse six the mystery of all is specifically revealed that is the one whose coming is in accord with Satan in verse nine. With all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because he did not love the truth. This was to be saved. Verse 11. For this reason God will send upon them the wicked influence that they believe what is false, that want to serve Satan deny God deny Christ return Mr. atheist. That's what this four letter word to is a four letter word you can mention of people. That's is permissible on radio context C1 T EXT four letter words a lot of people you read the context of something to find out that what is teaching is not what they wanted to teach without routinely as you've heard me talk to atheist many many times and know I can be very polite with them but I have set on many occasions. Sorry, but you need to do your homework and here I'm doing your homework for you as I had to do with all kinds of atheists you don't do your homework and read the context of something, nothing. Why should I deal with you and trying to answer his questions. When it's all you do is read just registered that once was a difficult in this because, like too many people. Truth is not what they want because truth doesn't serve the personal needs personal needs as her agenda so they must subject truth to their agenda, their gender to the truth. And this is a difference between light and darkness truth in their salvation and death. Okay I appreciated you O'Connor's way so you know we can waste time driving center of know I have last night I got ready and yelled at the people who don't know, he was a drunk driving back to the airport and through a series of weird stuff on the freeway wheels got clenched. I mean really made out it was Windows happen fast driving at night gold. The fact airport and going down rain and traffic everywhere on the iPod and they would not leading saying time and I think there Matt might've built well with the it was a close call but will talk you later God bless you buddy.

See John Washington folks. We have wide open lines vital to line the McCauley 77072276 when vehicle mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back everyone last segment of the show McCauley 77072276 the script to is Wilkes from North Carolina. Welcome hi I was wondering, I love you. Thank you.

I love New Age health. I wonder why guys that other preachers preach about the book of Enoch. Willey should when going through the book of Jude is a preach, it's mentioned in there, so there's nothing wrong with preaching about it and the book of Enoch is not Scripture but was referenced by it was referenced by Jude and that there are other books in the Bible that are quoted but are not Scripture so well in the short form a question about that.

That means that God gets the scrolls were found in this book was written by man. All the books the Bible written by man, but they were inspired by God and some are not. Some books with my mentor not inspired like I'm I'm working on a sci-fi novel. It's deftly not inspired of God so people can write things what is inspired is the old and New Testament books of the Christian church in the Jews recognize as being authentic and an inspired of God. So the Dead Sea Scrolls are not inspired unless you want to say their copies of the inspired documents are inspired with understand that inspiration deals with the autographs with the originals and so we have are documents that are copies of those originals and so the originals are the actual inspired documents have copies of those inspired documents social intents and purposes, we say to inspired because it is okay okay right, you're welcome so much God bless. All right if I open my hopes, my mother with five open logically. McCauley 772072276. Now we have nobody waiting to teach on something. The issue of truth is very important when you think about something way to ask yourself the question is truth important to you.

I mean, truth, truth, I have a friend and names Nathan and he and I are different and similar thoughts of one of the major issues of her similarity as he and I are both extremely concerned for truth were extremely truthful to each other and that means because of that we trust each other.

We trust each other with each other's families because the foundation of truth brings trust truth is what is that light of hope. Jesus said he is the truth. If you're a Christian, you need and ought to regard. Truth is extremely important. This means you can't tell white lies. You can't just say well it's okay got understands know it's a sin to lie, for example, Maya, my wife and I never got kids talk about Santa so you 30 seconds for six compact but so if you list your listing, but to my wife and I will put is what we told our children the truth about Santa and we have no problem with that because we were not going to misrepresent the truth and alive. So what we did was along with other things like because the truth is important in the Bible says, for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in the righteousness of Damascus Christian.

Are you suppressing the truth in your righteousness, so that we have to ask is that we have to think about what is the truth. The truth is that which comports to the mind of God and the only no absolute truth as it is.

If God is absolute sense reveals to us what is absolutely true. And the truth is revealed in this inspired word he says don't lie so don't lie, you'll tell white truths truth. We don't tell white lies you're trying to spare somebody by lying other ways to spare someone fight not like going to be gentle about certain things are not to be rude and Kramer and Seinfeld disturbed St. Thorton out things with you judgment wisdom but don't lie is the ungodly who lie if the ungodly who twist the truth was 125 for the exchange of truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator who is blessed forever when people give up on the truth there suppressing the truth in their unrighteousness, their agenda is alive so against the leftist media in a conspiratorial list all this kind of stuff.

I just don't trust the media okay and Fox news. I watched I check what they say against the best way I can find truth.

There's a lot of ways to do that. Nevertheless okay the thing is we have to make sure that the truth is super important to us to your spouse to your husband to your children to your relatives, the people you work with. I once had a job where the boss told me if someone calls just tell him I'm not here. I looked at him and I said akin to that is not true. He looked at me so that I want you to say I can't say it if you fired in the spot. I walked out. Okay fine, but I said this to him. I should look, just tell them you're not available because you're not available to talk for whatever reason that you deem that your that's between you and whatever I can say that he is okay that's good enough that I wouldn't lie for. I won't lie.

You don't serve God.

The me ask you do you serve God. Do you fear the issue of your mind and your heart softening to telling lies, so that telling little lies becomes easier and easier even as you step further and further away from Christ away from the truth.

We can't, as Christians worry with the world's gonna say and worried that they might not like what we say and you know you been listening for a while, you know, I say thanks I say things I do people think and I hope to get them thinking in the area.

Truth I want to understand truth and seek to notice what is says the wrath of God is revealed from 2010. The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness. If you're being ungodly. The question then is, is the wrath of God being revealed against you. What is that wrath will that wrath of God in the context of Romans one where is talking about the they exchange the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature that doesn't apply to Christians but the principal of judgment coming upon all who would lie even as Christians is there because what happens is that God gives people over to the lusts of their hearts to impurity so that their bodies would be dishonored among and we have to be careful what we do as Christians is to represent our Lord properly, not what is convenient, you know when I am when I give the gospel message when I try and do is I tell people several things I say you need to understand we are guilty of the Bible says don't lie, cheat and steal. If you do those things. You've incurred upon yourself the judgment. That's the that's the gospel is the good news that Jesus fulfilled, and that by her faith and trust in what he did on the cross we can be saved from righteous judgment of God upon the lawbreaker but I go one step further. I tell people to count the cost in Luke 1428 it says this for which one of you when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete so many Christians are people they want to become Christians what they want to do is have a really nice Christian life and they say well you know I'm I deserve to be healthy and wealthy. That's incidentally a lie.

You don't and what they'll do is they don't realize that what Jesus himself said is that if you do not pick up your cross and follow after him. You are then not worthy of him.

This is what he has said to pick up your cross and follow after him to let me ask you, are you willing to pick up your cross and follow after him. The cross is difficult to cross is costly. The cross is painful. The cross is heavy. The cross is full of jagged edges. It rubs against us. It's not comfortable. Jesus says pick up your cross and follow after him daily. That's what he said to do. Are you willing to do that but he says this in Luke 923 if anyone does. If anyone wishes to come after me, must first deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow the cost in Luke 1428 is what he tells us to consider, and that cost us to pick up your cross and follow after him, unless then you have to be poor and everything has to be bad. No I'm saying is being willing to stand for him and stand integrity as a Christian for the Lord Jesus Christ. Otherwise, don't call yourself a Christian, don't call yourself a Christian, you're telling little white lies after fornicating throughout their looking at porn. If you watch videos that are pirated and you have no conviction about it.

Now these are deeds of darkness people that understand the severity of what it means to be a Christian ethic become more that's easy trusting in Christ, but to be one his heart because he wants us to change you want us to pick up our crosses and follow after him and then I recommend you do if this is serious business to you if you hear the words I'm speaking. Listen to this at a Colossians 3. Consider the members of your earthly body is dead to immorality, impurity, passions, evil desires agreed to speak with them on the side, anger, wrath, malice, slander, abuse a speechwriter mouth don't lie to one another, since you lay this ideal self with its evil practices and from the new self is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the created understand Colossians 33 Colossians 3 toss understand if you're a Christian, serve the Lord Jesus church that an organization not a doctrinal stat whether it be Calvinism, Arminianism or Lutheranism or nondenominational is on you serve Jesus and you speak the truth and you live for the truth. Jesus, that's the cost to do that Jesus will take you as you leave. If you're not willing to be right folks. Lord bless you by his grace back on her tomorrow.


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