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May 7, 2020 3:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 7, 2020 3:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Don't we have to be raptured before the tribulation because we can't be here when Jesus comes back---2- Does Isaiah 49-16 mean that we are destined for greatness---3- Should pastors call false teachers out by name in their preaching---4- Does the baptism of the Holy Spirit save us---5- A man called in claiming that water baptism ended after John baptized Jesus--7- Did the Jehovah's Witnesses use Christian Bibles like the KJV before they produced the New World Translation---8- Discussion on Jehovah's Witness responses to the plurality in God's nature in the Old Testament.--9- Since Genesis 2-23-24 teaches that husband and wife are one flesh, could Matthew 18-8-9 justify divorce---10- Is belief in the Trinity necessary for Salvation- What is necessary for Salvation---11- Conversation with a Unitarian on the deity of Christ

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is a lot more questions about why Nicole was always open 72072276 allows for member spell see you your room. That's the work harm, which is the acronym for the Christian apologetics research ministry cut over hundred million visitors to the site weekly passengers on the homily jangling one who knows a lot of people visit the site spent a lot of time on their link so you can check it out to do the same things go to and look around and on the page on the site. It should say we have some schools so if what you want to do is learn theology and how to defend the faith and things like that all you do is a go sign up for the right there on the homepage. Check it out if school theology school apologetics in the school of critical thinking, and Alexi also got a new novel out, pushing up a little while and some homepage as well call time traffic sci-fi novel and of course you know my rights theology, but I just feel like writing some sci-fi something so getting back into theological writing and this is a catch up on some projects are a couple weeks would pick up the second in the series on the influence people are asking for that for a few years so I'll be doing that and getting that going the way that you go on the website. You may call three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to John from New Jersey. John on here. I heard Mike that say that we are dabbling hereafter for the tribulation come because we don't that after the seven year no right calling back so we can't be. It is making sense it because it's the idea of a 70 jubilation pretrip rapture is true and if not all people hold this view if it's seven years to the day after the rapture. You know exactly when Jesus is coming back with the post Revelation view does not tell us exactly when the return of Christ is going to be now some might say will in the mid-jubilation. When the Antichrist comes in and reveals himself in the temple in Jerusalem that you can mark three and half years. From there, that would work no matter what. Do you hold because no one's portion of the day nor the hour which literally doesn't really mean a because it's an idiom of the old Jewish wedding feast object talk about the show.

Several times I can do again if necessary. But that doesn't mean that he didn't actually know the phrase designating the authority of the father in the home to designate and say when the official moment was going to be even though the general date was known and so any rate, we have problems just to be fair, no, no eschatological prop view answers every sickle question. There are problems minor in and some in major and others, but I do will be faster is right. I hope that we don't have to go to the tribulation. I hope to get rapture beforehand. I don't see that is a scriptural position, but I hate to be wrong, and so I hope he's right. Hope I'm wrong Brielle Courtney know what I want to go through that 4619.

Okay, let's see. Isaiah 4619. I'll bring near my righteousness. It is not far off and my salvation will not delay and I will grant submission to Zion and my glory for Israel.

Okay, I don't know the context… All the video and comment on the witch?

No overt went back and I have heard it was rare that I greatly want to follow my Isaiah 49 & 4916 is that verse in Isaiah 49 and 19 let's see it says behold I've inscribed in the palms of my hands.

Your walls or continue performing case which the question that that that say that were that great. No no no no when you when he says things like this about a verse like that you listen very carefully.

It's very important you listen to exactly what's being said so that you can tell if you hear a ringing sound sound of a verse in context, it's very important.

Listen, because a lot of times you'll hear that particular people can make the Old Testament for the New Testament requirement new but aggressive lateral view. So this is not as logical view, it's doing the Jewish custom of puncturing their hands is a representation of your city and what he believed in and resided in so he's just saying God is just showing his covenant of faithfulness to Israel is people and things like that that was going on while I thought however this listen for everything sound okay with whatever someone's controversy going to make it just just look at it. This is why one reason I give the versus locations. Go check out what I say because I hate you not to do this a long time, but it doesn't mean I got everything down doesn't mean I have everything understood. So go check what I say and if you have a problem. Come to me on the radio say I think in this area. Let's check in on your right and it certainly is happened before and will continue to happen. Nobody has only answered what we need to do is make sure that what people teach preachers, teachers, radio, TV, pulpit, just check with a second Scripture is nothing wrong with that. You don't have to have a degree in order to be able to do that.

You can read right, MacArthur, Carter study Bible, so all my good hander took a picture with many years ago warning sign to take a picture in picture with the author of the shack which is a horrible book and we match and a picture of him with me okay but it would be jumping up and up on my wall of shame and always of the false teachers easily dealt with. Things like that. I got love that picture with Benny getting in the cuckold and Joyce Meyer take a look at these people are still heretics. So right, so it doesn't mean anything in itself, but if he holds it up as a sign of adoration and accomplishment that would be concern and also go go to go to pastor and go to his office in and look for the books looks workable. She's got super theological books author books on narcissism.

You know, by Kenneth Copeland and Joel O'Steen deceiving narcissistic books and how greatly our God can give us everything we want to serve the best kind creature. So we deserve to be the head alignment have all this money and health.

You don't just look for narcissistic things like that and see deserve it.

If you break live in Atlanta this day.

That troll is a man of God and love or not open to name calling people Al and he's not a good soldier into it here and I think that a good teacher. You know other status pastors and teachers ought to from the pulpit name names when necessary. Not all the time is not the purpose of the pulpit to use it as an episode with the thing is that when it comes time to name names, then name names.

It is a false teacher out there that people are paying attention to the job, the pastor, the other is to guard the flock so I'm up there preaching about some tax and it comes up where you know versus your gods in John 1034 which is a quote from Psalm 2282. Six.

I want to say that the Mormons use it a certain way and what to say and some Christian prick preachers use it this way, Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer boutique submittal got that's default. I would say because it needs to be said at that time, but too many pastors are afraid to not offend anybody with anybody in the church might look at you and who cares if Jesus were in your church and he was preaching from the pulpit. What would he say now we have to emulate represent Christ. And I'm not saying just go around throwing money to everybody that's not what I'm saying when it's necessary when the time is there, the pastor is obligated to name names as needs to be done.

Just as Paul the apostle named names in the New Testament about false teachers.

He called them out. This is a job the pastor to do that as well. The job the pastors, not to babysit, change diapers is not to be people feel good is to teach the word of God and if it comforts them that it comforts them if it wounds them, then it wounds them if it bothers them that it bothers them. If it helps them pin it helps them.

If it points that the Christ even better than let that be the case because the text of Scripture will do what it does. As you go through it and let it do the power we are not to share or shine away from certain things in Scripture because it's uncomfortable for us to preach and if we can as pulpit preachers. If we can stop as a whole preach to please men and women insert preaching to please the word of God and point to the exit a photobook preach a sermon. You may not like it, feel free to leave will be offended today hundred 30 go here, go open your Bibles to act on it for literally and every time I maybe only five times and in 34 years of preaching. The thing is, sometimes it is to be said it needs to be said because we need to be strengthened, not coddled, we Christians need to pick up the cross daily and follow for Christ not pick up our hammock and see how we can be coddled in a nice cool theological breeze know were called the Christian to be set on in the world and change the world with disciples of all nations and to give our efforts in her talents for the purpose for the glory of God, not for self gratification and security okay I agree thank you and praying for you and your ministry in our thank you very much.

We definitely our brother God bless hey folks, let's get to Patrick from North Carolina, Patrick, you are on the air welcome, Matt, Michael sure I have a question the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They would eat what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit done just a question. What what is how you define it.

The baptism of the Holy Spirit. While the baptism of the Holy Spirit in my opinion, is when you truly repent and you create living water with your tiered UK leading line with you living water with her tears. Sorry the living water is Jesus, and create living water with her tears.

It's a nice poetic way to say something but float. Hey, can I ask your question. Just look what your testimony, did you not cry when USA yes I did. I wept very deeply that the phrase creating that you don't living water with her tears insist on phrase no in the presence of God. We we often will weep and his greatness is so wonderful with the first Peter 321 Lenola North know I said this water represents definitional salvation notices a bar examination that what he was speaking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit could be, but the context is about no one in the parking lot of right back at the messages with Patrick Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic back to the show.

Patrick, yes I'm still here.

Alright, so José and we needed to define our terms in the and baptism means what it means in this context. In some places it can refer to baptism the Holy Spirit can refer to employee immersion refer to sprinkling it can refer to dunking. It can refer to several things, depending how it's used.

People don't know that. But that is the case, but so forward about go ahead. You'll mark if that was referring to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that would be a statement will let me ask you, do you believe water baptism is necessary for salvation, though I don't I do that lot of baptism ended after John the Baptist okay okay so well in the water baptism ended after then why would it be in acts 1044 to 48 it says, sensory, nor can refuse the water for these be baptized to receive the Holy Spirit as we have an active and 1048, where Peter after the Gentiles received the Holy Spirit.

You baptize them in water. The reason Paul was chosen to go to the Gentiles was because he had the correct mistake, can you really looked at that slightly irrelevant if you send water baptism ended after what the time marker after John the Baptist baptized Jesus okay so then the question is if that's the case why did Peter then tell people to be baptized in water, we think it was wrong. He was, why was he wrong because of the vision he had neck cattle or God told him don't ever say anything done cleaning that I made clean when he met God, I need to tell claims okay so got so Peter was wrong because he had a vision from God.

Know the vision told Peter, don't say anything done cleaning that I've made clean.

God told Peter being wrong about water baptism while if you let me finish you give me a dissertation and I know what you're teaching side.

Be careful here.

Okay. Will Peter was wrong because the you want to get the vision you is the measurement talk.

No one he went. It was in the upper Romans fell asleep in the seat came down with the M well. Diane told him don't ever say anything done cleaning that I've made clean. The Gentiles were cleaned by the baptism of the will your acting like a I got a suggestion for you. Are you I'm good or Hebrews chapter 9 and verse 10 Cisco say 910 two Hebrews 910 in the worldwide annual the word washings. There is a Greek word Baptiste Moss Baptiste Moss and what it's referring to is water applications and so you could look there you can see how the word is used in referencing to anointing's in various things like that for the idea of water being applied to people is there in the text of Hebrews, but for you to say that Peter was wrong because he didn't understand the vision is kind of interesting. And so for glaciers to fall in thought on what the baptism working, sure, but when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel. I said to Cephas in the presence of all if you being a Jew like live like the Gentiles and Jews. I was compelled the Gentiles to live like Jews. That's not an issue of of the water baptism Paul never said anyplace. Paul never set out old bald hold on Paul never says anyplace in the Bible don't get baptized in water as he said current Christ did not bend me to baptize, but to preach about. Yeah, but that is not meeting him. They said Paul does not say in the Bible don't get baptized in water, he doesn't correct on this. I can listen to me okay listen. He does not say this in any place when you go to first Corinthians chapter 1, which is Paul God sent me to baptize with preach the gospel. It doesn't mean there is you incorrectly asserted. That means that Paul was saying don't get water baptized, it says I wasn't sent to baptize, but to preach the gospel, that is, baptism is not part of the gospel well. Let me ask you about one on one more thing going on without would John the Baptist recognize the voice of one crying in the desert. Yes, yes and started verse in the Bible that Jesus wept. You five blogging on the line of the connect to get in the baptism of the Holy Spirit because your testimony okay so you making any sense and does the going back-and-forth with this long. I appreciate that a lot, but now he is in order for him to hold up his position folks used to say that when the apostles was wrong about the issue. Baptism is no place in Scripture that says not to be baptized in water that Jesus himself was baptized in water. Let's get on with Stanley from Georges Sammy.

Welcome here about our your goblet, your ministry will thank you, when you and so I do a lot of weight to confirm that the watchtower existed in 1881 and 88 he had translated the New World translation in 1950. If I'm correctly used our Bible to the King James version on the portal 69 years the correct exact dates are correct. Yes, the principles surely true okay and then they published the man and all but King James version Bible the correct one is a good thing. They use the King James. I think they had it in their own publication think they also have what we call the purple people eater and the interlinear and various things they would also use the get what they do the work translation later I was up about what I want to go but I thought what up dog James Bible which does not deny the deity of Christ, the whole the whole idea of translating the New World translation. Do not eat your products not among other things, and it did not, and salvation by grace alone. Okay great thank you and doubtless amended okay. Big obelisks already. When you call 87720722772 open lines with get to and Andrea are on here with somebody. Andrew Rainier, Andrew hello give you a minute here trying listener Peter you can barely hear you break the you hold on right back Matt slick.

Why call 77077 charismatic slave back to show up in lines 877207227 North Carolina was an interesting discussion we could've had he wanted to know what the name of Jesus with where it originated from to talk about that if you want to call back or anybody else does.

We are for open lines.

Folks, give me a call 877-207-2276 Adrian from Michigan. Welcome your earlier today by God's grace we got what a day, that wicked man, you and I spoke maybe two weeks ago.

I want to say and we were talking about funding the guy before the other guy was talk about so I was calling about that again and you were getting a great read on morality of God) so it my buddy, you know I hate you know the conversation came up again were talking about Scripture as a Jehovah's Witness and he brought up the elaborate and much to say that without God and man broke every doubt and he said something that I do not say what he said it that you have to believe to try but you know I made CSC's point is what he said you know, I shall yeah you know if that boy and I talked about how where it says in the different ways that God appeared right way. Three vision nature guilt met and you see the verses where it is God appeared to certain people at God Almighty telling him like a bear is a distinction I and according to him in my car broke down everything that well that doesn't necessarily mean bagging it with God like that the family faced a you know that at that time that deal states that no man brought out what I mentioned to him about mold at a bad dude you live, you know, so it wasn't good. Maybe more speaking not in a literal fed net egg speak is talking about. No man that God and I would really gonna break down how God is triune, hatched, but this is where trying to stay with the question is guy. I guess the question is do not thought his viewpoint, but I was just like okay you know where you get out of know where to go from there. That is actually what the problem is yet these I'm not sure. So he believes in Trinity or does not know he doesn't with the Trinity and you gave verses from the plurality of God in the Old Testament and he said what about that yet, so he was talking about how no better than me that you it was old okay then then you kinda quoted one of them. In Exodus 6213 know God spoke from the most said him I am God Almighty while DiPaola has people who's the one speaking is is God and he says he signifies himself as God Almighty so is a God Almighty or not.

If he says is an angel will then how can an angel say that his name is Yahweh, which is what it says in the text later there that he's God Almighty.

The text that is God so that he would be having a problem to say that he appeared everyday randomizing as God Almighty you according John 118. No menacing got it anytime the only begotten son and with the father she has explained him and what you understand about John is that when before verse 14. It's basically the introduction of the gospel and it says in verse 14 of the Word was God. Of course the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. After that I did a study on this.

After that the word God roof as a reference. The father and because just as I did with the gospel.

John, every instance of the word for cost God and I did an analysis and sure enough it's reference to the father and Jesus says in John 646 Normans in the father at any time, and so we see John 118 is the missing God was talk about their godfather as the context so there's still a problem. So this guy all he's doing is just denying with what God says.

Now, if he denies Trinity. This is what I recommend.

People do you find someone who rep denies Trinity annuals questions Alaska Ms. Tuttle Trinity is first try know if you're denying it truthfully or not not define what it actually is. A lot of times I don't get it right. My times of stable it's three God students, not the Trinity is and autosave was one God and to predict forms. That's not what we teach you one God in three simultaneous distinct eternal persons not forgot that the definition of the Trinity in a shorter version and a once you we understand that then I tell them this I say the Trinity is arrived at, not by looking at a single verse, but by looking at the whole of Scripture and its arrived at systematically, you look at the Scriptures and you arrive at it by concluding Isaiah 43 4445 chapter say there's only one God, not in all existence. Yet we have versus a Jesus is God the father's God the Holy Spirit. God the father has a will. The son has a will. The Holy Spirit has a will. The father speaks the son speaks the Holy Spirit speaks etc. and so we see that each one of the members of the Godhead has the attributes of divinity and personality or personhood I should say ascribed to finesse the system if the Trinity is arrived at. Looking at the whole of Scripture is only one God and each member father-son Holy Spirit things on attributes are described ascribed to them.

I should think that are consistent with the nature being divine and so that's the system as Allstate Kelly with the system is that the doctrine is arrived at. Because it systematically arrived and if you can say that the Trinity is wrong. That means that the system is wrong to come in with the system is so that you can tell me to try to wrong Shamu. The errors are and they never will say all is done in the way described.

They'd have any clue so then I'll say you don't understand the Trinity is, by definition, anybody to know how to ride that states not true, so why should I take you seriously think your opinion about nothing to seriously accent okay you to write it systematically, not by looking at one verse. Though there are single verses that imply trinitarianism baptizing them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit with the very last verse in second Corinthians. If you go there. It says the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. All three are mentioned right there in his other verses like this in the Scriptures as well for one of these is sufficient. That's right popped in my head this way considers the several verses like a renewal in the New Testament imply throughout future electrical okay what I mean. A court like the article that you recommend, which is good. You know it makes it intranet. Lucky for all of Scripture speaks of its right, you know so. But of course just looking at those verses the parties, try to make an attempt to say that because the chart I did what I'll do with people who do that also does a verse that you quoting support your view.

The context or does it negate the doctrine of the Trinity and this is something that the will say when I was is only one God, and the gates of Trinity doesn't because the Trinity doctrine is that there's only one so you have to write what they say and take what they say and analyze what they say and then do with those objections and flow of the conversation I got it last? The diversity only support what again support your position.

People rush and will often do a civil what's the verse us to look at it. This is to look at and see that's what I do people think you don't mess this girl.

These answers will I have a lot of answers with doing this for long time, but you the biggest thing to do is read the verse and see what it says. Anybody can do that hard to read it through something about actually about writing a course and having a webinar on how to interpret Scripture and working on an outline for that and I'm thinking I will so because it's needed.

Okay okay thank you God bless all right is a dream for Michigan. Let's get over to Jonathan from Billings, Montana John Locke hey Matt, so I have a question here in Genesis 223 and 224, 223 Adam talks about being flesh of the glass to 24 that there they shall become one flesh it out so that thinking that 19th date there no longer two but one flesh question it in Matthew 1889 about to graduate his message is 16777 mass Y call 77077 charismatic/Québec Jonathan you still there. There are, in light of all the verses that talk about the life of man becoming one flesh. It is possible. In Matthew 18 89 when Jesus is talking about cutting off your hand or plucking out your eye if they're going to hell and apostle you talking about divorce versus well between eight and nine your hand because you stumbled your eyes because you stumbled know he's not talk about divorce just talk about stumbling blocks.

He says in them. Verse seven is notable that some blocks will come and Dr. hand 3 foot coffee your eye because you stumble get rid of it and the reason he saying this, but it is better to enter to heaven named then to hell hole you just trying to illustrate the necessity of escaping hell thank you I appreciate it, but it felt.

Thank you.

I like the show to the goblins all right. We have four open lines postponing the call eight 772-072-2760 McCall Tom from California welcome drawing near nearly as I can… Just out of the Trinity doctrine.

I cater my question, date, and I am the first one you believe that maternity doctrine is necessary for 1008 to understand the Trinity is not necessary for salvation. When you believe in it though PDF with Intuit to be saved in areas no okay alone in your view, be met. For salvation's will is necessary for salvation is a regenerative work of God grants repentance to use that's sick. Corinthians 12 to 25 and also he grants faith looking for 129 your cause to be born again. First Peter one three morning and will John 113 and we are to be born again. John 33 through eight so that's what caught your salvation is based on want to regenerate the Holy Spirit. God the father, the son are living in a scene of John 1423 for that and so because of that Mr. Burke was the truth John 1426 John 1526.

We will eventually come to acknowledge Dr. the Trinity, the deity of Christ hypostatic union committee cut to a doom item imputation propitiation, etc. okay then I have another question. It came to me that if you read the Bible right by getting read about Jesus Christ and that the type and nature. He has, by the nature of who he is, would preclude him like from them from being God like you like a lark well because he learned things right you would agree that God learn to write well Dr. you're missing 252.

He grew in wisdom and stature, but to write the church to go to the second cater my answers better. Are you Jehovah's Witness and I know that I am not currently attending a charity shot when I agree with the Joe with things so you do not have any right yeah I tell my unit unitary answering okay and so you deny that Jesus is God in flesh correct you okay do you believe the Bible is is true and inspired allow the okay so the Bible says so. For example, in the beginning was the word word was with God's word was God in verse 14 the Word became flesh and dwelt among us that Jesus obviously is that I flesh well on the call of God.

I recognize that he called God or other being in the Bible sick.

You didn't answer my question is I can't hold on okay. I said, does it not mean that he is God says in the beginning was the word the word was with God's word was God. Verse 14 the Word became flesh is not mean that Jesus is that true God in flesh. I don't believe it, that no will I discolor diversities I cannot believe what it says what is quoted to you know, I know it murder cloning. I'm just saying it.

Other being the Bible, God like a good thing think I coating the verses John 11 in the beginning was the word word was with God was God, you affirm that you know it. I'm outnumbering and that I bring it on your main right hold on things in verse 14 says the Word became flesh and blood, both among us does not mean that God became flesh and dwelt among us in the match will then why am I talking to you. If you can't understand the basic law of logic.

It's a equals B and B equals C than a equals C. If the word is God and the Word became flesh that Jesus and Jesus is God in flesh well. Caleb gave you like never thought that I know you didn't you give me an answer to a question and ask our other skull and ice to a living God because were talking with John 11 which is the true living God, and that he's not, I would allow it. I would say that it's relevant and right unit is called God. I recognize the call God, but on their other being in the Bible, called God's death on diversity that is currently important for you to the work they often regards the faith will this world is you true God is his duty to God.

I okay have you also regulations 48 says I don't how do I would sentence when you did not know God, you were slaves to those which by nature are no gods. Does the Bible recognize that there are false gods. I got you to Jesus is called God is he a false God and bring your dog. I don't think a person with authority. Okay, will you please authority but some you do. For example, with this idea that in the Old Testament. There's a phrase call upon the name of Yahweh, John. It's known as Zechariah 13 dying. It's in Psalm 116 for the call upon the name of Yahweh will are you CC save my life. It's a prayer to Yahweh prayer to God right okay the phrase due to Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew I know it is perverted but I know I just asked if you knew it was so, so they make it so the Jews when they translated that phrase call upon the name of Yahweh. They translated it into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord. The Lord right to request okay so whenever that phrase appeared in the Greek Septuagint, we always know it. It's call upon the name of the Lord, calling on the part thing the Lord called on the name of the Lord. We all would we know that's prayer and worship and and etc. of the true and living God.

Right. Okay you think Paul the apostle knew that hundred and 80 with you, and I understand good this what Paul the apostle says the first one to to the church of Corinth about 1/4 to those who been sanctified in Christ Jesus saved by calling who with all who in every place call on the name of the Lord of us. Jesus okay so why would Paul the apostle use a phrase only is in reference to prayer and adoration.

A true living God. When we apply to Christ call upon the Lord, because Lord all the phrase that the word Lord. The phrase call upon the name of the Lord of us. Jesus, I Greek the phrase, why would he use that phrase means.

Obviously, prayer adoration, worship the true living God, the plight of the Christ can answer them. Okay well there. The other being the word of God or other called the Lord, saying, Lord, I did not say the word Lord did not see the word goddess of the phrase the filing of trying to respond to what you're saying that all going to do you not nice of repeatedly telling you the phrase call upon the name of the Lord not not the Lord, not the word God. The phrase call upon them, the Lord, that phrase which you would not only means adoration and worship the true living God is applied to Jesus by Paul the apostle. Why would he do that.

Why would he do that, in my and my understanding is the word of God. The word Lord means I phrase the phrase the phrase he HR a SE phrase not singular word, the phrase the sequence of words. The phrase, the frame alignment line my understanding that phrase from reading the Old Testament used in verses right and think here. I always means you go to my website. You can look up the article call upon the name of the Lord right okay I go into it quite a big detail I going to the counter and I going to Greek I do on the various phrases I can show you what it means the Septuagint version. I go into it.

I answer okay will will why then will directly, and I'm not trying to ignore you when what are your thoughts about ACLJ that not knowing everything exactly how I'll answer it. We don't have much time are you to go look at the article. First of all, would you please call me tomorrow for the next day after you've read it, we can talk about. Please do that? Not here. Time to okay all right I really like that. Okay, I understand the trust I do all right, first of all, in Revelation 1912. It says that Jesus has a name which no man knows not accept himself by your logic, if he doesn't know something. Connect me to Be God, will it says that God would even know the name of the of Jesus name and Revelation 1912. That's a problem with your logic.

Second of all when it says no man knows the day nor the hour. I can see this quickly, but I don't have much time. It's a phrase that you know what I might want to get your tooth… Okay, it's a phrase out of the culture of marriage.

Back in that day of them. What would happen is a man and another man family would arrange a wedding between the sun and the end of God. And so the American was to be held and then the sun was about to build a home stripping the addition on the original home that he was living in with his father and then he would go get the bride with trumpets and things like this street will get the bride to come back to the house they would have a celebration and then once you're married, they would take the bride into the bright chamber that new home new addition to that house and they would live with extended family now through this process the for the friends and neighbors had to know when the day of the wedding was good to be because it would take a lot of time to travel to travel across Israel to get to a place you could just hop in the freeway and a cargo. So what was the cultural norm was that the sun when asked when is the father going to give you the permission to go get the bride.

It's a no man knows the day nor the hour it was an idiomatic phrase of respect shown to the father is out of the bouncer at that time, it does not mean he did not know something, it meant that it was a phrase of respect. Only the father knows it's just the culture of the time and so we intended culture does mean you just didn't know. And if you want to still say he didn't know is not divine and you have to go to Revelation 1912 and answer the question God the father, they wouldn't know the name, therefore he can't be divine in your stock first is 12 shows at the phrase is used, call the phrase call upon the name of the Lord is means worship and adoration of true living God. Paul the apostle positive Jesus you got believe that time the Lord bless you and sorry we did have an Adam Morrow

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