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March 24, 2020 11:54 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 24, 2020 11:54 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- I am unfamiliar with Catholic doctrine and have a good friend who is a Catholic. Where should I start---2- Is a single doctrine, like purgatory, enough to prove that Catholicism is false---3- What do I say to a believer who is going to a church where the elders are not involved in people's lives or where there is just a general lack of fellowship---4- Do you have any thoughts on the corona virus- Could it be a judgement---5- I have a family member who believes that there were multiple Jesuses for different cultures. How can I combat that---6- Is it ok to flirt with others in marriage---7- Can you explain the Trinity---8- How can Jesus not know the day or the hour if in the Trinity is one being---9- How do you respond to someone who says that Jesus and Paul did not teach original sin-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why Matt slick live. It's nice Friday and let's see it is 6 March or something next Friday as part of the 13th and when that happens, I'll tell you why it's a suspicious kind of day biblical history. So hey look, if you will you be calling you to do is dial 877-207-2276 am sitting right here in my office with all my computer stuff and wait for your call now if you do the show. This is a Christian apologetics only answer questions about Bible belt doctrines about cults about all kinds of stuff. Some of your questions. Let me know. Also, we still nearby your support. If you are interested in supporting us, even for just a dollar to five dollars a month.

What we would like is so difficult to convert org CAR room.O RG the right hand side. You should see the donated information and exit click on that and go there and I'm not sleeting and all that kind of stuff.

If you and I don't like to contest so you want on it does help us out if you don't want to that's okay and*currently org's/donate something else. What was it to remember account number.

Well, not a big deal. Let's just jump on the phones and let's get to Jimmy from Charlotte, North Carolina Jimmy, welcome you on the air in my radio that is going to and on my brother will not assert that would be okay. I get data by that by your name on my back when we make the inquiry couldn't get muscle in my Elizabeth say that again here are not happening.

Name on the radio at outbound comedy yeah my name or about it more I get about it at my bank that he thought Laura had to share that with you. You will tell you over the years. I think it happened because the lesson slick in my first wife's first name is Annika it's a French name so you worse for her.

Sometimes people believe her name and the way I slick reference like it just doesn't sound right but that's what it is you know my dad was James Bond, letting go. Sure got a good that it found out about getting a practice in Roman Catholic and non-mine, Carlisle.

I have never know and I know God will. I found out about all and holiday my birthday when I got all day and I nothing about it. The last barley you is I was totally ignorant of Roman Catholic employee is blatantly now and my pal will not talk with him about that okay with that problem, site now emerges the house that what I would do is be careful because you want to be offensive, but I want to tell the truth. At the same time. And the funny thing is the truth that offends no one is not the truth of God's word not seeking to be offensive for the fact is this what happens is that it fixed offensive. When I would ask him is so what is yet to do to go to heaven and tell you that he could do various things. He's got to break the mask to the sacraments, keep the commandments and he could challenge him by saying something like, well, that's interesting. I've had a different perspective on that. But maybe you could find those things in the Bible and to me is not what we get those in the Bible and you list three things just leave it at that and have them trying to find the Bible because he won't. You can find things that are similar but the way they interpret things are pretty whacked and so and then write also do is go to Carmen my website had been my website at all that you have likely outbred a little bit on the website okay lately large section on Catholicism and you can read some articles in this conflict are some of little bits in them and be ready to ask him more difficult questions. What you want to do is going into the word that the Democratic nominee blatantly according get out of it, I also allowed by article, yet it did two things that are very bad with Catholicism is the issue of salvation and their worship and adoration of Mary and Matt had such idolatrous and I will really pilot it or not I'm on my mother several times over my lap. United it was bad but I never really been a great start, or bite it off and I got your program and you have five great brother. Let's all can delay his grace. People often think I'm an idiot when I say that is not Christian course. It is nice.

Is he sleeping only teaches and salinity trickle on it. People are just blown away the can believe some of the watches I want my aunt already gripped her.

Wow, I did have a quote you been around long sending besetting millions of people to hell with you soon on that. We been forever 25 years no one had laid on my got brother well to know is trying to do what I see, the Lord Jesus do in Scripture.

You know I'm I want to imitate him and that he loved people and was forgiving and patient. He also told the truth he relied on the word of God and so on. A solid outbound) amount will God bless.

All right it was Jimmy from Charlotte North Carolina folks if you want to give me a call is dial 877-207-2276 is good to Mike from Connecticut's Mike you are on the air when he got big man a question for a deep thinking solid like a singular doctrine like purgatory is that enough to prove that Catholicism is like a false religion like purgatory brings a new got going on another means of getting your way into heaven, and it kinda goes against the gospel thing that Christ the tone on the cross was not enough and did not in Oakland that the bollards and not completely dark with you, I believe that the docking purgatory, which they say doesn't really doesn't save you what it does is it purifies you through your sufferings which are not even sure what that really is and when you're purified through that then you ate and then enabled and allowed to go to the presence of God in heaven. And that's right foot. False teaching of the blood of Christ is this, and were justified by faith, not by faith in purgatorial fires and suffering. So the Roman Catholic Church is I don't it's teaching. And of of the false gospel. What I should say is false gospel and when I tell people this the know the latest cassette. Initially they didn't believe me until I start showing them what the Scripture says that children of the Catholic official doctrine is an impulsive for just a managed so this radio show for those who don't know Melissa very long. I routinely say that Catholicism is not a true Christian church people go to hell if they believe in official Roman Catholic theology we say that for this not to say direct to Christians in the Catholic Church with their Christians in spite of what Catholicism teaches you anything of things like the more I'd be more worried about Catholics who are more knowledgeable about the actual doctrine you may still adhere to it yet opposed to Encourage us to attend and that's what they've been raised in because you myself out on the next Like I was raised amount for 20 something years in my holster and my entire family is Catholic and everyone around us. This time, but I honestly don't know much better, but praise God we started Bible study, but in the side is is the mission. The bottom line you think that the binding on Catholic yes like is that it is a bit it like now that Bishop there in Guatemala ended up putting up and declaring a basilica over there and it's worthy of belief and all that stuff. I feel like that kind binding on Catholic the believe and then that's obviously a Or new got the visionary, the operations that you think the fire stop worshiping a legal statement.

He sold out, yet you gonna quote because you can't get them to meet documents in Santa Monica put them up on the website is gone through a lot of their stuff and people keep finding little things that I haven't seen can't read everything in almost out as Fatima Lords and glad going to Mexico.

These are three of the several that are officially declared by the Roman Catholic theology and the church officially declared as being authentic. They really are.

Mary really such a wet century invited others as we have we have nobody waiting, if I read through the quotes from the apparition from Fatima that they often break coming up sublessee we go through so that this happened in focusing on May 13 June 13 and July 13 to May June July 1917 and there were three children that supposedly Mary appeared on the Marriott was an apparition of demonic. The first thing it said that Oceanside was are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins by which he is offended and for the conversion of sinners. While the problem there is that their suffering makes or repairs the sins that could offend God know the blood of Christ. Does that. So with that applicant's teaching was of anti-biblical false doctrine and the second one on June 13. I will take us into, and Francisco shortly but you will stay here for some time to come. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart about this whole world. I promised salvation to our braces. It and then on July 13 only visible after the break, which to me disproves that it's just so bad to everybody footage on RMM that I called calculator will finish at last. I third court after the break we have three of the two of the lines 877-7277 mass like why call 77077 charismatic slave replica back to shortly up to 877-207-2276 read that last quote from July 13, 1917. From the apparition that claim to be Mary the apparition to sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice of Jesus. It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary, we have a word for that, and not biblical theological circles.

The word is blasphemy and so effective. The Roman Catholic Church cannot distinguish truth from error and this is one of the proofs that the Roman Catholic Church is apostate is not to be trusted. Reason this quote is so bad is a sacrifice yourselves for sinners. No, Jesus sacrificed himself for sinners and it goes on to say and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice. We don't make sacrifices. Christ is our sacrifice says oh Jesus it is the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation to reparation to repair to make it right in reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary now we had to have things taken care of because you sin against Mary so this is just blasphemy in the Roman Catholics because the Roman Catholic Church keeps them in the dark about the word of God and forces them to stress their tradition and sacred tradition in magisterium and because it does not teach the Roman Catholics to look at the word of God with the put the word of God under the tradition of the feet of the Roman Catholic hysteria.

That's why the Roman Catholic doesn't know enough out of God's word to be able to discern truth from error and cannot discern these words as being heretical because they are ill-equipped and falsely trained by the Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian church folks. It's a false church full of false conference.

All right, let's get to Abdul from Delaware on the look of the show.

You're on the air element how you do it right when he got her. What you say to the leaper go to a church that the lack of fellowship, nor are the elders really all in one life to help them grow.

The godly man wanted place to go for if the elders are not involved with people of the congregation and working in order to develop the relationship of members of the church in relationship with Christ and with one another and fellowship. And if you're not teaching sound doctrine and refuting error. They're not qualified to be elders if I were suddenly a pastor. The church, let's say hypothetically and I found out that the elders didn't know hardly anything and work involved in the church and didn't do their jobs.

Elders I just tell him flat out. I think you need to resign resign quietly or I will tell the congregation and you be publicly humiliated, resign next to him flat out that they are now with about a very great well known M&A that the same kind of like it very learned and the color written on the reputation of seminary Lily McCarthy going out and evangelizing actually had a bit of conversation like this connect, as I don't like family to lift anything but a man like that going on in my life that they know about it. It seemed like there they're not even a donating care and is that man will fill in all bring it up to the you go to the people to and and see first Timothy three and Titus one and read up on the qualifications of the elder. You can go to Carmen and you can look up the stuff of women in ministry and qualifications of being an elder law documentation and just bring the Scriptures to the elders and say I'm concerned about some things. Could you guys can help me out send you guys and for doing this is one know if they don't respond that you are the pastor and depending how far you want to go with things but let's just say that really bad job when you go to the congregation.

But first to go to the person right and is up so you know you work with a trying work with them in a situation, encourage them to be involved in the word do with biblically required of them as elders and start praying for them right away that it when I felt hard on. I like it on the wrong day I get an eight. After that Saturday. On Sunday, determine kind of speaking of any kind of felt like they because you don't declination the day before the nightmare like like the rug, knowing the padded and contemplating on a biblical way to go. Go to them and talk them just be upfront, be respectful, pray for them and bring the issues of whether required to do and be. As the Scriptures presented an I left the ministry, but a couple years and I was grateful pleased.glad to build health and not just love to give the soup hopefully my point people towards the truth.

No I must do list later.

All right, let's go phones with mom from Ohio left Rainier. Thank you you doing tonight all right hanging in there. We got 23 well I'm kinda wondering if you have any thoughts on the coronavirus units of anything. Well, I actually have a friend who is in the medical field known from decades downtown. He's concerned about its so he's concerned about the same way he would be concerned about it if it was influence a influence of the and he sang the same thing this thing on TV.

He says some how courting him hand hygiene is your best line of defense wash her hands frequently still use bar soap is a time to make the switch to pump dispenser. No need to really enhance anti-Christian what you do not have access to soap and water maintain social distancing of McKinley 60 between yourselves. Someone else was actively coughing and sneezing. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and I we talk he says he doesn't touch the sideways of the hospital never touches his face. It took a while to train himself or that in the medical field. There, let's find what I know. I'm not worried about it except for an event of a drug by God, let's talk about that after the break we had a break, falsely right after these messages the mass Y call 77077.

Here is Matt's leg. I'll write up and walk back to the show to open line 20 recall, 877-207-2276 is get back to him from Ohio moral still there.

Yeah you got it out wondering what I mean you think of any kind of a document in applied from God at all try to wake people up or whatever. Well, I hadn't thought of that.

We have the curse because of Adam and Eve sinned.

Because Adam sin. Sin entered the world through him. Romans 512 and nature was affected. Viruses are part of God's created order, and most of them are very helpful, very beneficial, but they can mutate and cause problems is what we have so is it a judgment from God. I don't know I just it's it's a judgment in the sense generically where varying flus and pandemics occur as a result of the ramifications of the effect of sin in the physical world, then we can say yes but is it purposely moved by God in that sense is accursed.

I see that so I could get for you. Doing right now as of yet.

Any way to actually give us your numbers. I know a lot about candles and I think the guys do the best they can in very thought that so I just wait to see the real serious outbreak one day down the road. Compared to the bubonic plague or something on it is a serious outbreak and like any sloughs a serious outbreak because people die from it and I think God trumps said courting the virus people at the CDC people 29,000 people died from the flu last year minimum 60,000 may get my numbers on the other on the upper end but minimum 20,000 will we've only had it here in America. What less than 10. Not that that's all that makes it okay. Not saying that even a single death is too much, but to its we've had worse things happen so far. Now I think is good to to try and curb it spread we actually should do that. I think it's wiser to so I'm washing my hands constantly and my wife has a compromised health issue.

So I am very careful I go out like it did today. It went public and get some medicine came back, wash hands, you know the exact be careful altogether great to watch her hands properly to light the medical field agent to be in that one of the That they gave us specifically how to do it is actually pretty thorough deal. I mean nothing without guaranteed hundred percent but if you can minimize a lot of people don't realize they need to wash under their rings and you get to do that you can do that. He'll twister rings back and forth to seal that is cleaned out. It's kind of a weird thing with people realizing my jewelry becomes very quiet acting that the best solution to that particular rings off while you scan and what is linked to and when you're completely dry and that none so incredibly back on that would be my answer to that. If you're like me and you gained a couple extra pounds that she got married and you wittingly will come off just a couple pounds guy. I figured I know people have that issue. But if you can run permanently married and I have a wrinkly night. I take it off Frank County Douglas Burrell okay yeah you do. I think call is good question to question heart is moral from Ohio. Let's get on phones with Adam from North Carolina, Adam, welcome here. I met I were you, I want to take that much for everything that you're going you're welcome by God's grace. Thank you. I look like in it.

I was talking with my father the other day and weird driving down the road and he told me that when he was younger and around middle school.

He read the Bible you know from cover to cover and a like me, he really tried to get digest everything as he went in when he got done he had question like anyone would think of a way to an elder in his church spoke with him talking and trying to find answer the question and I can't remember the questions exactly but they elder I get, wasn't very receptive to his questions and kind of turned in a way and that he was forced to kind of come up with his own concept of what Christianity was question.

He said yeah he physically thing the Bible it said that you know all that, but the question is he formulated an idea that God created multiple people multiple Jesus is, if you will all around the world. All of the culture way is not true with the absolutely agree with the moral that he is trying to take humanity and it's not that I can't do them, which are questions I don't know how to.

I did my best to you. Note this is a reverse mentoring but just I don't go to forever John 14 six were Jesus says he is the way, the truth, the life and nobody comes to the father but through him hit uses logic against him.

If he says that God was sent messiahs and teachers to different congregations differed vastly different cultures around the world different times.

That would mean to be saved and that mean he sent Jesus right yes okay so God sent Jesus okay go to John 14 six Jesus says he alone was the way the truth of life and nobody comes the father but through him so if he's from God. Do you believe what he said no I did exactly what you just said he believed that they all have their own okay will have their own. It would not let Bible you think Jesus said he alone was the way the truth of my nobody comes the father to him and say that means all other messiahs are false by Jesus on why 100% agreement that is a letter agreement, you and I did and I did say that he rebuttal with the fact that because all of the other people that God apparently is down that they are staying with dad and they are saying that the exact same thing if they're not saying the exact same thing. They don't claim to be God in flesh who died in the cross and rose from the dead, they didn't do that and I said that he knew any bad that will you not maybe I'll he didn't say that he would look into it, but he said I don't know enough to prove that accurate recall and I just and left hanging on the cliff where will I know you got it. Just keep working on the thing that I told you there. That's it. You work on make and save over and over and over. The one thing don't take tangents focus on the one thing but Jesus said he alone was with the truth. Jesus died in the cross Jesus rose in the dead, the other didn't do that. So why should we go with anybody else. When we have Jesus. That's the thing to do over and over and over again till it sinks into his head okay got a get better after one more thing, I believe that the main issue. The reason why haven't click that this conflict is that he doesn't take the word of God as valuable take it the right. I know the gender sale doing when I when I pointed to the word in completely goes outstanding and yes he is in that I give me that advice. I think that's what you ought to do and be praying for him okay and focus to that in the word of God is powerful and it will not come back empty, without accomplishing what has okay right okay thank you Might. Okay, praying I'm praying for you Matt and I and I appreciate everything you're doing well. Thank you.

Appreciate okay well let's see you in the phones with his weight is David from Florida David welcome you on the back of my call. I pray think that we got. We had a yet eclectic, and our young Mary Wheaton and one eclectic live on learning unmarried couple to part with other people got the facts and basically what the Bible to only address that let foreign and I'll answer it? Answer: all right, they felt right back after these messages the lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back of the show they were still there when you're a writer ask about flirting is okay to flirt right in marriage right. Let's define our terms first so flirting and lifted up is to behave as though you're attracted to her, trying to attract someone else.

Usually it's for amusement rather than serious intentions.

That is foolishness and ungodly behavior has no place in a Christian marriage were in a Christian's heart is inviting trouble, and it is giving to someone else. What belongs to your spouse. My wife and I've been married for 33 years.

I still flirt with her. I still say things stand. I do things to her in a visual verbal way. I would never do with another woman is not not sick, weird stuff and you don't stupid things and I just look good on that list say that another woman and we have to understand that as spouses we need to continue our covenant commitment to our spouses covenant is a three-way covenant in marriage is vertically between the couple. And God is horizontal between the couple and the people with the witnesses and its internal between the two people.

It's a promise to keep themselves to one another and the issue of flirting is to attract someone else. Once you've done that in your married you have no right to continue to do that with anybody else. You don't do that and so any Christians in this organist in this Bible study whatever it is, who say it's okay to flirt and is harmless.

If I were in the Bible study. I would politely but soundly correct and I do a Bible study on the theology of marriage what it means to be committed to your spouse and to not betray that commitment by entertaining the idea of flirting with someone with whom you're not married, inviting trouble. It's just ridiculous. Okay, good. I agree with that and I think we all pray that I like and if they don't agree always arrange it so I I'll follow up phone call and speakerphone.

Whatever we can get Skype thing going will all enter questions to they can they can learn what marriage is about is apparently one of the brought up the fact that it okay as long as it is not at all. The data you have arm learning attracted other people volunteer not many adultery flirting and attraction are different. Flirting is an attitude of that's carried out in action and in words. Now when I see woman that I think is attractive. That's it.

That's as far as it goes. I do not entertain anything beyond that.

I don't pursue with that I don't flirt with such a person. I just do not do that. He's wrong what he said okay. Thank you for your time at all.

I'll get with the Clapham and see what they can do about great I would love to do that teach the course to them what marriages the theology of marriage. Okay. Thank you. I sure no problem.

That reminds me at work in my booklet on this call, the theology of marriage so much ado let's get to Gina from Ohio Gina welcome. You're on the got sure all okay the Trinity right the Trinity is one being one being, and she is comprised this, one being of three persons and we don't know how that works and how it's possible that's what it is. It's like time is one thing, comprised of past present future. God is one thing, comprised of father-son Holy Spirit and there's varying doctrines that go along with this economic Trinity ontological Trinity. Teresa's there's varying things that get in to discuss deeper levels of examination of the nature of God.

But he's one being exists in three simultaneous persons of father the son and the Holy Spirit.

Okay what about the Bible and all I got. I think okay one that had all will. If you read the article you would you and Eric explains that it's it it explains his statement is an idiomatic phrase.

No one knows the hour, but the father alone. It's related to the marriage ceremony back then and what happens would be a marriage was arranged and the people who attend the marriage had to know what date was on so they could travel and get there ahead of time to be prepared because you couldn't just travel hundred miles in a couple hours that we can in a car so they had to travel in advance which incurred monetary requirements advocate housing and things like this, so marriages were set up like this and people would would attend. They were local liver sometimes not local restricted the local stuff, but still had no so what's this phrase. No one knows when the marriage was to occur on a particular day what had happened was the son with what had been instructed was the custom, he was supposed to build up onto the father's home. Father's house.

An additional room for he and his wife, and when the trumpets would blow for him to go get his bride that he would look at the bride.

They do have marriage, they would come back to that room and they would live with the father's family. They would do. There was a custom that the father would say to the son, now you can go get your bride because the room is ready to notice it. Jesus says to go to repair a mansion or prepare rooms for you that's it's just alluding to this so they knew the day that the marriages will occur in the general time but it was idiomatically considerate and polite to say that the father alone knows the hour, the daily hour, but they didn't know. Furthermore, if you go to Revelation 1912 it says talking about Jesus, his eyes are a flame of fire, and on his head are many die Dems and he has a name written on him which no one knows except himself waited but if no one knows except himself. And that means God that the father doesn't know therefore God is defined as know all things and so we get into these issues with the Jewish mindset is about when they would say things like this.

And John was Jewish. He wrote this when knows his name except himself.

Well, there's a sense in which is true but the sentiment is not because in the intra-Trinitarian communion, all things known of each of them are also known of the others. This is guilty issue. Teresa's the mutual indwelling of the essence of the nature of one person and the other so that there's one manifested divine will discuss more complicated stuff and I can discussions like this with you. My friends merely talk about this, but for now that that that that helps finance is a question's official invitation about Axel not Alec. It's a frame it's an idiom he does like saying he was beaten was black and blue you know not. It's not referring to an actual knowledge fact it's referring to. No one knows the day nor the hour for the father alone.

It's because of the culture of the marriage ceremony is what they would say to the father. Father would have the privilege of being able to say when the son to go get the bride they knew when it was going to happen but it was customary to show respect to the father to do this and so the thought, the marriage ceremonies which you this is alluding to. Not many people know this but it's true. Okay not talking about is quoting me. I marriage ceremony excluding the idiomatic work in a marriage ceremony and the culture of the time is very important.

So, for example, the prodigal son. The father ran to the prodigal son is coming back men of stature did not run, but he did run in the good Samaritan, the man whose attack is unconscious and naked. That means you don't know who he is by his his speech or's clothing. He could be anybody or when the woman in Luke seven came and let her hair down and kissed Jesus feet that was scandalous because a woman did not let her hair down in public she could be divorced for that is very sensual and to touch someone else when you were unclean was horrible affected and she kissed Jesus and rubbed his feet with her hair's can't seek the culture enlightens our stories with what was going on in the wedding feast is the backdrop of Jesus saying no man knows the day nor the hour in the photo is on them.

But the father alone.

He's quoting almost verbatim the phraseology used in the marriage ceremony when the father would when they would say no knows the thought that they are the hour when the father will say the sum of the bride. Liberty knew it was gonna happen. It was a sign of respect for the father in that culture is the way it was. Not many people know about this but it's true. Okay fine man.

That said, I said is one of the possible well I've written on this at different articles but one of the possibilities that we could say is he cooperated with limitations. Being a man. That's one of the theories that is offered about that but I don't buy that. Yes I probably wrote that 25 of the road at 25 years ago. So once you email you which one it is covered a couple three articles on that angle in a modified because some that's part of the answer.

Okay okay find out which one it is our okay thank you all right, let's get ready quickly to John for San Francisco you there. We got about a minute. Yeah, yeah, I do a make. All right we got back I went out by all original, but it how would you respond at tangent about how Paul did teach Original Sin. The first consists of 222 and Romans 518 for that.

And Jesus did he sing Jesus did not teach Original Sin that we sign actually, Jesus did teach that that out of the hearts find its hold seconds Jesus words this man. I got verse memorized for Jesus actually did teach those doctors call back tomorrow is Friday call back Monday we'll talk about Loretta time I get okay alright I all right talk you later okay all right folks say words on the Lord bless you, there we go, and by his grace back on here thought given

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