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April 2, 2020 1:50 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 2, 2020 1:50 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions the three schools on the CARM site that are discounted- theology, apologetics, and critical thinking.--2- Is it always wrong to lie- What about situations like Nazi Germany or hiding slaves in the underground railroad- What about the midwives in Exodus---3- How do you use logic in your debates with atheists---4- What debate format do you prefer---5- How do the Old Testament laws concerning adultery reconcile with John 8- Is that a contradiction---6- What are the main textual variants in the New Testament worth being aware of---7- What about turning the other cheek versus an eye for an eye---8- What kind of music was in Jesus' time---9- Any thoughts on what the mark of the beast is- Could a person take the mark and then be regenerated, would God forgive them---10- In Galatians 5-22, is that referring to the Holy Spirit---11- Why did Jesus have to die- Why was that the way to deal with sin-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics.

Research what is written found online at that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Matt why rent is called responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick audible and welcome the show is 27 2020, March 27.

I think I got too little energy going on, so my courses will so sorry about that, but nevertheless hopefully hopefully you will find all you do is give me a call if you want 77072276. Got a question for you. Discussion with some people here little bit so it is 800 number seven number of mixing a few years here. Do I need to have that. Would you be willing to sit down. Normally your own phone straight number asking not a big deal just curious I were discussing that because as you know things are winding down in our economy, trying to look effectively for the Lord's money and resources from Sturgeon email.

Let me know and ATT car metalwork really do will hear from you alright so what you call we have for open lines.

772072276 and I would love to hear from you alright so we have three schools online. If you're interested in checking them out.

We had a school of theology at school apologetics in the school of critical thinking.

So you took me six months to write each 1 to 4 months and either select 89 the lessons of each one, 30 or 40. The last console to do is teach theology and teach you how to do things apologetics of the theology is what you really need to know so you know this that I learned my theology on the streets so to speak, read commentaries going to Bible college going to seminary a lot of work by just looking and learning, going door-to-door dressing up like a punker talking to people swap meet ministry, various things over the years that I'm done in order to learn things and so I have a knack boiling stuff down to the essentials so that you find out no gun in the school of theology, and we have them there special offer on the homepage and I also say that you can't afford them. Just because I like is sometimes and you want just let us know. We do use them to keep the lights on so there you go. All right for open lines 877-207-2276 look at the river from West Virginia Randall welcome you on the air.

Hello Matt yes I can hear you fine thank you okay, sometimes I have fun problem.

I've got a question about lying.

Now like and that were talked about not marrying false witness right.

And while what I've been wondering. I know that's wrong. The line I don't want to go down slippery but there always wrong. For instance, and may in slavery, when I ride and play an owner to protect them. They had to lie and not Germany or that protect the day that the real yes. Let me explain with a wrong yes is still sin, but explained little so picture Jesus in a situation like that wouldn't be.

Would he be capable of lying answer is no.

So if you can't, and he's a standard of righteousness. Then if we will be the same situation we likely would have sent but what are we going to do and I think it's okay to lie. Nope, what would we do in a situation how some people I know would say that in that situation, the Jews hide just the Germans come to your door and asked one guy what I know. He says that he did tell the truth and trust that God will provide a way for release to be done. If I could do that. I I might live to protect somebody only because I'm in a difficult situation. I don't know what the best thing the right thing to do is and please give me wisdom and I don't know what I would live in it right later.

Been raining like when they made why on the baby born in Cairo want to kill all of them and the midwives lied to him and said that before they can get their life the way wrong that I would have the baby or they can get their right and then later on it and then God basically was pleased that that way, Grendel and Pierre Antoine. What was he pleased with pleased with their deception was he pleased with their idea of guarding this is a very difficult but there are day of guarding down yeah it's a difficult situation and lots of atheists would like to ask questions like that. We and well thought that individual cases. This is a tough one to seek Christ could not lie in the situations, so there must be a way of doing something that is right that takes care of the issue and reminded of the time when when they asked Jesus ago pay taxes affect at least whose coin is that images on the coin: give the seas with Caesar's Gov. Scott was a brilliant answer to who I would've thought of that.

If anybody else would've been about an answer and it stopped them in their tracks, so I suspect that Christ himself would've had one of those statements in the situation and said something and when you get to do at that point walk away. So that's the kind of thing that it would happen with him with us will have it back to infinite knowledge and wisdom so situations I I lost my goblin opening rental from West Virginia we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 the bride from Charleston, South Carolina.

Brian will crucially run near a bank grabbed me, they don't doing fine. You got good want to run by you. I've always wondered nothing you dictate that you had eight years. What what what are you thinking are the advantages obviously and in your court that are logically out of the night. Even try to argue logically. Anyway that we are involved that we don't come from a greater conscience. Are you an atheist know you okay atheists are blinded in their depravity.

First contents 214 says a natural man cannot receive the things of God from the fullest and atheist cannot receive these things atheist, must deny the truth in order to maintain his atheists. I have argued with atheists. Hundreds and hundreds of times in different contexts in different ways from informal discussions on the street to formal debates and I'll tell you that they are blinded they are absolutely blinded when a prove things to them care is not an issue of truth.

It's an issue of agenda in my personal opinion is that they want to be gods. What I mean by that is not that they believe that they are acts actually God's but that they believe that they are the ones who will decide for themselves what is true and right that they will judge truth there the one to take the place of God. Deciding what is right and wrong and in this is a great deal of pride and stubbornness in the course of deception so they abide in it. I can tell you I've had just a few nights ago. I have done some serious discussions with some atheists and running through things and I'll tell you are using the Kalon cosmological arguments. The issue of right infinite regression of uncaused causes which I used with some top-notch in his debate.

He couldn't answer. In doing this are sufficient conditions to the two dichotomies since the jump to destructive syllogisms I was using all the stuff don't care to find whatever they can to get out from the evidence get out from the logic of the truth happens to them yet am a fan of the bag argument to all the documents but yeah me specially as I really may. Matt click your Matt Miller honey that a beta area attaining but he'd always a proponent of logic and logic down.

Hadn't he not be that in the very foundation is a logical here exactly correct.

His foundation is illogical. He and other atheist cannot ground the very you unite or talk, you must slow down and back up a little bit for the listeners so they understand what's going on. So folks were talking about here is we have the laws of logic.

They are things that we use and we don't realize we use others.

The classical laws are such things as something is what it is and is not what it is not slot identity that the frog not an automobile. The law of non-contradiction says that we cannot be something can be both true and false at the same time in the same sense the same way. Can't do that and we cite people's contradictions all the time yourself. We recognize a contradiction.

There's a law called the law of excluded middle, and that his statement is either true or false. So for example, in talking to you is true. I may an elephant as false statements are either true or false.

We have laws like the law proper inference of a equals B and B equals C than a equals C. These are basic laws that we all kind of use with the nature of these laws is that they are transcendent transcendence means is it is not dependent upon space and time, so these laws don't find him under Roxio take pictures of the freezer. You can't find the law of non-contradiction will these laws are things that occur in the mind so therefore they are of the mind what we want to say is that only the Christian worldview can account for the universality of these laws, the atheist who denies that God has any explanatory power in our universe and in the issues that we face cannot provide a necessary grounding necessary foundation that justifies the universality of these laws and therefore atheist was found wanting because of it. It's it's to help to show to be insufficient to explain with most basic things that we philosophically are concerned with that rationality.

That's so that's a bit of an expanded issue in there but we also have other issues with it.

If you stick philosophical endeavors dealing with for example morality and our existence expand those equally the directions that are time but solicit or talk about and so when he talks.

When Brian hear talk of the laws of logic worldview was referencing the transcendental argument tag transcendental argument for God's existence deals with presupposing that the universality of God's existence and when you do that everything works. Every falls in place, especially the universality of the laws of logic to the transcendental argument is a good argument for God's existence just about the time there for the break. Hold on Brian will get back to you right after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 pairs.

Matt slick back to the show. Brian okay that answer your question and explain the fact was too confusing for you pretty much edit. My head was that wondering take on the open will I get much you worded it in a better way that I think and it word, though they make will ask you stages to the debate ahead will see the last of you have with metal honey in Dallas a few years ago yesterday that the one you will live on stage right. You and Alana. They do some kind. He did not like that afterwards. It really upset with the I do and it is then the last I remember the debate in the whole debate you get the question but when you do find an LOI that you could account for logic and the need find it, but the point-blank way and yet nothing that they I don't understand how he could deny that what what did you got back to that was kind of the event.

I heard you start that you and I enjoyed talking to you and then updated. Actually he not get along fine actually believing not and I'm standing invitation to go see him when he's out in Austin with each other cell numbers. We don't talk very often, but will do very polite and cordial with each other but you know I maybe should do a thing called a math attack. Matt Matt, you know, we could have a national discussion shortly because of interesting that people see us go back and forth so I got I did too much what I said back then recommend this, that is, with a few guys with her beforehand, praying, and for some reason I was absolutely exhausted.

I had such trouble staying awake for the hour to an hour and 1/2 before then.

I do know what was going on. I was delayed my head that I would go to sleep. Within seconds and I'd had enough sleep.

What was going on and my friends were worried because I think it happened debate couldn't think nothing one guy went and got a big cup of coffee and recess are praying and then while Matt was up debating he did his opening statement. First, so I was back in my laptop open, shaking my head trying to stay awake all true and a pragmatist trust the Lord and I said or ask the best I can and right when he was ending. I woke up in my mind was so clear with printing so clear.

So I was already so full of energy is 14 is not interesting yet. The word needed to get out so you know I some of her very clearly being very concerned because I couldn't think straight.

You mean I could think strengthening very clearly and be on your toes when you're in a debate and that God is great grace provide something another question on date you prefer back-and-forth conversation you like that kind of classical 20 minute statement and all that both like to do a debate where what we do is get point account opening statements then allege reputations then say three questions each and then open dialogue because I think by then we know it has positioned well enough and we can is dialogue back-and-forth and hit a find someone who is respectful because of Stephanie Childers, toes and Matt is is respectful guy so he was gone. Corridor comes a mile instead that are in raw. If you he was nothing to do with me after our last debate was nothing to do another note minute and I've been in a long time ago you will you be laughing you once we try to sit up because I will never again in the bow.

How limited Street rerun everybody to move along the right RMA gum [okay, let's get on to Andy from Dallas, Texas. Andy welcome you are on the air like I know I'm doing alright man hanging in there. We have alright arrived coronavirus. We hope you will get from attending slick so that we get. I will call them or,… Mary and unfortunately we don't really have an apologetic department at one product and literally only like and that it teaches.

But anyway no speaking. I love can teach them have a doctorate sanction and reach out and make it happen. Unfortunately am limited to googling information, checking the car marked by, and then never the other good friend usually run by anyway so my uncle is an occult benefit for like 20 years and you know the Bible, inside and out debating what animal in its I've only been in the first few years but I don't have all the question cities and strength occult Jacob you call. I don't even know very think one of the question that yet. That way was recorded was apparent contradictions in the Bible. We hope you that there really isn't any contradictions, but because the Bible sure that I in the Old Testament there directions on for one minute found committing adultery or the deck railing but on think it was in Deuteronomy sheet to be thunk that right now the law then we have when John a day bring the woman caught in adultery through him and he essentially will work. Thankfully doesn't he doesn't like. Let them come to kill or hurt someone or never doubt that everyone of you hasn't been gone but technically forbid them from her. He didn't respond that he did not. He did not forbid them. They just chose not to is one response in the other one is to ask and biblically who is our sin against Mr. question who is our sin against any answers what month some student after they know that we not sending a signal that I sin against God. We break his law is seen as written law of God. First John 44334 and so out there that Jesus is God in flesh, so the one who's offended is the one who forgives so Jesus is the one who did not apply the law required the law of her upon her but told her to break that law.

No more.

That's part of the law and Leviticus 1918, the love your neighbor as yourself. So he's fulfilling that part of the law as well by showing love to them, so your friend will say will he supposed he is required to to stone. Not if he's God in flesh who has the right to forgive and the right to do with the law suit he will contradict himself, but he has that right. That's a good answer textual variant that that's one of potential variance withholding redone dialogue you voted right back after these messages we have one open line 877722 Van Slyke why call 770776 pairs. Matt wanted to say welcome to start out today that we have a new station, Jacksonville, Florida where or which particular station is in Jacksonville Florida.

So if your new list or limit kind of introduce myself to cook for my throat, my name really is Matt slick SLAC case.

My real name does not read you name it works great for radio, the founder, the director of Christian apologetics research ministry. See This Christian apologist of reform persuasion and I definitely believe the clarity and sufficiency of the word of God is true must believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh time the cross rose from the dead and put your faith and trust in him alone with faith and baptism that faith and sacraments, not faith in doing anything good that does not save you from getting any Jesus Christ and him alone faith in him alone and amen that's what I do want to give me a call on you to do is dialing 772072276. Andy you still there. There that living Lance with the best one had to give a researcher some more, but the it was during a break, resources and things like that much I can outsmart with them just to think that the relevant given their issue. You mentioned there textual variant about the 310 variant in the three main textual variants in the New Testament that are worth mentioning. One is called, to handing first John 57. The other one is the ending of Mark.

Mark 69 through 20 and there are 17 non-marking words you said and done, Mark consents to theological areas of concern in their form verse 12 problem and but the issue of the woman caught in adultery appears in different manuscripts different locations. John ate some other gases. Some people don't think it was original and missing. It is nothing if not, but those are the three main areas with the textual variant there as well but is a tremendous story and it certainly sounds like some Jesus so there you go.

Hopefully you learned about second stuff in several different M.Div. or measures of theology are what I am pretty new to it. I only like the program but my guess how long way to go at another quick question though effect on me with regarding the hyper night and that that's where you have her diaper and I. But I tell you now turn the other cheek left my uncle again all the work.

The law you think something really different when he says, you could say my tooth for tooth, but I say to you what he's doing. There is saying that he and his view is equal to Scripture, and he has the right to to say what ought to be done to people so his statement is a statement declaring his own deity, that's one point the issue of the eye for noise was called the apodictic law the apodictic law was there to prevent was called blood revenge.

So let's say a couple of your house at night. I hate you, and in the mouth and break it tooth your brother comes over and he gives me broken hearts. My brother goes over and kills what it just escalates and so the apodictic law was given an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

In other words, it's like you stop at a certain level. It's not that it's an obligation that you would solidify is put out you have to give your I that's not what it's saying you have to declaw with their tooth stop was called the escalation of blood revenge, so he misunderstood the application of eye for eye, tooth for tooth slip.

Jesus is saying is you forgive right with-I was in the context was the blood revenge and familial familial retribution against other people and so and I try to stop that and you sing instead of that you forgive.

You don't have to get even that's what is talk about-ite is not a code for what to do and how to destroy people.

People don't know that the apodictic law right but let me tell you something you're in stem cabinet measures admitted to myself. Let me tell you, you need to study your theology need to study the hypostatic union communicate you if you lots of imputation need to study sanctification, justification, you need to be able to know those things backwards, forwards, and even sideways so that you could talk about them at all kind of different ways is the foundations of the Christian faith. Eternal security also is very foundational.

Believe it or not. Trust me I know about this stuff and he didn't know those things and units just learned these things because it's the foundation of truth upon which everything else is built right dose for 40 amen sure you got it okay long times are good for you buddy right good work out like they could not go on to have less all right. Let's get to Russell Ash and Burrell North Carolina. Welcome into no one man is known, we glad to say got a little down list and hear him probably later editing enable more by maybe in 20,000 years ago, something will get really have been an ever contemporary Christian need right now and something was a lot like the southern route that it and Matt thing is the music did they have indeed in that domain of the Bible – now that permit that it never specifically mentioned a style of meeting. I think a bullet is cultural.

I was mariachi with little polka thrown in as a joke right there with totally joking, no music there open so the group so archaeologists have found old instruments and so we can deduce what the style was back then and they basically fell into three categories had horns, flutes and things like that they had stringed instruments and they have various types of drums and so I don't know exactly what with sound like I don't know what they had written using sheet music and things like that but so we could presuppose that it was too much audition around those instruments and how they would play them well you know a good look at the Jewish music that they have. I think a lot of us is been passed down over the years and so you can find a lot of that in the Jewish Jewish style and settings probably will be around that time style for an and I guess you probably remember back in that what they saying you know that lack an immediate can't be or if I got this again and able any member gave us right there. Of course you know that they have a right that and know contemporary NAM sale is a mutation and hear that are the look I don't like hello yeah I don't trust him okay with my wife are discussing things out him. You know, a few years ago.

What happened tonight.

He got caught in the abject sexual sin sort of concern is disqualified because the Bible says that the elder teacher like this was the above repute, and he only confess we got caught so as far as I'm concerned that that's at least things done himself, and for that, but so here's the thing with the music all kinds of music can be used to glorify God. So it's not syncopation or non-syncopation is not base guitar not bass guitar. I like all kinds of music except for country-western end and a Chinese Opera and the and Mexican music. I just I sized my style that's mean. Does Ms. go to bat so God could not be glorified in all kind of music without the heavy metal band rock band striper, for example, did that make the 90s we have skillet today where people who do wrap for the glory God praise God that right now. One night, you know that name again and at and down like some your meat diet.

I like okay I know not what evidently is that some out you know a long night back in their late 80s early 80s fire.

There was a big day.

Contemporary problems with the Bethel music and the doing man okay got to go talk you later Meg called back and get the man to man. They falsely write back after these messages, please, Matt slick, why call 770776 pairs. Matt slick Ruddiman with Chris from Des Moines, Iowa Chris, welcome Matt, are you my No, but I note during the break I looked up his name is Prichard rapture passed away recently. I might question what is your take on it and finding and how to go along with current events right now is first affirmative of just so many people who do this kind of stuff in Lotta good thing you got my web prior to the illuminati playing card amount 95 that are you are not going to let illuminati playing bad at playing card and the guy that created them actually created amendment 1990, and the CIA CIA came confiscated that basically he wanted court got it back in and published it 95 like 200 playing cards in my pretty much every event has already taken place right now. Right now, like the cards are actually holding a lot of people might not know about this might be curious and looking it up and get something bad. So let's not go too much further. Why didn't you send me some information find some links. It's okay are the info. Dr. Dr. actually born again Christian, I will sure I okay thanks a lot appreciated good skill in the air with Regina from Greensboro, North Carolina. We lost her let's go this waiting is due style from East Coast welcome on coronavirus everything. There's a lot of a lot of day people out there now about the end of the world… What an up allotted mark the end of her you know they could be. And my great kid people playing may be at the back pain and I wanted to know your thoughts on that. I think the jury may… Real revelation had a vague grand yet plain right that was be millions or because we don't know to be to be the right hand or the four head. Why would it be beforehand if not the right-hand. Well, we could infer some things.

For example, Islam. When they punish you for stealing the copyright hand you you do think that your rights don't do with your left is a division between what you do in your lift clean yourself in various ways which are left so if you're not right-handed, then the market at 24 head symbol symbol that means it's a spiritual mark undoubtedly is to some degree, but it would seem also to be a physical mark, which is what the right hand is missing four head, so it might very well be implanted chip.

It could be attached to a could be something else we don't know so I know who knows will find out. But if someone starts coming along singing. Let's get this thing implanted in your right hand so that we can buy and sell.

I'd like okay I will take it. But all are like that, that I'm not real revelation that I can't say whether or not but I've also heard the interpretation that taken the mark on the head written and could be attributed to wrong thinking and wrongdoing in the head.

Your mind, not with God and neither are your act is interesting buying and selling the hopes that without the new could buy and sell to buy and sell other people being able to identify some quality about you so I don't think it has to do with the issue of what we do and say I think has to have an actual mark of some sort but message to Brian, I got that when I brought that up on way. I don't really have anything that maybe you know like we will get more out there every day. It could come to the point where you get like Roman you're not allowed by Dell without paying all the right and that's an issue and so will wait and find out instead of releasing 13 important for me to want to research and worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark on his four head or his hand trick the wrath of God so it has to receive the mark doesn't imply that you just a thought connection something is looks like this some kind of physical mark of some sort seems to be right. I got that I will owe anything. All lastly on all but the unforgivable fan and contact repeating the work right over the evil one. No, he does not forgive are quickly making a backup. He does not forgive his forgive all sin, except blessed Holy Spirit class of the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin. Once committed can't be forgiven, but there are people who have other sins are not forgiven is not blasphemy, and they die in their sin through the nuptials of Christ Jesus like a part of the market and then regenerated and truly repentant.right. I don't believe that can be the case. I think this takes that Mark is a thing is I don't wake one take the mark be that one is not right and wanted to let what I think capable of taking part right. I hold that position. Good stuff think you're smart.

I think we'll talk you later helpless. Let's see this white person is Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome you on the air. I will try to get to the cause of the lots and the support he got no rent.

Route is horrible, thinking it shouldn't be this fear because fruit grows no fruit rots to an fruit has done so It just is just not very good thinking is not good critical thinking okay now on. Well, I think so because it's the fruit of the work of God because we talk to the deeds of the flesh are evident in morality and stuff drunkenness and carousing, but when it was on say this, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. For 22 but the fruit singular in the Greek report card plus the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patient kindness, etc. what seems to be that is the fruit of the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit is the one who bears fruit gives gifts to us seem to be the case this would it would not be the human spirit, because so if you look in my spirit for both quality and I can find. The only thing good in me is Jesus. That's it right. How do you know me that's right okay well we got two other calls Wayton so okay God bless.

Okay goodbye right let's get to Kurt from Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte encouraged welcome to show you earlier.

Why have I have way when you know Genesis 217 God says that animate the day that you the fruit you will die the death that occurred there was a separation from God, which is echoed in Isaiah 59 to your sense of because a separation between you and God. We know the manifestation of this because they hid themselves in the garden to cover themselves now. The result of the spiritual death is physical death and it goes on in the Old Testament talked with life of things in the blood. Leviticus 1711 through 14 talks about this and that the sacrifice is of life of the reason we talk with this issue of life is because the wages of sin is death. Romans 623 and sin brings about specs spiritual death which a separation from God.

The manifestation of the spiritual death is physical death. So the work of sin in the world brings death and separation from God. Jesus bore our sins in his body and the cross. First Peter 224 two quickly because were so sin is a legal problem. Sin is broken the law of God for Chuck before sin. Legal debts can be transferred and Jesus bore our sins body was transferred to him was imputed to him cancel the certificate of debt at the cross. Colossians 214 so the death was necessary because it death is what is the payment for breaking the law, separation, and physical death, though he had never send could not die of his own age and sickness, so someone had to kill him and because he was. Become sin. Figure 2. 521 talks about that. This is why some people say in that and he said my God my God why you forsaken me thinks is a separation now know that really can't have that in the denial of the ontological Trinity but nevertheless he died to fulfill the requirements of the law. The law being a reflection of the character of God, the law requires a payment in order to make things right. God is not arbitrary in that he says you're forgiven, you're not. You're forgiven, you're not and that's it is Islam and Christianity. The one who is offended is the one who makes the payment in order to allow someone to be forgiven because Jesus is second person of the Trinity become flesh and sins against God and he's got in flesh. Therefore, he's one who's offended he took that law that broken law that sin upon himself and the consequences was death, and so he was killed, and so therefore the requirement of the law is met in Christ, and he died so that death was necessary to fulfill the requirement of the law and because he is God in flesh is death, was of infinite value and he could cover all for whom it was intended to cover that help you will commit God bless money okay let's see if we get on the phone with Nelson from Bakersfield, California. I've been through there a few times, good good McDonald's. Their video got about one yeah, but quickly a quick question this creature thing on the Derek print) I've heard I'm trying to remember about him.

Reliable. I remember as a warning flag and got but but I don't know because there's another prince that I know about this problematic Joseph Prince so I don't know enough about their Tbilisi is God bless if I'll try to time in the Lord bless you. Hope you have a great weekend. Pray trust the Lord.

Read his word we talk at you again on Monday

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