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May 18, 2020 1:35 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 18, 2020 1:35 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- When Proverbs says that fiding a wife is finding a good thing and favor from the Lord, does that apply to unbelievers---2- Where did Cain get his wife---3- Caller challenges Matt's article on socialism--4- Are you familiar with the NESARA Act---5- If there are verses in the New Testament that might not be original, how do we respond to Islamic claims that the Bible is corrupt---6- Since Revelation describe people on the new Earth who cannot enter the New Jerusalem, doesn't that mean that there are people who do not go to heaven or hell---7- I am addressing Word of Faith errors in my church, and now I am being accused of being divisive. What should I do---8- What is your perspective on cessationism-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at Dunmore you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Why me.

So what Wendy McCauley five lines 877207226 or whatever and if questions are doctrine lucky enough to settle kind of stuff all kinds of things to do research and so if you're interested Bible question may be an atheist. You got a question of your Mormon you got a question maybe you're wrong whatever you question what talk about something. All you do, give me a call 87720722760 to get the particulars open over with and begin to show you podcast going and the karma information on the site is to be the. The radio show. So if you were to go to combat award/radio what you find there is a information.

The stations that were on as well as a link to the podcast and something like that. So check on that's an Jaswant looked at it now score the iTunes Store's will check on them later if by chance you are on the forms you noticing that you're having a problem so they were on it were where that's working on it but at least right now. It should be and see.

So there's that. And if you feel like a supporting this and you would do that all you do is so just go to Anaconda Lord/donate and where you want to help us out with five dollars a month. $10 a month would be awesome because in that way, you were able to help meet the needs of the people depend on us and a lot of people do leave not a lot of depend on the karma website and a lot of different ways we are one of the sites that teaches biblical theology unapologetically all right 877-207-2276 Lakeside is giving Kyla from Los Angeles American line. You are first allowed you're on the air now you are trying. That's okay I Matt, make it quick. I got a man find a wife find find a favor from the Lord's part is that a promise is not a primary apply for the Christian marriage. I can it also be quoted to unbelievers look to be from believers to because some atheist wives who were just really good people: faith and hard-working incompetence and intelligent and things like that and what what he's talking about here is in the Christian context the godly context.

A good woman is not that easy to find. Just like good men are not that easy to find, and what I do marriage counseling and I do issues like that. We talk about what it means to be good wife and a good husband and a lot of people just don't know what that means and 32 years. I think of her to figure it out so why/because I want her to change be whatever I want to be like listening to me but I'm working on unchangeable course, but if you find a good wife or good husband.

Your blessed. I've heard stories of wives who just can't spend money because they just want this. They want that they want to spend expanded and undergoing the debt we could have the guys to want to marriage and so I favor from the Lord. We find a good spouse, you do and go find favor from the loving kind.

Okay so I was always under the impression that God ever one man cried. He had a wife by the way I interpreted it, why man always find a job are. He always had a job because now he had a wife and a family to take care of so they got a note even to get a little more un-American favor one night because he's acquired a wife and he's got that favor from the Lord. You think I'm the wrong will sink in Proverbs and the sea find it so good wife that I like my company had been who I don't know if he's a believer. Always leave my job angle right because he had favor on maybe depending on what things are like, you know I sent job that I was younger because it is how things were moving doing is doing that, but some is Proverbs 1822 he who finds a wife finds a good thing in the pleadings from the Lord signified a wife in the context of people got married very early and women for they work hard men worked hard to their lifespans were 40 to 50 years. That was about it and so okay so sorry this could something so distracted by okay so sorry something happened here got a phone call thing and take a break will see how it works out so you find a good wife, you, you're finding someone who's going to help you in the kingdom help you with raising family who's gonna work and wash clothes feed take care the house you find a good man. He's out there in the field working. He's got a reputation.

It's good before, people, things like that and so unify favor from the Lord. When you find a good woman.

If I find a good wife and I have a good life different taste in men suspicious about her, but she is no cheese season. She's in her 60s and she sets makes it what route I turned heads to leverage completely different reason. So you know that she's faithful and loves the Lord.

I find that I'm very favorite. She's not perfect but what is a good one, so I'm blessed because of okay I have ever thank you so much Matt.

Thank you as always and got back. God bless. Okay. All right.

By let's get to Robert from North Carolina. Robert welcome you are on the year for I'm hanging in there on one of my question is trouble trying to figure out how Cain and Abel became Mary women come from your sisters because it says now balled up. They married the brothers and sisters that made Adam and Eve thought. Of course it because it says in the Genesis 5 for the days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were 800 years and he had other sons and daughters. So when thing was they marriage rooster but her sisters and I will say well yuck that the Bible says not to do that while the Bible that this do that after a while and when Adam and Eve were made made by God or genetics is perfect so inbreeding was not a problem and then after a while.

No more of this is a problem and so all works okay so maybe it will not. The only people got me but you say that they were the first and that every good thing came from right.

I got all this was and all of the quote well, what a question is that they found the woman you have a woman in Africa are smothered on the part of them that would be my mitochondrial Eve or something like that and okay so yeah it would be to back over from Adam and Eve, black, white and brown, green, yellow, big, small called short roll from a range of mother and father adamantly so therefore there's only one race, the human race. That's how it works, and so but they do have the genetic information to show the disrespect was single apparent about looking court attract thank you so much Matt for your ministry in the all you do for thought here, appreciate you have a blessed weekend. YouTube God bless, I was given the phone with Ryan from Pennsylvania. Ryan welcome you on the year. Thank you. I will think you about your comic book" that I read your article about socialism on car.

I like it. Talk uninterrupted for a couple seconds. Couple things I think you know, first of all there's at least six different kinds of socialism and the economy of United States is one of those forms and defending socialism. I'm just trying to more information into the discussion and questions in question are you trying to defend it answers yes or no, trying to defend socialism. Yes no no. I'm trying my new boss just add more information, right and my article. More information doing I I'm developing an outline on government I gradually add to it. And yes, I noticed different forms of socialism and unfortunately, America does have some socialistic ideas which are problematic so I was very good. I loaded your flight started and that the doctor can't guard wasn't actually the current blog a concept of all about Mark and the target market is, what supply-side take a look. Got a question question. You know, my teacher in this so if you have questions on what really talking about? What mask you move along are you are you going to correct any inaccurate information that you have on folks with mom car. There is no inaccurate information. You say I did not say there was only one form that I well do you get socialism under one pump, but I guess another from the dictionary and you can really ignore the definition that you got the character put on hold.

Did I say there was only one form in the article interesting that one of socialism, and you get it opened up and okay all right move along people's wanting the call eight 772-072-2765 of the lines calls him in his freaky extent.

Basie always happens is a complacent I doubt his complaint is unwarranted.

What is issue is, but we do have people don't like what I do what I stand for things like that. And as I studied the governmental issues even more, and expand on things doing that even more and more so, while socialism, the bad news is bad news. I know a lot of people agree and think it's good stuff, but socialism is a political and social system in which private property is reduced and/or restricted and or confiscated depending on the degree of socialism is enacted in the country and the people therefore are under the control of the centralized governmental system and when we have this kind of thing.

What happens is it's a redistribution of wealth to the common good. It sounds good. It sounds applicable. What happens is if you go to sit just look at Venezuela, for example, where this was implemented.

You find all kind of problems is properly defined jail for breaking the give the call 877072275 open line mats like why call 77077 charismatic sling and welcome back the show we have been line you may call eight 772-072-2760 McCall, it's good to carry from Utah carry the show. You're on the I think she got excited excellently hung up and hopefully she'll call back so there you go 4 to 5 open lines 20 McCall. Please do 877-207-2276 we hear from you all right you McCall five lines 877-207-2276 and the you will get to the culture card so I think if you want to check out the some books ever written on the Karma homepage of the right-hand side of any page you will find a link to two novels that have written one's novella. Once a full-blown novel. The novel is a time trap and of the novella is called atheistic non-atheistic or you can learn how to deal with atheism from a very good I think the clever way of presenting the arguments in an interesting format people read it and enjoy it so you can check it out if you want it right there.

They will be a little bit and a little bit of moral talk to you about the online schools of got let's get to whoever it is the line welcoming on the air there.

Hello hello yes yeah Matt yes question in regards to the colorant is called in on socialism, yes, and finesse our act no okay it was I just wondering at what your thoughts are.

Matt know what is it is actually a elect will meant harassment are not sure I say that it was introduced in the same time 911 actually introduced the same day in our 9/11 happen, but I it was a form of light guide global currency reset and I provided Dr. Francis Bernard.

He he didn't want to come up with and it was actually that name of his platform was training the swamp of looking at the it says some place new contacts with national sales tax abolishing compound interest on secured loans. Returning a bimetallic currency all kind of different stuff yeah so I was in Iran.

Bunch of stuff like you leaving it I write. I know it sounds really good. Other than it does have some kind socialism.

Also like lodges, but if you're familiar through my notes from under socialism.

Here my document and do some research on that. A lot of people think that socialism is really wonderful thing.

The sentiment behind it is but duplicate the implementation is not, and I completely agree it's it's a long problems and at the time of expanding on on the issue more and more, but I've Artie been tackled by some Christians who said he will follow ministry more because I condemn socialism, and they say socialism means helping others and that it's not what socialism means it's a confiscation of private property in its fullest form and reduction of the motivation to take risks because you will be rewarded commensurate with what you take risks, to provide end and the government starts controlling everything and is, if you resist you can be jailed in your property can be further confiscated their rights taken away.

This is what happened in socialist system systems. It's a people say wealth, Denmark and Sweden all socialist know they're not the documentation on the article about this provision is not the case. So, what people don't know what it is but we been brainwashed in the media and in the schools about these issues.

The fact that the millennial's think socialism is good. This means that that the ring brainwashed. They don't know what it is that it think I I've talked millennial city with the Constitution. No think maybe what I want to know and learn what this it didn't socialism think I remember a few years ago when no Trump was running for office and don't come voicing my wife and I were walking around and some people were talking about Bernie Sanders and was burning somebody and a socialism this is socialism that and how he it was great and I said okay what is it to define it, and they didn't die a group they didn't want to define it, how can you be defending it. You know where this hotel. I said, you scare me you were out here just drinking the Kool-Aid you even know what it is you're promoting. And yet this is what you're promoting all my goodness I said were in trouble. People think like you and I walked off with bad you look good. Maybe looking down the corridor about Morgan both wanted out of introduced the day actually going very good day.

9/11 happened and then it disappeared after that. And then it's called drinking the swamp what it was called and got out in the trick. HR 6666 Bill yeah yeah sure I have. That's it. That is scary yet very clear and there's some ruminations so about forcing people to have a young inoculation card and you can't buy or sell or do things yet inoculation card can't move you can hold a job that she been proven that you can inoculate inventors talk about bracelets that are put on your wrist.

You can take off they have information and quintiles chips let it if you would arise if they were to make you like where no agent would not be on the same thing I can answer lesions of the government because so I could in a military sense to uphold the Constitution. But I wouldn't be able to do this for the government. They said you swear allegiance nor to buy and sell ice.

How can we get a problem you know that beyond the pain thing number. It's late yet it is worth getting it really difficult to to be able to understand what this means and what were going to do because the people did understand with the Second Amendment was for it was for protecting people against an oppressive government. That's what it's for an issue of the militia and if the government keeps pushing what can happen. That's the question and a lot of people are getting upset and a lot of people are's are seeing believing that this pandemic thing with a lot of skewed numbers about who's sick about what sick from, and everything is being used to just trample our rights which which is occurring so you know this is this is tough stuff and we Christians need to be aware of things and to theologian, not a politician, even when the right name for it, but you know I'm having to educate myself more and more in all of the stuff of the consistent necessary, so Bill sick sick I think about a lot more people are a lot then Shapiro was very good dinner so can this moment. I believe her name is.

She's awesome and I will phone app called medical later. Already folks open lines 877207 mass Y call 77077 and Philip said, if you believe with all your heart, you may be answered said, I believe that Jesus Christ is God okay you have an article about might not be included in the Islamic dollars a couple birth and I wanted your opinion on ever been included in the Bible, how would you respond to a Muslim well there's two issues one. What this proves is of the documents are very old and when I do with muscles that teach them a little bit and I asked him? The Quran, but teacher Ms. that the original documents were copied very meticulously and explain how it's done because the letters are also numbers are very careful and they were distributed all over the Mediterranean area.

This one is over 6000 copies like this and are 99.8% actually identical, we have difficulties in a few areas. The ending of Mark D, germanium, which is for some 57. The woman caught in adultery. Luke eight amino John eight and this annex 837 and so does it mean the Bible can trust trusted know it means that these particular areas are areas of question doesn't mean the other areas are making a mistake when they say that the engine is blue. Therefore, the entire car is below is called the fallacy of division and so this because a word is misspelled doesn't mean entire Bible is not true. Just because a sentence may or may not be an original and some manuscript don't have it, doesn't mean the entire Bible is not true. As I saved with this is demonstrating is that this really was written early and it really does have a lot of manuscript evidence for the reliable or the Scriptures, which are all over the Mediterranean area and Bill.

Still, they still want to just attack the Bible and also that the Quran is perfect missing. Okay, how do you know what because the trunk and down from heaven and is it okay where the supporting manuscripts and also there aren't any notes exactly you don't have any supporting manuscript of one is the one who gathered all of the, the supposed sayings of Mohammed written on the rocks on paper on papyrus on hides memorized and he collected them and he decided what would be the carotid what would not be that he destroyed all the counter evidence because they didn't all agree. So if you want to tell me Mr. Muslim the Bible is not trustworthy when we have the the multitudinous amount of manuscript to demonstrate on almost 100% identical this to all the copies and you wanted say they think meets the Bible is not trustworthy, but get you to see the Quran is trustworthy when we know that with one is the one who brought them altogether destroyed all the other of the evidence, which apparently didn't agree with what you want to try to say please tell me how that works.

This is how you handle really thinking counter argument they want to cut them out there there there were two active Trinity at the end of their life left me of the Holy Spirit does not lessen the spirit that's not blessed because I'm hunting at the equivalent in their religion. Okay, Shirk an equivalent of their real. The Trinity is the worst thing right right. They say that that's what I meant yeah so what I tell him, tell them is is aspens are practicing tequila. The key is a practice within Muslims.

The practice of lying in order to advance Islam asking this and lots of the decimal course not, Nancy will wait a minute you see the Trinity's is for God's rightness as you sit will we never till have taught that the Christian church is never taught that the Bible doesn't teach it.

I don't believe it. No Christian beliefs of the Trinity. Three separate gods.

Why do you teach what we don't believe that I felt like, go to the baptism they want you there Islamic body, want their right to try to blow up over the Bible and try to make it all year now. Not inerrant you what they're doing and so dear, I found that Muslims are like atheists, and both groups are very similar, mostly don't care what you say don't care what the evidence is there, the ones who are right you are wrong no matter what. This general principle is true. Not every Muslim is like that not every thesis like This would have noticed the two most similar groups in their mental attitude about being corrected, they will not receive it. So what I'll do with Muslims.

I learned this from somebody. I learned the concept that I do not know that side back in service and Medina service serve as a chapter in the Quran and what happened was Mohammed was in Mecca and he started his religion. It didn't go very well and he fled north to about hundred miles or so to Medina and their Islam grew and then he was writing service thereto or chapters of the Trenton he came back to to backup now so his neck in service Medina service and the Mac concerns of the earlier ones, and I do want to talk about peace in them.

Medina service talk about war because he was known power convene at law changes is his tact would have more or less people, but nevertheless, the reason this is important is because when they came back from Medina to Mecca. The Americans were afraid of him. By that time, so they sent out emissaries to make peace with them and so that Muslims see saw it as a sign of weakness so they went in and told him to a people trying make peace with the Muslims and ideas of treaties and things like this, their ancient culture which the teach which is recorded in the hadith the deed to the sayings of Mohammed part of it teaches that when you are stronger and they are weaker during the beta once want to make peace.

Therefore take advantage of this is important because when you're talking to a Muslim. I was told this by a Muslim and ex-guy who has a Masters in Islamic law. From the second most prestigious Islamic university in the world and he was related to royalty, and Islamic. He's a Christian and he speaks all he divorced against him and what he does is he tells if you show weakness to them. It's Bilotta for a lot of my submissive sign of them to get stronger and to insult you and to say things that are true and maybe feedback is tequila insert 283 it says speak fairly to people as all remind the Muslims your own Quran says to speak fairly are you doing that with me right now and will call them on the carpet on their own practices in their own things are the Quran, which will be doing something I call him on the carpeted you're bringing shame upon your pure profit.

Your bringing shame upon your God and out. I'll tell them that's because you are teaching a lie. We do not believe this with the Trinity that I will argue with them in this kind of the vein and the style and you do them.

Sometimes strong, online and out of my eye, I understand they're very mellow yes you may hope that helps buddy okay I think all right I felt when you call to open lines 877-207-2276 Carrie from Utah.

Welcome you on here unclear me okay yes I can wait at all. We have no Christian 21st of British hello one where I think is nothing unclean is a defamation are likely to come into it at the Jerusalem unbeliever right right arm is good, but I thought he had an air air between athletic teacups cannot go without having a little sorry for the little trouble understanding you could use it okay yes speak like that. No, we have a date okay. People cannot go back to needing to have. They would breakup enough to hold on this question together will both be right back after these messages that I call 770776 here's Matt's leg. It will come back to show Carrie so idle time to review the text are used as saying that because a verse 2287 Noni practices nomination line sliver entering any word about you having out because if people cannot work equally well not recording life, the new Jerusalem is something like 1500 miles cube. We don't know exactly what you didn't. It's probably some go between heaven and earth representative of that. What is this saying is that those who practice abomination line and things like that. They're not saved to begin with. They can go into it they cannot enter into the presence of God and be in that citizenship of heaven.

That's what is talk about their people go to higher ground right I yell all the unsaved will go there again. I'll be out to see outside the city because Helen Hayes are cast out into outer darkness. And so you know there's some symbolism there. We don't understand because in outer darkness is mean that it's so far out in space at the light of galaxies and even reach it.

This is where it's cast.

Maybe I don't know maybe some interdimensional thing.

Maybe it's metaphoric but it either rate.

Either way, it's is talking about the permanence of it and that's going on is a severe permanence, casting far away you are.

Darkness really carries with it the weight of man is bad so great when thank you, thank you very much Bridget. Okay, let's get on the phones with Kirk from Florida Kirk welcome like Adalat I'm hanging in there.

We got up and was leading a small group and started out with with God like on your bill that the reason behind it with my wife multiple years and I hurt them confirm that we have about women being out there and think that nature. That's one thing I was wondering how that played in the Johnny finished. I did really be a problem with it.

I know she teach that with the pastor's numbers. I have heard that about 11 you heard that not having to wear part of what to hearing from thing find that the word of faith, your because for conference blood lead talk on the work and kind of or nothing to be that you will feel like now I'm being accused of trying to divide the church when they say they say your trying to divide the church with her saying is they know what your motives are you trying to cause division and you say to them you don't know my heart and that is not correct and your accusing me falsely. And that's not the case. They have come right out and correct that more like the Facebook preaching over Facebook yeah will that are poking okay Utah directed toward course, if you talk to talk to the pastor and elders about this. I have directly join in on the meeting while week and I felt like felt like maybe being personally Dr. the doctorů Looked like Kate so he was attending.

That's good, but is he promoting the word of faith stuff I have directly heard him okay you think that occurred on whatnot but you have a woman leading the prayer meeting parking at our church in an ongoing thing are become ordained.

I have felt her body that deliver the problem within the church. 11 fight somebody and they brought the name of the word faith teacher would name you believe your thought while you have the early signs of apostasy is meaner going to go apostate, but these are some of the things that work in concert with churches that become and they think they're doing art, and what she was right. Part of the right you will research meeting with testimony from a young lady that is a part of Bethel church California and she discovered that there were apparently involved in the nation. Great talking terrible car like that though. I remind great band of depth. Also creating why think talking about is you end up researching this more and more, and in fact I just got to contact you can't make a contact with someone who wants to research in this area. This issue is so vast that it's difficult for me to do all the research necessary and I've been to Bethel church.

I can't recommend it. I think it's dangerous and to the devil in my opinion is using Christians and make it appear so good in so many ways that are being deceived.

Go online and you can see some of the stupidity that is been filmed at some of these places like Bethel and others people vibrating shaking on the ground crying out to these animalistic voices. This is not biblical. This is more in line with think people who are depressed are oppressed demonically and during women pastors and teachers doing this and I have some connections down in the Bethel area so it's hard to come up more frequently in this motion we have a young man in a missionary why lamp after all.

Do not doubt it, and can figure that out with them. Kurt dug them up wall there is a beautiful not part of Apple off. I don't have enough back that I would well wireman has its my man has its problems to teach us more theology see mama look up with that is good, look at the you don't I wish people. I just wish people would to study the word of God and put it first about their experience right above the desires I get so tired I feel I can but like I said this same Sisyphus is pushing a rock uphill all the time and it rolls down you know and and not whining, complaining, but I'll tell you the amount of error in the Christian church is in credible paragraph in it.

Staggering is a good is a good word and when I say this little limb a little bit. If people became reformed theology, then 95% of problems with automatically disappear seriously reformed theology is that good at inoculating people from wacko cried like what they teach and focuses on the sovereignty of God.

This, and in light of the sinfulness of man. The grace and the mercy of his salvation and the need for us to serve him to pick up our cross and follow after him because of his great grace not to gather to ourselves teachers that will tickle our ears in order to make us feel good and we can speak in tongues again. The bank account and and always get healing and this is a kind of stuff that's been pushed out of Bethel and other areas and it's dangerous and very well Peter you know Justin Watson and I in the grant with a lot of what you and that the patient had and you also wonder where you come down on that yet another continuation of all the charismatic gifts are still in effect and first 2013. It talks about when the perfect comes like an article written on that the perfect has to be the return of Christ, not the completion of the Canon doesn't make sense to say that and the first did 17 were not to like any charisma over waiting for the return of Christ, any charismatic gift level waiting for the return of Christ and Romans 626 three says the wages of sin is death, but the free gift. The free charisma is eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now if the sign gifts of the bill differentiating the sign gifts speaking in tongues different argon wears essay the Bible. It does not, in fact, here's an exercise you could do you take the Bible program online copy is a first contents 13 and 1412 1314 of three chapters, 12, 13, 14, and you put them up a like in Word document and then cross out all the verses that don't apply if sensationalism is true and it's shocking, shocking with what happens agree with you I feel like I'm open to my level. I Say that the Holy Spirit yelled do that I can't be everywhere@onerightthere.i don't guess documented in various books and end with missionaries. All of the world.

The occur they do.

I've experienced them. Not that experience makes it true.

But the issue is where the Bible say this is a big issue for me that I was a senior pastor at a small church in Southern California and they found out that I believe this and I lost a pastoral note no sin involving the Sonoma convert.

This is not a position and so you know it became a real issue to study and excited in-depth and actually convinced all the charismatic gifts to look occur for today and graduated not with the charismatic wackos do it, but rather starts with Veronica Troyer and help to you material on there and I felt like God. Most of the people in the benefited from it that absolute others felt like it was a personal item not to speak you know he's he's in a wheelchair and is got issues and because of that, people listen to and we talked about that and he travels all over is a great man of God. He's he's awesome. So I recommend just absolutely mental at the lab right. God bless, Blessed sorry could not figure quickly rushed from North Carolina in about a minute sorry man we got yet that you know and for forgiveness and somebody here. You remember that right yes okay number line. If you're trying to track this person and I am them or how can I you what you call back Monday about that when you already folks have a great weekend here this week

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