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May 15, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 15, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why do the angels cry out -holy, holy, holy- rather than any of God's other attributes---2- When Jesus says -if you love me, keep my commandments,- does that mean the disciples have to keep the Mosaic Law---3- I have a friend who is Catholic whose husband is dying, what should I do to love and serve her in a gospel-centered way---4- What is the right Bible for a seven-year-old to read---5- Do you take everything in the Bible literally---6- Do the covenants of the Bible replace each other- Build on each other- How do they relate---7- When God created humans in Genesis 1, was that a separate creation from making Adam and Eve in Genesis 2---8- Does the Bible say that we should confess our sins to those whom we have sinned against---9- What does the Bible say about forgiveness and reconciliation with those who will not repent or acknowledge that they did wrong-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is the president is found alive for you have questions about why let's see just a little reminder that if you're interested in starting some theology only to do is go to the corm site and free articles really are.

You don't need to sign up with the schools things like that schools are arranged logically and step-by-step. One thing builds upon another written so many articles like I was counting hundred and 59 ethic articles on on the ceiling tells us in a written hundred and 60 or 70 on Islam hundred and 80 on annihilation is you and maybe 200 on Christian theology just like these topics and really really get into the quite a bit. I love to do the kind of research to a weird kiss but to really enjoy being able to research and write appreciated the solidity author do so if you want to give me a call five lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and that we could talk about all kinds of things will talk about with Facebook pages.

Also, we have found where we discussed Roman Catholicism is Roman Catholicism true.

That is a Facebook page that I run. We have people who were standing proxy for the running. It is very good and they put stuff from looking at some of the means are there right now and people even put up some stuff. Therefore, I guess for Catholicism and that's okay. We discuss and debate. In various things so prove the one for the Catholic stuff, even for the Protestant steps going to check things out. So here we hate that so one option that we have we have five circular Facebook pages is atheism true, that's another one we have Christian apologetics of all kind of stuff that we try and reach out with in order to meet people and and will still also have a twitter page on CAR Elm that orgy twitter just CAR, RAM, energy, and check that out if you want. And so this week a lot of stuff you put a lot of stuff out. Writing articles, of course, and I believe it or not the new website is under development was just checking out a little bit ago and cancers looking good yet because it's early but I can say that they are working on. Hopefully within within two months of things, mostly within two months we should have a new website released in writing and will be up to date and all the bells and whistles and things like that and also if you like science fiction science fiction novel out there on the Karma homepage of the right-hand side.

Any page you see on the right-hand side down so those are run so you should check out. Hopefully see Kelly's emails, and in light of how it is right now so well any rate, where all the colors what's up Sola you may call 877-207-2276 and we can talk about it where you talk about if you're a new Christian get grounded in the faith. Modern eschatology by Catholicism, Mormonism would overdose you call we can talk and go to questions in the chat room. You cannot type those out and ask and also people can watch the show. They like to do that sometimes you watch on Facebook corm org Facebook we can watch on YouTube and get those languages were the card website. See, the right-hand side you will find information for that action. Atop the middle page of the homepage is the information, links, or to get to those check about so I think that's about it. Three open lines right now.

877-207-2276 what is jump on the phones here will skip to Paul from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Paul welcome you on the air. Are you doing all right hanging Internet what he got buddy about the when we come around the throne of God clearly and maybe grab a holy holy holy below 100 thing about the a lot of things that they could call God wobbly hold immediately. We go to God, loving God and live in your locale that attribute that makes them grow, leveling holiness is and since God is the standard of all holiness week would say that it's a standard or a place of incredible purity and righteousness and complete wonderment of goodness and that's a God yes and notices is a three-time holy holy holy Trinity of holy. I believe it reflects the Trinitarian Godhead, but that's what's going on. It's a standard of purity and without sin, without the ability to send as God possesses magnificent pure wondrous holiness is excess what he asks kindhearted describe what what what article you might love lie all 11 comments well. He is called those things and other places. But here the Angels are worshiping and I would say that holiness is the greatest thing of God is not the best way to phrase it, but he is so pure and perfect in good medic encompasses everything and so the holiness of God is from from that is where love and mercy and graciousness and justice and everything else flow out his character and holiness is a reflection of the character of God, and that's what we would we would say that certain no problem Paul. God bless thank you you to write a sketch of Nelson from California Nelson welcome you on the air. Get a good night what it I was doing real research will click referring to John 1451 two you look you will keep my commandments and I looked it up on the blue letter Bible that would love you a copy and then the commandment I looked, concordant several misdelivered one of them would referring to the Mosaic law question then is that of another. None of us can keep the commandment, and her say that I don't know right there.

It's pretty much plain to the therapist to keep the Commandments are awarded which commandments suggest you keep my commandments and injured different places. He said things look like love the Lord your God with our hearts all my strength love your neighbor as yourself, you know, in the 10 Commandments I was reflected in some of the New Testament, we can also see the Beatitudes commands he gives in their and he does say I don't to love one another and to all these kind of things are woven into that if you love someone if you love Jesus doing a little bit what he says and that's because to love him is to follow him and obey, and I even says pick up your cross daily and follow after me. We can see this another command so if you really love Chrysler to do those things doesn't mean that were saved by them, but where to do the info. How can I make a better look and let me you will keep my commandments, interpreting them that. Yet, we have to keep the whole law and I will still understand the Bible's teaching is pretty typical capital say that Mormon society Jehovah's Witnesses say see you keep the Commandments to be sated and say, where does it say that you like that. What will happen is a technique in apologetics. So make a statement like my John 1415 P let me keep my commandments in some mistake. You see, if you get the commands to be saved and you might come up and say something like no you don't, because will better way to do it is disabled. It doesn't say what you said the text say that you if you let him keep his commandments in order to keep yourself saved doesn't say that. And so a lot of times what we do is we want to refute something they said when what we ought to do was simply asking to verify with set it so you'll find that a lot of times what people do with false religious systems use the Bible does say something about the Scriptures and all the time with people all the time doesn't say that yes it does work to save skip commandment to be saved right there is what it means was not what it says you're saying it means that, but is not what it says let's go with what it sounds so it is very simple and trying train people to just read the text for what it says and not imply anything and you do the same thing with summer brother quote something you can just us won't doesn't say what you're saying and asking to justify any good other verses in the Bible and signal from chaperones for four rooms for five but ability does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness say so John could you please harmonize those you have to offer harmony yet, but Unitas asked him to harmonize with the Scripture say and have them start try to do exegesis is that of ISA Jesus having them understanding and make sense out of the word is trying to force the word to say what they want to say this is real simple approach.

It works very well and fairground driven beer drinkers. They believe it can be commandment correct yes and we show to us Christians to think that if they say that a keep up in order to be saved in your false converts digital false gospel what one more last thing reported on about picking your your clerk are critical thinking you elaborate on the locomotive itself to low level lights method types. I developed page by page. In order to go to teach people the basics of what they need to do and think and how to think logically cycle to some exercises and lay out logical fallacies to find them and show things like that is real simple.

That's all you really need. We don't need to get in. The logic paradigms where you have the symbolic logic equations don't need you to know you know that phrase fallacies the genetic fallacy.

Some assess what your your your Mormon therefore you can't tell me thing that's true but it's not true one cents from her say things are true. This genetic fallacy Genesis genetic deals with is an example here, the source of the information does not invalidate the information and will say that this is a fallacy that I go through and show some by 15 the most common fallacies that people make.

Identify the breaking want to give McCall we have three open lines 877 why call 77077 show. We have three open line. Call 877-207-2276 escape to Joanne from North Carolina, Joanne welcome your on their arm that foul more than my thought got a question on how collar Fremont Napa matters by a lot of white on Catholic down.

I don't understand the different conflict and round because it has brown cow.

While that her husband dying and and and and prayers 80 male and heat strengthen in the nine-month keep that Canada Day will do is so first prayer to Christ and continually pray to him exemplifying the issue of praying to him for the forgiveness of sins because in Catholicism there trained not to do that there trained not to go to Jesus trained to go to a priest and get forgiveness for priest and give forgiveness by taking bread and wine which infuses grace into them and the more grace they get, the better off they it's a works based religion and it's full of atrocities theological atrocities and the basics is that if you just one witness without being offensive is pointed to Christ and put her to Christ and safe and eat you up praying and in the prayers of the Lord Jesus, please forgive my sins I look to you and I look to no one else. I trust in you and no one else. You are my God, you're my Lord just praising him as your teaching and praying and those are the things that we want Catholic to do anyway is pray to Christ and trust Christ completely and totally and not Jesus and baptism not Jesus and the Eucharist, not Jesus, and penance on Jesus and whatever else they might be having the finished work of Christ to make sense. I know not why I'm writing and calm on my hard problem with that. Now they can day when you are writing them to look to assist him rotten prayers.

You can do that we can witness a great deal that way and you can quote Scripture is a lot you can do what I would do it for you was just ask God to direct your prayers and your writing to just ask him to to demonstrate to you what he wants you to do and be good enough… Well, everything can do lot evil if not I would you do what you can okay what you can. Thank you. Welcome back are less Joanne from North Carolina.

The woman and folks, if you want to give McCall we have four open lines 877-207-2276 so this good to calorie from North Carolina current welcome here.

Are you there hello yes Your Honor yeah yes carrier you're on the air car and eat your acquired all okay. All right, go ahead right like I know, all while you know what I don't know by distal familiar with children's Bibles. I would not get one from the Seventh-day Adventist church. I would not get one from Catholicism like not get one from the Mormons or the Jehovah's Witnesses, but some of the most part you can get some public some pretty good ones out there maybe other deliberative research on the end see what I could recommend from up for children's Bibles release to have a few here. My kids were were your age and we would use them. But don't I know that's all I can tell you have your mom and dad look online and check amount. The recommendation see reviews on them and discover one or two okay do you like reading the Bible. Sure, the likely which favorite block favorite in their quality, yes, that's right anything about him that that really is important to you that you think is really neat thing like that stick out your mind. Well that's getting much better than that. I guess I'll is pretty good. I'm glad you like that, you know, when I was teaching my children and they were but seven years old.

They could have it they can answer theological questions without any rate, really appreciate you calling okay Kari appreciate that our God bless. All right it was cutlery on the children's Bibles limited to the research on to see how that might be all right.

Let's get to Dick from South Dakota and Fulcher for the lines give a call 877-207-2276 get on the Alastair Bradley got a good American Emperor good doctor in America at my profession.

What would you call yourself a literalist, but you think that Bob through the death that what that on the date well the thing is, we can see everything the Bible is literal.

It has poetry has parables. It even has fiction, it has prophecy has narration, but all of it is inspired which means it's accurately recorded and accurately represented. Then we use different kinds of methodologies to interpret bearing areas of Scripture so Psalms is are literally music the words of music and the book of Ruth is a historical account so we would we would exegete them very similar. Similarly, excuse me, but they are little bit different genre so we have to keep that in mind work considering going. I have a question about grandma and my total older now, but at random can be difficult to evaluate on the fate I like.… Boy one time I thought got interpret the book in a way that I think we need more proud defenders of the faith I got your one of the third eye, I defend the faith that's for sure :-) my passion to defend the faith and equip Christians as well, and I loved you leaders. I looked at you break my pregnant daughter is actually about that several miscarriages, but we know the story of Lot through the Lord love on Thurmont money children and grandchildren will finally be borne by God's grace. They should call and appreciate every lines.

Those given call 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave 877-207-2276 Lori from Des Moines, Iowa. Welcome Ronnie, thank you so much for your ministry, and that a question about your wife and I were studying some of the information you had on the covenants of the Bible and I wondered or they just all in succession like was one covenant like yet, Moses, David, with a how long did they last. They last until the other one was put into place by the father. How is that layout will the way it works. The city, and so now hopefully that covenants have certain stipulations. For example, my wife and I made a covenant to be married till death do us part and so that's going on is the confidently valid until that point, we have different kinds of covenants of the Bible summer depend upon the fulfillments of certain individuals that are broken and the covenants void enters covenants are not avoidable. You know God's eternal covenant. The redemptive work of the Trinitarian communion and so it just depends. So God, for example with Noah promised never again to destroy the world by water, so that's going to be a covenant that can be broken, so the world will never again be destroyed by water so that one last longer than an a for example the covenant with Adam, you don't if you don't eat the trees you stay here and is good to be fine and they broke the covenant and there in trouble so that ended right quickly to see it just depends on them on what the stipulations are of the covenant and the parties involved. Yes, right in the stipulations dependent on the party and because God will keep he can give stipulations in a covenant that are conditioned upon us. He can give stipulations of the covenant under depend upon him so different just different aspects of our goal luck luck of the promise.

God bless Barack John sang inherent.

If you want to be called folks if open lines 87720722761 here from this agreement. Call this good to Randall from West Virginia ran a lock on your on the air to get what Matt iPad.

I've got a question on the why don't really have a question but I'm trying to answer in my circle that believed that the Adam was created Adam and Dave and chapter 1 the 26 bars down the highlighted everything and they can in the second chapter effort for the family thing that God formed man from the death of the ground I get for saying that you created mankind and Bailey created Adam extra and put him in the garden so there was more than Adam. Without him, bet you can explain that the Bible is reiterating that but I wonder if you could help me out. Let's exactly the right answer is what group is teaching. This is an unseen TV, radio, books, or do something I don't know where there getting it, the people at my chart and like probably about three or four of them. This is a here and if that. But I'm prime please find time to talk to him. I told him I told the lady last week that I'm gonna call my pastor, Matt and Ashcamp will tell you what you need to find out what's with the group thing whatever they're listening to. To get this and then the elders of the church should be informed about this because it's an error that can lead to other errors and generally 1234 people are teaching something that is are telling other people in infection and problem, is caused to the elderly to be made aware of this not to go to Genesis check to verse four. This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that the Lord God made heaven and earth.

I was be consistent using their their methodology to Genesis 1, God created them and that mankind and then Adam and Eve later on. That's, that's their argument right right and to do that because they fail to understand that Genesis 2 is a compilation or summarization, I should say is look at verse four. This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created in the day that they were Lord God made heaven and earth will to go back to Genesis 1 that took several days.

So what he's saying here is in the day so if it's good there to be consistent then say how could he got a credit heavens and earth in and not say three days because he created the light and then the land and that another day the water and so the difference in formation to schedule a specific style. She cannot say exactly 6. Why would he be doing this what's going on is decreased 2 worlds to Earth's newly create a general general world than another world inside like humanity and then person inside you. The same argument against Massoud to say yeah yeah I've tried the Scripture.

You know the first man Adam letting you know that all man entered into the world that and I get the right find a way around that says I'm trying to be more specific like an elite study or on very good versus the first man Adam that's first 20 1545 and the call to show that I love having discussions like that when people are on something wrong and then they want to defend that I was enjoyed that seal people think and how badly they think but it does say the first man Adam became a living soul and center Genesis 27 but denies courting perspectives, 1545, they would say to that you brought it up. It's a very good verse seated was great, but are different ways to tackle this thing. What I find is if you really want to tackle it.

Have them teach you and give you literature about this and I saying you got me thinking. I'm really interested in it and don't oppose them, gather information and then study the information to find their weaknesses and then you'll be able to to answer them better and that's what I what I like to do for something new. I don't know about will go out there all day much reformed and everything it that light right there that some of them have that I can't email I'm having problem I will find out the month.

More information and that might be calling you back later. Maybe you think that the interesting discussion to health and not yet heard that I have not heard I have people have said that will list differences in Genesis 1 to Genesis 1 is more detailed to the recapitulation that's all that's going on, and so you should know that if they say the reformed and are holding to that something's not right. Someplace and try to find out so that I will out begging at about man angry or mean with them or anything right.

Yeah Ascom I will sensing my action that help okay will good good good good gutless all right that's Wendell Randall from West Virginia 40 be called folks with five open lines 877-207-2276 normally were just lines roll it up right now, but that most will not. So wow I just saw a word I just glanced at it.

This is Genesis 211 remind me of something actually confronting on the name of the first fish on it flows around the hole in the house a lot. Nice to know a family that had a daughter named Havelock. So I just saw this is remembered in every desire.

Nowhere so you guys have any comments or questions you may call 877-207-2276 vertebrae coming up in about a minutes will let you know that that we could use your support folks if you are about your your joint hearing which is was on the radio.

Like what I gotta say even if you don't because it often is the case you want to continue to hear it all you do is give us some support because we have lost some during the Corona thing. A lot of people have thought foster jobs, lost income, so they politely say they can't do it anymore and if you can only want to help out, go to the website.

See ARM.O RG, and the right-hand side of the page will see the you donate to the attack just as easily do we as five dollars month $10 a month.

That kind of the thing not very much, and if we get a thousand people to do, say for example $10 a month then we got to go to the extent of the radio shows and we can do several more things we do and I suspect a big deal to just let people know about that. There's a break for people waiting on line so you live. Call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

Let's get to Tony for what will North Carolina Tony here to complete Jewish Bible. I downloaded now that you are reminding me. I think I did download it and I didn't get a chance to go through it okay. Thanks for reminding me because you know I have so many things I'm doing effective working on something on the prick I tried as much as I can so implicit rebuild my computer so I had to get a minute my books back on the system and things like that so I think reminding the Jewish Bible picture. It complete your Bible narratives by David Stern. Okay, I decided A chronological list got a reward scenario you get names and things like that. Your reply and call… Yeah, I you I can do it but but does go to the New Testament.

All this is a critical to Christian yeah yeah yeah yeah the messianic okay service and stuff. So the thing that the thing that counted the data Modelo, court will be at the on nothing of birthday explain what it was even talk about the knowledge like Flatter her. Yeah, because that's what the word is as soon forgot and wrote an article on this and it generally is understood to be a dome but that's that's gently rinse and a beaten piece of the metal is generally how it's used in the New Testament in the Old Testament is the problem with saying that the, the earth is flat and there's a dome literally a dome over it doesn't work because is not the intention of the text is using a term that they are familiar with what the dome of heaven. Or just seeing what looks like a dome but not making a theological statement cosmological statement and the people who hold to flat earth. In my opinion don't have water logical pause in the litter box. Okay you have done a lot. It only leaving for Canada now takes her money. I opened it up on my Kindle.

And so I got in front of me and that go through subjects do that. Okay.

Alright let me right now. God bless you. But you okay right let's get to. Let's see Mike for Pennsylvania.

Mike welcoming on the air going on that moment. Good apologetics enter questions what Abbott so you are yeah more correct about the prescription Bible that I was saying to people you have sinned against well it has been one of the burdens and there are top of my head. I noticed versus read where it talks about if you got you offended somebody you go, be reconciled with him. In Matthew five it talks about this.

So the idea of reconciliation means to make things right. And if you've sinned against somebody you need to go and make it right and and to do that means you admitted a wrong which is confession so if you personally. Hypothetically, if that's the wrong puke that family member, neighbor, friend, coworker, whatever it is and you realize you done something wrong go to that person and confess it as wrong and ask okay do you know the matter by well, that's correct. Maybe laugh because so because of back problems do this generically back when I was younger I did something that was bad and then 35 years later or so the Lord brought it to my mind and would not let it go away and I needed to make it right, but doing so could have meant I went to jail and so for real and so I talk to my wife and she was okay go take care of this and I did, and every thing worked out all right. So be very generic and I have reasons for that. But soon I was stupid and yawning. You know, real stupid. I know I got picked so he brought it back and I knew it was from him and I knew I had taken care of and sometimes a guy does as he is bring something up anyway. Discuss persistent take care of it.

If it's not a move on so you confess that you admit you take care of and that and and it works out as a person you offended will not forgive your your free that point anyway you don't, you are supposed to do the problems with him with you what they got your book contract guided reading for some odd automatically picture you rightly you know I was kind of wondering if with Zeke and me were kind of bleeding over but then also a little thin and I have some similarities to so anyway three guys and three girls and their how far to the book are you just here, the first public Cloud about a way that's right, toward yes it says it is interesting is interesting variation.

I yeah like I like that I would expect it right action yet. I love the book. I look way I say but when you done to go ahead and nothing now hearing that you needed like some help with yeah with your site like that with your ministry and which I just wanted maybe I could offer help.

Whatever it needed a laptop. The support I do is it takes a lot of knowledge in order to answer emails and I have two guys helping me and known the 40 years and are knowledgeable and we have working on a website and into be an expert at certain things. It's not easy even a wife who did not theologically minded. She does a lot of the bookkeeping kind of things and data entry things like that from emails and takes care of this password and that and it takes skill set to be involved with an irregular basis.

It is a tough ministry to be what we need is a good dump of a few hundred thousand dollars in your bank account. I can hire some people.

We can get the video going and don't have a video that you all defer as well as an editor is are doing. That is what I do that sleep specializations. That's the thing you can do that we more money this way. The know that while it's still not a Christian. All right God bless right disc on the phone with Michael from Wyoming. That's where I was born in Wyoming, a welcoming on here hello hello though like a guy or the forgiveness I mean if I were to be God.

But you're not person. It hoping that they would welcome it.

Now you're not looking back, I couldn't help but call you. You know I was the king. I am driving right now, but I couldn't help all you that during the highway dealing with issue. You know I go to church and nothing on my life.

Everything in the market right away, looking up at the pre-looking like looking up Adam and I released it across in the area I'm in, I have to go to their impact wouldn't go to the Catholic Church orientation Orthodox and stay with those. The matter what the January go ahead for Don able to smooth along. Let's get to Monique from Greensboro, North Carolina, and just ask you okay many gearbox and that was that laugh now. Anyway, that God bless your believer a magnificent poignant I can make it happen that the forgiveness that I'm at a group like you highlight the I and if there's any place that I've been thinking and instruction from the Lord on that condition though the condition where we know God's will concerning reconciliation and forgiveness. What can you cannot eat anything directly brand the situation is overwhelmingly ironic, though, like a clock or different people think the situation but none of them not only have shown any kind for Gaia to reconcile, but what were they have an evening now it now these are not objectively like well today and thought that my outfit one day. I'm talking about very clearly artful being and not indirect thought anything I've done so is there anything I'm here because there but I'm clear for me right now I have my left. The word is there something again for those situations where the people never acknowledge that that is apathetic. All right, now I want anything. According to Scripture I know up in the will of the hardhat will if you forgiven them and they don't recognize their sin. Your free that at that point what you do should pray for them and he asked the Lord to reveal to them issues of sin and may be it is always a possibility that they didn't sin is in the problems all and you and so you know are the prayer would be Lord my not allowing you know is going to the, the, the variable sets or doing yeah and so you don't get asked about that and you just pray and if you know for sure for a fact yet they are the ones were rude and you said this and that it was global in its on them and they just don't see it within your know you can't do anything and you can pray several pray for them and ask God to deal with them and not in the maliciously fire Yuri now okay okay I want to add that because I get the better way to state that it will being hurt if being hurt by accumulating mirth by Peter that that that depends tens of what sin you were on the rest of the time it says little bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from that sufficient 431 so your heart. God is the issue of how to get into a moral all right. It's important to talk about hope she calls back the Lord bless you and by his grace back on their

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