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March 5, 2020 9:35 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 5, 2020 9:35 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- In John 1-9, what is the light---2- Where, from the Old Testament, did the Jews believe that the Messiah would be a conquering king---3- Can you clarify Matthew 5-32---4- Is the Lutheran view of the Lord's supper valid---5- As a Christian, is it ok to fight over something like gun rights---6- Is it wrong for Christian rock or Christian rap to exist---7- Is not believing in Jesus, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit---8- If Jesus died for sin, what sins are people in hell for-

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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics found alive.more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Matt why called in responding to your questions and you wanted McCall as usual, all you do is dial 877-207-2276 we can blab? The Bible is a question about religious groups and things like that, whatever it might be we can have a nice conversation if you want to watch the show is not that big of a deal as a camera on me here in the office all you do is go to Facebook Facebook and you can watch a show they're not a big deal and Lexi would also if you want Facebook I think Facebook at unit YouTube also sees me YouTube and watch it or not a big deal to secure and dressed casually but comfortably with a headset on the whole bit might of my monitors in front of me and wait for your calls. To answer your question so if you do have a question on apologetics on the Christian faith. Anything related to adjuster McCall.

All right, hope you had a great weekend and by the way, I will be off the air tomorrow and the life that is in front of you will be traveling Tuesday and Friday good neglect to Nashville for the national religious broadcasting network's annual meeting you not been out there before couple times, tell you it's pretty cool. I really like it because you get to see these humongous these areas with with all kind of technological advancements with medications and is my coveting gland going. I'll tell you she is a list of all man which we had that was you that, but the ultimate connections will talk to people and if by any chance you're in the area and you want to go check it out and I can do that Nashville naturally seek that's that's who works at the Gaylord Gaylord that were to replace all right and I'll hate we are still nearby. Your generous donations. All you gonna do support us and keep the message on the air. All you do is go to CRM.O RG, and this/donated all the information you need is right there if you want what you donate to these designated for radio only. All you do is email us if you don't need to say so and so just donated this mountain with the radio and be just a market for that. That's what happens if that sounds good. All you do is that no big deal. Again we have field lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck. Looking to the show. You're on the Jan….One not what white lies like like I'm sorry you did with the light like like like every man of the world. That said, he just delight and would like does is exposes things that are in darkness. It presents the truth to things Jesus called with the truth and the life.

And so when it says it enlightens every man. That's the interesting part was it mean to enlighten every man does it mean every guy that person doesn't mean everybody who's ever lived. Because of his everyman. And what about those who died hundred years before Christ was born.

What about those different countries so it's a difficult verse to answer because when it's written. It's in the context of him becoming flesh and he had not yet been crucified had not been corrected. So he's that true light which come to the world and lunch everyman so I tend to think that what it's talking about is that it could be couple different ways attend to.

Kindest think that it means that he's lighting the path in the way of truth. For those who he encounters out either in person or through his word unless it has to be it, but I can lean towards that one.

But then again, on the other hand, because God in flesh in the world. Maybe there's a sense of spiritual sense in which these enlightening people, but I don't know, so I was not exactly sure what that is right okay thanks Matt okay welcome.

God bless you but okay all right is good on the phone with Jeff from Raleigh, North Carolina Jeff looking to show your on their all right pain in her coat.

She's doing much better. She still having to put up with me but you know, everybody has their burdens to get a beer so she's okay you got that right, but I would always want to get the interpretation of all the month I was going to be a concrete suffering my head. I don't have any versus memorize for that's not going to harm because there are certain prophecies about him that are there and see your prophecies Jesus because I remember there are some things in there that prophecy, the Bible, Jesus here we go, and it does talk about him bringing people to under submission in the kingdom's was born of virgins on the grandson of Abraham Isaac house of David. Born in Bethlehem profit priest king a judge for the Lord is our judge. The letter will give the Lord is our King is he will save us dollars fulfilled in John 530. That's a good question, no I don't think I have a great answer for you. Top my head, but there are verses in the old Daniel Bailey that I didn't really know about me that anyway. It was one main issue that you were looking for.

Maybe I'm not thinking today about that whole thing that what they were looking yes definitely Nestlé is the case. Some think that Judas was a zealot zealot was a political party and some people think that is the theory that what he did to turn Jesus in was to force him to in acts. The Old Testament pathetic aspect of his kingship is coming up in Isaiah remember that I have read the stuff for and it is there. I can never know, and it is the longest good question. I can get that asked that very often at all what your every few years actually uses to repent of prophecies but yet he's definitely going to be a… In direct segments of the prophecies when we look we look a certain prophecies.

I believe that God does things in this certain way so that people who have eyes to see will see in those who don't will not and so what will find in some areas of prophetic utterance in the Old Testament, we won't know it's prophetic unless the spirit has inspired the New Testament writer to include what happens then is it might be a sentence or two out of a larger context and will say this, the prophetic aspect quality Jewish person to come along to some of the ultimate context isn't about that. And therefore Jesus is not the Messiah. That's one of the problems with with trying to work with them on that issue but to check out Zechariah 14 and were talks about the Lord will go out and fight for his nation and so we could see that. I think Jeremiah 25 also looking some references here so I checked those out and see your Zechariah 14 Jeremiah 25 as you find some prophetic utterances.

There kingship in fact do is this. Let's see I could find things like this and see God because I think you find some things in the New Testament about the King of Kings. For example, we go back to the Army 1017 and see if there's a reference as well. This is the Lord your God is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. Almighty also got so well. It is way to find things out and without his or those chapters check those out and see further.

Okay, I meant bless all right is good to Ricky from West Virginia Ricky, welcome to the show on the air thinking that really appreciate your ministry, and an awesome job. Thank you so much for I have a question and Matthew chapter 5 verse 32. This is all part of the sermon on the mountain by the Savior part of their birth is to ever marry a warming it was the boys commits adultery. Could you take on the Scripture say that were emerging divorced woman except the reason the Chasity. It says makes her commit adultery emerging divorced woman commits adultery.

So the exclusionary call clause is suffering. Chasity and that is the Greek word point Naya has to a sexual perversion, sexual sins. So it is okay to divorce or this looks like it's not sinful to divorce when adultery is involved. Jesus, as Matthew 19 nine and I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and regional woman commits adultery.

So there's that same Greek word point Naya and also frequent consent 715 Paul says so get of him leaving one leaves let them leave the brother sister not an obligation that time so it seems to be that the issue is that divorce is permissible not obligatory.

When the spouse has committed adultery and or has abandoned person. Okay, okay, right. Like that are appreciated ensuring one more thing.

Verse God divorced Israel and with the weather references if that people find a break and I'll mention it.

So if divorce were automatically assumed God would not issue a writ of divorce to Israel, which is what he did and their spiritual adultery so it's all right there it is. Jeremiah 38 times think so.

It says right there right for you are my three so they both arrived back after these messages we have two open lines. Once we may call 877072277 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg with the show you want to give me a call or do styling 772-072-2762 open lines recall.

It's good to Andrew from Michigan Andrew, welcome to the show. I appreciate your with everything and are a little bit sporadic question about. I and their view on the Lord's supper and am I came from a Lutheran background and now more reformed or MR form and am you know they Bailey. They have a strong allelic omelette.

I bet it is a Lutheran and even if they get a strong view of the true presence of the Lord, nobody in the Lord's supper and on. I was just wondering if if if dealing with Christology. Would it be appropriate for me to challenge that are that claim because you know can King Christ, nobody, beyond the present, in all places at once, or that kind of order on a type of heatseeking deals with the issue. The two natures of Christ begin to mix so much that they're basically distinguishable their so the thing here is you want to Lutheran college and I graduated with a bachelor's and the answer calls you got to go to a lot of the classes and I enjoy the theology from the great teacher Rod Rosenblatt Dr. Michael. He was great, but nevertheless when I understood of the Lord supper for the Lutheran perspective is is just this side of Of Catholicism were Catholicism holds transubstantiation, which actually transformed into the body and blood of Christ.

Lutherans don't teach that the teeth of the bread and the wine are representative but that there is the real presence of Christ in them. Now when I ask questions about that really means I really don't get very good answers.

Now I'm a little more detail than a lot of people that Mr. Levison like that makes it a mystery. Think I want that. I sit on the satisfied with let's look at some more, and was never able to really get so what I believe were good answers and we have problems when we go to Isaiah. Leviticus 1711 through 14 talks about life in the blood and blood is given for atonement and drink the blood of a flash for Lutheranism would say that not actually drinking the blood work, Catholicism says that they want so you know it there's like center just this side of of the Catholic view and I do not agree personally with the Lutheran view of the Eucharist, not calling them heretics, but I just agree with it. I'm up here for another, even with the reformed theology there some who hold to a slightly Eucharistic view work sacramental courts a means of grace. I don't like the idea of that of an object being Eucharistic or and or sacerdotal.

I should know know I sacramental work secular braces imparted to the participation of it. I just don't see that as being biblical.

I see that the encounter biblical because it means that that a ritual that we perform even a ritual designed by God then becomes something by which grace is then imparted to us and what is that me to impart is a substance is imparted as a bring down or call down what God has decreed will be is a condign are congruent essence of merits of the grace to come through. It gets to me this get too complicated and so I can't find any Lutherans who will answer these questions did not and I don't think there is little for people to know either. When I asked questions so you don't. You are that my interactions with my brother. They would use terms like in O'Connor that that's I'm getting it like it is a mystery to them, but it they would still express some kind of carnality. The body fell to me that caulking alignment is a Christology question and a salad but it is you do?

Delete my experiences, it becomes a mysterious and I think that kind of man you know, kind of dodging the Christ kinda will know. I don't think Luther was far enough away from the Catholic heresies yet because it was Catholicism was worse than that. It is now. It's really bad, but I know and I think Luther did a great job and was fantastic. Unusual grace the bondage of the will think is, to regulations. This is phenomenal. I learned a great deal that I had in the Tiffany Y was in theology classes there about the issue of grace and freedom we have in Christ. That was really truly great. My wife members at time when I can hope college was just talking for days will not nocking Lutheranism per se but is to in this particular area. I don't agree with and it and think they know really what it means and I think anybody what I like to say is that in the US this the Lord supper.

Jesus is there the same way. He was the first time and people might. So does that mean on-site sure and just leave it at that other say I don't know. I don't know know he was when he instituted the the bread and wine. He had been sacrificed yet and yet so they people call you Krista sacrificial thing will Be that and how can he have his body didn't want one place at a time, which is what you got a problem with that, urging them to drink blood even at the symbolic way would be problematic because Leviticus 1711 through 14th.

So I just don't think there's really easy answer. This whole thing.

The capsule we therefore, the vertical limit for this is I thank you very much for your trip when looking very much. That helps not to go. Yeah, thank you. Okay, less okay closely to call you to do is dial 877207227 success gets away from West Virginia Wade welcoming on the air doing all right.

By God's grace we ugly.

I believe it would last week I heard a bring up how you are our order amendment yes and I had a quick that we've kinda been found around around here that I know a lot of people that that like to say the thing they can have my gun when I prompt Michael and I was wondering how it that, is that up biblical Christian have floor because I think you know that the argument is once they take your gun and they can delegate did not write anything about it. But if they're not actually telling you did not write then is it okay to buy the Revolutionary war was fought by 15%. The population was over the issue of taxation without representation, and so they fought and many times what would happen is that ministers of the gospel preached a sermon minister. The people then go get their guns and go out and fight against the oppressors will expand that look more than we give them a break, voted right back with three open lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show on the air with weight from West Virginia Wade welcome all right yes I'm a staunch believer in the Second Amendment because that ensures the First Amendment will stay in place.

The as I was saying, the Revolutionary war was fought over taxation and the Boston tea party is over 2% increase or up to 2% of the revolted. We here are so conditioned that basically half of our income is taken by the state.

There will come a time and I was saying this certainly come a time when the secularist anti-Christian government will turn against the Christians within, and I believe that I'm not a prophet but having having lived 63 years and having seen various things happen and having understood the, the increase of oppression against Christians. That's in the world. Christians are now the number one oppressed group religious group in the planet and more people. Christians died for their faith in the 1900s. Then all of history combined point we here in America are reaping the benefits of the blood shed by so many early on in our country's history where the truths of God's word were interwoven into our culture, society and even to our politics, but as the unbelievers called good evil and evil good is warned about and Isaiah 520.

What will happen is we can become oppressed even more, more, and it's happening in the news media does not allow oppression of Christians to be promoted to be covered because they don't want sympathy for the Christians sympathies for the Muslims sympathies for the gaze sympathy is for the illegals and things like that. My guess immigration folks come in, legal, and so I believe and I happened also done some studies that there are FEMA camps ready to house, many thousands of people in different areas of the country school looking up on the web and so I believe that what Jesus is Luke 2236 yes, disciples says whoever has a money belt is taken along, likewise also the back lever has no sword is to sell his coat and by one is Luke 2236. Why would Jesus say to sell his cloak and buy a sword.

Jesus said this will we basically understand to mean that he talk about self-defense.

You have the right of self-defense and the sword was a means of self-defense. It was a means of enforcement of truth and the law and so this is not a very commonly known verse. But this would Jesus so do we have the obligation and the fight oppressors. Yes we do as Christians and during a break and went through and look at some verses and just in one or two minute time with talks about in Jeremiah 1221 12,000 David thus says the Lord, administer justice every morning to deliver the person who is been robbed in the power of the press we have an obligation to deliver us to the house of David, the oppressors and within this country were to do that and our government. Unfortunately does not always do that equitably and is actually turning to press the Christians were supposed to have the freedom of religious expression, but is being suppressed and our right to bear arms is also being suppressed with gets me is these politicians for unconcerned great many of them are just flat out liars, liars, because they will take raise their hand with her hand in the Bible raise a right hand and swear to uphold before God's word uphold the Constitution and then they work against, for example, the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. They don't have any compulsion about my opinion, lying because that say one thing to do another hypocrisy the line we as Christians need to stand up and move forward nonviolently, but we have the right to defend ourselves.the obligation.

This is an entity known we have the right to defend ourselves.the obligation to so we have the right to gather in groups and March and politely and publicly according to the law lawfully engage in public address and make our known are our needs known and we need to do this but unfortunately the church in my opinion is too busy trying to pockets line his pockets with the health and wealth gospel and not the gospel pick up your cross after me. Follow God want to be healthy and wealthy becomes the title that is sought by too many in the church is that of expanding the kingdom of God. The promotion of the gospel of Jesus Christ and do whatever can be done to ensure our right to be able to promote him, whether it be done by by voting or by petitioning or by marching lawfully. We need to do those kind of things with far too many Christians are going these churches in these nice pews is nice and the pastels and the great message of how God loves you so much you want to be wealthy and healthy that our our desire and our focus is moved away from the truth of spreading that gospel and saving message to everybody even if it cost us to let's get a bigger better car.

Things like that and so the Christians because they're distracted by wealth and the desire to possessions and their covetous attitudes and not the sacrificial attitude of giving and tithing and witnessing and sharing and supporting those who do. Because of this, were losing ground or losing rights so we need to defend the Second Amendment, which makes sure that the First Amendment states in place and we got it stand up and fight against the oppressors within our system.

I think it violent Lansing dual revolution. But when we stand up against them is by voting by calling my writing by going out publicly in gathering lawfully and we need to do it as it is a Christian nation cross denominationally as a Christian nation, and move, and I've had this idea, you got going here, but I've had this idea of them spoke about for a few months when I think a good idea would be someone who is nationally known as a bigwig is a Christian and got an organization together where people in America could Tony say five dollars a month. They signed up and all the money went into a national thing work. It was for the purpose of hiring lawyers and we fought for our faith and writing up bills and writing out what with the petitions. Excuse me, that we can present to our governmental officials and I would like to see, for example it on any particular month say September. This matter, that on September 1 that everybody with the whose last name starts with a ghost to the church Church capital, the state capital Lausanne literature, close it had been all be prearranged the goat to the state capital in their state and they have the petitions in their hands and they want to be heard in every every single capital in America. This happened on that day and the next day, people whose last income of the B and so want to the alphabet and this happened for weeks and thousands upon thousands all over the country were doing this and I think we could start to get things going again. But first we need to be praying and pray for pastor start preaching the truth pick up the crossing letter get that gospel spread.

Once you have the desire to have that gospel spread the can want to start doing whatever is necessary to ensure that it is possible not just to get a bank account bigger and another house to get that gospel spread that's close to what we do as Christians. So I think you got that there, and I agree that prosperity garbage like. It is the day I had one more unrelated probably a really quick question for you in that immediate circle that, more recently, and I can think both that the argument that there is the argument that Christian rock and that Christian rat that there's a lot of people would argue that that is edifying.

The black imitating a culture that were written from separate type of thing that city. The art cemented that it rock and ran. And you know even if you're rapid about deeds that that it is wrong cannot be both. That address the one they were all on home is not the style of music that is evil is existing in a certain B doesn't make something good or bad. I just listened this morning to wrap up Christian rapper reform a black eye.

Great job.

Go forth and do what we need to use whatever we can to expand that gospel without sin rock wrap even country and get that done okay. God bless you I voted right back after these messages the mats like why call 770727 back to the show with Mike from Pennsylvania. Mike Rainier going on radio rapid was that the record that you have equipment. The name charlatan knows a different guy. I believe in trying to find it you send it to me and is going through emails today because I have so many and him. I listened and I liked it so I have an open window, look up shy late young child I name it young follicle regeneration so good form to send the link will shot a look at what I like all kinds of music except country was there. I could see it.

So we got my question for you like what you and about multilingual company baby with the guy and go back down into a corner you know that I want to your video and we were talking about why people go to hell and it is and if it made for everyone saying, then they should be going to hell they bring up our belief that repentance is not that it is that is thin. If it is, he paid for it not been at the helper not believing in that at that point you stop and need to get back to me for like couple of days later and ending up with a later then you know the paper all the thing and I agreed with American you know we had this been forgivable. Say that Whatley get the Holy Spirit so he's trying to say you not believing in God and not anything is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. If you don't believe in Jesus Bennett blasphemy against the Holy Spirit because he believes that Jesus and the father and the Holy Spirit are all one thing in Egypt acting out different forms. So my my question for you. You have any scripture against multilingual are any answers for you.

There's a lot you could do depending on his variation of moralism is a modal list, which means the father became the sun then became the Holy Spirit. If that's the case, then I'd say go to Carmen and look up what's called a plurality study demonstrates how God Almighty is seen in the Old Testament and they would have to say surveying noises in the background are meant so sorry about and so worried we I forgot my pilots which I thought. Sorry. So one of the plurality throughout. Oh yeah, the father is in the Old Testament, they would say well this got Almighty Hussein. But Jesus says in John 646 that no mentor seen the father. So who are they saying who's got Almighty was not the father in the Old Testament that will destroy moralism, but not all of the oneness people are modal lists.

Some of them just the idea one person who just manifests differently different times to the can moved away from odorless and I think because they can see the weaknesses in so that case what I would do is go to verses like Luke 2242 were Jesus is praying to the father is not my will but your will be done using the garden and I that's was he praying to this is where it really gets down to the nitty-gritty whose he praying to the father but is he the father yes please pray for himself as he says in Matthew six, Luke 11, our father who art in heaven, so that means if I was in heaven praying to himself in heaven when he's there on earth is at work insert singers all their problems and they well it's his flesh praying to the spirit that denies the incarnation and you have was called Nestorianism there's two persons in the body president Wunderlich got another in heaven. It then you getting the issue of how the true incarnation because we have to have a true incarnation of the nature of the atonement to work so this is we start asking more difficult questions and they will start backpedaling and then it wont talk to anymore, and you will read I bring up the but even great when I bring up the one where it speaks about the blaspheming against the Holy Spirit in the beginning of the verses that lacking me against God and anything will be forgiven.

Yes, except less of the Holy Spirit in glass Holy Spirit. Matthew 20 that is saying that Jesus does miracles by the part of the evil one. That's what it is in this context, not just unbelief. If unbelief is less with the Holy Spirit which can never be forgiven no unbeliever could ever become a Christian in any unbeliever look at our event that I don't like, all right, let's get on the phones with caviar from you. Yes I do right now.

We got a dull, interesting, what you guys let it what you me get I'm actually wrap around Christian rapper and Mike didn't. What about that let me know. Though that question click on so I can get it right before I can hear the last part of what you really will not last, but less Holy Spirit is her body.

I just if so, do you think like an non-believe Jesus died for me. Think not to leave you think that there is no okay so felt like I got my debate on the universal extent of the right. The whole would that be a proper answer. My company had fell at hand are men and help for that. Everybody was on such a night.

That means the city than the question then becomes, did he pay the price for their sensitivity to take care of it. If he died, for it is with this in his death he died to set me this is not taken care of and doesn't exist anymore, but I doubt I would mind out. My question that the Holy Spirit that it will elicit their not born that sin no because it's unforgivable. That would mean I think that the good life, though that might and help like like they welding about that and they would ask me what environment and how they can against the Holy Spirit, would that be at like to look at right letter was committed to last me the Holy Spirit and their unbelievers have not committed to hell. Also, I think that an event day in and if they don't believe in combat it. Lord, not all and that God is the devil, then they would fight and they had rejected the Lordship of Christ, and they have black buddy do with babies who die in the womb. Maybe say that heart not I think that the heart for all that they well enough, no running five. I think you mean inside if you keep you listening for a while, her minion that's okay you are and has some challenges to not and I would be called a provision okay glasses. Holy Spirit is not paid for by Christ case it's unforgivable. Since we cannot be pay for unbelief is not in unforgivable sin because many people were unbelievers became Christians.

So there's other things so lots of people go to hell because there they are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 2, three, and they have committed sin. Romans 323 is for the judgment of God is upon them rightly and properly so the judgment stays upon them is not averted their not saved from God's righteous judgment that the salvationist to say forgot to register on the context. I think a: three) flight data market meant that all of the father will be like like they have never so any so many repents right but they put their faith in Jesus and that the Lord there in the kingdom there Lord is Jesus not all rents either late make it.

They get forgiven of their hands right so everything in that contact rejected people and made a payment idea if they wanted contest that was the Lord's hand. They would not knock out around square this works is non sequitur. They've done this at committed their not confessing Christ because I can only do that by the power of the Spirit's work in them because simply purchase laser salad.

They would like know they can't do it on and I don't know the those who have committed that last with spirit cannot okay before they can be quite a black eye and said thank you.

How could Satan who is focus on his confess Christ as Lord will be done by the Holy Spirit also cursed the Lord. I don't believe they could and I wouldn't break and they wouldn't have pressure and if they heard the Lord they will not get you matzoh is different iterations variations of answers on the okay okay this is a call from Idaho. Carl welcome have about a minute on the show we got what I know about a minute the ball I'd like to make a comment about the Christian rat last year. Many of the Christian rapper okay for you and for him.

Look up reformed hip-hop and reformed wrap on modified there's a playland gray guy rentals Thailand get the exact theology you have Ludlum check it out.

It's amazing. I was into it religiously get it get in anyways night. I just had a question about the coronavirus. The coronavirus is going around.

I know you only have it with man-made bio weapon. You don't really have. We have the paperwork we have document okay pro-choice equipment which could question then what your question though my dad was a (I'm sorry this week.

Okay I well I have a good weekend to my folks will be traveling this week, so will be live recently unless I do a show from a national but nevertheless I got Rachel back on year every week

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