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April 14, 2020 8:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 14, 2020 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Have you heard of Perry Stone---2- Does God only partially answer prayers---3- Matt tells about a car accident he was in and what he learned from it.--4- Do dreams mean anything biblically-

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A previously recorded maps like show why is it apologetic why you have questions about Bible doctrine ninth 2020s were live your life tomorrow as well. And so, if you recall, we can talk in afternoon show what we do here. We talk about everything Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticizing the Baha'i Islam started this long on neurologic evidences Christian theology Bible verses and things like that topic within Scripture and Lexi tonight. Tonight I should be on discussing reformed theology want to see if the people can watch it live or if you want to prerecord release it later. Saturn up with some information on the website about that under my name. That's what. And the thing is about something else. Oh yes.

So what if you're bored nothing to do you want to learn some theology, some apologetics in an easy to learn format.

All you is good CRM.O RG on the homepage you'll see the right hand side. Any page actually will see.

So for the link the schools check on that and also tell you that I written novel written a couple, three novels is my third actually this was a sci-fi novel and if you are interested in checking it out all you do is go to karma sites right hand side of the page is so is the link for is called time trap and unable to advertise it and talk about it because 20% of the proceeds we get from Suffolk come through here on karma and radio everything all 20% goes back to the ministry so well I like sci-fi work on the novel as well and some other stuff.

So check it out. Time trap and am therefore up in lines 877-207-2276 now this schools you can sign up for the check amount and if you can't afford to for free. All you do is email us and let us know but we do use them to help keep the lights on, pay the bills so you can afford to get him please so don't do that if you want to. If you really can't. You really want just let us know aren't arrange all right again for the lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to John from New Jersey. John welcome on their third cherry stone. You said about our back.

He is in Peter Ortiz and Tom Peter Parise alone, there are still ministries no I have not split among a list of other people to walk to profile primary goal. These people doing this stuff always get worried whenever you like this. I get worried when I see a website where the guy on the on the picture has perfect hair and that that kind of call. The cut hair with a spray it you know every rehearsal place and they were prophetic or apostolic on the front or your best life now, stuff like that always gets me nervous, so no I'm not her. That guy interesting Lexi for so many people to research some answers so well looking for anything on there that will tell us what he believes the Funny thing is always a that's always a problem you know if you don't have someplace we have your statement of faith. Someplace that's always a concern. What you believe. We teach coronavirus pestilence in the last days secret to the third heaven package secret of the third heaven will we always want secrets of the sea. All this, do you know the many secrets of paradise will where you get in this secrets of paradise is God telling them something we don't know about not revealed in the word of God because it would be a secret to the temporary home of the spirits and souls, what the temporary home of the spirits and souls that have died in Christ, which is located in the third heaven. This is this is not good. So much cares so little time.

I wish these guys will interview them. I have actually have actually see list of questions list of questions shepherds Chapel. That's right. And I could do. I don't think anybody would do this, I developed a list of questions and for people answer on different issues and I I should do that and ask him to do respond to these with date they teach you know what, nobody ever dies system came to me and said that what you teach about this or that it's a it's all my statement of faith which is very detailed have any questions beyond just call me I'll tell you I very detailed statement of faith because I know what I believe I know what ought to be believed, and I know what issues are debatable. I put them in there like that. So you know my Trinitarian and I deny a mode of an organism I deny dynamic binoculars and nice about Eunice and Jerry from hypostatic union and Judaism and all the stuff is right there. I have to say homosexuality is a sin not acceptable to Christian behavior so that's what has to be make a center international wetlands become liens. Let's see see see salvation. Salvation chapter 16 Matthew 1120 point that's good evidence to salvation. Jesus every knee that's true saving her sold me my soul and spirit, Alaska saved by faith, not by works good.

This is how we live out our lives what it is have a Jesus that's okay yeah nothing radical there quick scan anyway sorry. So why you ask, just because you don't know. I hear biblical for the most part fundamentally biblical doctrine of the work, but Dr. Peter said that the false prophet. Okay, never claims to be a prophet if Justin peters and I know just so if Justin peters has discussed false then I would just trust with Justin peters, Justin peters does his homework tell you I've been studying this stuff for years and years and he and another guy myself spoke at a conference to go to Rodney's coast a couple years ago and just gets up there and he does his stuff and me tell you I don't get surprised anymore. I've heard it all you nonsettling new variations but I don't sit there and my jaw doesn't ratchet down in disbelief and amazement because of new heresy right Justin peters was going to the stuff on the positive confession. All these people all the stuff I know who will my jaw just ratcheted open.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing he was quoting stuff these people showing the videos supplementing the sky, but he does his homework right Justin does his homework. He knows what he's doing and if he says is a false prophet.

I would trust him right, Perry Perry fell 5 well it's seat bookshelf of 3040 books on post to read. I've got literally physical books which are read. I got to 7 to 10 more on religious groups in like 345 of those are on Islam and I'm working on an outline for another book until people know they say hey can you listen all the stuff and and I don't like doing that much of the meaner anything is because I don't know what to listen to people tell me he said something that was bad. Where so I asked people to do is if you want me to examine something which I love to do is to go through.

Ask all kinds of people to do this through and listen to various things and then email me the concern with the URL or the book and the quote in the page or the like 14 minutes and 30 seconds and he says this, then I can go right in and look that I can listen INTERESTING backup a little bit you know we the context here the context I could do stuff like that and that becomes efficient.

Otherwise, what happens is I spent two hours, not wasting my time, but two hours. I don't know the person was. We look at and not accomplish anything. So much to the doctrine of wine electronic you know, it's just that is what is so I love it when people do in fact of trying to recruit people on the Facebook page. I have sent the Facebook page. I have called him exposing the word of faith, and NAR movement right and so if you look up, exposing the word faith I minute I hinted at it when I want to do is a request for people to do research with me for me because I cannot read the 50 books I need to read. I just can't do it, so I need a lot of help, who pay somebody for all you good select on the statement of faith. Document type to stand here, let's see. Margie doubt SCI so well yeah okay I faith. I think it I with that Peter brought about because the product by the Crow.

I didn't forget. So you would like to live in another widening pride by the if that's the criteria that the Justin is using, then I would have to talk to Justin.

This is not a logical thing to say because just because you prophesy something doesn't mean they are not of God because you think they're very pretty on point.he puts out think a little cayenne out there like you are reading from a valid document. I don't find anything radical will look at his face and nothing is heretical.

It sounds pretty good. I wish it was more detailed like I like it but that's not any criteria so lives.

We believe that the Holy Spirit promise all believers. That's that's okay divine healing and deliverance of providing the blood of Christ launches in the center guaranteed prayer of faith with holistic understanding science questions are called the site site site assault and like the world that's good. He was the premillennial second coming of Christ. That's that's okay.

First, the right to first to the retrofit sites and catch with living in the air.

That's fine within orthodoxy, eternal life of the righteous and eternal punishment of the wicked Christ return rule based premillennial pretrip probably put together thing. The statement of faith is heretical, so just come down to other things. But the one thing I found this may concern heaven 1/3 heaven, which I understand what it means is a place of spirits and the souls… What so that would be worth going to figure things out just because of this have to develop a list of questions to send the ministry analysis on what okay if open lines 877 mass Y call 7707 we have four open lines with calling 772072276 Jennifer from LA Jennifer welcoming on their part. Crack are rightly down right and I think they are okay okay my grammar back.

I didn't wake up right that is Mick's because how do we know what halfway is and how do we know that God is doing something exactly the way he wants to be done in a partial way that his plan to statements like that early not really helpful because if you want to complete healing and Emily Hatfield people civil got to do things halfway. How do you know it is exactly what you did want so that you can learn lesson. You see light.

I had everything I know my God sure God couldn't you nosy. For example, you have had a gallbladder rupture revenue were taking it out for emergency surgery could kill me will not pray for healing. God healed the doctor how many things of we gone through that we don't know God is healed in our bodies that were never even aware of because God has a plan for us in a certain area. We don't know. So when we have an issue that needs surgery and go get surgery and you pray for healing and if God uses the surgery or doesn't do differently whatever then fine.

Just trust him, we don't know exactly what his will is and everything so big deal. I'm glad you're okay. I had told me about any prayer. Point out right even panic. I felt like I live shocked but I may the Lord is good. Good God certainly is preparing you and everything was fine so he allowed to go through it we learn things from going through accidents and stuff maybe afterward on the colors waiting all talk about a car accident.

I was taught me some stuff careful when we see God must do it this way will who says so were to say that in the Scriptures people civil. God never makes anybody else sick as he does this for 11 he says to Moses, who makes the eye blind or deaf, the time comes I the Lord he does so, does he do some okay there was a reason for it is a reason for my ass burgers. My wife's Luis Dietz, our sons, holoprosencephaly don't know if God directly caused things we don't know if he be permitted, but I do know this, and nothing occurs without God's permission, and that he is. He's a good provider and a lot of times what he does is he wants us to want this to to trust him through the situation and ask Lord, how can it be used, what you want me to learn and even if it's difficult to praise your name because what if he you know we have something wrong and he heals us paying well, praise God. I don't knock that that is fine. So praise God for status of miraculous healings and healed of cancer healed of whatever is bone disease. Whatever might be and go praise God, to give testimony, the Lord of the Lord work is certainly valid. When we do with someone who friend who's got stage IV lung cancer and we talk every now and then and he is a great guy. Jean is his name might be listening and we talked about this now. He will you want to serve God through and how is trusting God through both of those are appraisal praises. Now I'm not putting a value is in one's better than another. I'm not doing that, but there different kinds of praises and maybe the suffering one will be praise him gets more reward in heaven. And maybe the Lord is allowing us to suffer now for greater blessing with him. I don't know, but these are some of the things we have to ask God knows what were doing and are too many wacko moron teachers out there saying God wants you healthy and wealthy and that always bothers her because maybe he wants you healthy and wealthy or only healthy, not wealthy, maybe wealthy, not healthy, or maybe neither how you can serve God in what capacity to serve God. Years ago I did this for real. I still have it. I signed a contract with God is like 35 years ago, 37, whatever.

I have the date I took up a blank piece of paper and I signed my name at the bottom with the date I put in this picture frame have to be exact size of 8 x 11. I kept it in my room. That was my contract with God said, Lord, I don't care what you do if I'm rich or poor, healthy or sick or here or there married, not where I don't care. They do but I don't care you fill in this contract. As you see fit. The way you see fit. When you see fit. If I were to write things that occurred in my life we talking the death of a son talking the loss of a pastor were talking about severe financial difficulties were talking about my wife's health is one of the rarest connective tissue is also less radio ranging lines of the mass Y call seven because typing on the chat rooms during the break and the various things of misunderstanding was a funny way.

Jennifer is still there was a saying was that that contract if I were to fill in the blanks also has some very good things.

A website with 100 million visitors radio close to 20 stations written thousands of articles, been on TV and writing books being able to witness and teach the sometimes we have to understand that those really good things sometimes have to be pruned into shape by the bad things and we can't get to those good list to go through these difficulties, we learn to trust him beyond our ability to understand because were trusting him for who he is, not for what we get to see you there. You really did affect me.

I'm completely help your grief when you know the more pain we go through the sympathetic we can become to others, and so I years count a lot of people I talked to thousands and thousands of people I've heard so many stories now when I hear people send in their struggles. I am so sympathetic and empathetic to them want to pass judgment. I will say homosexuality is a sin of adultery is wrong. Pornography is wrong too and you do stop these things, but I'm not there, pointing fingers, yelling and screaming saying when it comes come alongside of you and help you come to a better relationship with Christ. So this is how it is in our lives and sometimes it we want so much blessing in our lives. Well strengthened by these were strengthened by difficulties and so this is what we need to go through. Sometimes God knows best so the idea you always want this healthy, wealthy, who says this is not in Scripture. And so these people wacko moron teachers WMDs what they do is they misrepresent God and they put burdens upon people and when these things don't go the way that they've been taught this book to go don't have enough faith in God isn't real because he's not helping me out through this difficulty and so it's just not okay got how you really think I will. Your faith is least you put it in and if you put your faith is not in the true living God or the doctrine taught about the Jew God is a big difference, one can be good adoration. One can be adult idolatry.

Because if you saluted teach that God wants you always healthy. They take a verse out of context and then you put your hope in you always want you healthy then you worshiping God concept that is the servant idea. Are you worshiping the true God is asking the question is more deep than that, but you get the idea. We could have some problems and then what often happens is, and I've encountered despite the fact I did get phone calls for Christian research Institute when they were in Southern California. I looked there trying to raise funds at watermark was around this.

One phone call and is trying to raise funds for building and so recalling people and this man was yelling at me screaming phone that I dared to call him up and ask for money for Christian building and he was so angry I just kept listening. I kept listening and suffering in his voice.

I just kept listening as he cussed and swore listening and was offered 20 minutes 30 minutes with the kind turns out his daughter and the height because she contracted a cancer that could've easily been cured, but because of the positive confession teachers that if you go to a doctor you have enough faith in God because of it. She waited and the cancer spread kilter and going out and so I solicit were here to refute that lie that's not what God says your daughter was lying to, and he was couldn't believe that a Christian was saying this, and we talked to me was still suffering a great deal trying to help in the best I could but we left so to speak on good terms with the bad theology can kill you and we need to have our trust in the true living God, not in a concept taught by these guys and girls with perfect hair and perfect teeth are saying you'll put your babies but on the television screen will heal your baby hurt this one thing was said and it just the idiocy. The stupidity these people are good be under severe judgment of God. So I'm on the radio and I'm trying to tell people what the Bible says, perfect at it but I'll tell you what is the word of God say I say that all of it. People are blown away. For example, my friend, who's into this stuff. He said to go God always want to healthy you sure yes and I said about what would God ever make anyone sick. You don't blind or whatever. He said God would never do that is are you sure that's correct. I know Guy would turn your Bible.

Exodus 411 God talking to Moses who makes the deer blind near death that I blinded the tongue dump is not I the Lord and I remember him sitting on his couch in his living room staring at the text I didn't say anything.

I did make a noise. I just waited as he examined, examined and examined after about a full minute he turned to Meany actually said I don't know what that means but it doesn't mean what it says this is the kind of brainwashing that occurs with these people.

They don't understand the truth of God's word. I was talking to a Lutheran, rambling callers waiting Lutheran. A few nights ago and Lutheranism's within orthodoxy, but he was saying that baptism is necessary for salvation and I said are you sure he says yes I said okay then that means all babies who die in the will go to hell, is not like the doctor said you can't have it both ways is either necessary or is not necessary and he said well you know is busted those other things I said and I said your problem is your loyal to your denomination over the Scriptures.

He said you lose your salvation.

I actually read him by this where Jesus says the will of the father is that Jesus lose none of all of the fathers given him. John 639 says the does Jesus always do the will of the father. He said yes.

Can Jesus lose any know then can you lose your salvation if you just can't lose any significant will and that would mean Jesus lost you and he couldn't.

He could not get past this problem. He could not see it because he was so brainwashed in this ideology you can lose your salvation and you would agree with everything Jesus said in and conclude the opposite of what the logic required this kind of the thing is rampant within the Christian church. When I teach people about critical thinking and logic of things like this. I think I'm just trying to submit the word of God to my thinking.

I am not doing that I'm trying to teach people how to think rationally how to think critically about texts. In another example, and on rambling Colossians 214 that says that Jesus canceled the certificate of debt by nailing it to the cross cancer canceled what their logic questions that have to be asked what would he cancel well.

The context certainly implies the sin that I was talking to one of the hypotheses.

The descendents canceled. I said can you go to hell with your sin that is canceled if it doesn't exist anymore. He said yes you can have accepted it as the same thing about accepting it if it's not there. How can God judge you for damnation. There is no sin to judge you for it. How can God do not and he said what God has accepted it doesn't say you have to accept it. How can you say it only becomes invalid if accepted the text as was never the cross. You see the kind of problems I have a break later Jennifer got mad I called Julie McCall what I thought what I thought about doing was telling a story about a car accident that I was in and what I learned out of it because this is an interesting car accident, but a typical fender bender summer tell you this is all true. The use live in Southern California there's a city called Whittier and theirs with your candid call Turnbull Canyon. Some of you down there listening me know about that place that I should go up there and cruising my 1967 SS Camaro and all the stuff with my buds. We were up there one night and when the guys riding with me was so great about this place and I about midnight gunned it and run a corner. Someone was in my lane instead of being in their own language and my lane was drunk or what but I had to to evade that person by slamming on the brakes and twisting will very quickly and it caused me to spin out and I drove off, and make and we went down about 20 feet and hit straight nose down when the dark in a canyon off the road in this car. So I hit the windshield and the people who know me get close to me.

I shown the scars of this was so do 1976 when this happened. I have started my broken teeth and stuff like that from it took two years to recover. Right now what's the big deal. Well, the car hit. Imagine this. The car hit nose first and then fell to its right and was on its right side and if it it just rolled one more time going down like 100 feet in the and we played all but dead two guys with me.

I can still to this minute.

Remember opening my eyes. My seatbelt is holding me in place. Looking to my right, which is looking down and blood running from my face down onto the guy who sitting in the front is unconscious. Two hours later two hours for head injury unconscious is pretty severe. I knew I needed to get help so I got out of the car by climbing through the gold on the window and it was.

I managed to sit on top of the door and I had to get down so I jumped down without much after that. But I do remember Stanton later standing there in the darkness of this would so them and tell you about this construe what I use it the sermon illustration. Sometimes it's not a story I heard it's something I experienced.

Remember standing there in my mind cleared up. Remember I had a severe concussion. It took two years to fully recover. Dr. set a severe concussion.

So there I am my mind cleared up a little bit.

I knew he was in danger.

I heard wild coyotes were dogs barking and getting closer and closer and the canyon. I knew my life was in danger. To get help.

I didn't want to do.

But here's the thing I woke up not knowing my name not knowing where I was, not knowing what happened. How would you like to suddenly wake up someplace you don't even know your own name, you don't even know where you are. You don't know what's happened to you. You don't know you feel this coldness on your face your hand to it.

This is about 2 o'clock in the morning a full moon, and is able to see the blood, I spit out parts of teeth in my mouth nose was broken, bloodied, mangled, one might like left eye. My face was swollen shut there I am.

How would you like to wake up like that idea.

We tell you terrifying actually terrifying to wake up not going your name not what happened. Not knowing where you are. Dogs are coming closer and closer and you have your life is line to make a decision what you can do.

I was there, and that's what I open my arm. I looked up towards the credit to deliver woke up in ICU would happen was some people were driving in the canyon late Exxon animal on the road and so they turned around to look at this weird animal and it was me crawling. It took me 20 minutes to get to emergency safety, and paramedics came and got the other two guys. The things hundred to make a point of business help will be a place of fire and aloneness with no hope in dire situation I've experienced the aloneness.

The pain, suffering the trauma of not going where you are, what is happened. I remember it, it was terrifying to add to that flame. Hell, I don't want anybody to go there.

I want anybody to experienced this stuff. We went but the story people like story sometime so there you go. Let's get along with Anthony from Iowa Anthony you little rhyme we got what all will talk about how they relate to your about something really to do it. I was sleeping and I recall the sun remember I was just about my dream I calling it a boy almost right. I remember writing it by reason I was able to open my eyes and I laid there knowing I was away my room but I could not. Something like that. I thought right and I sat there just scared out of my mind for the name of Jesus, whatever that turn.

I was able to move my arm like his conscience yet… Where my that's not that uncommon story of paralysis and crying out in Jesus name. The paralysis sounds as your Christian then I never liked up for well how long ago was this out okay are you married you have children yet elderly daughter.

Okay is the house that you're in only apartment that you're in you knew was an old we knew okay okay and has anything like this happens. Anybody else in your family. Anybody sensed anything at all. Just curious, dark, normal, all right. Is there something new in your life minutes. Generally speaking, like you desiring something new to the use of God more or anything like that and more focused on my mind about my God, looking that happens as well as the struggles there will be to say I'm trying to diagnosis you know. But here's the thing. A lot of times when things like this happen it could be it could be because he had that pizza you imagine everything. It's certainly possible. If this is related as possible. It's also possible that you will experience something that the why of it all. God would allow. What's let's assume that it was a real event that you really did see and whatever you saw which leaders agree to describe, but it seemed to be demonic often that occurs because someone is praying for you and he called order cursing you from a cult thing and so he can be affected by that law sometime this was for doors like did you get a Ouija board recently been using it you know this could open up doors sure you haven't been doing that everything like that. I asked about the children's ages because a lot of times kids in there the age of younger son for some reason there's a connection between sometimes between young children and things happening in the house and also the house last of its new because it might be that the people who live there previously might have had a demonic connection can be more they could be. I don't Muslims because these are false religions. What I recommend you do is to to take oil and you know this metal convoy, but to take some oil and is not that the oil has any magic properties but go through your house, you're here we are living in anoint every wall every door every room. I mean every realm. Every door your garage. If you have one. Whatever it is just lightly and do this and pray out loud your wife can be with your children to be with you don't have to be with what you pray out loud in the name of Jesus.

Don't pray to demonic forces to hate demons, I rebuke, don't do that. Lord Jesus, come before you. I don't know if this is going to help or not doesn't matter to me.

I'm trusting you active my faith. Lord I ask that you would find any demonic sources any demonic activity this asset you deal with the deceased talk out loud like this. As you go through the entire place. I recommended oil because of how things work in the Bible is things that are sanctified or set apart for holy use are anointed Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit.

We have an anointing.

First John 227. In the Old Testament objects were anointed and so there's this there's something about the anointing. It's not that the oil itself has any property that has a spiritual benefit if the act of faith and using something like that because it was off with oil and blood oil that would be anointing occurred for the first holy use and so is just a faithful ceremony, so to speak, to go through in your house because of something demonic like that occurs. Did you take action and will have a minute left, but we had some similar kinds of things happen at our house like children so they started seeing things and some other stuff and some things and so I said okay and so I had my wife to come all the way.

Nothing that I didn't want them.

There's nothing that's prayed out loud took an hour and with every room, every wall every door and I anointed prayed and after that there was no more problems for no Joanne is well with the divorce.

Okay the Lord bless you all and by his grace

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