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April 14, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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April 14, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is Joshua 10-12 literal---2- Was the Holocaust a judgment of God on the Jews---3- Can you explain Ezekiel 23-20---4- Do you know about the Steven Anderson movie---5- Will we see the father in heaven, before the resurrection- If so, how does that fit with no one has ever seen God---6- How should I respond to friends who are embracing Gnosticism---7- On the JW view that Jesus is Michael the archangel, doesn't that mean he can no longer be our priest, as he is not a man---8- What happens to Christians who are actively committing sin when Jesus returns---9- Can you explain Matthew 27-53---10- If a woman divorces and then remarries, and then either becomes a Christian or repents, does she have to go back to her first husband-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is the president of apologetics. Research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is about what why no call to respond to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick walking the show. We made it on today with work revenue for liberty. For today hundred number stuff isn't working properly, so also the number and it's on the Facebook page. If you are interested you can also check it out on the YouTube page, Ringel district show if you want to watch it.

You cannot Facebook on YouTube and go check those out by going to the current website CAR room.RG on their we have the video with the phone number there. This is the phone number to call 336-480-2056 336-480-2050 and home that's in North Carolina so that's it is this outworking of the people in charge companies even charge long-distance and immortal pervasive so I don't know what that's number 336-480-2050 433-6480 2050 number that's for today, which is so let's see April 10, 2020 and this what you know you have three online schools are promoting. We have discounted them for the greatest time of people were home 75 get involved for a $50 so all you do is go to the card website CAR M.RG homepage there checking out so there's plenty of stuff stuff in the radial and actually should be more stuff there. Let's see now. So what you get on the homepage will see the link for the schools right. Well we got a call for frontlines number is 336-480-2050 so let's get on with John from New Jersey. John welcoming on here in Joshua 1012 literal stop doors. I like a poetic thing well. Some say that it different possibilities. One is that is poetic and see the word must not. My notes were missed not been for the press to meet the science course was completely arrested in the heavens.

All that can be assumed is that it did not set until people revenged of their enemies. The past is evidently part of the trampled song like that recorded in Judges 5 where verse 20 is a very similar thoughts which no one ever thinks of interpreting literally so there's some evidence internally with the text states that the court implies that it is some poetic citation. It's like saying an idiom, you know those black and blue things like that is not taken literally, as this is one of the theories and it seems to be sick, supported earlier in the text and another possibility is that of the sun was just delayed in going down to really stop is delayed until the battle was over an interest theory as it might've been some sort of eclipse and really fits the here's what I think it is interesting the earth wobble theory out to me as interesting because in 701702 BC right about that time all the calendars of the world changed from 360 to 365 days over the world to search at that point.

What happened under some theories about that.

Maybe it was earth wobble. Maybe something happened on that day is when the battle occurred at even know if that happens the same time wants to switch to early for that, but that that's just another theory is that of the earth that did little shift in its rotation. I know it's as if there ever. And, of course, possibility, number six.

My notes here is that now the sun if you did stop for the patient stop and God miracle is certainly possible, but we don't have to assume that that is the case now. There was the book of Robert Boyd voids Bible handbook and it says the Ojibwa was tell of the long night without any lights the one the one young dent Indians told missionaries missionary Paul Lejeune of the long night.

The dog grid the Indians of the Northwest till the day when the sun was caught at noon and it instantly became dark.

The Omaha's. Once this son was caught in the trap by a rabid who checked his traps at the break of dawn. Finally, the blue G Indians like Winnipeg. Canada also told a long night in their legends don't disapprove anything. Something happened there different theories about what it is. So it could be anything from poetic to literal variations within. We can't decide can't know for sure help you, but you all called I that's when the theories because the Jews said that the blood be on us and our descendents and the doctrine of federal headship with a male represented sentence we can make the case that their own curse upon themselves was carried down through history, not only in the Holocaust treated them but in other areas as well. Mohammed, for example, Saudi Arabia. Mecca Medina in the 600s murdered Jews and Christians was a murderous left. She was an evil man, and use religion to gain power and women money so he killed people executed murdered Jews as well and Jews have been the subject of a lot of persecution years so is a part of that.

I don't know but I do know that we need to be careful in dealing with God's chosen people, the nation of Israel. Romans 11 2526 God's not done with Israel to say to people if I got drafted to fight against Russia. Okay go against the no mobility okay go okay let's go against him.

Israel know there's two reasons. One, I attacked chosen people of God and to has his way of delivering them with Dracula's events as was recorded in the Six-Day War when Israel was attacked and miraculous things so as not done as far as them being the recipients of the self curse of their ancestors.

Certainly a possibility I would say was for sure, but I love the show will go praying for you and your life. Thanks well appreciate that wife doing better be a procedure done yesterday. She didn't think he only got home.

Home is a turkey, wild turkey and what not and when the suburbs except for her.

She has this constant irritation around the house is irritant that you have a deal with and so I just hide a lot okay dear finally got radio fragments of the goblins right you would have your chance walking around the house to regular basis. Okay, let's get to Kyle from Richmond, Virginia. Kyle welcome here, take my call.

Quick question. I had a question regarding Ezekiel 2320 money should be the person it comes off rather like the way I read it. I was hoping you could expound it is very strong words just read the context okay because people he knows going on. I saw that she defiled herself. They both took the same way so she increased her harlotries. She saw men portrayed in the wall image of the Chaldeans were great white vermilion girded with belts on the long flowing turbines on their heads looking like officers like that alone when she saw them.

She lusted after them, and sent messengers to them in Chaldea. The Babylonians came to her to the bed of love defiled her with harlotry and she defiled them she became disgusted with them consent to multiply her trees etc. in verse 20 she lusted after the Paramore's ghost lovers whose flesh is like the flesh of donkeys and whose issue. The issue of horses. Yeah, it's a very let's just say interesting thing. It's from a hold about and about their fictional kind of a story and it's something that God used as an illustration to demonstrate the idolatry that was being portrayed and being committed and so this is what's going on hold about. That's what it is. It's is that serious.

It is that evil like not sure. There was more like a hole in the hole about sin and its consequences.

So it's an interesting set of scriptures and says starts off looking the same sentiment. There were two women, daughters of one mother. They play the harlot. So it's like a fictionalized story, God is using to illustrate harlotry on with people, Syrians, Chaldeans is a grass mocking goblins right was Kyle Virginia for 20 McAuliffe to open lines number for today is 336-480-2050 phone difficulty.

So that's the day if you want to call three 364-8020 50.

All right, let's get to next week I guess is taught from Florida. Todd welcoming on their I am from a reason file okay hello okay now on our website were currently gory involving new here yesterday, movie board claim that my God is right here is weight on my back after these messages, please call 770727 okay if you want your listing. Please call back. I don't know enough about Stephen Anderson to make any comments but offered to debate him on the issue of reformed theology. He doesn't really talk about it comes to that issue. I don't know if people getting saved in his ministry like I don't know if he's calling himself a prophet but I have to ask what sense of the prophet is calling himself in that sense and him so that the same Todd call back.

So Todd, are you still there Is been the big so well how to conquer the prophet was me by that movie that got really last night even after the sun is warm up and call from my gentleman there radio studio interview and that is sent by God, but the lawn the prophet you think until John. Jesus in Luke 1660, so there's no more profits like that profits were generally sent in the Old Testament context to different people, different people groups warnings and things like that when it says the law and the prophets were until John talked with the Old Testament Bible.

The law first five books.

The rest of the Bible called the prophets says along the prophet until John.

What does he mean no more profits will one sense, yes letter, since now we have New Testament prophets in the in the 14th but they prophesy and the prophecies are to be judged by the church by the elders. So when someone says to me that they are a prophet of God. Well I would say to them, can you please show me Scripture for your position. Show me in the Bible where it says your that your a prophet but that the office of prophet is still available today define it and how you meet that criteria. That's what I would ask. I think it's fair to ask someone is easy to say, hey, you're prophet of God. Well enough what I understand about this guy.

He's rooting and very insulting.

This is what I've heard repeatedly while it does mean is wrong, it could be a good guy so I never talk to him. I would like to talk to him. I do know the attacks reformed theology. I can tell you right now. He does know he's doing becomes that every little bit is just amateur hour comes of that with him but it doesn't mean he's not a godly man doesn't mean he's not being used by God so I would have to gather more information on him. As far as movie ghost interested if you could send me a link harm what God day and so okay looking at right now. Okay I see something to do right. So what's your name is Todd see anything from you and that email will see what Patrick Patrick got it. You talk like you looking at it get a lot of stuff all do look at you is because Robert the author all interesting interesting interesting coming up talking so I was trying be balanced because we have people in the Old Testament were very difficult and yet they were called of God.

We think of Jonah. He was a whining baby's me and he didn't want to do what God did becomes anything any complaints and is a prophet of God. Sampson was superstrong but he had some subissues to and he did something to work so good prophet of God so on. The guys around that I write. I got great but then I understand.

Also, you can delete like condemned everybody is off. You either understand Stephen Anderson basically condemns everybody is not correct you five applicant's website and how the wild right that there. The guy never know anything about anyway's allegation January 2019 and by the name of Adam Fanon made all these incredible Fanon then ran a Romero of gambling does prophet. The reason file negation know that Adam found was involved in none of the lead patient burned up that three gentlemen, you watch what about a family on a Romero so I want to do is check things out okay because I don't radio to be used as a venue for things are verified so okay but you know it is not verifying selectively talk healthier things like that so this is interesting is come up and people informed him definitely are familiar with them and you have a lot sent. I am now so I have my understanding is to connect me to help so all the okay uncle lap about what went down to Arizona sometime to become discussion in a godly life.

So what you never know, but they were going. I got your email okay and I think the bottom of the email making a call okay thanks a lot like okay you know try to be fair, trying to people the benefit of the doubts with the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And when the same thing coming up and up, her figure things out in this particular website. I'm looking at that praises him and that website has problems so you know this is what you call style show problems 36 man's Y call 770727 like that people talk about Rex.

Now I'm in body. Diane debates the same body we guiding will be resurrected and look like me. During the age of things like body. W knew him knew not. Yes, you need to be a new heavens and a new earth.

Different theories about how this is all going to work so undoubtedly will be able to have access to the new earth creation and also will have access to the very presence of God in heaven. How they can work. I don't know their when they die will go to second Corinthians 581 of them. The body is to be home.

The Lord Jesus says in John 14… As I go to build build rooms for you mentioned verified your place. That's and that's discussion, some states rigid body that will inhabit the place with the Lord be with him so we can be with the body is to be with the Lord. See yes absolutely no But possible civil I don't record that they are going to be when they die fighting a lot everywhere. Okay yes, the reverse is in such in the book of Revelation talk about people in heaven and we know that the new Jerusalem comes down out of heaven.

That's what we find there and let's see if just doing a quick scan with the word heaven in the book of Revelation throne was standing in heaven and was thrown no one in heaven or on the earth was able to book people are in heaven. Thing which is in heaven Sampson heaven. So there are strong angel yes so anyway it does look like, study, and this is been so long versus yes we do go to be with because he says where I am, I will come to receive you unto myself and he is in heaven.

He ascended to heaven so that I but he said her right leg life. Well, it looks like with this can happen. I believe impulsively's rapture and I suspect it was can happen is as were enraptured we go up to be with the Lord in the heavens and that the new heavens and new earth are made, and I draw that out of for special needs for 16 fibers to yes if you let me finish. The point here because it says in that first set of scriptures. It's talking about the rapture and it says that as far as it going the time that the ethics you have no need to teach you for the day of the Lord will come at a fee for the night. That phrase is also used his 10 day Lord, the thief, in which their new heavens and the worker made so that all people to hear these verses is a connected there and that to me I see that is happening. Okay you have a new earth are made, which is the rapture time so one theory is that the people are taken away. While this occurs while the new heavens and make this one of the theories so we don't know for sure exactly. But there are theories and then some people go to Revelation 11 where it says will come up here anything that's the rapture can look into the evidence into the cloud that is necessarily the third heaven, so it's there were loud voices inhabitants talks about in Revelation so it doesn't look good with the Lord in heaven, but also somehow have access or to earth know how it all works okay okay alright open line folks. When you make all the number is 336-480-2050 phone problems today, so that's number for today April 10. If you want to give me a call for open lines. Let's get to Zach from Minnesota. Zach welcome here. Yeah so I have a friend right yeah you my friend becoming full-blown Gnostic, trying to figure out how I approach this. You know my whole approach to religion thing, live and let live but not my friend Brian's example he eats nonstop all day hundred pound body basically my friend read the skydiving every day thing where it like the body doesn't matter the body. The prison. Going for here our body is shattered at her figure out you know encoding, I just speak truth to them what you're studying is not inspired of God is not approved by the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross he requires of you certain things with one exception requires of you stick your bodies take care of their families live for him. You don't do judgments coming church as well as now and now judgment is manifested by the hardness of your hearts and the sin which are involved in the lives which tell the truth. Yeah, I've been trying to give them the gospel that I think part of the problem. Many not shared everything Mormonism traditional Christianity and that were using the same words were really what you do is you speak in terms of definitions we see Jesus, who is God in flesh second person of the triune God. The only God in the universe is the one who you do it like that. And one of the things it helps in defining terms is a firm and deny we are talking missing Jesus Christ to is God in flesh. He is not some Gnostic ideology manifested in one of the lower eons do it right and he and his words are found in Matthew Mark and Luke, not in the Gospel of Thomas, which is a false gospel in the early church knew it was false. Here you will suffice. Thank you goes after Minnesota right after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave guy named Casper and I remember why we pretty no longer more like.

That is an article on believe you should look at the priesthood when I would just ask Job's witness is very simple. You believe that the Old Testament had priests yes could you be a priest if you were little boy. No priest if you're female know to be a man to be a priest right now. So without being a man, you can't be priest right okay. Jesus is our high priest, assuming six 2725 yes is Jesus a man right now. According to driving is not a man anymore, so that when the minutes of the Bible says six 2725 and he lives forever and make intercession for us as a high priest my cousin so you're telling me priest anymore. Therefore, we don't have an intercessor to help you save persons very quickly got your family okay sounds good but writing to the folks you call you five open lines number is 336-480-2050 and if nobody calls them and ask people who are online to firing questions at me because that's what we have going. We have people watching hundred and 44 people watching online right now. So if you want to listen to me. You can fire some questions in good tech and so there you go and you know this Sunday. This Sunday is resurrection. The resurrection day and the people been asked me to preach a sermon online and so I'm thinking about doing leaning towards doing that. If I do I will preach resurrection sermon, but I prefer the different a lot of people do, but if I do up on the web's comedic harm Facebook page and that's the Facebook page and things like that so there you go right.

Let's see what Jan will hold on force. This is good the phone with whoever's calling and pick it up yet, as they have it right here to the next level or you are on the air which name I don't Jonathan what he got that question I would. I was read you recently hello". Regardless though I was.

What about the Christian who are actively committing link right that beginning in 20 oh everybody yeah I'm in numbing the believer believers or actively, are actively bleeding and yelling. I meant to mean every Christian is committing sin every single Christian. No Christian goes through his day without committing some sin.

We are not that good.

God is very merciful to us what you might want to I think you're implying is those who are in just unrepentant profound sin because I might get my wife might say something like it started with well you know is it's technically simple.

Maybe this without letting her properly. Does it mean though, that I'm not committed adultery.

No clear different levels and degrees of sin as well as the punishment but I think we really try to get at is what about those who are living in sin.

Just normal repentance, etc. the Bible says in first John 24 if you say you know him and do not keep his commandments truth is not in you when you're a liar so probably go to somebody who stayed committing adultery. I go to church and is is committing adultery claim to be Christian, and why are you living in complete rebellion against God's word and your wife's commitment to you.

How, then, are you a Christian. Tell me nothing.

A Christian by doing good but the thing is that the fruit of the spirit will manifest in Christians and so we want to see the struggle that people have against her sin. Every Christian struggles but if we have some new claims of the Christ to just walking up like the sin by the Christian photo will quick. I was wondering today about Matthew 2753 body that came out of it you have anything else at 27 5343 yet there's been some talk about that and see what verse was at .73, Lexi, that's right. They commanded tombs after his resurrection, and the holy city appeared to many.

Something that's related to first with his 15 talks about appearing right and done what I believe about that is that after they came out of the tombs, because of his resurrection and the holy city knee.

A lot of people have no problem believing absolutely submitted three Jesus Christ was crucified happen was the veil. The temple was torn in two from top to bottom with really interesting wants to hear this because the veil is that thick garment that was garment everywhere, but thick fabric that separated the holy place of the holy of holies in the Temple and the high priest could only go around the mail once a year but the precious crucified it veil was torn and you can't just take hands and tear way too thick like 6 inches 8 inches thick and woven was heavy and up was torn signifying the separation between God and man is now removed, and hence no longer need a veil so when Mormons put veil back in the temple.

They are actually denying the truth. 20 Christ, less so in the earth shook, and the rocks were split that tombs are open.

The bodies of the saints would fall asleep raised coming up out of the tombs resurrection into the holy city. That's what happened and I'll tell you, that would certainly explain why a lot of people start converting to Christianity. When one person says hey. I saw aunt Martha Rice from the dead last week of this point, two, three, four, 500 people searching the people rising from the dead all over not related to each other something soft so you know people get converted. I'm sure in part because of this it happened little man.

I appreciate you love yourself all. Thanks. Appreciate all right you know it is an interesting comment have the colors waiting have like 45 call 336-480-2050 with the death of Christ, the veil was wrong was torn. Earth shook rock source. Let now that's interesting. I could see the thing shot shaking rocks split visibility felonies split open.

No, just as the wizard and the tombs were open tombs were when you imagine you walking down in Israel.

I've been to Israel messing with berries stuff and tombs opened up they would do is have holes in the sides of rock faces.

They would have buried in the ground and they would have things buried above the ground in sarcophagus is kind of a thing was a very sudden is also says that darkness hit earthquake rocks are splitting and tombs are opening up and people rising from the dead walking what would you do just walking along and this is what you see, what would you do me, I would probably be running. You know people to the debt coming up and who knows, but it was I'm sure traumatizing thing for a lot of people will.

Here's a question. What happened to those people. They undoubtedly all died again later on. The sunglasses was raised from the dead precursor to this resurrection, not a resurrection in the sense of first 2015 where to resurrected the fight body. These were saved, resuscitated… Use that because in the context of resurrection with the glorified body resurrection, there they were resurrected so it would really trip me out. I saw a lot of time to put flesh and blood of these things in your matter was going on for running all over the place. No frantic word of the resurrection of all kinds of people is spreading throughout the area. Christianity spread like so alright let's get to rest and avoid from direct welcome one year on the know you got that a lot will wait. We know that work only permit people adultery if a woman in no good reason. And then she married a man dog in her adult brain for her husband. Nobody forgive and know the Bible also says it wants to divorce him or somebody else you can go back your first spouse couldn't do that and then God is one people get divorced, so she was in sin became a Christian passenger forgiven.

She continues on where she stay married be a good wife and hopefully get your husband saved kind that's out works with my agreement that you disagree. That's fine with this. We biblically because you to know she's married a second time, then they will not need to divorce him or her go back your first minds is no worse. I think people that only run and enters a lot of emotional, a lot of people while their right and just on the verses and only 24 versus three for you, alright folks using the Lord bless you I hope you have a great way for this country want to talk about doing back

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