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April 2, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 2, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the difference between Christianity and Catholicism---2- Have you ever heard that the Pope is the false prophet---3- Is there a problem with Bethel music---4- What is the difference between Christians and Catholics---5- In Acts 9, when Paul was struck blind and didn't eat or drink for three days, was that when he was brought up to the third heaven---6- What do you think of the government using this virus to violate the constitution---7- If women can't be pastors, how would you respond to a woman pastor who is prophesying accurately---8- How would you respond to a Christian ministry who is publicly rebuking the government over some of the current policies regarding the Corona virus---9- Does Isaiah 26-20 apply to current quarentine isolation---10- Is logic discovered or is it invented- If it is discovered, doesn't that imply some form of Platonism---11- Besides John 1-1, what is a good place to show the deity of Christ to Jehovah's Witnesses---12- How do I talk to my church leadership about the dangers of using Bethel music-

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A previously recorded Nats like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine. Why God the Bible viruses revolution atheism, Mormonism's occultism is long all kinds isms and mystics. If you're curious about things will question all you do is chemical. 772072276 will let you know that on the homepage of the car website CAR room. We have the notification.

Therefore, the issue of phone schools of some of you are at home and you want to learn to some online learning. We have four schools for $75 reduce them quite a bit and so if you are interested in checking about score the company. Chantel, you'll see the information. There on the car on my school to school of theology, which was over the basics of Christian faith is done really easily, even a demo version of the sick and check things out like what you see and the one on apologetics how to defend the faith want to critical thinking, and that's always good to know how to think better about various issues and that would also help from there if you want to support as you like what you're hearing. All you do go to and all information is there. And one more thing before you callers, writer, and I written thousands of articles and numerous books and just released the ice. I find all but working on for your time trap and you can check it out, go to the car website. Any page on the right-hand side to see the link the book title black students on their click out of take you to the right page or the book already ordering it strict in the kennel right now and also will be developing it in the form of the later so there you go right right well why don't we then just get on the phones with Seabright from Des Moines, Iowa. Brian, I wanted to answer that question was what's the difference between Christianity and Catholicism Christianity teaches with the Bible as being the supreme authority were Catholicism teaches with the church being the supreme authority, and when you have the church is the supreme authority than what you have is mass traditions and ideas being taught the truth and furthermore the Roman Catholic Church adds works to salvation and the Bible clearly condemns clearly condemns the Catholic Church does is pretty smart and healthy promotes their works of Merrick, Dina congruent versus strict merit. Various things like talk about so well I have a lot of articles written on them. Catholicism will check it out like people don't know how bad it is completely apostate. Religion teaches idolatry from Mary teaches idolatry. The Marian appearances talks about becoming God's people just don't know it is really well-documented. It's amazing the Catholic Church teaches is not a Christian organization focusing apostate church that appears Christian but does not teach true the theology regards to salvation. Mary's viciousness get to John from North Carolina, John went down out our guess I can go ahead. My delight. Right. We thought you entered is fun, purely speculation that maybe the Pope as the false prophet is coming, an idea he's a prophet which he is also the spirit of the antichrist which the papacy is definitely not nice and some thought that the one the Pope become the antichrist, but this can would be really globally known that stuff that comes out of the last Friday you were talking about. I got called in about music is something about music that there was a problem with them. Yet this music is problematic because Bethel is teaching some heresies. In some some serious issues really does not promote the gospel and most charismatic movement stuff and dusting the spirit stuff on the ecstatic spiritual experience which is manipulative. It is bad news and the lot they said is true.

A lot of what they said is not true. So the Bethel music, much of it is beautiful yet. Be careful because if it's like this it would be want to have worship music written by Mormons in the Christian church enters no why because they don't serve the true God would be want to have worship music in there from a group that teaches the heretical things no, we would so this is why we have to be careful because people maximum. Bethel's good. I think it was some song who did the hills on Bethel and the related song did the silent night as a cabaret, and the dancing girls network skirts. It was just so it was. Immersing the video and they took down on it is just sensationalism, lack of true godliness in a lot of areas. When I went to Bethel for the minute we went there And we didn't know which building to go into English door to going to return walk in there.

The first door and they said all you here for your miracle sign that right here and you get will get you. You don't get paid for numerical like while done so I said no just to check things out okay and some looked out of the door and went in and out went into service was interesting. You probably people singing and people laying down and praying so-called biblical books is was when you do emotional music with occasional statements that are meant to induce further emotional statements for ceilings and egg and excite exciting people manipulation is not true.

The stoplight and then went to a room where he would learn how to go to do certain things in the to the of prophecy movements of spiritual gifts, things like that you be assigned to some it would help you do these things and this is in The bookstore and I checked a lot of the books and like about it when I focused on was the shack because the shack is is a very bad book that teaches what appears to be good teaches blasphemous things about God and challenge the author to a debate but he will met once and talk twice on the left and right and so does anyone have some okay exposure heresies so they had to book the shack in their wishes told me they have no discernment in other areas as well. I so you know this to make Bethel stay with Millstone for now and the is called the new apostolic Reformation movement, and I have a lot of research to do on it but have been able to get tickets only things getting off the back burner, but moving forward okay are you going about that comes out of Bethel a lot of the but the thing is if you start using their music you're supporting them because money goes into support them in the Bethel church got heresies and so we can't support them should not support this bill in advance I right yeah it just a neckband.

I had, but the music becomes out of their is really pretty and it is in the blessing and not all Christians but it's dangerous stuff going on. I was in Bethel I met somebody live there for a while and he told me that the Bethel church there is making its inroads into all kinds of areas and are sure to control things Anderson and the second culture some problems there. Another thing was, he told me he's very qualified.

I love you too much for making out. He's extremely qualified bill to say the stuff I knew somebody and I go to theology quite well, and he met some two people for the Bethel school of ministry was and they talk about prayer getting miracle, a silky time with the gospel list and they didn't know the gospel.

They want experience over the promotion of the gospel.

Apparently so these are things like concerns okay okay thank you okay God bless all rights that was John from North Carolina. Let's get on with life. In the morning I what you lost your back and lunch was good to bring with you question hello I know Christians are Christians and catheter Catholics, Christians are our those who trusted in Jesus Christ alone for their salvation. Roman Catholics trusted in Jesus and works and sacraments and baptism and with the church says in order to be saved. The Bible teaches that were saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone evolves and denies that it says, for example paragraph 2060. The catechism of the Catholic Church says that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the keeping of the observance of the commandments and I go into it, but the Bible clearly condemns such a false teaching is being not of God.

And so the Roman Catholic Church does that, among other things, has was called a sacerdotal is which is that the priesthood has certain rights to administer various things and that the grace that we get in the sacraments is administered through the priesthood.

So in order to get grace. Grace is like a substance in Catholicism is infused continue the more grace you have, the more right you are with God in the way to get this grace is through the sacraments of the Catholic Church which the priesthood administers the Catholic Church authority has so that's not the Bible teaches.

That wasn't a sick grace comes as a substance infused into through the sacraments just teaches that were justified by faith, and that God's grace is his unmerited favor towards us so that it teaches issues of idolatry and Mary which they functionally put her as a goddess to say she's a goddess, but she can hear them all prayers of all people all over the world simultaneously both thought and spoken in multiple languages over the world and she can answer the this is a characteristic of God himself that there raising her to a level of a goddess without sanction the goddess and committing idolatry to prayer adoration of her neck to some of the stuff okay.

It's bad news right now.

How old are you, Brian asked as I thought sounded 11 good. Have you been listening long. I voted right back after these messages it will from line 877-0726 mass Y call 7707 hermano Matt story again to get us the Macquarie. In acts nine when I not fall off a horse right update date that he did not drink for three days and you go scale on you guys look blind. Would you say that supernatural grant that was happening to them so Jesus could take him to the 37 to be taught doesn't look like that's what the third heaven thing was, it looks like most theologians can only towards the idea that when he was stoned and left outside for data that's probably when it occurred, and he does say that that occurred 14 years ago and segment is 12 to 2 so it would be appropriate here. So he neither ate nor drank for three days been very very difficult. Eating out a big deal but the drinking become product quite problematic but anyway the scales from his eyes. I don't that is a but he was blinded and probably because the light I was so bright that that you look at it.

So there's something there that are really that deep study of the questions okay adhere to the correct group later when he got what you cared about their government. You lie right violated vacant amendment of the cockatoos, yet they should not violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms gathering things like that but biblically speaking isolation for the sake of avoiding infection is extremely biblical.

Leviticus 13 is 14 talks about this and it very clearly teaches that isolation is a good thing to get rid of five disease to isolate corking houses as well. People of leprosy and various things.

So it's very biblical to do this.

In fact, 1346 when the black plague wanted plague started in Europe and killed millions. It was people of Austria victim Vienna, Austria, who started the biblical system of isolation, quarantining, and that abated the disease there in the town and so the rest of Europe followed so okay thank you little but okay. All right. Let's get on the phones with Brian from Charleston, South Carolina. Brian welcoming on the air back if what sure Mel no collateral for you breaking up a little bit ahead FEMA pastors should not can I can understand you kind of fear away from a tower with the phone number was going on their struggle is.

It is much better for you back okay that you're about after I faith he should Jenkins. That yard of her mental geisha Jenkins. She shouldn't be if a pastor he wishes female right of the know that.

Anyway, she prophesied amendment? How do we do with this. Obviously she run your own church in Columbia and she claims the prophet Shelley had a dream God gave her a message in a dream and she got on a year ago in March 2019 prophesied that God told are you going to do it in, put a virus on the world and it can be a clay and you know supposed the make of this thing coming from SQL pastor. Well, it doesn't mean she's a female pastor, female, anything doesn't mean that she can't hear from the Lord. However, it's certainly possible that God can use unbelievers. People in various forms of error likely when men aren't doing their jobs in the church. Women take their place. That's a shame to the men but to also if you remember that in Matthew 728, Matthew 722 and 23 there's something very important. There since the case for her.

But Jesus has many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name and your name cast out demons in your name perform many miracles and declare them. I never knew you far from me to practice law. Hello to the people who were appealing to salvation based on the things that they did along with her face. The accusing condition. Jenkins but we can say here that people can prophesy and is not from God, and they need to get some things right so is the possibility that we have to look at it. Or maybe she's a good Christian woman and she's in a position she shouldn't be in doesn't mean that God will speak to her because the Bible does say next.

117 1819 talks about a minute, women having visions and dreams prophesy things like that to be fair about it sure shouldn't be a pastor that's clear on it and I'd love to get out there and correct her and speak to the church and find some men in the church who can be raised up disciple to hold that position were supposed to be like men and stuff like that happened in the church. Okay, basically, don't crucify her but definitely be very dear like you said on and around fairly ungodly woman necessarily know a lot of people are very godly who just don't understand the biblical position on mail female relationships in education and when I show them a lot of the things in Scripture logical really surprising about this about that and so I'll answer them and they have to come around to the idea of believing biblical things so you know a woman who in a position know she's as guilty as anybody else might be male or female of being there for the wrong reason must think she is. People can be in a place of authority and love the authority to not want to give it up either financially tied to it all kind of again accusing her. It's just that we had to be very careful and when we say things like this before. Savant women are not to be pastors and elders. The Bible teaches that when they are I will write primarily because of two things. One, which was more important or prevalent in a situation like that, but it's because men are doing their job and the two women are listening to the word and in the areas that are supposed to extend their doing is listen to the ways of the world and similar processing all this and that, let's go with, and can't be that women cannot be a place of authority from all four bids right, I think, again, all right faithful to read that book after these messages the mass like why call 77 grand pretty popular ministry and date out a statement that crashed on closing people into poverty, destroying family, creating even greater number of future victim destroying the cockpit and feeling of failure of dollars from our children and grandchildren. No that is not loving on the high crime started getting an in the common maintenance. I mean, I thought about people of Britain going at hundred going out.

It and I get one of the fallen and can't get your opinion on what you think about it and what about that that ministry is a calm therapy on that that they got the economy that you think that maybe there little things something a little bit along you hear economic experts and politics as well as I need to. So the concerns I have happen. Increase debt to be concerned if the way that with the issue of how many people suffering because people are losing their jobs. So it's a very difficult decision to make by any president in the situation which can happen is that in the next year or two or three when the fallout occurs then people who have benefited from it will be able to sit in judgment and mock because of their agenda item trust the liberal media except for the conservative media, but that little bit of trust so this kind of thing is that's an issue for now.

We don't know what the right thing to do so in the stimulus package.

Okay, I understand that and people needed. I know that there are people who will go to feed her family didn't have money because I'm a job when you do well you help. I can't decide on your own.

So it's a very difficult thing. It's almost like a no-win situation so I'm not sure how so that's a very difficult there. I wanted to comment that your great agree on a lot, going back to port a lot of people that I ordered a big budget and let it become addicted to relate a lot different than many of the 2000 are in the ninth had it is you open it. For example problems you open up the economies in vertical back to work because if you don't open economy applicant having a depression if it's not a recession and even more people to be damaged at her, or do you open and people died because of the sickness is correct. What you do will matter what decision is made to be the wrong one. In some areas of the right one another's it's just very difficult situation to deal with it really is no okay I got bless okay folks going to call 772072276 look at the Kyla from California welcome you on here okay I can hear you fine okay great great great great question a lot of people use this Scripture and I and 2020 and about what we're doing right now I part I like going to shut the door only for little wow are you familiar with that picture at that are properly applied to lack being accelerated right now.

I haven't looked at the contacts below tell you if it's properly applied 2620 so will and it says increase in nation sought human distress chastising the prototype burst. We are pregnant favored dead will live. The corpse will rise the best way to shout for joy, for you do is do the on earth birth to the departed spirits, people that verse is been used for the rapture could use the rapture comes out. If you're enraptured close look behind you for little while without the ignition pass. That's the great tribulation.

This is a conscious effort to use before if they want to use verses that really discuss this issue that they should go to the actual chapters in the Bible that discuss it in Leviticus 13. The figures 14 and those two chapter talks about quarantining you literally talks about. So there I would use it as if out of 2620 verse and am surprised the people just don't do their research read something very calm and get mad get it right for the divided you the study yourself this.

I want people to do dogmatically break it down for me but you try to get going to regulating slick so that's not good. Thank you felt my cat always got bless you and your family any time talking okay look up the sky. All right, let's get the phones with rising visiting Ryan welcome you on your back, your mother thought that refer to your topic around the question about mathematics discovered or the good, and I thought it was a related question about whether or not logic is invented or created, then if I review and I regret bonds and accurately you both believe that it's discovered I was wondering if that is indeed your position you avoid this classic project so Platonic idealism. Platonism requires a universal extraction justified grounded universal extraction implies a universal mind. So some people have varying degrees with interest at the 20 norms to be that logic is a process of the mind, you'll find it on the Roxy don't carry it around in a pocket so your brain and my brain are physically different chemically different. So the responses that you would have to certain stimulus. The of the senses that go through your chemically brain to be different than mine. So logic could not be the absolute part of your mind in my mind because were different. We think differently so logic is something that I got the quote logic therefore has to reside outside of ourselves as its logic mind therefore it is universal as absolutes is invariant implies a universal exit invariant line well.

Then you are on the side that it is discovered rather than got it right you don't invent logically with Bob is walking when one discovered that it is discovered, then you avoid bebop the Army now is that not idealism in its purest form, will also discussed issue by doing idealism, yet understand grounding the issue is what you have to build a do we look at the attributes of something to look at two discovered Santos the attributes the properties of of logic itself.

They are, these principles are invariant. They don't vary they are absolutely correct on the grid without photograph died in police needed from private article. Well it depends what God about our article. Okay, talk about classic online article were anything you time a classical logic is that what you're talking about now what about the bomb threat Bonton argued that logic, there you are just bored very forcefully and a lot of the same way that I logic very depends on certain circumstances and criteria talking with the laws of of logic like for second, third laws of logic. What identity love not conviction logically. Middle they don't vary in the libido know they don't something that is when it's not what is not is at present ever. Very it does so you're telling me you a logical.

So the true system of the true statement that something is what it is and isn't what it is can sometimes not be true and correct. So something is not the case that it could be true that something is what is so a ball is is not a ball. Sometimes okay I got the first of all, again logically or not an object, you can have identical graves for your God is identical not.

I also was true at the same time in the same way and that's been shown very straightforward get done this a logical contradiction to say that a is also not self the same way, the same sent out not only the information I got over this hundred and case Blue's Clues fashion Wednesday. They falsely write back after these messages if you want to be calling 7707 mass Y call 77 Riemer would you a question you spoke recently, very recently, and you want me to give you a call back because we were talking about the Greek grammar government which opens with, I know you ran out of time.

You remember or not but time and you talk with John when one gives pointers with right yet.

We talked about that and I know you told me to give a call back the next day.

I didn't have a moment to but set the callbacks we can talk about some other things are verses dealing with, you know, JW. So a man denies much of your study study can never know what. Also, I'm always for you right now man right here something that you can use with the Jehovah's Witnesses (for an has to do with Crystal for these. Christophe is an appearance of Jesus in the Old Testament. Click on so there is verse John 118. No menacing got it anytime begotten son got got in the middle of the father. He's explained the Jehovah's Witnesses know this verse well, you can use the translation and is very effective to what you do is you what you call that verse show it to them. You say you not reading this and knows that to be honest reading this and don't I discovered was really interesting because maybe you could help me with this is always true. Maybe they could probably not, but it says where God says some it in and not just 24. It says Jehovah rained on Sodom and Gomorrah, brimstone and fire from Jehovah out of heaven. Only Jehovah's are there.

They've done with that verse in Genesis 1924, they changed it in your translation that the newer corruption of the and they change it to Jehovah rained fire and brimstone from the heavens and they currently think they weren't such a way that it is not a problem for big change the text and you can go there sister who did this the field you know it was Jehovah. Will Amos four 1011 says I sent the plague among you, after the manner of Egypt. I slid a young man by the sword longer Horses, and I made a statute or Price of your nostrils have not returned to be declares Jehovah Iver through US God. Seven. A look at weird is Jehovah speaking and he said I did like God did with you can let himself is why we speak like a discussant thinking okay Genesis 71 when Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to him and said I am God Almighty walk before me and be blameless.

Genesis 18 wanted his name was changed by that time the Lord or Jehovah.

By the memory of him sitting the tent door the day you remember Genesis org John 118, the menacing God to get my bringing up this point say well it was the angel of the Lord. Angels okay Exodus 6213 God spoke further than Moses and said to him, I am Jehovah, and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah not self didn't reveal his name to Moses flask Exodus 623 is critical. God spoke to Moses said, I am Jehovah, who, speaking is on Angel it says God spoke, you focus on this verse. Exodus 6213 God spoke to Moses that I am Jehovah, but an angel to that site.

I am God.

My name Jehovah know that Debbie flask and he appeared to Abram as God Almighty, which is what it says in Genesis 71 so that was a God Almighty. They saw see the problem and having you also go to other verses, Exodus 24 nine 211 Moses went up with Erin they never, never, who in 70 of the elders of Israel, and they were nothing saw the God of Israel under his feet.

There appear to be payment of sapphires.

The sky itself if he did not stretch out his hand against the nobles of the sons of Israel, they beheld God in the drink you through anything down. All this is an article of the article and so my six visionary Dreamweaver numbers 12 six through eight as a prophet among you I Jehovah make myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream. Not so with my servant Moses is faithful in all within my speak openly and mouth-to-mouth, and not in dark same table full holds the form of Jehovah, the J doesn't have problems at this point, and especially when you but of John 118 and you can unit what they can do because you had asked the right questions what it says right there that they saw right with God Almighty God says it was him but it was not God the father, because Jesus says in John 647 any man has seen the father except the one who is from God. He is the father says he never seen the father but they were seeing God Almighty whose God Almighty is not well you see how you do that's right, it's powerful okay that it right and you might say, well, Jesus is the mighty God and and then the got the father is the Almighty God. Okay then you go to lies they attend 21 a remnant will return the remnant of Jacob to the mighty God when they talk about their Jehovah because of the previous verse truly will rely on Jehovah, the holy one of Israel of remnant will return relative Jacob to the mighty God. Why does God, the Bible and the Bible called God the father, mighty God, if you say Jesus is mighty God, the Almighty God attended you have a title that are on your website. All you do is mail me a question with a $20 bill and then I will do is I'll email you the just look at the playground.

Even though they did I do for a second there will so limited by day that's all I do so just look at the plurality study and is one of the oldest things I've ever used in apologetics avenues eye disease verses over and over and over many different ways is very problematic with the Jehovah's Witness very quickly when I was starting to look at the plurality study, I got your way okay is more there is more, but you'll see a seat right fantastic. Thanks a lot Matt knows lemons one here for you when the stuff away each of them helping people. May the Lord use it and study it you memorize it for a little bit of this, though.

You know what I would do if ever you think the article you printed up whatever you want to do and then make it your own. You know, put the verses in the order that makes sense to and I do that we want to do it.

You know that they suggest and you and there's other stuff I'm sure that her time to write first good one to: Edward Wright everybody God bless. Okay I write this up on the phone with Scott from Greenwood, Indiana Scott, welcome you on here how you doing math on that. All right, the light of the gable to serve the Lord in radio member speaking at me while back concerning the pickup at all on my side and they are not exactly well I'm not pretty much.Gotta quit the band that now how come you crossroad where I really feel passionate about where I need to do it.

Talk to not only our worship minister that our pastor about that and how can I go about getting enough and I lovingly way that they know on very concerned about that. I'm very concerned of the direction the curtain at I would do is playfully write something out in the form of newly formed really want to do, so that it's in your mind and send with prayer because this is a spiritually significant issue in the presence of the Lord, your heart will be humbled, and you want to approach this with humility with boldness and truth and ask God to prepare the hearts of those who you would speak with that they would receive, and then got to do is you know if you're married, talk your wife about because women wives. They often have great insights about get that advice from your friends as well and then go approach make appointment and what you have to do and halfway expect them not to receive the truth and half expect them that they will receive the truth and you have to trust God that the seeds of truth replanted will take root at the proper time and then as a C that you are a man of God who seeks to honor God and because of your conviction before God. You cannot continue this.

They cannot argue with that agree with you, but it can argument and then I'm just really struggling because I'm I'm passionate about that and it like I want to shout this from the mountaintop that don't understand why a lot of of my I get the elders, the deacon and the Patrick are being what I see and I'm, I'm just so hesitant that I'm going to be looked down upon peers and they're going to be look at that look at it as all your your your looking to deepen your not looking at you, deeper, that your don't worry about well to say the word of God says this quote, you find the guys if you get stuck you somehow let me know. We can work together than bit you need to call the word of God and depending on how it goes. You could say anything from Dusty my feet office. I leave to thank you for your time really appreciated it and you go, you don't know. Be prepared. I've done things like this in varying contexts will be tell you is a spiritual battle against the Christian church is becoming weaker and weaker, and more and more anemic. As it turns away from the truth of God's word and listed standard is my finger in the air to see which way the doctrinal wind is cultural pride. It puts the hearts for the word and this is what Eve did in Genesis 3126 and she saw that it was good.

It felt good to eat. This, and hence, I sent this the same kind of things going on with emotionally laden, all right, but I really appreciate your invite and I will out one big brother. Okay hey we are out of time in the Lord bless you all back on the name of the Lord bless you have a great day wash her hands. Folks member/. So you

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