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April 8, 2020 8:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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April 8, 2020 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you know about the Egyptian book of the dead---2- Is the Jimmy Swaggart Bible reliable---3- How can I best discuss Christianity with a family member who is extremely hard-hearted---4- Is anyone left during the tribulation---5- Is the Trinity seen in Deuteronomy 6-4---6- How can I best witness to my United Pentecostal friend who doesn't believe in the Trinity---7- A caller wanted to continue a discussion from the previous day regarding whether baptism is required for salvation.--8- Why do we celebrate Easter on Sunday---9- What verses are best to share with LDS regarding faith and works-


A previously recorded mats like show mass like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine maps like why 77 Matt slick work due to things once already through to April 2, 2020 was five lines 877-7276 if you want to watch the show Facebook harm or deceive your room and find us on Facebook's office and doing the show. People like to dissipate. Chat rooms that interests you will also do it on YouTube to channeling his life. Multiscreen rifles new like the people in Florida and Georgia. If you is your first time tuning in my last name really is slick work out great for radio Christian apologist Christian faith as Christ is the only way to salvation. You must trust in him you don't you lost must trust Christ by faith alone in Christ alone is God in flesh later. We defend the faith against false religious systems like Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholicism and Islam. A lot of other business in this textbook go challenge me if you want to feel free call back a portal to look all right. Also, I don't have a pandemic stuff so if you are bored at home. Even if you lost your job, you want to study the work got three online schools can sign up for CAR M.RG if you can afford them. Please do help support us financially. That way suffering and returned.

Please if you can sign up for them a great discount on the other hand, if you can't and you want to be able to enjoy the schools using you can afford. When you want just email us and tell us that can afford them. One will write it online access, self-paced, what information there also let you know the new novel called time trap and subjecting it up the sci-fi novel and is my written novella of Christian fiction novel.

And this is my first sci-fi novel, so if you go check it can harm homepage will see the link book hardcover or the paperback should be out here pretty quickly. All right, having said all of that.

Let's get on the line with Adrian from Michigan Adrian welcome year on year.

There all right men hanging out quick no. Are you familiar with the Gibson book of the dead just a little bit vaguely like you know talking with the guys you feel that that's where another big one being a copy. You know from my Egyptian myth and think that nature which obviously is not true but you now explain it to them when it comes to me to their doctrine. You know compared to the Christian doctrine bars from a resurrection like you know you look at me that you know they believe resurrection believing Christians do they believe in the afterlife. They believe in the underworld and going through a trial or series of drought before Munich to the afterlife by so explaining then that and that this was their manual for the people who were still living for given instructions on what to do, but that she keep on what poor guy. You can elaborate on that because there thing that will look at five main Bible got on well not there when people say this is what I got up from just say can you give me documentation. Show me.other than your opinion, just that you like this just do this, you show me that you understand that the book of Egyptians the dead and Egyptian theology was polytheistic in Christianity and Judaism is monotheistic and the Egyptian book of the dead just like you said works righteousness is not the case and in the Bible and so yet I can peoples make the statement to say that you have any evidence for this or suggest that you just giving us wishful thinking. And then I travel, because also look so are you saying that because supposedly Egypt was before the time of Abraham that that's where he got it from Egypt right so yes so then, are you saying then that that which comes earlier is the source of what comes later. Right location and the quickest and easiest way to do this, go just justice research on the Chinese characters characters of the gospel. You'll find the ancient Chinese characters back 6000 years these things have incredible biblical things in and see to produces webpage on this, but I would boat is just about. For example, is a vessel with never with the number eight in the center people eight people about why this boat have not just think about that about A+ people work to covet his two trees with his sign of a woman and two trees and a woman together is coveting why is that and ways to create is speaking dust in life and walking in mud and up missing forbidden his two trees left the word for God is ridiculous to see there's another one. Tempter secret man garden, and a symbol for alive and then members of the elect like redemption. To redeem, think that one missing is something with a lamb over someone's head is just weird stuff. It's always more research on this, but if that's the case you show them sucked on this with people before to. So then, therefore, the Egyptians got of the Chinese culture earlier didn't wow it is likely that you documentation provided that that even you and I like that you know you give me any eyewitnesses on and make sure that you put that idea place wishful thinking.

Thinking after saying is just an idea which fullness wishful that you don't have the evidence in a safe if you supported the street you don't have any evidence is just your conjecture and that's what you want to offer and ask them some privacy to drive a car, you okay do you live in the state of Idaho is a no okay good because I want to make sure was on the road driving to think like that some problems that you can do some more fun to see your right hand and put in for interface. Say what you just just barefaced you doing now it is on the radio once years ago spontaneously nice okay so the verticals of the palms facing to your left. Okay, I look to your left you see anything. Just whatever goodness that results either had so do it one time when did that silly but you are totally correct about him laughing in the site is for fun friend of mine calls up he's like 6 foot 50 and 500 pounds and his wife.

In short, and 2 feet short compared to him and him so he calls me up and so his wife is in the background says yes stand behind these names can't find you okay standard yeah you whack him upside the head for me any here this big regret so. As for the radio little bit here so so it will having fun. All right you will commit.

But what I think are okay. All right. Let's get to Robert from California where I used to live welcome year on year.

Yes, I got a question I can find a regular Bible I cannot reliable haven't seen it, but I don't recommend the people support him. There's a reason because my throat in 1988. He was busted. Sex can and so here's the thing I wife and I discussed approximately what you do when let's say young man before he becomes a Christian is messing around like that then becomes a Christian must become a pastor is okay will sin isn't that he's okay to be a pastor because all things are locked away in Christ.

We do the young man who claims to be a Christian and then is run fornicating and then comes a plus repentance and then later want to become a pastor now okay how much did he know what he really walking is a great area because were not sure about this really dresses because you want to say that the pastor is above ground is the reputation so with that in mind, the reputation of the pastor. By default, an elder's with that in mind as to say that was 30 years ago and he's repented and married and whatever goodness well okay then you decide what you do if you have a pastor or public figure who still speak a preacher, teacher who is going around under the name of God publicly teaching and preaching and then busted that confess it gets busted in a deal with prostitutes, then what well is that justifiable to say well it's all in Christ. Yes, forgiveness does move on because the Bible says that the elder must be man of good reputation if he was in that position and he was teaching and preaching while in that ordained position and he was also dealing with prostitutes and committing sinful act of prostitute, then his ripped dictation is destroyed. We discussed this at length in seminary. I remember what to do about this point is lost his credibility and my physician after the spray folk music to Matt's Y call 7707 Matt's leg right now. Further, it was neck 98.

He got busted in 1991. He also got busted again prostitute and then he actually said it was not anybody else's business. So he is disqualified from being a Bible teacher, preacher.

There's no business going up there in public doing this is my opinion I'll stand by. It is damaged the reputation of Christ and brought Margarita the name of Christ, and so anybody who knows anything about this Christian understand what the requirements are should then simply go someplace else.

Now is Jimmy Swaggart, expositor's Bible. If I had to send someone to me. I would put it in my section is research for what someone like him has said and they go through one if it is research. I would not personally use it as a trustworthy anything he might be quite good.

Might have people who helped him it might be a very good Bible people far more confident ecstatically did stuff and put it in their step. I don't know but we have to take this seriously.

The Christian church judgment begins with the household of God first and if we do not deal with the people who are supposed to be teachers and preachers will deal with them according to the word of God, then God's judgment will come upon us as a congregation as a body of Christ and this is happening because Swaggart is one of them, Joel O'Steen and his incredibly weak theology of make me feel good teaching we have fun Joyce Meyer teaching flat out heresies is not repented of damnable heresies, the Christian church does not know enough because the preachers are teaching them that because the people reading the word God enough and so people like me and others will get a publicly beset that's what it is right wouldn't recommend a book if you want to study Bible Reformation study Bible is what I would recommend the Geneva Reformation study Bible, but really recommend this is even better get a large margin Bible for the NASB new American Standard Bible, ESV is good also and by a single volume commentary Nancy to be sick. No successive pages but sleep, turn entire Bible. And then when used. Read the Bible you can study and go to those things and you can learn.

You also go online and go to blue Bible. Blue letter cross-references research and at first it's difficult to then becomes very easy because you have to write your level of certain level of knowledge before things are making sense is related to Christ in the Old Testament and New Testament just various things. I think you are welcome.

Goblins are goblins. Let's get to Britney from Baton Rouge welcoming on the main collar, healthcare, gathering like you know what hacking really can't bring in, where often you telling me not have any net you try to be very logical, like I don't really like comfortable so I doubt okay recommend this kind of a situation is just go to the issue of morality and I were talking to someone like him very hardhearted.

I would work with what you already affirmed Paul the apostle did his neck. 17 when he says he raised the issue to title to the ultimately unknown God used it as a launching point to preach the gospel to people.

Everybody's prepared in one way or another in their hearts they have the remnants were the ideas of the basics.

The truth of God because God says the law got rid of her heart so you might ask a question something like this reasoning, you ask him when someone commits a murder ought the murderer be punished should say yes, and this ask why, why, ought to be punished. We are doing is appealing to his sense of morality.

Okay what I say because it hurt somebody well why is hurting somebody. The thing that that says you shouldn't do it because if you hurt someone to break a leg to save a life hurting is okay, so why not TB pump punished. What's the reason if he says because it's wrong what you mean by its wrong. How do you know what's wrong. You're just saying it's wrong. It's just your opinion is wrong or is it really wrong by the very nature of what it is and if it is by nature wrong. How is it that an action has a moral quality throwing the rock out into a field that's doesn't have a moral quality to it.

If you threw a rock in someone's head to injure them as a moral quality. So why does a certain action have a moral value and ask this is because in the thinking Mike to say what I want to talk about it but again the think why you say it's wrong and is it always wrong is always wrong for someone to murder and not just kill in self-defense but murder somebody for no reason just don't like and whatever might be a murder was always wrong for anyone if he says yes that he's appealing to a universal moral. How does he have to say we believe in that. Because God is the one who lets us know with those universal you actually agree with God.

We are doing here is appealing to his sense of morality working with what he already has in your showing him that he has a sense of morality and the ideas to lead to a universal morality, not just bases on opinion with the idea that is always wrong to murder anybody want to think that I will do it all use a sentence if the sentence is true or false, is always wrong for anyone to torture baby to death merely merely personal pleasure, and if he says yes that he singers a universal moral absolute is always wrong for anyone to do this if it's always wrong for anyone to see just where does it make sense of it. We as Christians can because God says it's always wrong it's we think is thoughts after him. You just hold right right back after mass Y call 770727. You get the gist of what was in there and I know you know what's wrong really don't justify this is this is the more questions may be thinking about themselves and say that you believe this, you can't make sense of it. We can why is it that we should believe you why you mock that which makes sense, but you can you defend yourself and your done to prove anything at okay I'm going years and more political thinking will just pray for him and try the idea of the moral kit written goblins okay this caller wanted answered email that was sent by a woman on behalf of her fiancé, Susan prison, nine years of prison ministries. I do not give names out on that, among other things, and so the question is, is anyone (the tribulation well yes if you believe in preacher ablation rapture than the wicked will be left tribulation. If you believe in post-tribulation rapture, then both the wicked and the good depends your psychological view.

But yes, there will be people left tribulation. At the very least, the wicked and or both the wicked and the good depending on which position you hold. All right, let's get to Nelson from California Nelson welcoming on here living ministry. I got a question referring to Deuteronomy 6 verse four read it out loud here oh Israel, the Lord is one. Yet and I heard from Chuck Pritchett that in that verse triune God numbers correct well, it says here oh Israel, the Lord our God is one solid says, didn't talk about anything Trinitarian. However, the word one Hebrew, there is is hot and feed five means a composite unity like one clump of grapes where you keep means one is in one stone so it's used to composite unity is that is that hint at the plurality of okay friend I think I got cold couple months back in the and I spent the night, even encouraged him to call Colin so lowers those messages and uses this right when I called the other day you broke down the those different billing is yeah I sent it to him. That clip and any hurting, but I basically don't believe in one God and he quoted me this verse one, also we asked the Shema. My question to you. I know that I'm I can come convert my job.

And so what do I do now and that amended not try something different. He's trained in this ask him what he has do to be saved since this is the issue you want to get to. Anyway what he's gonna say is baptized in the name of Jesus in their church are to be saved so at this point we I would do was cut to the chase and get to the issue of trust and in Christ. Christ on the cross and is he trusting in Jesus for the thickness of the sins and he's gonna have to deal with this issue because he's going to say you baptized in a certain formula of speech as well. As an act of baptism to become good at such verses as acts 238 2216 first Peter 321 always written out and analyzed on the website. If you can do this and you can talk to him about the issue of salvation. It will undermine his idea faith in United Pentecostal and once that is done, then the issue the Trinity will follow in line along with other so I can teach you how to argue, but the Trinity and I know very well. I can do that with UPC people understanding invites for public debate with the best representative never heard back from her from looked notice what it is so I would try that as well say this for the Trinity to okay back of the church right no one doctor, but I wanted to go, what great drum.

With the with teaching about and am I thought he was it was it was the thing that how many people are concerned that many fasting and bring their family. Lord and because of them that that one has a frame for young little girl that we are nine years old. We all felt the presence of God and so in my mind of how you get to college, waiting to get question well okay will.

My question is that from them feeling what their experience. The precious thing that he felt the presence of God. That to me just shows how deceiving that correct just because they have a feeling this is true, so the right track to examine dealing with United Pentecostal people. One, the stuff takes expertise you need to study doctrine the Trinity house arrived at studies to rheology salvation and baptism you have to become knowledgeable about these things. The conversation they are inculcated on a regular basis to inculcate me to keep her petition there talk over and over in the church is over years about various versus be difficult to get through to them, you should. Salvation is the one this most heartfelt if you show them that people are justified without baptism is an X 1044, 48, then you can say to them, how do you have this position. Can you show me this from Scripture to go to various versus like a set act 238 first Peter 362-2121 and a Mark 1616, 17, you learn upon these dialogue with you or have him call me will talk about that I learn all that on unarmed funders.

There will have written so much over the years thousands of articles and what I do. Was I Street test them study the theology I have asked burgers. So I asked burgers as it is a spectrum of autism and is an advantage for me because I focus when I do. They focus on one topic and I learned to write about. For example, on the annihilation as I would hundred and 80 articles hundred and 80 and original flow over hundred articles on Islam 100 articles on Catholicism, etc. and many many articles on initial baptism in one's cultural theology to say this because I want people to know these articles are there to biblically-based know what their arguments are an ideal with their arguments is right there for you to learn from us all free write on the web okay car network okay perfect will. God bless what all right this get over to Harrison from Florida Harrison back on the baptism that back on that what it dude, what is a Scripture should not mention that I may not Harrison Pearson. I give you some verses X 1044 to 48. What is the Scripture say I know. Can you give me what part of can you go to the word of God not give you verse why call 77077 all right, Harrison now is to look at some scriptures would you think of X 1044 through 48 generate 40. The issue here is what they say before they were baptized in water were they say before there baptized in water that ever again right now are the heart you take your right hand put in for face to your left slap upside the head. I keep asking you a question you keep it rephrasing everything.

The problem that you have this you don't listen to the word of God. Take your eyes off the one master, the Lord Jesus Christ and you listen to other people and you're getting all confused.

I give you specific scripted associate to show you. Baptism is not necessary for salvation and what you do you reword how it is. In order to configure theology you need to repent of your sin. The hardness of your own heart and the decay in your ability to understand things in your mind is due to the sin you are undergoing in this and God's judgment is upon you because you were not listening to the word you keep telling the church fathers and reform fathers. I keep 22. The word of God and then when I show you to be the verse that shows that the Holy Spirit fell upon people.

They were speaking in tongues and glorifying God, and they received the Holy Spirit just as Peter had. Then they get baptized.

I'm asking you where they saved before there baptized in water that's the question it's either yes or its know not what they are dating for salvation.

The question is word they saved before there baptized either yes or no, which is I don't know okay and you need to repent and you need to study the word of God you to listen to the word of God. It says right help you let me help you out. It says in the text. All the circumcised believers with came with Peter were amazed because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also, the gift of the Holy Spirit, what is that gift is on the Gentiles. They were here in them speaking with tongues and exulting God speaking in tongues is a movement of the charismatic gifts from God to the believer you go to first which is 12 and 14 and you can read about this Roma chapter 12 exulting God there saw him can teach you.

I don't hear you yada yada yada… Were done were done, folks, I hung up on one purpose. He says all the reformers is not true and he's goes the church fathers is not true. This guy is stuck on stuff besides Scripture tried to work with them. I tried to be patient with them. But this comes a time when you gotta move along folks, baptism is something we should do as Christians, but it's not necessary for us to become Christians to be saved by it and I show him the verses where it says that people are speaking in tongues and exulting God to exalt God is not something an unbeliever can do, because the Bible says they can't to Romans 614 to 20 in Romans 310, 11, 12 prescriptions to 14 talks about this.

These people are say three exulting God already received the Holy Spirit just as Peter had in the sky so you savored why because he wants to say as many other heretics do that you have to be dumped in water or have water poured on you in order to be a true Christian become saved and to say that the all the church reformers believe that that's not the case. They believe the justification alone, by faith alone. They believed and I was patient.

Sometimes I tell it like it is the man was adding a work of salvation is believing a false gospel.

Let's get to go from Utah Joel welcome hi Mme., I don't know how many people complement you on your theme music I like it a lot. Think this which produced it so well that a good job and I was pricing the guy who announces it is good as well like a lot really good thing I want for a little bit playful. The Sunday so we all know right that I Friday. Why not have your Monday because of the because he rose on Sunday and so then they celebrate Easter on the day he rose, which is why we worship on Sunday. Today heroes is called the Lord's day.

You are an equal to three day not. There's different theories on how many they see what when where he was and how he was in the grave because don't what he has to believe in just Friday don't think that a lot of people hold to Thursday and some even hold a Wednesday yeah I got an article on the website so so sunny today heroes the dead three days three nights but yet understand that part of a day.

We considered the day part of the night was considered a night. So, depending how you want to go and then there's there's the Roman calendar and then there's the Jewish calendar is just as quick know I got an article go through this and you can check it out. What we worship on Sunday. Some things okay cool man, that's a great explanation and I definitely believe that salvation it allowed. I have allowed myself to engage my work colleague missionaries and church and I I'm not an argument I made my day reconciling date and you know I can't quote you can, but you know they faith without works right, you know I the yester and and so I like to hear a little bit of scriptural basis. Based on your amazing knowledge how I could quote Scripture to to reveal the truth that were stayed by faith alone. Yes, with your wheatgrass to me is how to quote Scripture you could switch but couldn't Scripture give me how to memorize or to be what diversity you are. I guess what I need you to pencil and you know that writer versus Mormon writings, and then will go to James to a little bit right start.

Well I don't know because Steve the reference record man record you record all right, go for so second Nephi 2523 says that you saved by grace through faith. After all you can do run a 1032 says that if you deny yourself of all ungodliness, then, is God's grace sufficient for you in D&C doctrine and covenants 82 seven says if you sin the sins that you once repented of and all the former since Québec upon you. This means that they have no hope because they have to deny that souls of all ungodliness have to do everything they can do that they mess up then all the since Québec upon them would want to do is cross-referenced out with James with James 310 and Galatians 210. In Galatians 210 talks about those who James Teske Galatians 210 Melissa 310 ago is something wrong there it says cursed is everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the law to perform the if you keep the law to be safest with the Bible, which is what they teach, then to keep all of it. Galatians 310 says in James 210 says that if you have of you to keep one thing you gotta keep them all so there there hose they don't have the ability to keep the law and be saved by their own works by her own anything, even according Scriptures and then we go to the Bible talks about that when they go to James 224 what you do is go to the chapter headings go to verse 14 what verse 14 says if a man says he has faith but has no works can that faith save him.

That faith is the faith of dead faith.

Two kinds of faith that we can talk about once a Essentia and one is for do shop Essentia's mental assent do show is heartfelt trust. We know it's a Essentia mental assent that is being spoken of, because in James 219 you believe in God you do well. The devil is also troubles what James is talking about is not justification for God, but justification for people because in James 218. He says you show me your faith. I'll show you my faith by my works so with James to his talking about his faith is works is dead is a true faith has true works but doesn't say that the faith and the work save us. Then you have to go to Galatia skimming to to Romans 41 through five verse five is a particularly powerful verse it says to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly faith is credited as righteousness does not work but believes Romans 324. We maintained that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. At this point, then you give them the gospel message. You can ask doing enough to keep themselves right with the infinitely holy God of the universe we were in Italy we got universe, or God is is gaining wisdom and knowledge, but as a progressive and leave that alone and you show trinket and understand that their ability to do work is not good enough. Have the done all they can do second Nephi 2523 deny the souls of all ungodliness right 1032 then you go to James 210. Galatians 310. Read these verses from under that law. The law break on that gospel is you don't have to do any good work you to prove yourself to God as your heart, you just trust in Christ alone and pray to Jesus because in all that's right. Because of that Colts don't pray to Jesus and Mormonism does not teach that the pray to Jesus. Faith is not, and Bruce McConkie with her apostles looking Mormon doctrine to sincerely pray through Christ course most Mormons don't accept but in after Nephi 1918, they did pray unto Jesus calling in the morning, or God Mormon doesn't have Mormonism does not Mormon doctrine really interesting to read up on article about that on current, but nevertheless, the idea is to show the pray to Jesus and the book of Mormon. I did the Bible show the verses from that Psalm 116 for with first Corinthians 122 John 1414 and go.

These this when you then hopefully make the case that they pray to Jesus. Jesus forgive sins.

Why doesn't she do the same thing, pray to Jesus sins. That's the whole thing quickly because okay I Matt, thank you so much money at one final transcript of what that truly what I know it's not inspired Mattel you God breathe. I am only repeating what this site. My bird that inspiring old tired.

I give credit where it's due, and Bill McKeever during shave off a lot of these are guys and I've learned from Mormonism along with Eric Johnson and I collect the stuff that they've done other names as well. So you will email everybody serve a better word for waiting so long you know Kevin and Mark

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