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May 14, 2020 1:53 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 14, 2020 1:53 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- What is the difference between a covenant and a dispensation---2- Why does the Roman Catholic church change the ten commandments, and why do they think they can do that---3- Further discussion on Catholic changes-mistranslations of the Bible--4- Have you ever heard of the view that claims Paul alone taught the gospel of grace while James, Peter, etc. were sent only to the Jews and had a different message---5- What does it mean that the Spirit prays on our behalf in groanings---6- How do we worship God in spirit and in truth---7- How does worship look for you personally---8- If Jesus can see the Father and the Spirit, why can't we---9- Does Matthew 18-35 contradict salvation by grace since it teaches that salvation is based on our own forgiveness of others-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is it apologetic is found on why you have questions about why I was out with a doctors appointment yesterday wanted to be called are you going to do is dial 87720722762276 and I'll see you in your room and listen. The website and hundred million visitors to its overuse and hope people are or they're enjoying it. Try to check things out on a lot of people write and say that the use of psychological praise God, man, that's a good yacht.

Hello, you never know when you get a good John that was a good John. All right, you the cars driving yawning right now because of that. Anyway, what you may call like us 877-207-2276 we have five lines and we have some schools renew, extend the discount to the end of this month no later $75 for all three reported to about 50 and if you want to watch a couple schools.

The school of theology school of apologetics school of critical thinking. All you gotta do is go to the website CAR M.G the right hand side of the page will find is a little laptop computer, picture, you'll see the information. Therefore, wrestling schools, demos and everything I wrote these things. It took me about six months each to lifetime putting a lot of experience and knowledge into them, making it easy for you to use really updating the site pretty soon that will be updated eventually to be more interactive than a lot of what I do like I just need a video room here and I can just see the videos and others put all of you to work together got a lot of work to do something and also just let you know what we have lost donation because of the coded coded coded virus issue and just so you know if you are able to support us. We don't ask a lot five or $10 a month is plenty.

If you were just go do that. It does help and we are able then to budget things out according to what we know is projected so if you don't mind.

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That's we can check on that flick it out if you want to and also got a couple of books out see on the right hand side of the pages will call time trap the sci-fi novel that I've written.

It's not theological and wanted a break from writing theology, so I read the sci-fi novel and it's doing pretty well and we also have on the page. Next to it atheistic. I see it's a novella short novel and its it's about an atheist nation that formed the island and there's a guy who's the contrary, who is whose job it is to find problems and their solutions to other problems so that you can make your system more efficient, but he does his job too well and what it does is exposes atheism for the weak philosophical position. It really is shows a nonoffensive fairway.

If you uncheck about 20% of what you well get up 20% goes to support a consular but it went alright asked on the air and let's get to the phones Tom from Raleigh, North Carolina Tom welcome you on their I met I've got a question I've been watching videos on YouTube and their content by covenant dispensation and I'm curious about the difference between them, largely there that lead to death in the patient that would be the distant wall and they can agree. But there also covenant the covenant under the law, and in the covenant under the great under this written, though, is there a history of dispensation and how they link to covenant that I know you're not very distant patient when you're the look of an analyst because of the simple reason covenant is based upon an agreement see agreement so look for. For example, performing a marriage later this month and the couple of the meeting with them and I'm gonna go over the covenant that they're going to agree and promise because marriage is a three way covenant is vertical between the couple.

And God is so horizontal between the couple and the people who are witnesses and it's between them.

Three way covenant and whether doing is are binding themselves by their word or simply singing with the agree to promise to do and by doing that their then married and we have a covenant sign the wedding rings so in Hebrews 1320. It talks about the blood of the eternal covenant. The only way we could have an eternal covenant as if it's in the Trinitarian communion from eternity past, it doesn't really say exact with internal covert is what it appears to be the covenant, where the father would elect the sun would redeem the Holy Spirit would apply the redemptive work.

The ultimate covenant sign of that is the blood of the cross so covenants have signs and this is how it's done biblically so Adam and Eve.

The covenant sign was a tree Abraham covenant sign circumcision know what the covenant sign was the rainbow we have the new covenant in the covenant sign is a communion supper.

Now dispensationalism what it does.

It says that people that God works differently, slightly differently in different ways to different times but does not ignore covenant try to incorporate covenant within its dispensational view.

So there. Generally speaking they go with seven covenants innocence conscience civil government promise law, grace, and the millennial kingdom. Generally speaking, now I think there's a lot of weaknesses with this and I just can't buy into dispensationalism that God works in a slightly different modes at different times not agree with God binds himself by his own word, and this is why we have redemption at all because God promised the father promised to the sun to give him those to redeem and that son would not lose any John six or seven, 240, and so this is covenantal work. In fact the Latin word for covenant is testament, Old Testament, New Testament and we see that God and we likewise are to bind ourselves by our word. So for example I'm a friend named Nathan and he's a man of his word and he takes his word very seriously. So if he were to just give me his word on something it's to me it's as good as a signed, witnessed covenant agreement with film and 3D reproduction worry about it, he will still do what he says he's a man of God and this is how were supposed to be. As Christians, and so we have this idea dispensationalism work with what is happening as people are saying that God works different slightly differently in different ways and to different times but covenantů Is no God is working based on his word and his sovereign decrees throughout history to bring about what he desires. There is no dispensation of grace has something to say next to verse four through Revelation 20 verse three when then then after that's the millennial kingdom to me that is.

I don't mean to be disrespectful but I just don't find it very convincing to say because grace is anything that's unmerited towards us in a favorable way and is from God will all of everything is grace. And so we rely look at this and I see God is gracious because of the Trinitarian communion and this is why hold to the at the very least one covenant or probably hold to cover the sky go back and forth when I study it because the other.

The works are covered redemption, but it's all based on God's work in God's plan and so you if you do a word study. For example, this right now talk literally and am typing in COBE and got a step toward covenant and this way I can tell you how many times covenant appears in the Bible method that proves anything but 321 times the word covenant think that that significant when you look aboard dispensation. It only occurs in the King James, I think once and I'll be doing thing on that second find, it doesn't prove anything, but you know it's interesting that the disciplines right King James dispensation and dispense you. I was having a difficult time learning between patient and a cow that I could actually think your teaching and then listening to the way the people were dispensational described in patient they found my different covenant may I'm wondering if there is that much of it different than in your thing that there is not a nation of great if there is no dispensation of grace than what covenant would you define that were under and cried. The eternal covenant was called the new covenant and the new covenant is in the New Testament is Jesus and the covenant with you and others debate within the covenant theological realm of how many covenants really are there. We could make the argument is really just one ultimate covenant and inner divisions underneath it because it is the blood of the eternal covenant. Hebrews 1320 Lee Abraham a covenant is under that umbrella could easily say that but some people say will note the different covenant, while not necessarily because in Genesis 12 three God says of Abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed to call the gospel by Paul in first Peter 38 and circumcision was a sign of the covenant will find a different covenant. It's the redemptive covenant soaks under the blood eternal covenant cc. It is this is not an easy topic. It just isn't. It's a vast topic and dispensationalism is easier to understand and covenant was because it's really nice to break things up into seven AC seven biblical seven dispensations. It's a bit arbitrary yesterday what I thought. I mean I could do it to 3 to 200 have classical dispensationalism modify dispensationalism. Progressive dispensationalism, and so plus most disability shows yesterday's engineered urine at Calvary Chapel and he made a statement that you think a little bit sensational for you what, what, exactly, trying to state and that will their pre-millennial and I think there's problems with premillennialism and again I say this not knocking people. I do see problems with it and I do affirm the charismatic gifts as do I, consist I, something consistent covenantal list and I think dispensational us who are also secessionist or in consistent dispensational us.

That is my opinion but so their premillennial and I'm not and they don't believe in the covenant aspect of baptism, which I do and rely holder that is not because I believe it saves anybody not at all.

I believe that just as children were instructed to be inside that covenant with Abraham a covenant at eight days old.

They were instructed and commanded to begin there and then we look at this was a way to vent what kind of a covenant is that because of the covenant between God and his people to bless his people when they hold to the covenant aspects is with the father would circumcise his son office about a female because of females counted in the sun to be in the father federal headship when the shed blood occurs during circumcision that means something very cold on whole of the longer they come right back. After these messages that, like why call 77077 charismatic slave, are you still there so that I was saying is there's interesting aspects to covenant weight God displays it in the Bible and infants were entered into the covenant with God to the father at the eighth day of circumcision which included the shedding of blood, which should be obvious of what it represents because Christ the sacrifice to shed his blood was male and their phraseology of in Christ and in the Adam terms of federal headship and representation to the male not female is part of this whole thing and so the Abraham a covenant which is in you all the nations shall be blessed. Genesis 12 three. The sign of that covenant was circumcision. That's Genesis 17 nine and Paul the apostle calls that Abraham a covenant the gospel in Galatians 38 so the Abraham a covenant is still in effect and it still lives in you all the nations shall be blessed, and Paul calls that as a coach that very verse the gospel is preached beforehand to beforehand to Abraham, saying in you all the nations of the blessed.

He said that the gospel let still in effect. So that this brings up some interesting ramifications to infant stuff but the thing is that covenant is still in effect. How then does dispensationalism deal with that universal covenant still in effect through all the different times of dispensational divisions. So in fact, I don't know this but Meredith Kline is the one who discovered this sort developed it the 10 Commandments of map out the third millennium BC suzerain vassal treaty pattern and is impressive it is to say that what it actually means is suzerain and a vassal of big King a little King and in the big King would say this is who I am. This is what I've done, just like you find the 10 Commandments of God brought you out of the land of Egypt, etc. shall have no other gods before me. And then in the covenant pattern nursery will their stipulations and rewards and punishments for keeping and breaking the stipulations and you'll find them in the 10 Commandments and so we see these two tablets. The two tablets are not to be five and five, six and four, four and six to have this could be 10 and 10 covenant documents as a sign of the covenant that the Mosaic covenant cc. This gets really deep and it's not an easy thing to answer to so quickly, usually help sitting on the confusing digit else and I got one of the course is really I think it would be really quick. Really. And that is IP doing a Google search on Catholic and commandment.

You'll notice that they took out in there and let the other think Mama they took out the commandment on idolatry and a double and commandment what you shall not covet. They say you shall not covet your neighbor's wife thing and you shall not covet your neighbor good and obviously were of the same mind on how to how they have the arrogant amount that what what you're quick, not like that of the Catholic Church is apostate is not a true Christian church, it has works of salvation promotes idolatry and superstition to is not indwelt my opinion by the presence of God himself by some other presence, and so from that and that they have the view that the Bible is something that say gave to the Christian church and so that they have since they gave it.

They have the authority to be able to stew tell you what remaining commandment. And so they can alter the 10 commands because their officials and their sacred tradition tells us that's what it really means an amazing article even I think the Roman Catholics are even aware that they Like and commandment are different than what Bannon and exited after 20 in Deuteronomy chapter 5 will are brainwashed in a lot of ways on Catholic times and we took books on the Bible know we didn't.

They were never in and I seeing more and more lately over the past 2030 years Catholics is say more more error that they haven't done the homework on hundred, you know, it just is Catholic Church is in my opinion the greatest gift of damnation of any religious group in the world, and I heard a After sage a week on the radio that when Jesus says repent for the kingdom of heaven is near that was translated originally into the Latin Vulgate to pennant because the kingdom of God and repent independent than he ever got that out of their doctrine either, and are still doing pennant right for salvation Luke 128 with the Greek word is correct on the night the transit which means highly favored one, any translated into Latin Vulgate, full of grace and therefore they drive a truck load heresy through that regarding Mary.

She's full of grace. Therefore she could never send within the phrase in Greek for full spot us of grace has guided us so full of grace actually occurs in John 114 reference to Jesus and in acts six.

A direct regards to Stephen so was Stephen, full of grace and sinless state is so lucky it's it's it's a mammoth organization with some brilliant people in there who can make things say or sound really good. And yet it is full of error and full of dead men's bones. It is bad news and so the I went, I came out of it.

I know I know a great man. I was 25 years. That is not.

I was born again Christian, little Baptist Church and I say my life changed dramatically at deny my money right you heard of condign merits and congruent merit. I've heard you talk about it but I was never that educated and develop the will. When a sailor saved by grace.

Little do is this whether slick ways of twisting things, and strict merit is a reward due to exactly what it is you do $10 an hour for $10 work, you get what is directly rewarded the hundred dollars condign merits is an reward for an action because of God's promise to reward the good works and its setting and got obligates himself do that congruent merit is reward for an action based on the kindness of the one giving it but is not owed and so the civil one kind of merit is condign one kind is congruence. It depends what situation you're here in so if you honor your parents and to give your blessing is because that that's how they are and so God will honor you if you obey him. You don't get rewrote reward of salvation strictly but he and his kindness because of your works to get it to you. You see what they do.

It's it's so deceptive. People don't know they don't know logic to think critically and they buy into the evils of the Roman Catholic Church, not to mention that I can go so much to talk about one of things I will do analytic colors waiting but one things I'll do is I'll ask I'll ask the Catholics all say is there is no greater thing is paragraph that's up to them that short of the catechism of the Catholic Church Pacific fighting really fast. But what it says there is a number of their stuff at Acheron versus a resident so much to do you is 972. Listen to this because love is heading up the repeated at the time you give Mike I got a tell her thank you already fully right that Is that it is man's like why call 77077 pairs nicely back everybody is read this paragraph from the Catholic catechism of the Catholic Church's catechism of the Catholic Church. CCC paragraph 972. I use this against Catholics all the time. I asked them regarding the church, who's the best person we can look to connote the church's about to be to whatever this and and Jesus during this paragraph nine, 72, after speaking the church her origin, mission and destiny. We can find no better way to conclude that by looking to marry in her we contemplate what the church already is in her mystery on her own pilgrimage of faith in what she will be in the homeland the end of her journey. There's no better way to conclude and look to Mary. That means it's better to look to Mary and Jesus regarding the church, her origin, mission and destiny. Obviously, this paragraph 972. I use it all the time with Catholics and you should see how the backflips trying to get out of this problem. This is so heretical is so bad with this is one of the many things of the Catholic Church teaches. It's just pathetic. It really is with me on the phone with David from Kansas City David walking on the I think you might go through part of what you.let color I grew up in Dallas and got born again and what the Dallas Bible college which is a feeder school that was the like. I would and to lift pastors. This started a church in Arlington right new work from Dallas theological and they were in PCA church elastic and seven years under their tutelage, bridging that gap. So it is a very complex yes I would have to say right now it's with John MacArthur about Leakey. That's fine yeah if someone says they understand covenant theology go okay if they say I've studied it's I know what it is and it's not as easy as you think it is that I know I studied it for real now is there but but my question dovetails on that now. I have some people that interacting with our extreme Pauline theology is that on everything that what 888 foot tall up against James, Peter, Jude. They say that they were strictly those those officials were strictly not too late. They dispersed to the Jewish and that they had, hyper covenant all teaches.

Your great covenant. Likely they break off from where you are and that Pauline theology and I don't know if you heard of that or not you and then whacked and this is likely of putting it, because James agrees with Pauline theology. They just don't understand James to his talking about that, usually with the proper consent were Paul the apostle clearly taught grace James in a robust of 345 and other versus general/216 question 221 Galatians 216 and so the go to James and Hennessey had me save my work something like that's not what it says there with James is not talking about justification forgot that way justification for people and is evident by the text. So when I talk to people who hold this theology. This position is showing what you say in the text and read into the text in order to bring a division and then I accuse them of causing division unnecessarily and politely but also your causing division you to stop that you can set Paul against James and you can't sit. Paul gives Jesus either.

They're all equally inspired tomorrow. One your comment and donate my appreciated. No, I do appreciate that you know you may disagree with me other folks a lot of things and in that fine with that.

My only requirements are request I should say would be if you disagree disagree because you have look at the Scriptures and you don't agree with how we interpret some things and I don't have any problem with that.

I praise God for people who look at God's word in all sincerity before the Lord just don't agree with what I teach. It doesn't bother me as long it is not in the essentials course so you know I have a good friend who said very dispensational and sometimes we do conferences together, we will have a little session of debate covenant versus dispensationalism insult each other before the group and the people understand what is doing it for fun and we want people understand that it's okay to have differences of opinion 17 or so friends and that that's all right, but these are serious issues so well and I recommend you will study the word and because this was a study to show yourself approved to study God's word. Second 50. All right, let's get to Lisa from Colorado. Lisa welcome you on the email for you a regarding hanging Eric on Lake hold that when we don't know what pray that airfreight and are building so my connection. Yeah. So my question is technically thinking what you could look like hell like a town like and my being used for P&L during this period of time will there have been times in our lives. Thinking back of 121 the loss of my son and in prayer words words were nothing I could not describe the depth of the feeling and I would just grown back in the Lord and not even knowing the depth of my own issues. The spirit of God was there. It is one of the ways that's pretty serious. United has made that level.

But you know sometimes we can just go before the Lord and maybe you have a certain sin, even working on for decades.

I got up and your cynical and you just go to prayer and inure there get more involved in that prayer is time, more so than usual just to say to stop all war you know you just crying out and it's a brokenness and I think the spirit is there, because he knows the depths of our heart, and I think also sometimes God lets us get to those places. He purposely does not rescue us and deliver us so that sometimes we get that heartfelt place of crying, not even knowing what the answers can be just throwing ourselves before and he's there and I think that's what it is what you mean are again, practically working relationship.

The Holy Spirit indwells us. He will bring to remember that we need to build a second worship. And do we should worship God properly according to the Scriptures so the Scriptures ecstasy praise him with hands lifted heads bowed heads lifted, kneeling, laying down on my bed at night and cry out to the old Lord of standing up sitting all kinds of ways of worshiping in spirit and didn't truth. Truth is God is a Trinity. Jesus Christ is God in flesh died, the crossroads of the dead the same body died in you can praise him and worship him, you can worship him in spirit and truth.

The spirit and inner part of what us of what we are that mind the truth thing we've got the kind of have to be combined because it does a lot of false teachers on TV. Most will do think so to speak, worship God in spirit will start speaking in tongues all over the place coming to the jokes and in the tongues of the laugh, it just stupidity and are not doing it. In truth, truth is whatever conforms to the mind of God and that truth is revealed in the word of God. Truth is something of the mind and the spirit is something of the heart.

So God wants both involved in worship, not just the not every single time. Everything exactly balanced United to go to church and in Anaheim, California, and I would go there, not because of the mental aspect because of the emotional, spiritual aspect. I would see people laying down on the ground, nothing out of control. The base of the worship team would worship and people. This was a huge place and people just being a parent, prayer groups, kneeling down with the Bible, pray by themselves just just face down.

Nobody thought anything about it work. It was wonderful to see the freedom of worship within the summertime when you got a half-truth and you need to sit and open your Bible now look at this. The Greek says this is the demonstrative pronoun right here. Blah blah refer to the antecedent here as we have that kind of a level we need both and sometimes one is little higher than the other. But overall there to balance each other help you on if you don't mind making a counter example will be right back after the Colorado mass Y call 770773 open lines calling 772072276 Lisa you still there all right and had one more question. Are I want it you can help example, you could get a picture when you were talking about worshiping the Lord. Each how would you look for you Kurt lot different than most people autistic and I'm an apologist, and so my idea of worship is a little bit different than a lot of people and I worship in truth and not not to say that others don't. But my idea of truth is doctrinally driven and so for example on working on a devotional editing through 30 days of devotion.

We headed out tonight so I'm going through in the devotions that I'm giving are doctrinally based the words is not the Lord let your you just feel hugged by God, I don't talk like that you now see the love of God is eternal because he has ordained to save you and give to you, give you to the sun from eternity past. Therefore, this means his thoughts of you are eternal and number infinitely numbered, so his love for you cannot be measured. His thoughts for you cannot measure it was guaranteed on the cross where he bought you output act 2028 body with his blood, right devotions like that when there's doctrine woven into what is being said. Not this make you feel good diptych I'm careful some time to devotion Mexicans can make you feel bad because sometimes a devotional means examine yourself and get right with God in the particular area. An issue of conviction. That's the purpose of that kind of thing is to comfort as well as speak truth and truth is multifaceted. It's in the Christian church you know when I go to church if I'm going there for a year and never come out feeling guilty at all. Something is wrong. I need to be able to be spanked as well as comforted because the spirit of God, the truth will work in my heart for the conviction of sin as well. The assurance of my salvation. I'm just different and regular Bible studies, I can't. I just can't because I sit there and when I got hundred verses of the quote and I can't do that to be be quiet and so I'm just different, and so much good example of things because I was on Michael say that's for sure. He's got problems could say that when you you worshiping.

What you're not, you worship you, what God actually is Scripture, the word of God is that correct okay okay and then when you think and didn't get what you need when you worshiping Eric typically thinking about first Corinthians chapter 14 very very thick. 19 so, speaking in tongues and speak in tongues never have, and does not gift my wife is my gift as being of noxious and irritating, so developing my teacher to teacher down the I have some discernment and things like that.

But I prayed for the gift of tongues never had it had words of knowledge words before and even a prophecy or to over 40 years that sent and I think is different for different people and one of things I want to say I think support for people to hear. Do not compare yourself to anybody else.

When you worship in spirit and if someone else is taking in tongues and you're not. Praise God somewhat God gives according to the spirit, to whom he wills.

What he wills don't look left and right, your job, I say, is to get right with God on the vertical disc you and him and don't worry about that this Bob that Susan this juicy Lord speak to me just fill my heart with your word and truth. Let me is a regional to speak to me.

You'd be surprised what happens. And as you worship him and you praise God, you'll see that the Scriptures come back in your because he wants to work in concert with what is revealed and I tell people all the time. It's the work you for listening for a while, you know, I quote Scripture all the time is much as I can still try to learn more and more verses, so it's no trickier taking actually get started yesterday and gobbling them up. You said something I started looking your you yesterday.

Actually, I came across your channel to another resort and had just been gobbling up your your message and one of the things that I came across last night you had talked about the great Mexican getup that will be a training when we get and I again I'm just learning it would cost that God may not be the father or the Holy Spirit when we get there and that's wanted the joy come looking for you to think that you will see You will be cheap it can be the father and holy here. Why can't we look Bible says a person with a 660 no man God was unfortunately no man has seen or can see. And so when I see that the question is, is referring to people on earth or in heaven, the distance distinguish and sold in excess of 75 to 60. Stephen saw the glory of God. The deceit gone so I suspect that the case is that the glory of the father, such such that the only way we can know him through the son Jesus Christ.

This is the first printed 19 God is faithful to whom are called into fellowship with his son Christ Jesus, so we are commanded by God to have fellowship with the Lord Jesus because Jesus is the representation of God. He was 13. He is the one who represents God the father to us. He is so vast and so that we have a saying in feel theology called holy other WHO LL like holy other God is completely different than us such that there is no way we can reach up to him.

He reaches down to us in the person of Christ, and so he is on one mediator for Timothy 25 forever know.

Maybe I'm wrong and we will be listing the father but I don't believe so, but I just I just do the best I can with what the Scripture says that this is he goes in unapproachable light to no man has seen or can see which invalidates Mormonism flat-out exits the dismissal of the product impossible here. You're welcome Lisa Coblentz was Lisa from Colorado.

Let's get to Rick from Iowa Rick welcome your on here I will so help me reconcile something Matthew chapter 18 of the passage about the master that forgiveness is started a large certain goes out and does not forgive somebody who has it that gives them the master finds out about it and then retract forgiveness of that 1835 words. You do not forgive you natural to save her. God will do the same semester.

How does that reconcile with saved by grace. See, my grace is the teaching that God's gracious work upon us is what saves us from his righteous judgment. What's talking he's talking about here. Matthew 18. If you go to verse 21 Peter says how many times do I forgive up to seven and peters looking at the legalistic ash issue is the speaking legalistic leg and then Paula, Paul, Jesus says in verse 20. For this reason, the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king maybe compared to what is doing is illustrating something. The issue forgiveness of your heart from your heart. If you really a Christian, you can forgive that's what Christians do. If there is no forgiveness in your heart that you're not forgiven. To begin with. Now the idea here of of of the debt being reclaimed and put back upon somebody that can't be the case and the reason we know that is because the court Colossians 214 says that he canceled out the certificate of death, he nailed it to the cross is canceled is talking in verse 13 about our transgressions, having forgiveness all of our transgressions. Verse 14 having canceled that and so because of that we know that everything that is that is done by Christ cannot be undone. We know this also from first from a John 637 240 were Peter Osgood he were Jesus says all the father given me of them, I will lose none. We can't be lost if we know the clear teaching of some of Scripture or their descendents can't look the cross. Now when you believe not to get baptized. We know that we can all be lost because Jesus says so. John 639, specifically the will of the fathers that all that he's given me.

I will lose none recess so that Jesus always does the will of the father, John 829 that we know so we can see this correctly. This section of Scripture. We know that cannot be that anybody losing your salvation because that would contradict other places.

So, as is often the case with parables exaggeration. Hyperbole is used to make something known as particularly to the one asking the question. Remember the lawyer said what good thing must I do to be saved as so Jesus answered and the corn was question you have to do this and this and this bodes the salvation by works well.

It is if you could be perfect. That's what the standard is that of Deuteronomy 27, 26, 27, 26, and so so with understand that when a parable story is brought to bear by Christ.

Always look the question or the issue that brought it to bear to begin with and and Peter said, how often should I forgive my brother up to seven. He wants a legalistic number that's the wrong question and what Jesus does is answers. All this time you can't give and take forgiveness.

You can't do that because look at what happens. Legally you if you can a give-and-take forgiveness.

You can be a lot of trouble. This is the standard Paul to be that Jesus gave back to Peter and the design of this is that peters was a go. Oh it's it's complete that level to have in my heart. Complete forgiveness will that can only be manifested by the regeneration that God is granted to us. So you see the help yeah yeah okay so why does verse 38 exaggeration for impact. Yeah, I think this is my heavenly father will also the same to you. If each of you does not forgive his mother from your heart will heartlessly look at this evil, gnomic and trusted Jeremiah 79.

How do you forgive from your heart be regenerated and what Jesus doings look if you forgive your heart you know to be forgiven. Wait a minute that mean that we get forgiveness by forgiving because that's the case, how to get forgiven. To begin with. You could never become saved if you forgive people first sight doesn't make certain teaching and exaggeration.

Okay God bless. All right it altogether time.

Sorry Brenda Carolina talk about it.


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