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May 7, 2020 11:39 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 7, 2020 11:39 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Shouldn't our religion be separate from our political commitments---2- Is the Angel of the Lord in Daniel 10 a manifistation of the pre-incarnate Lord- How about other appearances of the -Angel of the Lord----3- Why does the Bible sometimes print -GOD- in all caps and other times -God- with only the first letter capitalized. What is the difference---4- How do respond to Christians who say that they can't vote for either candidate in the upcoming election---5- How do you balance God's sovereignty with human choice in political elections-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like show why is the president of apologetics.

Research was found alive. The more you have questions or models on those amounts what is called the respondent 77 are doing well. So what was the metal would live and it's 23rd 2020. So if you want to give me a call. We have five lines 877-207-2276 and the interesting plot of things going on and on the way reminder let you know if you like to show you want to listen to the best of Matt slick podcast. You can you cannot go on the web and look up best of Matt slick podcast and we were not, but also a good and you'll see a link there picture and with them for a few hours yesterday.

Hope others will say podcast investments look like click on that ticket we need to go and if that sounds good going do them no please check out people listening, so that's good for downloading stuff and here's the truth when her theology and just answers. You know I go to the call, discord and goats and gamers to gamers communication thing that's gone beyond just that level and discussions I go on things I'm finding really interesting is all going to these rooms just to talk and listen to somebody in the same match lecture and people line up to ask me questions and this is grown so that almost every room. I go into that happens is fine.

I like answering questions and the most part it's pretty simple and we have some morons command and act like under five-year-olds in the diapers are filled and stuff like that but can we deal with them and then we go on and we have these great conversation so praise God for his God for that. Also, if by any chance you were working theology and apologetics have, to know your faith and defend your faith, the new mission schools CAR M.RG and the rights of any page you will see a link for the schools and check them out and sign up. And if you can afford. Let's just say you really want to but you can afford them.

Just email us. Let us know we can do for free there visually processed the hold that you disrupted on your own at your own pace and there's questions, there's answers, you just go through and read and that's it. It's really basic and informative, but that we do using the keep the lights on helping lights on so you can afford him great. If not, let us know but that's on on the Karma homepage and also pushing this for a while to push my books for a while.

I novel out called time trap you might be sci-fi oriented sand. I'll be in a little bit here and picking out the second of the series on on the influence lot of people, a lot of people are one second novel, and that I already have begun is just takes so much time and work I have so much to do that. It's it's hard to focus on a survey realist.

One day, one day, three weeks just do not work in the novel get the first draft out and now no spare time which was an old lunch, but he look going to be called for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Rick from High Point, North Carolina working on here before and I just want your opinion on something.

In my frustration with the political climate, with the Republican versus Democrat right wing when it comes to now that not Anchorage. You say one that you asked the independent Demerol right constitutional party.

I believe the Constitution is a brilliant document and I go to triangle constitutionally if I think is good be a close call as people complain they say you should throw your boat is next to shall never get elected. Well it actually was sort of voting. Constitutionally, then they would, but Republicans and Democrats there don't know the Republican Party was started in part, in the 1860s to abolish slavery part of the party was one of the proslavery no-no thrusting out with the leftists and wackos who don't give the faxes can nothing happen.

That's when I get you the go-ahead.

Now here is my professional about now climate. So many of the radio show the TV show, talking brought you a blind man proceed today different Republican Democrat and a left-winger. You are not used to my frustration all is so prevalent now shut up Micah. The problem I have yet to be a Christian Christian I don't want to be will will lately lately.

Just curious.

I didn't go for trumpet in look for Hillary but if he's a Christian, you want to be a Christian is quite a statement will why what is let me rephrase it if it cursed supposedly think that part of the Bible and I want no part of. Since Excel user heard in cart so much about it, the leader of the free world down to shoot people on national TV still get elected.

You gotta get it running hand on her blah blah okay okay you if you are okay.

I haven't heard those things, but I'm not. He's got the ball well all the problem. Okay not considered a grandchildren Christian and right-wing Democrats and liberal and non-Christian male politically correct alignment straightforward. Well, if there it is. The second I'm not sure we don't know. You certainly just you don't going off their did you have a question or are you sure you request it. Do your thing strongly believe in separation of church and state. I don't I don't think that modern-day climate what is it me, okay, okay to me it's like your religion and politics. Currently, I'm assuming the government would allow us should not want to question the missing question questions and you were the Constitution I have in a long time and you should read it is mentioned God in the preamble and you'll see that certain things are very question woven into it… Take… Dual science fiction. Her left to say something weird happens and I get elected as president I would do you be opposed to me having Bible studies in the White House or praying and asking God to direct the mind is okay. No district separation of church and state mean you're right you got run out, probably when it Krause goes and I like what what what it meant the original meant separation of church and state, at least, please direct me. The state is not Constitution is not in the Bill of Rights is not in the preamble. Okay, okay, and what it means is that the state can't govern with the religious people say do believe, etc. not to do that God is not so much for correcting.

It's not that that the reverse where people say that the religious people can't influence the state with her politics with the religious views of course we can because we I wouldn't want someone in office who would want to muzzle in office. Absolutely not and I know Bob was like will enter a lot of Muslims also in the Senate and I know I wouldn't want the men there's a reason because I get everyone loyal or loyal to the Quran. They need to be good they must be lawyer to loyal to sharia in the Quran and certify 51 he says do not take Jews and Christians at your friends and surf 434 says it's okay to beat your wives say like this, so it also says that Jesus was not crucified and surf four 157 and this is a law is the best of deceivers.

Sir 354 and 79 says this is the second lessor of Nexus are 110 chronologically which is not abrogated, it says that there to pursue and kill idolaters, people who don't believe in a lot, so if you got a Muslim in office who believes all the stuff you got a problem problem.

Then we played that okay where you can count like that because were Christian and that muscle now, but if this fan and I walked out and you're right – it would Christian script work which it could break when I have the same right to that thing you will see a Christian is totally different. The creek not the New Testament doesn't say that and kill people who don't make the meat doesn't say go do kill yourself to kill others to advance Islam. The New Testament does not say that your Yahweh is the greatest of deceivers and then try to subject the world. Politically and economically and socially to everything in Christianity, and if need be, by force that's that's what Islam teaches, but Christian hunch is that if someone's in office who is a devout Christian he is believing for one think is a real Christian right usually below recognizing up God's going to be holding him responsible or her responsible for the decisions that he or she may be taking bribes or kickbacks.

I rise like that but in Islam. There's a lot of corruption that goes in Islam is no what we both photo and out and get over the years. Just think a lot about this is a lot corrupt about not Christian and not get it. Here's what I want your opinion and your knowledge is the problem I'll get it conserved.

I want you to guide conservative nominee in today's political climate, Christian liberalism on a moment non-Christian crime called the pre-drainage hole and now leaders were putting up and putting barriers between salvation God and people and thing like that and that's what you want to make this with a lot of on the radio and TV religious teachers was on my Facebook. Be right back after this message we have for open lines with Bonnie and all right the number is 877207 mass Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg about everyone have three open lines of calling 772072276 Rick, are you still there recommend you that get it to comment. Okay if modern-day climate.

It conserved so no Christian related and the and liberals are just far left centers. While Marilyn hold Matthew was the correct Case a cri de coeur cry. So I make. When you start hearing today about how good conserved embezzlement arrived just in the creek about about anything left to show you a liberal, you know, it's like you can, but you are mixing categories here are sin that political parties was all it was their dissenters, political parties here are being more more polarized. That's unfortunate, but okay listen to Rush Limbaugh. Once a few years ago quoting somebody and it sounded like a very conservative Republican and who is coated with John F. Kennedy from the 60s. While in his time that I got is very choosing his point was that everything's moving to the left everything in us even Ziegler called rhinos Republican.I gave up on that. Years and years and you trust. The trust I trust dams a lot less like trust Republicans. But you trust the media hardly at all mean I'm pretty cynical about a lot of stuff I know you a lot so you know I'm I'm I'm one for truth and integrity that is issues I want to see people of integrity see people of truth. That's what I think is important. If we can get. I would vote for an atheist to the president if he was a man or woman of integrity in truth.

What hell do you go from without boys making a statement right Matt, you're right my love talk with you no matter what route your lot and would agree to disagree. But the thing I love about you and your Christian apologist you backup single thing you say what the word of God and he is right there so many people don't do that is a high backup everything with God when we disagree with from my okay right but when it comes to the word of God.

I'm not going backup. I'm not Matt. Thank you so hope to meet you one day man what people think, say that because if they ever meet me then opinion changes quickly, so it's always nice to hear from those who haven't got okay my friend your list think they can call up and cover them really like you will be impressed. Trust your real, you realize that on the morning of myself looking thank you so, God bless what I like Rick and she got some some you know he's all right, they thought, what you may call me at three open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Drew from Charlotte North Carolina drew welcome.RMN hang in there. We got what that bladder collected about Angel of the Lord and in so it appeared throughout the old but they typically referred to being at the Indo Lord, but they the vision that Daniel had in Daniel and and how much that line got with the baby back to make the dog did in Revelation 1 because I read a lot of different faith in you know well know Pat.

That basically will differentiate between faith-based if they don't, because the pre-incarnate manifestation of the Lord, that Daniel believed I think it be near that that where that where it gained and what Daniel and the capital.

I thought about how that or go to bed Bath and I thought that I thought I paid five okay limited for that is narrow it down. Let's fire their see you in the 110 theirs says faces, but maybe not with pain without knowing the verse is hard for me to get in there and and a comment know exactly talk about all the angel of the Lord work or be the dog. 13.document states the commander of the Lord are these may all help all their faith that they failed fairly will die for everything God… Read Howdy it is incredible to me.

I just might like like you and how do you like different. You see that it is basically like that… It hearing the times when the pre-incarnate Christ appears in the Old Testament, and for example the garden for many that's that's deathly an example and we can also go to his mention of Exodus 6213 and number 12 six relates but when it says the angel of the Lord is been some debates on exactly who and what the end of the Lord is and depending on what your perspective is leaning towards it being a pre-incarnate manifestation or just an angel created being who assumes the position of authority to speak for the Lord and that's the position I hold for most of them I haven't gone through. For example, if I were to 542 let's see. Go to Genesis chapter 1, five a program I type in the angel of the Lord and it it occurs quite a few times. Let me see it this way, the phrase it occurs 68 times in the Bible and the NASB that phrase angel the Lord will be worth extracting every single one of those on then analyzing them and seeing the context to see if some might see a phonic theater phonic means of the theophany God manifestation or if it's angelic you tell I could tell you right there. This depends on the context like one Daniel and… Order the very… The body that I looked at my Daniel and I looked up my book and quote that went with a belt of fine gold father around great body with like Darrell if they'd like to think of lightning, his eyes like flaming arm and legs like the gleam of burnished bronze found were found of about Friday goes on that you say we as a hold on folks right back after these messages. Mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the boat back to the show Drew, are you still there I so where were we go by like what how can it being that Daniel be interpreted not being not being basically a… Because one Daniel in the following order need the pack liked up almost identically with the vision that God had, I really want and I get what I put all that the that being about saying that the fighting again. The dog rulers over part of the like.

The monocle of the earth and hope agree that that that none think and by my five other than Michael II guess why would God help so that they can. My question like one how to defeat a thought for the five identically outright by Momo Mary and I would agree with you. The implication seems to be that it's a pre-incarnate Christ theophany seems to be okay okay my my other question would be why why pain that light basically brings Michael because he brought Mike and had a we don't know how God is.

For example, God can save anybody wants to do shows glory to the blooms are saved at special natural happy he doesn't choose to do that. Will God can unclip University truth chooses to, but he chooses not to.

He chooses to use angelic realm to do things because God is limited because God chooses to use the created order that he brought into existence in order to accomplish as well so we can certainly do that. And, incidentally, Michael is the warrior angel Gabriel is the messenger angel on the Michael is used in reference to battle Gabriel is used in reference to being a messenger to bring party like lineup if any of that. But I've read a lot about a lot of unknown like oh no that you know what the different a dog not the doctor popping up like you get that bike lined up perfectly Revelation of what I'd like where they didn't think I would lean towards the idea that the Christoph and he that missing lien flaming is leaning towards you.

I would examine it.

Certainly Michael of the different answer, but uniting looked at it yet. Certainly makes sense that it's the pre-incarnate Christ manifesting as it seems to be the case in Genesis 18.

Also so that you are. I want to cry for that about any longer but where there's like they're appearing…. Before the angel of the Lord and in like that that a book like Satan. But when you look at the Likely will clarify for people to hear the word angel doesn't necessarily mean created being. It means messenger. The word meant a lot to be don't know, so that the word become flesh in a sense is an angel in the sense of being a messenger.

We understand the term. Just wait means the term to mean created being, but not always just verification okay all right make that argument a combustor that was Drew. Let's see you next longest waiting person is Jen from Los Angeles. Jen welcome your Bible trail that's no G OD generally seen in research recently here during a break actually see this seems to be occur in the Old Testament when it's quoting the in the New Testament misquoting the Old Testament and the word God appears as LODI literally is going through clicking and looking at the word God as it appears in seeing any instance of it in that sense. Nothing which is not found, clicking 2232 cut of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Jacob, and so were God's G OD and so it says he is not the God of the living of the death of living that is the NASB, so I just discovered that because he or question, I went and looked, and I recognize all looks like the enemy NASB translators did this with the G OD from the Old Testament I go to the ESV it doesn't do that. So in just comparing and so they don't do that in the King James either is one reason I like the elderly woman talk about her.

Generally this capitols is LORD estate ORD that's understood to be the name of God, Yahweh yields a latte in the Hebrew, and we get the statement I am I am that I am out of that exit 314 50 so that is and whisks small ORD L that small O small R small D that's generally the Hebrew word Adonai which means basically Lord and then use this because the Jews did not want to accidentally miss use of the Lord Lord's name in vain. And so with the translations that they did from Hebrew into Greek, they would do that kind of thing is what I understand that that's how it's done in the New Testament, Old Testament, New Testament or annual should be should say L ORD versus L that small ORD became the first marriage when her you are by our P do not capital will depend if your friend has a question.

If you need me to go to the front of the Bible because it tells why they do they do, but the capitalizations different words almost every Bible okay yes. When his talk with the God of this world like to think it's a Galatians for notes and second Corinthians 4 Ford leaders yet and it's in Greek it's small G, but still, the word in Greek costs okay because it says in the segment is 44. In this case a God of this world is blind the minds of the unbelieving, so that they might not see the light of glory the gospel of Christ, who is the image of God and so that you know that word Greek, there is interesting to see if that's there in the predictive or small G history you have reference to false gods things like that. Okay I know I write you do is you go through and just read in the beginning of the Bible. They give the reasons for capitalizations different methodologies translations and so as to verify the segment is 44 the god of this world.

The Greek word is that loss in its small G in the English but in later universe insisted who is the image of God. That's G in the English but in Greek there. They have was called on seals and minuscule's on seals are capitals minuscule's are lowercase like we have and in the Greek manuscript looking at it just has so you're the same the same's case capitalization just as a Theta lowercase or so to same and agree okay you welcome goblins. All right, let's go the phones with just a ranch.

I don't buddy welcome around here and there your chaplain a lot I, about the election coming up. There's a lot of people I know that they get say they don't like it morally right because the thumb of the eighth and the that they believe Dan but you know, of course, I don't want to or worked in and all that they did. They feel like they just didn't but in my opinion, that we made a break every Holland back will talk about this okay. He can't lift you up in lines 877-207-2277 mass Y call 770776.

Here is Matt's leg. Welcome back to the show back to the ranch right around here okay you want me to read some rather well basically it's should Christians voted for the wind blew the boat for right that they were a lot, from a lot of the thing Donald from in the waiting unit or they're not really attractive.

In fact there count of offensive, but a job doing a good job in my will hear something that I did wonder what you think about the people they were to refute the birthday you know I can't morally well think about is a God sometimes raises of people who don't fit the particular mold and he uses them to accomplish his will. This is deaf name thanks Pharaoh, for example, is raised up saying that trumpets Pharaoh now. I absolutely love how he treats the media.

I don't trust the media and I just love it. I think because now I have a problem with that. It's about time someone did, I don't like some of the things he says. I think he speaks too quickly. I think he thinks things through. Sometimes, on the other hand he's a smart businessman when he closed the immigration for 60 days. Finally, why didn't some other president do that at some time in and this time I think is a good idea to control things so there's good things he's done. The economy is getting better under him.

The unemployment rate was decreasing under him. These are the facts. So what we do. If he says something stupid you look past stupidity and look at his accomplishments, or what. Like you said earlier in the show on the constitutionalist. I believe in the Constitution. I think it's a brilliant document and I think it was happening is that the left is trying to reinterpret the way they wanted to begin. Basically I think that there need to be trials and prison time for those people in political office with sworn under oath to uphold the Constitution and then act in a manner contradictory to I am very, very serious issue and we Christians have got to get off arrears.

Now this is the thing if by their conscience.

They can vote for somebody because there's nobody to vote for that. They think that they shouldn't become to be violent in their own conscience when you do while I'm certainly not can vote for any candidate who is pro-homosexual pro-abortion of procommunist approach, whatever it might be. I'm not to vote for. And if that means there's nobody to vote for because all like that will and I won't vote but I do know and few people notice that there are constitutionalists who are always there. They don't have the population and why is that there is a popular vote to have all this while I believe is because the leftist media doesn't want them to have a fair shake is my my opinion is often not the kind of people who like to see engender a lot of confidence but sometimes they are plates smart so we do as Christians well if your summative vote for. Then vote for. If there's not some of the vote for the don't and if you just don't care and you don't vote the don't complain, but if you don't vote because you cannot in good conscious vote for anybody because of the positions their moral positions.

Then you can have the right to complain and that will be one of the complaints afterwards were not just done because we vote don't vote need to continue and be involved in other ways, protests, phone ends, writing our legislators praying for the visiting their offices. I think we should do things like that seriously.

I got ideas talk about this. The width of 26 letters now that we have 3130 average days in a month like see everybody Honda have some national organization develop this in all the Christians old people who are interested.

Christians are not who want their country back. Want the Constitution back want the wackos out of office. You know, etc. they can vote. Of course, but that would've everybody were to just go to the capital of the state solicit was less than sharper than any good on on the first of the month then be for the second day, etc. all the country and it was quiet it was peaceful.

It was with letters with organization lawyers involved. We want to want to write back and speaking very generically if something like this happen it would be noticed you were being taxed to death in these leftists with Bill. Do you get a bill in Congress and Senate bill and they put pork in it. You don't okay now raise the fund raising taxes on on whatever this is not were voting for its it's largely taxation with Emerson Tatian because without some of them will do is go in an attack on these things and we don't see it is 1100 page bill. What the heck is this is where the ungodly and the deceivers can weave in to this thing and some the phrase someplace deep in some page what they particularly want in order to get more control, influence and stuff over people. You never find the government gets smaller. You find in history were government gets bigger because the problems get better. We want that we want going on this. So here is the thing we need to be active in her Christianity and would or should this idea of separation of church and state taken and stored in the trash. Every Christian should be involved is much as you can or she can't in politics and voting in the news in the media as much as possible with a loving godly patient intelligent way. That's what we should be doing as much as possible.

We've got to be involved if Christians just have not been about a minute, this fold my hands and look away and just whine about it in the country goes to hell in a hand basket this the Christians fault because were the want to possess the light were the ones who write that gospel where the ones are supposed to be changing the world make disciples of all nations not sitting on her lazy arrears watching Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland or are anyway these preachers and teachers jealously just tickle the ears and make him feel good and in particular word about their era bank accounts that worried about you know how healthy Micah to be with Jesus can do for me today. This kind of baby diaper rainy and narcissistic idiocy needs to stop.

And you know if you if I were to become a preacher again. I preaching like this I be preaching this kind of stuff. The call to discipleship called to movement the called to doing whether it's a mom raising children for the glory of God, which is incredibly honorable thing to do, which is not to be ridiculed by the left.

If you're a mom at home and you're raising children that somehow that's not his glorious is productive, as some woman who is a CEO that to me is ludicrous. More ironic idiocy.

We Christians have the right and the obligation before God to do what he wants us to do and he's can open up the paths one way or another we need to be united and we got vote going to be involved know I get that had the privilege of speaking to thousands of people on the radio. Millions of people on the Internet. Well you know what piece of my my voice and writing ability and conferences for the glory the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't be like me in the comparing. If you do what I do not Christian. Good now, but I'm psyched we all have our callings and this will be gotta be doing submitting all that to Jesus Christ and saying please procure where you send me what you do think just use the weather thinking mechanic, a waiter, a mom and dad radio guy, a politician or what doesn't matter. This is habitable to be as Christians were supposed to be taught to be politely and lovingly aggressive in the world not weak minded simpletons who like sheep follow these these narcissistic preachers off the cliff and it would begin and become ineffective and this is a probably United States and the start of the church and the cleansing of the art of our country needs the first start in the household of God, and it must on the pulpit and the man of God. When the pastors and teachers, the men of God to stand up and speak the truth of God's word and call Christians to repentance and call them to discipleship and church is not a time for babysitting the unbelievers are babysitting the believers is not supposed to be some hospital to help people get better. It's supposed to be a place to equip the Christians for the work of ministry.

So many wrong idea what the Scriptures actually teach and with the power of God's work and accomplish when it's spoken and carried out in the hands in the hearts of those people and 12 by God Almighty.

That's why I agree with you and Mike dialogue among new law stand and follow that up quickly. How would you balance God with the elect as I know a lot of people are saying you know it don't matter what I will be done believing compatible free will and I believe that… About free will have to balance things like people thing. Why does matter what I will be that the Bible says in James 516 effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. God is sovereign God is in control and God wants us to pray, and if we choose to ignore the command of God and a desire to pray before him to seek his will for us to be used with doing his people are thinking on humanistic terms and their ignorance and I will say their foolishness because the word of God tells us to go out and make disciples and that command of the Lord Jesus Christ is for every Christian. One way or another to make disciples of all people all over and if they can sit down and prejudice, an essay on the can vote on the can do this on the can do that is just God's will that they're not thanking the Lord Jesus Christ there being apathetic and are being ungodly and during their sin, and a new repent doesn't mean every handyman we met that in the big problem in the lab absolutely bent that absolutely apathy is a real problem in the Christian church people means the sacrifice they don't know what it means to to stand for the truth know here in America we have things so so great.

We were hearing the missionary who was from America to America.

He went over to some contract for hardware, but it wasn't very Christian was not very popular. Things are pretty difficult but there and he worked hard for for many many years getting the gospel going to have to depend on the Lord's only different ways and had to come back to the states retired whatever was shocked by the apathy and the weakness of the Christians said they go to church to be comforted, bottle-fed diapers changed. He says in real Christians not sick with home on Christmas is these real Christians.

He knew the other countries they would build they would do things like to trust God not having everything paid for and ready and he would just watch the Lord do miracles were so comfortable here. We don't need to trust God, not really. Okay. Times are about that wedding today. Right.

Sorry talk to Raleigh, North Carolina waited 1/2 hour. Sorry Ray, bless you. Hey mom by his grace back on the

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