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March 24, 2020 1:09 pm

Matt Slick LIve

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March 24, 2020 1:09 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt spoke about a recent sermon he preached on Luke 7. He also talked about recent conversations with atheists.--2- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 7-23- Does that mean that my employer must be a Christian---3- A caller wanted clarification on an article posted on CARM dealing with a JW teaching on the 144,000.--4- Is it possible for a Christian community to have a God-breathed document but not have the correct doctrine-body of beliefs---5- Why do we as Protestant Christians believe that the pulpit replaced the altar---6- Did Jesus die for everyone---7- Is every church supposed to have all the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a man what why Golda responded to your questions and Matt's life you Matt's work.

She feels 9 March 2020 if you noticed a divorce today because getting over bit of a chest cold so I'll be clear my throat little bit coughing and stuff like that just you would have stuff going around sold voice a little bit deeper than usual, and Charlie is right now for those of you who are watching will know that is about the Lord bless you today I hope you have a great weekend I get to preach yesterday… Little bit. We have five open lines which give me a call 87720722765 open lines. I had a question for you out there and a lot of fuel list of the show and am would you like if I was on longer, having just let me know. You can email me if you want to know. She never asked about that because we love the colors coming in version of the show we have to abandon so okay five open lines. Folks, give me a call 877-207-2276 and have a question about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy, atheism, and whatever might be evolution, we can talk Bible doctrines questions and issues naturally to show for those of you tuning in new alright so yesterday I preached and I preached on Luke 736 trying to get in the chapter. It was on the down okay so anyway so are you to preach on the woman as my favorite stories. The woman who let her hair down when Jesus was dining with Simon the Pharisee and wonderful story to the preach of my favorite stories in the Bible we know the cultural context. It really just just comes alive last night you had the opportunity to talk to some atheists and do that every now and then on; discord and so finding out that my approach with atheists is changed a little bit over the years, I just go for the jugular don't mean that in a mean way but going down to the issue of them justifying their opinions about anything I want them to do that. I want them to demonstrate why their opinion about anything is the right one Alitalia it really throws him for a loop and they're not able to deal with the issues and that's because polytheism just doesn't have anything to stand on its vacuous it's empty. It's not nonproductive and the and I enjoyed discussing things like that with people's issues.

So for me that's enjoyable.

That's a much for them. I enjoyed talking to atheists and Mormons and Roman Catholics as well so I now lets him get on the phones here before the lines folks eight 772-072-2760 McCall Scott from Winston-Salem. Welcome your on-air thank you. Kate will have both current and yes I can get one again, both 23 Orion you brought out without do not become slaves of men right yeah yeah they navigated. There was a man. My question is if I drive down straight and get a job in mind that certain parts, and should that be a Christian. Maybe we'll see the context of this because context always helps says when you called Wallace leg. Do not worry about it.

But if you were able to also become free rather do that for he was called in the Lord while a slave is the Lord's freedmen. Likewise, he was called well three is Christ's late you were bought with a price not become slaves of men rendering each one of use remain in the condition which is called so this is an issue of the slavery that was around the miscreant area at that time and a lot of people with José give a little bit of preamble here. A lot of people will assert that what Jesus and the apostle should've done his ward against which war against the slavery kind of slavery, not the kind that was here in United States, hundred years ago that's chattel slavery. That's not what it is. The Bible's different kind and several got the section on slavery, on the car but nevertheless the reasons that he didn't advocate. Just getting rid of all of it was because it would've caused famine and economic collapse because of it was a 20% at one point were slaves in and out of the Holy Roman Empire. Nevertheless, so he's saying if you're a slave seek to be free of fear, you're free to do what you can would be good in your job and think like that little places you said you were bought with a price that means so you could act 2028. This is were bought with the blood of Christ.

God's were bought by the blood of Christ. We don't belong to ourselves as we should not become enslaved to others. That doesn't mean you get a job and you know you work for a certain wage for certain hours.

You're not a slave because you can quit anytime you can do what you want. You don't have to work there and slaves generally were not free to quit. There were some contractual agreements freed after time and things like that so well okay okay thing on top of and so the idea of being a slave here.

You don't want to be like selling dad. For example, the Garrett enslaved to whoever or whatever you have to serve them as that of yourself and serve the Lord.

This kind of a thing is what generally means that one locally sure not really. It might be more layout questions on your about the adequate might write a book about out stock market wide hidden bad speculation. If you speculate you lose your money and where that money go to a Muslim outline book on my I not in stock guys I could begin something like that but you maybe Chris is without you out.

I remember God bless God RN date, not a folks going McCall.

All you do is dilute 772072276. Let's get to Carleton from Michigan Carleton on the air. The article where they lie at the upper end of 144 anointed class, you will witness this article on, the website where you work on my website: what good would it be a good one part of credit that the water will be 144 and that everlasting will be. I on earth and in the next paragraph states that Jesus was enough everlasting light that is life in heaven .1 .0 which contradicts what it did earlier that the immortal within the 144 be in heaven with the Lord says Cicely on earth since the sun here.

This is the race to quote in the midst" immortal life and understood everlasting life more. Life is for the hundred 44,000 babies Lord in heaven. Everlasting life is for those in paradise or reconnect Gabriel. Okay let Jesus speaking of his everlasting hell as we see the quote above to clear the water like Jesus speaking is a blessing like that is from 544,000, only more delightful.

A good you got that good here because here I will prepare, Claire and I don't know much about the boat.

So know you would teach me something that I didn't know and then that contradicts it a little.

Do but I see what you're saying and the I can't read the contact to get out of the way to well-designed research. It will fix it tonight for the sale right is something that happens is that I've written thousands of articles, sometimes your thinking this and you write that you put a word in. And it's happened many times as do the years and so sometimes you like. You will call a you know you have the word wrong here.

We talk about hope you're right and outsold is make a quick fix to appreciate National Geographic so I can correct all the pretty previous one is correct. The second paragraph worth of ever that life that human that's wrong right on the auto left because literally doing is opening up while were talking here, opening up a program that I have the GW library, and what I can do is search through that and make sure it's accurate and also because believe it or not, they change things they change their… Changed her comments so I got it open once and will do but I'll just do a quick search sooth her latest information as an ohmic adjustment on that article is consistent okay. Here, I'll get quality good and it caught me offguard and I know where it was good at it. I would be at church Sunday night to declare new members class that was very upset my communion is is a non-Christian cult. I don't and I would greatly what looking to make a pair there are no I be at Late for before year that the Catholic Church correctly and is not at the Platonic aperture that I like the contract everybody else be that how we see the guy would do would have went with them when I ran across the lake. The young I've written so much over the years that sometimes you know I did get a very strong no. The geologist happens and I presume people and that I go to tackle it so very go itself right okay I good for you will check it out. Outgoing here on the window when would be corrected. I know which way to go with it is Susan my fear, unless it's an emergency comes up I will check it out.

In fact, while were talking. I'm actually researching it okay okay go right okay man Dublin. I haven't got okay.

I was called in from Michigan let's get on the phones with break Catholic right back thoughts after these messages to maps like why call 770727 charismatic slave act of the show Catholic from Canada.

Welcome to be on again. Well correctly very well.

Yes, I can hear the question that I want you to believe we got Scripture.

The only God agreed document right for the church. Yes, possible for a Christian community had eight not going to document and did not have the correct faith and escape the correct body of beliefs of this possible yes room Catholic Church that now the question is do you believe that the collective body of beliefs while not getting got beneath of the Scripture is also inspired by God.

The quick body brief is inspired by inspired because in the context of the Scripture we know that the spirit of God work through the apostles and the prophets what they wrote was equivalent to the very words of God because they were moved by the Holy Spirit, and so therefore I let inspiration what they said is equal to God's word so if you say that a doctrine in the church is inspired by God, it would have to be equal to the very word of God. The only way we could say that that is true is if it agreed with Scripture the Scriptures. What is inspired not in a church in the sense of infallibility of authority of sufficiency because inspiration think most of us, God breathed his only said to be of Scripture, you will lead you derived from Scripture, a body, it's a body of central belief that you believe are necessary for salvation and other Christian bodies do not accept.

Do you believe that you derived that you believe are necessary for solution are also inspired without being godly like you can see there inspired without the God breathed the contradiction inspired means God is like saying give a circle that's not around. You can take this work that way.

The Roman Catholic Church is not inspired teaches false doctrines.

It teaches a false gospel. It teaches idolatry in the form of Mary harlotry and the reason we know we compared to inspired Scripture, we see how it fails right. I don't want to thank Frank, do you believe that to be right collect beliefs from the Scripture. You need a certain hermeneutical method. Do you believe that hermeneutical would lead you to the body of belief that you believe are essential for the Christian know not any harm method because her clinical method of the Roman Catholic Church's philosophy first and the truth of God's word. Second, I know this because I written by 50 different priests who left Catholicism became Christians and they talk in there about going to Catholic seminary and how you not even allowed to use the Bible or get to it till two years into seminary when you been indoctrinated at the Roman Catholic philosophy department should not necessarily Roman Catholicism at the Kennedy like the question I formulated with many of you, exist in the Bible going to yield you that you believe needs to be derived from the Bible for not necessarily because of method, which is what stops you from the hermeneutical method that you believe that the central employing like to do either quick addition. What stops you from calling method is the method you go to use reading the word of God and you say this is what it says I'm right here. This is who it's addressed to. This is what the topic is. This is immediate context hears cultural relevance information that's hermeneutics you derived what it actually says that's what it applies to this and applied a tradition because you don't know what tradition is the right tradition, you don't know what traditions inspired as you guys like to claim or not inspired because only the magisterium tells you what to believe.

It's like a gigantic cult is a phenomenon called snapping it happens with people who adopt a theological, emotional, political, sports team viewer where all of a sudden that object becomes the best. The thing that you identified with it's a psychological phenomenon happens in Quicken religion and secular realms in Roman Catholicism is no different. People snap that happened to Protestantism.

It happens people snappily believe they give emotionally committed.

How do you know what they're committed to is correct, you compare Scripture the hermeneutical method is used to just derive Scriptures, the Roman Catholic Church doesn't do that.

The Roman Catholic Church reads into the Scripture is everything out of it. That's why so false you like it, be not safe at the correct doctrine live from the Jehovah's Witness allegedly short that you're taking to Scripture what happened out Scripture.

For example, read a condo, not yet felt like Jehovah's Witness who can take the Bible and read head of Christ is God even honestly believe that you contradict the Scripture what you mean what you mean is that the correct interpret the correct body of beliefs derived from Scripture, compared to Roman Catholicism body of beliefs important for salvation impact you probably been believe that and come to understand the correct about your beliefs without ever seeing the Bible, like you do believe I forgot there could be a catechism that could Ride the Calvinist Person Could Come to Believe without Having Ever Read the Bible in Cyclical, Free, That Is Not Godly Thoughts in the Condensing Not, Why Not Just Call Me Think: One Thing You Never Saw Scripture and the Correct Faith Tradition and Bible Together Catholic Church Bible's Realm in God's Argument Why Not Say That You Know What Roman Catholic Tradition Contradicted Out Of Tradition What My Initial Tradition.

For Example, the Roman Catholic Church Says in Paragraph 2068, the Catholic Catechism That Were Saved by Faith, Baptism and Observance of the Commandments Is What It States As Official Doctrine Is Key Commandment to Be Saved. The Bible Says We Maintain That Man Is Justified by Faith Apart from the Works of the Law Limits for Five Cents Does Not Work but Believes in Him Who Justifies in Godliness, Faith Is Credited As Righteousness. So We Can Both Be Correct. Roman Catholic Church Is False Because It Contradicts the Bible. Simple Is Not an Issue of Tradition Catholic Church Teaches Something Contradictory to the Bible before the Court, the Catholic Church Is False.

Civil like the Catholic Church Might Befall Scripture Also Right There Aren't Mutually Right so the Scriptorium Means That the Bible Is the Only Infallible That's Using It As the Final Authority Is Merely on the Council's Deborah: Okay Okay Right Back after These Messages That I Call 770727.

Here Is Matt's Late Arrival Back. The Shorter One Canadian Catholic. Are You Still There Longer Than Usual and I'm Sorry I'm Taking Right Is Important. People Need to Hear from a Couple Minutes of Your Callers. Two More Minutes and I'll Probably but Here Is Really Deep Issue of What You Be Honest about Roman Catholicism Versus Understand Your Credit Devoted like I Wasn't Here I Debate That Not Not Right but I'm Asking You That You Could Argue the Public about the Small but Roman Catholic Principal Might Still Be Right. You Could Say That Positive Charge, but Also Right but That's What I Think My Question Was, We Agree. I Agree and Not Just Me. I Get the Scripture Is God Glory Only of Its Kind.

But I Also Believe There Are Other Infallible Authority That Are Not God Believed in the Same Way the Scriptures, but They Got Just One Is the Hermeneutical Method I Use to Interpret Scripture, the Other in the Canon of Scripture That Thought Is the Correct Faith in Writing from Scripture. Why Don't You Agree on These Things with Us without Becoming Roman Catholic Q Still Hold to the Canon You Still Hold to the What You Consider to Be the Correct Faith You Still Hold to the Correct Hermeneutics but None of These Are God Agreed They Are Still Infallibly Important Right Now. The Reason I Can't Become Catholic and Will Next for Answer Become Catholic Is Because It Jesus Says in John 637 to 40. He Always Does, Will the Father She Came to to Save Those Who Were Lost and He Would Lose Non-Is the Will of the Father That Jesus Would Lose None Is Not Possible for Jesus to Fail to Do the Will of the Father with the Roman Catholic Church Says Yes Jesus Can Fail and Can Lose People, the Catholic Church Is Wrong. The Roman Catholic Church Says That Keeping the Commandments Observing the Law Is Necessary for Salvation. The Bible Says That's Not True. The Roman Catholic Church Is False.

The Bible Says There Is One Mediator.

Jesus, the Roman Catholic Church Looks to Marry Often before They Look to Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church Is False.

Your Hermeneutic Is a Problem Maybe an Electronic Judge You Here. You're a Great Guy.

We Talked Many Times Extremely Polite.

I like You but You Probably Defaulting on Different You Probably Are a Convert to Catholicism and Not the Christ Because Your Loyalty, Your Defense Is of the Catholic Church, Not of Jesus, and Not of His Work on the Cross. The Holy Spirit Bears Witness of Jesus You Defend Catholic Church Is Another Reason. See If You Believe in Christ Then Serve Christ and Serve Him and Don't Bow the Knee to Marry Bow the Knee to a Pope Don't Bow the Needed Anybody, Me Included Anybody You Trust in Jesus Christ and Him Alone and Don't Believe That You Have To Keep Commandments to Be Saved Because Canadian Catholic You Are the Same for Just Incapable of Doing Anything.

Only One Person Everything Good That Was Jesus. They Killed Him for You and I Can't. You Cannot Cannot Do Any Good Works and Keep Commandments More to Be Saved, That Is Blasphemy Is with the Jehovah's Witnesses Teaches with the Mormons Teach a 27 Orthodox Teaches. It's What Islam Teaches, but Is Not What Christianity Teaches. Christianity Teaches Justification by Faith Alone in Christ Alone. By Faith in the Catholic Church and Sacraments and Works in Penance and Indulgences in Purgatory Is a Huge Difference. The Roman Catholic Church Is a False Church. It Appears Christian on the outside but inside It Is Full of Dead Men's Bones. It Is Whitewashed Occur on the outside and Full of Death and Decay on the inside. The Roman Catholic Church Is in the Service of the Evil Because It's Preaching a False Gospel and Leaving Millions to Eternal Damnation. You Need to Find Christ and Repent of the False Harlotry Found in Catholicism Trusted Him Him Alone to Do. Okay, I Think the Majority of Time Will Talk Again Okay Okay Document Okay to Tough Words, If You Know the Bible You Know That Jesus Spoke of the Pharisees Called Whitewashed and What Is the Sepulcher. It's a Grave and They Were Whitewashed so That You Would Not in Those Days Actually Step on It or Touch It and Then Become Defiled and He Called Them, Whitewashed Settlers.

He Said Horrible Things about the Pharisees and Religious Leaders Who in Their Self-Righteousness Were Leading Others to Damnation. Christ Condemned Roman Catholic Church Is like the Pharisees and Sadducees Because It Has Worked for Salvation Claims That It Itself Has the Truth of the Church Alone Is Necessary for Celebration. It Teaches Many. You Don't Have To Have a Masters Degree or Study Agrees to Know This, Read Your Bible and Recommend Romans Three, Four and Five. This Study Rooms Three, Four, Five Magnificent Chapters in the Bible Then Look up an Article in the Article. What Is a Catholic Church That Is Necessary for Salvation and Compare It to What You Just Plainly Read in Scripture. You'll Find a Great Difference.

Big Difference. Let's Get to Jason from Michigan.

Jason, Thanks for the Long Wait. Sorry about That Run near the Dog Is Going. We Got Money Question regarding a Deal Out Of It What It Donned.

Why Do We Had Frightened Christians Believe That the Pulpit Replaced the Author That He Could Do the New Era Old Testament Text Budget.after Jesus That Question across This Interesting Question Replaces the Altar the Altar As a Place of Sacrifice and Admiration and Blood Sacrifice Killing Animals in Order to Worship God Appease God, Etc. That's When Altar Was for Pulpit.

Isn't That a Pulpit Was a Place to Proclaim. So in a Sense Look at It This Way, God Is up in the Sky and We're Done on Earth and so Is Vertical Line between the Altar in the Middle the Altar Would Be like This Were Were down Here and We Offer Sacrifices. The Old Testament up Towards God, the Pulpit Replaced That Altar with the Pulpit and It's the Word of God Coming down to Three Pulpit to People so There's a Difference in That the Altar As a Sacrifice to God, the Pulpit Is the Preaching of God to People with the Altar As a Sacrifice of People to God, the Pulpit Is the Preaching of God to the People Reversed Wednesday When Replace the Other, but I Would Say That the Altar Was Abrogated and That the with the New Testament Came along and Jesus Sacrifice Was Finished in the Altar Was No Longer Necessary and That We Could See Sense of Replaced That with the Preaching of the Word Because the Altar of Which Christ Was Crucified That Cross Is When Some Fulfilled Requirements of Law Is That Help the Duly Make Sacrifices, Then in Our Day-To-Day Lives, Yes, but Not Blood Sacrifices Not Things like That so I Think It's Hebrews Romans Mecca This When We Get to His Romans and the Barest Spiritual Sacrifices of Services Was Talking about Their and Others Were Obligated to Perform and Release 12 One Says I Urge You, Brethren, by the Mercies of God, to Present Your Bodies a Living and Holy Sacrifice Was It Mean Sacrifice.

Normally, the Animals Killed What We're Doing Is Dying Daily in That Sacrificial Senses We Serve the Pickup to Cross the Seas and We Follow Him.

We Are in That Sense of Holy Sacrifice, Not That We're Making Things Right Is a Sacrifice Would Post Talking about Here Is That We Sacrifice Ourselves for the Sake of the Gospel for the Furthering of the Kingdom of God Connected Catholic Church Says of the Domestic Ornate Oath They Made It before They Did. You Correct the Minutes Sacrifice Be Acceptable to You Write and but I Don't Think That That the Sacrifices That Christ Called You Write the Sacrifice of the Mass Is Blasphemy.

Okay, It's It's Something to Get a Find Some Notes on This.

Everything Memorize the Sacrifice That Amasses a Reenactment of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross in a Ceremony Performed by a Pretty in the Mass Is a Sacrifice of the New Law Which Christ Is the Ministry.

The Priest Offers Himself to God and in an Bloodied Manner under the Appearances of Bread and Wine and Break Coming up Little More What Is Why What Together, Says Drabek. After These Messages Mass like Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave. Robert Will Come Back to the Shows Get Back to Jason from Michigan. Jason Is Still There Were World Mastering Their Hello Yeah We're Talking Matt so in Catholicism, in Paragraph 1068 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It Says the Sacrifice of the Mass Is a Divine Sacrifice in 1366 It Says It's a Really Presentation of the Sacrifice. In 1367 It Says It's the Same Sacrifice of Christ in 1369 Is the Sacrifice Which Is Offered Via the Priest's Hands in 1367. Also It Says It Is Proficient or Which Means It Removes Sin Sick in 1414, Is Capable of Making Reparation of Sin for the Living and the Dead. Now the Council of Trent Says If Anyone Sayeth, That the Sacrifice of the Mass Is Only a Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving or That It Is a Bare Commemoration of the Sacrifice, Consummated on the Cross but Not a Provision for Sacrifice or That of Profits and Only Who Receives in That It Ought Not to Be Offered to the Living and the Dead for Sins, Pains, Satisfactions and Necessities, Let Him Be Anathema, Cursed Sense of the Catholic Church Sets.

What Is the Bible Say on the Bible Says You Go to Hebrews 727 Says so Jesus Who Does Not Need Daily, like Those High Priests, to Offer up Sacrifices, First Rezoned Sentiment for the Sins of Other People Because This He Did Once for All When He Offered up Himself, and He Was Content. By This Will We Have Been Sanctified by This Will We Would Signify to the Book Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ Once for All.

The Bible Says Once for All.

The Roman Catholic Church As a Sacrifice Occurs over and over and over Again. And If You Don't Believe It's It Can Be Offered for the Dead You to Be Cursed, Anathema in Galatians 189 It Says If We Are an Angel from Heaven, Should Preach the Gospel Contrary to What He Preached You B You Preach a False Gospel Cursed by God. The Catholic Church Is so Bad so False and It Went with the Footprint of Ventilation.

They Believe That One That Got the Great Bread and Wine That It No Longer Becomes Bread and Wine, but the Actual Body and Blood. How Would It Be the Actual Blood Units, but I Thought That on Body like Water in Southwest If It's in on Body Sacrifice or an Bloodied Then. But It's but about the Data.

Blood Question Is Do A Lot Of Semantic Philosophical Ideas Weave It into the and in the Conduct Scripture Accidentally Say This When You Move along the Callers, but When I Say the Catholic Church Is Not a Christian Church. I Mean, the Catholic Church Is Not a Christian Church. It Denies the True Gospel and Therefore Is Not Christian Is Christian on the outside but on the inside It Looks It, but It's Not the Most People Just Don't Know the Scriptures and so It's Is a Foster Positive Reformation Occurred and We May Move along Okay Buddy Jason I like That All Right Got You to All Right Next Long Swing Person Is John from Georgia, John Welcomes Her. We Got to Do It.

That That Did Jesus Die for. Everyone Was Mean to Die for Them. That Means Stop Making to Die for, and Salvation Are Different. If We Mean Die for Means That He Bore Everybody's Sin. Who Ever Lived That I Would Disagree with Person and Everyone and Anyone.

Anyone Who Puts Trust and Faith in Christ Can Be Forgiven Wanted to Go to the Go to Hell Because They Have a Trusting Christ That You Believe That All Lot That Cannot Do That If God Does Not Grant Them Repentance Second Tuesday 225 Doesn't Grant That They Believe the Things 129 If He Doesn't Constantly Born-Again First Peter 13.

If He Has Appointed into Eternal Life. Acts 1348. If He Hasn't Chosen for Salvation. Second Thessalonians 213. If You Haven't Drawn Them to Christ. John 665. The Know They Won't Okay Go When They Go to Hell If I Called.

It's Their Fault Because They Rejected God Freely Today Would God Offer Know They Are Born, People Are Born Sinners Are by Nature Children of Wrath.

Ephesians 23 Says Everybody Has a Sinful Nature and It Is Our Nature to Rebel against God.

That's How We Are Not Going Good Born Fallen Bible Says the Unbelievers, a Slave of Sin. Romans 614 to 20 Does Not Seek for God and Does Not Do Any Good. Room 310, 11, 12, and Going A Lot Of Verses like This. So What Has To Happen Is Because Those Verses Are There in Scripture. If Anybody's Going to Be Saved in the Scriptures Would Have To Say Things like God Grants That They Have Repentance Which the References of the Stephen the Scriptures Is That He Grants Repentance Grants That They Have Faith.

He Causes of the Born-Again Born-Again Not of Their Own Will That They Were Chosen for Eternal Life Predestined for the Foundation of the World. This Is What the Scriptures Teach.

I Can't Deny It Because It's What It Sounds so Old To Get Our Youth and They Go to Hell Because They Were God Leading to a Foot Thick Crack That Got No Everybody Freely Chooses to Do What They Want.

The Unbelievers Freely Choose to Rebel against God Freely Choose to Do This Knowledge, Forcing Them with Their Nature… That Got I Don't Think I Understand Your Question Repeated, but I Agree with You That They Go Extinct.

Don't Talk Now That They Would Stick That the Regifting As Well. Trusting in Christ Sacrifice That They Don't Think of Trust within That the This Thing Is That Most People Don't like Is the Fact That the Reason People Believe This Because I Was Going the Verses on the Quickest Scripture to Sue the Bible Sense since As Many As Had Been Appointed to Eternal Life Believed That Extra 1348 and John 113 It Says Are Born, Not Wanting It, Being Born Again Okay and John 112. It Talked about Receiving Christ and One in Verse 13 Anesthesia Who Were Born, Not of Blood nor the Will of the Flesh nor the Will of Man but God There Collecting Born-Again Born-Again of God and First Peter 13 Cents That Were Caused to Be Born-Again and Jesus Himself Said in John 665. He Says No One Can Come to Me Must've Been Granted to Him from the Father Is What Sets This Ticket This List to 13. This Is Been Chosen for Salvation Read to You. Ephesians 14 and Five Just As He Chose Us in Him before the Foundation of the World That We Would Be Holy and Blameless before Him in Love He Predestined Us to Adoption As Sons of Jesus Christ Himself. According to the Kind Intention of His Will That Would Assess That's What I Believe, Because That's What It Says What Little of It. Not Your Fault. Thank You and Brandon I Got His Heart Stuff. This Is Hard Stuff, but It in Most People I Know Don't Want to Believe They Don't like These Ideas in Scripture, but It's What They Say. That's Why I Give References.

I Want to Look among Go Check It out for Yourself. It's Not Me Saying the Word of God and I Cannot and Will Not Stop Sign with God Sounds so Were Granted to Believe in Philippians 129 Two Been Granted the Applicant to Suffer Positively When the Believers Also Suffer.

Granted, the Act of Believing like the Question Then Becomes, Why Doesn't God Do It to All Well Because He Doesn't like a Snake We Don't Know Doesn't Tell Us. The Question Really Should Be. Why Is He Saving As We Are by Nature Children of the Long Separated from Him, but Only in His Mercy He Saved and We Don't Know the Criteria by Which He Saves, We Don't Know How He Chooses. It Is Nothing like Welcome, That Is When Most Important Topics That Are out There Folks and I Just Tell You I Quoted Scripture to Us with the Wording on Status. That's Why Believe Let's Get to Camp or Moral Hold North Carolina Can Look at Me on the Year 2003.

Operate All of the Gifts We Can't Say Every Church Has Operated All the Gifts We Could Have a Church Consisting of 10 People. We Have a Church Consisting of 10,000 People.

If There Are 12 Gifts and 10 People. Maybe There Won't Be so to Speak, and Even Distribution in the Complete Manifestation of All the Charismatic Gifts or the Other Gifts That Are Mentioned.

So We Say Every Church We Have To Go to That Sense You Know Probably Not, but Generally Speaking, Churches Have People in Them. And These People Are Gifted by God and I Believe That God Grants Us Are Gifting's and That Is a Hole in a Particular Body of Christ. We All Have That Ability Use Those Gifts One Way or Another for the Glory of God the Edification of the Body of Christ.

They May Not.

It Only and We Don't Have It Operate in the Gift of Healing Miracle Go about Finding That They Need It. We Don't Have Enough of the Gate and Ask God to Deliver.

Ask God to Divide Et Al. He's the Sovereign King, the Holy Spirit Gives the Gifts to Whom He Wills. So What We Do Is Submit to the Will of God. God, Please Send This People or Equipped to Minister to the Body, According to Your Desire for Your Purpose. You Ask and Then You Check Everything. The Scripture All the Time and It Sometimes It Takes A While for While Orion Thank You Matt Arrived. God Bless. Let's See If We Can Get to Another Caller and That Will Be Scott, Greensboro, North Carolina. Scott Welcoming on the Air That Are Very Quick That You Want to Know It All Stands Are Equal No No I Know They Are Our Heirs Separation from God Our Damnation, but I Don't React and Explain Why They're Not.

Yes I Know I Don't Have Time so a Call Back Tolerable and Lets Others Talk about Why There Are Different Degrees of Sin Because the Okay Guys Are like That. They Were Folks Call Back Tomorrow.

May the Lord Bless You and Great Question. You Call Back Tomorrow Okay Great Tomorrow

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