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May 8, 2020 1:52 pm

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May 8, 2020 1:52 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does 2 Corinthians 6-17 contradict Titus 1-15---2- If I work for an unbeliever, am I unequally yoked---3- What do you think of Joel Osteen---4- What is your opinion of Watchman Nee and A.W. Pink---5- What is your take on the Jewish Study Bible---6- Why was the New Testament written in Greek rather than Hebrew---7- Regarding the second coming, doesn't the Bible say on one place that every eye will see Him but in another place that it will be hidden---8- What do you think of Shepherd's Chapel---9- What is the difference between a vision and a dream---10- In Judges 6, is the Angel of the Lord a Christophany-

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A previously recorded mats like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine why Lorenz is called in responding to your questions at 777-207-2276 West Ford spell C or M.Ardrey sola six you will be callers with right now. So this kind of filling a little bit of time.

Tell you what I'm doing on Twitter got a lot of stuff going on. We have over 13,000 followers on twitter and 30,004 to 35 visitors right now so I question this morning to know will do. The question that you how well ready to go all the stuff like that. Your Twitter post about what you assume twitter because one thing to do is this to Scripture with a brief analysis of the Scripture, and do a series of those got 20 of them ready for the mine. Charlie will do is put them into a program and its releases of the time. Normally we do is we just have a link there so more more personal and I think my comments on current events and things like that as well try to keep things so going that way so well.

If you are just checking delegate to do was go to go to work twitter just twitter/ and also pastorate to cover travel right hand emailed me email me every now and then on the issue flatter people contact so I spent an hour today developing a questionnaire on flatter and I went to a flat earth society website form and the CBC to be rather open-minded about it. People opposing stuff like so well in interest question, so I wrote 27 questions put on this and the plan is to use those answers. Hopefully you be interested in them to write an article about flatter now. I certainly don't affirm flatter theory, but I questions you know what is its evidence for things like and I will see what they say and not enough on that also need to finish up some articles on non-Swaggart and on Kenneth Copeland releases many sections on them and willing to do that is tackled. I think Beth Moore next.

She's got some issues going on tackled her. Vardy done Joyce Meyer article explicitly to heresies that she teaches. Unfortunately, that is the case. Unfortunately, folks use a TV evangelist type teachers just have the ability to speak and have people come alongside of them, but they don't theology very well and it's pretty shameful. So the things they teach going on and hopefully they would be open to being corrected to talk to you in a friendly way.

Question task and go through some of the stuff, but so far not seen that case they don't know what that is because in Christianity are supposed to know the preacher, teacher should be humble and not think you don't. My question is not humble, not saying that is just the and every instance of me trying to contact various groups and individuals in the light. No one has ever responded. No one describe a series of questions and want to interview them. It just doesn't happen.

So if someone were to come to me and see Matt's efforts of the things you say my shown on grill you on one while you say when you say signature and I've had people correctly on things.

That's fine.

And people come to me and said think you're right about something.

Okay what is it, maybe I'm wrong.

You're right. Words can use you to speak to me let me know so humble. She sister. How come you guys don't seem to want to be humble about things I don't get beat up too much service you why teach so much heresy is a good teacher so much heresy, so little time and we have some schools online folks, if you're interested in checking schools so apparently a lot of you signing up for them even more and more, and that of course is good. We hope that you want to continue to do that because there on the Carn homepage all you do is go to check it out and goggles with podcast. No information of convert/radio the link for the podcast information is there.

Check that out so that in the novel later laughed a lot for the intro here what we do is good to Scott from Winston-Salem Scott welcome. You're on the value, and we got like. Because it is a bad Gary to get sick again so segmenting 617 okay with you. What chapter 115 right so sinking is 617 therefore come out of her from her midst of the separate Lord not touch was unclean welcome you and stage CXV to the pure all things are pure, but those were defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure but the with her mind and the conscious part defiled to what's so what's the problem was the issue it will sound like you like that we will hidden that came up with nonbelievers in what about making money with unbelievers.

For what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness.

What harmony has Christ with Pelayo's a believer in common with an unbeliever that is essay separate from unbelievers because they will drag you down the idea and Titus 115 to the pure all things are pure, but those were defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure… The difference between those who are Christians and non-Christians. Basically the condition yet they cannot be better out not getting a job because ever nobody I negotiate with unbeliever, but I saying that some it has to do with partnerships in. I still in business and things like this for you to join to mutually exclude helpful thing jobs. Even Jesus said to give to Caesar what is Caesar's as lords so you're able to work in a secular environment is very rare that anybody can work in a purely Christian environment. It just doesn't happen like that very often. It will be a payout if he did know you well yeah but you see how many people can do that. Like for example help me. So for me you know I work full-time in the ministry I have. We have one other full-time employee and is rare to have that thing and then there's ministries and seminaries. But you know about doctors and mechanics and construction workers have to work in an environment that is secular lifeways is partnering with them, but they're being employed in that situation what you can do is try and spread the gospel in the kingdom of God in the environment if we Christians still got into the world get involved with the world because of Titus 015 or 614 will then we will effectively yell her leg was waiting right now hello right you know and and only generally we don't want that bugle is not for Christian America non-Christian. This is how this verse integrated six is often used for that rebound with unbelievers that exactly mean that but definitely applies. So I believer should not marry unbelievers.

Christians should not date unbelievers to missionary dating all he or she will convert you if you don't do that.

That's just defiance of the truth. Okay, when okay about God blessed but not great at your thank you.

All right, we have three open lines.

Folks don't give me a call 877-207-2276 Ron from Cary, North Carolina Ron, welcome Mark already. Sure I are part of the chair twice at all about that. I have a hard time. You probably got nothing to apologize for our time thinking and talking. It's okay preacher you were talking about. I like the noble mom asked how he say I feel good ear tickling minister and he just preached my minion. The truth of God's word a lot of areas. When I went to this church. Check it out once I left feeling very encouraged that I felt very good thing, but I felt because it was so uplifting to the extent which was bigger than most churches and I asked first. If they had any systematic theology and the guy in your civil what's that like to book ranges theology systematically signal to the truth of the doctrine of Christianity are 20 minutes later came back to researching and talking to people that we don't have anything like that here and tells you something you know and when you go to the church others is posters of Joe listing there with his book lease when I was there the power of I am in these things are some blasphemous the way she writes things he does things. He said that Mormons were Christians later retracted the fact that you understood.

He retracted, but when people talk about damnation judgment. You know you disconnect as well.

I don't know. It's not my job to come on is your job as a pastor to tell the truth so that you get away with no money because Christians are ignorant and violent library hold on right back with very colorful direct that His message is three open lines 720726 max Y call 770776 is Matt's leg back on your Ron. Ron left the break was right there to explain something about why secretions are ignorant with me but to this important issue and work is that it is at hand. Christians are woefully ignorant so frequently theology and difficult doctrines and things like that. The job of pastoring the older letter Christians on this job pastor or elder is to Titus 19 is to scream like a charming phone down the functional job pastor. The elder is to teach sound doctrine refute error among other things, teach sound.and refute error so-and-so my Joe listing gets up and says Mormons are Christians. He's not refuting error. Mormonism is not a Christian organization. Religion teaches that God is about a flesh and bones become gods by having handshakes giving celestial law on it.

It's just a non-Christian religion it they think they think they're not Angelo Steen should know better than save mortgage Christians and he's also teaching the health and wealth gospel message, and apparently what I understand he will not say that Jesus is the only way that I am not true, but for things like that and the daily most Christians just don't know what the word really says I don't know that the job of pastoring part is, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, and so most Christians are ignorant to be able among those things as well with Dr. the Trinity is a for example, when Joyce Meyer says that we jokingly called God's notes not right or that Jesus finished to tell me how I know he didn't. Most Christians just don't know because a study good example of this is found in the idea of two men, the field was taken, one is left for Luke 17 people think that that's the rapture but it's not the record versus audience for those verses are not about the rapture affected the context of the wicked are taken and uses as an example anybody read the contacts you figured out the context. What gets me is how people can teach us from the pulpit without knowing the truth is that the Christians don't bother to study to check with the patricide against or to God apparently currently taken together seriously and are putting agendas like icing on the Bible cake making it sweet with want to be.

This is not doing this is Christians and is and the result of that is we have teachers that are prosperous like a jousting, Kenneth Copeland, I do think before you Meyer some sort in the real St. Paul with her to credit one wants taken polymeric right now it is all it says is that the to the field or one taken what was left of the context is that the wicked are the ones taken. I use this frequently is an example of things because it says they were giving a marriage.

They were intimidated the letter, Derek Toth, the flood came and took them all away.

That Matthew 24 tube in the field take.

I assume that it's rapture wealthy. Luke 17 it says two men in the field will talk about that forward as they were eating, they were drinking, they were in Maryland giving in marriage, so that no entered the ark, just like it says in Matthew 24, four says they enter the art and the flood came all right, and to any field would be taken but in Luke 17 the same thing. It says the flood came and destroyed them all once were giving in marriage with her drinking once were destroyed and the context is all you have to do is read it in context instead of adopting whatever particular view.

One has about that. Just what it is. No read it and the fact is that this is this is highly problematic because if this is symptomatic of the problem in the Christian church pastors are teaching that is rapture first folks I believe in the rapture the rapture occurs those just on first about the rapture. That's one thing.

The fact that the pastor can't figure that out very, very, very few have ever seen this and the fact that the Christians on every check it out either. It is a sign of how bad off the Christian churches and check things out so they don't because Joel Steve Joyce Meyer, etc. well on the one about a boy I'm people know not what you were straight to the word of God a lot a lot harder though, you talk about this kind of thing in and complained that there are a lot of good pastors out there on a lot of good men out there were preaching and teaching us the word of God. There are, the fact is that Joyce or Beth Moore Joel O'Steen there on TV. These huge churches. For example, what would happen, miracle on miracle that Joel O'Steen segments look at what you come here to my church in Houston and prefer everyone preach one Sunday go for its never got it would never and the reason it won't happen is because I would just open up the public go there it to to make trouble, but it did happen, you know, I would go to preach the word of truth that I would call people to repentance in the Christian lives and understanding that the purpose of our existence is for the glory of God and that we are to study to show ourselves approved to God. We were to do this and called to do that not be sitting around looking for ice cream on a Sunday morning meat having so the stomach and 1/2 an inch a lot of team would have him clean up mess after I was there I would like to make it back where I think I can probably get all I would because Christians Rice setting the word. Why do these speak, they will do well because the Christians are studying the word, not every Christian or not, but enough people don't study so that they think that everything is good and not the truth but it's not traffic.

I don't my job is not teachable to want to hear. My job is to teach the truth and to be honest, I'm surprised I'm still on the radio every 15 year, it just means that they're good people out there who don't mind putting guy and really slick, who doesn't pull punches and says things in the Christians since every you problem with them and wait for my fall back and elicit supposedly ridiculous are great. I participated one of the national to get healed or get whatever conduct on the ground because I just under and people nicely would go down the road was it was obviously hyped up okay you want quick quick quick story well you waited all my real fast. Okay, you will quit laughing.

Thomas doubted light my local rep.

Aaron or Robert won't forward on his belly anyway like they might follow up around Raymond left 50 more years.

Sure it happens and to get healed and God does do more Regulus things and people can pray for healing. Yes, I know that This message is why call 77077 back to show everyone how three open line calling 772072276 Tony from Winston-Salem, North Carolina Norman, a rate of what you want from any stay with much distinguished 88 things pretty good for the most part varies.

I think think that's the he's a Universalist pink Universalist trigger member pink or somebody else told her I didn't think yeah I think it will pink is so Universalist reply to you and so stay with only other day the complete Jewish Bible talk frankly with the work. Coming up to nuking day for me pretty good.

I love you knew anything about that firm. You know during the break.

I can see with the questions are going to be so online and looked up. That's and literally as I'm talking right now I'm clicking on the Kindle version angers a clerk and bank. I just thought it so what I can do is download it and I couldn't go through and I can check it out. I conceived make sure it's okay not to teach us about stuff. Usually the significant but sometimes yet or not, and I would look at Romans 518 I go there. Genesis 17 969 and and Genesis 12 three this various verses that go check out make sure that you're not teaching anything to heretical another yeah yeah let you know Hebrew language rarely grant translated back to the Hebrew. Think about get mad, but I don't know well so you're saying if you mean Hebrew to Greek to Greek back to Hebrew that I would recommend that he would English go from Greek and not there. There. But one day write all their New Testament Greek well with the best information we have is that the New Testament documents Robert and Greek is a theory that Matthew may been written originally in Aramaic, or even Hebrew and translated into Greek thoughts. Not convinced that kind of evidence it seems of the conjecture-ish to me and so Greek was the Greek is Greek is the link was the language of commerce universality there. So if they would've written the New Testament in Hebrew. Basically nobody would've understood what was going on but Greek was already the lingua franca there so it makes perfect sense to say that they would write in Greek because I'm sure they wrote Greek sure that the amanuensis that here's the thing, Luke probably understood Greek very well, and Paul did and Luke wrote most of the New Testament, the book of Luke, the book of acts.

Paul wrote more blocks but are shorter and the amanuensis for the scribes would have been skilled in writing the different languages so they would've written and known those languages been right in Greek is a copy directly or group and were dictated by an apostle. Okay what I need me right appreciate God bless. Okay. All right. Talk you later got that the Bible open mic night when my screens right now all you do is go through and in the sea would sing about various things in verses and stuff like that and I checked things out right. Let's get on the phones with Carmen from Brooklyn.

Welcome around here.

I know I said I really know this is agreeable see was Revelation 17 the whole disk of the clouds, and every eye will see him even pierced him. And what is that mean well. One theory is that there could be a supernatural occurrence where all people in heaven under the earth or in and states of punishment will be able to somehow see what Christ is doing is returns to earth. That's one theory is certainly possible, because God can do the miraculous.

It might be that is talking about every eyes talking all kinds of people will see him, and that's a possibility as well, but I've never really understood what exactly means to be honest because he's come in the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn over him, so as to be a man… Poetic symbolic language to revelation us so that we have to ask the question how literally do we take casting doubt on the election is just a little rude with take and what we the reasons I think it literally what would it be the reason to not take it literally but symbolically was assigned symbolically to liturgist legitimate question asked text you so I know Revelation 17 behold is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him.

I looked it up with a look that will program so no noise can be visible because in the end, X192 11 when Jesus ascended to heaven the angels were there with the disciples and said this man whom you've seen ascend in the clouds. He will come back and just the same way you've seen them rise so he's gonna come back visibly invisibly now the Jehovah's Witness cult said that he came back in 1914, invisibly in their sinful prayer wrists some different variations should say there are variations within full plagiarism or some say that Jesus returned invisibly in the armies of that destroyed Jerusalem and other say no. There was a manifestation of the heavens and was seen but by one of those right great well know, I don't know what thank you very much right. Hey folks, we have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to.

Let's see, that would be run from court Carrie Ron welcome around here. I do write because Christ we got a question about separate We pick up over 25 years what you like about them was a far away from really absolutely what I would like to know what task do they affirm the doctrine of Trinity changed I know groups tonight, but I study the before and this is years and years ago.

Do they affirm that there is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons.

The Trinity you starting right for 25 years with the affirm the Trinity River right you not say no not heard them affirm Surrey as a service issue will not break with Allstate for voting right back after these messages, please think to mats like why call 770776 here's Matt's leg right back with Ron from Carrie Gilder, L. McDonald beginning of God but heard about your watch while because I set up behind the TV and I'm go through some more things and this is the research that I did years ago this back in 2002 right this back in 2002. So if they've changed praise God. But back then, they deny the dock of the Trinity denied the existence of eternal hell deny the doctrine of the rapture denies the physical resurrection of believers teaches and isolationism teaches at certain Old Testament kosher laws regarding meat should be followed teaches was called the serpent see Dr. Buford of that work at the serpent see Dr. that's the teaching that Eve had literal sexual relations with the serpent in order to produce cane development doctrine is. All you do as the Romans for 100. Says the man had relations with his wife and pretend that he had the sun came. This is so elementary's is easily refuted in the Canaanites.

He says the offspring of Cain are the real are your tears.

In the parable, we protect it charitably that some assessment will draw what is wrong. Well also to teach in America's racial instrument interracial marriage is wrong that's that's not true he's wrong on that one being born again is to enter into this body from a spiritual body with rage falls American Britain or the lost tribes of Israel, falls, people were alive in the preexistence.

False. There's an earth age. Prior to Adam Marissa. People lived falls by asserting the right or earthly right your ability to think that one third of April and early and just fell in the for the fall but was no pre-earth age thing. Basically, cults teach this stuff okay phone for father Michael once and make all the cells at one time. Let me tell you, I could tell you were listening to them for a while and glad that you're listening to me let me just say that shepherds Chapel is bad is false. Stay away from it. Okay, I have an open letter.

This is back in 2005, January 5, 2005 I'm an open letter to him, to them to answer these questions. I have and I never received an answer from and sisters a question so that they can have the right opportunity to respond. I'm not heard from them and for that I'm aware okay in this basic question of the Bible is Bible inspired word of God, etc. is through the creation nature of God and nature of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, man, Satan in the false insulation resurrection.

Death and judgment. Eschatology miscellaneous stuff, and particulars related to a shepherds Chapel and banking entries come back for not working there remain everyday reality. You I don't notice on the sixth trumpet might be the six-member man and 666 with possible I'm telling it. Shepherds Chapel. Stay away from.

So let me ask a lot of the officers bad news. So let me ask you what you have to do to be saved from your sentence you how you say persons or in which a project will Lord and Savior ask you what good do they teach that Jesus is God in flesh. Well, the manual will guide and will delete teaches God in flesh that not all will they need to delete they do they teach that Jesus died on the cross and rose physically for the dead right today. They do what you layout the market yet okay and then the pate what I could go through about a question that people coming and when answer here here. I would suggest that you go to carnivore to look up shepherds Chapel and you'll see the articles I've written there. There's economic tenor so okay. One thing that will bear the other batch today with a partner. I felt like I got my celebrate.

You either are saved or not say they can't hurt, salvation prevent you from knowing the truth and a lot of very unfortunate ignorant people think I can tell since before you go. I can tell when someone from shepherds Chapel writes me. I can tell right away knowing rather rude and insulting and condemning right away and I'm right rude at work when you have but I can tell you the say thing like you're such an idiot. You're a moron you don't know the word of God says you know you you're just your server, the evil one, and that's a shepherds person and night. I never do you like well the reason there like that because that's how he's to teach with the line I got older, we go to college with you but study the stuff from the cart website okay. I did a lot of research on. I went through their newsletters for a couple weeks bring with. They were alive and taught at Akamai got information right what what is opening every morning. That movement was fired say I will write but maybe I do know what I write Cliff Taha's letter. Okay, let's get to Kyla from Los Angeles Kyla I had a quick question on our end of Bible that currently is in the Bible where they can't work. I talked about by giving drinking, getting vision art might be about now wait here get different people throughout my lifetime different path. Flaming and in general they all guy gave me my ministry back now I dream and when we know them only got a late while you have a drink when you're awake and explaining things like the flayer I ideas with the vision is one is that you're awake and you see something given to you with full consciousness.

That's when Fritz vision, but the board vision can be used in another sense and that you know you have this impression will do something and is a guy gave me a vision to do something and so were the mean by that. And whenever you hear on TV the washing of people on TV.

This sisters is warning flags are automatic with me with some of his God told me that one, or God, give me a vision. You know like.

I will listen. What were saying. I've had instances where I didn't mean I believe that God is really spoken to my heart but I know I can only recall two instances in my entire life. In 40 years and both of them are very clearly and and even then I subject with this powerful experience was. I subject both of them to the word of God and you don't hear me hearing you on the pill ready for 15 years of this network. I think three or so, you just don't Henry say documentation folks let me tell you what you told… That right. It's ridiculous. You know what I'll do is I'll say the Bible says the word was at say that's what you hear me talk and okay and there were any like I probably like like at times that way now would like any at my guy gave me and told me not a lot of people and not back up it might work. People get up in prayer and talk about it.

That would completely nonbiblical. I know about that and I think that I think I will. I mean, you know where we draw the line with you.

I just when people start talking like that is because they lack wisdom elected and so then I gently tend to dismiss the end. Another thing is a form of manipulation to the people there listening to them because if you can go to church and you could be sitting there listening to that God told me this and that's the kind of person you are listening to any other suggestion God Tony got positioned with sufficient what you tell me I shouldn't be that way. I was in the room to see me horizontally doing the tackle. The pulpit forecastle. Wow. Okay. Well, thank you for that clarification met at Raleigh. Now all he kept demanding that I write but I need slick needs and for Virginia you're on the air when you a map, a loaded question. I got maybe maybe a month in Judges 6 versus 11 through 21 or 22.

The calling of getting there. Christoph and he there yet but start with the angel of the Lord and then a couple verses later in the lower current, but there and that in with the angel of the Lord, you capture an explanation of how that work.

It looks like the angel of the Lord is not created being, but is the pre-incarnate Christ communicating angel means messenger doesn't mean necessarily been created being. So the angel, the messenger me came and said that will see is that in the case of Judges 6 and the end of the Lord came and stood sat with them under the oak note in one sense could be accreted angel sets the created form of angel is possible because it says in other areas of the end of Lord and it certainly appears that the age of the Lord is a critical meeting now.

I did a little research on this once and I wanted to know something angel of Lord District and I want to know the end of the Lord appeared in the New Testament after the birth of Christ and the minutes of the term aim to the Lord does occur in the New Testament and sold into the Lord appears after Jesus was born. Matthew 12 to 13 is that the angel of the Lord or on the angel of the Lord is a difference so menacing is a pattern of good and funny thing so it looks like I think is Christoph okay all right okay what Trish Arizona. Sorry about that you think you guys you drew from Atlanta going back. Have a great week

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