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March 27, 2020 8:00 am

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March 27, 2020 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does sexual immorality in Revelation 2-20 mean- Does it refer to homosexuality---2- How do fetal cells being in vaccines relate to Christianity- If Christians unknowingly receive such vaccines, are they in sin---3- What does 1 Corinthians 7-14 mean, about the children being unclean---4- What's your opinion on the International Christian Church and their view on baptism- I recently left them. Where should I go now---5- Which official Roman Catholic teaching-doctrine, were someone to believe it, would indicate they are not saved---6- What's your opinion of Elevation Church-

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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max Y 1100 day and go to McCauley of five open lines 877-207-2276, and though we did talk about talk about.

We can talk about so the coronavirus if you want an article I think a recent release of article today is the coronavirus from plague from God and to talk about that and working on something else related to the kind of stuff because what's the church's responsibility during the time the coronavirus and things like that will cause me to write an article today on what the duties and responsibilities of the church as a whole and use the coronavirus article and like to have a little bit so anyway if that sounds interesting. If you want to check about going to the car website and going out to give you a reminder that if you're stuck at home for some strange reason, a lot of time on you do is go to If you want on the homepage.

You can check it out and there are schools that you can you can sign up for. If you want, we produced the price because people are having a hard time getting around doing stuff and so we've decided to help out what we can little bit of the schools were shown for $50 which is huge discount and if all three schools. It is, but if you can't afford when you want all you do is email us and say you can afford it you want we can, so as not to worry or make money when you want to keep the lights on using lights on and things like that but we want to build up her up and have a look at what a priceless want to do so.

That is what is more important. Alright, so therefore lines what you may call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Chuck from Greensboro I Chuck welcome you on the grading like you… Revelation chapter 2 verse 20 I used the phrase before semantic domain works of their sexual when Jesus uses in this case the morality of the word is from Cornell and little bit of a look at it and it says, from porn switches masculine form of the word means male prostitute to commit fornication to play the harlot.

So in their it is okay Greek so it's that you commit acts of immorality switch from the verb for nasi and or from from porn that will pronounce for nap and so is the verb form to play the harlot to do that stuff. That's what it means and even tell you how much have occurred in the New Testament. If you want so they can sexuality this probably yes because it would take in the whole gambit of that in verse 2618 the word is used there and excessively morality but that's a different word. Every other sentiment commit sense of the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.

That's what 4.00 and Jews do not use eight times and so for Sprint's 10 eight it's not act immorality as some did and 23,000 fell one day and 214 and also to 20 sacrificed to idols commit acts of immorality. There were also present. Temple prostitutes stuff committed acts of immorality. The earth, drunkenness, and is looking committed acts of immorality with her. Revelation 18, three if used for the all initiative drunk of the wine. The passion of her immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed acts of immorality with her. This probably dealing with idolatry and then down there to commit acts sensuously with her, so this'll the initials of Babylon so it has looks like you have physical as well as spiritual conditions to talking to pastors. They have tried to say that homosexuality is okay and that they think things change the New Testament out of there by reading the same book I spoke about Revelation that want to make sure I was practically well this is a homosexuality.

So in those verses, but only show you where it speaks of this enforcement in 69 and do not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God cannot be deceived into fornicators, exporting us, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals in the Greek word there for homosexuals arsenic we test and are arsenic quick case actually you can see that this and the is my computer program is really good loaded on this type something so the word occurs. Let's see how may times New Testament word occurs so that 733 and it occurs two times. So I frequented 69 also for Timothy 110, and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers in large and perjurer's arsenic quick test.

So it comes from.

It means literally was is a man who lies in bed with another male that was talking about so accidentally condemned any could also go to Romans 126 of 5 May with it. 39 and 27 is critical verse and you ask him as a sesame reader for the people don't know. For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions.

For their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, 27, and in the same way. Also, the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another by committing the snacks etc. so the natural asked literally was two nights ago. Talk to some atheists about this and there's a really knowledgeable atheist who knew a lot of stuff and we're talking about this. This particular verse, and he wanted to say that it was the natural function. He said that homosexual acts were normal in that society.

It was a unnatural attraction. We work where you weren't attracted to somebody that's what was wasn't natural and they were forced to make the usually convoluted so I asked myself what's the natural function of the man. The woman, and he actually said the physical act. I said okay will then this condemns homosexuality), it does so quite straightforward job. This exchange with the minister on Medicus chapter 20 verse 13 and a jump back to safety and he said not what God was doing my thing even want those acts. Religious acts like the devil fosters mailbox churches that are used in things like that that were used by the idolatrous nations before told him Medicus 18, one, two and three, 24, nine, and 19 to it's very clear that I don't want to things they did in Egypt are in the lands that I'm about to give and then elicit almost like he's thinking about it so I just want your ammunition to get up trying to think straight. Well on car. Believe it or not I read a whole bunch of homosexuality and so if you go there. Just type in C6.I cannot legally blind. So I brought right back to one letter, I get all worked up happy. Okay you actually I've written a whole section on its and I don't know how many articles are but there's a bunch maybe 4050 60 got to know the so yes so I don't know if you have a reader you can read the text.

You can find articles you want to got articles on CT 22 and Old Testament law white turkey and 313 no I don't do as I do things that they didn't like yeah and I have followed exceeding title of Exhibit 22 and 2013. So is a you like to do is some if this is this pastor Mattia dispatcher will not repent of this false teaching. I need you work with them for a while and you're trying to get him to understand and I would say good if Romans chapter 1 verse 26, 27 and ask Alyssa natural function that's critical and what he says if he refuses to repent of this great sin of promoting that which is as horrible and immoral. Then at that point I would tell him that he's a false convert and that he needs to know what the real gospel. This lease get saved because side judgments coming up on so okay thank you very much and I would do if at the end of all this, he would not repent of his false teaching why give them more reading something called liberal Christianity… An oxymoron sheet and something about I note the rate at because at the end is that if you can't talk to the basket and said that work on getting remote that's right. That's what I laid down the gauntlet bar now and okay thank you very much for your time and it helped.

God bless Chuck already posted what you call 87720722776 we have for open lines to freeze where that come from please feel free combo my words of their this'll forgive me a call and we can blab you for open lines 877-207-2276 call Kyle Skilling from Richmond, Virginia. Draw near hey Matt: Bakley last collar Friday and I had a question for your garden on your opinion and fetal cells used in vaccine and how that relates. Christianity well well that's a start from one end and work toward. So the other if in any way shape or form.

The aborted individual is used, to benefit someone else in this thing that would be something that Christians could not support to kill a life in the womb, which is defenseless, which has done nothing wrong and merely loses value because the mother deems it inconvenient or doesn't desire to that's word obtains value by her whim. If this kind of a thing is where the cells come from. We can have nothing to do with it. It was not. I never want to okay now Hyperion a lot of places the mandate yes and it's it's so full it's a problem now. There are different kinds of fetal cell ranges. One of them deals with the stuff that's inside the umbilical cord. I've heard some that deals with them in the amniotic fluid.

In that case I don't have any problem with it personally. Now we have a question, who had that I was referring to are specifically the MMR vaccine which is from evil. I believe it. God either WI 38 are MRC five. It's one of the hill and what it is a long fibroblast working week old aborted fetus is that they have and I think you get the break to hold on to talk about this, go to get a break coming up here for open lines. Call 877-2076 mass Y call 770727 charismatic her alright so break and we we as Christians must understand human life occurs at inception at conception of life continues, but it has all the information necessary in its nature and its essence or human so we can't justify using humans as guinea pigs for research.

This would become Nazis and use of research in order to help other people who were more powerful and can only do that, so be very very careful about yes sir and now my follow-up question would be yes folks who are unknowingly receiving the vaccine, which are a lot of people yell out. They look at me flat just a question but black people receive the vaccine and administer them to their children without knowing that the guidelines are and are they data then they committed because they received it arrogant out power that worketh our that's an interesting topic because we have to get the broader area of sins committed in ignorance sins committed in ignorance still sends committed in ignorance.

So if I were to do something that was morally wrong but didn't know it was, excused from the immorality of God is a standard, not us. So we have to be the is cognizant as we can.

As Christians, and seek to do is as live our lives as best we can include the Christian principles. This is becoming even more difficult as the years progress. For example, Google supports a lot of liberal causes the news media which is leftist liberal wacko. They we watch them what they say no car manufacturers that we drive the car's truck. We drive cars made by certain companies that support homosexuality we have fun. I remember a few years ago.

Home Depot came out in support of homosexuality you know when you do so, we can almost get to the point where the only way we could almost homely live without violating some principle is to live in a forest on and off the grid with a running stream and it will be to do so. This is a very difficult thing to work through. So I don't say that ignorance is just bliss but we need to be cognizant. So for example when my wife and I got married and I was still in college was going to go to seminary.

We do decided to postpone having children. Clever graduated and we did. We had children and so the methodology that we used my wife did excessive research on to make sure there were no procedures or preventatives that would in any way be abortive and she was awesome and so we took care of that that sensitive, so she did her due diligence and we need to be responsible as we can move forward. Yes sir there layout. I greatly appreciate you take my questions and your great example, while bobbing grades, and never talked about this so yesterday we took a little drive and wanted something forgot everything. Talk about that and people like me in the radio and I was still telling her Seville when the ladies yesterday. That's great until you know me then that ends and all I can say is by the grace of God that only by his grace taken any answers that are any good come out it's only by his grace, so I very quickwitted here you're straight to the point of factual and you're not there that take on any topic.

And that's what out like and respect that will praise God, thank you and and displays God as he's the one. Absolutely he's the one who put that in my heart I was a list to say a fornicating pornography and foul mouth person until God safely change me while I found out that I was really bad and I was involved in the occult in the same time so I'll just tell you nothing but God's grace. That's all. And I let Shannon line on a whole other side of the coin, I never even thought I'd if there yeah well yeah I Isaiah saw this little bit I've seen in my say on stuff I've seen a blue ball of light with the witness response on the same thing. A ball of light develop and grow into the shape of a man that then turned to face us and disappeared to soluble Cross materialize move across the room, I heard my name being called from the ceiling that seem like smooth other things have happened is been, had a history of our family and I could tell some other stories that are bizarre that is bizarre that talk about what I do stuff about things before even born and things that happened when I was born, but I was involved with all kinds of stuff and things got saved and liked Terry a difference. So all I can say is God receives all the glory and even when after salvation we so often, unfortunately, tend to wander and struggle.

Even then, God's grace was just immense, so he receives all glory right there, but I appreciate it thanks Matt and God bless. Alright it was called in Richmond, Virginia, and Julie McCauley three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Scott Salem, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Welcome little rhyme we got in. In court again and again gain about alright, okay you look at the came in Matthew okay verse 14. Admit that Mary yeah I'm really glad that the wife the Emily why stating that your children is really a killer claim now their hourly I can gain about if you agree with me that made my can't hear Christian Christian and the leading of the Holy Spirit can't stand going abortion, but the and that they would be angry if there are believers, then maybe would not be holy and without technology for God, your different things together but some question about the universal thinking about how now allow Natalie down figure that vision would have a right to the questions and then back you already folks we got three of them likely to give McCall seven max Y call 770727 lines give McCall 877-207-2276 God still there. I was worried about the baby that are awarded are not are not much. I'm crying like before guys came. While this is a Israelite is inside their question.

The buyer doesn't talk about what happens to babies who die in the womb when you go to heaven or hell like that just doesn't mention now I have an opinion on it. My opinion is that they'll go to heaven and I cannot back it up from Scripture.

It's just a desire that I hope is realized that lean that way but I don't know effectiveness so we don't know we just don't know about Alec and God bless God okay writes let's get to Andrew from San Jose, California. Andrew show you're on the right now. My question for you. I like the part of church there called.

I international Christian church has occult that as I figure it will help matters every year and I watched your video it and concerning that is all that you and I just wanted to know your opinion on what you think about any glue that requires a workhorse ceremony for salvation is preaching false gospel international Church of Christ teaches baptism is necessary and essential in order to be saved and must be true disciple in their church. Otherwise, it's not true baptism that can only be performed by memories of their church life is not true. So you had to be a disciple in order to be a true Christian and you said was that got all that and I had that flag I got all that I was the I did all the Bible say that everybody I'd dive baptized are baptized like two people in the church and I was pretty about it.

To be on it so I basically was going to the Bible and I was just like that of the get unconvinced that everything what I was doing was actually like okay with God, empathetic, I just I just felt like emotionally distraught, like all the time. Have a single nasty headlight get to them again definitely end of Jan as I thought I understood it out of there okay I should probably somehow using an atheist before all of this so this is how I make more sense me okay I have all the and they got it public investment in think and given one thing baptized off of the but after a while like that at a first initial moment when you're in the church and you get that wow like I could actually I'm saved like a guy I understand this now like I have a true genuine faith in you, the one with you after a while.

You cannot use them different color than you did it.

Everything you can live do you know that baptism is not necessary for salvation. We should get that is not what saves us yeah I would actually read in the morning.

Galatians 320 40 by yeah I have faith that Bartlett and Krista either send and they would return to James to innovate without faith without works is dead. And then password on your video out that a lot yeah and then even in the context of a document like even the demons believe like an intellectual faith in God, but with true personal connection with yeah yeah I did after after all that I had a couple of the people who recently left as well.

Feeling like they wanted it to be with him yet people have left a lot of times people leave occult.

They don't know what to do with directions North anymore. I'd like to contact them or not, but I do want to talk to them have a group discussion and I can run it through Scripture's answer questions and things like that help the truth that would be anything else down when read a book on this. What are the basics of the faith that we should believe it was something that was aimed at someone who leaves a cult like the ICC and Mormonism were Jehovah's Witnesses or leaves the apostate church of Roman Catholicism. What are those things you need to believe the best thing about writing a book called the 10 attend doctors.

Every Christian should believe in going through and writing an exposé on this guarantors issue of leaving your brain your your heart, your mind are wired by them to believe certain ways and how do you know what's true is our unity so you can lose your salvation. Can you what you do with first Peter 321 baptism now saves you and that's all they quote what you do with access to 38 how these things answered perspective and so they have good arguments but unless your knowledgeable not to knock you because you're not, you know, most Christians just aren't not eligible these things you get taken in. You don't know that Newsmax occult yeah I got to you after the whole experience but yet that all of it. As I learned a lot for sure not bad people. I just think it definitely twist your mind, it makes you like a baby on reticulated army and a certain point writes because it's so it's mine controls with this they do. They do love bonding on you, which is when you first of February that they did that okay love bonding then you get to do your sin list and to be a true disciple and they're the ones who basically are controlling for salvation. Yeah, and when you started and I could not wait a second I'm putting my salvation and command and not God, and the like than making sense. I would love to debate the best representative on the issue.

Baptism and salvation left. I I would love to see that line that I've talked to a lot of the evangelists may have very valid point is the it's more like yelling your tiller answered debating baptismal regeneration then baptismal salvation for years. Jim turning debate. I had no time was dressed up.

I didn't want to be on camera but was an impromptu thing from this living waters, but so you know he didn't want to deal he did know how to answer because when someone has answers.

Their little to do their stock, so this is that you thought the only time that happened to that just me, but others when they know what the issues of baptism are I would love to debate left them all thank you for taking my call Jan at the I've I've been a candidate for the past few days like doing that kind of misdirection, not knowing where to go in life and what to do with my faith in what I should move to next recommendation.

There you might recommend you do first and foremost is to take your Bible and after you pray to Jesus and asked Jesus to open your mind to the truth of his word that he does this, 24, 45, ask him to reveal himself in the word and you study his word and then you the areas you need help in because the Bible is a deep and, dare I say that my website is a lot of based information, go check things there but don't just go with a guy named slick need to go with other sites as well but you need to study that word get grounded at recommend you go to the Carn doctrine section and chart reading the articles of Christian theology and they will ground you will ground you went and what the truth is done.

If questions you call up Maddie, we could talk about. And if you want to get some of your friends will do a little live video thing and the fire questions at me and him this talk I think it made it so much on it. Good good church to the brain when talking more about what city and state cannot pay you have okay hold on to both be right back after messages. The man's leg. Why call 770727 Matt Andrew still there so I have some friends who live in the San Jose or did and so I just texted them asking for the name for the church there and haven't responded yet social and it would, but there are good churches in that area. So tell you what you can do if you want to email me at info at: that work to the bottom of the current website pages and email me and when I get information. I'll let you know go to churches, there okay all right like I said if you are in contact with some of those people who came out and are messed up, I be glad to do a video thing. I think it's easy to send up because a code to get in and we just have a nice conversation and as far questions we can talk billing that they think will tell. I mean, that's what I do with this for 40 years and the I'd love to sit and help people signal this with the Bible teaches and have questions.

Example I agree with that.

Okay that's fine lets us go on.

Examine it further.

Things like that can all right enjoy it.

God bless my You to write that was Anna from San Jose but never pray for him folks because he's gonna need that coming out of a cult like that, let's get the Liz from Raleigh, North Carolina lives. Welcome your on their all wrong.

Probably agree with what you have to say about our good, nice my moment.

I called you before I know they say that if that person believe Michelle Roman Catholic teaching on salvation that they yeah about foundation that they are not a like you can now that they can okay now I can get going to get more than many gradient at LI F facial Roman Catholic teaching battle. I'm thinking like I felt great line like a person believe in purgatory that that mean they are not a test comes out of this how we understand that justification is by faith alone in Christ alone.

If someone were to believe that they have to not go see R-rated movies in order to be saved and that will be a false gospel if they teach, they have to be immersed in water in order to be forgiven of their sins that will be a false gospel. If, as Roman Catholicism teaches at paragraph 20 68th catechism that person obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments that is teaching a false gospel so the Roman Catholic Church definitely teaches a false gospel contradicts Scripture and it has sophisticated convoluted ways to make it look like it's really doing with biblical so if Kevin believes in purgatory, where they believe about purgatory. If they say that purgatory is a place where there cleansed of their senses go be with God then they're not truly status false convert if they say no it's not a plea from Charlie Clancy just got to go through this pain time.

I'm already saved guaranty to be saved by faith in Christ. I go to heaven well and I wouldn't say that they're not saying it's either just messed up.

You see what mortal following from great block there. Great will that's just stupid. While I went back to the tape start since it's is the idea of whom Catholicism view of grace which I just think it's so importantly evil for people who don't know Roman Catholicism teaches that grace is like a substance is infused into your soul by doing certain things by participating in the sacraments, and if you participate in the sacraments. Grace, it is put into you and the more grace you have put into you, like a substance than the more righteous you are and that is daemonic doctrine for the pit of hell because they just it's bondage is a false gospel just so bad. So if someone says that they had lost all their grace because they committed a sin and they don't understand the true gospel of Christ in the first place. It'll understand grace is not a substance that's lost by our sin graces the free act of God, where he blesses people who do not deserve it any way shape or form. Grace rest in the heart and the mind of God manifest as an action of God upon us.

It's not a substance that is infused into us at the Roman Catholic Church and its blasphemous documents teach is not infused into was the Catholic Church has control over the means of that infusion, and therefore controls your salvation so you can decorate by committing a mortal bank probably got sick, probably because you you can be saved and have a large amount of bad ideas, but generally those things will fall by the wayside.

The further person moves in the work.

The word of God when similar say that if I was talking to somebody and Lisa like committed a mortal sin and all my grace is God will then I automatically assume that they don't know what the true gospel is an expert, teaching them the gospel message and I've done this with Catholics before and it's completely foreign to them. The Roman Catholic Church is so thoroughly brainwashed its followers into this false gospel from hell that they don't recognize the true gospel and the they they reject the true gospel that one of the things the way that illustrating this and you guys can tell I know all the listeners can tell how utterly appalled I am by Catholicism because it leads millions to damnation and it does when I talk to Roman Catholics and I'm known in Catholic circles because of my very strong stance against Catholicism when I talk to Catholics all asking questions sick can you pray to Jesus say yes can you ask Jesus to forgive your sins say yes if you would pray and ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins. With all of your sins be forgiven at that point the Catholics don't want to have much more conversation and the reason they don't is because there's so ingrained in the idea that salvation is through the work of the other sacraments. The Catholic Church had to go to the church for salvation.

You can go straight to Christ to the Catholic Church roadblock and so the roadblock exists practically as well as intellectually and emotionally. So it's very difficult to get through to the Catholic with the true gospel, because they been so brainwashed by the light of the Catholic Church, so I've asked Catholics this before. Can you pray and ask and they won't do it.

Not a single one. I've asked over years and years as ever prayed just to Jesus alone to Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

So from all of this experience.

All my studying I would say that such a person is you proposed who says they lost all their grace because they committed a mortal sin that person is most probably not saved to begin with and is subject of evangelism at this point what about Kurt that water bath carpet here to be born again. That's wrong with Karthik not pay you say there is a false gospel. Water baptism does not cause us to be born again were caused to be born again by God as first Peter 13 of the Bible says we must be born again, but what does that mean and some people say out of of Rome by John 33 through 8 o'clock slot for the water and the spirit. My opinion of the water is as the water of the womb is not the popular position that is my position because the context where Nicodemus the verse before says, how can you enter in the mother's womb a second time to be born.

Jesus was born again and that is that then Jesus asked them to board the flesh is flesh and the Spirit is spirit because Jesus had flesh and flow/and Nicodemus was talk about before the flesh.

I'm seeing that is what you talking about their born of the water and the spirit you to born physically and spiritually. That's how I see it is not a pipe. The most popular view, but my position and so I argue from that perspective to Catholics and anybody else would say that baptism is necessary for salvation, because in what you do with someone who literally cannot get baptized, but I've seen that and you know you have sprinkling, pouring immersion, we could build it is more complicated but I've I've known of people to the hospital and see people in their deathbeds and minutes to live, they will receive Christ and get baptized to go to hell. That means that faith in Christ is not enough to save his is worse and worse as baptism is required for salvation idiocy.

It's just it's just so assiduous it just causes problems and messes with people. We should get baptized but is not the thing that forgive us a percent and for those who want to know first Peter 321 baptism now saves you the commandment about that. It's as corresponding to the fact, baptism now saves you, not the removal of dirt for the flesh, but an appeal for clean conscience before God. So the baptism is not the issue the water, but the baptism of the heart the true baptism, one faith, one word one baptism Ephesians 45 which caught with peers as corresponding to that corresponding to what the previous verse talks about the water that killed people and that the ark is what saved Nola. Oh, this is corresponded that baptism now saves you and what the water no, it was the ark, so don't read the context of verses and I got going at 238 2216 and all kinds of stuff that I won't go to colony two minutes around all got like water baptism are then there probably I really appreciate it. You will I let this good today from Winston-Salem could be don't have much time. Dave know about reenlistment with somebody bad or quickly get you about your opinion of the pertinent and elevate their stairway anyway. He's promoting that Melissa right promoting Motorola's MTV Jake that many moralism is the teaching that denies the doctrine of the Trinity and says that God takes different forms to heresy and can lead to deny the sufficiency of the atoning work so stupid.

I've heard it said so on video I watched okay, bad breath, you are a member there. Their they don't have.

When there and fill it up they live. You know, I don't know too much as to interview him but I know he will submit to go but he let a time okay okay hey folks, I love dad Canadian Catholic and Ronnie from New York, and finally I got the answer in San Jose, Westgate, church, and Richard the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on tomorrow

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