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May 6, 2020 3:56 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 6, 2020 3:56 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If post-trib is correct and the wicked are taken first, then how can people still be saved during the tribulation, as it says in Revelation---2- Is it ok to have a cross in a church or in a home---3- Do you have any advice for starting a conversation with my LDS friend---4- What is the best way to witness to friends and family as opposed to strangers---5- Should we study the Apocrypha---6- Where in the Bible is the genealogy of Cain---7- What exactly is the definition of atheism---8- A Catholic asked Matt's opinion on the knowledge-abilities of the saints in heaven- They discussed Luke 16-27-31.

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A previously recorded not stretch out for you have questions in our Bible doctrine a max Y brands is called in responding to your questions at 877207276. Here is Matt's leg show live.

It is Thursday, April 16, 2020.

I hope you'll have a good day in spite of the coronavirus and all is going on with well sorry about that old while sorry about that copy down the long pipe all right mantle to bully buddy speakers out eardrums.

While it happens right. Well she already lined: 87720722761 secure runway before anybody starts calling email click answer it right here. This is the paper writer and some of his North Carolina society which is misunderstood my question or seek population rapture because Matt Matthew 1324, Revelation okay I believe you say that I was giving too much information because of someone who's in prison and I would be very very careful information I give because I just nine years of prison ministry years and years ago and it still ingrained me. You do not give any information out as reasons for that. Nevertheless, so jubilation rapture or post-relational rapture, which is what I hope to and this is so Revelation talks about people being saved in the tribulation. If the wicked are taken first. I believe because of Matthew 1340, 1330 and 40 were Jesus says the tears are taken before the wheat recess so how can it be left anyone to become believers well using because of jubilation. Seven years long from the great jubilation 3 1/2 years were here during the whole jubilation. And so people will be savored jubilation. And then at the end of the tribulation when things are so bad. This is so bad that the Christ will come back. The first was taken of the wicked, and there removed out of his kingdom there. Jesus is attending the age 1st out of the tears and recess so is my firm and so works for my perspective. I know perspective is not popular for a lot of things I hold are not very popular talk to somebody about that today. Why is that in only do I hold the views that most of most Christians just don't know not important documents as in the Trinity, will hold until the Trinity.

Should Christians do, but the issue. For example, I believe in God's predestination believing in human free will, but that it subject to God's predestination. I believe the continuation of the charismatic gifts.

I don't believe and how the people on TV misused stuffing I got to hold the hotel you would make it.

I'm leaving next is ridiculous, but also affirmed. I'm going to go through the tribulation.

Do you go through it and I hope I'm wrong but I believe I don't see anything in Scripture that says working will escape it when people tell me of verses that they say show jubilation rapture when just look at the context start asking questions just falls apart and so people don't have any of my pain don't have a good verses for that much is my opinion, prompting you to give McCall the pain and one other issue is that when I held to and I didn't really go public with it for a couple of years because I want to make sure that it really was something I could back up with Scripture and I affirm that others two ages this age and the age to come with Jesus and Paul the apostle taught that churches today still teach it. I don't know why but it's very clear in Scripture and at the end of the age is when the harvest occurs.

And Jesus says, first gather the tears and getting them to burn them and gather the wheat into the barn so the first ones gathered according to Jesus are the wicked and recess Matthew 1330 through 1140 just read the context or to be really surprise and the issue of thought is was in the days of Noah West Ocean would be the date of the coming Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking they were giving in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and took them all away. 24 but Luke 17 says the flood came and destroyed them all to the ones who were destroyed by the ones who were eating and drinking and giving in marriage was to go to him with a 24 to look at that you know they were eating and drinking, giving marriage to a that Noah entered the ark, the flood came and took them all away.

The winter taken the ones were eating and drinking and they're the ones were destroyed and this is too minimum in the field one is taken. What is left at the context of the wicked were taken. This is consistent with the Jesus in Luke 17 and they asked Jesus where they taken and he says with a body is the vultures gather he answers what are taken to rapture being taken into heaven, and what gets me is not talked about this many times and you can go check out the stuff yourself. Matthew 24 Luke 17. Go to Matthew 13 three chapters. If you really study them. Paul Mandel just change everything and what I do is not. I hold that position because that's what process it took me a couple of years before started going public on the radio and sing out… This is what I hold to because I just had to kind of verify it because I'm the only one I know who holds the but not been saying this for a couple of three maybe four years now I've forgotten and I've encountered a lot more people now who are holding that same position. Maybe because I'm promoting it because her do the studies to I don't know enough birds of a feather flock together so hopefully that's it. It's an interesting thing and so check in and hear the questions if I can within two minutes. Shake someone's faith in particular set of Scriptures as an interpretation associated with that subscription show is not what it really meant and benign rapture the rapture occurs, but is just you know if I can do that automatically for you to mend the field one is taken when his left. I never talk to all this rapture is not. Why is it that the pastors and elders were teaching this just can't see it. I think it's because they're just not doing the deep study they need to be doing and doing their homework and are not there just listening to the denominational preferences they don't want to go too far to deep and then want to rock the boat while but I see this as just what it says and so that's why teaching you don't agree, okay, if you don't give McCall talk about it… Something was talking about stuff you want to give McCall we have three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Jason for Michigan. Jason welcoming on their gun going. Hang in there you on home or on the wall what it says and what river you get to it right now. Revelation 20 Revelation 20 Exodus 20 says the Lord your God brought you out of Egypt I shall not make for yourself an idol is a graven image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above the earth 'neath or the water. You shall not worship them or serve them and what is talking about is the issue of not bowing to them. You don't want to do that it's wrong to do that and out go to Leviticus 19 for do not turn idols turn to idols and make yourselves molten images, etc. don't do that and that is another verse that says it says it etc. find it richest graven images for yourselves in the form of a figure like this amount do not do that and that you would bow down before them. So Deuteronomy 4 so can have a cross in your house, you never cross you because you not bowing before it you're not using it a focal point of worship and adoration is not alter your bowing before this this thing, no problem. So I guess in the wearer a wooden cross and it's a bold cross and also the word out Republican and lost a little bit stumped stuff around the finding of the Turkish coat shows up and I'm aware, I promise.

And I don't want an image of Jesus in my house because I don't want the blonde hair, black location server Jesus image to be propagated because it's not him, and I do not like, pray to my Lord Jesus, I just imagine anybody I went to to do them.

So what about Bennett not the one I hear right there you have not tell you is that I will never wear a crucifix and I won't have a crucifix my house. Now this is my opinion so you can disagree with it all you want, that's okay. And the reason I won't is because it's an image of Jesus still on the cross and is not on the cross anymore and it's an image of him and we have a tendency is people to visualize things and I don't want to provide anybody image that they might look at her, look upon in the remembrance or thought as they were worshiping the during the Lord. So that's why stay with those things. A cross across. I don't know.

He's wearing a chest with. I don't visualize anything with that at all. But when you pray, sometimes I will say this, I do visualize the cross in one way and I do is I visualize the dirt blood on the dirt and the wood of the cross and my thesis on the ground next to and because that's what that's as close as I'll get to any imagery that I'll think about visualize him.

I just don't do that. He's too fast for them to get it wrong assist me. But along with that. The new commitment you know that they will get that and you admitted that her trying to portray biblically Jesus there and I think that's okay because what it's trying to do in that sense is portray what he went through and we know it's an actor nobody that I could see the right mind would visualize that actor as actually being Jesus in their prayers that we know that would be wrong to have a problem with that. Personally because it really understand what's going on at actors. We understand that in such a different category for me and so I have seen the passion of Christ only saw once that's all I will ever see it because it broke me down and weeping.

There are some errors in their because the thing was Roman Catholic yet Gibson is Catholic and there's some Catholic. False images and not too many. If you does not were looking to find a very good news show that came out God and I know one of the writer thing, but to help you McCall is message is why call 770-7276\\order, but we have three open lines of what you McCall 877-207-2276 let's go to Tricia from Arizona.

Tricia welcoming wrong here, though, that we talked with a little bit now back so we I directly form doctrine Mormon doctrine pretty well, but I have a friend point error in LBS, daughter of Barry involved in the church and you had any data that will that you just you start off by saying you've heard this moron teacher in radio name slick is a real idiot.

You sort of.

That way, and the is plenty to talk about their visit for a couple of that's right. Wiseman my friend house is in the room with one of things you can do is Mormons are listening because we broadcast in Utah and this is not finally safe. The technique, but there is something I'm trying to do with the Mormons after listing. Hope to hear this because we want to do.

Basically his work in the common denominators. If you go when you start going swinging and say Mormonism is in multiple religion, etc. do not disclose this non-into things that would Mormons want and what you and I will have the same thing. Forgiveness of sins want to serve true living God will okay that's fine. We want our sins forgiven now got this written on the website anywhere afterwards. But here's the thing. Jesus is the one recording the Scriptures, who reveals the father and Jesus is the one along with the father who sends the Holy Spirit well if you the wrong Jesus, you are not can have true God, the true spirit if the wrong Christ as biosensors false Christ out there. Matthew 2424 will false Christ are ultimately demonically Orphic, offered.

So if you're praying to a false God, then you are doing. This is praying to something demonic.

Ultimately, and demonic answers will come and heal and demons can masquerade us as angels of light track with mentor and so do it'll talk about this issue of flow on Jesus.

They do will first print is 19 says they were called and fellowship with Jesus. God is faithful through McCall and fellowship with Jesus death process will question is how you have fellowship with someone you don't talk to fellowship with somebody and spend time with you don't want Mormonism to pray to Jesus they go through means that there pray to Jesus didn't talk to Jesus and spend time with Jesus or no fellowship that they have with and right through Jesus and well you know in this mortise but so the thing is it how you have fellowship with someone you don't pray to talk to you and spend time with.

You can't let music can obey the command of God.

God is faithful, who called to fellowship with Jesus Christ, the son first reveals one verse nine.

So how do we know we have the right Jesus are not well.

We both agree that the Jesus of of the New Testament. The Jesus who walked on the earth was a true Jesus and the gospel writers wrote in Paul and Peter and they wrote with about Jesus. We can trust with a set will the Jesus of the Bible is prayed to not just through to. That's a John 14 John 1414. Ask me anything in my name and I will do it of King James is ask anything in my name, but the older manuscripts. Ask me anything you might but Jennifer trick is 12 they call upon the name of the Lord Jesus will call upon the name of the Lord out of the Old Testament prescriptive someone 64 and Zechariah 13 nine. The phrase call upon the name of the Lord is to pray and pray to God. Well, the word Lord there is Jehovah and in Mormonism. That's Jesus for calling upon the name of the Lord in the Old Testament to pray to Jesus there. Pray to Jesus in the paper to Jesus in the soap true. Jesus is called God, and it will call him God will call him a God and that you Jesus as worship medic 222-1114 3329 John 935 38. He was 16 so he's worshiped and he's worshiped equally with the father rest at your John five 2223 if get in the same on the father. So having said this, when I will and I'll save a little more to think Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth.

Matthew 2818 with this quickly expected to memorize all of it written down just John is too much on the it is I'll tell you are, but it he's the one who has all authority in heaven and earth that he forgives sins. Luke five 2748. He forgives and so he said to come to him.

Luke 1128 and he's got a flash pray to.

So can you go to Jesus and pray to him and ask him to forgive your sins yes because the Bible says it's real simple and then you have the Holy Spirit reveal to you. True, Jesus and the Holy Spirit because they see the Holy Spirit witness of of the book of Mormon and the truth of Joseph Smith and stuff but the just the spirit there praying to the spirit from the Christ of Mormonism who is not afraid to and is not worshiped equally with God so they can't be the same.

So therefore how do we not have direct testimony so little bit more.

The overall idea.

I will lay good different different before about that and also third Nephi 1918, the pray to Jesus calling him their Lord, under God with you and so a lot of Mormons really surprised by this but you see, what happens is they don't really do. No disrespect meant to them, but they currently do need to study no more than does not know, I met a couple three.

At that over 40 years, two or three that are related subject study. No, I mean a deep study. Don't I mean really studying and not many elements of it… You and I talked to him a deep study really get down into words and history and himself.

At any rate, here's the idea is that we Christians have fellowship with Jesus and Mormons don't you have a relationship with Christ. Focus on your relationship with Jesus you have with him. According first 20 of 19 they dumped and show how your sins are forgiven by Jesus. You don't have to do any good works, no second Nephi 2523 received by grace and faith. After all you can do it in running 1022 to 32 that if you deny yourself of all ungodliness of that is God's grace sufficient for you to help with the look of interest from Arizona right back at the McCall through the line maps like why call 77077 no doubt have some schools online. Starting theology apologetics and things like that. The current website CAR M.right hand side of any page you find the online school. Look for the laptop there and little bit underneath that you will see a novelette recently released cult time trap you can check that out as well and am on Kindle and back. So if you're interested in checking out please do all right. Let's get to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome you on here now. Anything to Frank like Ray comfort learned a lot about you people that you don't now I think he great teacher ever got cancer before when I witnessed the Pinot stranger totally different than their family member unite here and say you felt you had ever lied had never little black what that I know that I know that they lied about what you're going to get though you about the Lord, you know like going for those you know you say hey we we did lots of rollback candidly. Yeah, you move on because they said they admit it's wrong and you go on the talk about the consequences of wronging one of the questions I ask people is, is it true that people ought to be punished if they do something really bad in a single yeah.

Should they be punished if he did something pretty bad really been pretty bad if it might be punished of the discipline they had well you just mostly bad kind of bed you go down. Where should it stop that they should be punished for doing what is wrong will we did set the trauma. Should we be punished.

Yes, I agree with you, and who's going to the punishing God. Well, it's right. So how would you get out of that talk about Jesus. Okay, I located a family inside thought came out on Barnett slipped out that happened it with families a lot different. So in my family's little bit different because my kids have an apologist's written books does radio TV you be you know they walk you know the last data question 20 minutes of exit and you know so when I witness to have two daughters who now block the Lord right now and love, and they know and what my daughters tells me things that I know is just bad that I could easily destroy, but it's not the point. I'm waiting and I'm praying for God to provide the right opportunity at the right time for me to be able to witness the right way because I like right right lies know if if someone just you know say were my daughters is never heartbroken by super handsome guy or something but Jesus you not good timing so is going to have the right timing and the heart has to be prepared and so a lot of what it means to be with the family is to prepare the heart through prayer and plus my kids know that the bad stuff I've done the stupidity that I am and how it failed so many ways so my friend and Trevor and he's come over a few times. He lives out waiter stated he's come over my my daughter was and he says the same thing I do okay. Not that that's exactly right indicating when they said, look, I hope you don't take offense to them. Turning to me and not US it not at all. It's how it works in the home. I suggest you keep you do as much as you D2 it's fine with me. So this is how it is you know family different okay right.I welcome God bless all right will I forgot to get the title out about the true Jesus and that's what it is on Carmen is the true Jesus. So I have an article a test.

Do you have the true Jesus and laudably spoke about earlier is laid out right there and done, you will check it out soon and also I think I have something similar in Mormonism Mormon second lecture about over hundred articles in their Mormonism. That's the approach that I think is is fine and is not manipulative. It's just truth and I and I remember once I was talking to Morgan many years ago and I just talked with what's in here and he disavow Jesus and we prayed to receive Christ, and he stopped going to the Mormon church because he realized they didn't have that they didn't have that fellowship with Christ, which is supposed to have aided how that relationship with Jesus was supposed to have and he ended up leaving. He says they just it was dead after that it was dead after he prayed to Christ.

It was a change. Yeah, scalding. So what changed is the real testimony is the real test is a testimony towards Christ and who he is and then when you have that born-again experience. You go to different churches you recognized you feel they are when they don't have Jesus there in the name they do, but not in their hearts. Big difference. I discover phones with Cheryl from North Carolina that right Cheryl welcome you here you welcome copy of a copy of the Oxford Bible not an apocryphal wicket about play out in books of the Bible, located between the old and now I would greatly value the why I lay between the old and the call the pocketbook suitor pitiful books, they are not Scripture they're not inspired they were written between roughly 400 BC in the time of Christ, and they have valuable historical information but they're not Scripture Roman Catholic Church considers in Scripture. Roman Catholic church is wrong is Orthodox considers many of those books also to be Scripture there wrong. The Bible does not include the true Bible is not included apocryphal books and so they are however included in some of books and Bibles of because of where they came from. The translators came from their presuppositions and things like that but no apocryphal books are not not Scripture detail why.

For one thing not referenced in the New Testament and Jesus managing comment in Luke 1151 he said from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah compared to the alternate house of God will we have the Old Testament books arranged now as Genesis through Malachi, but in the time of Christ, the same books of the Old Testament were arranged in a different order. Genesis 2 Chronicles and Zechariah is is the one who died in that latter book switches Chronicles 24 so sick. Chronicles was the last book, when Jesus says, from able to Zechariah.

He's is like saying from Genesis to Malachi and by doing that he's excluding the apocryphal books, which he knew existed. Plus Jesus said that with what is written about him and the law of Moses, the prophets, and the Psalms 2444 and so the law is the first five books of the prophets in the Psalms are the rest of the Old Testament, and that's not including the apocryphal plus many church fathers did not accept the apocryphal plus in Tobit 6527 the pot apocryphal books that condones the use of magic and it Tobit also teaches salvation by works and this is, for example, 411 for alms deliver from all sin owns is money and from death will not suffer the so little of the darkness. It's ridiculous.

And money can be offered for the sins of the dead second Maccabees and has it wrong. Historical information in Judith 15, the 12th year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar king of the Syrians who reigned in Nineveh, it wasn't him that there was an older welcome say photographic evidence messages is why call 770776 pairs maxillary right of the show. Let's get on the air with Carolina Ron Ron here Michael, thank you, Bob working word about any out well and it's in there because it says he was born first reference of the picture came because it says gave birth to Cain and that's in Genesis 41 so want for one which refutes the the shepherds Chapel of false doctrine occupancy so you are over is not mentioned in the not beyond any out this reason and want it inspired, but you something really interesting about that chapter, but the me tell you that what the writers would often do is take only the facts that were necessary to convey an idea and so the Jewish way of writing is different in our writing style. Sometimes you want sequential fact but not always the case with that mindset. Sometimes cinematic ideas would be housed in certain ways to show certain things and they could do that because the was ways of remembering things, but it didn't have cell phones and photos in emails and stuff and putting press. Plus, when you are Genesis 5 you'll notice that is if you if you were to write out all the names in the order that there there and translate them into English prudence concordance get a sentence at a couple of it is doesn't think like that we get a sentence it's appointed mortal men. Sorrow, blessed God will come down when he dies he will come, bringing the sparing rest right now it needs rest in Methuselah means when he dies it will come in the day that the within a year he died is the year the flood came, and Mahalia. You know when you guys will come.

Got it with the names mean things are like Indian names or words running bowl always clean up is down by the river with the flying bird whatever and so that's with the names map like that and so that's how this early. Welcome no problem. Okay God's let's get on to Vincent from California Vincent you're on here going back to school and then we got what Eric had a question about the definition of unite, go online and a date of mine down and you know I've only heard it behavior is predicated.

Just lack of belief in God but I only think it to find it that way so they can get away with not having to produce any evidence to write enough to simply write yeah I've always thought having an strictly from a home run, but I only got eight simply means that godlessness or without God and he'll you have neighbors have people who believe in a God also be godless, so sent loss in the Greek is work for God and is in the gator without God there different kinds of atheists, agnostic dinner and see anti-theist there frequent so-called freethinkers, some passive summer week summer strong. Some hold the supernatural stuff and some don't.

Whatever you're talking an atheist. The first thing you do say what kind of an atheist are you, and if these are saying. I just lack belief.

Then he got sick. Also, you're saying then that you lack belief that your definition of what it is and is to lack belief.

Yes, within the rocks in my yard are atheists. They lack belief and had thyroid health. I've always thought that long for them to like like if they're doing out there inadvertently defining even further. They might not try to say that no have been defined with what kind of atheists they are and you tackle it is her strong atheist's problems week atheists are from agnostic, there's problems now have problems they do is know which one you first find out select sand know if this is a lack belief then you ask a question you behave based on what you believe or what you don't believe I have and what you believe and so things okay will I believe that God exists because the Bible says so I thought you say that in the sake this particular lack of legal sick, you can't say that you wait a minute when you can't because you you lack belief means or should be no association with anything about it is just not there. But if I say I believe in God you tackle it. Would you behave based on what you believe you believe there is no God. Assignment.

Do you not think really forthright are you nondefensive right away and they need to be and so this is a strong atheist in that they know there is no God will you know there is no God. You know all things etc. and destroy them so they know that their position is very very weeks with it when I do, is stated, lack belief because he wanted they want to position that is not salable but it is a salable and I have an article on it like atheism section Written over hundred 70 articles on atheism and varied degrees diverse issues so you can go in there you can just look up where I lack belief in God and there's an article it'll tell you how to handle that okay okay I love. I thought I didn't think you for a long time I talk to you before, been a while, but back in the you are debating the infidel guy from tenured yeah I've ever read about a article I just was curious about the fact that your like I read your comment to his radio show and I think that the topic was atheism tenable right and it's knots and yeah and then we had one other staff came on my radio show and she called and was the girl and him and she made the statement and this is so good. She said atheism is a default position is that how do you know she said because babies are born atheist to learn how to believe in God and I said how do you know the born atheist. You know all the minds of all the babies she had no clue what to say.

After that, and on my reading superpowers. Yeah, that's right. And most Christians are saved but they do believe in your new defensive know they say things all you do is take aim at the pegs holding the position of the disc to come out and it is fall flat.

Okay then there's a picture of fish flopping on the ground. No matter. Okay yeah I will get going. Thank you very much for my Michael a blessed look at the mill from Nevada Orth Biscayne Academy with cement neuron. I got fine. How are you Catholic. I want to know your position on what you think will play a Knowledge here on earth you think they know what you think. There will have been there knowledge is in heaven. Bible doesn't tell you what. And since God in his inspired work has not revealed it. We should not say what it is and I don't believe that a mere human being can hear our prayers simultaneously spoken and thought different languages things like that and talk to Catholics about this. Nothing the Bible doesn't say you can't and that's not how you argue, so the Bible doesn't say they can buy… Anything about like that. We don't know if they can if they can't, so we shouldn't say the canner And not bill documents on things like okay I want to go through some verses I watch the seminar. On the whole yet yet yet yet so would mock there's one level to perform the 2031 yeah but honest yes what you think big story know it's it's a true story, but he's would you say was used to speaking to to Abraham send someone back one my grandmother's as I can do that support community of the saints are people in heaven hearing anything yet there is no declaration and ability, but it looked as if it is no point. He says I thank you father that you sent to Mike. It's my head in my father's house I five brothers. Send who write and send Lazarus right Lazarus is dead.

Good morning, don't do that will cover the space, a ram said that Moses and the prophets. What is they say go to the Scriptures go to the word of God is a sacred tradition go to the Scriptures, Moses and the prophets, civil no father know someone who wants to disagree with Abraham, saying no father Abraham. If someone goes to the dental belief in the repent. Nothing will good, and I believe in the word of God. He set the demolition of multiple prophets in the pre-persuaded some rise from the dead, that prick be of Scripture works very well against the idea of Roman Catholic intercession of St. because he is not talking about intercession. Six and all his talk about sending Lazarus from the dead back to the bully would raise the dead know they have the word of God to go to the word of God so you're in trouble. Mike Mike quite not that the light logic like body alive in Christ more likely to be like what what what was I need to see more alive now than getting runner what does that mean you what I mean by that is that you now write these is no saint or whatever, but worse a house first, you guy noted his masculine.

How do I saints with the world, called saints the saints and calling who in Christ in a corporate University is 1% by calling 12 okay but not not even light is alive, okay, good. It so that you praying to a faint spring to my site. There is no declaration when you think my brother you need to pay attention to the text actually says it does not say he was proud it was St. you just what you did was you impose Roman Catholic theology into this. First of all, we are already saints. You mean saint in some illustrious kind of exalted position and you put that in there that's not in their and go against that it would need to be safe. Anyway, you don't have that conversation right there tomorrow. I don't show I was mill from Canada supporting

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