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May 6, 2020 4:37 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 6, 2020 4:37 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Do our pets go to heaven---2- How much has Rome infiltrated Protestantism---3- I have become supernaturally connected to this cult that identifies with the Anti-Christ. What should I do---4- Was there animal death before the fall---5- Why wasn't Balaam surprized when a donkey spoke to him---6- Did Satan walk upright before he was cursed in the garden- What form did he assume when he tempted Jesus---7- How should we go about re-opening after the Corona quarantine---8- Where in Scripture does it explain why the Jews missed Christ when He came---9- Does Revelation 4 teach a pre-tribulation rapture---10- Don't all the -whosoever- verses prove that God doesn't choose any particular people for salvation-

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A previously recorded net slideshow. Why is the president of Autoblog on the more you have questions about why gold is live, work, recalled 177207227615 a new novel written and down harm call time travel site final check it out and turn my attention back to writing more in Christian fiction and/or theologies and more books in the text of the website CRM G. You'll find that book also if you're interested in learning some theology apologetics.

Various things like that you will learn how to defend your faith. Faith is well we have some for you.

All you produce a lukewarm website check out the schools that we have and theology school of critical thinking school of apologetics. Hopefully you're interested in tackling and learning from and is a lot of stuff there a lot of stuff arrived when you called 87720722763 open lines was good to Joanne from North Carolina joined welcome your on their part around mom and her cat yearly area moment. We had to put down her cat this week and he was the best howling when your animal lab. Then Harry and may not heart LI that they are going to base right now me got my pencil and paper preheated gave me great. Now it's a common question, do animals go to heaven and the Bible does not say so we just can't say I to be nice I mean that I had a cat Person I think that years ago that would fetch play tag with me literally play tag and he was letting you know and he was just as beautiful and I love to see him again. But you know I don't know the idea of seeing the cat is as is something that is good pales in comparison to the presence of Jesus.

I don't know what can happen in the house can happen, but we do know that the new heavens and new earth will be made to have while I'm assuming the species that have been on extinguish people don't know but 98% of all species ever lived are now extinct.

So I said to Bill to see those who knows Bible doesn't tell us what my heart okay around writing night every night is out. Not like there and I never following the back about my heart hearing you talk about them that are not well I do it again. We didn't talk about will you just love the other parts of the family just there to have that relationship with you and and we grieve when the hurts and just this is what it is. Hopefully will see him someday again. The Bible doesn't tell us so I can't say we will or won't you allow way when you don't know I don't not think that you know we pray that I now know we happen to Shari do don't to changes how I can handle it. And I have asked Robert what okay let's nice I throw half of the right thank you to my sure, Scott.

If you recall, we have two open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Chuck from north Carolina Chuck on the air yet. My I just got the article from April and May about the United Bible From room break you out. I don't know what the product line telephone product line that validate the newsletter and I'm about how micro quite a bit the idea that salvation depends on our goodness or participation in light deeds that serious biblical study is something not to be held by the average person and is to be given to those who have special offices and special training. None of this is biblical and so these things have crept in, and the Catholicism is humanistic and a lot of waste in that it uses man's ability man's centeredness to determine truth nothing to say no then use the Bible but they just give lip service to the Bible. In fact, last night it was the Catholic Catholic authority shall be from Scripture where it is. The verses he went to nothing to do, nothing to do with with apostolic authority succession which is not Scripture, so we tend to look to people over us.let me use myself as an example, I appreciate that people want to hear what I have to say I appreciate that I'm on the radio appreciate that God has given me the ability to learn and be able to articulate things on the other hand, it should be that Christians are doing their own homework and run studies as much as possible and grant some time.

I sit at home all day and study stuff and so I'm on the radio with the idea is that Christians are supposed to be studying and do a webinar something on how to study the Bible on and give homework and do things like that but there's different ideas creeping into the Protestant churches from Catholicism in the that's just that's just one of the symptoms of apostasy within Protestantism is occurring in a lot more on the ProNet before going to play nothing Robin wrote about human rights in God's sovereign way. God's sovereignty yet that's right. But in the other hand, Rome is standing in the way of people's salvation by adding on biblical Antichrist daemonic God's into the doctrine of salvation by citing for example the psych Teach this people and Believe it just ludicrous teaches that when you get baptized all of your sin is removed. Up to that point in the grace of God is infused into your soul.

So grace is like a substance infused and if you do die right then you just go to heaven.

But if you walk across the street and lust after somebody you just get a venial sin you just lost a little bit of your grace. Then if you were to die in purgatory for a while. Punishments the scents are taken care of and then you get the grace back in the get the grace back again will turn around go back into the church and do a sacrament in the next gets more grace infused into so the Roman Catholic Church owns your salvation owns the means of your salvation. It does not teach you go straight to Jesus.

It teaches you to go straight to them and that's why call the Roman Catholic Church and apostate church.

If you believe in official Roman Catholic theology in regards to salvation cannot be saved. You cannot go to heaven you will be okay God, but you keep up the good work you better you keep on it, but all I praise God discussing the Bible says it's right right I was Chuck from North Carolina.

We have two open lines 877-207-2276 Mark Mona from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome around here may think like I about 10 years ago I was given a gift from God about.

I somehow connected all that are in a car like connected to the antichrist and like to be the antichrist and the people here when I myself hear what I think you out talk myself out loud or taught myself in my head and neck to all the people they can appeal hear me when I make you feel my hand on their my and I can when I pinch myself. They can feel the pinching Mike again. They can hear me when I talk follow me happy. What I know and they are trying to Mona do you go to Josh church yeah I go to church. The elders know about this. I told I told her about their II don't know what it and will the elders need to be involved with you about this this issue because I need to spend a lot of time with you assessing various things so I do recommend that you go to the church and talks the elders about these things and then let the elders get involved and spend time with you. They can help assess what needs to be taken care of and done okay. You don't know how you think and everything like that was the guy knew of the gods and goddesses by nature. Galatians flooring gods and goddesses are making a comeback in belief systems, particularly the New Age movement, which is on the rise within America again as other religions in the world to teach the stuff and spiritism and Wicca on various things that teach forms of paganism, but yet it's on the rise, but you need to be involved with the elders of the church. I think Mike you're welcome. I describe you to have a good day.

Let's get to scarlet scarlet you on the air like think about animal before the fall guy for three probably not any animals dying because sin entered the world through Adam. Romans 512 and when he says it entered the world, it doesn't mean just the people, but it does not affect the deleterious effect upon the actual physical world. Deleterious means hidden harmful effects.

And so the deleterious effects of Adam sin, because he was a federal hand and he represented us representatives so when he died, we died in him. Please send we we fell in him first is 15.25 18 this is very unfortunate right back after the mass, like why call 77077 back to show you if you still are correctly. Always start with the or include within our discussions. Think like us to definition of death is and we could look at it from different perspectives death in the Scriptures is first mentioned in Genesis 217 a day that you eat of the fruit you will die.

That death is a separation from God and spiritual consequences, and this would happen so we know that many died when the fruit there were still physically alive. So that's a form of death will is also a form of death if they were to go to a tree and eat a fruit piece of fruit.

Though the cells in that fruit are alive, but when they eat it and they crush it just adjusted those cells then cease being a life they die. So depending on how do we say death is then we can answer the question.

If we meet any death is in cellular death is included in their eating of the fruit that we would say will yes death was there before the fall, but that's generally not how the question is understood because death or to be something in relationship to the plants in relationship to the animals and people, and we don't see any record of that occurring until after Adam and Eve sinned. So we would say it was probably no animal death before you sent okay at work and I can pay about three.

I fire department and retreat. That was way down there sending out there saying that it was good that animals die because of the sin of of of Adam, and I was once when I was to discuss or think about Mormonism was with my wife in the grocery store and I was pushing the cart around and she phoned up thing about Mormonism and in Mormonism the fall was necessary in order to become God's. And so they celebrate the fall, but only the ungodly celebrate sin. So the it really struck with stuck with me and and recognize that their work for anyone to say well it's good that they the fell and died so that we have gas to preach the gospel is missing the entire point that the point is that the sin entered the world is not a good thing and just because the consequences of sin in the death of animals and we use that death to preach the gospel doesn't mean that we do say so good.

We can say that God uses it. In spite of our sin and our incapacity for good when people start talking like that. It always makes me nervous always good.

Basically the falls. A good thing because look at the benefit we have from it now.

What you not to look crazy.

Don't ever say the fall is a good thing but God uses bad things for his good, so people mean well, but they often don't think through what they're saying very well sometimes rang. I would welcome goblins arrived Swift through the lines folks 877-207-2276 McCall let's get to next long sleeve is Rick from High Point, North Carolina Rick welcome on their right and there myself, what? Like this. Okay, the prize unit is not to mention about bailing great pride. Almost wanted to wanted now to start talking start talking to me for head and look for no Frank being pulled, but we don't know the context that we were down there where the writer would exclude certain bits of information and was often the case with Jewish writers as they would leave out information because they were leftists like the liberal news media is trying to reset a different agenda and misinform us about stuff. Now it was the need these points brought out because literally space on papyrus space on vellum was right. It'll premium it would make condensed financial mandate.

Without this thing of of Fabienne running away for two days and then the doctor coming after him and talking in front of the conversation who so I try to stay okay now I want about this from you will me now and it is that okay. It is very evident that in the garden state all walked right because everything is so detailed that you will gravel on the ground. Clarissa light which mixed up which I interpret minutes night right around we don't know what it actually was.

But it seems to be something like that. The snake, start with don't know what it actually was that was speaking and we don't know if it had arms and legs and it was cursed was changed so we really can't say okay what immunoassay everything I will and another cabal is not because you know about when when I get a high mountain it down a cop to strike. Now knowing that it's that time was in the form of a man. MRI say so slogging say that matter how I can present to make whatever entered Yale Law it one time in the book again. The crowd on the ground.

I mean it will let it walk upright Summit let Minute Maid lab 20 where will not have amount you still don't know, so I can't say okay so okay this is a sentence I say to people, zealous okay but that's I got what you asked what I need. Thank you so much my welcome goblins.

All right, all right, let's get over to Chris from Greensboro, North Carolina Chris, welcome got mad. I don't do the right hand and remember you I seen your post about the court seeing it on the black plague in all that you are just today I agree with what you and this is more of an opinion or anything, but how would you go about going forward with reopening people take you where the governor I mean that hypothetical, but if you had faith that one day things I would do is required that the people not pass legislation and laws where they sneak in unconstitutional stuff in order to get a country reopened doing that, and the news media is complicit with the coverups of a lot of the information I'll say this again folks are going to get more information go to conservative news Pro app you can get your phone and has a lot of different sources to get you another view on the news and I do not trust the leftist media got plenty of stories where they have completely misrepresented facts. They have an agenda that thereafter when you would need to be done is a strategic reopening needs to occur. And we have to be careful not to have so much going on so quickly that this virus spreads again.

Then there's questions of how bad the virus really is because something more, something less problems back after the record date to vote right back after the mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Chris know I'm no economist, so really took his big grain of salt, but I'm the kind of person who believes that I know what's best for my family, not the mayor not the governor president, not the Democrats not the Republicans I know what's best.

The principal of people running their own businesses running their own lives. Let them do that.

I believe in the states or the ones constitutionally useful to have certain rights and powers given to them in the Constitution.

It's not to be served by the federal government, the states need to be the ones constitutionally start declaring and setting out certain counties in certain areas are to reopen and the mayors in the respective five cities need to be very involved in this as well. I personally, I have a suggestion is businesses get back up and just getting started. Let them open their own doors and if the government really wants to help they can stop the taxation for say six months no more taxes you hold tech you just done.

This would jumpstart a people getting back in the business of campaign employees that after paying taxes on everything good for six months reduce the interest rate and get rid of the income tax at least permanently shut my mom and dad told me that during World War II, the income tax was instituted in order to fund the war effort, and it was supposed to be to that would stop after the war, and it never did what the government gets powering as much by his hand in your pocket it will continue to keep those hands in the pockets so I think the Lord that Hillary is not in the presidency. I think the truck that is and he's not perfect, that's for sure.

He's a businessman and he believes in letting the states do their job and not have the federal government become a totalitarian on regime like a big brother government is what's happening. So I believe people do they do best govern themselves and get as much taxation removed as possible. Still need to have some to run government run stuff that's fine with me. Keep adding adding and adding doing more and more so one of the Economy going well in one way I think they could just say to all businesses don't pay taxes for six months. That would really help and note out-of-pocket expense. We know it on employee taxation for this and that you got it, but the government just wrote a check for $2 trillion we get the money for this to get all of us to write a check and I will get this money. Why can't they do say hey you know what set of writing a check doing stuff you taxation on for six months back and slowly 2% 5% 10% back up to maybe 15% stop there. It would cause the economy to explode because there is a relationship between increased taxation and the reduction of efficiency and energy with in the economy and there's a principle that the Lord taxation you have is to a certain level floor taxation. The greater the economy works.

When you want a slow economy down, you overtax it because people might want to spend and they don't do as much. This is simple stuff. The Democrats, the leftists need to take basic kindergarten lessons on the economy means to tax the credit of people and why people don't wondered were sick and tired of lots of people not upset about, and I am too.

I got to stories of the government on the things that they've done all they were with my wife there still panel stuff with the government's done this these checks to come in.

I I'm suspicious.

Sorry, but I I'm suspicious of the grimaces there's money which can happen if they can penalize you for you took it late last year you took it because of that there was a law that was came along with this now.

We do this you have to fill out a form. Who knows I just don't trust the government is me so there you go. I appreciate you man of God bless and keep on trucking.

All right, the Constitution, folks should read the Constitution. It is against the idea of big government.

The government is not supposed to have as many powers as it does.

The states are supposed to do these things supposed to be reading the Constitution go online look for a copy of the Constitution. It's almost as though I would expect to find it because when you read the Constitution, but it really is read, go check it out. Mike from Utah welcomed the show you're on here. A man got on everything that out spot on. I there's a little bit back the Scripture. I'm wondering if you can help me find a concept that I can't remember exactly.

I heard it but I'm looking for a campsite or send in the news that met that eventually talked about like missing the point making more of the log and ended like missing the mark idea what help me find something that I thought that you mean yet the Galatians is coming to mind.

Galatians 3415 talks about things like this in the example in Galatians 3, which is really interesting.

It says this, you foolish Galatians who was bewitched you for whose eyes Christ Jesus was publicly portrayed as crucified is the only thing I want to find out for you. Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith.

Are you so foolish. Having begun by the Spirit, are you not been perfected by the flesh. That's talks about that. I think we talk about.

I am thinking that about why they met right. I apologize if I'm wrong, but what anyone you like that okay with Jewishness will part of the reason is there are some verses like that.

We talked about because their eyes were hardened. See words that their eyes were hardened to partial blindness. What is that I can remember partial part of that line if I would. I was thinking there were diverse but what about climate by bike making more of the law than was originally there with my but my memory let me lie because there are two talks about this and number 17. If you bear the name June rely upon the law and that he goes in and talks about this and that that aspect whether I think there is a statement that is that back in my head it's vague like nomad I like morning I would like to write the Romans two talks about this kind of thing and ugly three Galatians 5, but he is a partial hardening. See partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in that 25 and not want you to be to record to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation they partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles commit so that Romans 1125 so we know that that's part of the reason they missed the Messiah as a hardening on your and yet it is is Romans 11 seven what then what is really seeking. It has not obtained with those who were chosen obtained.

The rest were hard and chosen is Eckler J and it's one of the verb when the words used were God chooses you for salvation. Things like that so it ended in Romans eliminates God gave them a spirit of stupor eyes to see, not pierced here. Not this very day.

So you could say this was really interesting as God wanted Israel to believe in the Messiah, but Israel hardened themselves.

God also gave them a spirit of stupor and so we could Gentiles to be included in which is a fulfillment of the prophecy of Genesis 12, three to Abraham in you all the nation shall be blessed, and that's called the gospel in Galatians 384. This gets into some complicated stuff about God's predestination and purpose so that no Wi-Fi will affect you at your time. I appreciate you showing your thought by many luck and God bless. Right was putting the prison versus enemy see but now you been released from the law, having died to that found in a Truman 76 if you would led by the Spirit are not normal. Galatians 518 like it.

People like to help a lot. But under grace. Romans 614 in the if you guys want you to participate in this year we have the video people going to come website there so we have links watch the show and then chat chat go on: Facebook go to YouTube below show the common line right back after these messages, please match like why call 770727 charismatic slave.

Robert will after the show was good to Tricia from Arizona. Tricia running her. I like to share my personal view on timing of the rapture earlier this week. Talk about circulation you hold which you share with Hank and a graph mother I was studying theology a few years ago and being about Bob. No rapture timing and no I was reading through Revelation and when I get Or are you probably know I'm going with that but I hit chapter for the first couple verses like this itself. I've been praying about it studying at that that was for me. My hope, my aunt Margaret giving me that we would be out of here before that been your tribulation and at the wishful thinking, but write to and you know we have theologians on all view of the timing issue because we don't know nobody knows. And now that is the biblical view of nobody knows timing. Only the father knows what timing of the rapture is not just say that this is the return of Christ. Yeah, if thereafter so that is a reference happens before the tribulation is it exactly 7 years later that Jesus returns no no I don't I don't believe it is.

I think there is a period of time for the antichrist arrived that and make a treaty with Israel and the tiny art. I think the climactic start when the treaty of find some say that you and Mitch ablation rapture folks and in a treaty is signed within the video does begin the tribulation and then half with the tribulation. He reveals himself to be the antichrist morning worship right temple, and they cost the great tribulation. His views right what you do with that what Jesus said, just curious.

In Matthew 1330 where he says some weight of the wheat and the tears which of the end of the age and first gather the tears there to be burnt to the it's. He says at the end of the age of first when scattered of the tears of the wicked. You will that into just curious yeah there that seven year tribulation. Where ill be unbeliever, and there are going to be people that you come to believe about me that means they'll be an operation of the believer and unbeliever at the second coming. What doesn't make me ask. It's called harvest, which is the rapture of the universe will save the harvest, which is a graphic versus technical wicked.

Jesus seems to imply that they have the rapture after the tribulation and let the judgment and coming.

I did maintain it's a judgment. I have a study just enlightenment.

Check it out it's on this age and the age to come. It's the eschatological division that Paul used Jesus used.

Never heard anybody else really talk about it will have a few very few people very few less than 5%. It's what he actually I think the pre-tribulation overview is the predominant one that again.

It is the fact that it happened and what our hope is an coming again but I hope it back. Timing really matter only thing that really doesn't matter. That's right, proper, why does the propers right here and here in Idaho will tell you I like it here in Arizona is okay. A lot of I didn't want to hear that with you my personal I answered it by prayer and I I hope I'm right. If I'm not then I hope I prepared the me too. I hope you're right. I don't like the some things wrong, we can rub it in the way of the not I'm not that type that out with me you will have a good laugh about it having to be center-right. The great day. Take care and have a great weekend you two things about God from Florida. Todd welcome you on the air out of the file with Dr. years but okay.

Dr. K gave the bird offer you said you keep your congealed only yesterday out.

It's too bad that this means restricted guide you so bright I I gave it all over the radio while a way that on the file or chamber) going on with them.

The new IFA right now we know is you put it all. I do know is it's about so can't comment first I've heard of this guy's now so it would not yes I'm in the Boise Idaho area, not you or away from you will yeah I was looking to break because I saw Gipson would look and has the term treasure Valley, which is exactly where I met Valliere it's an ancient lake called the treasure Valley and so that was interesting. There is a nearby a kind of a King James only church that is anti-performed anti-Calvinist King James only stuff he's going to… Maybe it hurt. Your mother, I might like 84 freeway Southside treasure Valley Baptist Church in the account of the pastor to public discussion on reformed theology because he publicly was things evil and talking on the phone.

Turns out he did some of the terms meant to do. Dr. so what he would write this any more information. I'm starting to focus doing an analysis on individuals to do Jimmy Swaggart and cope with them. To tackle some quick-tempered people like Beth Moore this morning. Her and who knows and whoever and whatever this analysis that will help coordinate hello you cash is really out there.

She's dangerous but I will pay the rate of violent video by federative file. I am there any way or chamber question is like the NASB is this when Paul used, but always to Romans 518. Compare the King James with any of translation, but the NASB ceiling when the right King James gets very wrong I was to bring that up to conjectural people why I know I one that got it right when Nebuchadnezzar looked up for a minute or whatever but Nebuchadnezzar thought or man or family like God. God, F, G, M, L teaching is a great Bible.

It is, but it's not perfect, knowing no translation in English is perfect but when people are King James only as if it's the big one and it's the best one time we got that college would help me get to the info. Okay, I write to the cuff miscellanea. Kyle welcome you on the air you are you doing I'm doing all right. We got a question I regularly theology on how God to you. Salvation we don't know, I really good only regard like in the model act, 38, Revelation 2272 21 wishing you can. Just a bunch of verses out. I can't look out the Response. So, what's wrong? You pretty much started work that is reverently meant like driving the let's talk about is reverently it doesn't say whosoever that's in the English in the Greek it doesn't say that the Greek word for whosoever, or whoever is the Greek word hosts its omicron Sigma and its two letters when it actually says in John 316.

This work for whoever in English is actually three words pass atop the stool.

Although believing one that's just what it says it is to see how they become believing that we do know that the Bible says that our believing is the work of God.

John 620 29. The got grants to be believed as 129 so either there yet regarding how do we obtain that right got to do that though we do not into think that is very seriously very bad.

God does not base his choice his choice for saving us on anything in us that would be a violation of Scripture. James 2234 Romans 11 speak Romans 211 that the Bible is very clear that God is not base his choice of salvation in his work in us based on anything in us that is against Scripture. He doesn't look in the future to see who's gonna pick him, he doesn't look in the future and know all things and know what some can do or not do, and believe or not believe, or whatever. All these things are humanistic ideas that are woven into Christian talks now not in the Bible. The Bible speaks to the contrary. Okay were caused to be born again. First Peter 13 and that as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed exiting 48 he chose us in him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless official and he does not look to any heart or any person to see with good thing. They might possess or be able to do and then choose a based on that. That is sides say it is. Okay, I agree with you on that. Okay hardly started figure out. I get the cabinet and what we really have a little of this a minute I would go to Romans nine starting at verse nine and start reading and read over the weekend and hopefully it will upset you. You have to see what I mean by reading it and then call back on Monday and we can talk about it because Romans nine will answer your questions about this comes 99 23 Romans 992 23 and nine great Romans nine verses 9 to 23 and read in such a way that you ask the same questions that he raises in the text like that's not fair because if you're reading it and you say will fair the basic kind of objection in your understanding when signing and if you understand what is. Sorry to believe it says if you read in such a way where you know you interpret some underweight objections don't arise that are not getting the text test disconnect was nine and give a call Monday okay I got blessed.

Sorry, one on Canada professionalism North Carolina 17 California law.

Call back on Monday, May 4.

May the Lord bless you have a great weekend

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