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March 25, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 25, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller followed up on an earlier question regarding Ballum.--2- I struggle with doubts as to Christianity. What can I do---3- Does 2 Thesolonians 3-5 refer to the Trinity---4- Can born again believers be cursed---5- As Jude sites the book of Enoch, is it possible for a Christian to accept that book as inspired---6- If you remarry after divorce for unbiblical reasons, is that new marriage a continual state of adultery---7- What's your opinion of the Bethel music and Hillsong- I'm a member of the music team and they endorse these songs. What can I do---8- Does the corona virus have anything to do with the end times---9- What's your opinion on churches closing due to the corona virus---10- What is the letter referred to in Colossians 4-16-

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Matt slick, why is it apologetic found alive that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max Y questions at 877 slick life and enjoy the children and as usual, if you want to give me a call only to do was dialing 772072276 and we can blab all you want to risk your mind right now and just will let you know that if you're stuck at home and you want to study well with the good news so garlic harm homepage you'll see there's been some changes. We have an online school special alliteration people are stuck at home because of the virus. We figure we can do our part to help out and check some things out there. If you're interested and don't forget to check our wish list. Also just let you know about that and that's it.

I would hear some good things about the virus there some potential chores out there looking into them and the statistics on the rate of increase in certain areas is lessening. So I praise God for that and I was thankful and will get better all right.

Let's get on the phones with Tom from Raleigh, North Carolina Tom welcome your on their I met.

I called two days ago and I had a question regarding Salem and how he with them and Mike Bailey when the Israelites were back to Moab to curse them and you're going to do some reading on it so my question is any idea how Baylon knew Yahweh really called out the Lord Yahweh with an Israelite with the egg and I'm enough you Gentile. I don't know because as I read the text. I kept that in mind and nothing in the text. I'm sure you have the same question because you are the text to nothing there says he was anything but it does say that the Lord spoke to him. Yahweh spoke to him and that he could only do what Yahweh said. The implication is that he was probably a Jew, that the implication I would say for sure because sometimes God can certainly speak to unbelievers as well.

That's what I the kind of impression I got that I wouldn't I wouldn't dinette Hill okay and then I will so bad for him because he went one the Lord when the angel told him to go and eat that only what he was told today and yet Israel when they conquered the land got a hold of Baylon and they funded that yeah he this thing is there is a disparity between him obeying God, and him using his gift against the people of Israel and so Israel put them in the death because of of that kind of thing and it is a tough tough passage.

I'm surprised that some more atheists have brought it up as an issue, but I did reading on it. I was reading and going through it okay. I get even more study on it now so well the questions there. I don't know if I have all and I mentioned I mentioned that Yahweh was known in that day because the people of Jericho knew about Yahweh and what he had done at the red in dividing the waters of the Israelite's name is renowned throughout the region, already yes by the way Jericho is still on the walls like to say that now become yeah I'm with you I was known and especially when you basically destroy the Egyptian army destroyed the Egyptian economy and these people who were taken as slaves or through slaves and slid out into the desert and moved into Israel.

That kind of thought you know it's talked about so undoubtedly Yahweh was known and whether or not Baylon was one of those, who was a descendent of the Jews. I don't know. I could not find so it is worth more study though that was interesting as I is a dialogue with the donkey when they will just talk to the donkey about this and I'm like me, the dogs are talking to me checking my four head for temperature no and didn't realize it at first thing I think. And realize that tell you that everything got a lot of times what happens is the writer will take certain information and skip certain things you could've been a dialogue like films like all my goodness what's going on. You know this is an angel speaking and then he would okay and I can deal with it.

So maybe that was left out and often times as connective points are left out of some stories in the Bible because they don't. They did not think the way we do in a coherent system of a to B to C to D necessarily. They would often go from a to D to L because it certain things you want to extract in order to bring up certain points and then there's us all. Also this thing called Chi Astec structure and chiasm was a means of writing and/or speaking that was used to bring out points and help in memorization.

So for example if you ask the given seek to find Nokia be open for he who asked for he who seeks for you Knox was a SK a SK there some classic structures works a SK KS a and and or step ones there's there's a pyramid once and there's a lot all kind of analysis goodies or tools that were used in ancient times for communication for writing things down. The Xerox machines and cell phones take pictures of stuff so they would do different things and so out of that they would often skip things because they wanted points to be made in order to remember the main gist of what the lesson was so that may be what's going on there as well. I appreciate that I'm back in the new debt now studying in my morning devotions so any questions arise in the gospel of Luke five. Thank you for your time will God bless Matt, all right, let's get on the phones with the Oliver from all over welcome you want to hear all right. I got grace for you is my question here is on without really irrational doubt my own life for summary that I don't know why exactly did not want argument. If you brought up against Christian and debating counselor. I like working online for summary never found anything quite like shaking my feet, but for some reason I have doubts. I don't know why certain things that you can help you ready to get out of her usual holder you. I am 20 okay right now and one cents. The 20-year-old male brain is underdeveloped so you don't believe reach their full mental capacity until about 25 women about 23 so it's not a big deal but sometimes when our brains. I remember when I was your age and not mocking your not talking down. You got in my 60 but I remember you. Things go in and out and up and down around I might like this and that it just would have. All right, that's one thing but just ride through it adheres to tell you something unless it was going to happen to you, but in the line of work that I do. I was many years constantly reading anti-Christian material because that's what I would do for living. Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholicism meet atheism, Islam, whoever might be happy studying these things and going against the truth of the gospel of God's word in many areas and I would get doubts that sounds so it sounds like a might make some sense to do some more research and I grew older, fewer and fewer doubts would occur servicing things now. I rarely have any doubts, having said all that about I would say 15-ish years ago I had a time in my life and brings it for reason you may have to go through this time in my life when I decided not to feel God and it lasted for several years.

I couldn't sense him. I didn't feel him.

I pray didn't feel as though he was there having my doubts. Wondering about this and wondering about that but having studied so much while I know this is true enough that you as going back and forth in this went on for I think for five years and isolate a church not a problem but these lingering doubts just just like a little bitty small dog nipping at my heels to kick in when easily enough, but we just keep showing up. What happened was I finally had enough of, and I had to do something. What I did was I decided do I really believe Jesus is God in flesh, died the crossroads in a dead or do I really not. It came down to that not all the arguments, not all the logic. Not all the evidence that that one thing, it was like walking into a desert, with all these things, you carry and the further you go to the desert, the less you care, you drop that off, you drop that off because it's getting desperate and you go in my tummy come out that desert. You're almost naked you don't have anything hardly. All because it's all stripped away, and that's what happened.

I got to that place where it was due. I write don't go time to set.

I really do because nothing else mattered at that point and then everything was fine and it wasn't some brainwashing was just God working through me.

I have a thick skull and a hard heart took a few years and you know you have to ask yourself do you do you not believe that Jesus is who said he was laid across the comes out so maybe I'll happen to you, but that's still to I will very much, Matt. Okay, there's more wisdom than that in your real life. So think about what's got you require. I will what she couldn't come down to write down the Jesus if you have questions call me up. I will talk because we have never mind working to all right yeah yeah thank you so much that okay God bless. All right, let's get to the next long as we person is Chuck from Berlin, North Carolina contractor on here yet.

Matt, I would grant me the other day along the three 591 made nonnumeric made the Lord direct your heart on the love of the love of God for you, our heart, the love of God the father and right near the end that made well let's see here Mike right now. Well, looking at this is the Lord you might have a point there and get that's interesting. The Lord God in Christ.

It seems become the chairman but in the context to see if the word Lord can refer to the Holy Spirit. In that sense but I don't see it like you is good observation. RMS God bless you. They falsely write back after these messages, please, Matt slick, why all back to the show everyone with it on here with fatal welcome here. One sure I know born again believer heard on the great that on the call out and and Outlook hurt. Well, there's different senses in which a curse can occur. So we say there was a so many are called to Christian and went to a ceremony to curse him within in that sense, yes he could be cursed in another sense, he's not cursed because greater he is, that send you the world and the effect of that curse would have no power so dependency is like temptation. God can't be tempted but he was tempted, when it says in Psalm 110, 106 tempted God will let means an external temptation, but he was not tempted internally. So there's different senses in which things could be understood but Christians are not cursed or not cursed of God is for sure, okay maybe cursed or moved upon by evil spirits.

That sense, yes, and can people urge those spirits to do bad things to Christians. They can and do that thing sometimes Yes. Is it because of those things. Maybe, maybe not so careful what you say about this but what we need. I think that reminds me, I was talking to someone in the cult three years ago and the person said he was going to curse me to send spirits to do me harm.

And I said look first volley toward that if you try that I'm a Christian, guarded by the blood of Christ and because you said this, I'm going to be praying that what you wish comes back on you tenfold double with you better be careful and this is consistent in the Scriptures as in the imprecatory Psalms when the psalmist would wish harm upon evildoers. These are in this homes are called imprecations and so I worn this person and I inherent person anymore after that was so you know okay I that I we have made with what and what you call go to Popper 26th two not being current because they cannot blood of Jesus is only 9.9 now. So what the Bible says that he heard that he currently curse you have no effect for believer. We cannot all they all in the Bible and I would agree you do with the Christian his backsliding and maybe do something you shouldn't be doing. Can God hurt, but I know when it was essay was somebody who does something wrong, and there had been Christians who have done things like astrology and little devil and that that can open them up to demonic oppression and someone on the other side could be praying against them or even for and not realizing that because the person the cult spring force so-and-so Christian's well-being is actually something demonic curses without knowing there's different ways he could be understood generically speaking non-Christians, Christmas or enough by God in greater is he that send this and raise it in the world so I don't worry about okay thank you.

Welcome God bless our lives. All right, let's get to Canadian Catholic from Canada. Welcome your on-air mistress like my question was about. Specifically, Enoch. You know you in the New Testament, the book of Enoch. So my question is it possible to Christian you accept the book of Enoch as being divinely revealed without being a part of the cat yes possible for Christians to believe that an would be an error to believe it was really possible to believe that there is the question. Do you think that is an option you talk, you do not except that the divine truth see really carefully sick could contain contain divine truth is different and being inspired the book of wars and number 21, for example cited in reference to the book of Joshua, the Chronicles of David there other books that could contain certain truth doesn't mean that there is fire at the book of Mormon might contain the truth if it were to say something like think lodging anyway sorry about the decedent you messed me up for the mighty system of social media things so I just because these books are quoted doesn't mean that there inspired all right in the can contain certain things like the book of Mormon might save lying is a sin will that's a divine truth is revealed from God they could copy it doesn't mean that the book of Mormon is true.

14 also in the generation from Adam site. I think the hope of working with many thousands of fine print value Enoch right so wrong to assign prophetic value because he's a smart guy when he does that he did prophesy doesn't mean that the entire book of Enoch is inspired and belongs in the canon.

Okay, not that look of Enoch is hanging site heading out this book. Hold your place for us. Christian given the fact that finally officer considers it to contain this book contains prophetic value. Well, you got a problem there. Paul quoted amenities and restless philosophers said with a set doesn't mean the whole thing is they say is is inspired about your comment about the book you think highly regarded that after the break hold of those right back after these messages I call Stiller Canadian Catholic here? You know I should be canon because it had been recognized that way by no community Catholic Church or church or perhaps you, my question is this the Enoch as containing an accurate statement containing property divine revelation is the fact that it contains one divine revelation figure it on a higher level, not canon, but on a higher level of the book that we know, contain one divinely revealed truth will I think that what you should do is say the book of Enoch contain at least one divinely revealed truths and leave it at that and accurate to state that it can think of at least one divinely revealed. That's what I wanted right is like amenities around 600 BC was quoted by Paul and Titus one and said I need to create true state that "crude meeting, but he does not indicate that those who state divinely revealed indicate that the true statement please the lucky quote, which is true statement mean true statement was divinely revealed by God. You know that other divinely revealed truth or people the world would confirm that my question was meant for discussion. That's another time. Here's the thing. The book of the neck. I have a copy of my website. Want to read it and check it out and think that's it is just contains one prophecy a Jew cited as being true and that's it. Leave it at that. I don't study the book of Enoch. I don't worry about the book of Enoch unless in the cult of the radio show or an email message about Internet that's about it. So it's a talk you later. Okay, let's get to DJ from Florida DJ welcome.

Thanks for waiting. There one. Look were divorced for no other reason than the lawful we could afford it were to remarry, what it be a continual creeper act of adultery straight so you saying that something was a divorce for biblical reasons right nonbiblical resort you were to remarry is then that would be a state of adultery. It would be just as so as Christ said what he do it is recommended you will hear about discussion on this in seminary.

I remember it because was one of those good good discussions among many. We do at this point, so someone gets divorced on biblically and they get married they technically committed adultery yes what you do at this point. Let's say you have children you now get a divorce because he wanted the neck continue sin of adultery.

Well, it's a tough one to talk about so will be concluded was the general consensus was that we display before the cross confess that at first divorce is sinful and that they did wrong in this divorce in this marriage but there in the state of marriage and to stay there and that's it and it's just washed away by the blood of Christ and you.

You continue and the consequences of it would be that such people would not be allowed to serve in any ministerial position. This will okay because I was great.

I do have about you. Divorce because you go, let's say that year that I cheated on Mike about she divorces me to get remarried but I cannot be there correct what it we both were unfaithful that we divorce and we are we free to marry that Olga, from what I understand Scripture answer will be no because on the divorce and the person.

This gets you. Things are not easy to answer, and are not not because we have to deal with the issue of of what you do with unto unbelievers who get divorced on biblically and then they get they want to get married later on after they became Christians soliciting a divorced on biblically 10 years ago five years ago.

Both of them would have one person does matter becomes a Christian and wants to get remarried. What because that's all that that sin was his washed away by the blood of Christ, are they then freak. This is a discussion that we had in seminary about this because the Bible doesn't tell us at this point we do know that such people who have done these things and become Christians. My opinion is that I wanted to err on the side of grace nonlaw. I want to be gracious to people and not put them under the law, and so that in those instances. If let's say woman was an atheist divorce on biblically became a Christian. Five years later, and that than five years after that wanted to get married what I say that it was a good it was okay to get married.

I would lean towards yes it's okay because it's all washed away by the blood of Christ and just move forward from that time on, and what it was a Christian who got divorced, knowing it was not a biblical divorce, and they want to get remarried, then I probably would not want to perform a wedding ceremony at that point, I'd have to talk to this people a lot get a lot of counsel from others on it would be a serious issue and so because the Bible doesn't specifically address this, then we have to go to counseling. I have like go to things like this are we just talk about and generally speaking, grace is the thing that really generally so it's tough is a good question from God bless DJ from Florida tough questions. Folks are not easy to answer.

Let's get this guy from dreams would Indiana show your near hi Matt, for taking my call.

I have music about a month ago I walked radio on you by Peter Todd real concerning the music of Bethel and Billabong and I attended nondenominational Christian church, not in the worship team and play guitar and after watching that video I really felt tugging on my heart on it if you think that I might due to the fact that the false teaching you don't know John and buying, you know Stephen vertically. You wrote a great article on on your website and it's just really concerning to me. You know, and the fact that I know that lightening is being a good church we are spending our money to the church in an I in my heart knowingly feel that they are preaching a false gospel is something I should be concerned about is really thinking too much thinking too much thinking along the right lines. If I were a pastor the church and you were the worship leader you came to be with this issue, but the music I would just say to the chase here in our discussion I and I just end up saying nope the plaintiff here. Same with the elevation music from Stephen for the reason would be. We do not want to support a work of of worship where the people will join in with that and who might get affected other. In the other, but by the false teachings are there some of the song. Music and music and stuff is pretty beautiful and I can admit some it's very worshipful, so their lyrics give you permission and become more okay right back folks out as messages.

Please take Scott from Greensboro, Indiana 20 why fight the homepage a little bit because of the summary people being home because of the virus and things like that without might be good opportunity for them to schools this morning at home from the country.

We've got a special going on if you want to check it out on the current homepage right now was get back to Scott from Greenwood, Indiana Scott, welcome, and thank you for your question okay. My concern, although it is something I were thinking that or something. I really should be concerned about be concerned about Nancy? Are you a leader but a chance. No I am not part of the band okay… A year for the worship band and you find out that one of the new person into play certain instrument and you find out that that person is an unbeliever and go to the worship leader to believe play well it's it's a form of witness is good ability and good talent so we can use them. I just me. I'm sorry that that's not acceptable.

We can have unbelievers leaving believers in true worship we can have heretics leading true Christians and worship God. We can't support this because what happened is home Stephen for Dick. He's supporting TD Jakes and his moralism and and other issues and smother with her club recently after research more and and Bethel. You know she was a lot of problems there so you can produce that I would just say you can't you can't use the music of a group that is producing heretical teachings and then use that worship from that heretical group for spiritual living thing.

Of concern was carried go and her view on what he did for our standing and her belief that the actually spent create Intel that's very slick, very corrupt its adversary trouble that this boy got a voice like a bird and that the be very catchy, very catchy and you know a lot get out of your head because and it's just very, I was just I'm struggling on whether you continue on the worship team and even think about continuing on attending this church our are looking elsewhere. Well, this I have no musical ability and I can't carry a tune in a bucket to play guitar but that's it.

And my daughter once said that you can't sing what she meant was I'm not permitted to that I am… Say it. I have no problem with that okay because my voice is how I sings my voice like this.

It doesn't work so anyway if I were on the worship team somehow not single claim guitar I found this out.

There is no way I'd be able to stay in worship team and I would write up an article and write up something I do a little research are presented to the worship leader presented to the elders percent of the pastor if they didn't comply to see you when I can see, I'm a little bit more strapless than you. I would probably take the information passed on to the congregation on the way out the door. I really been very helpful and I am anxiously waiting your research… Just let it happen for a while because were supposed to move, and the a lot of things going on the sidelines that are just stopping me at every turn from doing stuff so just one of those times it happens right but thank you for your I appreciate God bless.

All right, let's get to Brittany from Phoenix, Arizona. Thanks for waiting so long and lingering going on like your opinion in the coronavirus stuff well. The coronavirus is nothing compared to what could potentially occur. I've known some stuff over the years, and there are some things that if they got out I was talking worldwide collapse. Coronavirus is is bad.

It's infectious. It may or may not be something from God in the sense that he allowed it by his will to occur in order to accomplish something as he can certainly do that with plagues and embracing for he brings it about on people I don't know if that's the case with with God.

Here in this. I don't know, could not be. I don't know the weight of their finest. God revealed to us, but generally speaking I think it's just the work of the Chinese government in their and their experimentation.

What they did and it got loose and will be doing some research on it looks like you got relational meat market to some contaminated animals and here we are, so that that is just the stupidity of people and that we have to suffer the consequences of but when when it was to say I could do this kind of thing and do it for now. They called the Prescott College and what the Bible says will happen in the end times makes the coronavirus look like nothing so I'm sorry I fed all that yes you just go to Carmen look up the signs of the end times or things are happening in times and you'll find Lincoln high school through a list with the Scripture says and what I call the Prescott College of depressed and eschatology cited in times so it is what it is and it's is bad right now. Not yet were supposed to, but because of the coronavirus thing work delaying that because so my wife has a compromise health issue and so we can't take any chances, so what where are you in Phoenix.

We think about you Allie. The family okay well I'm learning I'm looking at moving temporarily to fountain Hills that connection there will see.

All right, Mabel, Nietzsche Will now all okay well maybe next time will bless rhythmic okay all right is good to Joshua from quarterly. We lost Josh so beautiful folks. It is when most beautiful places in the states. Something else let's get to Cameron from Nampa-feeling this Cameron has a low IQ. Let's see if it's right yeah yeah I am. It's right by the way, a header hat yet.

Yet I know I left all right but I'll have to wait. Okay big supposedly all, why would you call it the what's your take it you're on church is having quote down for the thing thing that talk about the coronavirus and I understand reasons why that would be good.

And then I'm thinking what would be your take on that long term what you think about that how I know I'm way going to church, and the risk trying to help with idea in general without think it's wise to not go to churches for a while because we not going to beat this virus people's lives are at stake. We don't be unnecessarily careless about it and people can tune in online watch church services and is possible for the fathers of the homes at the very least to administer communion to their families as instructed by pastor. I think that's certainly acceptable. I don't see a problem without which the death what we have to do you know if we were stuck on auto prison someplace we have and I have servicing in a cell so it's it's it's okay we don't have to gather it's best to put in the situation I say let's let's not do and you know and you know my wife and you know me and we looked at it for years.

Oh yeah, I'm looking to go to big people and then come home to my wife and maybe bring something home so you get but I was thinking I hadn't given it much thought on your take on this.

I think so. But thank you God bless you right that's Cameron's good friend of mine is a great guy really is godly man that humbled me to me like that, let's get to Troy for North Carolina.

Troy will show you here when he got my little rabbit God's grace we got real quick collages for sleep, pain, and you heard anything on the official from why obviously you were the location of that nightly.

Incidentally C you nice to think about that but now it's one of the letters letters to total that's overridden and were apparently lost and they were not intended by God and the sovereignty to be in the canon of Scripture, for whatever reason you felt that you are what I will be a very interesting time to write, like the problem all right Troy goblins over the schedule last color kit we lost to the letter to Laodicea. What would happen if that nothing is going to happen but you know he's I think about what would happen if there doing some archaeological work lived to see an area in the define this letter. What would happen would be an interesting thing. I don't think I could entertain the thought of things like that. But yes, there's a yacht it's a clutches for 60 when this letter is right among you have it. Also read in the church of the live decisions and you for this part, we my letter that is coming from lunacy.

Apparently that letter was lost and we don't notice anyway, that's interesting to pay folks look, I know that a lot of people are stuck at home and watch a lot of TV and all of that stuff if you might be interested in signing up for the online schools occur, we reduce the prices during this time of people being home only want to build to help people to study and are interested in checking things out. You can also help us out that way as well help skip lights on and things like that so I got news go to the Karma homepage CAR M.O RG check out the information. There is so much easier to get to him and him about the virus, folks. Wash your hands. I got people who for the medical field. Just wash your hands a lot. That's right. 20 seconds does help. It's the amount of time, not just the soap but it does make a difference in the amount of time does statistically reduce how much germ standard answer things like that do that. I drink lots of water because you need to have good hydration in order to get rid of stuff.

So this is basic stuff.

All right. Don't get to pray for this country gospel by God's grace back on the air tomorrow and hopefully will

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