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April 2, 2020 10:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 2, 2020 10:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why does Jesus have the name written on His thigh in Revelation- Does that justify tatoos---2- Can you break down the Christological errors in early history and what churches are guilty of some of them today---3- Can a Christian be literally possessed by demonic forces---4- Is Tony Evans a solid teacher- Should I get his study Bible---5- In what language did Jesus speak to His apostles---6- Why is the stoning of children proper in Deuteronomy but not today---7- How do I spiritually lead in a marriage where my wife always wants to argue with my theology and won't study the Bible with me-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics found you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why he hates what you do yesterday you know what I did yesterday was awesome normally work 6 1/2 days a week.

I actually for real. Just said watch TV. Basically all day. I fed myself a couple three times and entertain a cat and that's about it and had a good time with nice relaxing day so will I hope you have a good day to now if you want to give me a call only to do is dial 877207227604. I understand the holography center-right.

We got to think three new stations that were on one exit 91.7 in Jacksonville, Florida 91.9 in St. Augustine, Florida, and 91.3 in Folkestone, Georgia. So if you're listening on the stations want to say hello.

Welcome don't know when these came online but myself.

Is Matt slick and slick as my real name SLI CK born with a slender run as a kid because of that name.

Turns out great for you name an ordained minister seminary graduates and I'm a Christian apologist. What that means is to defend the Christian faith. And so if you have questions on Christianity anything pretty related to chemical we can talk about all kinds of stuff. I love discussing issues of atheism.

Mormonism witnesses Christian science unity by Islam UFOs logic, evidence in all kind of think morality and I would do that for long time. The website is CAR several hundred million visitors do it and that quick and slick so there you go for the blind calls from all over work at Sweetser get calls from Europe and a different station. I was on for a few years.

We worked out the ability to have Skype calls and counsel people were able to call and we will do that but a chemical and so I think that's about it now.

Saturday I spent about 3 1/2 hours before I do know on something called discord and it's a communication thing for gamers. That's kind of expanding on that parameter.

What happened was I was asked about a week ago. If I be willing to go on their and just have questions read to me that have questions fired up about topics and I said sure so that's what happened, and I think we had 100 hundred 50 people. The room I don't know but it was packed and they were firing questions and by God's grace is able answer them and 30 go. It also gave the gospel out several times. I am so privileged to be able to do that was an awesome thing to be all right. Let's get on the phone to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome your on here about you now where he had.

I work I because of its next to because of what its next to its next to the genitalia and so that's I was considered the inner thigh area and in the with the male genitalia and circumcision. The symbol of authority and covenant sign sometimes covenants were made and you put your hand directly else aside and it was a signal and a sign of a very serious commitment. It was anything homosexual at all is just how they do things sometimes. Some areas because of the proximity because of the proximity it's a cultural thing and every culture has its you know, kind of a unique set of things, you know, we say things like a beach to your black and blue. What was I really mean you and so there are certain idioms and cultural things that we do in Japan for example they bow literally, shake hands, we don't bow, but we shake hands through different cultures and so the thigh was covenantal. He is significant because of the proximity to the male genitalia and that's why yes I yeah right now so you know along the along these lines, the males seed was considered the thing and review my that is, it didn't matter which woman he implanted that seed because it was the seed that we planted in that ground over there, or that ground over there. It was the seed that was important to understand genetics and things like that but so this seed the male seed carried authority and that symbol of presence and authority. So that's more of what was going on there are alternate yeah he's talking the authority and the covenant aspect of what's going on with the thigh. People may try well you know the Bible says no test I forget exactly where the architect tubes is for the dead. Personally, I like to I don't understand why but it would mark the body. I don't get this is so if you want to do. That's well you know that's their business. Nothing in the New Testament says don't do that. So it's a bit of the motive and stuff like that so go you not just as ripple, symbolic of what was written on his thigh and is the book of Revelation is symbolic. Understand that it's speaking in symbolic terms a lot of errors on Americans is literal to so the. The example in Revelation 19 to 12. It says that Jesus has a name that only he knows that music of the father doesn't know what the Holy Spirit is not what's not what it's saying Jewishness used exaggeration a lot of time to make points.

Truly, truly, truly, I say to you, so they would use those kind of things and they would use representative things to have other issues. So Jesus is clothed in white and white as wool shining as the sun.

This is all symbol a name written on his thigh, if not literally on his thigh. Covenant aspect and the authority aspect of male headship. Some people use them for that reason, or just mean that they just don't know issues there. I don't know for so long. People who were to get that.

I don't know you liked this remember stuff and doing this for answer questions for about 40 years now and I know you got that and yielded recent on the radio site. I have no idea so no, I do know 25 years so I don't hold if it's on some of the work in an article I go to put up on this like 10 years ago so I think I don't think it's on but I could be okay. I all right got blessed rifle for three open lines of 20 McCall White 772072276. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California on their moment gobble all strongest view your little muffled little hard to understand you.

Yes, better book Marcy read it.

Cold weather, the Trinity, what you Trinity and several several like things like that more and articulate his panties in a manner that is in civilian is improbably, although there was saying that the Trinity model correct means minor-league breakdown each one of them where you started. The Council may fear century second company counselor. You break down what churches nowadays you know it they teach the modem sure that I go see if you believe in the Trinity is a true doctrine, which is one God in three simultaneous and distinct persons. The father-son Holy Spirit an error back in the day. Back then, third, three, 400s was called Arianism that was also monotheism the same as the Trinity is monotheism model one God.

Monotheism only one God and existence. So the Aryans taught that there was no Trinity and that Jesus was a created thing there represented today by the Jehovah's Witnesses of non-Christian cult. This was a recent polytheism to represent by Mormonism polytheism poly many fails God. So many gods of the teachers. Billions of gods out there and become gods and so that's polytheism, natural that we have what's called decibel unionism, which is similar to modal menarche and is described on both the same way it is talking about is that is one God with monotheistic, but that it means that that God takes seven forms and one view, God became the son who then became the Holy Spirit so his modes changed modal monarchy in this and more of an organism and decibel unionism was a variation of that kind of thing and some of them will say that's takes different forms, but is didn't become wanted become the other is manifested differently and those are represented by United cost unit apostolic churches, non-Christian cults as well so we have dynamic mark menarche. This which is the idea that there's just one single God with no modes. Note plurality within the Godhead that will be represented by Islam and that's also false. So the slums of false religion, so not think very much probably go to the cart website and you can look them up to look at those words and find them there. I could do was disco chicken stuff and equipment yet you break coming up your vehicle had an referring to look at Christmas. Christian literally money or can they influence just possess no Nelson from Bakersfield, California, times, and if you want to give me a call 367707. Why else would welcome back to the show after him there, the question will just real quick about buying a God of the Bible from 2011. Resource for good things about that an expos� on him to check them out to see if he's got something hidden or something aberrant, but things come to the surface.

You shall hear about things people say you check out this guy sets a bad stuff and so go check them out that Tony Evans that I'm aware of what I do have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of emails to get to just recommend if you want to get a good Bible just get a new American Standard Bible.

The NASB is in my opinion the best translation of the Greek to the English.

The ESV is second to that in my opinion because of some stuff I've seen it can normally you you better Bible. Have you also what it what about healthy new King James is fine. Each translation has advantages and disadvantages. So I recommend people to have three Bibles.

The NASB, ESV, and King James or new King James and you compare them and where they differ significantly like Romans 518. They differ significantly and you go Charlie.

Looking up an interlinear study which that particular verses is what sent me on a quest to learn certain things and it was very very profitable. NASB has correctly translated ESV in the King James, don't so but then I thought about recommend the correct letters from the MSG monosodium glutamate methods know it by the message. If you go something like that which is mostly phraseology driven. You can try the Phillips translation it's expanded, you can get some stuff there, we tell you something people don't realize this never studied the Bible for 40 years. When we tell you the Bible is a deep book if you want to get something that makes it easy to understand then what you're doing is getting a book of Bible that is has been glossed over enough to make it so easy that you won't see down into the depths of that word. The more literal things are to the Greek and Hebrew, the more you find out what God is actually saying you'll find out that there are some very interesting things to learn. As I studied the word over the years the truth is that I have discovered that most accurate from the original to English is the most beneficial. It's also a little tougher to get through.

Sometimes, like the NASB is not as smooth as the ESV but there's perfectly understandable. Both of them. But if you want a really good Bible to start learning get the NASB, and we run across something you don't know about Dingle research if you rely on somebody's note to the bottom of the page.

There's your research you're done thinking. I recommend that you get a Bible with wide margins of CSV or an new King James or NASB and then do Risa do I get your .3 mm drafting pencil with point to be let ice to grasp and write your notes. You don't 3 � tall site super great vision when I was younger I don't 60s. I can write something like three molecules high so read my notes in there for years and years and years in college and seminary and then to the loose lose it still still hurts, but nevertheless those notes were in their because by researching it on my own stuff so you don't give you a fishing pole or here's the fish which one you want to do.

Learn how to fish use will be fed quickly near done okay. I will let you (serving God godlessness meant I'm going to phones with Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck look I I'm doing okay.

We got well will will what I probably Aramaic and/or Hebrew may be some Greek reason I say that is, he probably knew all three languages and what to notes so 300 years earlier, Alexander the great had gone through the Mediterranean area and he conquered and he brought Greek and as the national language.

Greek is a very specific very powerful language. It's very interesting language, but nevertheless the Hebrews wrote Hebrew spoken Hebrew Jew spoken Hebrew course and Aramaic which was the conversational language was a dialectic derivation of Hebrew. So Jesus most probably spoke Aramaic to the disciples and/or Hebrew may have already may have also spoken Greek to them. The reason I believe that he knew all three was because Aramaic and Hebrew with natural languages within Israel, but also the geographical location of Israel was very important. If you are visualizing front of you a map of the Mediterranean were Africa's bottom and leans over to the left in Europe and Russia for the top to the right side of that Mediterranean area is that little sliver of land known as Israel, to the right of that deserts and mountains, and so if you want to go from one place and that whole geographical area east-west and north-south lots of times you had to go through Israel and so this was a strategic area, which is why Alexander the great McClure out there to Israel and are some interesting stories about that. And so it became the lingua franca the language of business and travel.

It was the one universal language for the whole empire different groups that work taken over by the Roman Empire and they still had their language, but the common language was Latin and Greek right Latin and Greek now Jesus was a carpenter. Most probably, his family was doing business inside of Israel and with others who be traveling through and made me get things fixed so it would've been this wise for him to known it his business to known Latin Aramaic and Greek and Hebrew, but will probably just Greek. Okay and also that you talk a little bit about the four where I grew the heart knowledge.

Well I guess you don't have a better okay and black rack. The function of what you call 87720776577 because of the virus. We've lowered the prices down so that you can get in and we use them to keep the lights on, pay the bills by the missionaries and things like that so that we we do we donations we have people use the schools as well. However, if you want the schools you cannot afford them. All you have to do is email us and we can get a free access so were not in it just to make money. Is that what we are for folks you need to pay bills. So if you want you can afford. Just email us can afford and will set you up. Not a problem but you go check out the schools in their own accord homepage. See school of theology school apologetics and school of critical thinking can learn your stuff forth in lines 8 772-072-2760 McCall let's get to John from Georgia John, welcome here by God's grace. I'm doing well, what you we could go out one pain 21. Okay stone about you. Hello yeah and outbred leak you with the and I don't mean you know what I know what you that's right. What would God not want to date he doesn't but he allows it okay what you allow context. The context the Old Testament covenants were guided coveted with Israel for the expansion of the people of Israel through Abraham and Genesis 12 three God says Abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed up all the possible quotes that in Galatians 38 and calls that the Gospels in the Gospels bridge beforehand to Abraham saying that goes on this process so the Old Testament largely is there is a record of God providing the people the time to places the wind the families and etc. in order for the Messiah to get there and arrive, so God would have. For example, the Israelites go to wipe out a whole nation, not arbitrarily, but after centuries of warning they would be warned about something he would they were doing evil so got to go to get you didn't want the infection of idolatry and other things in a continuation of abject sin to infect Israel and then thereby jeopardize the arrival of Messiah the same thing goes here with Deuteronomy 2118 through 21 rebellious son yet understand that culture you honor your mother and your father was when the 10 Commandments and so if you did not do that were very bad and you brought shame upon the family and shame upon the village and family. The village were intertwined and so get the reputation of the founding family village Township. Whatever would be damaged by rebellious whatever people and it then others would avoid that area and so there was economic problems that would result.

Not to mention the spiritual problems.

If one person checks rebelling becoming sassy parents. The other kids are doing that they're not doing her work not doing her job. Be disrespectful. The breakdown of society and this kind of thing was to be stopped. There is no record. Incidentally, of any child ever being stoned and so this is to add a very strong warning to keep the children in line and the children are to obey the mother and father etc. they grow up and be responsible now in the New Testament. You would Hebrews 813 and Hebrews 952 16. It talks about the old covenant is done away with the new covenant is ratified with death of Christ. So the old covenant and the word for covenant in Latin is testament Old Testament Old Testament covenant. New covenant New Testament for the new covenant was ratified death of Christ, and we no longer are to apply those kinds of theocratic's economic chaos, not months. God's law, the economic no longer required to apply those kinds if the economic things because it was meant for Israel, and since the messiahs come and Israel is not under theocratic system it doesn't apply okay. What I while what all of low sure why. You'll notice that he fulfilled the law. And there's a thing called abrogation to abrogate means a leader something undoes or modifies something previous plus there's a phrase that's really important say to the sons of Israel, and for example, say to the sons of Israel to go in and you do a search on that you can find out that, for example, Leviticus 20 it says usual citizens of Israel through Memphis is a visual has ailing sojourning in Israel, etc. etc. there certain phrases are meant only for Israel, and so the youth also understand that the law, the Pentateuch, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy was written for Israel's benefit for the covenantal truth of Israel, and so because the cut was aimed at them and, incidentally, Jesus was not sent to the whole world. John 1515 24 Jesus says that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and this is because of the covenant requirement of that law where he was sent only to Israel, and Israel rejected him, and with the Gentiles are grafted in this topic so God was covenantal when the covenant is fulfilled in the covenant stops. So, another example of a covenant type thing is my wife and I are married and the covenant that she and I made to each other before people before God is broken ended when one of us dies and so when that happens, were no longer married. And that covenant is ratified. It's is taking care of its terminated some covenants had terminations within them and so the idea of saying to the sons of Israel deals with the nation of Israel, and one aspect is nation of Israel doesn't doesn't exist in that theocratic system like it was back then. And so when it came rough. The time of Israel, Jesus, and he ratified the new covenant with his blood. Then the old things have been fulfilled were no longer necessary. In that sense. And so what we do with the goal of the New Testament because it abrogates the Old Testament okay so what you brought the all thing writing God while before I but God knew that all you had. Now when we obey God while the punishment of sin is separation from God. Genesis 217 God says to Adam, the fruit you will die. And that is the separation is a 59 two sin causes separation. The physical manifestation of the spiritual death is physical death.

Romans 623 so we die. So that's how that would work in that sense that makes sense, that can help the other that now but you know what colic you we have 100 waiting through the line so Jesus called right back to back in line okay thank you Sherman no problem right there with Jonathan Georgia. Let's get on with the John from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your on-air ministry. Thank you yet. Apologetic issues that most apologists know that but I heard that you also do counseling for many years but are you so you know, never had anybody in the past year because I'm not sure how to approach this issue with my wife, who I love dearly, however, marry later in life. I agree with 98% of your theology. My wife on the other and you know the place for years is good hold on right always on hold.

Talk about that what you may call 777-2577 on Ron. Frustrating is the supposed spiritual head of the family to argue about Scripture, she gets so mad because I don't agree with her viewpoint on things going to a charismatic church are all life in a divorce, she thinks were unequally yoked. Like I said, it can have a Bible study with her because you might like everything I am who I am only because of Christ chose an important foundation of the world is a fight nor drink their partner so yeah frustrating yeah it she's been going out on foot down and say that I'm a leader here and this is what it says later. I'm not that kind of guy and yet I understand that I am the leader in the family advice. Please note over the phone without both of you sitting there one season interact is difficult. However, without hearing her side of things. The. The charismatic movement. I believe in the charismatic gifts just so you know I affirm them and I come around, come around on Outlook being raised about thoroughly understand that they're not right either. So you come around, come around on good and save my money a special gift, apparently scared me to get this thing of noxious new you have a tough job ahead of you yet to lead by example and not by word.

So you have to lead in such a way that she doesn't feel threatened. She's emotionally vested in the church and we talk what you going to church a little bit so she's emotionally vested sound like she's up overly emotional about things, not wanting to hear the word of God because it is the word of God, the truth that she's rejecting.

And so when you push it and all she's probably so sensitive that she's gonna rebel and not want anything to do with it when she says your unequally yoked. That is not with the Scriptures are talking about the believer with an unbeliever.

I she's she's wrong in that way as well. So what I would do if I were you in the situation is back away and focus on those things that are good that she talks about and that a realistic within the work and in the word that she's there with now this might be difficult, but it takes time it takes patients are useful to lead by example. You want more horse you want baptism in the Holy Spirit you want to meet and talk which I don't do as I get a good thing since 12. The first is 1213 1412 and 14 talks about God gives those gifts to whom he desires and you can praying for those get nothing wrong with that. I pray for tongues many times give up until 2030 years God to forgive the volcano I'm done God's will begin the committee will and he will nothing to worry about it.

I hundred gifts and so that's a social yes understand that that things popped in my head here. I did just popped into know what you think you know about how good God is well does she bring home these these books from Joel O'Steen, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer things like your whole life, and this is why we have such a bad content because, you know that I don't like these people a lot of bad dog a lot of bad people is Bill Johnson. Do you think she knows I know are the books in in the house you okay so when she's not listening when she's around.

I know that's my problem. I don't think she does with driving on the way home and the garlic. Okay so what I would do as I literally lay your hands on those books and pray over them and bind the evil that's associated with so much of their false demonic teaching if you destroy them. You can't lie, then what you've done as you set the barrier and so you can't do that as well. And if you to put your foot down because she so emotionally vested like a cult person is and something else yes. Whatever you do will cause more problems to what you have to do is back away and you gotta start praying you pray that God will deal with her that God will show her the truth. You need to demonstrate great patience and great love because she's a woman she's emotional.

She's obviously emotionally vested there. So you need to be praying and showing her �p�e grace, love, not a merciful love but gracious grace is getting what you do not deserve. We get the grace of God the kindness of God.

We deserve everything else. Now you are going to have to live the toughest of all the documents. The first one is to love God and the second is to love your neighbor and your wife fits in that latter category, you're obligated to love her the best of your ability and is it can be hard. Oh yes you can want to just throw for yes reading one is correct.

Things yes you are and she's gonna say things that it would be heretical in what you have to do is rehearse in your mind what you can say and do in your body language is important because if she were to say something that you know is heretical at this point. This kind of relationship.

You can't smack your four head, put your finger down your throat and say excuse me, you walk away you know exactly how what and what happens is she reads the body language and she's so negative about everything that now it's a training it's not an automatic reaction to the reaction system has been broken in what you have to do is break it. You're the man you man up. Adam and Eve in the garden she sent. First she gave the fruit to Adam. They both hid in the pre-incarnate Christ said to the man where are you we said for the man so you're the man kind the man up and trust me, I've had the same speech given to me with my wife sit next to me in a counseling session. When I got reamed 30 years ago and I'm glad it happened because the man with the counselor godly men was right, they put this issue similar to that summer thing, but it is same from the different variables and how life is families is so put it where it was, but were belonging in the husband's lap first in the situation of this you have to love her just to see that love. You need to live the doctrine of Christ's love. When the barriers are down and you would praying daily for you even lay your hands on her, and pray for you. Pray for her and God would open up her hot heart and mind to greater depths of knowledge and wisdom and passion with what you would want. That's what I want. That's what you want for your wife shall agree to that you pray for her like that on a regular basis and they went. If and when the door opens up for you be able to read the word with her and you read the word to don't go to Romans nine it all start reentering okay and so on. For example, my wife, I didn't know she was reformed in theology of for 15 years of our marriage is on the very reformed, I never ever posted on one day I decided her are you reformed really have a shield years ago said how she was nice listening to listening you teach all okay and so you know I have been praying and praying and praying for breakthrough and realization of truth faster said something she did not agree with. So her being who she is working on some worlds. I found a good church; I got your rig on the lab work were family is the worst thing gets when we went oriented up a Calvary Chapel good that they are will make you think. They believe in the second blessing and all the year and expository teacher. You caught on yet that he's teaching reformed theology. I like Bill Johnson every single night and she's a heretic he's a he's a heretic yeah I been to that church to attend, was a good experience, but nevertheless yes is what you do I even talk to the pastor of the cover Chapel through going to tell them what's going on, so he knows how to pray and during conversations with her that might arise. He might have a word of wisdom or knowledge to impart to her sometime and be patient if you're trying to change her then you are usurping the position of God you not to change her your put your job is to lead her new leader in the ways of Christ.

If you go to acts chapter 17 actually 17. The title to the unknown God.

Paul talks about and instead of saying you taken jerks. He said I'll tell you who this is for use with a already had and spoke to them and move it into the gospel truth.

She undoubtedly has some levels of truth that are already there you find those you bless those you water the house you do with love and you you touch her as a man touches is his wife properly with affection, with the proper tone and body language is super important. You need to practice till your wife feel safe around you. I know she probably does physically write but spiritually and emotionally as well.

Women need the whole package is difficult for us men. Sometimes if you and I get many children we got a dude I messed up.

I'm sorry okay gotten good. That's not how it works with the ladies they remember because are damaged internally. It takes a long time for that on that damage to become undamaged and so you have to ride the storm so to speak, and it will be a great test for you great difficulty for you because what you do is pick up your cross daily and follow after Christ love your wife. In the meantime, okay right there for five seconds to go on the caller hope that the hope that helped. All right, shall God bless, but hate everybody pray for John's marriage right. God does all right, let's get to Joanne from Des Moines, Iowa Joanne show you're on here. Joanne hello oh, we lose something hello everything. Maybe okay stride again. Joanne is there.

Okay no I don't hear anything okay don't know what's going on but if you can hear me. Maybe the chaplain they could tell me her Charlie, dear.

Listening to hear me to the radio on an office worker, not so well anyway that's where that goes closer got about a minute left the show to talk about to you for hearing. If you hear me, I strongly recommend that if your man and of a marriage relationship here that you study Jesus and how he was with women just do the homework, study history from Matthew through John see how he was a scanty find and interact with women see how he was because your to emulate him with your own life as was necessary for folks.

God bless the Lord bless you by his grace back on you tomorrow

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