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December 1, 2022 10:37 pm

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December 1, 2022 10:37 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is the separation of church and state---2- When the Bible says that Christ comes for a church without wrinkle or spot, is that works-based salvation---3- How can you determine if a prophet is true or not if sometimes a prophecy isn't fulfilled in the prophet's lifetime---4- Why did David pick up five stones if God had promised him victory- Were -backup- stones a sign of doubt---5- How do you refute the pre-existence using the Bible---6- Matt reads from official Mormon documents to demonstrate several false prophecies of Joseph Smith.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The reason the founding fathers put that in or mentioned the idea in some other areas, they wanted freedom of religion but they did not want the government to state what religion you have to follow. That was what they got away from in the oppressive European scene. But what you'll find is that in the governmental system of the Bible and in the early constitutions of the states, Christianity was promoted by the government, not as an official body to be worshipped. But the early people knew that the officials in power needed to have God over them so that they would not become corrupt like we have today, so that they would not take bribes like we have today, so they would not sell our interests to foreign powers like we're seeing with Biden, the Chinese, everything that's going on, so that they would not just let everybody come in and break the laws, which is what the Biden administration, the Biden crime family, is allowing to happen.

And so the idea was that we were to have freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Now, freedom of speech is being restricted by the left because there is no absolute truth. Truth to them is just as much a commodity to be dealt with, to be changed and altered as are the lies that they so often promote. Because the people are not religious in their hearts and have God upon them and within them, then they have no problem with lying and deceiving as the left so frequently does and then tries to silence people with freedom of expression and speech.

They will use separation of church and state as a hammer, as a whip to get Christians to shut up and stay away. But there are countless people who have a prayer day and they go on the steps and just have a national day of prayer. And so I was asked several years in a row to go up and do a prayer on a certain topic, so I did. And this one particular time, I noticed that there were protesters across the street, they were polite, they weren't yelling and screaming, but they had signs, separation of church and state.

And they don't understand and they did not understand what it meant. And after we were all done, I went down and I was in my suit and tie and I walked over and I started talking to this one woman. And she had a sign and I said, so, I'm just asking, are you an atheist?

She says, of course. I said, okay. And you don't like the idea of us praying on the steps, right?

That's right. Separation of church and state. And I said, so let me get this straight. So you want the state to tell the Christians that we can't pray on the steps, right? She says, that's right. Well, wait a minute.

I thought you wanted separation of church and state, but it's okay for the state to tell the church what it can do. Is that what you're saying? And she just, you could see it in her face. The, the light bulb went on. She was stunned. She, I could see it. Wow. I said, you're a hypocrite.

You only, you don't want the Christians and the Christianity influence the state, but you want the state to influence Christianity, don't you? And she didn't know what to say. I remember it very clearly. That's a great response, man. Wow. Yeah. They're hypocrites.

They're liars. Yeah. Yeah. The state has the right. I always looked at it like that as if, if, if Ms. Atheist, if God doesn't exist, why are you so offended by our activities on these steps in the first place?

That's right. And I ask them, I'll talk to atheists. I'll say, look, what do you think we promote? We promote, as Christians, we promote honesty and integrity, not taking bribes, but knowing that our decisions would, would have a eternal consequence between our relationship with God and ourselves and other people.

We take it seriously. But if you're an atheist, not to say that every atheist is going to be evil minded and wicked, but I mean, where is the internal motivation, the cross culture of the atheist community that says, don't take bribes, don't this, don't that. Where is it?

It's not there. It becomes subjective. And if you're going to have subjective morals, what's going to happen when you get in power? And history's already told us what's happened when the atheists get in power. Absolutely. That's right. In the 1900s, over a hundred million people were killed by the regimes that were atheistic at its core.

Communist China, communist Russia, North Korea, Pol Pot. I have it. I have an article. Someone else wrote it.

It wasn't me. We had another author write it and he did research on, on, let's see if I can find it really quick. Karm religion, number one cause of war, because it's a common thing that, you know, religion is the number one cause of war.

And that's such a big lie. And so this guy did the research and, uh, let's see how many I see in 1,763 wars that have been waged over the course of human history of those wars. The authors are this, this book, which is, uh, uh, Sam here, let's see, 30 years of the crusades of the 30 years. Where's the book? There's a encyclopedia of Wars.

There it is. Phillip and the actual rods, three volume encyclopedia of wars, which chronicles 1,763 wars that have been waged over human history. Of those wars, the authors categorize 123 as being religious in nature, which is an astonishingly low 6.9% of all wars. However, when one subtracts out those wages in the name of Islam, the percentage is cut by more than half to 3.23%. So religious wars, Islam is responsible for more than half.

Oh, Islam is an evil, violent one. So Joseph Stalin, okay, Joseph Stalin is responsible for 42 million, 672,000 deaths. Mount St. Tong, 37 million, 800,000. Adolf Hitler, 21 million. Now some people say, I thought Hitler was a Christian. No, he wasn't.

He hated Christianity, but he was involved in the occult. Ching Kai-shek, 10.2 million. Vladimir Lenin, 4 million. Heidegger Tojo, 4 million. Pol Pot, 2.4 million. That's 170 men, women, children who have been shot, beaten, tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or worked to death, burned alive, hung, bombed or killed in any other of a myriad of wars, a myriad of ways governments have inflicted death on unarmed, helpless citizens and foreigners.

The death could, the death toll could conceivably be near 360 million. It is though our species has been devastated by the modern black plague. Anyway, so we need God in our lives. We need God in the government. Absolutely. And this, this phrase is just so distorted that since the words church and state just make it sound so authoritative, Matt.

Yep. So when you use that, the power just kind of overwhelms first the churchmen, the Christians, and they kneel because I believe it's because they don't have the solid knowledge of what that phrase actually is. So when the secularist uses it, since the Christian doesn't know the facts behind it, they kneel to the secularist.

Does that sound correct, sir? Yeah, it's because they're afraid. The Christianity is too comfortable, too easy. People aren't picking up their cross daily and going after Christ and having to deal with the difficulties of what it means to follow him. And so they're used to the... I know they pick up their couch instead. Mm-hmm. They are used to the comfort that so many people's blood has bought for us and we've become... Amazing. So the establishment clause separates church from state.

Doesn't mean we can't have religion in politics and public life. Hey, we'll be right back after this message. Hey folks, if you want to give me a call, 4 Open Lines, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. Welcome to the show.

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That's what you want it for. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia. Alberto, welcome. How are you doing buddy? Yes, good evening my friend. I was talking to you yesterday with the phone line. I guess that's something I lost the call.

I was talking about yesterday, my hand kind of grabbed. You were talking about work-based salvation. And I was talking to you about, you know, the Bible says that Christ comes from a church that was without blemish and wrinkles. Is that a work-based salvation?

Well, it depends what is meant by it. But the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is what he joined, is a false church because it adds works to salvation. But my question is the Bible verse where it talks about the Christ comes from a church without wrinkle and without spot.

Is that a work-based? No, that's a work of Christ. He has cleansed us. He removed our sin dead at the cross, Colossians 2.14. When he grasped that we will have faith, Philippians 1.29, then we're justified by that faith, Romans 4, 1-5, Romans 5.1.

So we are made spotless by the blood of Christ that cleanses us of all sins, 1 John 1, 7, 8, and 9. Okay. Okay, another question.

You know what I'm doing in 1822? Where it says that if a person prophesies something and then it comes to pass, what about if the person prophesies the prophecy, it doesn't come fulfilled during their lifetime or the people's lifetime. It doesn't make him a false prophet. Probably the prophecy was meant to fulfill thousands of years or hundreds of years in the future. So how can you determine who's a false prophet or not? Even because the prophecy wasn't fulfilled during the lifetime of the prophet or the people when he spoke it. There's different kinds of prophecies. There are prophecies in the Bible that are not yet fulfilled, but there are prophecies that you can say a certain thing will happen at a certain time.

This is done by Joseph Smith in Mormonism. He said certain things and he failed. He demonstrated to be a false prophet. There are different people throughout the centuries who have said, oh, by this year or within this many years or whatever it is, such and such will occur and it didn't occur. And so there are false prophets. Just like in the Jehovah's Witnesses.

So let's see. I'll show you false prophecies. Let's see if we get into the, yeah, Joseph Smith, founder of false prophecies and false prophecies of the Jehovah's Witness organization, for example. They even said things like the date 1925 is even more distinctly indicated by the scripture than 1914. And that's Watchtower, September 1st, 1922, page 262. And 1923, just to give you an example here, read a couple, three more of these. 1923, they said our thought is that 1925 is definitely settled by the scriptures as to Noah the Christian now has much more upon which to base his faith than Noah had upon which to base his faith in a coming deluge.

And that's April 1st, 1923, page 106. And then when 1925 got there, the 1925 is here with great expectation. Christians have looked forward to this year. Many have confidently expected that all members of the body of Christ will be changed to heavenly glory during this year. This may be accomplished.

It may not be. And it goes on. This is January 1st, 1925, page three out of the Watchtower. So these are where they named dates and then the dates failed about various things that are associated with these. They did it in 1914. They did it in 1925. They did it in 1975.

So anyway, it's just an example. Okay, so they gave dates in years. But the Bible, you know, it does some pretty specific prophetic work. For example, in Daniel 9, 24 through 27, it talks about the number of years, the weeks of years, the week of years and how many years that is converted into days. 173,880 days is what the number comes out to be when you do the math. That's when the Messiah will come in. But the start date of the counting is from the decree to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, which occurred in March 14th, 445 BC.

And so that, you know, 172,880 days is when Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey. So you see, you have very specific things and then you have generic things like the church is going to be raptured and it hasn't happened. So it just depends on how it's worded.

Okay. That's my whole point. The Old Testament prophets, when they prophesied something, for example, Isaiah, he said a child will be born, you know, in front of Jesus' birth. He said that, but it didn't fulfill during his lifetime. It was prophesied to be meant in the future, but that he specifically said in the future it's going to be specifically going to happen or because much of it didn't happen during his lifetime or some time in the future specifically, during the future specifically he specified it. He could consider a false prophet or not.

That's my whole point. Because, you know. With who? He specifically said it. With who?

Isaiah. Oh. It depends on what it is.

I always have to look at it. When people tell me this or they'll raise an issue, I always want to see the text to see how it's exactly worded. To see the exact text and how it's exactly worded. Because a lot of times people will read into the text what isn't there and then get a misunderstanding of it. So that's why I would say, well, what's the exact verse and let's look at it and see. That's what I would say.

Well, for example, Isaiah 9-6. Yeah. I know. I'm quite familiar with that. What about it?

A childhood born? Well, Isaiah, when he prophesied about Jesus, when he said it, how do we know that what he's saying, really what he's saying is going to happen for sure. The people determined that back then when he said it, when he prophesied it. How will we know if it's true where he really prophesied that it came from God or not?

That's the whole point. In the future or how will people know if it came from God or not? Wait, wait, wait. You're saying how do you know the prophecy in Isaiah came from God or not? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, yeah.

How he determined when he spoke it from his mouth verbally. So how do we verify that it came from God? That's what you're asking. Yeah, exactly.

Yeah. Well, we can't verify that it came from God. We can't take a spaceship, go up into heaven, interview God, and say, on this date back here, did you inspire Isaiah?

It's just not going to happen. So I'm not sure what you mean, okay? That's what I mean because by what I said, I'm doing the Ramati 1822. If a prophecy doesn't come to a pass, if people get to stone the prophet, kill him, stone him, because they take it that way. Yes, but there are different kinds of prophecies. So how do we determine? Okay, so you've got to be careful.

But this was fulfilled in Christ, okay? Okay, buddy. Hey, look, there's a break. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages.

We have four open lines. Give me a call, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Let's get on the air here with Mike from Ohio. Mike, welcome.

You're on the air, buddy. Well, thank you. Hello. Hey, I want to pick your brain and get your completely subjective opinion on something.

Okay, sure. We all know the story of David and Goliath. David was called by God. David was told by God, you're going to defeat the Philistine giant. If David had that knowledge going in, why did he pick up five stone cabbages of blood?

Because Goliath had four brothers, and that's why. That's what I thought. I had read that several places. That's kind of the way I was leading.

Yeah, and I wrote an article in this years ago. Why did David pick up five stones to kill Goliath? He had two brothers and two cousins or something like that. And let's see, David girded his sword over his armor and tried to walk.

He did not test it. It took off. There was a man of great stature who had six fingers on each hand, et cetera, and defied Israel, struck him. These four were born to the giant at Gath, and they fell by the hand of David and by the hand of his servants. So it looks like Goliath had offspring, four of them, and in the culture of what's called blood revenge, the descendants would take revenge on the one who killed Goliath. So he was ready for all of them by taking all the stones. He says, let's go, all of you.

He's ready for it. Okay, because I had heard it preached before that David was basically showing a moment of weakness is why he took five stones. And my argument with that would have been, had David showed a moment of weakness at that point, it would have been over. Well, for one thing, it's purely subjective to say five stones means weakness. If I'm going to go out and I'm very, very, very confident that I've got my long rifle, whatever it is, and I'm very confident with my shooting ability, am I going to take one bullet?

No, I'm going to take more because you're not perfect. And so it doesn't mean you're not confident. It doesn't mean you're not trusting God. So that's one thing. So a preacher shouldn't preach that.

And the other thing is, it's on the contrary. He had four offspring. And so, hey, let's get them all. He's very confident.

He's sure, which is the Christian attitude we should have. Let's go after. Let's go get him. Let's go.

I believe like being David. That's right. I agree. Well, I appreciate that. Thank you. Okay. Well, sounds good. All right, brother. God bless. Okay.

All right. Let's get to Laura from Utah. Laura, welcome. You're on the air. Well, hello. Hello, Matt.

Oh, this is the Laura everybody needs to know. That helps me a lot on CARM. We've met a couple, three times and in person. And you've been working with us. How long have you been working with us now? Volunteering with CARM for what, two years, three years?

About two and a half. And are you thoroughly enjoying it? Absolutely. Absolutely.

Yes, I was absolutely blessed to be able to serve and to work with CARM. Yeah, but here's the real question. How does it feel working with Charlie? Because you know how he is. He's got issues. So that's pretty bad. He does, but we're all crackpots. That's true. That's true.

So I was watching him when I said that he left. So, so what do you got? What's up? Well, so this has been bugging me. My parents, especially my mother, is, you know, they're still in this coming from Mormonism, coming out of Mormonism, but going into New Age, Universalism. I mean, it's just, the spectrum is so broad, but she is still convinced that she was a spirit baby. She chose to come down here to these parents to get beaten, you know, all this stuff, and it's comforting to her, and that's why they do that. So what are some good verses, because she still believes in the Bible, because she twists everything.

What are some things that I can show her or just give to her and have her read them in context? Well, nothing in the Bible says we pre-exist. Now, they go to Jeremiah 1 5, I think it is, where, you know, before you were born, I knew you. They say that means pre-existence. No, it doesn't. It means that in the context, the way of understanding of the Jewish mind in the context that that was meant in that context at that time was that God, in his knowledge of who he was to save, that he would know them.

That's what's going on there. The Mormons, of course, rip it out of context. You could go to 1 Corinthians 15, and there's a strength and a weakness to what I'll tell you. It talks about the resurrection of the human body, and it says, so it is written in verse 44, so the natural body raises a spiritual body. So the physical body dies, and this raises a spiritual body, a glorified body. If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body. So what he's saying here, Paul is saying, if there's a natural body, there's also a spiritual body. Well, what is the spiritual body? It's not pre-existent spiritual body. It's post-existent spiritual body that he's teaching.

He's teaching about the resurrection. It's sown. Our body is sown a natural body, like mine right now. It's a natural body. It, when I die and Christ raises us, we raise a spiritual body. And Paul says in verse 44, 1 Corinthians 15, if there's a natural body, that's what I have now, there's also a spiritual body. So what he's saying in the context is that the spiritual body is the resurrected body. That's what he says a spiritual body is. He goes on, the first man, Adam, became a living soul. That's verse 45.

Now wait a minute. In the Mormonism, the pre-existence, the living soul existed before that. But it says the first man, Adam, became a living soul.

Notice this first man in the context of the natural body. The last Adam, that's Jesus, became a life-giving spirit in his glorified resurrection. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, then the spiritual. So the spiritual is first. That means, excuse me, it's not first. That means that the, in the context here, the resurrected glorified body does not come before the natural body.

But that's the strength and it's also weakness because, in the interpretation, because what they like to do is get out of this. But when you go back to verse 44 and you say it's a natural body, it's raised as a spiritual body, there is a natural body, there's also a spiritual body. He says the first man became a living soul, then you have to understand that the Adamic body, the physical body, is when he became a living soul.

That means there can't be a pre-existence by which he pre-existed as a living soul and then was inhabited in a human body. So, there you go. That's why, that's where you gotta go. Yeah, I keep looking up at everything and I'm just like, man, they can just twist and twist and, you know, so I'm just trying, just praying and trying to give her more things to think about. Yes. But you have to read that context, okay? Now, it's 1 Corinthians 15, mainly verses 44 and 45 and then 46.

So, 44, 45, 46. It is so a natural body. This is our physical body we're born in. It is raised as a spiritual body.

This is the glorified body. If there's a natural body, what I'm in now, what you're in now, there's also a spiritual body that we're not in now but is coming. That's why it's written, the first man, Adam, became a living soul. If he pre-existed as a living soul, then how could it be that the first man, Adam, became a living soul? When it says it was Adam who's a man in human flesh, therefore it's not possible to have a pre-existence. He says the last Adam became a life-giving spirit. That's a reference to Christ. Then he goes on and says, however, the spiritual is not first, the spiritual body, the spiritual issue, but the natural, then the spiritual. That's the order of our existence, the natural body, then the spiritual body.

The natural existence, then the spiritual existence, but the Mormons have it reversed because of the false teachings of Joseph Smith. Okay? Yes, unfortunately, thank you, and hey, I'm going to put a plug out there. Look, you know, people need to donate in the car. There is just so much useful information in there. I've learned so much working with you, and being on the radio has just been amazing. If you hadn't been on the radio, then I wouldn't be blessed to know you and to be where I'm at. And it blesses everybody who listens.

So if you have time, or you have something, I know holidays are rough, just please try and help donate and let's keep this night going and this show going. That's right. Five dollars a month is what we ask. It's not too much. Well, thanks, Laura. Appreciate it. Hopefully, we'll get to maybe have you down there preaching again.

Who knows? Okay, cool. Okay, God bless. Okay, God bless.

All right. Hey, we have four open lines. 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody, welcome back to the show. And just want to let you know, hey, we need your support.

Just go to forward slash donate. We would love it. Let's get to Tommy from Utah. Tommy, welcome. You're on here. How you doing today, Matt? Hanging in there, man.

It's a frustrating day. You ever had to spend time on a help line and, you know, push this number if, oh, man. Well, I just had, I was just listening, and I was listening to that segment with Laura, and what came to my mind was that as far as the pre-existence, there's only one man who has ever walked this earth who had any pre-existence, and we can see that in John 1-1. And it follows up with Jesus speaking in Revelation where he says, I am the Alpha Omega, the beginning and the end. So he is the only person that has ever walked this earth who has had a pre-existence.

So you thought that might help her out. That's a good point. I wish I'd have thought of that, but you're correct. It's exactly correct. And he was as his person because he has two natures, a divine nature and a human nature. The attributes of the divine nature, which are pre-existent, are then ascribed to the person. So he has the quality of pre-existence as well as a temporal beginning.

He has both aspects because the divine nature is without beginning, the human nature is with beginning, and yet both are ascribed to the same person. So it's an interesting contrast in the mystery of how that works, but that's what it is. Good stuff, man. Yeah, so I came out of Mormonism too, and so a lot of these things are really clear to me now that I am a student of the Bible. Well, good for you. I just wanted to give you that to give to her and help her out. Well, she's listening, so that's good stuff, man. I appreciate it. Good stuff. All right, well, thank you, Matt. I listen to you often, and I use your resources for my Sunday school class, and I just really appreciate what you do and the knowledge you have because I wasn't saved until I was almost 56.

So I had a slow start, but I'm catching up fast. Hey, praise God, man. Praise God. He's merciful to you and saved you, got you out of Mormonism, so praise God. So what city are you in in Utah?

I do, every day. What city are you in? What's that? What city are you in? Oh, I live in South Weber, but I go to church at the Wasatch Cowboy Church out in Hooper, Utah.

Okay. I've been down there a few times, but isn't that south of Provo, or am I just off? No, South Weber is actually, it's right in between Lainton and Ogden. Oh, up there at North. Yeah, it's right underneath the air base. The flight path is directly over my house. Oh, lucky you.

I think I am. I love seeing those, when those planes fly and people say, what is that noise? I'm like, that is the sound of freedom, my man.

That's right. Well, you know, I used to live on military bases. My dad was in the service and on Air Force bases. So I saw B-52s, C-119s all the time, helicopters, all this stuff. And so when I see B-52s, it just brings back good memories, believe it or not.

But yeah, but not as much anymore because they're not there. And my wife's father was, or no, my wife's grandfather was, maybe it was her father. Well, I think it was her father, was a belly gunner in a B-52. Oh, wow. Wow. Well, yeah.

Blew out of England. Well, my dad did telephone and he saw a little action in Vietnam. He was in Vietnam in the Air Force. He was in Korea in the Army. And he was in World War II in the Navy. So he saw a few things. Wow.

Yeah, he came close. But still out there, you know, wow, that's a gunner. Man, wow.

Yeah. A lot of good, brave men out there. Anyway, I just want to know how much I appreciate what you do. Well, thank you and praise God. Maybe we'll meet sometime and get down there. All right, buddy?

That'd be great. Thank you, Matt. Appreciate you. God bless. All right, God bless. Okay.

You know, we don't have anybody waiting right now. I want to read something that Joseph Smith said. Now, if you're a Mormon and you're listening, I'm just going to read it. This is History of the Church, volume 2, page 189.

This is not an anti saying it. This is what the church has produced in its publication, History of the Church. History of the Church, volume 2, page 189. President Smith then stated that the meeting had been called because God had commanded it, and it was made known to him by a vision and by the Holy Spirit. He then gave a revelation of some of the circumstances attending us while journeying to Zion, our trial sufferings, and said God had not designed all this for nothing, but he had it in remembrance yet. And it was the will of God that those who went to Zion with a determination to lay down their lives, if necessary, should be ordained to the ministry and go forth to prune the vineyard for the last time, for the coming of the Lord, which is nigh even 56 years, should wind up the scene. So this is what Joseph Smith said. So 56 years would mean that by the year roughly the very outside, the very outside, 1890, Jesus was supposed to come back. He didn't do it. Jesus had not returned within 56 years, which was 1891.

How about this? This is, let's see, people say the Civil War one was a proof of his prophetic nature. It doesn't matter if he makes one false prophecy. According to the Bible, he's a false prophet. That's what the Bible says.

One false prophecy, you're a false prophet. Now, as far as the Civil War, a lot of people don't realize this. It wasn't as though suddenly on Tuesday one day, hey, the North is against the South. Well, where'd that come from?

Boy, who prophesied that? It wasn't like that. People knew for many years that the North and the South were becoming divided, many years before it happened, many. And I'd read about this, that it was not just something new.

Like in two or three years it had developed. But for decades there had been a division between the North and the South, and states were taking sides and it was growing. And this happened while Joseph Smith was alive, because the issue over slavery was already on the table, and people were fighting against it politically, morally, preachers. It was all in the works for decades before the Civil War occurred.

So in Doctrine and Covenants, Section 87, 1-3, Verily thus saith the Lord concerning the wars that will shortly come to pass, beginning at the rebellion of South Carolina, which will eventually terminate in the death and misery of many souls. Anybody could have prophesied this. Anybody could have said this at the time. Some people here don't realize in this day and age. Oh, you see, he prophesied it.

He knew he was great. No, others were saying the same thing. There were writings about it and newspaper articles about the unfortunate probability of the coming war that were happening.

They didn't want that. So anyway, he goes on. At the time, before that, upon the nations beginning in this place. All right. For behold, the southern states shall be divided against the northern states.

Really? This was already known and in the works at the time. And the southern states will call on other nations, even the nation of Great Britain, as it is called, and they shall also call upon their nations in order to defend themselves against other nations, and the war shall be called upon the nations. And it says that the war will be poured out upon all nations is what it says. That's what he prophesied in D&C 87, verse 3.

In order to defend themselves against other nations, and then war shall be poured out upon all nations. That didn't happen. How about this one? For not many days hence, and the earth shall tremble and reel to and fro as a drunken man, and the sun shall hide his face and shall refuse to give light, and the moon shall be bathed in blood, and the stars shall become exceedingly angry and shall cast themselves down as a fig that falleth off a fig tree. That's D&C 88-87. The sun hasn't been hidden, nor has the moon hidden its face. This prophecy was given on December 27, 1832, and he says, not many days hence. Since the writing of this article, which I wrote in 2006, it was 63,364 days, or 173 years, 5 months, and 26 days, and that was back in 2006. And I think that I should maybe update that. Anyway, that failed.

In reference to January 1, 2000, it was 61,000 days. Anyway, how about this? Another one. Pearl of Great Price. This is in Pearl of Great Price, verse 40. Joseph Smith History, verse 40. In addition to these, he quoted the 11th chapter of Isaiah, saying that it was about to be fulfilled. He quoted also the third chapter of Acts, Acts 22nd and 23rd verses, precisely as they stand in our New Testament. He said that the prophet was Christ, but the day had not yet come when they would not hear his voice, should be cut off from among the people, but would soon come.

And it didn't happen. And you read that the verses there deal with a different topic. You can read it for yourself. Let me see, there's one more I want to get to.

We've got a couple of minutes. This is in Doctrine and Covenants 84, verses 2 through 5 in verse 31. Yea, the word of the Lord concerning his church, established in the last days for the restoration of his people, as he spoke by the mouth of the prophets and for the gathering of the saints, to stand upon Mount Zion, which shall be the city of New Jerusalem, which city shall be built, beginning at the temple lot, which is appointed by the finger of the Lord.

It goes on. It says, the house of the Lord, which shall be built unto the Lord in this generation upon the consecrated spot as I have appointed. Now that is a false prophecy. The Mormons were driven out of Jackson County in 1833. They were not gathered there in accordance with this prophecy, dealing with it building in the temple. The prophecy clearly states that the generation present, when the prophecy was given, would not pass away until the temple was built in the western boundaries in the state of Missouri, which is in independence.

It failed. So here's the thing. Mormons are listening to this. You need to do your own research and find out false prophecies of Joseph Smith.

Just go to the web and look. But maybe you won't. Maybe you just might say, no, I won't do it. I know he's true. Well, wait a minute. If you know he's true, then examining these false prophecies shouldn't shake your faith, right? Because if he's true, then he won't make any false prophecies. But if he did make false prophecies, then he's not true.

Right? And if you refuse to check, well, that means you believe that it's possible he was a false prophet. Because otherwise you'd check and you wouldn't have any worries about it.

But wait a minute. If you think that's possible, then shouldn't you check it out? Because if you're belonging to a church that's started by a false prophet, what's that say about your eternal destiny? You see, when I read stuff like this to Mormons and talk to them, and they deny what it says, they don't want to check, they don't want to learn, then on the day of judgment they will be held responsible by the true, living God for refusing to look at truth.

Instead, they've chosen to submit facts and truth and history, which God has provided and has been recorded, and they refuse to look at what God provided to expose the false teachers. And therefore, on that day of judgment, they'll face that judgment. All right, folks, there you go. At another time, may the Lord bless you by His grace. We're back on the air on tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday I'll be off. I've got to take my wife to a doctor appointment. And Luke, Lord willing, will be on the air. God bless everybody. We'll talk to you then.
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