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May 6, 2020 6:05 pm

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May 6, 2020 6:05 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are your thoughts on the quarantine and on the possibility of states opening back up---2- Did Matthew 24 and Revelation already happen---3- Why does God ask questions if he already knows the answers---4- If God knows everything from the beginning to the end, why create people at all---5- Can you comment on Matthew 7-6 and the giving of holy things to dogs---6- Could you speak a little it about liberty of conscience---7- What is your view on salvation and baptism---8- Doesn't Mark 16 teach that baptism is needed for salvation---9- In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, doesn't the rich man's appeal to Abraham represent prayer to saints---10- How do I balance biblical teaching on persistence in prayer and yet not being repetitious in our prayer-


A previously recorded Netflix show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a matter why you recall if I would, lines 877-207-2276. If by any chance you want to watch you do that by going to website C a you'll see on the right-hand side is a mess look like radio you click on the Facebook link.

Click on radio show survey under so subscribe the current radio watch the people like to see. Also hope you guys have a great weekend. Let's see we have 5303 school. So if your interested schools have one theology, one apologetics and one critical thinking, and so the idea is that if you were dictate tickle schools and I felt so paced, you can really learn a lot you can have people told me I guess you could say I can have a knack of bringing information, stuff just down so people understand it, so that sounds good to me when one of the schools check amounts do that and also you may notice on the Karma homepage as well. Good book called time traffic my first sci-fi novel and it's there so if there was something else I was theological but that was just a break. Look at written so the work he wants more theology here little bits catch up on some other projects that's about it. You check things out so you recall, we have four lines 877207227 6 1/2 ago. This cough I have no idea where it came from dry cough.

So anyway like when a conflict frequent now, so it happens whether training So Just Jump on the Call Script to Whoever It Is, Let's See. Gary Gary Welcome Your on Year, but Thatů Okay, the Opening of the Government That and Because Right Now They Got the People Pretty Scared and They're in the Following, You Know, Not Crowding You Understand Lately Gather but Do Not Do This Again. This Goes Back I Don't Believe the People to Go Back Sit in Their House so They Might Get Everything Done. They Need to Get Don When He Was a Guy like I Said I'll Think the Comment That Question.

Question. I Guess We Will Make It a Question. Well, Now That I like You Said. I'm Anxious for Things Getting Back to Normal and I Didn't Hearing Things More Than One Place Different Sources That Some of the Statistics Are Little Bit Skewed and That and along with Some Pretty Draconian Kind of Impositions by Law Enforcement Say We Can and Can't Do, You'll Have To Walk. We Can Go. One Woman Went to Dog Park Support Walk a Dog by Yourself. You Got Trouble.

The Social Justice You Got Your Get in Front of People, so It Just Things When IRS That I'm Concerned about so I Agree but Don't Stand out like You Would Believe and Think Out Of What We Can Get Dale Right. This Can Cause Backlash and Bad Protest on Here in Idaho Already Gone to the Capitals Okay Look Would Be Bits That Had Enough of This and Be Careful If You Get Sick and Have Him Die, but One of Things I've Not Seen and We Watch A Lot Of News on This. My Wife and I Do Not Seen Anybody on the News. Compile Any Statistics on the State Has Happened and It Seemed Any Statistics on Things like How Much People Are Children Being Killed and Abortion Aids and Compared to the Seasonal Flu and Woman Got Now and I Bet You'd Find That the Coded Dog Deaths Are at the Bottom of the Least, yet It's the Biggest Impact Make Me Wonder What's Going on and so Gotten It at about Dusk a Speedo Curious Looks Old Information and We Need to Be Careful Not Just the Front of Her. It's Pretty Bad and so the Quarantine Is Good, so We Agreed on Their Not Get It Back Alive Right to Stop Pushing the Antithesis of Thesis, Antithesis, so We Have a Certain Level of Freedom and Then There's a National Disaster Sums Stress and What They Do, They Take Away a Three More Rights and Because of You Need to Eat for You to Be Protected with Liquid so You're Right That Becomes a New Thesis in Your like That for A Few Years and Then They Have Their Disaster in the Take Me Way More Rights to Get You so That This Is How Marriage Works by Dry and My Savior and What Are We Going Now I'm Ready and Oakley Think I Am to Well and I'm with You over Here, My Brother Frank Had Never Met Preferred Officials and Praying for the Economy. Pray for People and Take This Whole Thing Very Seriously. But the Government Is Overstepping Its Bounds and Depriving People to Constitutional Rights and This Is a Problem.

So Where's the Balance on the Expert in This, but You Need to Be Balanced Okay. Thank You, Thank You Very Much.

Let's Get to John on New Jersey Not New Jersey from New Jersey.

I Really Had Quite a Call from the Was Helping Folks so I'm Not the Volume up and down so I Will Manage Its Rage Only Got What Question One Is Matthew 24 Happened Already. Jeff Durbin Does Preach That Matthew 24 and Revelation Already Have.

Well, That Would Mean That He's a Plagiarist If He's a Partial Prayers. That's Okay.

Beautiful Primus. That's Not Okay so You Know I Can Call Them and Ask Him Partial Plagiarism Says That Matthew before Luke 17 That Range of Things Has Happened in the First Century, but Will Also Be Again Fulfilled in Christ. Partial Plagiarism.

And That's Fine Because It Doesn't Say That Everything Was Accomplished. Then, Including Which Full Pluralism Says Is the Complete Return of Christ.

And so That's Not Happened. So If He's Teaching That Christ Returned in the Average of 70 A.D. I Would Say No to 52 Particularism in the Big Deal so Just That's Okay Okay and Question on Kenneth 3227 Okay What about It.

He Said to Him, What Is Your Name. He Said Jacob Yeah Yeah so My Question Is I Mean If God Knows All Things. Why Would You Want to. When God Was in the Garden with Adam and Eve and They Were Hiding. He Said to the Man Where Are You Will Often Ask Questions of Your Knows the Answers to These Doctors What They Do the Juice If You Had If You Had Children That You Know You'll Ask a Question of Them.

You Already Know the Answer to and Is Not so Much for You to Gain Knowledge, but for the Person to Hear the Question and Answer the Question to Be Taught or Guided Subway Is Usually in Scripture. Are You a Method for Getting into the Conversation. Okay, Okay. And One More Quick Question Is If God Knows Everything from the Beginning to the End. Then Why Did He Create People in Other Words, Why Did You Know I Mean If They Were Aware of That Is Because He Knows What He's Ordained. This Means That Could Create He Created within His Ordination As Were Connections within His Creation the Kind of Go Together and That Can Happen Because Us with Something to Happen Increase People Because That's What so Isaiah 43 Seven Talks about Is Been Created for God's Glory. And There's Been Vessels. This Is a Five Phone of Wrath and Destruction, but Is Also Vessels of Mercy That He Is Shown Created and Called Us Things like This so God Has His Ways and He Created for His Glory.

And That's What I Am Praying for It and I Love the I Love the Ministry Met with I Do Very Much Appreciate Iritis Good to See Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck Welcome You on the Air Are Not Matter How Wondering How Matt on Matthew Chapter 7 for the Sure Matthew, No Give Audit: the Dog Is Going to Contact Joe Metzinger Seven by Judging Others and Don't Look Especially Bitter Side Let You Take Care What You Got There, You Hypocrite, First Take out Your Own Log and Things like That in Verse Six He Says Don't Give What Is Holy to the Dogs for Swine Dogs Was a Derogatory Term for the Gentiles and Was Used by the Jews Did Not Give What Is Holy to the Dogs and Do Not Throw Your Pearls before Swine the Tramping Feet, and Turn Three Pieces Was He Saying That They Used To Refer to the Gentiles Are Not Necessarily Is Talking about Here for Sure Is the Idea Being Holy and Using What You Have in Holiness for the Things of God Not Give Those Things to Those Who Are Unholy, They Will Turn upon You.

It Is an Issue of Wisdom and How Much We Deal and Should Do with Unbelievers. Very Good. I Never Spoke out like That for Okay You off. I Did Tell Your Guy All Freaked out Little Bit about the Real Brockton That Back out the Birthday of Cognitive Kindness and See up the Conscience Allying up the Strawberries Means See How the Phrase Is Used on the Look Okay Live I Think Back to the View That and Back to the Congregation on Earth That Ate the Log through One. Some People Believe Then Male Baptist Baptist and Things like That so They Want to Leave the Cart but There for the People They and Their Undergo Penalty That Will Not Yell for Pastor Dirk Bagwell. It Would Be a Violation of My the Late Because I Believe in That Right Is a Friend to Me How It Is Free to Follow One Stop Free to Follow You Because It's What You Believe Right Will Do That Is Led to Some Kind of Scripture Right Right Yeah I Got It out Okay Thank You That Sure about That. You Left. I Think He Folks You Will Need to Call You in Line 877-207-2276 Is Good to Miguel from Tampa Florida. Miguel Welcome You on the Going Is Gone. We Got on That the Video That Hard to Get a Hold on Them to Break Our Break Right There. So Hold on Back Okay What Is Close Right Back with the Guilty Florida Right after Question the Mass Y770727. Here Is Matt's Leg Walking Back to the Show. Let's Get Back to McGill from Tampa Are You Still There. Okay We Got There Arm about the Hearing, or That You Get a Couple Years Ago with an Immaculate from a Day of Annual Rent Went down. I Know You a Very Light and I Can Take My What Will I Get You on How They Can and I Get Back to Law in Regard like That. We Are Justified by Faith Alone in Christ Alone on My Face and Anything We Do with Her Via Ceremony or Communion or Reading the Bible Go to Church Is Justification by Faith in Christ Alone so Received Baptism Associated with Salvation Were Seeing Is People Who Are Publicly Committing to Christ in the Covenant Symbol and so with Her Doing Is Is Publicly Portraying Themselves As Having Died with Christ, Identifying with His Christ with His Death in Time Roman 64 through Roughly 8 and so That This Is Going on There. So Baptism Is Not a Requirement for Salvation, but It Is Is an Important Thing to Do. Okay, around 90 Christ Alone Waiting on the Wagon That Documented the Public Health, like You're Getting out like the Public They Collect. The Ideal Self Eating, but on How You Think It You Probably Ought like Baptism Right for Scripture.

How Will I See Baptism Sign Because of the Mentalist. I Believe That God Works Kevin Mentally and a Covenant Is a Packard Agreement between Two or More Parties so There's Eternal Covenant Spoken of in Hebrews 1320, Which Is the Trinitarian Covenant Is a Slightly but That Governments Have Signs so We Have Covenant Sign in the Tree the Garden. If Covenant Sign of the Rainbow with No We Have Circumcision As a Covenant Sign with Abraham Covenant Sign with the New Covenant. And Speaking of Confiscating the Bread and Wine, and so the Covenant Has Assembled with It Looks on My Marriage, for Example, My Wife and I We Put on Our Covenant Symbols When Soaring. When People Have Begun This with God.

Biblically, There Should Be a Covenant Sign so They Dedicate Children Question Is Was a Covenant Sign the Burlesque's Would Baptism This Is a Covenant Recognition. I Believe It Relates to Circumcision Where Circumcision Did Not Save Anybody but It Entered the Person into a Covenant Relationship with God, but Some Say That the Covenant Relationship Means in the New Covenant Is Only for Bit for the Saved May or May Not Be of the Do's Research More Research on That but Probably Relates" I Asked.

Circumcision and Baptism in Colossians 212 and 13 Have Been Buried with Him in Baptism.

Circumcision Is so Circumcision without Hands Have Been Buried with Him in Baptism. So He Relates the Sweat Exactly How the Related Though I Don't Have All the Answers for the Subject Is in This Lesson That We Do As an Obedient Act before Christ, Who Said for Us to Get Baptized in 2018 through 20 but Is Something the Seasons. Now When I Say That in Your Mind You Negotiate, What with Minute What about First Peter 321 Save You That You Design That Is Not Sick, I Simply Contact First of All and Never Says Water Baptism. For One Thing, Baptism Ephesians 45 Says One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism Is Also the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Was Spoken of the Next One Next to so Would Baptism As They Spoken. That's One Point That Has To Be Answered Is Another Thing When It Says Corresponding to That, Baptism Now Saves You Corresponding to the Question.

Well, Corresponding to What You Go to the Previous Verse It Says That Eight People Were Brought Safely through the Water by Entering into the Ark.

What Save Noah and His Family Was at the Water.

I Was at the Ark I Hold Position. It Was New York That Saved Corresponding to Exact That Is Now Saves You What Was There Said That He Was Entering into the Ark, by Faith, There Were Eight People. That's an Interesting Thing, and the into One Single Door in the Ark, Jesus Is the Door He Sees the Patient We Were in Him Were Saved Were Not in Him Were Not Saved. And so God's Would Have Closed That Door and God Would Open the Door and the Bible Says He Knew When God Closes Milliken.

"He Opens the Making Close so This Is a Symbol of the Salvation Work of the Typology the Soap Salvation Work That God Instituted through Noah Which I Getting A Lot More about This Book and so This Is Corresponding to That. It's by Faith. They Entered the Ark by Face. They Enter into Baptism Whatever Baptism That Might Be. Which Is Why I Believe Peter Says, Not the Removal of Dirt in the Flesh but in the Appeal. He Says That That Baptism Is an Appeal Process at They Went Went into the Ark, by Faith, They Were Appealing to God for Their Safety.

I Think That Was Going on.

I Don't Believe It. It's Talking about.

Water Baptism Is a Necessity for Salvation of the One Contradict Other Scriptures and for the Context I Got. How Do You Think It Should Be Approached That You Do Not Agree That All You Can Bet That If I Faith Spoke out like How You like to Get Communicate to the Public. You Know You Got One Point the 85 after I Calculate That a Dog Not around You Right, but How You Keep Making It Not Salvation Is Taught That It Is a Symbol. It Tends to Because If You're up a Consistent Covenantal List, Then That Would Include the Baptism of Infants with You.

If Your Credo Baptist That It Would Not Include the Baptism of Infants but of Believers.

In That Case, the Credo Baptist's Would Say Creed Credo Creed Confess Means Maturity Understood Everything about It.

In That Case and They Would Say That Baptism Is Only for Those Who Are Already Saved.

The Covenantal Historic Glycol Call a Consistent and Full Covenantal List Would Then Continue to Include Infants in the Covenantal Faithfulness of God and Would Apply That to the Child and This Is Not Found in Scripture. However, This Idea of Phone of Any Infants Being Baptized Is Not Found Is Not Recorded. We Do Find Whole Households Being Baptized and We Know from the Old Testament That When a Household Was Circumcised. They Were All Circumcised and so the Implication Is That There Were Children There That Were Baptized but It Doesn't Necessity. That Was It Suitable Symbol about Immersion Was Reversed Well Know Was Probably Jesus Was Served with Some Sprinkled When He Was Baptized and We Know That Because He Says in Matthew 315 Says so They Have To Fulfill All Righteousness by Getting Baptized Will Fulfill the Old Testament Fulfill What You Leviticus Chapter 8 Number Check for Exodus 29 in Their Chapters Will See the Requirements for What Was Mandated to Do and Be in Order Enter into the Priesthood and Jesus Is the High Priest of the Oracle Keswick 627.5 so He and the Priesthood Get 30 Years of Age. Jesus Was 30 Had Happened in the Morning of Oil Holy Spirit Verbal Blessing Son Sprinkled with a Seven Right Back Okay after His Messages Else, Please Stay Tuned. The Man's Leg. Why Call 770727 Charismatic Slave of the Vehicle to Roll Something out about the Unit on My Desk.

Okay Long Story Short of Mike McGill. Are You Still There All Right Night I Give A Lot Of Information There Is Given. If Perspectives Become Was a Good Not Going to Question You Work with, like What Looked like They Need like a Little Ghetto Skateboard Mark Only Problem That I Was Probably There for One Thing It Says That He Would Disbelieve Shall Be Condemned and Does Not Say Who Is Not Baptized Will Be Condemned. That One Point and If You Were to Go to Verse 12. After That, He Appeared in a Different Form to Two of Them. She Disappeared a Different Form.

What Is That a Different Form Minimal Flick Metamorphose Well Is a Different Form a Different Manifestation. Well, That's a Problem Because Jesus Rose List in the from the Dead, the Same Body Died in As to Which Is Right There Plus Exists Us in the Scriptures, Mark 1612 through the Other Three Want to Get Is 21% 20 through 20. There Are At Least Three Different and Endings for Mark and That's a Concern. And Another Thing Is in the Paris Could Be That Section of Scripture 92 20. There Are 17 Words That Appear Right in Those 11 Verses That Are Not Found in the Entire Gospel of Mark Edward Mark If Is Right Right If You Drank the Whole Thing. Why Is It That the Last 11 Verses Suddenly 17 New Words and Entire Gospel Appear Will This Evidence Suggests a Textual Issue. This Is the Biggest One in the Bible Writer and so I Want to Preach Out Of It Because I Don't Recognize It or I Have My Doubts As to What Is Authentic. It Looks like Because There's At Least Two Other Three Total Morbid Other Endings and Because of the 17 Red and a Scholar Who Wrote about This Is That 17 Non-Marking Words Using a Non-Mark Consents It Seems to Be That the Scribe Added This on at the End Is Because of Manuscript Codecs. Page Fell off and It Was so I Did That for the Abruptness of the Ending Was Too Much and so They He Added Something Looks like That May Be What Happened so Mark 1616 Is Just Linguistically, Is Not a Good Place to Go to before He Got One. One of the Every Know I Believe in the Sufficiency of Scripture. I Don't Attack the Bible I Just Think This Is a Textual Issue Orders to Other Ones Are Significant in the New Testament That This Is What I like Rank Their Original Greek or Hebrew and Raining Hard at Expanding and Making Games That Go There Yeah and in the Cages Are Still There and King James a Commager Handing for 10 57 Is Still There, but There's Some Doubt about Its Ability and That's When the Other Issues Are There so You Know It's Just the Whole Thing Is This Is That Because Her Different Manuscript Endings and There Are and Because There 17 New Words and Those 11 Verses That's Pretty Significant and They Seem to Be Using a Pattern That's Different Than the Rest of the Gospel, Then It Looks to Me like It Was Some Addendum Put on by Somebody or Some Attempt to Match Something and so Therefore I Don't Really Trust It, Plus Because What It Says in Verse 12, Jesus Appeared in Different Form and I Have a Big Problem with Because He Didn't Raise the Same Body Died in It and Put a Different Form and so That's up into Many Issues There. Such Is Not a Good Place to Go to for That for Sure Baptism until You Better Versus the Other Position in Different Performing like.

Warranty Note That He Was Raised in the Same Body Died and He Prophesied That in John 219 through 31, 35 to 45. It Says That Which Is Sown Is That Which Is Is Raised, the Body That Dies Is the Body That Racing in the John 2025, 28 and He Said to Thomas, Is That the Resurrection Put Your Hand into My Side. Your Finger into My Hand.

We Know It's Very Same Body Died in Those a Glorified Resurrected Body. That's How He Appeared That Tell You.

So to Say.

He Appeared a Different Form Is Very Problematic Right Here Okay and Answer It Well yet Get like It Died Point of Everything about There Is Me Asking the Question When Astutely Quickly. Do You Believe Baptism Is Necessary for Salvation. I Don't like like I like It Because I Different Way like You Are Doing It That Way Because I like I Don't like Agree We Can You Be, Can You Save Can You Be Saved from Their Sins without Being Baptized in Water Right Answers Yesternight Switch Which Is It I Mean like It. I Felt like Don't like What They Might Not like Writing on Hold I Hold on Hold Just Broke up and Get the Answer Is Can You Be Saved from Their Sins without Getting Baptized in Water You like Ollie Got It Right so You Would Either Because You Can't Answer the Question, and I Try to Get on You and What You're Telling Me Is That You Think Water Baptism Is Necessary Part of Salvation That Would Mean Then That Babies Who Die in the Womb. Go to Hell, It Would Mean That People Are Deathbeds Who Want to Receive Christ to Have Tubes in Their Bodies and to Receive Christ and Then Die. Minutes Later, and It Does Happen, and They Would Go to Hell to Sedan What That Would Necessitate Is the Idea That Were Not Justified by Faith to Here's a Question I Would Ask Are Justified by Faith We Have Faith or Not. If You Say out. If You Suggest, Are Justified by Faith We Have Faith That Baptism Is Not Necessary If You Save Not Just by My Fatally Have Faith. They Were Not Just Live by Faith in Your Heretic Missy yet about Going Back to the Wrong Guy, but I Greatly Know God Is Very like When You Divide on the Cross like I Believe. I Believe I Got Eight and He Did Not Know What It outů.Very Well Okay Here's within Saying That His Baptism Is Necessary for Salvation, Mostly That You Can Find Signature Anywhere. Recommend You Want to See That the Debate I Had with Tim Kiernan.and Something Also Go to the Card Website Look at the Section on Baptism and You Can Read A Lot Of Information out There and You Have To Be Careful Because You Do Not Want to Say or Believe or Teach That You're Saved by Faith Plus Anything You Have To Do. Because in Unity and Trouble Right There.

Just a Friend in the Cults They Teach at the Believe and Do Good Works, Believe, and Take Sacraments Believe and Get Baptized Believe and Get Anointed Whatever Might Be Okay Right This Falls Right but I Going to Stop Going Back Okay McGill Calculator. All Right, Let's Get to Okay How about Mel from Canada Mel Look up Your on the Not A Lot but They're Not Allowed to on the Back about Okay You Okay Anyway. All I Was Trying A Lot Fine with the Paint Can Intercede My My Point Is That the Rich Man Think Both Abraham and Lodgers to Intercede for Him and Then before You Start Talking. Abraham Didn't Say It Can't Happen. Probably That Is That There's No Point Also Didn't Say Had to Make Pancakes in the Morning in Order to Get Saved. Does That Mean That's What It Is You Write It and Rewrite You Don't Go by What He Has: You Don't Go by What He Doesn't Say Goodbye What Is Said If You Want to Go to Luke 16, Where the People Are Talking to Each Other in the Afterlife Is Nothing There That Says They Can't Intercede for Us and That We Could Pray to Them, and They Can Hear Us.

Our Prayers on to State This Is the Say That You're Right, It, but What One Thing You Are Jack That Not That Lodgers Could Have Five I Think It Clear That He Could Have .12. It Is Five Brothers Will Focus That We Will What He Says If He Had Risen from the Dead and Walked in the Town Is Said Here Is That, Does That Mean That the Saints in Heaven.

Can Your Prayers.

Not Having Gotten There yet but Doesn't Say Itů That Is Not an Attack, but I'm Trying to Convey.

Intercession What Intercession, What Intercession It Intercession You Failed.

It Was Rejected. They Could Do This. It Was Rejected. We Write Back Okay after These Messages Please Holland Voted a Break Back the Man's like Why Call 770727. Here's Matt's Leg Arrive I Will Come Back to the Back to Mel from Canada. I Met There and Right at Verse 31. Are You Rejecting That He Could Have Went Back Will We See Could Have You Mean Is It's Possible If God Were to about It. Of Course, You Could Have in That Sense, but We Mean by He Could Have Been Nothing Specific I'm Saying It It It Really What It Possible for the Rich Man to Enter at Abraham and Lodgers Intercede for Them. What Would You Say He Was Asking to Intercede, but Was Really Interesting Is That You're Going for Your Support of Your Interview to a Wicked Person and That Intercession Was Rejected by Abraham and Abraham Said Read the Scriptures in Scripture. The Attic Correct. So the Thing in the Afterlife That Have To Do It Intercession and Perhaps Coming Back like Potentially Coming Back in Kind.

So the Ninth Faith on Earth Would You Admit That the Ideas Intercession in This Context, the Wicked Person Absolutely Could Get It Wicked Person and Was Accepted or Rejected by Abraham Was Rejected. It Was Rejected by Abraham J Electronic Say It Abraham Just Said There Was No Point but Not That It Couldn't Be Done.

Although Vincent Was No Point Say That He Said in the Scriptures Read the Scriptures Because the under Your Appealing to the Unsaved Wicked Man in Support of Your Doctrine and the Appeal Was Rejected by Abraham and Abraham Said, Turned the Scriptures. This Is Where You Want to Go for Support of Your Idea of the Saints Ministering to All That Intercession at Got It in a Different World Now. The Author of That Coming Out Of the Recession Was Wicked and It Was Rejected by Abraham, It Was Rejected. Not Only That They Have You Hello Robert Matt, I Know I Know from. I Know That I Know from Verse 30 1448 Where He Said They Have More Than a Prophet. So Is No Point If Somebody Rises from the Dead Letter Saying That Anything Anyone Can Persuade. I Gotcha Okay If You Did Go Is Still Possible to Go Okay so What I Should Listen but What Abraham Said Was No Ice Is the If They Don't List the Moses, the Prophet Shall Not Be Persuaded Even If Someone Rises from the Dead, Which Is Prophetic Because Jesus Rose from the Dead and They Didn't Believe in Him.

It's a Prophetic Story Here As Well As an Actual Story. So Is Not a Good Place for You to Go to Appeal to the Wicked Man Whose Rejected by Abraham As a Source for Your Idea of Intercessory Prayer. Okay Okay so All over the Battle, but I Admit Abraham Had Imputed Knowledge so You Understand What Going on Used in the Material World. What What What Will Infused Knowledge yet but It Infused Knowledge so Godly. Now I Know It yet Again. All I Know How Okay so You Know How the Rich Man Got to Hell. He Knows the Life of the Rich Man He Automatically Knows the Liquid Lodgers and Not Only That Matt but He Also Knows Most Someone That Was That Came after Him and He Also Also Knows Abraham You Know That the Israelite Writing Will Coordinate Your Reading Way Too Much into It. You Don't Know What State Abraham and Moses and Elijah Are in Is Called the Intermediate State and Were Not Exactly Sure What That Was You Don't Know What Level of Knowledge. She Had You Can Save Infused Knowledge, Even Though That Means You Just Reading Too Much into the Text in Order to Justify Your Catholicism How to like Love to Have at the Writing Mode.

Now He's Appealing to the Scriptures Because in the Afterlife.

He Said He Knew We Don't Know Exactly What You're Saying We Don't Know What He Knew or How He Knew It, We Can't Say What It Was We Can't Say Using More Than One Place at a Time. You Can't Say That God Infused Knowledge into His Heart, Soul, Mind, Body, You Can't Say Those Kind of Things You Can't Say That He Was Talking to Moses and Logically Don't Know If He Was These It Is Certainly Possible Because They Had a Conversation Here, but You Can't Go beyond the Fruit and the Word of God First Quickens for Success That You Can't Go beyond What Written This with the Catholic Church. Does It Takes a Little Bit of a Sliver of the Possibility That Drives a Truck Load of Heresy through Tell You How He Got the Letter Written on Her Uncle Donald. We Got for the Colors We Would like You Do Is Is Signed Another Verse Know to to Help You out in Revelation 58. You Try That When We Talk about That Tomorrow and Call for Another One for Intercessory for 720 One More Question Know We We Going to Have Callers Waving the Winning Swing by 40 Minutes to Give You A Lot Of Time on This Okay to Call Back Tomorrow with Another Verse to Go to School through Okay Thanks.

Let's Get to Chelsea from Texas to Chelsea.

Sorry for the Long Wait but Thankfully I Think All I'm Really Thinking at How People Thought All I Think What Happened and Why He Could Make It Right and Fair for Me Whenever I Go to the Lord and Fair Lifetime and I Cannot Inquiring on the Dance the Night and My Family.

I Don't Feel the Need to Keep Coming Back and Acting Kind of Thinking. I Cannot Inquiring I Can Back out There Where I Cannot (I'm Thinking a Not at Ragged Neighbor. Frankly, Yes, It's a Tough One and Am so You Write.

When We Pray, God Only Knows That That We Need It before We Even Ask, so We Could Even Say Why Even Ask If We Can Ask Once, but We Don't Need to Ask Twice Because You've Asked Once Why Ask at All Because God Knows in the Beginning. Well, the Idea of Our Asking Is That God Wants Us to Depend on Him and Being a Constant State of the Dependence upon Him. So My Wife and I for Example We Pray Every Night Together and We Pray for the Salvation of People and We Pray the Same Prayer for Years, Every Night Pretty Persistent and It Causes Us to Have Fellowship with God and with One Another in the Process and to Bring to Remembrance Those for Whom We Pray These Are Good Things and Logically We Could Save. Now Yorty Know so Different Once That's True but There's Something about That Fellowship Called into by God the Father and with Christ at First with His 19 and This Fellowship Is Conversation and We Talked to Him and He Talked to Us in the Word As We Have This Fellowship of This Intimacy so Prayer Even Repetitive Proof of the Same Thing Not Vain Repetition, Persistent Prayer the Same Topic Is Okay over the Years.

What I Can Await My TrackBack and I Can Bring to Move on from There. I Think That You Plan in a Carpet That There Better Planning and Where I Think I like the Diapering Act That I Am and What I Really Think Now Will Be Yeah Really Say That Course You Were Because He Prayed He Trusted God, but You Know I Think Some Versus Paul Says I Pray Always for You, What Residents and so You Always in My Prayers. Make a Request.

That Is One of the Verses in Romans 110 I Make Mention of You Always in My Prayers. Making Request to Perhaps Now at Last Succeed Coming to You so Apparently Paul Was, Persistent Prayer Romans 19 Intent so You Know, I Completely Understand This like This You Commit a Sin and You Ask God to Forgive You Your Forgiven Suggested Getting Forgiven Will Know It's Not What about Will. Jesus Canceled All of Our Sins across Exactly Says, in Colossians 214 Should We Ever Then Ask Forgiveness for Diversity Committed Good Authority to Forgive Well in One Sense, Yes Another. Since No We Don't Ask for Another Forgiveness of the Same Sandwiches Order Canceled across but What Were Doing Is Confessing Dependence upon Him, and That Messed up. Forgive Me.

You Know, and and We Think about These in a Logical Way We Can See Okay I Don't Need to Do This Because Logically, but on the Other Hand, Is a Relationship Issue and God Wants That Relationship Desires It with Us and so I Do Pray for Things I've Artie Been Forgiven off and I Think or Hear Him Again Even Though I Know from Eternity past Was on Christ Paid for at the Cross and Lord Please Save So-And-So and Heal Someone so As I Pray against the People I Prefer They Both Had Lung Cancer and the Jean and Julie Lynn and I Prefer Them Most Every Night for Her to Be Healed. And Her Something Else to Think about This Is Interesting Because My Wife. I Also Pray for a Good Night Sleep and Most the Time It Never Happened. But Here's the Thing Never Happens Because I'm 63 She's Got Back Problems. It Would Get Aged You Know It We Don't Have All the Great Sleep like This Would Happen Sometimes but You Know What Why Then Do I Pray the Same Prayer over and over Thought about This Because It's an Act of Faith. Every Time Mike the My Prayer Doesn't Depend on Circumstances Depends on Him and so I Continued to Ask Because It's Time to Do That in a Trust Is Nothing I Will Get What I Want to Thicken up to God to Be in His Presence and Seeking His Face in the Slick Continued after the Same Thing. I'm Sure You Are Right Eyeball Is Fortunate and Now I Might Go Back Dear Think I Need.

I Got Convicted Because My Time Doing Area Work on It like My Family and Fountain, and Great Family. We Value You That Really Didn't Get Clarity There like a Bear Thinking and Back to 300 and Now You're Talking about That Public Display of the Me Really. My Role at Them on the Type of Now Now Where Will Your Expiring. I Think I Have a Night That I Had and More like They Were Ready for Me. Call Me They Wanted and What Are Your Thoughts on Good for You. The Bible Says That Only Men Were Ordained People Can Baptize Disciples Can Baptize Your Disciples Of Christ. I Think It's Very Honorable That Debbie Was a Mother Want to Do That. You're the One Who Judges When They Can Understand the Level of Understanding and so Praise God.

I See No Problem with the Welcome Thinker: Okay How Fast We Can Get into This One Because We Are at a Time I Get to the to Brian from Mount South Carolina on the Issue of Slavery. Call Back Tomorrow on This Good Which Will Have A Few Seconds Left.

We Could Talk about the Biblical View of Slavery What It Is to Support and Also Sammy Georgia. I Apologize for so Long As God's Grace Back on Your Tomorrow and Hopefully

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