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May 11, 2020 3:31 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 11, 2020 3:31 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What does Revelation 8-12 mean when it says that a third of the sun, moon, and stars will be struck---2- I'm signed up for a Calvery Chapel Bible school, but they teach a number of things on secondary issues with which I disagree. What should I do---3- Have you heard of Progressive Covenentalism---4- Why would God order the killing of entire peoples, including little children---5- Why did my post get removed from the CARM Facebook page---6- Who is the beast in Revelation---7- Roman Catholics claim that Mary is the mother of God and the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Wouldn't that mean God married His own mother---8- Where do I go to find chat rooms to share the gospel-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
The Masculine Journey
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded mats like shell. Why is the founder and president of apologetics was found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why show treatments work Michael Wells for prolonged 877-207-2276 and if you're new to show what we do here is so apologetics the defense. The Christian faith. I hope you will enjoy it and gives them a little bit just jump on the phone for sister Brian was good to over from Maine all over welcome earlier.

All right anybody we got.

My question is on Revelation 12 heart Revelation to know you barely know what happened but God. When God said the third of the third of the third sun moon and stars be struck yet that could mean because I think it better.

Apparently it will give off like 1/3 of the flight vertically will be damned wood badges caused the earth to freeze up for use of the date of course on these things with pain and the closest sounds good to that verse of the fourth angel sounded 1/3 of the sun, the moon through the starter struck the third of that would be dark and they would not shine for 30 but in light of this, so one of the series is to be a young catastrophic catastrophic event. Maybe an asteroid hits and then it ejects matter into the atmosphere and 1/3 of the light and stuff from work is still not that seems to be what's going on in the next versus an eagle flying but haven't said whoa whoa whoa those two on the earth because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet so it is ugly problem. Now, some may say we make river or talk about wormwood to be talking about a meteor he held on the historical dark until you all okay.

And then there is my only bring this up because you imagine this, but there is some discussion that about it. A certain asteroid that even I think it's remember which year but it's like within 10 or 20 years from that is a potential stricken earth, but little research on this a few weeks ago and NASA says no others snacking to happen, but some other things and stuff. You just never know it could be something like that and it could be an asteroid. We don't know about suddenly just comes on the Kuiper belt.

We don't know. So it's a tough one. Everybody but early I thank you very much God bless what are all right is good the phones to go from New Jersey, but welcoming on their and Matt how are you all hanging in there. We got got to go about all I was talking about the woman as that might hurt my life.

Remember that I hit all the advice all that worked out well after okay yeah got all worked out. My question night. On cooling I wanted at you because I know I've learned from Carmen a lot of my own transit unit like a macaw your minute agree with very very similar to the things that we hold hard to get on Calvinism altogether, but trying to find the right that aligns with everything that I believe them very difficult and at bars like if the church my family are not on find the perfect church but I find a person cooling on the Calvary Chapel where they had been to any duty in the you and then they transferred so I credit the and as I'm doing it the first class we did was go to them that God and like theology, pop and stuff but now were getting into the Google distinction then I'm happy I feel like I don't want to get good in class that having a problem with every thing that being thought. But like I feel like everything the thing is get is very anti-Calvin at the Everett you thank you thank only thing that I'm get on like listening to it.

It hardly looked into because that I could easily refute mostly think the thing and then everything about the rapture and all the stuff with them, and millennialist so I get. I don't know you think that I kind of grew you, it kind of these then were I'm just getting learning is maybe getting college credit moving toward something or do you think that I could that they can my overthinking you are that I get a look at something I more alignment will circumstances usually dictate a lot of her choices. And so if you're not able to go to something more in line with what you believe and you want to get credits on your belt sticking was like that is something that would be useful.

One of the advantages of going to a place that does not teach what you teach, and speaks in contradiction to his you can learn their arguments and the weaknesses of their arguments Nightingale wrong on his art outlet where it will not will not going anywhere right now but him. Is it wrong that I don't really have much out of high school like no college education.

I am a little bit.

I don't want to be the only no counting everything on the farm, but I think I'm writing my paper is along like okay you do is talk to the teacher and let them know that you are five point all mill that you understand that's not the position and that that you want them to know that your writing papers the way they want the answers and you don't and that this is reflecting what you actually believe you can see only the right paper say this with Calvary Chapel says and that's fairness honest.

At that point to do the no when I go to Bible studies with cover Chapel okay and I predicted cover Chapel several and go there to push a reformed theology when I go to Bible studies I trying not to push reformed theology and the reason I do or don't want to push it is because this don't need to cause a division of the body of Christ, and they know who I am. Generally they know I can answer questions and so I can lay low want to take over the Bible study. Be careful to have the same kind of attitude in but if you do want to talk to the people in charge about certain things and say you know I understand I'm taking these classes and want answers the way you see the misfit as is proper. Would you be interested in having a slight dialogue with me on a couple of the issues if not that's okay but if you are I'd love to be able to present some counterargument so you might know our position better off you could do is say I know a guy named Matt slick… Talk to you baptize with Smith etc. etc. and got saved at Calvary Chapel to attend Calvary or Chuck Smith for years so I'm familiar with it and I can still show the Bible can answer yet you know what I mean are you doing Bill will be off for you at all like the world now thinking about it I think about doing a webinar on hermeneutics and then doing one on the theology work of the various things and have people sign of the a little bit to cover the costs and printing whatever material they might get. We can have it all set up and was taken more seriously do that thing about doing it. The problem is this not be just whining. The problem is that you know I need a lot of technical help. I work a lot which is fine but it's really hard to set everything up because I was the research how to set everything up and then implement everything and set up the room and the cameras and the material in England that that's fine just to come to work on the heavy help right now so moving along that way is slow, pleasant editing a book 30 days to devotion which needs to be edited and I got to let something to work on it right now working on an article on the flat earth society and not by the way what you call we call Mormons who live in Flanders, Latter Day Saints. So it's for. I love stuff like that so any rate, I do want to do the webinar thing and a lot of people expressed interest in having me get on the web and teach them and I do find it the best venue. So how to do the set up and everything in the lobby will want to have good theology plus they can answer ask questions and I can answer them was really into Sam's blabbing quickly here I go to discord and I might go there tonight and I go to different rooms and people just line up to Ashley questions which is kind of interesting. And so there's a lot of interest in and questions about the Bible issue so idling that when right real fishermen got what what your thought on aggressive of an embolism by Ludlum and Brent Parker recommended I go back.

Theology have you have you know what the might be something that they're just using cloning is a phrase I don't know progressive revelation because that's something that Mormons talk about Angela's with us talk about but that doesn't mean that these discussions in the same sense.

So they're kind of a little bit of theology and thing that both pictures that mechanically unreasonable.

You always to the definitions you will okay I okay talk to you later. All right, let's get to John Georgia John Locke and the show drawn here all right hanging we got you on the call that thing. Well God giving people, including baby, that their bid with something and I have already. That in the day after the break and break the bread. Let me check. Let it write about the folks please hold onto Beverly George Borja a little bit more. Answer the question, Matt slick, why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's link back to the show.

There all right. So why would God order the killing of all kinds of people, including babies well to school for some possibilities here. All right ready right will first of all, they were the Amalekites and the Amalekites were wicked people and they were the enemies of Israel through the descendents of Esau and the list to say assert false gods and were evil and were hindrance in a very real way. They were constant threat of a very real way against Israel.

So one of the reasons that God is so particularly difficult with some nations in the Old Testament is to keep the messianic line pure within Israel, the enemy of the gospel will raise up false teachers, false prophets of false nations in order to attempt in this ancient context or to attempt to destroy the nation of Israel in order to stop the Messiah from being born because of God's word is broken and God can't be trusted anymore. This is the the desire of the evil one.

So one of the reasons the Amalekites were wiped out. The order was given is to stop that threat to Israel so that the Messiah could be born to think of it this way. The Amalekites were actually attacking you personally and me personally, but they didn't know they were because what they were doing was working for the enemy and the enemy was moving that to destroy Israel and corrupt Israel. So the Messiah would not be born so you and I would be damp. So God steps in and he's quite harsh.

Sometimes it is not and has thing taking care of now. The typical way to God communicate with these false nations assistant people there to warn them of what's coming in after the Wiley don't repent and God executes them now. Furthermore, murder is the unlawful taking of life and killing is the lawful life so all murderers killing the cattle killing is murder. All people have sinned against God, and are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 and so all people deserve the righteous judgment of God's of God were to send Israel into wiped out the Amalekites that is perfectly righteous to do that because he's executing however when we get of the issue. The babies become more emotional little more difficult. We talk with babies. We think the babies haven't done anything wrong. Well actually in Adam all die first print is 1522 and so we seen the doctrine of federal headship with a male represents descendents, we see that Adam represented people and when he died. We fell in him. And so even babies have fallen nature's we do not have to teach infants, babies and toddlers how to be selfish thing they have that quality about themselves quite naturally so we can make them the case that they are deserving of death as well of execution symbol that can't be right disagree. This is the theology behind the possibility. Another issue has to deal with something called blood revenge and blood revenge was something that was alive and well in the ancient culture. So if I were to break the punch you in the nose and broke her nose. Your brother comes and knocks out my teeth. My brother comes he breaks his arms in Europe as a writer comes and breaks her legs or other. But Nick is escalates blood revenge. The apathetic law was given to stop blood revenge. The increase of bloodshed, apathetic law was 949232 all right… Say that Israel goes in and wipes out all kind of people but not the children will the children will grow up in that culture.

Recognizing blood revenge and want to take revenge against the Israelites. We have further suffering that would occur in the future so it could be that God removed them from the face of the earth so that the issue of blood revenge and the continued attack on Israel not occur. Another possibility is that all children who die go to heaven.

I lean towards that but I cannot prove it from Scripture. I've assigned that I do very and he was sentenced. If you are result and when he died, and I believe I will see him in heaven.

So I guess my position I can't prove it but that the biblical position is just my position so if this were to be the case, then God would be showing mercy to have those children executed because so there under the law and fallen nature's and it would be if this is the case of the good haven't any we delivered into the hands of God and be saved. But if they had been allowed to grow to maturity, not only would continue to be a threat to Israel, but they might therefore into paganism and go to hell. So these are some of the issues that relate to this that when you come together to go okay. I can see why God could do that as a help like, and I thought about this so many times over the years and those are the answers that have come up with all children, even children deserve to be well wiped out.

We are by nature children of wrath, and people think that's just not fair when you come up with a universal standard of morality that God must apply be subject to, then let us know about it but arguing from a sentimental view does not make something right or wrong because were talking about the issues of Scripture first Samuel 15 three it constantly Amalekites it will be have to do is realize first of all, God has the right to do with his creation as he desires. We can argue with and we can conclude that whatever… As is always right. So if you were to have an executed then is the right thing to do and so with the other answers I gave you that basically covers the Okay okay well you will.

God bless. Hope that helps build.

All right you two all right, let's get to Bob from Nebraska, Bob, Michelle, you are on the air. Thanks for having me Matt.

I had posted something earlier today on your website and it looks like it got taken down. So I I was.

There was a problem you had a chance to look at it or not. What website the karma website you can find anything in a calm website. Only I can do it and when the person so you mean the foreman says the current current Facebook page. Actually, I hope Facebook page. Okay, I don't know.

I don't know what was posted don't know anything about it. I have over 99+ notifications in Facebook right now so it's hard to get to everything's truck generally trust that this was actually this is a post. Seems like there's a lot of posts that you been putting on the Facebook page, at least with regard to Catholicism lately, so I put on a post, commenting on some of that trip sure that data showed why Catholics believe what we believe regarding Mary and that it was up for little while then on my friends texted me and that he could hear posts. I love tell you what not to send that hold on both right back after these messages, Matt slick, why call 770-7276 pairs Matt Slade.

Nobody still there. I am mad so that I would send the Facebook group was. It was at the Roman Catholicism's room is in true Facebook group or car car car, not the Catholic one. Okay okay looking look into a socket gag is a term used to have your email but I don't. I can't seem to find it now. I just met, that myself and Philip Colorado tended to think. I think you'll see that it's not offensive at all. So you and I talked before I remember back in the you are really are is rational and polite, and I think you're wrong.

But hey you think I'm wrong. An excellent rational polite about and so I personally don't have any problem at all. The Catholic it's on the karma website, Facebook group and post something a pro-Catholic as well as Nazi propaganda idiocy with her deal with scriptures and try to have a discussion that therefore so that's what I thought, so I thought it was a very appropriate post and you one question I kind wanted to have of you is you know you believe in.

You follow a lot of John Calvin and Calvin himself believed in things like the perpetual virginity of Mary and and obviously you don't follow. I hope I wondered how you you you like his writings in such don't you target the red Calvin was in seminary and leaving the Santa when he started no lies, just as none of this will start to disagree with them.

I just didn't read Calvin very much except for assignments anyone Henry Luther or Zwingli assignments in my my stance is I'm not that interested not knocking them. Calvin was brilliant. Luther was brilliant. It is not my thing to read Calvin said about everything. I trust everything he said anymore to trust Luther everything I've learned years ago to score the Scriptures and that's what I do.

So if Calvin agrees with Scripture that he's right. If Calvin displeases Scripture that is wrong. It's just that simple. And Mary lost her virginity Joseph Kepler Bergen until after the birth of Jesus Matt 125 and I think Calvin Blewett there so it makes sense and so II guess you know what I was trying to do, and that in that post age people on the comments that were trying to follow along with and point out that the Catholic beliefs and practices with regard to Mary are consistent with Scripture as we can find these things in Scripture and in so if you want to read through that may be, will be of the put that back up and hopefully allow me to make comments on the part Facebook page, like don't see a reason why you shouldn't be able to do to do that. I have no problem with people disagreeing life will think that I don't want to have disagreements always have to believe what I tell and never say that to anybody. So you know I want to want Catholics to be able to respond and freely speak of those are rational morons of the morons everywhere. You know I'm sent me this book polite or just talking find the samples nice discussion and should be penalized or censored for that. Okay.

Great. I hope that hope that you straighten that out and maybe I'll be able to call him soon and have a have a nice discussion with Jan something about Catholicism. That's that's fine.

Reminds me there's a huge Facebook group that I'm an action pro-Catholic I mentioned admin on and I don't tended to do much admin stuff, hardly because I don't want to have much time.

Let's the guy there.

We talk on the phone and is real nice guy and he's definitely a Catholic and I actually like him. He likes me. You know, get along fine and we know that we disagree with you. And so everything would find it see it soon. Tell you what it is but he wants me to go in there and post a question and then be there for a day and answer people because it's a busy while he's fair I respect and only be fair as well because of him, but it's just what I think is right thing to do. CC OB 03 it's called Robert sleds is the guy who runs it again if I find it really quickly. But anyway got so the estimate the stuff and will check it out text later send it to you by email so I good to continue those discussions I've been having quite a few people in current Facebook page so it's enjoyable what are supposed to be polite and and disagreeing politely and scripturally the name of the group that I was on my yeah that was one of my points in the post is that you know just come from a Catholic perspective, it's probably not very helpful to approach any Catholic going to hell.

I mean you can believe that.

But there's a better way to phrase what you believe without you now saying hey I think you're going to hell or you know what you know your your Mary worshiper out. There's a different way to phrase that that it actually encourages dialogue and conversation which both people are that come across as caustic and difficult to deal with it and kinda shuts down dialogue about my points of post I think is a valid point in the group I'm in. There is a Catholic Church in the roof.

Reformation debates form Catholic Church in the referent debates: that's why, formed, and so I'm in there, but I'll take what I post something you know I just get lambasted with question question and then because I can answer everybody I circuiting accused of being afraid can answer because of having knowledge in it just goes with it. Ridiculous. So I better yet, you know, people get on to different things and it goes like there for 24 hours that spot. People immediately assume that all my gosh they were to your computer immediately to respond to me know when you have to be patient with each other in the below I work 10 hour days so I can to sit there, babysit Facebook posts, but blah blah gator I will. Thanks for the call. Matt will talk to you soon okay alright folks going to McCall with numbers 877-207-2276 Ronson, Raleigh, North Carolina Ronnie Rainier McCall sure Revelation 13 three to be Billy will be the beast is some say he is antichrist and I have got to find this reference in the Old Testament to that, the Missy like this is on the back but go ahead a bit about the actual one will work early this this is at a Zechariah belt member. Revelation 13 for if you excuse me I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed.

The whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast is the kind of death and resurrection and mimicry of the true Christ resurrection now this is what it says in Zechariah 11 of time here break the Lord said to be taken for yourself the equipment of a foolish Shepherd. For behold, I'm going to raise up a Shepherd in the land will not care for the perishing seek the scanner to heal the broken or sustained.

The one standing, but will devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off the hooves go to the worthless Shepherd who leaves the flock a sword will be on his arm and on his right. I and his arm will be totally weathered and is right I will be blind. So, some think that those verses are related cancer that they are, but it's it's worth looking at. So the one of the series is that the antichrist will wounded and speak rising help followers will work or Dragon think a power that would generally speaking, we have Revelation 20 the Dragon is Satan's converse wanted to. So they worshiped the beast that they worship the dragons of the beast and the Dragon are different so we have an unholy Trinity that something is the false prophet, the beast or the Antichrist, and Satan, and so there is going to be a profound deception coming upon the earth. Second Thessalonians talks about it.

A great many people deceived and it's gonna be mayhem. I hope the preacher draft reply are correct that I don't believe they are going to go through it and unfortunately the rapture believe that on the rapture curses for Thessalonians 416, five are still hold on a votive. I think after this message is man's like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg back to the caller. Christ is will you know we have three online schools, photographs and checking them out. You go to Carmen org find the right hand side of any page close find a link there. And if you do sign up this give us 24 hours to get everything in place for hours to set that up and I working removing into a better system in next few months to wait 24 hour come to is pretty fast but sometimes it does take a bit longer and also just to see the plug got a new novel out to check it out from harm homepage called time traffic and go check it out right there in 20% of the sales go to the Carmen industry. Let's get back on the phone to Ron you still there right now want to add one quick thing. I found it again to break and read again 11 was which is eschatological even within times and this is again 1136 to 37 and some people think this is in reference to the coming Antichrist and you'll see why. Then the king will do as he pleases and he will exalt and magnify himself above every God will speak monstrous things against the God of gods. This is what antichrist do we exalt himself above all things in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem after the tribulation.

His English is and he will prosper until the indignation is finished for that which is decreed will be done. He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or the desire of women normally show any regard for any other God, for he will magnify himself above all. So, some think that that's referenced in the homosexual I mean that the antichrist will be homosexual and art will be wounded and maybe die, and have a Resurrection and obtain a great many followers not saying that homosexuality is antichrist is deftly sinful, but the way homosexuality is gaining power and if you don't agree with that. You're the one who's wrong and laws are being passed where homosexuals have incredible advantage over heterosexuals in various areas and art and this people accidental people are penalized and threatened.

This is increasing a lot and so is because talk about the oppression that happening, but it's there. So who knows.

This will be a an issue with the antichrist and those who don't affirm homosexuality will be considered to bigots in the heat filled people who should not be allowed to sell and buy you a great agreement will rule over all the way when they flew. Well the one running order.

Generally speaking, is not every single nation. A lot of Christians on but when it probably is has something to do with the rebuilt phone in the European common market, and maybe with Western extensions here in America's combined with that and it could also include the Islamic nations and their some information I have not studied it yet but I talked to some people who have references that have and there seems to be some support for the idea that antichrist may be Muslim missed just saying these are some theories that I have to to look at just don't have time right now, so the Muslims are looking with Michael without Michael right now you only your you that Satan is he's with some guy.

Michael, there's a yes the notice gets complete complicated in the millennial position. Satan was bound until his let loose at the end time and some on millennialist's who hold that position would say that Satan's been let loose because now there's Morrison and famines and plagues are happening all over my unprecedented so you know there's a premillennial view says that you be let loose at the end of beginning the millennium let loose at the end to their different views okay okay billable you have the ring that I don't I don't know enough about the bill.

Next, but there is something called the illuminati and I have had personal experience in a very minor way with the. The Masons and books that I opened and read in their properties on their rooms speaking against Christianity and gets crushed and of the need for the removal of Christianity from memorizing, so who knows right but a lot of stuff going on right talk to Veronica God bless you. Let's get to Lawrence from Kent Kansas City, Lawrence welcoming on the hay and macadamia good. I can hear you.

Well thank you Woody okay yes they actually look at that claim and that. Mary mother of God, like alto, granite out the old film quickly have not made a God matter though mother I love that because the fine things they don't believe that Mary and the Holy Spirit. She had a wedding ceremony and when they say that Mary the mother of God.

They don't mean that he's since she's the merit that she's the mother of the Trinitarian God. The problem here is that in their exaltation of Mary to Sammy goddess hood with her doing is a use that phrase sees the mother of God, and it just sounds so exhausting about her greatness and so therefore it's easier to bow your knee to her and pray to her first act as images and things like that is the problem I have read about Bob Gardner about bottle glory Mary oh you reside there and you will be gone well understand about this and I thought, but I tell you what I'm familiar with those kinds of things about about Mary from the Catholic perspective and there just sheer I Dollar Tree yeah you one day make a list of the whole show up before the stations but right just don't take any colleges teach and okay you know so that I feel I had was a God. They kind of happy about that one again Mike Bagwell that I guy at the library water all hated living baptism and the goblin and put them on film by Finley not that bad but complete gospel like that Willie would say that you generally those who hold to baptismal regeneration, in light of that person. When a team say that he let other people's baptized and so that's what was still there baptized the guy I'm with you I think it's a problem okay I'm not people go out and grabbed out, wet will go to the point of making you made you okay with the okay I love Carmen down the level you to think.

All right, that was Lawrence from Kansas City.

Let's get to John from Lake Forest, North Carolina.

John welcoming on the air. Thanks Matt how are you doing today one thing more good family first start with a quick comment. I will send you your show. And sometimes I gotta say there's a slight imbalance between say the volume of the guy: in you. It makes one of the other hard to stay here so much, other than what you can balance that out but it makes it really kind of hard when you can't get one of the other condition you know what I mean yeah I appreciate that I literally have my right hand on my mouse.

My left hand on the volume control on the complex box when doing the show three monitors here so sometimes people do not call up and their volume is high so I to reach out to the next volume and turn it down a little bit and sometimes your volume is low over there and turn it up and so I don't get it all right sometimes but that's the idea, and I just now turned down the volume so I could, and so I do that in trying manage it all and I don't put all that well. Sometimes no big deal just for the committee and offer something to maybe help help me listen a little better.

Anyway, it's not the main point why I called again a number of things. Why, I mean I've been reading the Scriptures for a long time and more and more.

The thing that I am impressed by the fact that I need to be sharing the gospel way more than I do, which is like really not much. So I got a long way to go towards that end, I kinda like feeling like becoming an up apologist for the gospel lose is something that I really need to work on. So I've been doing a lot of reading on on your stuff and am impressed with wine again. Are you going to these chat rooms and having some discussion so there's my first question is where do I go to find Chapman. I will let how do I find those things you can do is go to discord and DIS CORD and I just while we were talking, I created a page on Carmen and put the Carmen server and click on okay conference/discord you get all make it better later, but I'm in there to three times a week and it's evolving to the point where I go into a room and people to start asking the questions and so is been doing that I have my own server, Carmen server, but I don't go in there that much because mostly unbelievers are elsewhere to go where they are but I can start if Otis are going to the Carmen server on a regular basis and let it be known as a bit of a regular basis coming in and out, but this is how it is. So that's one of things you can do the tough to use.

This is how it is. And I said hello talk a great deal pal talk is another thing that I would go to and I spent years and years on that years talking to people, so to speak perfect my craft. So the idea here in Facebook as well. The idea is to go to places where you have to be challenged and it forces you to go and research and questions answered and this is one of the recent karma exists because if I'm going to learn something I might as well write about like I'm just really an article on socialism and its dangers and I'm working on an article on flat earth and so you know I research it to give answers of vital writing article, so I want people to go there and and have a cut-and-paste section for cutting and pasting to learn and to be a witness.

Sorry I have the privilege and experience of being able to do a lot of that work already, but still a check okay discord pal talk. I'll check those out and I that there's a lot of endeavors in those things. A lot of times are very foul and you go I will call you back next time and will carry you and Ron from Raleigh. Sorry I called back saying the Lord bless you all my

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