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April 9, 2020 1:05 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 9, 2020 1:05 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses whether or not quarantine-isolation during times of disease biblical---2- Why does the apostles' creed say that Jesus descended into hell---3- Can a single man be a pastor---4- Can those in heaven see those who are still on earth---5- Have you heard of Chuck Pierce and his opinion on the corona virus---6- How much truth is there really to this corona virus scare-

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A previously recorded net slideshow wrestling. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is about why 77 Matt slick you know it is why more people eighth of March Wednesday, April 8. If you want to call it. All you do darling 772072276, and the reason was off Monday, Tuesday, because some cleaning at the the offices there was a headquarters as of the regular place so that's why and now it's the all you said five lines give me call 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you and by way of reminder to let you know that we have free online schools.

If you're bored at home and do some illogical learning all you do is go to, CAR, M.Margie you can check out the schools schools and I tell people that we help using the cook at the at the lights on so if you want help us out. You can purchase them and that's a great thing to do. We have now discovered right because it was going on with the pandemic, but on the other hand, if you really want to study and use can afford the schools, no questions asked. Just email us and tell us that gives you for free online access, self-paced, go check it out.

It's very simple to operate very simple to use and very logically arranged to select a lot of information in the schools are doing for free, just ask. But we also use them to help the lights on so I'm great. If not, no big deal. You go again five lines give a call 877-207-2276 and seal it.

See me doing some research on Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagan, and I don't know if any of you have seen the video from Kenneth Copeland where he where he blows commanding the coronavirus to disappear and be defeated and you know I watch that video, I just read how many of you seen it, but I may be doing a link to that.

What do you release information: is full of heresies, but it just mean it's the kind of thing that that unbelievers would use to mock the name of Christ. The way she speaks the weird way. He seriously smiles out of nowhere like one second change that goes back to Syria just and he says the stuff he blows it out and people behind them clerk is guys behind a pay band that right. You know I my wife was showing me the video. What I was looking at it as it these guys they would a man that what is wrong with them. So anyway you know is like to say so much heresy, so little time to speak of heresy. The Jimmy Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart man doing research because people been calling me up and asked me about Jimmy Swaggart right stuff so I've been doing the research and let's just say that Jimmy Swaggart does not have all his theological pausing the litter box.

So he's barking up an MP3 and what he says is that I really thought was interesting reference to Sigrid 12 to which says that verses to no man. 14 years ago with her in the body or of the body I do not know what such a man was cut for the third heaven handy softening things that were to agree to express so in this verse is such a man was cut heaven Jimmy Swaggart is 1/3 heaven is the planet heaven, it's a planet regardless this kind of idiocy. False doctrine is as ridiculous just to be just put away no I'm dealing with that so today my wife and procedure done and I was in there keep her company and entertaining all the staff being stupid and irritating obnoxious and a lot of fun. And so for meeting with so I'm on Facebook and I was talking about the coronavirus and isolation want to go through some of the things the people of said in response to the mix of certifications, but if you want to give me call the number 575 open lines 208 forget that it's a 877-207-2276 of them right here and I wanted you to call you question. I do recall and him and also if anybody was not there for that little discussion/debate I had with the LC MS guy the Lutheran Church Missouri suited guy on baptism, talk about that as well. If it was interesting, but nevertheless, so coronavirus people are asking is isolation biblical's quarantine biblical yes it is little Dick is 13 and 14 and you'll see that people who were sick were quarantined. It's a little coming back the same amount. It's only the six that were quarantined less true. Let's look at this this they were sick you knew that they were sick and so you could tell they were sick by their fever, their disease or leprosy. It's basically was gonna going on and if even touched a dead body you to be isolated, but they weren't even showing the symptoms of being sexist, touching a dead body to be isolated now by what I post was is isolation quarantine biblical answers yes it is and there's the proof of it. What they were saying is that you understand it was just the sick who were quarantined and it might responses this, we don't know who the sick are a lot of times with the coronavirus, which is this the truth, there are people who can be infected and they show no symptoms and they can appear healthy, and they can go out into a crowd and then spread of disease and makes a little sick talking to this about this. My friend Nathan and he made a good point he said is exactly correct and it's one of the ways to love your neighbor to love your neighbor by staying home and not risking spreading infections because you don't know if you have the antibodies or if you been infected or not.

What and so my wife she may very well have had it in my sexy did, but she had all not most every single symptom, just the way that they describe it, and she had to go to the hospital for breathing issues.

During this time and they tested her for the for influenza A and B that you don't have influence and even tester for for Corona's what she might've had my sexy did, but maybe she has antibodies while I'm the one who was traveling we can have beforehand and maybe I brought it home.

If that's the case we don't on this site.

Should I be out there just going out there and the and not being isolated not practicing social distancing because I had flown on a plane of crowded people in two different plays into different if the legs, things like that and get home and then this with a virus broke. Should we ain't no problem. It says only the circle. I don't know if I'm sick or not sonogram public policy. This is not loving your brother is not being wise and stopping smart so the idea quarantine is definitely biblical but also a source loving your neighbor as yourself and considering them and being very careful about what it is that you do and so this is why I'm for the quarantine. On the other hand, what I'm concerned about. We have a lot of dangerous people in the government and a lot of dangerous people in the media. The left media trusting what I could toss an elephant circulator trust and to I got too many stories. I just know they make things up in the sensationalistic United a true threat to sensationalism. And so what I'm worried about is is what's the government do and how many rights arena lose because of this, that's a problem. Now I would think about this list of hospitals. What if Hillary had been elected president. How bad would it be we probably have gun confiscation. By now, and of finding people who want to defend their own homes with weapons. I just don't so glad she's not that you may think she's great okay that your opinion I don't.

I things she should be jailed for other stuff but that's just me so well I say controversial things and talk about stuff like that. The radio and if you disagree let's talk, but there you go, for fanning a few flames.

Let's get to Russell from Asheville, North Carolina Russell Huron air is goal man is knowing what he got buddy out.

The thing about Jesus: the handle and the holding eyeing the bad. Thank you. Joyce Myers told Matt that may be you can might be a bit night in the apostles Creed dollars matinee go to a math discharge and I went with them that are sending and I ended sending in line is that a real man in the apostles Creed, Auckland know it's nice because what they meant by it. For example in the Old Testament calls it that a bird will people criticize the Bible. The symbol that's not a bird it's it's a minimal messy but you stand they classified. By using the word bird. All those things that flew like that so they were correct according to the definition of the word. What was meant to write apostles Creed descended into hell.

It means integrating the lower parts of the earth. In that sense, it doesn't mean I went to the place of damnation where people go who are are damped. It doesn't mean that now.

The problem with the apostles Creed is that it's insufficient for the times. Now because of what it says. I believe in God the father Almighty Creator of heaven and earth and in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord will not. The Mormons could agree with that, the Jehovah's Witnesses agree with that. It's okay. Roman Catholics and Protestants in says, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. Okay, they can all do that to separate her Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, was very distressed and descended to hell that issued the hell issue. We are talked about, but they couldn't agree with it to the third day roasted from the dead and ascended to heaven to the right hand of God the father Almighty, the J dubs the Mormons together, they can all agree with that and look at this. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints of the goodness of sins, the resurrection of the body and life everlasting were Catholic to submit universal. It doesn't mean Catholic is in the Roman Catholic Church.

It meant Catholic is the term for universal, so that's what they meant by the word Catholic but it's since become associated with the Roman Catholic Church, so the loss extremely light when I changed it to the holy Christian and getting that you it was always back in my dance music Kelly is first, there were a late charge felt that this was never my name there are some people that idea that the catlike holy Christian for Sam Bailey. I did that get back into this this issue. The apostles Creed because just about it. So the apostles Creed was sufficient for the time but is not sufficient for now.

If I were to write a Creed I believe in God, the triune being who consists of one not the one being three distinct simultaneous persons consisting the father the son and the Holy Spirit, the son being God Almighty with two naturedly I had to be detailed and then the cults could not agree with his okay you got going thoughtfully to the folks difficulty of 1077 mass Y call 770-7276 pairs. Matt slick.

Good for you, not ramming LMI discourage where and where in LA are you Matt I okay you have been there now.

Okay I'm writing it and Jan Bellflower tune is younger but yeah that there many times.

But yeah okay all right.

The qualifications for Elder and the qualifications for pack man got to get A different name that one might Y recently heard a pastor who I tread very dearly. Man qualified to be a pastor because he never even been married and has a family ever since the housing say that in Scripture what it says in there and Titus 116 if any man is above reproach, husband of one wife.

What it says in the Greek is on their yes go Nikons on their man or husband's work is interchangeable on their me.

Yes, one wife a man of one org good eye customers woman can also be his wife, a man of one woman. So the words is not to be a polygamist and peaceful to have one wife that lets this take this absolutely literally okay one wife. What if he's married for the second time.

His first wife died think this very second type of sorry unit, husband of one wife okay and having children children's plural. Okay, what if he only has one child. Sorry You pastor you had six children. What if he has a wife and three children and they all die in a car accident now is no longer married and he doesn't have to believe in children are not here so you can be qualified as a pastor right. How literally do we take the outlets. The court asked the question how literally do we take this.

If we take it literally. We come up to ridiculous ideologies. So what we don't want to do is it.

What's the sense of what's going on here, the husband of one wife will can he have been married before she died.

Yeah. Doesn't mean one wife ever means one wife at a time and if that your pastor want to say that a man is not married, can't be a pastor.

Dennison is a man's a pastor's wife dies, then he can't be a pastor anymore. If you want to see what is the plight of that thing where you getting the idea that you have to have a life in order to be a pastor say that and never married after after you see anything the Bible that he must be married. She went into the culture here is really the culture is always relevant. And when things written for men and women were married very early. Often, 15, 16, 17 years old, you just were married. It's what you did you fulfill the covenant responsibility the community and the nation of Israel is rough and arranged you got married, so it's natural to assume what looked to be husband of one wife, because it's very, that's the idea, but if he's if Paul means look you have to be married, then he would have to say something like you have to be married and with the wife was still alive or something like that because if we have, for example, ask your your pastor friend who's nothing logical is based on really do the Scriptures properly ask if a man could set them up. Safe, he has to be married to be a pastor right yes with his wife dies they no longer be pastor because if he says yes that's right you can't be a pastor anymore then he's been consistent with what he said before but that's not what the Scripture teaching and furthermore Paul the apostle is most probably married, but it looks like he not abandon his wife because it never mentioned the wife thing with him and he traveled and so some people think he wasn't married, or lost his wife and traveled around. Would he be qualified to be an apostle and got married when he lost his wife seek when you get super legalistic like this in ridiculous things come to the front and that's what I do is a purposely get ridiculous to show we gone too far with backup until we find a place of balance.

So what's the balance.

Obviously it is a pastor loosed his wife because she dies of something is not disqualified from being a pastor. So the issue husband of one wife can be taken that literally. In that sense but it does say he must be a man above reproach, the husband of one wife, Ms. Connecticut near Miss like us men of one woman man who is not a polygamist cereal, monogamous, one wife having children and asking that you have to have two or more children. This is plural is now not does mutual just means one at least this to say that that doesn't if you want to apply the logic in the absolute sense in one part of it that he must be consistent dual BC eight. They really shall owe likely no matter will always rest of the say trust me my last name slick, but my God you know always, always take what I say and check it with the word of God always compared with Scripture right thank you Matt and God bless Rabbi by you after what I just said I want to tell you that if you call up you disagree with me. I will love that segment is listening and he said something or agree with the good. What is this happened at a Bible study once years ago work, a guy came to me to Matt. I listened we said last week about something of teaching we find something, since I disagree with you on something really sheepishly sheepish when he said it really wasn't, and he opened the word and he said this is what you said and he showed me because I think it really is leaning this way and he made this case and it wasn't an issue of profound heresy or whatever test I forgot the verse was but it was something that could be interpreted couple different ways and what you know what I think you have a good point there. I think your run on track. I think you're right. And he looked at me said are you serious I said yeah he says think I just corrected you as it yeah and he was blown away.

He says you're not upset sent and I told host Bible study, which is happiness and I think he's right to score this account she I don't have all the answers I'm telling you, check him, always with the word of God, always check everything. Everybody's got let's get to Julia from South Carolina welcoming on their I do welcome, I learned a lot. I learned to question your first toddler. My question about the great okay, no break. Okay hold on must physically stay tuned folks mass Y call 7707 pairs Matt Slade back. I do not talk to you know get right on target but not deleted everything on the plucky lollipop back.

He wanted for his wild did not want her looking at him, crying. I was being followed. Carol well it's sentimentality.

That's his privilege to want to see his wife, looking up haven't seen prying, but I understand the · knowledge is what blights on the other hand, I want to die after my wife and the reason is because I need to be here to help her protect her and I don't want to be gone and have or not have that.

So instead of saying I don't want her to see me crying. I need to be here to protect her and guide her the best of my ability provide for now, which is a better attitude about this depends one is cut emotional sentimentality.

That's fine. I can understand that you don't like saying well in my life in heaven. First so she can welcome me in that be selfish. Have I want her there for so that she can have greater left-handed to glorify God that it sentimentality sound good but it's good or bad. It is whatever you using a mouse scrolling through the political we don't know what they can and cannot see your grade was under these new mouse with hearing sounds so stay with that my business it with a can or cannot do, see, so we should not say they could be sure that say they can't doesn't seem to be that they can. The thing affirms it okay okay are you there hello there, I will Currently scoring okay when you go know I am saying is, the Bible does not say people in heaven can see what's happening here, or does it says they cannot see it doesn't say either one, so we can't say they can.

We cannot say they can't we just take Bible doesn't tell us the don't say they can say they can't just say it's all okay with the Lord can, but we don't know if our location is with the Lord we don't know where heaven is and if they can see us, it brings up questions they see multiple people in multiple times. At the same time but it will get is all kind of weird stuff and you get into something that violated the very nature of humanity's problems. There so I like to say it logistically, I would infer if they cannot see us but I wouldn't dine that hill.

Maybe they can maybe do some allowance for it. But the Bible just doesn't say so we should not okay okay well okay I have been your loved one nakedness ate well, heaven is not what you see on earth, heaven is because of Christ is God's being with him. Heaven is not.

Hey, it will be heaven if I see something down-to-earth that's not what makes it heaven mission. Heaven is the presence of God to okay so we want don't want to.

We do not want to adopt a humanistic philosophy. A lot of people do within Christianity. José will be heaven if I can't see or love my people and my friends and family on earth were you get that. So being with Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe is infinite love and mercy and grace is to be heaven for you, so people get sentimental and then they they step into heresy while feeling good about it. Some of you.

Be very careful okay okay okay praise God. All right, let's get to see the the swing person is Sean from North Carolina, Sean. Welcome mat. How are you you okay good I'm ready when you got what I had a question about about one of our and here now you know if you're familiar with and get the same profit I like that look like get your thoughts on it.

I'd not heard of them but because I can see your question ahead of time during the break I would look this guy up and I found some stuff on the site and I and a lot of warning flags are going up so he does not affirm the doctrine of the Trinity and what is not denying it either as an affirmative or diet, which is highly problematic if you can have a statement of what you believe our father in heaven. Okay Jesus Yeshua the Messiah will okay but what's the doctrine of the of the Trinity is there one. What's his doctrine of justification and imputation and everything under law and grace lobbing the teaching of God is what concerns me right away.

The law was not given as a works system through which we could accept earn acceptance with God biblically law means the teaching of God. All right, that's a warning flag because what you doing with it law has law was given a picture of God's character in a window into God's heart because God knew we would. He could never achieve the righteousness of law described. He sent Jesus as the ultimate manifestation of his grace and love through the new covenant, God's law is not written in our hearts. The path to righteousness is not to striving to keep eternal standard but allow the Holy Spirit to produce its fruit in us for the most part it's good, but not for this is the path to righteousness. The path to righteousness is not to striving to keep external law or standard, but in allowing the Holy Spirit to produce fruit in us. He's wrong on righteousness is by amputation the righteousness of Christ is computed to us by faith good afflicting 39 righteousness. That's not our own practice as a comes from God. And we know that we are justified by faith. Romans 328 Romans 51 and with this is talking about this justification is righteousness with what the law who he saying is it we achieve righteousness by allowing as we allow God the Holy Spirit to produce fruit to let the heresy that he's teaching right there now. On the other hand, it could be that he's not a theologian and does not know how to work things properly.

Maybe I could be on the phone with him saying here you see the problem with the sentence you're saying he might say something like you are right. I never thought of it that way any correction okay will praise God… I know you attain righteousness by allowing the Holy Spirit to produce fruit in you exit within your teaching false gospel because righteousness is not obtained by allowing God to do anything in us producing fruit. Ephesians 522 and I would test my desk. How many fruit will hill count nine note in Greek the carport fruit car plus a singular one fruit so by allowing God the Holy Spirit to work in us that produces righteousness. Why is not Roman Catholicism because of Roman Catholicism, the fruit of righteousness as the sacraments embraces infusion more you have, the more grace you get is a process of obtaining righteousness.

The path to righteousness. You see, this is why precision and wording is very important and when people write a statement of faith and they fail to be precise. A lot of times because they're hiding something in Loctite is not a blessing. He is missing is the same when he talks about God. He doesn't describe the Trinity, which is Orthodox theology. So now it makes me wonder, since uses apostolic teaching.

We have the night apostolic which use those phraseology's and they deny the Trinity and he doesn't include the Trinity, so it makes me wonder is he on this.

I don't know. And because his statement of faith is so in in insufficient. I don't know what is teaching so I can't recommend to problems.

What about being at the pig. Now I totally get that good. Thank you know like your writing. You make it work that you know evangelical Christian, you could buy me things like the right. The break in your hateful to me right back after these messages that's like why call 7707 Matt a lot of stuff publicly apostolic bent women in ministry thing like a quote okay what we got for the second part about the ending of profit or claim about the good life: that the law and the prophets until John's Luke 1414 lawn the prophets is a division of the Old Testament. There are no more Old Testament prophets. Now, he might be meeting the New Testament New Testament prophet offers prophecy recorded first with its 14 prophecies to be judged by the elders of the church and the church of large window that was the case so would you be my profit and efficiencies and apostle of the apostolic requirements are seven kinds of apostles listed in the Scriptures. True was false once apostles at root Scripture possibly not read Scripture etc. those are just means to be sent to his office double apostle apostolic means to be sent in Jesus to be Paul signified his verify his apostolic authority by saying, have I not seen the risen Lord, that's for sure. It is 91 and write an action for one roughly after first 11 or 12 talks about getting a replacement apostle for Judas.

Someone who had been with them from the beginning and had seen the ministry of Christ in his death and resurrection witnesses of it and that was a qualification for apostleship so people say there apostles today. Were they talking were can often sit right apostle if you heard me say the rate of pay. Focus what I decide I'm apostle. Yeah, that guy anymore. I will save money out of the apostle to the obnoxious, that's that would work no irritating right good with that. So you exit that title broken vessel is better like the kind of wanted with this guy. I cannot reorient the goat. You know, okay out of the… Or anything like that all talking in Corinthian. Like how then should know men regard only at Durban and on the right everything that got you all a look at Durban way. Do lots of the word there. You know the work that I don't know. I think what I think at the first Corinthian chapter.

Maybe the verse went looking at it and thought it said. How should men regard to regard is that servant servants yes so it's okay Rick tastes retakes servicemen servant not duly mean slave servants of Christ caught it. Why you take. She sank like if that's how you know all that hey we should be you should record why wouldn't we be foolish to go by anything else in other than company. Eight. You will also called problems or United also and it's good thoughts and also going to his book, summarization, and listening and reading some of the stuff and dump in one book the apostolic woman the seed of the female gender is God's weapon to overthrow Satan's forces in the earth realm about the apostolic church arising this element got it could be that is not is not clear.

This will help you better understand the apostolic prototype. The Lord created for his church to overcome the gates of hell you know if these are the kind of of things that you construct in order to get people to get whipped up and start believing you all kind of things.

Like I said before, the radio, if I were to start a church is are preaching biblically, it would not be a mega church.

It would not be because I would not catch the things that tickle the ears. I would teach the think the Scripture says, and without compromise that will next week.

We need among pastors and elders not proclaim themselves prophets and apostles like it that good back to what you said that what you have on the quality of the regard of the false prophet of old and we know what I must be doing around family and friends. The word, why not call before and nothing I really agree with you that good ecological stuff, but that's all grabbed the wrong appearance on rights okay alright alright that's right.

I hope you know that I'm joking with this arrogant guy you looked very early and everything worked out well, you know, so that well I tell you most of whatever you called me. I don't refute most something that will look your arrogant rifle stupid next summer. I've been the fact that the fallen and got my new body that's right, I can tell is getting worse. It's look in the mirror every day. Horribly frightening then that are advanced John Douglas, let's get to Tyra frame Iowa as it was said your name three times in a row. I so what we got. I can't help but think about the great work everyone Scripture important work that so I believe I kind of program and I really enjoy my little bit about the crossing. I am a I got your monger, and I caved and get back, but at the alley uncertain times that I get curious about.

First off every I Melbourne I align I get off work and everything can have their own agenda. However, can I put on the pandemic and yet I'm going to work and not on a Peter that that along with that. I've also done a lot of research and how empty it and nobody really know anybody that had from an area I how much truth there is an don't trust the media messing don't smoke but there's been evidence uncovered to show that the media is creating stories in the actually used off Hospital seen or seen Italy and stamp like it was brown the Bronx. That's misrepresentation is equivalent to line I when I was in seminary. A friend of mine who lived in South Africa was watching the apartheid rights and he recognized the street. This could have called him okay to talk about civil rights are happy on the street recorded even as window. This would happen was two months earlier. There was a disagreement that something else had nothing to do with apartheid. The news media completely lie absolutely produced a false story and treated it as a truth purposely lied about it, so that the only thing I have my wife is witness to. I've seen something the leftist media you cannot trust great trench and I don't.

I'm not like that… I'm not.

I'm just looking at where all option, right think are netting ophthalmic numbers are different story. I think now it really might not lawyer in your if anything out that that had not been night. Some things are not. I been hearing stories of people's indigo these hospitals in an there's nobody in the hospital today literally today. I went procedure done and every wearing masks and we got talking and the know they said there's a few cases here and there but everything conscious will okay have been cautious of the lead vehicle behind my wife with I don't know what's going on, saying everything I know, I don't know but I know I know we don't know what you really believe that now. I mean I'm at the LA now. Truth will prevail on what is trust.

I know I don't either that fit that that we do our own kind of investigation recommend the phone. I have an app called conservative news and a great and it's what I use and it's got CS conservative news Pro 1-234-567-8910 1112 13 different conservative groups. I also look at USA Today look at epic times I come out and look around to see radical different views on things the same stories. What's the truth and skip all frustrating. You know, a half-day at any time going to hell now, but not the truth is a one seat show.

Truth is, it is a casualty of moral relativism, truth relativism, since there is no God, no absolute truth to truth is what you wanted to be.

This is the ocean from which our news media. A lot of politicians operate.

You can't operate a society like that and have it stay healthy. We need truth and we need integrity is over simple dictation, you know, if I look at liken it to a home a home like a house is a mini a culture of many economy. What if everybody in this homeless every 10 people is lying to us about everything. Well, do you think things are gonna work. It's not right whatever is being honest with everybody will mean for you to be perfect, but you know just common sense things work better.

Will the media is giving us false information in a lot of areas and sometimes true information how to discern. I don't know right right clearly how God in our world know that you got. That's the real issue. Whatever may be black, further and further away from God. We all be happening in LA I found that the great depression.

I say that in the try to be communal conspirators and all the stuff I've seen some things over the years where it is known that immediate SunTrust and I now I know I watch Fox but I'm even hesitant there when you to know I know I will take. I am looking out the time to think like that I learned alright. It was her mother Gary from Utah called back the rapture rapture. Georgia is tomorrow the Lord bless you

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