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March 5, 2020 9:41 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 5, 2020 9:41 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do I balance Matthew 12-52 and 1 Timothy 5-15, in regard to caring for my family and doing God's will---2- In Matthew 24-5, does that mean that many will come saying that Jesus is Christ but be deceptive -lds example- or does it mean that false christs will come---3- I'm a believer who is struggling with homosexual thoughts-feelings. What can I do---3- How can I talk to my grown daughter about salvation---4- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 12-3, in what sense it is referring to Jesus being Lord- The Lord or their Lord- How does that line up with false groups who say that Jesus is Lord---5- Does predestination mean that God predestines those whom he knew would choose him---6- How do I overcome the inner fear of future failures in regard to temptation---7- Matt talks about being on on 3-4.--8- Can you be of the elect but die before you are saved-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president found online.more you have questions about Bible doctrine. As a matter why, if you're a first-time listener are welcome to show this is a Christian apologetic show we talk about all kinds of things. As you'll hear, if you continue to listen to different in that I don't to apologize for the word of God says God is true. The Bible is true. 66 books not any more than that and we just tackle everything so well what you because you only if open lines 87720722764 per line to let her from you and would like diskette run on the phone just get the Chris from Atlanta Georgia.

Chris welcome you on the air good evening Mike and God bless you and your ministry will raise Michael sure I have a quick well I have a couple questions already you have time for an order of priority.

My father is a terminal brain cancer.

I don't know that he had a very strong testimony will get straight to my question, he leaving a family behind. I'm trying to faithfully balance first Timothy 58. In light of Matthew 1250 Luke 1252 and others. What but advisor and I might you have will. Matthew 1250 is not. Whoever does love my father who is in heaven is my sister and mother for 25 84 31 does not provide for zone, especially his own household is denied the faith and is worse in the believer so so he's not this is your father right is not provided for the family. Would you leave the family when they passed away at a great question.

I'm sorry I didn't clarify I cuddle all excited to come on your show will be leaving behind a wife will be a widow at my mother who is a Roman Catholic and coders. There's concerned about spiritual separation between her and her family, but I still want to do everything I can to provide for providing for that. That meant that my half their course financially. My concern is that when she given that she is bedridden. My father passes I wanted I want to try to honor that commandment look after them, I have concerns about getting too close. Given the spiritual different is close as you can. Your Christian right Roman Catholic your Christian, no, no, I'm an independent Baptist. My wife took your critical thinking course play with supported you for three years I'm I'm I want to go to the literature. That's okay so here's the thing you are correct your under obligation to take care of your parents. When one passes away, the one you do what you can to take care of and to provide she's Roman Catholic so your obligations to continue to pray for her and preacher of the gospel so that hopefully shall be saved and believe that that falls to the Catholic Church and getting close to her isn't an issue, you should be close to his family and you not to get Roman Catholic cooties and become apostate court so you know just just in gentleness with concern is talk about trusting Christ for all of the forgiveness of their sins and for one things. Also the Catholics is is so is Jesus God and say yes because he forgive sins yes can you pray to him.

Yes, if you pray to him and asked him to forgive you of all of your sins, will he forgive you sent.

This is the simplest and the Catholics will say yes but he will pray to Jesus for the forgiveness of their sentence to pray to Mary and they go to the US the priest and the baptism and sacraments and always works for forgiveness. They don't understand the true gospel. So this is what you do is just get to the gospel. Don't talk about Marion. She was at Mary just ignore unless it's really heretical one. Getting in the way. But the idea is to just focus on the issue with the truth to the gospel is powerful in Romans 116 talks about the gospel of his the power of God to salvation and Isaac at 511 says of the will to God will not come back empty, without accomplishing what God desires.

So it's your job be fine. Amen.

And that brother that the concern is simply that with each, profound, and I guess you would call it if of doctrinal separation of the Peter Masters variety. If you'd like. And yet articles on your website about that to try to be mindful of that, given that the possibility that she may need to know. She should sort of threatened suicide of my over the possibility of going to a nursing home and that I. Tentative really but me and my family in a difficult position to think about. Take your stand losing the spouses is trauma and then being so to speak nothing. I don't mean to put it this way that you're doing like this, but the idea from the perspective been carted off to a strange place for taking care of which is a signification of a unit died maybe over here.

It could be interpreted that way from that perspective.

And it's frightening. So you have to understand that you and your wife and friends and family is be supportive as possible and do we have to do within reason of course, but it is very difficult thing. Put your self in her shoes. How would you feel and she might lash out the letter Lesha if she gets mad at you and says bad things. Whatever. Well, okay, you move on and let it go and and so because people in fear will say things and do things when their lives are upset so much that his act in bad ways.

Pain causes that affect my gallbladder was dying. Years ago I got really upset with my wife and I'm putting in polite terms of because she wasn't there next to me while she's out running errands and I was extremely… A distraught but politely she knew something was wrong.

This would pain suffering does.

It has an effect on and so readers compassionate as you can and let let her know it is because of the love of Christ that you do with cannabis when you can yet discuss the particulars with your wife and her situation to do accent and it yet sure you coming back you said you questioned if you have time for sure yet time for one more question, I would sure I would love the opportunity. Otherwise, all very long. I know you have other colors. Only three of them likely the number to get filtered through the lines.

You may call eight 772-072-2760 called Crystal had. I haven't been able after my whole Logos package.

It hadn't been able to find an answer actually emailed.

I think that you at some point. The questions regarding Matthew 24 five okay my namesake on Christ will mislead many. Yes, that will be difficult to ask the question of early I will directly pose the question what you put letters for superscript but I now try so is the correct interpretation of that verse that many will come thing that Jesus is Christ, and will deceive many were that many will come thing that they themselves are the Christ, and will be igniting the wreath map is well, because the times right Jell-O stained of the world. The Mormon lots of other folks will say quote unquote that Jesus is Lord or this or that you write God, but they seem to be defeating an awful lot for people and the folks that are coming along think that their teeth right right what you're saying with Jesus is saying is that people in the future will say yes they are the Messiah that they are to deliver and there have been many like that. There's cults of that amount were the leader, male or female, is that it may not say they are the Christ or the Messiah.

Though some do is in no single moon claims to be yet Jesus recounted what I understand of his wife is a Holy Spirit. This is the kind of deception that juices warning about, among other deceptions as well so I'm the price to something on to say I'm the Messiah on the deliver and I think you could expand a little bit to say things like to include Joseph Smith, or Mormonism, because he's saying he is the restorer of the truth and trust is Russell Jehovah's Witnesses the restorer of the truth, and Mohammed, the restorer of the truth. This is what Jesus warned about people restoring the truth were the deliver into the truth. The true religion and point to apply to their ability and their been called by God. When Jesus said won't be anymore. Christ would not be screen anymore profits. That makes a lot more sense because you might mean honeymoon digesting that hundred and 20,000 member exception. I wouldn't think someone coming along. Thank you in on the Christ would be very persuasive if you are trying to mislead Christian casting yourself as an angel of light. But maybe your point.

If it will disconnect on its own, either. Let's try this Anthony are you there all right hey my my machine here my desk disconnected itself from the yeah the call to be with, but figured out so anyway that happens will tech issue there or they may want to go but what's up man. Let me… Quicksort get some privacy that would be better for me right now so I just want to talk like you… I got stuff going on and I believe that really will work in any way for Christ and I'm trying not to let them know I got a lot of but I recognize that I need help and I need help from other prayer warriors and I need help from other believers and 17 I go I'm still in high school I I pray for my friends all the time. I have Opera lists for people around me.

Everybody I encounter in my mind.

I'll say a prayer like Lord I pray that they come to know and see that you want them to not give the worldview of you a lot of so many young people around me and all people like my parents, my brother Ron saved and I pray for them every day and every night and I've always I can say always been, but I've been doing it a lot more recently and found that as recently as different to say so hold on right all right the Milton to open 1772072761577077.

Here is Matt's and 30 there buddy all right so were so when continue as young man in high school.

I pray every day and I drive I have a Bible I very wholeheartedly admit I don't eat enough. I do read it.

I read when I choose to not often enough and I hope and pray that this store more believe I will come to see that not only is it in the three, but it will be upon and will be something not like the hunger I will have my soul everyday with word and but I like my neglect at certain times.

This caused the enemy to interfere with my life. More so than he would have otherwise and just lately it sucks man. I don't like you and I pray constantly that I've been thinking about guys differently and it's a something I see start to become a problem when I do the best I can. The vitamin was just another guy who's fearful about his sexual orientation. Brian and being a believer looking for prayers man that's not all I can try my best status and provided so and so you think you're being attracted people to same-sex that's what you're difficult. I wouldn't say that. Honestly, I haven't gotten that far and I hope and pray I don't think in different I got an answering guys like that.

I would like all quickly shut it down like mentally like Lord help me high repute… I'm looking at guys not thinking, I got you got a cute garbage like that man talks a lot for one thing, we have a lot of going on in the world puts bad ideas into our minds. And when you're 17 and I say this, please understand I'm not talking down to you because of your age, but I remember my 17 I would tell you things were difficult. There's a lot happening. You have 1 foot so to speak in childhood and 1 foot in adulthood and you have hormones going. Your brain is rewiring fact, if you know this but the physical brain in the mail is not really fully developed until about the age of 25, with the females about the age of 23 you're still developing and not being dismissive. I decided a lot going on, and so don't beat yourself up too much. You'll just understand that okay things happen.

What you do with those things is what's important.

And so I remember I was in seminary and professor submit a comment never forgot this, it was a good comment that he made when he said he would see an attractive woman someplace in the first thing he would do is praying to the Lord. Please protect her from my last, and the lust of others, and so forgot that because what he was doing was admitting that he had his struggles as well and yet what he did was he submitted them to the Lord. This is a PhD seminary professor and is a very godly man.

He ended up becoming my counselor, my marriage counselor and wife. I had some problems during seminary, and he was a great man of God so what when I hear people say they have problems. On one hand up say don't worry about it. On the other hand, I say but worry about it usually depends. Don't worry about it in that you're normal about that, but you do need to be concerned about it because we want to be sanctified before Lord Jesus Christ and so you pray and you constantly give these things to the Lord all the time and you make that part of what you are and what'll actually happen is your brain will rewire your desires will rewire you become more godly and if it doesn't happen like that.

They need to seek counseling from someone else and work through the issues because we tell you, sometimes we can have less assay concerns that take years to to have victory over in my sink this is to be your case of the site. I know what it means to struggle. I know what it means to have victory and not have victory to have prolonged struggle and gradual victory. I know what it means for all kinds of things like and think that I look to the most through these is my Lord and Savior Jesus because I remember how he saved me. I remember that he has loved me from before the foundation of the world and that he chose me for salvation. Even though he knew everything about it. I heard a preacher once think I'm gonna I'm glad that God predestined me for something for salvation from before the foundation of the world because if you look at me now. He wouldn't pick me but I love that because it's an admission that you were not supposed to be and is also an admission that God loves us anyway. You have got to realize that the love of Christ for you cannot be broken.

You have to understand, you cannot undo that and your struggles are allowed for a reason know me tell you something. It's exceedingly rare for me to hear anybody of your age who prays and seeks the will of the Lord like breathing, it might be. I'll be honest, mentally I want it out loud all pray when I'm alone a prelate I mentally I pray for myself and for others. At least at least 7080 times a day. Little here and there will be sent on my computer at school doing a project or do to help me like stuff like that in my head over and over, and I'm delighted that it's good to talk to me and bring me somewhere but I need to be safe and that would see about 10 times due to this morning I doing daily basis. I tell you something. Generally speaking, when someone has something like you do lot of time. Just because God wants to do something with you and because of that the enemy attacks all the more so when I hear people like like you have these big struggles. I almost want to smile because I see the potential of what God is doing and that's why the enemy is working so hard. I know that God is in control. I know the road you're going through the struggle.

I know that and it's a hard one, it's difficult but I I am so glad I've gone down that road and a few others like it over the years of maybe what I am, so they can buy God's grace ministered even more people. So trust in Christ beyond your ability to understand what all continue to pray, continue to resist. You'll have victory. Michael hear me out okay you sound normal. A lot of guys trust me and tell me things I will never disclose an individual's whatever but I'll tell you you're not alone right and keep seeking Christ. Christ can you do something good going on right to leave you right Michael. Hear me out. All right there was empathy from middle to New Jersey to 7207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave to show how New Hampshire got what was going on here. Are you going all right, but it's what you tell readers young and I think, Christian apologetics, research-based graphic you guys are awesome and I was looking up from the dialogue that you have persons like eight years the people of different religions is one particular woman, whose name was Dale Riley three discussion between you and her army was typed out and I looked at it and what our government is bad. She resents she was an intelligent woman, obviously, but that you invented your assurance as you have assurance in your salvation that she felt that she had to work hard for an that's that's what I got from that that would that was very interesting.

It was very uplifting as I myself was an ex-Catholic I joined the service and that was good but we are good dog because it exposed nugget of the service itself is I was exposed to many different people all over the country and the one thing that was said to me was that the Catholic Church was the world's largest, most well-respected colt. I just blew me over and I never had the same perspective on it, as I did in the past. That's all I know because I grew up, down, but that's all I don't and I want to work a born-again church and I kind of fell away and then later on I asked the Lord to save me as well. My marriage is going south that I after I cried out to God to save me back in March 1999 I have one daughter she's 22 years old. Her name is Emily. She's smart, and yet she's in college and she's been always be and eyes try to spend as much time with her as I can. But on the laughing and joking buddy, I'm not so much the star engineer and father. We laugh and joke and everything you have a question yes I'm always laughing and joking with her and I graduated right down towards very Emily you go to get faith that I accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. She's 22 years old and what do I say to her to.

I gave her a book by Mark to help the last heartbeat are one heartbeat away. What shall I say to her. The really cement the fact that she really needs to be said that every golfer is you that she doesn't realize you need salvation. Okay, so I started to apologize. I got distracted because some spammer guys were in the chats using foul language, but should night but heard of it except for one little thing is she an atheist by Chancery or what was initially. I think she is what your mother teaches her absolutely nothing about God my knowledge. Okay, so she's unitive when a mother left me for about a guy okay gotcha soon I would do is first and foremost is as you pray, you have got to pray and ask the Lord to speak to her now. I have wayward daughter and this is what I do know I can answer all her objections, but she's not to come to me for answers because that's what family does.

Sometimes you know okay this is what it is. So our job is to be loving and supportive and very prayerful and asked that the Lord would open up her heart in her mind. Because Jesus opens the mind understand Scripture 2445. He does that God causes us a born-again first Peter 13 so she's the one we have to go to and you ask him to give you words of wisdom, and in a fatherly way. Because if I were in the same room with you and I said the same thing that you say should listen to me, but not you.

You now that it's so just whatever. I have a friend who would come over and talk to my other daughters with the Lord. And yet you had apologized to me that I hope you tried to your place. But don't worry at all to listen to you if you see the same thing I would say this is how it is. So don't worry about that side all right is old, was not wrong, but you might have a way ever to know your.

I don't write much in any reaction joke on the body of it, pal on the job or we'll have to go to work out like okay not to be dead sober serious money.

You need to save you need to accept Jesus Christ.

So perhaps I should pray that she come across somebody that would really tell her about the Lord and our need of salvation. We need to do and also pray for the opportunity Bill to speak to because it doesn't mean you can't say anything but it does mean that you be very careful and cautious when you speak in and just do the best you can and then when you think you blown it. Just go talk to the Lord and he's the one who's a sovereign King.

He is in control.

He opens the heart enough to get the trust. Okay, Arthur.

Trust me I know RMM are awesome have one about that but but praise God. Okay, I like our guide RMM goblins. All right, let's get on to Chris from Atlanta Georgia. Chris are you doing showing on the air there. Chris was Korean, yet they will yes cover dynamic is all right with you that I was on mute.

I thought I fell between the cracks and I just start looking in at night but given up hope you gave my wife asked to prioritize the remaining questions you looking at number three, that is it.

What then can no one say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Ghost in accordance with first Corinthians 12 three and this statement in the original language intended to state that she is the Lord Jesus did their Lord, or that no one can, by faith make either clients would go for both.

He is the Lord. By default, being the Lord the Savior that he is the one who is the Lord of our lives as well. Like, not what verse was that a man that was that was first Corinthians 12 three and so the it's not a true contraindication we noted. No. No contradiction integrating the padded siphon to Scripture kind of him holding up next to it would be something like hey Matthew 829 right. That's not really a profession of faith. They know that the in actual fact that it demons and their knowledge of well right that's right. It's also generally talking about the issue of of the true conversion that the true thing about this Mormons can say Jesus is Lord. Jehovah's Witnesses can say Jesus is Lord, but is more to it that's going on. The Holy Spirit will bear witness of the true Christ is not just this issue of the Lord because this is not no one can say Jesus is accursed and no one can say Jesus is Lord is talk of the true Jesus not the Jesus of Mormonism, the Jesus of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jesus of Islam like that just to be the true Christ edited very similar to enter the second question, then and in that there ultimately culture ultimately trying to make authoritative claims about what ultimately another teeth.

The other one still get like Mormons to see this is getting a little yet to visit you. This is the brunt of the devil begun through sexual relations between God's got his wife came to the planet. Jewels with this is to say Jesus is Michael the Archangel became a man, was the first creation of God. So these are false Jesus and Jesus, of his promise to the prophet so you know well from headlamp one more quick before of Canterbury do that if it a great think about go with it for knowledge/predestination question.

Not much of it is a question I'm currently looking at churches, lobby churches don't want to deal with election, the one you tried it picked the road in the middle and basically let you in on the elect are predestined, but they try to take the middle ground say that God basically elected and predestined those who knew what you say like there is in their sleazy reputation somewhere in God we go to room 35 but with the issue is here is that those who before know, he also predestined for knowing what he doesn't. Once they make the mistake of thinking that for no means looking to the future to pick people who pick him and that means that they deny to like gravity and it also means that God is then reacting and and/or potentially learning by doing, who's gonna take him then based on that he does something that's a form of favoritism with James 2224 absolutely rejects and plus the Bible that is not get all the references that the unbeliever cannot come to Christ on his own and he would enjoy satellite five exactly. So there with her doing to try to please men and to please God and that understanding of Scripture that is better start yet because they can't tell what it would be yes guide is okay but thank you so much got what was all right evoked. We have two open lines 87720765. Call 77077 charismatic sling there hello a few more seconds are sometimes people are frantically trying to hit the unmute thing running across the living room which is fine, Rebecca and I hear you, put you on hold.

Let's get to JD from Panama City, Florida. Welcome here. Thank you Matt refigure time a question recently bugging you that the guy had a temptation arrive and I didn't handle it that way that I could have an like what your thoughts will I know perform weekly total gravity you don't have the grave nature, not the situation that I felt kind of have fear in my heart of what I'm capable of, but I got a glimpse of the evil to fill in my heart and I'm not sure how to fight that fear of future failure by filled How You Overcome the Interfere of What I'm Capable of That Make Them Looking at the Club. What We Do Is We Implore the Lord to Deliver Us from Temptation and We Ask That He Guide Us. We Asked That He Protect Us Because He's Allowed Us to See Something in Ourselves Is Not Good in Worship and Concerned and Worried. This Is a Sign of Truth and Regeneration and You Another Thing I Would Recommend Is That Not Going with the Particulars Are That's Okay Don't Need to Is to Rehearse in Your Mind over and over and over Again As the Situation When It Arises You Rehearse the Proper Reaction. You Do This Hundreds of Times Hundreds of Times over Weeks We Think about Attendance What to Do and You Be Surprised That You Will Actually Move That Direction or Be More Easily Moved in the Proper Direction and If It Doesn't, so to Speak, Work That It's a Gimmick, but You Go to Your Knees and You Ask God for Strength through This Is What We Have To Do. We All Have These Abilities in Us to Do That Which Is Ungodly Even As Christians in the Enemy Wants to Destroy Us and Tear Us down with These Things and Destroy or Witness Important Concern That We Seek Him and That We Desire to Honor Him in Everything We Do and If and When We Fail These Things Go Straight to the Cross and Don't Make a Mistake That I Made for a Long Time before the Lord Convicted Me up There. This Was a Mistake As to Make. I Would Fall into Something and I Just Beat Myself up over I Wouldn't Go Talk to Jesus about It Because I Wasn't Worthy to Go Talk to Him.

I Didn't Make Myself Feel Guilty Long Enough before I Felt Ready to Go Talk to and Get Forgiveness so That One Day It Was, It Had Him Is Out Of Nowhere. He Said That Was a Greater Sin Because I Was Trying to Make Myself Worthy to Go Get Forgiven Punishing Myself and I Had to Repent of That As Well.

One Sin Leads to Another and Sins Are Never by Themselves and so He Taught Me That. And so Then It's Always to Cross. I Go and Have a Devotional That I've Written on This to the Cross Again.

I Go There Is No Other Place That You Can Go You Have To Go Check That a Devotional and If You Want but Am That's What You Want to Do with That Company. Blog Will Make That Claim Way after Everything I've Battled It Was like I Can't Go to God Because He Is Angry Worthy to Note at the Site Help What You Think You're Such a Sinner so Bad in the As We Got to Do Is, of Course, I'm Not Worthy. I'm Getting on My Knees I'm Talking to Him Anyway Because of the Cross Is Therefore I Don't Think for a Second That He Didn't Know That All of This When He Saved He Skipped You in His Love for You Can Never Fade Never Fade. What the Heck Is He Thinking Saving Someone like You and Me Knowing What Were like inside. What's He Thinking Don't Know but Praise God for His Mercy Is Asking to Develop Strength in You to Use You In Spite Of Yourself for His Glory.

That's What You Okay and I Think Your Mother Helped A Lot about Devotional. Well, Thank You.

Okay God Bless Judy What Right All Right.

The Next Longest Wait in Person Is Danielle from Laurel Springs, Colorado. Daniel Welcome. I Not How You Doing I'm Not Alone.

All of the New Jersey Laurel Springs Okay Delete and It's Daniel Sark about the We Got As My Good. Okay I Didn't Want.

I Just Wanted Tell You I Really Appreciate Your Site, Your Materials, While Back I Working on a Country with People That Are Five Times A Day and I Really Appreciate Your Stuff That You Have and I Wanted One yet.

I Appreciate That.

I Know You Don't Have Much Time Left on My I Just Really Fast. Do You Know about EB and Satellite TV You Know That If I Move around A Lot like You… An Option for Me Lately and Will Be on There Tomorrow Night Talk about Islam You Check Them out. They Have an Incredible Amount of Information. Stuff. ABN Set and Wiggle It. I Would Almost 20 Years. Okay That's Coming in on Your Computer. Yes, Interest Webpage, They'll Say You Have All the Network Is All over the World. So It's a Difficult Network of TVs. The Guy Goes into All Kinds of Countries ABN Set There Greatly Speak Arabic and Their Christians Love the Lord Okay Okay I'll Come up on One Last Question about How an Apartment on the Study Would Limit All of This about Talk before I Spoke to You Okay but Keep Getting the Greater Light. No Argument about the Password You Know That It Decayed and Cavemen Change More Imperfect and I Finally Get That Thing Out Of Ties Stolen Stuff from Their Website by Thousand Line and I'll Add You on a Way around This Argument.

I Know Your CC Device Getting Brighter. So Yes so Does That Mean the Further Back in Your Organization You Go More Darkness. You Guys Were Okay Yeah but Dragon Aside That Will Yeah You Know We Were in Light Limited the Lights Getting Brighter As a Light Get Brighter Is More Intensity. The Always in the Light Right.

How Do You Know You like You Because You Organizationally False Prophecies and Shown the False Prophecies. So That Was They Were in Darkness, or the Light Was Just in a Dim and 500 Years from Now How Bright with a Light Be and What Will the Things That You Believe Now. Just As Those Prophecies Were Made Were False. What Is Your Organization to Condemn A Lot Of What You Believe Now That Could Be Bad for You Going to the Kingdom. Yeah, I like That You Know You Said That You're Not Inspired but I Went to Back to All the Public Is on the Line You yet Got out I Said You Know They Made It on Fire… Logical like That, like in Particular Talk about What I Try to Get in the Name of the Lord. That's Right, They May False Prophecies about Okay Thank You Call It What III Probably All Your Site. All I Got a Blue Book with the Latest Billing outside Was a Gun in France. Psyche and I Love Dr. James White and David Went to the Answer Is Long Gone All Great like You. I Know Dave She's Awesome and Assume Shimon Is Also Quite Good. Yeah Yeah I Love It and It Is a the Linguistic Know Only of Their Meeting Mark Mott Knowing Not Only Solomon That You Know A Lot Barmaid That You Know about Your Group like That.

One of These Amazing That I Veer Okay Thank David It's All Right That's All Right Let's Get over to Lynn from Ohio Lynn Welcome Run Here a Welcome Mat out Running I like to Let and down Reading Bible Added That Sure Me All the More My Foundation by Wondering When You're a Lack Any Guy Saying It's Impossible to Possible Election of God Means That You Will Be, You'll Come to the Place of Believing God Can't Make a Mistake like That. You Can Choose You for Salvation, and That He Not Be Safe to Say This Only As to $0.13 Were Chosen for Salvation. Assessing Ephesians 145 That He Chose Us for the Foundation of the World to Be Holy and Blameless in Christ to Protest into a Swiss As God Can't Make Mistakes in That Area Not Happen, but I'm Glad That I Believe the Pretty Much Knew It like That. I Get Uncomfortable Because the Nappy The Way, I Don't Think You Made My Night. With Him a Long Time Ago in a Funeral. It out and Everything It Could Collect.

He Didn't Have Christ, and Now Had a Big Family Know That Status Okay Right Will Try to Do One Less Collar. Okay, I Think That Information All Right Got Bless You to, All Right, Let's Get to Courtney from Ohio about a Minute in the Show Courtney.

We Got Our Though Our Checking the Fate That I Family of God Church That the Area That We Were Going to Live It and Your Arm to Thank You in Error Yeah Are Nine Went I Don't Think Women Should Be Faster Than When I Went Back Creating If They Never Have before You Yeah You Julia You Use Use Her As an Example of Someone Who Was True. This It Was an Apostle. They Say, Therefore, Should Be a Pastor. Women to Be Pastors and Elders. But They Do Understand That Julia You Go to Female Name There Some Accounts Where It Was Also a Male Name, Use of Males As Well so They Haven't Done the Research and That I Have an Article Written on Stay Away from the Assembly Of God Church.

Mormon Churches Are Allowed to Write Okay I'll Please Do Okay Will Goblet Evokes the Lord Bless You. Yes I Did Say That You Got Your Call Tomorrow and by His Grace Back on There Tomorrow

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