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May 12, 2020 6:40 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 12, 2020 6:40 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is meant by the keys of heaven that were given to Peter to bind and loose---2- Is the Clement mentioned in Philippians Clement of Rome---3- Is there a contradiction between the two biblical accounts of Judas' death---4- Is 1 Timothy 4-3 a prophecy of the false Roman Catholic teaching of celibate priests---5- What is the gulf between Abraham and the rich man in Luke 16-26---6- What does it mean that Ham uncovered his father's nakedness---7- Who are the sons of God and the giants in Genesis 6---8- Is it biblical to say -I plead the blood of Christ----9- Does Matthew 19 mean that adultery is the only reason anyone can ever leave a marriage-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Renewing Your Mind
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A previously recorded mats like shout mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive. More you have questions about Bible doctrine. The Mets would live if you want to recall 277-207-2276.hopefully will bring your children, you can call up and watch the show a big deal but so if you are watch the show will to do is go to carve it work and on the right hand side you'll see the links and stuff like that, or you can go to Facebook harm org CRM large, you can watch the show if is a big deal to sit here in the office of the camera on. So people like to watch and enjoy the show. The comments in there as well. So respond, so very often because whether just a lot to do show and the Lord bless you and all of that.

Alright so when we just jump right on the phones. Let's just get to Chuck from Greensboro Carolina Chuck welcome you working on some really in the Bible when I don't baptism when I don't want down the papacy that you 16 verse 18 where clear on that.

There is no medical Journal, 47 make it very clear what this next verse, verse 19 is what gets me about the key loose on earth will be loosed in heaven will what it says in the Greek is really what's important now explain the future and past tense, you know, I ate, I will eat okay so past tense in future tense also have something called the perfect and the pluperfect so the perfect tense is I have eaten or have been eating and the pluperfect is I had been eating now. The participle in Greek is the ING word, eating, walking, thinking, talking so we have here is a perfect participle of cricket as it is a perfect is in the perfect and what it means is that which perfect future. What it means is answer the perfect future tense which means it will have been done sooner says I will give you the keys of the of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound. And that's the correct translation. It will have been done. Was it mean it will have been done. It doesn't say it will be done. We should be consistent with the kingdoms and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven.

It is to say that will have been bound is already bound because the perfect tense is the past action continuing in the present so you know I have been eating means I'm leaving for a while. I'm still eating right now you know that's what it means in the perfect tense. This is the perfect tense here, and future perfect will have been bound out you know I would let Rutter of said just what has been found. Review will bind has already been bound and what we look at this and it seems to be the case that was going on. Is it is talking about that which they proclaim has already been done know it's interesting it says I will give the keys of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth and what is it mean when it says you bind doesn't mean that they can bind things in heaven and earth well in the sense yes because what we can do in the Greek Greek in our lives. We combine spiritual issues by the name of Jesus Christ. We say this and that weekly. I asked sometimes to know and pray for my daughters – the Lord Jesus to bind the evil one from them so because we have the authority of Christ. So this the statement that Catholics rarely really examined and used to try and bolster the idea the papacy doesn't support the papacy and they don't like to use the the true translation of it to get the full meaning of health model interpretation of what Jesus was telling them I'm going to give you spiritual insight so that your teaching will be aligned with my they hope they will teach what he asked them already. Yes, I understand that but cannot be justified by what it says because the keys of the kingdom of heaven and binding and loosing the what is it mean to bind and loose on earth and in heaven is spiritual thing. So I think the thing to do is to do a study on finding and what does that mean, and in fact it should be good at my notes open. I develop outline notes for all kind of topics for radio and for other purposes and what I'm doing is developing outlines on Catholicism and from first to very last page.

So for 248 pages and the index is probably 68 pages and so in here in the section will be doing is adding a little analysis to the issue of binding as well as work for keys which occurs as six times in the New Testament is to look at each verse. What it means to see and learn from it and derive out of it what it means I get to accomplish that a minute hundred and 40 pages of the Silverado. Yet it is growing and some type though I go to much more than ever to get people who want to get when I release it on condom on Amazon, but I just a lot of information so you know it is there and people to do searches on it and stuff like that. Hopefully if I put it in PDF or figure something out, but to the big topic so that's the one of the topics you get into okay thank you very much hope that helps.

God bless. Alright, let's get to see Andrew from Ohio Andrew welcome on the air you sure can you question about Philippians law out there with Philippians 4. Do you think that Clement of Rome that is being mentioned syllables and understand it's been hinted at but I don't know. It might be Clement of Rome, I think, died in 110 A.D. and so Philippians was written.

It was written probably on the 40s or 50s, and so I could beat him.

He just lived in the long and along old life, but let her know for sure now you think you're going to be like 90 oh yeah you and so some say you know it looks like you might've been. I can't say for sure. So what all died what you ladies give or take.

You might think is right now since I look at some commentaries. For example, on the success Clement was Bishop of Rome.

Shortly after the death of Paul is a pistol from the church around the church of Corinth is extent, which we did exist right now I do recommend you read it because it is not Catholic. It's really interesting. It makes no mention of the supremacy of the of Peter and he was most eminent of the apostolic file of fathers all Ford thinks Clement was a Philippian and unnecessarily. The claimant Clement of Bishop of Rome, but origin comments that if Isaac the claimant here with the Bishop of Rome and the sea, so there is disagreement on it. But now we just look at it with evidence and NC so it's possible, but that we can establish a for sure. So I got another question okay bring this up with that unit that's reported Matthew and then in acts by themselves obviously but while I'm fine what actually in the nation in acts 118 but I wanted your opinion, do you think he hang himself amendment body rotted out before he was thrown off a cliff to different commentaries and personal when atheists bring the contradiction what I always do is ask them to define the contradiction is a discrepancy is not a contradiction.

Here is an illustration I if if that is a car accident and you are on one side of the street and I'm on the other side of the street people see it. A black car in a white car and I say to the police officers I witnessed it and I saw three people get out of the black car and you say you saw two people deny the black car is a contradiction know it's not because if there's three, there's at least two not contradicting each other. If you said there was only two people in the car which means or could not have been three and that would be a contradiction. So atheists typically don't do much… A frontal lobe exercise when it comes to this kind of thing. And so when we look at this issue of hanging and design by hanging and also by falling. It just says he went away and hanged himself and also says he fell headlong and this is 27 three through eight and X1 60 through 19 when I was in Israel and withdrew to Jerusalem as were driving to the tour bus or in the tour bus driving through the tour guide pointed over the side of the truck out of the window and said, look over there. That's the hillside were Jesus of interest where Rodriguez hung himself and he said that on the things only just glanced over there absorbed when I saw and what I saw was roughly a flat area and then it went up at 70° – 4050 feet and then there were trees and stuff the top of it and limited flattery that when he hung himself in those trees and then it hit a tree and broke the rope broke. He died there, fell down headlong afterwards. Things gushed out.

No contradiction. Both could happen to the problem complete the next about that later but decide that the thing I saw where his road and I could see it.

It's really interesting to be in Jerusalem when you go to the very steps three row that Jesus actually walked you see the, the amount of all of it and you go there and you can see down to the little valley where the Roman soldiers would have been approaching him at night with torches you could see them approaching at least stayed there. It's really interesting when you go to to what Jerusalem is really see. Thanks is awesome to go again. Maybe next year and we do a tour as a group that goes from estimate from a Utah and I know them, and Eric Johnson arranges it a few years ago and would let the ability that again so one more thing I should have a break: the folks hold that Kathy's messages that I call 77077 back to the show. Let's get back to Ohio. Andrew welcome back. It will more questionable fast Andrew let me have the right, but I do that every now and then click the wrong button and go sure for verse three okay to make the call go for verse three men who forbid marriage and an advocate abstaining from food which got a screening be greatly shared by those who believe in truth, you don't know what year the Catholic priest they were unable to get married without you consider that a possible will you know I think it says it was a false spirit to stick ideas that were prompt prevalent in those areas of the floor are right UNIX for the kingdom of God.

Some choose to be for the kingdom of God. That's okay. The admonition by the Roman Catholic Church of priest Mary just is not biblical just isn't so close problems obviously so well it might be related to that, but we can't tell for sure how I felt about you know to go through the text says it is best possible that you are much less right dissuading news Ron from Cary, North Carolina the Shelley Rainier sugar white okay and you are a great golf so that they would would be you do not need a can, it would complement what you believe the golfer unbearable when it's time when Jesus is saying there is in this is before the crucifixion for his resurrection and so something was a holding place called evangelism. She spoke about here in Luke 16 9231 and all it says is that between Lazarus and the rich man is a golf in the can transfer back and forth. That's it says sought to assess what you we go to the other. Note this theory about this is that the Abraham's bosom doesn't exist anymore.

This this thing because of the crucifixion of Christ, and we don't know for sure, but in Ephesians 4 talks about it says in 48 words as he ascended on high V led captive a host of captives and gave gifts to men. Some commentators think that this is talking about the time when Jesus between his death and resurrection went and proclaimed inside. First Peter 317 1819 when proclaimed to the spirits in prison with the capitals do and does not like they're the ones save though and then some think that what he did do is go to Abraham's bosom and get those in paradise and ascended to heaven with him because the sacrifice had been offered at that point and they could enter the presence of God is the blood of Christ, and so we don't know for sure what quick question and uncover quality negative mother what we think about while it does say that it says didn't cover his nakedness and so you can save Mengistu slip with but in the success so so in the culture to see her father's nakedness was culturally taboo was something only for the wife is kind of an invasion. And so it was is not to be done. Basically, and even our culture now in office by death pathway with adolescent look that way. If this is a respect issue and things like that, aside from medical emergencies necessities, but you know and so this is the thing. And that's what I think another okay I write rock accomplishment.

All right, let's go align with vera from Richmond, Virginia. Welcome Carl. Maybe God or or night that night here and here at your late update. I think God and a giant thought about linking God and the women did not believe in God.

The term sons of God is use different places and I'm going right now to Job believe it set the sons of God, find that the sons of God presented themselves and so yes and Job 38, seven and again there was a day this is Job to want to get is a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them for some people think that the son of God here can include the demonic realm and the insights is also sweet, also Job 16 Genesis as well will limit is saying just say here you can do some stuff is that it says in Genesis 669 Genesis 6 was generated to these are the records of the generations of Noah, so time is ancestry.

Those righteous man, blameless in his generations, or pure in his generations is complete, perfect, having integrity in his generations something guest with his genealogical line. Now the Jews always taught that this area of Scripture talking about fallen angels who had relations with women produced offspring because I definitely the Christian church are taught this also believe this. Of the 1500s, when it became unpopular to believe it and equip the to the cul-de-sac type theory and so we look back at Genesis 69. Noah was pure in his generations.

The implication is that is ancestry was was a good line if it's the case that the definitely mother halfbreed offspring then it would be the manifestation of an attempt by the devil in order to wipe out the messianic line and so he destroyed them all in the flood, and was really interesting is not able don't know this but the ones that were destroyed in the flood here with the wicked when it says in Matthew 24 Luke 17 to mentor the field was taken on his left left ones were taken on the wicked and Lottie will know that it is read the context compare between Luke 24 Luke 1724 is the wicked are taken is talking about will be like this and this time after the break is one, okay. So please hold on falls right back after his messages that I call 77077. Here is Matt's late arrival back to the shore. But let's get back on it with vera. Are you still there is one more comment about this stuff in the flame.

A lot of people are unaware of a particular verse and Daniel chapter 2 and if you are familiar with Gen. chapter 2 is a prophetic chapter dealing with your stream and the statue and a lot of commentators.

If you have tried understand it's an and talk about it, but nevertheless it seems to me that the time the latter times is pretty much close to now is represented by the feet of clay is what it says in Daniel 243 and in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay say will combine with one another in the seed of men, but they will not adhere to one another is not pottery is a very interesting statement.

They will combine in the seat seed of man is interesting. So it's a hint, it seems to be some think it might be a hint that this same thing.

The naphthalene might be occurring course in a time when Jesus Christ returns because this is Matthew 24 Luke 17 as it was the days of Noah, so shall it be the date of the coming of the Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking giving in marriage of that anointed the art art. The flood came and took them all away, and Luke says of the flood came and destroyed them all. This is too little be in the field will be taken so that water taken the wicked, and I go on and on about this but so that's easily what was going on and so there's informational that would help. Thank you very much.

By God's grace we will look up to. Let's get over to both New Jersey we lost Calvinism's I'd love to talk about that we have from three open lines going to call 877-207-2276 Nelson from Bakersfield. Welcome equipment report Scripture in Proverbs 1, in light of the power of both love it if it will leave the blood of Christ on the this is applied in that death and life are in the power of the tongue. What we do with the time and how we speak can save people to kill people harm them, help them. We condemn people and the this was going on their justices Proverbs which is a wisdom literature is in a before it says with a fruit of man's mouth, the stomach will be satisfied. He will satisfy the product of his lips death and life are the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit to find a wife finds a good thing obtains favor with the Lord, etc. Proverbs statements so statements of wisdom insist generally speaking about the issue of what you can do as you speak is not as some other confession wackos will say that you have the power to bind and loose you say so. Don't ever say you're sick continue. It'll become a reality. All this is idiocy so well so go my thing. I have one thing low blood sugar right about it that the market right you know if you when you send doctrinal the borne cultures in the morning, something like this, you can just say Lord I just asked that you protect me and guide me, I'm yours belong to you, you bought me and continue to protect and guide them into the dense fog you know and young people to plead the blood well what is it mean by that plead the blood is afraid no. And yet people do things are not all the time and yet at the same time there is power in the blood of Christ, it has of the head when we shed the power to forgive us and that's the cleanses I should say is as first John 179 so this is what we have to understand about that blood was a sacrificial element 1711 to 14 on this so you know, we could be careful how we say is as hyper charismatics like to say these kind of statements which are not in Scripture and the Methodist with me by the concept. Is he the concept is in Scripture.

Okay okay right but you welcome God bless our rights we have for the lines folks are going to give me a call. The numbers 877-207-2276 is Jennifer from Phoenix Jennifer, welcome you on their right. I hate bothering me right before and either take on the boy and every Matthew 531 you think that anyone life devoid I tell you like sexual immorality rate. Anyone who married a divorced woman commit adultery and not bark off multitenant different language which promptly thinking aloud when it is working well, but only rowdy, I find that really help Canadian and like I've never been to situation myself, but it sounds like being in the life daily basis. Yet, no matter what I call back after they could not leave their eating the right rating the children are. He could be molecular children are being what you do in circumstances like that when there absolutely urgent like preserving the marriage are in my case it was we would work on our stuff and I marriage counseling and were not resolving our authorized no way to solve everything and I counsel counsel and counsel for a while. Marriage couples answer Christians they can work it out. That's how it has to be other things. It also says the first 715 yet if the unbelieving one leaves little leads about her sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God called us to peace. And so this is another of freedom that we have divorce another week wanted to go Crockett divorce willy-nilly sexual morality. Adultery is definitely grounds for that but also abandonment is right there seven 715 so now what with a due level. What is abandonment and with basically talking about is literally the abandoned one for another, but also let Harold [don't know this, I can put this in the is a commentary I read this and in some small books about that time. Back then, let's say a man was beating his wife. Well what they were. The family would do the wife, the sisters of the cousins. They would go have a discussion with the with the husband was doing the beating and then after they left out that the wife would nurse him back to health. They want. Oh yeah so yeah I had to have a discussion and then nursed him back to health.

Because you and so that's I read that in some commentaries I haven't really seen that talked about very much nothing that's a biblical position but that would have impacted the idea of abandonment is what we have to look at here. So if of a woman with his being beaten by her husband. The first thing you need to do is call the cops.

He needs get arrested and she needs to make sure that your separated this point and is it a form of abandonment. Well as a yes and no to it.

If he did it once because he was drunk nothing. This makes it okay all keys with the counseling and easily with the church and other issues. If it happens again then separation.

That's it.

And now I'm not around know say that you don't continue existing. Escalate this if he's going to be unrepentant about this and she is in physical danger. She's obligated to leave, and if he does not want to repent and I was threatening her. I think that this is a place where he is broken the vows of his marriage covenant because in the marriage covenant not married people to perform marriage ceremonies and I tell people when I counsel doing beforehand. I say look this is the part where you become married these the vows you make, and basically in those vows. You promise to keep yourself to that person in the man's job is to love and to protect and to serve etc. and if he's not protecting her buddies harming her he's breaking his covenant responsibility and in so doing, the covenant then I think that this is is grounds the very least for separation and if he is willing to work on things then work on but if if she just can never feel safe. Then she has to stay away and keep that the children save as well and vice versa. Because it happens I will well and will be right back message or messages I should say why call 77077 Robert will come back to show are you still there Jennifer. Okay now a little more information on Katrina thought it was on but in Psalm 11 five God says he hates the one who loves violence and in the covenant aspect of her marriage relationship. We have to be very careful how we apply the justification for divorce first went to 715 generally understood. There is when the unbeliever leaves the believer is not under obligation and also the present circumstances. Solar issue but there seems be justification. Therefore, divorce outside of the issue of sexual morality. Divorce is a very difficult topic to get through. That's why city people that will was being abused by her husband. She is a separate and have arrested and the skit is going. In addition to standard ground and asset and if he's not willing to work did she stay separated and that she's involved with the elders of the church because they need to go to him and work very hard on the issue of his repentance. If he's trying to be repentant and they have to set the standards by which the engine thing and she should say, set the standards by which that repentance will become acceptable and when they can get back together. If he refuses this then and he's behaving as nonbelievers broke this covenant. And then I would say that plaintiff of the elders of the church to decide if divorce is justified. At that point I really quote multiple alternate the gospel. No reason to leave basically and elegantly where well that I am thinking about breaking American marriage And I wish he had given out that the covenant, yet most important because when when my wife and I got married, we went over the house and the pastor said in her part of the vows to love the church and to obey and I have to take them out the words obey out and the reason was because of the protector, because if I say snow in my stupidity whatever whatever situation to obey Jesus allowed it to do that. She doesn't then has she broke the covenant.

Has she sinned, and that think and the nuances of that but the idea was not because appropriate because I've been to some extent that I wanted and so to deal with that to the idea was to protect her and manageable for protectors of women and no Vista men out there right now you're listening to this, your wife has to feel safe around you. And if she doesn't need to work on that women open themselves up emotionally and physically to someone bigger and stronger and more capable physically to do a great deal and if you're not making your wife feel safe release trying to be numbers perfect but if that's if there's a problem there that you need to talk to her easily rectified. It may take a while and the women need to understand it takes a while and etc. and it could also be in reverse because believe it or not. P's mother lives is not talked about that much and Ursula there's some real interesting videos on and got the red pill is what the people should be watching on Netflix is about to how men are abused and how men are victims and stuff like that in various areas of me to be expendable that much of the phenomena at all about this topic but this is a serious issue this divorce and this was a protectors otherwise protectors and on the right. Because marriage is very real. Serious.

But God divorced Israel on spiritual adultery. He is to Marie divorce. So we have his Africanism 15 was to talk about unbeliever leaving, but what if your spouse is behaving like an unbeliever, and is a repentant well the Bible has other places we talk about that Matthew 18 was summons unrepentant of this and won't listen.

The new treatments and unbeliever. So you see, this is the case, not complicate. We look at the stuff so so women need to protect themselves and should not stay in abusive relationship if she or her children are under physical threat they need to leave and/or have him leave and need the elders of the church is protector and the law. He's been involved as well is mental abuse, mental, emotional abuse than the church needs to get involved with this and needs to be addressed because it's then there different kinds of abuse where I can say something my wife that she might think is abuse that I could say to another woman. She might not think his abuse or another relationship it might not be it's very subjective and so this is why the elders have to be good at getting in the church and from the church be involved in this and then they way things on individual basis is not an easy topic I can be very careful what I say I'm not trying to encourage divorce my wife and I were married 33 years and we would've gotten divorced if he were not Christians and that that we were stuck at work it out and we have looked over dedicated to Christ, which is why were still married. We both had to work on her issues and you will have issues that are doing marriage. I do marriage counseling. I teach essentially was called the theology of marriage.

I teach at the couples like to give you half our first voltage of the basics and a lot of times after that marriage is improved with so okay I know you're a great title, I really think together we were both Christian parable deeply committed and meet poor Scripture prayer, fasting, enteral counseling professional counseling with Mary and Aaron. We worked hard and it came to the point where for me. I was suicidally depressed and I tell myself to leave my husband violently had and no amount of therapy are praying and fasting counselor biblical insight for making it better. We were I grew I grew a lot being a loving person a lot of weight and I grew a lot. The mismatches that were so painful that I had a hard time deciding they live because I will often misapplication Scripture and a faulty understanding of the theology of marriage that could combine into something this toxic. So I have worked with people in who are ready to divorce each other and I mean is right there in marriages of been safe on the singular for every marriage couple but I teach the theology of marriage may start with a man x-rays on the dock of the Trinity in my money I slept well and we can agree with it by knowing no not instantly, but there's a difference when we know what marriage is what its purpose is how it reflects the doctrine of the Trinity. What it means to be united into one flesh with the position of the job of the man is with the position of the job the of the woman is you both have to work hard to do what you're supposed to do.

Keep your eyes off your spouse because of they should look at the spouses and you're the one who's the problem in your causing me to be like such and such wrong or don't you choose how to behave yes but people want to blame everybody else to look at their own issues like there is many classes on that topic and I delete on out asking today personality difference does that. Did they go over the issue of the wife calling her husband, Lord, I did write really that surprising Lordship, protective role and a role of leadership and authority to create the family right there that could rely at the end of that and connect network lot regarding I honestly IMEI I not want you and II wanted to be married one and forever, and I came from a long line of divorce once and forever will be together and not married and you know, last night I was close to not let anything in the world is really letting me, and I live every day like found sorry that happened and what I would do now is just keep your eyes on Christ and ask him to use you just rest in his current priority. I am not in a hurry or year. I like the idea of getting married well. She called back okay sure Jennifer is good to Chuck North Carolina Chuck welcome Ron here are not. I'm wondering what is hyper out hyper- Calvinism is a heretical view that teaches that you don't need to evangelize and it's there's no purpose and its and because God predestined everything because he predestined everything doesn't matter what you do and so don't evangelize. Don't witness you to really preach much preaching is just for the people of God to help me help them in their sanctification and so you need to vent likely to do much at all and things like that. Okay, it's witness now. Right now, and you know I hold to reformed theology and I have to deal with hyper Calvinist epic every now and then and the bad news is yeah yeah I know you believe in the gospel get out about. I was on and I was on last night speak with people so you know that who are unbelievers are doing it to three times a night to many people. Some of the hundred people are time and raise chat rooms so you know in in true Calvinism evangelism is is warranted and necessitated people who say it isn't in Calvinism don't understand Calvinism is not respect with hyper Cal Eisenberg right right that he was out there witnessing some people don't understand it, they they think they do. They didn't say very much.

Thanks so you shouldn't Calvinism say don't offer that necessarily need to offer the gospel to the non-elect. It's useless and dumb note that letter. Not a lot right and also they would say like they would say that God didn't love the unbelievers at all the other young like of all problems are to write back all right okay God bless us get to Diane from Utah Diane welcome Ron here. You know about little bit. I'm not the yes I'm not in the study had to be able to tell you is good or bad.

I watched a little bit and warning flags came up but that's just as I judging a book by its cover and so Caesar so that a perfect the study and the and stuff.

If you have information on thing to do; you know or email me has to go all right they got wasn't what the Lord bless you tomorrow hopefully you

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