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May 6, 2020 2:27 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 6, 2020 2:27 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- If someone doesn't believe in the Trinity, will they go to hell---2- What does Romans 13 really teach, and how far does our submission to the government go---3- How do we explain the apparent contradiction between the various accounts of Paul's conversion in Acts---4- Does the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation violate the incarnation- Is Christ ever physically present with us today---5- What is your take on the -five-fold ministry- in Ephesians 4 and how should it work in churches today-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded not stretch out mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine earns a max Y Live Oak will have a day's plan really going on.

Please pray for her country folks really necessary to do that as Christians, that to her rights are retained, hearing some things so you pastors being arrested, single, solitary regime almost as much from the things you hear in other countries and get concerned about something so please consider praying for the wisdom of our leaders that one would have to believe in the Constitution. Seriously everything they swear under oath to uphold. It would be nice if they really did do that and down there slipping in bills and slipping in things while the coronavirus of going on and off someone just told me today that bill out there.

We are trying to restrict guns and ammo and all kinds of stuff is really some heavy stuff they're going on and I have information that of the topics of print about yelling about this so bad trying to percent tax on ammo trying to make federal licenses for gun is just things like this and you think about the Second Amendment is under attack. To some degree, and the first one also has the right to assemble.

I understand quarantining. I understand all that stuff but just tell you how governments work. If you studied governments through history and visually teach history in school and want to keep you well. My opinion is a not very educated about what history teaches what we can learn from but to tend to become controlling despotic tend to do that over time the longer lurk around the more rules they try and produce here the thing you think about we as Christians with the Lord, who lives in her heart and soul. What is in our heart controls her hand. So to me by that is because I believe it's a sin to to steal. I will not steal. So what I'll do is be honest and up if you know if I were to walk out of the store and in the car and realized that I'd accidentally put the bag without paying for turnaround and walk back in. Let them know and pay for walk out. That's what I will do on Kyle's mother's because it's initial integrity before my Lord, and this is think so.

If you have the Lord in your heart.

This is the kind of thing that goes on we don't have the Lord in your heart you need more more rules and regulations to guard the hand and so with our culture the way it is moving against Christianity away from God with the truth of him. This indwelling in our hearts than more and more laws are needed to be passive in order to control people and I can only go so far before become so draconian and oppressive and not disconcerted about that. So I recommend pray for our country. Pres., pray for deliverance. This is virus and that we will get back to where we were before with her rights firmly held and guaranteed the cost of tuition and not usurped and taken from us because of crisis is a balancer that I have here.

Talk about wisdom to but it is a concern. I can recall you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have 34 Polonsky McCall was for the John from New Jersey. John will commute on the air request I find the article about all I know your fate. Not long ago Roger and have found wanting to connections every good you you did. You wanted to debate them.

I read it your my question about go believe in maternity leave is gone incarnate today go to Hallandale believe that will do some yeses and notice to that first of all you you supposedly Jesus Christ got flesh, but when we do about the babies in the womb who die in the womb.

What happens to them and so technically we don't know and how much would they know the deity of Christ, so that that itself does bring up an issue where we have a similar not exactly sure but normally speaking you gotta believe in the deity of Christ, and you can't can't deny this essay, you cannot deny that he's got flesh.

It's one thing to be ignorant. A lot of people will trust in Christ, not really knowing who he is and they can be saved and they grow into that knowledge of a better and more complete way later on. But as far as trinitarianism goes versus oneness Pentecostal oneness apostolic Unitarianism Unitarians bite defaults believe Jesus Christ is a created thing and so there called now the young Pentecostals also called because it denies a Trinitarian truth, but it also states getting baptized in Jesus name in order to be safely at work to salvation. Several more this out to salvation, and that you lose your salvation you keep piping good so these are some of the problems and issues that that doesn't mean that everybody in, say for example your Pentecostal unite apostolic churches who deny the Trinity doesn't necessarily mean that every one of them is is not saved because you can have different people save different levels of knowledge and understanding the general rule is that people who are saved will come to the truth. The longer there in Christ, the place of knowing who he really is is a Holy Spirit will bear with the truth of Christ.

So is you know there's a gray areas are but normally speaking can be true Christian in the groups okay okay thank you but you know how long I how are you to have our top you deity of Christ to have hours on the Bible clearly they think God yes it does say he's a God, what kind of a God.

It was a God forever was with God was a there's always some question the people will ask and train a certain all say things are very clever ways the pack, so I argue, but the deity of Christ product do is listen to the person's arguments I've heard most every argument there is not against his deity and so I listen and I know where to go but I was Melissa because sometimes or something new you to find out which particular group. Certainly person believes in, unite apostolic groups. They do believe in the deity of Christ is deny the Trinity and so they are affirming that he is God in flesh with two natures.

However, there some logical problems and some practical problems. Along with that, that when you connect the dots ultimately ends up denying the truth because of the nature of the incarnation and hypostatic union. Is he a man right now and so he really because problematic and there non-Christian calls there unite apostolic United intercostal groups that deny the doctrine of the Trinity and require baptism for the remission of sins. As an with anyone that is order to obtain forgiveness of sins that is cultic. That's what it is. Sometimes these questions and it's a good question. Some of the questions can be answered yes no but sometimes will mostly guess mostly no and with the careful because we don't want to commit a logical fallacy of composition with the engine is been there for the entire clue, blue car is blue with that means is that it's an error of logic and thinking was true of the one part is true of all the parts related to well you could have someone in the Pentecostal church.

He believes all that, the stuff that they teach and it means that he's not saved is all the people in the whole group are not saved you can't say that we can say that they believe official doctrine only got Pentecostal unite apostolic Roman Catholic Church regarding his salvation than the Catholic Christian to Christian. Okay now I like that that date which debate Anthony brought it with David would you know you heard right young.

He's been my house. We hope that they can clean Anthony Roger and he had written something for it three days ago. How do you know who won. You know what is so big I really understand what they were saying okay. The really big word and and word the Unitarian with saying that preparing all to shorted thing that you God that it was quoting Philo you the guy was saying that Jesus was not God in flesh yet) in the Unitarian Unitarian really get the attorney would say that course yet so rocker paperwork prior article, but he yelled. It was really good, but now is very I never even so hard on her. He was quoting Philo the other guy was going.

Philo, they yeah you know it's a suicidal is when the church fathers, but this thing is that you know who cares my church father can beat up your church father. We don't want to call church fathers. I was in a discussion last night with his godly man the Christian guy on Reform theology. He denies it. I affirming and he kept quoting the church fathers referencing them always act who cares is not of the debates about and we need to stick with what the word of God says about what history says church father say things like that that discussing these to the deity of Christ is found in the Scriptures. It clearly says I love the debate that Unitarian guy you know I love the bigger the dock of the Trinity, the deity of Christ. It's like my favorite thing to do right. I can connect to it. I mean I get you an email come up with another YouTube channel to please this mission, you never know pneumonia.

I do video with little debate, discussion on the nature Christ things like that.

I have arguments in life. Don't use though and it all depends on the person's presuppositions with hold to the hold of the inspiration of Scripture. I got it they don't hold inspiration of Scripture.

There's no point of debate because the text is about Christ and what it sounds so no it so well. It's just that I've been debating the deity of Christ for 40 years and now she's got in flesh two natures hypostatic union committee you in your bottom is not the story does impact modify statistical you took in this you know and then fill a testament height of the test and that's how it should be. So these are the things that this process clearly teaches and so phone down and do a the name of the phone is scam likely.

How about that they would call her so if different definitional and any rate, so I will be left debate debate the view they function nobody waiting once you 77207227651 Mass. Y. Call 770-7276, cares Matt slick ride will show everybody looks good. Only phones with Eddie from Houston, Texas, any welcome your on the air is an excellent day with Samantha. You had with a lot of the Christian that are of angry because they're not allowed to go to church and that you're claiming that they're being denied that God and an old reading up on the Roman 13 wanted to and I was wondering of the goods. Maybe give me your opinion on what what that's about how far delete we follow man got right 13 toxic physical no subjection to the government. We need to be in subjection to the general rule is worse in subjection to the government unless the government conducts Scripture so that's just how it goes and so we should never support as Christians, any taxes that go for abortion or in promotion of homosexuality or anything that is contrary to Scripture, we should not be voting for people who conducts Scripture either as true Christians we shouldn't do that, we shouldn't put our endorsement behind someone who is anti-Christian. Now how far we take this effort we take this issue of submitting the government particular niche of coronavirus will and that Leviticus 13, 14, and it talks about the quarantining when His disease wrote an article about this so weak or so ago two weeks ago and I try to show that it is biblical and it is biblical to do that. And even when those who are not showing symptoms but have touched something unclean come in contact with something that potentially diseased. They are to isolate so these things are biblical but how for me to come and that's the question and that's what's so difficult and I can understand not having a church service work in the middle of a pandemic might be the one who brings in a disease you know and we do that and so with carefulů Getting into the place of of of getting sick. I'm going to meet with other Christians and yet we spent a disease went with her to what we do lie I have no problem meeting went online, doing things like that online I think it would need to be careful and not get into groups yet we tell this thing is is abated sufficiently where's that, I don't know what the experts talk about But I do not like, which happened in their resting pastors finding people illuminate their sensible deal heard about the people the drive-in there in their own cards are isolated and social distancing is no problem in the cops given a ticket that will, in order to do that.

The talk that the cops had to break social distancing to do it. It really doesn't make any sense for that work that was way too far in my opinion it was not a lot of respect the cops I do I constantly for years and years.

I stopped cops to say thank you for being an officer would appreciate it. Etc. I've done this hundreds of times but you know was perfect.

But this is just going too far breaking of people's homes confiscating this and that is happening there.

Parts of the world because of the virus go to for so you don't mind, I don't know of a theologian and don't have an answer for medical, economic, balance along with it because I know all the other issues with back of the economy going. Soon or we can have major depression, major that's right already rate is exceeding what it was during the Great Depression and bankruptcies are to and oil tankers are full of gasoline and are sitting idle because Smith is going through so that the the prices dropping the people think that's a good thing not necessarily because this is one of the signs of severe deflation. The money doesn't really come to the point of not having much value can be very careful what have got get the economy going. Soon we have to get going so we have to answer starting a friend who said that the entire history of United States $10 trillion in debt in the past, but three, four months now we've added another 10 because of all this is a serious stuff economy cannot survive that something like this. If this continues written and absent so I recommend people to tell you this, I recommend people prepare single crazy but prepare get food, water does have enough supplies for two or three months and am I have and that's that. You don't just be smart about things and deliverables in praying. Truscott, your third grade out of concern about the warning to that so we can eat condemnation on an art filled we don't obey the government will get out and understand that it kind of vanilla going although you have to we have to get calculated out right away to leave it in the notes here for. And so it is a tough one and I think it would be good is to have several people were really knowledgeable about all the stuff just get the group is are talking and seeing, you know, we don't know we don't know what the economy going to do. We don't know what trumped Nell's and we don't know you got experts you know stupid man, that's for sure. He's he certainly puts his foot in his mouth, but he's not dumb.

He knows what to make money and he knows what it takes to get things taken care of. There's a story about a nice trick in the representation of him.

I vote for them folks the constitutionalist, but it was a skating rink that the city was full to take care of or build something like that. There will budget months over budget and he stepped in and got it done under the budget and in less time than than the contract for use will meet many people in government who summaries not perfect but you know what business is and know we need to get things going and we need to reduce taxation and set free. You start restricting people's movements that hamstrings the economy. We have to have movement we have for people buying and selling and going and doing no work. We got a line without a pandemic where people can die that to think the thing have not heard from the news media is a comparison of coronavirus deaths with normal flus seasons that we have and I've understood that the a lot more people died from influence Andy then current and hearing about you so why are they not is the question I have, why they not bring this up, why, why will the suppression of information is misdirection.

So this is not a concern. We don't get worried understand about isolation. I have no problem with my switch attached to it happening, really be praying for the president, the vice president may be praying for people to do what's right to be praying that the wacko leftists don't try and insert social bill. I think of less, so that you still regret that folks mats like why call 770-7276 charismatic slave automatically silver buddy.

Let's get to Jonathan from Arizona. Jonathan here and I arrived in Guthrie's, we got money, no question about the conviction regarding account of rooted America, where both were with all like you like out there. Bob didn't hear her to do fear like that yes and non-that you like part of the ligament to go and I study apologetic for the last nine years community. It might, that would be trouble right that led me to believe in resurrection and then from then I started studying apologetic, but out of when I heard about the addiction actually jumped online and I googled it and I actually found your website on and I thought one acclamation there was something related to like the different things like Greek you hear something like audibly or fight in the back row. Your mom is yelling at you and you didn't hear what she said like you heard it, but you didn't. I like that one instance one way of looking at it is there hearing without understanding, and one is that you can hear with understanding the different ways so it says the article, the class of 20 to 9 can be translated that they did not hear the sound the IV quickly translates the verse because of up to here with the genitive case happening showing possession, genitive, management position means to hear a sound with the accusative case to here with understanding.

So one means just to hear that her case means to your understanding the accusative talking here about the direct and indirect objects and things like this.

So what it does in Greek nouns decline. So we have boy invoice but will have actor actors actress actresses desk declension in English but in Greek nouns decline all over the place. They have what's called nominative, genitive, date of accusative optative their cases and has to do with the with that the subject showing possession. The direct object the indirect object command vocative and so this is how it is working Greek and so when we have different words used in different cases, that's what it means. The accusative case, a genitive case can have different meanings and it and so other genitive case is employed 97 and read my notes accusative is using 22, nine the travelers with salt heard the sound but did not understand her, but in here with understanding. So would you say I heard what they heard the sound within hear the sound with understanding two different things. Greek is a very powerful language.

It's very powerful language and so you can say for example how Foss artifacts in Greek, which is the good man or the man a good hot author pots artifacts literally is the man good, but on deposit in August.

Sauce man good art and the same ending syllable. Arthropods are the thoughts that OS ending is masculine singular, and August. The way the masculine plural dog authority would be masculine plural unsupported cake so you could actually say for example the good man or the good man, excuse me, Artie thoughts. Arthropods with a good man that would be totally in that order and you can actually take the word arthropods off and say, Artie thoughts but is masculine singular. The patient visits the good man is Lucian Greek in the Bible sometimes like that when you have on auto thoughts just ha ha. I'll deposit the good, but it singular masculine to put the word man in italics because the content the word in Greek carries that that the singular masculine sense and hustle to put the word man in italics because that is implied by that Greek, but we don't have it like that in English we don't do that we don't speak like that so this is why we have different but it's a very powerful very, very powerful language. In my opinion, nobody ever spoke Greek 2000 years ago they invented it and put on paper to torture people in the future to understand you, because it's the other genitive absolute with the date of means means what it does. Next to the nominative Afro vocative on Tuesday and Wednesday different and I'm exaggerating a course, but these are the kind of things we deal with and man it's copy was very powerful language very precisely at probably why the like. So much like a conductor like urology pocket. The Bible rightly because we don't.

Certain context of the Bible. Unlike just don't know what that means I'm reading it. I know the word I think I need and very certain parts of the Bible that I did have to look into, like language, alluded to get any of the death out my get the dog. While confusion because it trying to claim the Bible in a language that will write just as tough sometimes it is idiomatic phrases to clear your nostrils at someone your angry at them. In Hebrew, so there's different kinds of things with dynamic translations. We have the translation that are meant to be literal and that are meant to be, meaning carried over. Like for example you know that he is finishing thing wanting and I hunger literally as I I have hunger will speak like an English we say I'm hungry and so what we do, what you translated literally the new say I have hunger but but what we do is say I'm hungry. Both are correct. What is more literal than it was an interesting neuropathy literally for the rate before the break coming up. You heard of the phrase in the Bible talks about building your house on the rock sent I, because it has that solid track will there's there's a culture that they had of translation, difficulty because if you build your house on a rock in that culture, the flood would come and sweep it away what you had to do is built on the sand and with it did with it would take these poles long bamboo poles which are superstrong and pound them down way deep into the sand and then they could build your house on the support structures that was anchored firmly deep in the sand so we come to translate that into into that language. What you say because you missed something, if you say build your house on the sand because the rock represents Christ, and so this is play on words in the original, but in their language. It wouldn't carry over so that the deer was a translate it the way it was intended to be understood in the context of the said build on the sand and then will be up to the teachers and preachers later to explain more accurately what was going on with just write some of the linguistic difficulties interfaced but for the most part there's very few and I said I'm not that good in Spanish, but we have some Spanish guys next door to us and I'm practicing with them and get around II just do it and am in it works. I don't say governing perfectly but were able to communicate quite well without his neglect, but sometimes a precision okay yeah right helps give a lot of information there. The atmosphere there is a lot of a lot about the health almost everything about Rick and understand the did you did you enter yesterday Greek for four and half years in college and seminary, but I forgot I have forgotten so much so that I find the tools and unable to to understand a lot of what's going on is my tools and things like that will yeah but another week that I applauded a lot here. I will wait. I had heard about you. Up until maybe both. Tom was lucky. Well, they did not want that to this day and when I had heard anything. You are paraphrasing no United have a public debate departed was destroying them or whatever the last note I did a lot I was destroying because if you have if you would like to destroy me never die, never even heard of act point in there when I had waffled debate any of it like another great argument that that I'd not heard of it is me like argument that Matthew regarding like the alarm or whatever like what causation is you break you going already voted right back after these messages, please match like why call 770776 is Matt's leg real fast photo. The callers we have three skulls at three schools online mounts go online school of theology, apologetics, and critical thinking. They are very good for you. They are helpful to a lot of information in them the check amount have discounted for the duration because it was going on in our country and your check about you cans, go to See and check out the schools. It's on the right hand side of any page down.

Check that out and disallowed 24 hours for the access to manifest fully and that shouldn't be a problem there and also written a book and it's also on the homepage and the rights of any page also called the call time travel. Check it out if you want your interested see your right to do stuff like that. Let's get to Jason from Michigan Jason welcome from their dramatically about a few weeks ago, a radio guy had called and asked about the different between manifestation and incarnation of Christ, and that is manifested in the garden in the Old Testament in regard to the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist wherever they believe the get up and physically present in the body and blood violation of the incarnation and of Christ, never physically present to spiritual connection that which is a human body can only be one place at a time. This is how it is our definition, but to Catholicism if they have is Jesus Christ instituting the Lord's supper thing. This is my body is a seat literally his body. He passed literally, his body around all that it would make any sense because it would deny the true nature of the incarnation and they say with a sacrifice body of Christ, which had been sacrificed yet and was violating Levitical law and that Leviticus 1714. Not to drink the blood of any flesh and so you know it or just a lot of problems are, but they hold the of the priest holds the wafer up and then does this certain ceremony and that is changed into the actual body and blood of Christ wafer was bodies actually him. They put in a monstrance and they can worship this really him so they can worship it means that it really is him is a kind of incarnation, the manifestation weird it is on Windows are right now sitting at the right and the father yes not physically present but spiritually present well and if the key here is a thing work.

It's difficult to explain this, Jesus has two natures, a divine nature and human nature that united in the one person of Christ is called the hypostatic union. The divine nature could not die only the human nature could die with the reason the sacrifice of Christ was a divine value even though only the human nature died is because the attributes of both natures were ascribed to the person, the person said I'm hungry.

I'm thirsty. I'll be with you always, even to the end of the earth. The person claimed divine attributes as well as human attributes. It was the person we see on that cross who died on the cross on the cross and died there for the person is of infinite value. Furthermore, we would observe the divine manifested through the physical with the human we can't see divinity, not a triangle shape doesn't wait for 5 pounds. It's not blue in divinity is, in essence, that work which Perceives beyond our senses, but we do is we see the perception through the physical. So when Jesus was used of God in flesh would walk on water. For example, then we would proceed the divine through the physical when he would, you know commander storm to be still and innovate. We see the divine manifested to the physical.

It's a condescension that glorifies God lowers himself to a level of her comprehension to it in order for us to be able to see and understand so this is a true nature. Christ and in heaven. He is in the glorified resurrected body this prophesied in John 292 21 and also for script is 1535 to 45. Talked with true nature of the resurrected body. Jesus is the firstfruits of creation. The first one is risen from the dead, and he's in heaven. Physically there may not have been yes resurrected body invented human physical body is physical is human physical body has been raised from the dead and retained his wounds in the feet and in the hands and in the side body below.

Think of in that way they think of them as the really handsome gentle looking blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian server image that's not going that will air flowing hair dressed in a woman's nightgown and so that's not who he is he he has the wounds retained. We know that because after the resurrection. He appeared to Thomas.

John 2025, 28, and put her hand into my side to his room move are still there and may be in the 24 lease on the road there talking to the disciples they didn't recognize him is set for specifically says her eyes were beheld from seeing him or knowing who he was.

But after he broke bread. Their eyes were opened. Maybe this may be the breaking the bread the garment around his wrists moved away and they saw the wound of just adding it for fun because the crucifixion was not in the palms of his and the rest so in heaven. Jesus by divine nature. We get a more complicated here divine nature by necessity has to be on the present. All places at all time. That's my necessity the human nature cannot be there is a union we call the hypostatic union so we don't know how it all works because the Bible doesn't tell us it's a great mystery and even paradox. But here's the thing Jesus as a human being and that human aspect of human nature can only be one place and time. By divine nature, but necessity has been all places all time how those work together. We don't know. So in heaven right now there's a man on the throne with holes in his wrists at his feet and a side beard plucked open his back. This is who sitting on the God forever present at all on her, especially now he I don't see I do not see how that's possible that some my siblings. He's going to do every once will yeah you certainly can do every wants what he wants to do will be impossible to do because God cannot lie.

You cannot want to live he cannot stop being goddesses nature to always be so. He can only do what his is able to do and that's not a restriction on God is just a cup, a work in harmony with his nature and his essence so we know that the nature of the essence of the human body is to be one place at a time and we know the nature and essence of God is the everywhere all the time.

So how does it work together. We say that the man is one place in a time but yet he's participating in the omniscience, omnipotence of the divine nature. We will that's what I would conclude okay and then what was the man nation in the garden go body or I don't know that I physical body can be manifested. Angel certainly did that in her came and tell that there's not human, but is not incarnation where he manifestation can appear and disappear incarnation that is not the case.

Jesus was incarnate and he walked. He couldn't just a meet in one sense, yes he could disappear. Disappears got in flesh, but the human nature issue is not an issue die syllogism.

The Greeks allow the will of the flesh that will human nature and the will the divine nature and how they work.

In this case complicated here and theologian, the discussed these can nuances what would this mean how would we afford we go and draw conclusions we have to use logic at this point and I from your original question was noticed this so much of my head, trying to get back to you couldn't manifest read well what to say that he could if it was within his nature to be able to. The question is, is it within the human nature to be able to do that. That's the question we have to ask the Catholics don't ask the really don't ask is because of their idolatry to we have to understand that, for example, can God lie. No, we can't. Why because it goes against his nature. Can a human being more immortal place or time. No why because it's against his nature. Jesus is fully human, was releasing his humanity can be more one place at a time. He has a divine nature with my necessity must be so if you say he's in the in the bread will then the only way they could be logically upheld his essay that his spiritual presence is there, but not his physical manifestation within what the physical presence me because isn't he cute everywhere you anyplace all-time anywhere anyway so she just gets to be difficult because the we have these fractures like dendrites yellow tree limbs or go out different subdivisions of how we could talk about things like this and it just got to be complicated and then I don't go very far to it because of say something that is beyond Scripture.

Okay perfect thank you that help not, but yet that I think having a blast. Let's get to Drew from Charlotte North Carolina drew sorry for waiting so long been a couple minutes I that by big part of my early walk for all of it.

Now and in your report and watching videos on YouTube really helped grandpa Mary, a Catholic background.

I will write about what you think about a lot. Thank you for that paper is not resolved at the light Mike Martin about the war, on the fivefold work program. Not possible dominated Bildad like me.

That whole deal.

I've been involved with better on a real heavy in that denied like the Lord they can be out of oh I get it from a theological back and I want to get your understanding of that is how you know how our work will surely look at it right so just so you know, the Greek word for the word the is the word ha it's omicron just a single letter 01 with the refreezing mark "ah" hot is the definite article the wood literally says in the Greek is and he gave some as the apostles of some as the profits of some is the evangelist in some ask the pastors and teachers is for five nouns before definite articles in the last definite article the covers, pastors and teachers, the pastors and teachers.

They seem to imply a single office because a pastor by definition a teacher because he's also an elder first Timothy 517 and you teach 71 verses 5 to 7 in first and for 23 so that's one aspect of acquittal, because Rome was a time the apostles there are no more apostles because Paul said in first contains 91. He's an apostle because he seen the risen Lord and he defendants apostleship at that sense and in the book of acts when they replaced Judas with the highest they had to have someone who's apostle who'd seen the risen Lord and been with them in the ministry. No apostles, like that of profits would be my profit for statistic 14. There's profits in the sense of prophesying, but not in the Old Testament sense would have authority position of power and authority, which, like the NAR does bad news. So it's all in our eyedrop right in order to operate that battle.

It's bad because they are raising two semi essentials things which should not be there and then misusing them and abusing them time. Are they double essay. Sorry about Arizona.

Mormonism may vote for the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on there tomorrow

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