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April 19, 2020 6:44 pm

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April 19, 2020 6:44 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A caller had a list of teachers-names that he wanted Matt's opinion regarding their doctrine.--2- Should I study with my JW friend---3- What is the biggest difference between JW teaching and Christianity---4- What do you think of theistic evolution- Are those who hold to that view Christians---5- Who exactly was there to witness the accounts of the gospels---6- Where in the Old Testament does it say you shall never enter my rest -referenced in Hebrews----7- What do you mean when you say that Roman Catholics aren't Christians---8- Is young earth creationism essential to being a Christian---9- What do you think of Pascal's wager-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is a lot more questions about why new home growing up with last name's work is a tough one.

Prepaid offered him the run as a kid's names would go so anyway you recall, you five open lines 877-207-2276 and the seat night debate on on reform doctrine and the information put on Matt slick page on when I get all the links and things like that.

You got to watch Ryan just happens in the put off later.

I think it might be what happened and see what else so few you know if your board during the pandemic quarantine time and you want to study all he could do was he could not go to CAR M.O homepage. We have three online schools can sign up for them. If you're interested love for you to do that and we have many discount price there would usually keep the lights on the so if you want and you can afford them. Just tell us this email and say I of the schools can afford it for free. It's a matter of of putting in the username and password in your email address and things like that and offers less time to put that stuff in there and you have access. So if you want that deal looked like us and we usually keep the lights on to and we want people to study so I thought I'd I do a nice little time like literally a minute before coming here on the show I'm studying the Greek word terrazzo and just checking word that means to buy that out with thisand some other Greek words study and at night I do is I go to bed. I read and read the book on the Quran right now in Islam and I have my phone with the stylus and go through and then what I do is I live in a day. I will love to take information and outlines so that I have got a lot of good outline information there. I can do the homework and give people the information and we put that information up on CAR, which incidentally has had 100 million visitors to it. So 30 go and believe it or not, to tell you about this. We been having the word tobacco is an interesting word tobacco and something really bad is going wrong in all just a mess of stuff. The current site broke about two years ago and about four years ago actually. And it's been in the back while trying to get it going and get prepared moving in the right direction D as in tobacco and let's just say while in a few people know the details and it is just incredible but nevertheless tomorrow we have a new guy who's gonna be starting a build on the wet new webs on the website and it should take 2 to 3 months before the new site is released that some in funding this and so it's been in the works for several months and finally it's going to happen. So praise God you pray about that. If you want and move over to a better CMS content management system eventually would have the schools all ported in and the forms moved in, and other things like that so that it will be exhibiting God for the good stuff again. We have five open lines cannot call 877-207-2276 or if you're in Facebook and or YouTube type questions and and I'll see them on the extreme yard streaming are generally good thing.

Stream didn't pay me to do this but on the advertise for because extremely hard as TREAMY ARD extreme I use it to broadcast to the lecture for this to five different venues of Facebook go to Pinterest I can go to YouTube and so they know me sitting here it goes out on the web to two of those areas.

Watched a little of the radio as well Ron I don't know if anywhere from 15 to 20 stations.

I forgot how many and so what were on the real on on the radio but it when I watch we do it this way, and also so it's really great little system and it really is. So I love tech I love tech I would I would marry tech. That's how much I love it and now I don't have emotional issues think with the uncanny guy who wants the big phone and the cut that the new phone foldout phone I covet it.

The new phone they had a foldout time is not like addiction is because I've take around wherever I go and answer emails. I do voicemails I do all kinds of stuff and read books on them, and for 333 or 40 books on Kindle now and just more ago. Not to mention that you know 2000 books have got it in the hard copy and things like that. So whether you write to this. Someone said in the when the chat rooms when the virus is over so wants you to stay away from me.

I like that so hey folks looking to call 877-207-2276 and if you want to study theology under tell you, but that's books are written and up will handle cough going on as so I do a lot of writing and a lot of research and I just released a novel called time trap and it's a sci-fi novel and there's no cussing and it's in no nudity and all that kind of stuff described is just science-fiction intelligences and things like this alien stuff and people trying to survive. So if it sounds intriguing to you.

Go to the car, website, and that's on the homepage there on any page on the right-hand side time tracking check it out, but also I've written other books as well. There's a book on on on atheism and it's really interesting kind of venue have know that as I wrote a short story that is not a short story, technical novella, which is a short novel and you can read this in about an hour or two hours not to like 6 to 8 hours is a regular not take an is a story about a guy who builds an atheist city and atheist country on a new island that develops in the ocean and how things go badly.

And what happens is they get an atheist philosopher to play the parts of someone trying to find problems with her solutions and do this in order to make their their utopia.

Even better, because of problems happen and he does his job little too well, and death threats and things like that leaving and stuff. So that's called atheistic. That's the name of the name your nation. I've also written a book called the influence and it's got 400 reviews on Amazon.

I think itself out of 5 to 4.8 so well coming greatly except to be rated R because it's scary. So there you go. All right, so the one calling for open lines. So what you give me a call 877-207-2276 Pescatore from High Point, North Carolina Rick, you're on the air. There Rick okay will try little bit longer. Amen.

Are you there is I can't talk tonight.

Okay, it will go you will stay way from a bad teacher. My worst teacher she teaches heresies blue CS Lewis is pretty good, just lucid, brilliant, able to communicate very well with some issues.

Somebody, leans towards universalism and monism in some areas, but for the most part is really good. TD Jakes.

The problem with TD Jakes is. He hovers between trinitarianism and oneness theology and oneness theology is heretical, so therefore I should not listen to Dr. pretty good. Dr. Yamagata is really good. I say go you can save it on that slick because that's it for the little guy named slick. Okay you I love you know my problem why I'm really everyday I'm real you forgot you forgot I'm autistic. I have Asperger's well what you want to know what that knows about is whether you do better on their plenty took me I'm not new to my Christianity I have a very personal relationship with Christ. It took me 30 years I'm 65 and it took me 30 years to get quiet now in Christ and 11, but you might tell is a lot of people got the people listen to me.

You know what I'm talking about people that you think may not complicate things when I go all about what you think. Okay so not about okay smile.

I have a real good name is real good real good Jehovah's Witness now she knows she can convert me and I know that I think of are so so I don't work on the house also but you know we talked about our Outlook grid. I will look at the thing that made it back like you said you were in the Koran. She gave the New World translation of the Holy Spirit that they would like to ride along with some guys that annotate its stalls translation it's it's bad is not a literal translation to alter the text of the Bible in very significant areas. It's not to be troubled by trusted it out on the reef that I want your help on camera mount the ship.

I really wish you and I could just sit and talk to you about great you know the patient elliptically with this does not happen, but why not sit down.

Let her teach you for a couple of hours.

Take notes because what you'll do is earn the right just to say no I teach you ask her. I got like this. Would you said let me do it with you.

She says no.

Why there is right back after these messages that I call 770727 is Matt's leg back to the show record. Still, there still here.

All right, so was I saying we gotta do is say yeah glad to sit down and study with you, I'd like you to teach me what you believe and I'll take notes and then cannot respond to what it is you say we can we get together and talk about the other side ask if that's okay.

If she says no, then you have to ask her why is it that you're not going to be equitable. Why okay and it is if she does that is because the watchtower will tell her what she can and can't do regularly say that but that is the case I got a little bit of a thing for you here and I tell you something. I remember clearly, years and years ago when I was studying the Colts with Jerry and Mary encoding who works with Dr. Walter Martin Christian research Institute in Southern California was in her class, and a ex-Mormon woman came in and she started talking about how she got converted to Christianity and what happened. She was driving down the 22 freeway which goes east-west West and in Southern California and she was listening to a Christian station in worship and they were singing praises in this fellowship in this intimacy that they had with Jesus. She wanted rings of reason and she wanted that and so she felt this need to charge or was he just left. She felt his need to cry out to Jesus and she did and she said she pulled over off the freeway dangerous but she did on the shoulder and talked to Jesus and asked Jesus to reveal himself to her and she said instantly.

She knew that Mormonism was false. She said it was a revelation that she had this relationship with Christ. I never forgot that she would just praise Jesus and others of verse I want you to take a look at in the New World translation. This is what it says this is first contains 19 God is faithful, by whom your called into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ our Lord fellowship. There is coin in the means intimate fellowship. Intimate relationship and what you can do is ask a simple question.

The shift fellowship unit issue. In addition I felt was very okay if you fellowship with your friends and on and and people who are alive. The shift fellowship.

What is ask her what is this fellowship that she has have described you.

You spend time with someone you talk to them.

That's how you have fellowship and you ask can we have fellowship with someone that you don't spend time with no if you don't never talk to them. You never speak to them and have fellowship with them since it won't course, not in you to first contains 190. The user Bible they've messed up a lot of stuff in the Bible that this verse is okay. God is faithful, by whom your called into fellowship with his son Jesus Christ. So he asked her how you have fellowship with Jesus because you just said you talk to someone have fellowship with them.

How you talk to Jesus. He said he does spend time with someone have fellowship with them how to spend time with Jesus because that's what the Bible commands us to be doing and then you can tell her how you do that no my effort. Okay, I need to know the difference that Jehovah's Witness had with Christ for so maybe you think okay Jehovah's Witnesses deny the doctrine of the Trinity. They call it polytheism, and often represents three gods they misrepresented, they say that Jesus is a created thing and actually she said he's Michael the Archangel, who became a man who died on the torture steak, not the cross and if he died but was not physically resurrected and he was only Saturday resurrected and so he rose from the dead spiritually but not physically and they have reasons for that, but I know that he became Michael the Archangel again and in order to be saved from your sins, you have to keep the commandments have to follow the law.

If the grantor yet.

Hopefully do what's right before God and so this is what the coast teach and take communion only hundred 44,000.

Jehovah's Witnesses are leading to communion with the only offer once a year in April and so this is okay to teach non-Christian Kennett. No wow wow wow what she will say God outlook is because you know well the name actually is from the graviton you think about take in Hebrew which setbacks 314 and 15. It talks about the name of God. When God says to Moses, I am that I am the Cecil say the sons of Israel. I am has sent me to you.

And so there is not a in Greek or Hebrew, and so is roughly 1500s.

I forgot to a Catholic priest or something like that coin the phrase Jehovah and so it just became a way of became a way of just saying his name Yahweh and it's just it's so Americanized kind of English is just what will notify God you know because it has great luck. Ask her to go to the kingdom with you. If they can get off did not close right now. I may go to all that I haven't went don't go to find out and go and get as much literature as you can and go through it, you'll start something once you're there you start saying hello brainwashed you go back and get you to start all that it would make us right now in group you not going out of course. But what I know that when I go to Canada are Joe look so until you do these things. I told you about and also go to Carmen and look up in first Corinthians 12 call upon the name of the Lord is that in connection with the first is 19 fellowship with Jesus. You do this very, very powerful way witnessing to her right right you welcome, but not got a last all right is the phone with William from LA William you're on the on the air with somebody you doing we got wonderful out actually calling because I wanted to know your opinion about the whole movement going on. I know, Dr. swami. Dr. Connor started off going to the evolution of that whole idea of God pulling out of any out of a group of pre-existing solar Homo sapiens and then giving them the command. What's your take on the school's look that word means is a lot worse than garbage but it just like the know God created Adam and Eve, he didn't take some priming breeds of the life into them and all that kind of stuff that would deny what God did in his credit order. Theistic evolution, sickly sex, canal water, okay snow good right right I completely agree.

But the problem I'm having it there are people who also deny you think evolution may deny evolution, but unity, academic circles, people are saying. Well necessarily improbable or impossible. So therefore we need to raise you think evolution is rising as good like that matters like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg go there.

Prior all right, so not a college waiting, but I wanted to get a little bit of information out evolution has all kinds of problems with but the scientists and the media have ways of burying contradictory information and the reason I believe is because they don't want to serve the true and living God.

So evolution has not been observed to science is the is observing something theorizing developing tests for it, finding repeatability and then modify your hypothesis into the theory where others can repeat this test with science really is.

When you look at a fossil in the ground you have to impose certain philosophical ideas and beliefs into it and studies been done were people do this all the time and all kinds of mistakes it will hit this thing at this is a horse is a good example and I did my research back in the 80s on you hippos and I found for example that they would assume certain gradations of evolutionary development of you hippos from smaller to figure to the horses with ending up with these in order, semen books, but turns out that a lot of these fossils are reversed in their order some that didn't belong in the ascending order, they go to big or too small or configured skip when you look at the real evidence from the perspective but they don't tell you that they don't tell you about the mathematical impossibility of abiogenesis of life only by chance they don't talk about the impossibility of thought mathematical impossibility of information formation and transmission through DNA. It is so incredibly fast against it. It's just credible, damaging the fossil record does not have really any transitional forms know people will say yes it does have traditional forms but they don't know for transitional because how do you know when conditional form is really transitional form and the answer is because it looks like it. This is mostly signs testability repeatability will how do you know looks like it will that it basically comes down to, and I would recommend that you know you can learn more about indirectness.

Everybody gets the book by Jonathan Wells, icons of evolution and Rachel McGregor is a great book and also the evolution's Achilles' heel to get evolution impossible. You can also I recommend you get book on intelligent design, and a lot of people will balk at intelligent design. But when you read this stuff.

It's impressive. The audio obviously have the information is a really special because it would have to do it how you how you deal with kind of IP Christian elite academic thinking people that you know what week we can't herald if you think evolution that they are wrong is can we have to break them out as brothers in Christ understand this allowed Christians who want to say I do want to send somebody to tell the truth to that embrace them in their heresy because it's okay to get off doing that is figure out. Yeah, it's at your wimps you know just telling the truth, lovingly, patiently, but tell them is so if someone calls me up on the show and said look I leave and if theistic evolution of the disabled. Let's talk about it. You believe that Adam was greeted by God. No did you deny the word of God. How can I trust you your true Christian to deny with the very basis of our faith is the God's creative record. Adam, the first Adam, if you can't trust the first at his creation have the trust and the last Adam. Redemptive work tackling is a great question. I love it so okay so I like that it be firm and tell them that they're being wimps building a loving way that bring them closer to Jesus right it's hard to do because people don't want to be offended.

You can send me you look to be wrong.

You offended me not to sue you a minute complain that it was a social disadvantage of having Asperger's.

You know the area known as burgers were not acted on it. Socially inclined so I can say thanks excuse me, I don't mean this to be mean, but you're wrong. I can tell you the truth, to run the 60s became your address I can mail you some diapers and all the right thought I could appreciate it. Mega blessed iritis telephones with Malta, North Carolina. Jamaal welcome. Sorry for the long wait around here, but good luck all of you got going your way. I will, wondering in my be great if I wanted to get here anyway. Like for instance the women were at two souls rolled away with a saw or heard about Peter denied Jesus three times. Pretty much all of the accounts it was written in the Bible where a lot of the accounts of the Bible was there to witness and record those questions. Sometimes we would say that the revelation of God given to the writer's is sufficient because God obviously is there. On the other hand, we have instances where people themselves are there so when the gospel writers would go to go to those women in the right the stuff down it saved what did you see when you were there. That's what they would do anybody would do that and he would write these things down because the women would tell them what they saw any of the a course to become cross-examined. You don't not in a legalistic way. But did you see any so that to okay how is that I think okay, think about the court remedy okay but correctly, it will bless okay, let's get to Lynn from Ohio Lynn welcome your on the rather I tell you I'm fine I were you wondering find it likely thinking at that. I know you and your Hebrew dad that you will never enter my wrath a and he said that you like the new very angry email when Josh Joshua Caleb in them the land they came out. Thanks. Now leaking go indelibly think find everybody out grade that get angry and had day in the desert that he also mentioned you shall not enter my wrath can like to write that wellness with the verses in the context with what you told me what he's talking about. There is because they, they, when Moses went up to the Mounts to get to talk to God to get the 10 commandments. He came down during that time, the Israelites made a golden calf and is worshiping it in direct incredible defiance of the true living God, and they just walked imparted water seeing a pillar of fire, leading them in the desert in the face all went into idolatry coming along and so I think that looking at success from their never enter my rest of never enter into the promised land going onto the force to wander for decades. They perished new people came up were born. Okay that's what I got out of it that I would share it. Hopefully for them to ever say that I know that they were chosen in that context means that the people of Israel were chosen by God to be the people of Israel doesn't mean every one of them was saved and that they were trusting completely the work of God and the Messiah to come. So it says and do for me 32 six. For example, says that God bought the Israelites but doesn't mean that they were saved so that census which can be saved without wishing the steps and so the Israelites were in a covenant relationship. A lot of people just fail to understand what covenant theology is and is really necessary that the Christian study this in the liquid look of covenant theology because God was in covenant relationship with Adam and Eve at me for strictly was but without the people of Israel and the 10 Commandments logical don't know this are documents and when you know if I make a contract with you. You get a copy. I get a copy. It's to the Commandments are 10 and 1096 and four and five and five and they are the, the covenant pattern was called the suzerain vassal treaty pattern of the third millennium BC and it said introduction of who I am.

This is what I've done rewards and stipulations and punishments for the requirements and this is right there in the 10 Commandments so Moses brought down the two tablets, one set when into the the holy of holies, and this is with the ark of the mercy seat was above the ark on the ark, in which the 10 Commandments within the mercy seat is called the footstool of God's will to the presence of God as well as an presence of man to the 10 Commandments things is covenant theology so people of Israel to cover relationship doesn't really work safe right. God bless arrive right back after these messages we have two open lines 877 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the last segment of the show. The script in Catholic welcome here back on the right. That's right may Yahoo define what Selena right question for the federal type. When you assert that Roman Catholics are not Christian they should not be statistically counted. Do you mean they do not follow your version of Christian specifically you mean by that is not my version is what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches under certain doctrines are central to Christian faith.

If you deny them and you can't be a true Christian and one of the things that the Roman Catholic Church absolutely does is deny the true gospel in the true faith of Jesus Christ alone and faith alone and justification by faith alone in Christ alone and that works to salvation. Therefore teach the false gospel is not a true church Catholic Christian. Now I believe that that there are Christians within the Catholic Church. True Christians but are there country Christians in spite of what Catholicism teaches you actually believe that there are people who will be saved.

Catholic I believe that there are people who don't understand what Catholicism really truly teach us.

This is why repeatedly say over the radio that anyone who believes official Roman Catholic theology regarding the doctrine of salvation cannot picture Christian go to hell out, understand, and affirm your will block to lose from interview someone so indoor utility to officially occurrence what Roman Coliseum teaches regarding all we say this regarding salvation can't be saved.

The reason is because what Catholicism adds work to salvation.

You are thinking gone over this several times that now do you personally believe that God's good creation is an essential part of the faith know there's nothing in the Bible it says that you must affirm it in order to be a true Christian it's logical to believe something like that. But nothing the Bible states it as it does with the other doctrines that to you in the wake of the primary essentials you must believe in certain things in order. Within the faith, but nothing the Scripture says you have to believe in, and numerous creationism in order to be a true Christian believe that it is very likely the topic it's important extremely important when you say essential essential in one respect in order for someone to become a Christian know we become a Christian by faith and trust in Jesus Christ and people have varying degrees of belief that's both accurate and inaccurate and yet are still saved, so people can believe for example that the you know Jesus is a real generic kind of a difference rejuvenation rafter versus triplets rapture people is questionably both which both can't be true and if you're still Christians because it's not a dividing issue that doesn't affect the issue of salvation doctrinally. I truly question really. We talked about this you know and you know you and you know thinking I was advised until people things worth mentioning. You are very polite. Excellent. I appreciate that you do the job. You and I try and be the same, but I have to tell you this is were talking last night when I asked you if you don't can you pray to Jesus and asked Jesus to forgive all of your sins and you said yes and then what would that mean that all of your sins are forgiven you said yes.

Well, if all of your sins are forgiven, then you can't go to anybody else, like a priest to be forgiven of the sins that are already forgiven, because they're already forgiven like that. Can you ask to get your understanding about what if you could. You don't need the apostles to get a hide on the Council of Jerusalem that people would think that the bed I got to an apostle congregate and hold counsel is electric even though you can't desperately last opened our minds so they could see that you guys are in heresy with a heresy to think I talked doctrines of salvation they belabored. The thing is if it's real simple.

If you asked Jesus to forgive you all your sins are all of your sins forgiven partly had no there is a threat is given I noticed you look says that Jesus has forgiven us all of our trespasses. That's Colossians 213 and Jesus ask anything in my name and I will do a John 14 for Kurt Luke 1616. So if you asked Jesus was God in flesh, one verse 14 with all authority in heaven and earth. Matthew 2818 through 20.

And you ask him and he forgive sins. Luke five 2748: if you ask him to forgive you if you can forgive you if you commit a sin in the next hour and you go to crisis it. Would you please forgive me, praying ask if she can forgive you if there's a good so then if you commit a sin in our and you ask Jesus for forgiveness. You don't then go to a priest and asked forgiveness because it's already forgiven right proper dollars was no availability-priest, not a creek need a priest.

The Bible teaches that certain people were given the authority to retain you cannot excuse that Weight right there and there are certain imbued with that perfect participle in Matthew 20 11, 20, 22, This Is a It's a Passive It's a Participle It's a Perfect Participle That Means That They Have Already Been Forgiven. The Christian Does What It Says. That's What the Greek Says, and I Never Hear You Can Talk about This New Century Dispersed Was Understood. Note Certain Apostolic Authority Given Now Being Reinterpreted.

On a Night When Something Else.

The Plaintiff Executed That the Apostles Have the Right to Repeat Him to Forget the People and Not Everyone Has That Authority Which Would Mean That I'm Quite Aware after That Little Creek.

I Get the Plain Reading of the Text and Out Of the Technique to Be Eligible. First of All, You Have To Demonstrate That It's True That That That's How It Was Held Because I Have You Know I Have Research on the Church Father to Contradict You Clutter on All Kinds of Topics Would Tell Me This Is What It's Always Been Understood or Universally, Whatever.

This Is Not True, Seeks the Issue with Research on John 20 2200 Correctly and Where I Found the Church Fathers, Saying, Now the Sins of Already Been Forgiven or Just Pronounce It Was Already Done Exactly What the Greek Says in a Perfect Participle so You Know You Look You've Already Said If You Pray That Jesus Forgive You Your Sense of Sin That You Might Commit in an Hour, Then You Cannot Go to a Preset Ask a Priest to Forgive You for What Jesus Is Already Taken Care Of Now That You Did That Would Be Telling Jesus That What He Forgive Is It Really Forgiven the QB Saying His Work Is Active. Forgiveness Is Not Sufficient to a Man That the Catholic Church Has Has Authority. So If You Are Go to Commit a Sin and You Asked Jesus to Forgive You and You Notice That He Forget If You Would You Then Have To Google Priest to Get That Same Forgiveness Authority Forgiven Right Well Right Now I Don't Go to. Would You Go and Get Forgiven for Us in Authority Forgiven Dancers Know It's Already Forgiven Priest You Just Go to Jesus Simply Yes the Radiology Users of the Courses That You Question about It from Catholicism Because You Don't Trust What Jesus Did. It Says in G That When You Were Dead in Your Transgressions and Answer Competitive Flesh, He Made You Alive Together with Him, Having Forgiven Us All Our Transgressions, All All of Our Transgressions Are Forgiven When You Put Your Faith and Trust in Christ Mineral Forgiven and Were Forgiven at the Campus Indicative of the Cross Going to Priest Has No Bearing on It at All and I Will Have To Keep Talking about the Key Witness into You. You Believe That What We Always Eventually Enter the Cultural Letter so Many Questions to Get You. Talk to You That Much of Other Social Figured out but Last Night Was Pretty Bad so Maybe I Will Give You Some Model Powers Controlled at This Guy and I Talk to Three Times A Week on Social Media.

He's Very Polite.

He Really Gets and I and I Appreciate the Way We Have a Discussions Let's Get to Marshall from Oklahoma. Marshall Welcoming on the Air. Hello, I Have about Two Minutes Sorry and I Look Back and Have Enough Time to Get into Theo Talked about Whether or Not without Being Raised from the Dead Insurance. The Problem, Are You an Atheist, Well Now My Am a Christian. I Have I Am in a Christian University Ran Apologetic by and Have Him Call Me and I'll Come in on the Phone and Maybe We'll Talk in Regard Blog Where Already Larry Kind of Put That Together but I Haven't Heard Back from My Not That We're Reading As the Original Sources and Passed out Later As I Read It It I Can Be Sort of Heat. I Think It Saying That You Have Everything to Gain by Believing Nothing and I Was Afraid That It Is Not.

I Think That's Very Lame but It's Okay to Be with You but Okay, I Think You Could Maybe Twist the Ground in a Better Way. Because the Think It Slightly That Is Rethinking the Side. Nothing Here with the Yeah We Need Thing Happening and If That When You Have To Wager That He Either Got It Free That What We Said, but You Are Already Wagering Foolishly.

I Thing It Does Not Think That Had the Evidence to the Contrary Is Beautiful and You Gain Nothing by Wagering You Don't Get What You Know, the Jury Is in the Great Black Birthday That I Answer Your Question, Please Ask. Sorry Rooms Are Time Why I Got a Better Would That Be a Better Way to Write Wager I See You See It Written out over to See You Proceed with Now Because of Variations with Pascal's Wager Is Right Alright so I like That Jacob from Maryland Call Back Tomorrow How You Got Hey Folks, Bless You. Great Day Tomorrow

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