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April 15, 2020 8:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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April 15, 2020 8:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does emotional-verbal abuse relate to separation- Is it biblical grounds---2- Why is the modern nation of Israel always under attack---3- Is the Gospel Coalition a trustworthy site---4- What is the most convincing argument biblically for infant baptism- How does Luke 22-20 relate---5- Do you have to repent in order to be saved---6- Who was Jesus referring to in Matthew 7-22-23---7- I want to be baptized, how and where should I do that-

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A previously recorded net slideshow. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why 77 show are you driving around your vehicle. 772072276 the normal phone number problem is we go problem on the on Friday. All right, folks, if you're new to the show. Not sure what going on with shells about the Christian apologists questions on on all kind of topics related to Christianity Bible doctrine calls false religions, Islam, Roman Catholicism logically just talk so you and call you have questions or questions, you can just numbers 877-207-2276 and let me know during the virus time in this closed time restricted written articles about his quarantining biblical and yes it is just 1314 and even people who don't show symptoms of any illness would be quarantined to come in contact with things that were infected you will manage Beyoncé but that's only we talked about so good and fine worried about doing and a lot of people who are going overboard, restricting access even heard in Britain, the police barged into a home just to make sure the African barging in there doing things here ticketing people gathering in cars card about the drive-in theater cars for church service and executed five dollars. He believes forgot in their cars and particulars. So anyway you know things are happening and hopefully get a cut back soon, but if you want to study theology apologetics all you do is go to the con website and on the homepage. There you will see any paycheck right side of the legacy computer picture schools and remind you that allow 24 hours for us to get everything set up because you take some time so you come in. You sign up and usually good access right away, but sometimes a system. The glitch in the right way and check everything quickly for that and a new novel and time travel sci-fi novel. I know I write the all theological stuff everything I've written a theological except this one thing just to do it. Sci-fi novel checkouts on homepage and on call time traffics about the group of people that we got the suspended animation and encounter a creature deep space's relationship to time so radically given than theirs. That made him problems and suffering is the results interesting twists and the projected outcome time trip on the homepage and I think were done with my, don't we meet on the phone with Joanne from North Carolina joint welcome your call when dear friend at least eight years.

She had been married 30 years how it back around the file that he not thickly be very nice verbally and I'll thank you – and, thank that not my Matt and I talk with her about biblical divorce. I just wondered I want your opinion now 108 and complicate things had Mercury got out that they had been at work quarantined at half – economic I write that he got out of the Fayette and get a couple of the nurse that I think that they yeah right thinking right just even before the years the guy had surgery on and it was blotched and legally blind driver in think that she is going every dealmaking based final. Should you wail argued by make things worse, right, and flashy just like shows like today you keep in time and right like that and just got a question that will affect your partner. Things like how question will when she abandoned him. Let's little bit here is your Christian church where my now I'm sorry I just got a master to go to church church.

Not a lot. Okay well you know she has a church that she can go to the elders are concerned that while I would believe.

Why will this matter. The initial would they not believe the issue is the church goes to talk to the elders and usually to be involved with something like this emotional abuse is a different thing than the physical abuse with their use less and depending on the degree of what is different levels of action taken. The counseling is necessary and because of the pandemic heartache architect.

All of this now extinct great deal what you need to do is be faithful to her marriage.

During this time possible and to support support him in the way.

It's okay, but let's be supportive wife while he is recovering from his illness but she needs to have a serious discussion with benches to sit down.

You have someone over the house. Get someone over the house mask on whatever and she talks to her husband about this and she's right things out what he said and stated, and if he is going to continue this sheepishly does this every time he's got just whatever ring this leave should inform him to distance herself from suggesting she starts with another man divorcing no because what do well with peers. This which is a lot of time so one part of the counseling understand that it's okay but logotypes just one person will then it's of the one person who will be done when I talk to men about this wife don't want to go to counseling men willing to, I just told a menacing look, you will step up and start acting like person is a Christian who picks up his cross daily basis and follows Jesus you love your wife and this is tough, very difficult and slick so people it works both ways. So the messing done that it's okay to sit there and take abuse. No, there are certain things that she needs to put in place in certain boundaries in place and she needs to do that to find someone to help her emotionally through this kind of thing that a male female find someone who can help and culture. A good godly woman give a good advice and she worked on over. Time and informs him that this isn't acceptable. This work like that that you need to take steps direction if he gets worse and worse. Once he's viable on his own but you might want to seek the ideal of being separated for because lifetimes. That kind of thing will ship somebody shake him up enough for them to better advocate divorce but sometimes she one person wants to disabuse you constantly another one situation to be fun to take off for a while go to so-and-so's house on be there. Okay, so some of you elderly people not welcome: the comments I have talked to numerous couples Christian couples. To my utter dismay and shock who will separate from one another during difficult times. Sometimes it happens understand and during their separation behaviors over single people, and I have encountered this once and you know the sinfulness of somebody else, separate spouse. I asked the person's guys and girls still married. Yes were separated okay gotcha so married right yes seeing somebody else what you doing if you're still married.

Your marriage is still viable.

Marriage is still intact, so if any of you out there are separate spouses and you want to start the idea of dating someone else and see what stop it stop it right now you and you don't do that you work on your marriage. You do is necessary to fix the marriage no. I know it's it's easy to say not easy to do what I can tell you I've had to do this. My wife and I really Americanism service problems. We did with the counselor that I can tell you I know what it means to do what's necessary and do what's right even know you don't feel like that's just how it is so so married you're still married. That's the way it is marriage all right. Let's go the phones with Britney from Britney welcome here will break. Sorry about that back Matt slick. Why call 77077 back and get back to Britney from there you go here, there would helps if I was my fault.

Like right now.

Okay, no, I think I read I got all I get significantly placed any anywhere you will easy answers got arranged it this way okay see if you look at a map.

If you look visualize a map for Israel is far right training area and geographically what's interesting is that all around his desert and some mountainous ranges was very treacherous to get around if you want to go to for example Egypt from Italy. You can cross by boat is very expensive and sometimes the storms or you can take a land route go to Israel to do it Israel from not only from north to south with all also from east to west and west to east lot of you had to go to Israel. So God purposely put them in that geographical location now.

Ultimately, I believe it's for the reason Jews that little sliver of land anywhere with a woman safe and secure being the people that we are as people. When Jesus came and it was time it was time to get the gospel message out with the Jews. Good. Peter and James and a lot of them in the book of acts they didn't go out and make disciples of all nations, and so Christ was raised up Paul the apostle and so Jean Paul went around doing evangelism and taking trips, and then roughly 70 A.D. Israel was attacked by the Romans in the Jerusalem was sacked to the couple years than what we have here is the Jews fleeing all over to the North Southeast with all the custom is called the Dias Barack the description so the dispersion occurred in a very interesting way because the roads that Rome had built the language that Alexander the great provided in Greek the new Greek, the roads were there and it was easy for them, relatively speaking, to travel all over from that area in order to preach and teach the gospel so there's that. No, also, there is a comments Jews made the crucifixion of Christ. When they said that the blood, his blood be on us and our descendents, and so some people think that that curse upon themselves a bit brought upon the Jews for centuries they have been persecuted and I believe personally before the recent persecuted is because the principles were successful. Okay, they're not violent go out and beat people up like Mohammed and have them raped and pillaged and destroyed their home.

The Jews would do the Old Testament talks about the right of property ownership working hard things like this, this, with the succeed persecuted largely because of now in society don't like to see people succeed who are little bit different weather close strange hat so they could all part and parcel sold, large blend of things going.thinking frankly believers right now.

I doubt that website is pretty good so I'll sure bring goblins okay alright let's get the phones with one from Canada one euro in the year hello welcome on the unit I would I would start by saying that I have a tremendous effect for you. I appreciate you and your ministry, and I pray for you and your family as well and I'm really thankful to be able to watch all of your your work on the Internet on your web I and even on life right now and I would think you say he deserves all the glory. I guess my question is more about the nature of covenant theology. I would start by saying I identify the will. I think we you and I probably lean on a very similar view of the covenant theology then you hold onto my question I get is the fundamental difference between And the Syrians on the topic at about with the reality of my question. What is the most convincing argument for about you. That's more the argument that I use the firm I say firm baptism you do not affirm sayings do not do that. And also there is no instance of any record in the Bible and something baptized none so I don't have any problem people saying whatever, but I'm a covenantal list and call myself a note.

Note Jeff call myself a consistent, just be friends that about myself is this Abraham was commanded by God to wait for the break in the right back) after Matt slick.

Why call 7707 Matt slick back to the show list in the phones with one from Canada still there buddy.

I am there. Alright, well, the answer, God was mentally competent to the Packard agreement between two or more parties. 30 eternal covenant spoken of in Hebrews 1320 there's the covenant, the Davidic covenant in the way of covenant new covenant.

There's all kind covenant, and so no covenants have signs and in the garden event neither was the tree with no what was the rainbow with Abraham, it was circumcision in the Abraham covenant God commanded that the infants be included in the covenant that you would be circumcised because the covenant sign itself was circumcision. God promised Abraham English and in the ceiling in the Genesis 12 three. What you said in you all the nations shall blessed this is the promise that God made to Abraham and that promise is ratified in the covenant sign of circumcision, where God said in you all the nation shall blessed with.

He's talking about is the person of Christ. In the meantime until that occurred promised faithfulness to Abraham and to his people and his descendents plan to have a lot of children so become a sign of all this, of course, circumcision to a child was entered in the mail. Obviously was entered into the search to the covenant date eight with a child is aware of. It is irrelevant just done. It did not save the child.

If this was a covenant thing we don't think of an think evidently this way the people today with certain they will children and they will dedicate them, and God sign is all covenants bitterly have signs unless Paul calls that covenant the gospel in Galatians 38 recess in the Scripture for synagogue justify the Gentiles by faith, preach the gospel to to them beforehand, saying in you overly blessed so he quotes that covenant requirement that promise now that means the covenant still in effect. If the Abraham covenant is still in effect. For me personally. I need to have a New Testament admonition to not include infants in the same Abraham covenant is now called the gospel that is still in effect see that nothing about this to Jews walking on the road and don't Christ. Paul and one of them is become a Christian. It would used to juice every day they would walk down this road on the way to work with and talk to family house. This is your children how to parent and one of them says the amount of a Christian understand now we do not include art children in God's covenant faithfulness size. I never fight my you about the house all.

For example, Lane you know about that. The counselor about how how do we, that question is will claim that I find that I get I get the simple one goal about goal about an you know you that they know you need to be third in 50 will they were doing that for the sake of salvation. See and so they were doing it in Galatians 5 is trying to add a requirement for salvation and Paul says no. He was severed from Christ. He was justified by the law so different between him to complete the salvation work of Christ by doing one thing in order to be saved. That and the covenant faithfulness to just the covenant father would.

In this sense would baptize and not for salvation. Okay, you think that I you and I like that on or about the week we have a lot in common.

I think there may be the week we begin at the old and you covenant the great work, but I would say that I think I think that the covenant great is only composed of lack of God which I'm not sure how you would how you would go on about it.

I look at verse example Luke 22 verse 20 and I'm wondering what you 2220 new covenant, the wondering about often on the years because the new covenant is in the blood and the body. So what then is the covenants equivalent to wealth the issue of circumcision did not save anybody and it wasn't for the sake of the saved, he was only a sign of being submitted as theologically, experientially, socially, politically to God. He was a sign and just as the unbelievers could have gone in through the doors blood on Passover unbelievers gone into those homes would've been spared from the angel of death because the covenant of God's promise was whoever goes in that house that the blood they will not be safe was promise of God being the people in there were going to happen. God hasn't act.

He demonstrates the covenant aspect of his faithfulness to his people and all who are in that covenant bound, but it does not mean saying the new covenant does seem to be only with the elect and that covenant sign is communion. So what then does the covenant sign of circumcision seems to be replaced by baptism, as Paul equates them quick stomach. Colossians 211, 12, even circumcised circumcision having been burned with baptism. So Paul relates to not be what is he doing here exactly what he said is really is a hip fracture so he is like the silk and what was the covenant of circumcision it wasn't for salvation, but it was for God to be faithful to those people whom participants I believe that the same thing the children in that sense is consistence consistent issue of God's faithfulness to the people who are in the covenant sign of guarantee your salvation, but the communion suffered is for even on the nonelectric can take errantly but so detailed they do not own it and you and again I would say maybe I don't come here. Your average Baptist person about the topic you probably heard about people telling you having the only argument that we don't see any example of baptism of anything I would reject that.

I don't think that's a good argument but you see five whole households being baptized, and baptized and to say, none of those households had infants and is great argument, but still you know will households but I would like to go with that bird on the good that I you correctly I think you covenant the great with something would be for the elect and the duration is not necessarily to do all that because grace is coming to Greece for works I tell people we talk about this and you've heard me say it just gets complicated pretty quickly.

How many companies are there some say one. Some say to something 37 different one. I kind of leaned towards a guy can drift between which way the wind blowing between one and two to cover the basic works fine. Is everything by God. I could see that easily website written on the issue of the covenant of Works and grace. Even the covenant it works undercover the grace because everything is gracious from God work so great, and the discus tough and when I recommend you do is name is Klein. Meredith Kline is an expert on the aspect of Old Testament covenant and he and when I study this again really get into it.

He's a gal go to again center Sam and he was knocked he was, not repeat not defending baptism, sitting covenant with children blessed man okay yeah I think thank you very much, one from Canada Is why call 770776 look back at the show listed Kevin from Colorado Kevin, you're on your all right when you you know that you made recently about the reformed theology and your defending it while watching that video and in that video that anyone who believes that you need to repent everything in order to be saved is not and they don't know the gospel I read article of yours. We talk about the two years ago, but I just want to talk to a little bit more about it.

What about when when people see you be saved. The concern we have to be careful of is that we don't want to encourage them to sink doing right keeping the law is what saves them because repentance uses this illustration. Also, let's say someone's lying and someone stealing and you say you in order to do that to become a Christian. Those things become a Christian. Well, there's truth to that course we can't continue in such sins and be a Christian we can't do that doing when we say why that's compliance with the law steel that's compliance with the law with the careful teaching people that are salvation depends on our repentance or are keeping the law in that sense of not doing things anymore. That's the concern night and you'll remember I said people at would have you ever taught you ought to repent should repent, you should need to stop sending absolutely. But the stopping of our sending is not what saves us its faith in Christ. And because God grants us repentance second Timothy 225. He does this concomitant with regeneration born again. John 113 for 13 and then we ought to repent and were enabled to repent because of her generative work of God in us, not our repentance that saves us okay.

I got out of that good going a little bit deeper while one question I have for example, you know, there are so many churches that they say it on their beliefs or beliefs or whatever else they, in order to be safe you might believe and repent of your sins and for my understanding in the Bible the word use repentance that may change your mind or sometimes also turn from the Greek word which means to have a change of mind change of attitude.

And so we are to have a change of attitude in salvation and we ought to attend. We should stop sending. We need to continually work against the sin which never use God's grace as a license to sin should never do that. My only concern is because I get more technical and theological issues and most people I don't want people to think that because they no longer lie now they can become a Christian is not what it is they don't become a Christian worthy of becoming a Christian because they don't do something it's because of their faith in Christ and that's what saves them. That's what would and then because of that than there enabled to be able to stop that sin otherwise we would have his idea that unbelievers can of their own free will stop sending and that's impossible because the Bible says Emily we are slaves of sin. Romans 614 to 20 can do no good. Romans 310, 11, 12 were by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 dead in their sins.

Ephesians 21 so they cannot stop their sinning because they don't have the proper motive, which is the glory of Christ, we don't have the proper standard which is the word of God and the repentance is not cleansed by the blood of Christ was not acceptable to the father so everything has to be by faith we have in the Lord Jesus Christ. Repentance is something we ought to do, but it's not the thing that contributes our salvation, nor does it maintain salvation through our okay to say that startup that saved someone when they turn then evident that they are state also if they don't turn from their thin and are continuing. Then not going to church, living in the same lifestyle. Not willing to be baptized, not willing to follow the Lord in the way that it is evident that they are possibly not that exactly that way because very good with safe face manifested in the reactions because we behave if we truly believe in Christ, we behave in consistent with so if someone is not behaving in a manner consistent with Christianity thing to me that evidence are not saved is not disapproving to consider.

So okay. Thank you God bless buddy great question and interesting phones with George Richmond, Virginia. George wait a long time ago but here on their George. George a George, all right I thought you'd you always make you weak. It was like you were saying that not all Christians will be going to heaven.

The said that all Christians are going to have Chris all true Christians right you really were generally deemed yes okay so if I believe that Bob salvation is a gift from Jesus Christ and do Bob you everything that you made a bad I should be going to clarify what is one thing for you clarify because you just said something that potentially is not good. Didn't really come to because it's not doing good that you have and it's our faith in Jesus Christ.

Did your going you doing with his good is in evidence of your salvation. Don't think that you get to go to heaven because you believe Christ and going to church, read your Bible and you have been honest if you believe that that's a false gospel. The gospel is a death and resurrection of justification by faith alone in Christ alone. I know I know I will get them about works okay short route. One of the Bible. There were usually people come to Jesus Christ and it was like Jesus Christ you know I believe you said the way I never knew you 720 family got a lot of your knowledge is that people that were also Christian and okay so I believe that God is Jesus down here and he if you believe that your heart you trust to believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh and the cross for our sins. Three days later rose from the dead and that you put your faith you trust in him alone, not him and baptism.

Not him and you're going to church, not him and is a combination added faith alone in Christ and are justified okay when I go out when I do promote world and I go up to the white throne judgment and I am judge is not as you be judged on your works in various things ultimately listen to judgments in heaven. If you trust in Christ you passed out. There is now therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, so you don't have to worry all in all and everything's in Rome. Romans incredible and you are blessed of people like me.

You have such knowledge that I made out that there already know, we know read like I do recall that we know all I can do is just say thank you Lord Jesus for getting me the unction desire to study and that's it. You know it's just him right. He just warms my heart is risen, all love good for you. The great day. I hope you and your wife do well and I'll be praying for you and will thanks appreciate you so hopefully okay let's George Richmond, muscular over to Joe from Utah long time picture when you're on their hi Matt how are you okay let number line is you know how many covenant and in my questions related to younger. I live here and you be baptized in. I went ahead and I hear lots of things I agree with the weekly progress I question in regards to what I man-made time that I believe that an lap collar you know the one that I do. I and I'd like to hear your best way for me to go about doing that glaciers are hacking them to do with the LDS. All these will will stand for small the LDS church is not a Christian church is not Christian. It teaches that God you see a man on the planet.

He became a God follow the laws and ordinances of that God on that planet is wise and I never got to that point yet never got God false Christ and false gospel okay flat out told you to find a good church know me tell you about a minute left. What I want you to do is contact a ministry down there friends down there.

Bill McKeever Eric Johnson M RM.orc Mormonism research stricter Christians, yet they do a show on my local radio that they are awesome okay and so you can just call up Bill and or Eric and say hey I need to find a church and they'll tell you because they live in the everything the good churches the public by their church and will help you out in their great belief in the till spent hours talking to their both very well. I tell you I'm so glad I called on Monday well researched like you call them up okay MRM Belair RJ got millinery officer I will thank you so much, yet he is circulating later time. The Lord bless you all about his graceful

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