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May 19, 2020 12:05 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 19, 2020 12:05 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is your take on President Trump---2- I have a friend who is into Bethel church. How should I address it---3- What are your thoughts on UFOs and alien abductions---4- Cornelius was a God-fearing man before he heard the gospel. How would explain that from a reformed perspective---5- Are there any passages in the Bible that refute the flat earth perspective---6- What was the original intent of -separation of church and state- and how should we understand it now-


A previously recorded net selection of mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine very unhappily, but difficult. My computer just started. Just started weakening out reboots will super good time if you want to give me a call.

As usual, all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and then we can talk to but would like talk about and you will you know tech things are interesting and the timing is most interesting. We've had a couple things happen recently.

The boards on the can do is remove the system here so I can meet I can't I just happen take so I know money or some to do is keep talking little bits in the computer system going up against and you want to give me call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 and hopefully bring a work out fine here the next couple of minutes with system rebooted things happen and it we just let you know we have some schools C a RM.O RG, the Christian apologetics and research ministry and only go to do if you want to come out. So go to the website and you'll find on the right-hand side of any page of every page you will find that there's a link has a laptop there online schools written or if you are curious and you will earn your theology. You will learn that sin apologetics you want to learn about some critical thinking techniques. In other words, if you want to learn what your faith is why we believe what we do and how to defend the faith.

That's all you gotta do is go check it out and we have until the end of the month we have a special and we normally sell the school's all three schools are $75, but we haven't for just under 50 and go check amount you can sign in and out. Please allow if you do that please allow 24 hours were in the process of fixing some things moving stuff over to new servers new site knew everything and so getting away from couple of glitches that we've gotten every now and then every now and then what happens is when you sign up does come through and so we see it in with activated but normally it does work pretty well go all you do is go to and you can check out the schools there to be six months to write each one is a lot of information in there and doing apologetics. So much for so long. Well hopefully the information that is in there will be helpful to you and by the way, if you cannot afford the schools and you want them all you do is email us and and will give you free to say hey we can afford and would like the money and that's it. We do use them to help keep the lights on and things like that. So if you want to check amount. Please do. We could use that help and send them all so we could use your financial support. Coronavirus stuff is not just a little bit and we know that a lot of places are suffering and having difficulties words let you know that if you want to support is at five $10 a month.

That's all you do is to score the website. See ARM and the sign up there and help us out. We appreciate that it's all right to jump on the phones. Let's get to John from Georgia John, welcome you on the air. Well I was doing great show show started that I had to reboot my computer so that's what happens so often all that stuff I back up and wanted all good men may think well will the problem is I like to sit down with him sometime and ask questions and she worries that spiritually he's got started. Paula White's help in amount that's bad news he's opened his mouth and he says some pretty stupid things sometimes but what I've seen of him is that he's pretty good get the economy going rights seems be the case to member. I did not vote for him so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I think it's interesting to see what he's done and even to the coronavirus problem. I think a lot of things gone gotten better, but you won't find it in the liberal media. All you hear from them is negative. Negative thing. I just don't trust him anymore. Don't but does that sets I think is doing okay the most part I'm not an expert on this stuff. Okay right well I don't know how Christian he is and is not permitted to judge that from a distance I mean I would ask questions and and found out that he was denying the deity of Christ, for example, that I would know that he was a true Christian.

But what I I'm hoping for is for people who will actually when I get in the office will actually do what they've sworn an oath to do and that is to uphold the Constitution. But I don't believe that very many people in office do that. I think most of them a lot of cats and a lot of them. They just seem to be interested only in powering Steve and they are selling us down the river. You know I wouldn't trust Pelosi new markets for our and the FBI. You know the I got a black eye from doing some stuff. Then there's the media that's just the whole thing a big mess. You know it's just I just don't trust a lot of reasons for that to pursue personal things I know about that, the media, it just can't.

The leftist media anyway. I don't trust CNN. I don't trust him. MSNBC I just trust him and Fox.

I watch them and then I like the Telus pretty frequently as I have an app on my phone call to conservative pro-news and it is a nap.

That gives you conservative news articles and from different sub sources many different sources. So then, well, there was a listen to some of the go to USA Today to see what they say is a letter to CNN see what they say could go to Fox news and see what they say listen a more balanced view because so is careful here.

Listen to and also the times is really good. They did the good stuff.

They seem to be really fair and balanced still tackle Trump when he blows it and the supporting one. He's is good and they do that across the board so I like that something with my opinion you break up a little bit of what you can understand you but I don't know if you Christian man. I know someone personally who used to know him and settlement Christian. There, now I can go ahead, try to get you know what breaking up. I know it is for driving or if you walk into the house or something but now just bad you what you want just callbacks either connection.

Try that right that's John from Georgia hopeful call back and forth in lines folks 877-207-2276.

Give me a call okay. Let's talk to Brittany from Louisiana Brittany welcome you on the air. You know what he got home. Glycolic then I'm not exactly like Bill. However, part on the topic, but I don't really know why. Maybe, like you had a very dear friend and parent, but I don't will one of things I need to do is tackle the NAR new apostolic Reformation and it's good be a major project but right now I'm not able to get into that because he got so many other more important projects to tackle and remove the site, new thing get all upset and so I'd like like to build the provided documentation have an article on this. This is this is well. I got so close to gently select the call tomorrow who is interested in being a researcher for car and helping me in this area and so then hopefully get some information.yes… They are never sought Reformation with all know that's what they hardly hold that new episode of a nation is after present-day apostles and prophets, and that the they work in concert with each other. Good words of knowledge from God directed church because they're the ones in authority etc. they do some pretty bad and like you know again like you are thinking, not even in the pack here. You have a lot going on, even without article or anything that you would reckon anything you would just go to the women typing Bethel church problems. You will find article after article after article documenting some things will be difficult when we do is get a Word document together and get some research is a very good quotes with documentation and have them read just go present them to have them ready you talk to your friend and I Frenchwoman right and she's already really into this right and then she moved there to be next to them. Did she do that okay yes okay so when God hears his occult mindset and it takes two years minimum.

Statistically, the average is two years to bring someone out of occult and with Bethel.

I've been there.

I went to the church and I've connection learning area and they are very wealthy and they are getting involved with all kinds of really well service very good things. Getting money prestigious money positions and things like that are taking over the city and so let's say that to a friend down there and he told me that some Bethel people came to him didn't know he who he was the only thing you and he knows quite a bit of stuff and he asked for the gospel. They didn't even know the gospel is there that helps. Okay right rear brake photo right back after these messages for three open lines 87707577077 have two open lines. If you want to get in there 877-207-2276 let's go to Sean from North Carolina, Sean. Welcome around here are going down a little bit. Probably rail on on reduction.

The US things which I've come to the conclusion that I wanted to get your thought that any research into that so great that your real and yet there are there shells of the body really doing implant in the people. So were the series and the evidence there is evidence of support so we know that there are physical manifestations of craft is plenty of documentation from all of the world, different countries have experienced varying degrees of encounters with the biggest one to check out his 1980s in England with American military base that was there as will document something.

Yes that's right think so and something happened before something happen on radar and a full view of people, something's happening these things been going on since the time of Alexander the great, he recorded testing flying shields of a fire moving across in unison in formation across the sky so they don't affect what you hope, what is clicked on something that he wrote there are pictures and stuff making hundreds of very stuff and people are abducted. I read which got me started in research on UFOs and aliens and stuff was reading an article by a secularist who said that he was doing research on beautiful objectives found commonalities between them and also found out that they taught theology and the theology was reincarnation is true where all divine and Jesus is not God in flesh and yes New Age philosophy and so only one Christian is ever been abducted on record one Christian and the woman I forgot her name and she had to get permission and also turns out that when anybody cries out in the name of Christ Jesus, help me like like that reduction inductions instantly and pleaser.

The these are various things in books that I've read documentation. I did have an opportunity wants to speak to the top. Willis is a top and a Christian, you will follow. Just, and he was working with the group is very cautious about talking to me and I completely understood why because so some of the theories we got talking and I told my theory is not simple serious, but I told my theory about stuff and after 20 years of research and he said that's what they believe they suspect is the case, and so God that don't listen to hundreds of hours of tapes I read books on it and when I was younger I saw beautiful.

I couldn't see its image, but is with a friend of mine and we are both in the lobby occult at the time I saw is in California and I saw lights in the sky that was moving without resisting a helicopter distance and it moved up about 10° on the horizon down about 10° in the horizon and shot across some from a far distance chart overheads to the other side of the sky and that so Roger yeah right New Age bankcard during birth.

You will love and all had with other.

Dr. Roger Lear no no not eat one just more so than this had gotten look and wrote the alien life but even with the surgeon that ended up doing implant from real and that that technology like carbon nanotubes and think that I don't even get in our technology, and I know I want to.

We know right and what I like.

I but by basically being the being the being that were destroyed in the flood course of always look for bodies knowing Jesus today.

Whatever you like I could I don't I don't think fallen Angel you wanted that there aren't harder wherever that is. But now all angels or regular Angel need a body like they can materialize your body.

You know, there I was wondered demon like the fallen angels, but beside the point.

The if they were destroyed in the flood and lose our needs.

For the next one that had a shell type body grade you I call it that, on yet. Then wouldn't they have had they been around for more than €5000 for thousand years. You know they have developed technology over all that time to be able to create the goal like will be interdimensional physical type things now. I mean, had his offset well. I would talk in private about these things but a lot of things really got sick and you propulsion systems that are generated now and some other things are going on stuff you taught me. I love everything I love conspiracy theories, so I've always enjoyed these kind of things so how much is true with her theories so I always wonder where edging out going down that night on the trail.

I wonder how far should a born-again Christian.

Go in researching know the point of all the yellow being glorified in the gospel, not just the week they hated what happened, happened at Roswell go that's that's such a subjective thing people go different distances.

Believe different things. Research different things different levels so okay I just say keep your your eyes anchored in the word of God and believe what God says and that's what I said other demonic manifestations, absolutely no other can want to continue. Yes, Jesus is as was days of no muscle shall be the Son of Man, so what was in the time of Noah was in the fully he said to be like that again. Daniel 243 prophecy towards the end time which is basically about now with the measured feet of clay and iron mixed and access and 243, they will be going then as they will combine with one another in the seat of men. And so this that can't be people. It's really interesting. But you know was really not equipped that with that being living there and then them always, and now your eye okay. God bless you folks going to coffee up in lines 8772072277577077 back of the show if you want to make all three open lines 77072276 Robert from Georgia, Robert welcome, running her.

I know you been looking for, but I felt while I have year your own there my dear live and thought about you not obviously old and strictly to Romans three John note the Holy Spirit and lie you man and Cornelius, a God-fearing man and what you call the Armenian about what God was doing there. With what God was drawing him. John 644 I can come to Beulah's father draws him, and he has estimated the work of the Holy Spirit to give him a hunger and that this later coming to cry phenomenal you not know about the bank that their company and men on explain the depth of when God said why and how he hold responsible like in fascinating made it, people would be that ability and man apart from the work. Yes because I have humanist philosophy description realize you're being humanistic people listening maybe confuse what I just said so and explain a little bit but humanism is using the human being is a standard of righteousness audible will say will God will do that because then they give some moral principle is not based in Scripture based on the preferences that's humanistic thought, philosophy here. So God certainly has the ability to draw people you I remember once I member where I was was doing the hold that nothing sinful, but but so remember when the Lord just very clearly spoke to my heart and said you don't need to be here anymore and you know it was just one of those things and I remember it, and I knew it. God was wooing God was calling a different way to change my heart in different different time between different direction. He can certainly speak to unbelievers on my conversion was no sudden and very dramatic, so I can't really draw upon the idea of being wooed was really like that for me, but I have talked to people who said they just knew something up in their hearts they just felt things weren't right this that real subjective kind of a of conviction, drawing, urging in their hearts, and they gradually because of it came to Christ. A decision for Christ. I have no problem with that you know God says he predestines and he grants they believe what we just don't know how it all works just don't know.

And so we have certain things I think we reform people sometimes tend to over clarify and oversimplify, but I think that God draws that he works in the hearts of all kinds of people that in Romans one to talks about this kind of a thing and so you have a problem with it. In fact, this research a while back got it memorized just doing research about God's calling of different ways and there are evidences in the is finally fast because I do outline some books and things like that for my own negation, but nevertheless there are accounts in the Bible of God calling wooing drawing people and not just this in the reform context and you know I'm very performed but not just to get saved as it doesn't always work right rear light of the environment on the bearlike air mark per year by Albert minutes. There I can imagine per year. That likely the early was a beneficiary of all that absolutely would be very wise to say that God works on people you know, I've heard repeatedly in a state of the radio. Sometimes that Muslims are being drawn to Christ they realize that Islam is violent, empty and there is no rest always at work and be good and they don't have nothing to make it just consider having visions and dreams in the Middle East by the thousands of Christ are coming to faith in him.

And so the thought of her being wooed by the atrocities of of Mohammed or wooed by that, I should say repulsed by the atrocities of Mohammed and the emptiness of the car on gradually turning to Esau as Jesus in Arabic, so I think there's something to it. No, there are likely to your current sound good but God bless thank you.

All right.

Well we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Gary from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Gary welcome you on here you're a little muffled muffled having trouble hearing okay, talk is just a little bit better that's better.

That's better. Yes… I'm sorry okay Matt, thank you very much for taking my call and him can you hear me now yes I can much better. Okay, great, great, thank you very much.

You and I had a chance of talking and pray about it years ago and yet I really appreciate that, Matt, Matt, I got a frantic strong Christian, but he believes that the earth is flat and you know I just don't know really how to respond to love them just natural observation whatnot and now he referred to the book of Enoch Solomon you, which I know is not not a biblical book but he's a strong believer and I was one that passed you know where it is not a castor standard force in the East from the West, speaks more of the polar globe, I guess, but can you think of any passages in the Bible that would count as you flatter, well, there aren't any that refuted because a reputation would be the earth is a sphere, but it doesn't say that it says the earth is a disk exercised, but the context and what's going on is different because it's from my perspective of looking from the earth and looking around the may have thought the earth was flat. Who knows but some if you look around you can see the roundness of your position and what looked like a dome, and so the Bible talks about the firmament and the firmament issue he can bring all the stuff as you say the correct right and the problem is that he fails to understand that if you get to be consistent and he's going to say that the earth, this is a disk and round. Then you can go to Isaiah 1112 where it says the earth has four corners and say will and Isaiah 1112 is it says the earth after the four corners of the earth, so the zero have four corners and you'll see will know it's round disc will but why are you picking disk over the four corners and if you were to say or anybody says that the earth is as four corners, go to the verses that say will that it's it's fixed. If it's a you as a disk. They just use the word disk okay doesn't mean word circle meets the circle of the earth where it really means is where where will the Scripture were talked about this girl circle circle. Isaiah 4022 okay so says it is he who sits above the circle of the earth will okay and it says in its inhabitants are like grasshoppers will there's a lot of usage here.

So what they're inconsistent about his appeal say well it's either the circle of the earth which they interpret as being a disk, but then I'll just go to is 1112 well, what about the four corners and if they go to Isaiah 1112 assume there has four corners on the go to getting Isaiah 4022 and said will sit at the circle which everyone they pick a medical pick the other one because I like that and there's nothing that really limit firmament billing only had over a flat surface is correct and I've written an article on this and it's on the current website but you can check out Jessica flatter earth on hold. I'll talk a little more about this letter is to write back. After that I call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to show Gary, are you still there, yes I am at. Thank you. Right now, to give you a couple pointers okay work with what he says now he's going to say that the earth is around a flat disk and that there is a solid dome over the earth, and that the stars are embedded in the dome and the dome is somehow moving right okay yeah now the planets are in this model supposed to be embedded in the dome.

How is it then the planets move differently than the stars in the same dome which is supposed to be solid and they had different explanations, but they really don't make any sense. Plus, imagine a round dinner table say 4 feet across and that's the earth and then put it dome over the dinner table say that the dome is a 3 feet high. Doesn't matter. So the stars and the planets are all embedded in that dome now inside of that dome is the sun and the moon according to their model.

The sun and the moon are suspended above the disk of the table the disk but they're not embedded in the dome in the sun and the moon.

According to them about equal size and they rotate orbit around a common access route each other and the reason we have light and dark is because the sun on one side of the dome sheds light on the the earth. But when it rotates on the other side of sheds light on the other side is how come you have dark and light well verify this with the minister. That's correct.

Okay, good. So then we can see the moon all the time. Exit was other side of the planet will do that to see if we can see there today and we can see that night right yes and yet so when it's daytime. That means the sun is over us and the moon is far away never side with see it. Yes. Okay. So it's like for us and dark for other people so the people in the dark and see the sun see the moon and we can see the moon and were in the light.

Why is it the people on the dark side can't see the sun if the sun is brighter than the moon and it's up there and every can look up and see like they can only see the moon at some time or not the sun. The whole time your next problem is not, yeah, here's another problem.

Why is it that they don't sun and the moon don't come crashing down on the on the earth because we have gravity things pull down planes fall out of the sky so there we go why they fall down. Why don't they well know citizen on known invisible force keeping them up. What where is this.

We can't tell you because we can't get the scientist to do the test because her on the great conspiracy right right was non-falsifiability number does not.

It's always a conspiracy always compares whenever you write back into a corner. They say they go back to the Privity right, non-falsifiability now the Bible will talk about. For example, in Job 38 for the foundation of the earth will ask what is the foundation and for several 28 it talks with pillars of the earth will wait a minute.

The earth has pillars with the rest on giant turtles write that figure to write in this book for a tree visible to the whole earth. Daniel 411 how's that possible-information on it just you can't have a tree be visible at 6000 miles away. Your eyes aren't acute enough to see the kind differentiation cc theirs and theirs was called a parallax effect and this will more complicated. The parallax effect is is if you and I are standing 10 feet apart and were looking hundred feet away at a tree in your angle of I in mind you looking at that.

But if we draw straight line between us ready to see that the angles for equidistant.

The angles are exactly equal to maybe 7° nearly 7° could perform a triangle in her except this kind of think it's all parallax now. If you note to walk back backwards. You don't say 100 feet further away than that would mean that the parallax effect would be diminished in the city 7° and I don't be 5°. The reason this is important is because when the earth moves. On the other side of the sun is 355. Day five hour 40 minutes and 46 second year, then the parallax effect to a start at any particular star will be changed and you can see, measure the parallax effect known the distance between the orbit and you can determine how far*away*is way will we do this. It's incredibly far away. The stars are immensely distant, immensely distant from us will.

How does parallel affect work inside of the dome theory because that would mean that the sun and the moon were 20 miles hundred miles up to it miles up see stuff like that this product great that that's a little bit above my head but appreciate that. Is that in your flatter narrative on your website. Yes, another thing is go to his flatter theory and is inimical to good karma type in flatter send pictures and stuff like that and that earth which I did. Couldn't grasp what you get to the area you know the perimeter and he could well that you can't get there the they won't let you go there now and that Isaiah 4422 and to the edge of the earth right there to says that there are inhabitants on the earth right and it also talks about inhabitants of the end of the kingdoms at the end of the earth so so gasket work is if it's in the earth that they won't let you get there will then there are people that are core the Bible that's in the article also.

Have you ever heard of many Christians believe in, however, so I wonder what's driving that it is all nonbelievers know it's is deathly believers holding to its and it's unfortunate that they do.

They don't understand that the Bible speaks of hyperbole electrons in anthropomorphism's will speak in terms of looking at the earth. In fact, if you were to venture a little bit on a limb if you look at Genesis chapter 1 and read and say what would you see if you are standing on the earth lot was forming, you would see diffused sunlight without seeing the sun because of the atmosphere and everything else that's cloudy and the whole bit. And then with sunlight photosynthesis plants. After that, you'll see the sun and the moon.

As you read this in an article before became a Christian scientist wrote this to give the formulas the whole bit of why this would be the case, and I went back. The Bible said that's exactly the Bible's addiction and it got me interested in the Bible again is around 17 lines of stuff I was in advanced often isolate the real these weird articles is a nerd. That was anyway I really appreciate good and nobody were talking about the UFOs earlier that interesting perspective and that you saw one so it's it's potential that they do exist and but there some sort of demonic because they never they already the refugees is once people are taking your kind of perspective that these are they are they are around, but they're demonically energized and manufactured somehow or another second year. That's what I think is a possibility of studies related to the topic related topic of the studies on was called abiogenesis and abiogenesis on confirmation of life by, so to speak, chance, and whittled principles all teach to people is that 2+2 = 4. That's because we have two sticks into cyclicals for sticks. Mathematics relates to actuality relates to reality. If something is not true, it doesn't relate to reality.

You know if I holding a phone in my hand and I say this is really an elephant in Africa.

It makes no sense. It's not true doesn't comport with actuality with the following.

Is it mathematics relates to actuality with what we have equals MC squared annual Pythagorean theorem.

If all kinds of things I just work.

Mathematically speaking, life cannot form by chance it would look technically, it can, by chance, but the odds are so incredibly well that's weird. The odds are so incredibly against it, but I can explain it sometime. If someone wants bejeweled the year. Maybe this week but has permeability expedition rotation and telling you it is so incredibly small that it is so large it's it's at the issue of zero people understand how bad the arguments of how strong Artemis are against abiogenesis anyone of the world and in the universe and abiogenesis named it everything comes from nothing and bio life Genesis beginning a with without so abiogenesis life because at the beginning of life is the issue.

How does abiogenesis work had a crystal skull letter atoms come together and then you develop into an organism. The DNA is too complex for that. The mathematical models against just reducing it to run to ashes theory and so the reason for this, you can have life forming in place by any universe.

What sort of aliens that you can have life.

What you can't have life form by chance anyone universe and all of the aliens that's the question okay, I get a colorway going up yet. Thank you very much I really appreciate you, buddy. God bless. Talk you later all right is get to Casper from New Jersey, Casper, welcome on the air right Dave topics with the good is the same time I like short short. I have a question different from that. No hurry though, but my question yet dark separate circuit.

How is it different from that. Now what was the original meeting operation out of the original meaning was that the states.

The state was not to interfere with the church and would not to establish a national church that was it. And so what is happened is the other skimming is happened is that the secularists and try to make it that you can't have any relationship between the church and stated all all you gotta do is go to the eye thickly today hundreds, but the 1800s are full of the supernatural support of the United States Supreme Court plus Congress and the Senate actually purposely giving funds for religious Christian organizations and so you never hear about this in the news media. All you hear about is separation of church and state, which means Christians are always wrong and you can have Christians be is supported by the state anyway and so I can even see things come to the point of you have a church on the ground someplace and you pay taxes and the taxes come back to the government to help you pay ties so therefore you can't have churches anymore see this kind of a thing going on. I would be surprised but the George Washington and some of John Adams. They were Christians and they spoke about Christianity establish Christian principles in the Senate and the Congress did not see anything wrong with it and these are this is how it was supposed to be the way it is today. The secularists are doing what they're supposed to do. The Christians are to go but okay. My. God bless Casper hey folks, what time the Lord bless you and by his grace back on the air tomorrow

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