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April 8, 2020 8:00 pm

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April 8, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the Jimmy Swaggart Bible.--2- Matt discusses other -Word of Faith- teachers.--3- Can you explain 2 Kings 20, in regard to the Word of Faith movement- Why did Hezekiah recover---4- What's your opinion on John McArthur---5- Have you heard of the Remnant Church---6- How do I deal with the Catholic argument that Colossians 2-14 is only referring to original sin---7- How would you explain to a nonbeliever, regarding the Corona virus, as it relates to God's will---8- What do you know about Allatra-


A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at time you got bored you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max Y branches your questions at 877 Matt slick Friday, April 3, 2020 and the colors waiting right now just jump right into something because soft colors, but by Jimmy Swaggart and his Bible. I did research on it. I downloaded it cost me money downloaded and I went through and did some research and boy did I find some stuff and it will talk about that little bit of positive professional stuff is some of the things people of suitable your so in the meantime want to call 877-207-2276 okay so just flat out on the jump right in Jimmy Swaggart's Bible.

I downloaded the New Testament can elect, search, and things like that and I went to berries versus and in that Bible that are important and also went to other websites that had refuted to got varies information did my own research and found some things so he what he does is in this Bible is he he takes his commentary and puts it inside the Scripture. So as you're reading the Scripture you're forced to read what he says about the Scripture X is dangerous. The reason is dangerous because you have to read what he says and what he approves of. If I were ever to so to speak right of Bible commentary on it would be information on the side or the bottom and you me I always say this is a view that if you make as concise as I could I would never save my commentary right there along the line Scripture I wouldn't do that problematic going to stand the intention to try make it simplistic the problem is that you can never really read the Scriptures without his commentary going into it. That's not a good thing now is that various things and schedule a couple things that are really important here very significant. I could do this, in turn, established and do a few things that are said that a really important because he's just spoken heresy and the soul one thing. For example, in Romans 715 says sober pulses think I don't want to do. I do struggles and Swaggart says this refers to sin in his life which he doesn't want to do and in fact takes but finds himself unable to stop. Unfortunately, due to the fact of not understanding the cross as a refers to sanctification. This is the plight of Christians. So he said that Paul didn't understand the cross as it relates to sanctification. What we would call that incredibly presumptuous and arrogant and foolish decision. Let's see what else does he say this is in Romans 915 versus the Moses I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, I will have compassion on whom I have compassion that God talking is that it ended his commentary is a God has mercy and compassion on those who meet his conditions. That's not what the Bible says is altered the text by interpreting it in a way that's not there. With this the Scriptures is get better antiquities 12 to set us up such man was caught up in the third heaven is a well-known verse and he says the first heaven is the clouds. That's correct. The second heaven is the starting place.

That's fine. The third heaven is the planet heaven, the abode of God not go on and on just tell you that Jimmy Swaggart so-called Bible. I would never recommend anybody study out of it or get it. I would recommend that you don't use it that you do not get that which interesting is that this idea of heaven being a planet well guess you also said that Kenneth Copeland he says heaven has a north and south and east and west. Consequently, it must be a planet feels that was in the spirit and soul, body, audiotape number 010601 side one and 1985 it is now because Copeland also said that will give all the references I got him to.

You don't think earth was first do you well.

You don't think that God made man in his image and then made the earth and some other image that is not saying there is not anything under the whole song that's new hearing what I'm saying this is all a copy is a copy of home to copy the mother planet where God lives. He made a little one just like his, and put us on it. Copeland is an example teaches others a mother planet and so does Jimmy Swaggart tells since I got my file open.

I want him to do is just continue to read a little bit about that some of the heresies of these guys are taught not on the radio. You may be hearing me say do not listen to chemical don't listen to Joyce Meyer don't listen to Jimmy Swaggart and people may say will met your distal, bigoted, narrowminded, listening to the bigoted will bigoted means you have a position that you believe and you will not deviate from an flutist and narrowminded on their mind would come to the truth if that's what the Bible says that fine and let's not go beyond what is written first computers for six souls only think of these people are teaching or heretical chemical but also said these words stuck against body in the face, his body and God were exactly the same size really God has a body of the father is a body and is a planet called his Mormonism and God's reason for creating at the second Copeland again got reason for creating Adam was his desire that this was his desire to reproduce himself amenable reproduction of himself in the garden. He did just that he was not a little like God. He was not almost like God he was not subordinate to God, even Adam is as much like God as you can get just the same as Jesus, Adam in the garden of Eden was God manifested in the flesh. Incidentally, besides having a abject heresy. That's also Mormon theology.

Let's eat. Adam was made in the image of God he was as much a female as he was male and said that that's gender confusion also said God had no avenue blasting faith or moving on the earth. God is on the outside looking in.

In order to have any say so in the earth. He's gonna have to be in agreement with a man here if Colton said I was shocked when I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is the biggest one is God. He lost his top ranking was anointed angel lost the first man ever created the first woman that some of you may be filming the familiar ceiling with the Trinity body broadcasting network TBN Paul Crouch gone on to the he's passed away. He said somebody is speaking to Kenneth Copeland this we said somebody said I don't know who said it, but they claim that your you faith. Teachers declare that we are gods.

You're a God I'm a God small gene now, but we are the God of this world.

Well, are you a God small gene to this Jan Crouch referred to Copeland exclaimed he's gonna say it yes I love it. God's videos on he is what Paul Crouch said he God speaking doesn't even draw a distinction between himself and us that just damnable heresy that is fouled teaching for the pit of hell may continue.

He said God doesn't even draw a distinction between himself and us.

You know what else that settled then. Tonight this hue and cry in controversy that has been spawned by the devil to try and bring dissension within the body of Christ, that we are gods. I'm a little God.

I have his name. I am one with him. I'm in covenant relation. I am little God critics become some of you may be familiar with the Kenneth Hagan he said originally God made the earth and the fullness thereof giving Adam dominion over works of his hands. In other words, Adam was the God of this world and it is foolishness because they produce for versus I is for verse three and four the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, for the sake Benny Hinn has said Adam was a super being. When God created him, which means he used to fly. He also said God Ray regional plan is that the woman was to bring forth children out of her side.

You know that's just what you say stuff like this week we were just getting this for the book book of direct to me this ridiculous auto getting for the book of second Marranos anyway. In other words, she was created with an opening in her side and children were supposed to be born, and I get that from the very fact that you will never see birth spiritually except from the side he can couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag.

This kind of thinking.

He also said the Bible says a prophet spoke the word, not knowing that they were saying what they were saying, but for thousand years past when the word became a human being and walk and talk and moved the spoken word became a human being spoken word became flesh spoken word got our legs, arms, eyes, hair a body and he was no longer saying the saith the Lord. He was saying.

I say to you the word that was spoken through the lips of the prophets was now walking on the seashore gallantly so it's interesting that the says this okay you know of that's attack never ever ever go to the Lord and say if I beat I will don't allow such faith. Destroying work to be spoke your mouth so that he also says when you say I'm a Christian, you are saying I am mushy Hebrew. I'm a little Messiah walking on earth.

He also said God came to the earth, and touched a piece of dust and turned it into a God.

Are you a child of God in your divine, you are a child of God in your document. This is with any menacing. One more thing. When I stand in Christ. I am one with him united to him one spirit with him. I am not here me. I am not part of him. I am him. The word has become flesh and me when my hand touches someone is the hand of Jesus touching somebody else this stuff is just profound heresy and unfortunately Christians don't know what is really being taught EW Kenyon was a guy was they will try to think about used to help start the stuff for years and years and years ago.

He said this man Adam was actually born again when he sent that is, he was born of the devil.

He became a partaker of the satanic nature.

Nothing says that Fred Price says he's a big guy teacher in LA for prices.

God can do anything in this earth realm, except that we the body of Christ allow him to do. He said God was out of business.

God was out of the earth realm, God had no more stock in this earth realm no more none and all.

Nothing he could do a thing in the world he could do. The only way God get back in the earth realm. He had to have an invitation you do with the stuff you and the peers of the auspice that Kenneth Copeland settle. I'll get a call after this. This is what chemical consent actually to break coming up so I'll finish up with at the look of the brick to the colors of the brick out critical to this piece. He apparently had a prophecy delivered him to him.

They crucified me this Jesus proclaiming that I was God sent Jesus said this, Jesus told Colton Jesus appeared vision.

Jesus said to Kenneth Copeland, the crucified me for claiming that I was God. But I didn't claim I disclaim any way heresy is why write back after these messages calling 77 mass Y call 7707 is Matt Tina Turner got a lot of repair on a info that I want your info because I would be doing some research on as well but go ahead here.

I would think the story about Redding, California about your little girl named knowing what happened. Okay at reading me that everything people pray wake up I'll let the basically partner got it right or I think that again train wreck. Anyway, Dorian time when I went with the clarity I tell on that race and how would you interpret here you so that this girl right now. He did not. So Hezekiah, we have the advantage of knowing about him from a spiritual perspective that's authoritative because prophet wrote about him and in that writing, we then have the ability to say oh this is how it work because the inspired writer gave it so that's how we know what Hezekiah we have this issue because he was given 15 years longer to live with him away to my computers influence God. There's a sense in which the answers yes there's a sense in which the answer is no, and it comes down to difficult issue God ordains all things that come to pass. Ephesians 111 tells works all things after the counsel of his will and in first John 320 God knows all things. And we know from Genesis 1 he created universe and his eternal Psalm 90 verse two, we have these philosophical conundrums to deal with her so if God, who knows all things, and ordains all things from all eternity then that means in one sense that everything is set but it does not mean necessarily that we don't have the freedom to be able to act according to what we desire and that we can't, so to speak, influence God of this gets into some very difficult theology and logic. We have an error floating around Christian virginity called monism and monist deals with what's called a counterfactual and with her talk about here is things that could have been that were not so Jesus says if you courtesan if you had known what have was automotive was then the Savior changed. He goes on he talked about this with Coco counterfactual and so what happens in our discussions we start looking at these issues within their means that there are things that are actually occurring and things that could have occurred. God knows actual as well as potential occurrences. So, on what basis people asked does God decide which potential to bring into actuality he does us from all eternity by his decrees as ordination.

While that even means that her free will choices are decreed by God. They would get into libertarian free will compatible us free will, we can do these things and I can stop confusing here. Hopefully that gets really complicated and are not easy to deal with, but let me just summarize and say yes we pray we affect God, and we affect God because he ordained that we affect we influence him because he predestined ordained that we influence him and that's the only way I can summarize. He's not apprised he already knows what we can ask for. And that's part of his eternal counsel so we can say he's ordained that we influence him in that sense is not really the best way for me to say it but it's the right is a very difficult position. In fact, what would be fun. Sometime as I have two friends that yester and Eli Yala, and every now and then will get in this conversation where we discussed these things and we have shortcuts is forced terms go, what we could do sometimes have a conversation were all talking and we use.

You don't not our terms because it would follow us and have these discussions and people could sit in the wings. Listen some people to have someone so would understand this will get lost very quickly because this is not an easy topic to an assistant. How do we influence God from all eternity that he's ordained. It's a paradox but yet there's a affect.

The Bible says in first and James 516 depict the personal rights Nana Bill much with God.

The only way right and summarizes it. He's ordained that her prayers affect him, which is kind of a tongue-in-cheek website you known a failure stuff and probably why I'm surprised I was cut. You don't beat around the bush try to figure it out as a talking so I'm glad Glenville yes it is that you that's heresy.

We believe that you know talk is this morning to talk is what about this and me ask you question what you call is what is this remind you of when someone says something that has a spiritual power to elect and what he says affects the spiritual world because he supposed to have work.

Whoever says these words and does this was to be able to affect certain things in the spirit realm. Does that remind you of anything by chance you may or may not know there's a worm no correct what you call it when in which does her incantations says certain notice and it's called sorcery and expects a certain result to occur because of the requirements that the spiritual realm must obey based on what you say and do this cold sweat and sorceries alive and well, you know a lot of churches found you. Without Bill Doolittle single God binds himself, you're just calling him on what he says. Well it is a sense in which that is true in another one which is not. You can't force God's hand is going right back up his messages. Please mats like why call 7707 is mats like back to the show, Virginia stand welcome here. You know what helps it helps if I do my part. Click the right button my bed. Okay, stand on your all doing well. We got 40 not. I like to know about John McArthur of ministry you have anything to say about that mammoth design also got approval by family equities not in the charismatic gifts. I do okay no matter God right great question for all the remnant of your you know, I may have heard so many things. It rings a bell. That's can draw any drawing blanks on all learners of health, family circumstances, okay, I'm alone. PMA are not yet understand that health to your family project listening to two men goblins Stanford let's get on the line with John from New Jersey lost him, and you through the lines to open lines 877-207-2276 telephone bill on here very all right.

What if they would Bring up collage art clock for God they like.

Only our original careful about dropout the previous resources, having forgiven us all our transgressions and asked what does it mean to forgive us all our transgressions.

If they say only up to the point when you get baptized to say that's not in the Scriptures.

Your your adding to the word of God or changing the word of God, your leading people astray, as I do is what they're doing and I purchased from Catholics. It's only up to the point when you get baptized. That's when it doesn't say that the Scripture so what they're doing is submitting the Scripture to the Roman Catholic tradition interpretation is not left. It's that simple.

Just calling out and I've had countless conversations with people on this, because that verse is so powerful and supportive eternal security, and various other doctrines that you know I can push. That's when the Catholics meet this the unit is here and shuffle around the issues are trying to find a way to make it fit what they have to make it fit and say that's what's happening and so let me read the verses are people people don't know in Colossians 214 says I'll read it verse 13 and 14 delivered a context. This is this verse 13 when you were dead in your transgressions and the un-circumcision of your flash, he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions, having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting decrees against us, which was hostile to us is taken it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. So that's what it says, having forgiven us all of our transgressions, having canceled the certificate of death would you could also do is ask him what is that certificate of death if they say the sin debt then what sin debt isn't all or part and it had a safe part is showing that the Scripture doesn't say that you first Peter 224 and it says he bore our sins in his body on the cross and ask how many sins did Jesus bear all or part all all of them so weak that he did this on the cross right now to go back to Colossians 214 so well you canceled the certificate of debt at the cross that Carol Agra found in Greek so well all or nothing you that's how you do it, but I wonder what been held in you sounds so I'm so distracted you. You sound exactly like a friend of mine called me for lease wasn't comforted. You sound that you know your voice sounds like a but the way you speak is identical to me. Like I would if you would tell me that you are your real name was Ron Idaho life. I thought so. That's how much is amazing to goblins right lines folks would want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Charles from Raleigh, North Carolina Charles that all right and enter what you think like you may not know about. Well I will not believe are about the coronavirus.

The father divine will be… Let that we learn from what going on in the world right now you will question your multifaceted question, so I get lost in those asked me one question answer. How would you go.

I got your nonbeliever God, I will okay theologically, all things occur after the Council God's will. Ephesians 111, we would say that God has. We have can like to see three aspects of his will or three ways of looking at as well. A decree to will where he said, let there be light and is directly by his hand in his action and he creates we have the prescriptive will of the prescription.

Thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal it.

So we have the permissive will, where God permits to let people do what they want and violate his use of prescriptive will likewise he permits it, he wills to permit bad things to happen in the world, as well as actually doing so. I think by direct hand is in the 10 plagues came upon Egypt.

70 is Rochford so there's a sense in which he does it directly in the other topic doesn't he does it indirectly allows consequences to occur. So, which will it make doing it the right directly like like taking away right now in Europe will context of the Egyptian thing is different than the context will now we don't have a profit tell us what the context was what God was doing we have an apostle to build a reveal distinctly sings to us what we can say here is that the coronavirus is definitely something allowed by God at the moment is here for sure. He certainly is allowed. Can we say it's his work directly that caused it. We can't say that is it theologically possible. It's possible that what we can say is that it's the result of sin in the world and that God has allowed it to happen and what we learn from it over to learn that things aren't always perfect. Things are always smooth. We live in a fallen world, and that things are going to happen to us. I've had to bury his son. We get people who are sick.

I've lost my parents. We have friends who are born with the grace from second offenders got lung cancer will various things happen in a happen at various times for various reasons, we can't discern what all of those are. So as Christians we simply say God is in control.

None of this is surprising what we do through it is to trust through all of these difficulties praises may nonetheless and will get more answers we get to heaven shortly that about a profit. Profit and where I go, what God did not sincerely, if God is for example if the gospel is going forth in a Muslim country and people getting saved by the thousands with job is because he's he's working we can say something is or is not so you don't if someone says will God told me I was have red flags about God told me Bob Loblaw really are you a prophet. Are you an apostle by God told you it was in the vision getting up to the third heaven will now to impression in my heart will how he knows from God because it I feel it and this is what we get a lot of time and we get these morons on TV who get up and start saying God told me this just sent $25 to hear you blessed you know why you hold on them right back after the mass, like why call 7707 is Matt's leg online schools.

After checking amount Corvette org CAR room are junior school of theology thinking there to help you ground yourself and that faith the true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ check amount and also to let you know that even in this time of difficulty with virus people losing their jobs let you know that Tom by God's grace will still be on the air still doing things and you can support us even if it's not a dollar a month $5.10. Whatever.

If you feel led during this time I did was good karma toward/donates and I can help us out. We are losing people who are because their jobs and situations are not able to support us anymore. That's okay.

Not worried but just let me know that the opportunity is still there. Time like this. Let's get to Charles, Raleigh, North Carolina Charles American all right in order not been able to go to a lot of churches, online and no why you're having the coronavirus you know what God is fine to get you and bring bring people to him and whatnot but you're saying at the pump Google because they're not profit. They are just giving me their opinion and I could take what they say with a grain of rain fell.

I could do staff with the Scripture says nothing that I want God told me to tell people this would God told me to vision, dream or impression after hatchback pizza. I know that God can communicate. We had to be careful that when we speak to God's people and were single. God told in the table he said now you're saying, thus saith the Lord.

Now you're under double judgment. If you get this wrong. So this is a very very serious issue and profits today don't exist. Not like an Old Testament sensor prophetic words and Nicole profit to give prophetic words in the New Testament prescriptions 14 talks about this and that's okay. But even then, the elders of the church are still to judge those things when it may be true or not. So when a pastor gets up and discharge proclaiming certain things then you have to be very careful. I'm not saying these things can't happen because I believe in continuation of all the gifts and in acts 217 1819.

It talks about your last days people have dreams and visions and things like that. I have the problem with we just have to check things out with the word of God to find a church in some pastor says the Lord told me last night know I was praying and heat. It was oh my heart if you told me rather really, would he tell you so start back with them like let let you go.

You were thinking to a nonbeliever and they said I would God allow this to happen. How would you respond when you want God to draw the line where you want him to stop because you don't want God to allow a pandemic.

Okay what about the hundred murders a day. All of the world want to stop there. Beyond that allow those we would stop those two okay how about a thousand lies a day. The cost people their jobs. That we have stuff that you go back down the line about the you line you thinking evil in your own heart, mind, God stop you from doing as well.

Who are you to say what God ought to do.

Who are you to say this is work going on from thank you Matt. Thank you very much welcome. God bless all right with it on the line here with Mario from Detroit Mario welcoming on their hello how are you all right, we got but okay for one comment about fate like I've been using it for merely a bookmark. I have a lot of bookmarks and Aaron Lovelock, but obviously is very spiritually gifted person with high intelligence. Obviously the building for the main question I have two give to your pension is the fact that is called a lot rock actually press enter on the comments section right now on the collar a lot rock and it is a international public movement, and I'm wondering if you know anything about that and if not what you get your attention for further for further study, but a great view on because I have a friend who and that and looking at the main task of it. Now the direction of the research and it's all all false doctrine because there there trying to find literally in their own words coming grain of spiritual knowledge of all religion. I had no idea about this. Looking at the website about it to you got my RSVP so while national is what people look and will look into it about the movement coordination. Thank you for pointing out I was just figured it would be a great addition to one of your wallet in one of your own religion or Second Amendment that you have on your website and him and I would be very, very clean for you to breathe.

I will do your research and in all that you be able to do chime in on that in order to save more than three tall people things you write very under the radar and timing not had under the radar that they have many more that many project many going on trying to fill. Even address the research. The main point number two how to separate the true grain of knowledge from the chat introduced by the disruptive concert you out there like that are bad like a wage you talk about bro and by the mean are my Satan like universal green but yeah looking you separate the true grain how consciousness distorts spiritual knowledge of the satisfaction of its own material desires thirst for magic self-interest and low power with changes to the consciousness perverted by egoism introducing two sources of spiritual knowledge by different religions, and how does the destructive consciousness divided fragment the single whole spiritual grain of knowledge. Okay so I have some have to wait what I should do stuff on the New Age speak at different churches in his notebook. I gathered, I went to luck to major New Age conventions and just literature.

Literature took a ton and then what I did was I hole punch and put in a 3 inch high spiral-bound and then I would have a lot PowerPoint presentation given at speak on the New Age and then one of things I would do is I take to this notebook. This is a notebook of information, blah, blah, blah, which what I would do is I would simply take my fingers pick a place and open it and start reading.

He reached up just like the and what was interesting is I developed a way of being able to write New Age theology only to do is have things like phrases like perverted by egoism, spiritual knowledge, divine consciousness, destructive spiritual great units put them in all these kind of work put into a hat. Mix them all off and pull out 345 in the naked in the sentence and you could literally write this stuff out and you give it to people.

That's amazing. It's so true.

And the reason I make this comment is because these words don't really mean anything. What is it mean to say the destructive consciousness divide and fragment the single whole spiritual reign of knowledge. What is that mean why doesn't mean anything and so what they do. This is a form of brainwashing and in the cult New Age, they have ways of making it sound spiritual and people fill in the blanks with their own desires.

This is typical New Age strategy speech typical found one more thing, bring, I found out that the Lincoln is called all allow foundation below and we wish you all, you can keep you busy on the plane so it's all good and see what you're doing posted in there again.

Charlie will will you later okay I take care I like, directly from movement about about holiday because I was watching YouTube videos about faith and we can do like years ago and about how their all my all form from all not and will not enter when I know and I'll double your I wanted my family against them about how bad I was in communion with because everywhere I would figure out I would pick. He by his grace communicated the truth use you and the freedom we have in Christ. I thank you for You to.

May God bless have a great weekend. Okay I was Mario from Detroit. Let's get to Anita from Judah, and the word of faith stuff earlier and we have nobody waiting right now so let me do is read more actually from Jimmy's Microsoft gives more information about him. So this is I do focus research.

Individuals research groups analyze them according to Scripture, something most groups and people are great, but the ones that are not squeaky wheel rise to the surface, oiled and dealt with on the fence to Swaggart was busted 1988 with a prostitute he repented in 1991 with the medical and this of this ass writer refused to talk about an incident last Friday in Indio, California. She was stopped by police and charged with traffic violations woman in the car with her since she was a prostitute and this writer had asked her for the Lord told me it's flat, none of your business. Swaggart told congregation. None of your business really do business with a Bible teacher. Dogs with prostitutes.

This is the kind of stuff folks that if Christians knew real Christians who believe the word of God. They would never support such a false said all right bless you have a great weekend, folks. A lot of time by his grace on the air on Monday.

I hope you all is going on, trust him

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