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November 18, 2022 3:00 am

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November 18, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reviews his debate with a Muslim philosopher about the Trinity and a recent gospel conversation with a Muslim about faith and works--2- Where is the primary place or area of life where Satan attacks us---3- Matt discusses the errors of official Roman Catholic doctrine.--4- When Satan tempted Jesus, why would it have been wrong for Jesus to turn a rock into bread and eat---5- Matt discusses demonic deception and evil spiritual forces--6- Are there generational curses and, if so, how do we break them-


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The Truth Network Podcast is produced by Truth Network. medication versus identity issue and the equal ultimacy of the Trinity Which are all mentioned in my opening statement, and he is the one who says repeatedly when he debates people He always says if you don't respond and answer to these objections to the Trinity Then I have proven my point and you have lost a debate That's why he says that kind of all the time And he even said it last night in a debate and yet when I asked some difficult questions He ignored them a lot of times ignored them and then would dismiss them otherwise So he failed to do exactly what he says is a requirement in order to win a debate so therefore by his own words He lost and that's the way it is though. He was quite good I will admit at what we call rhetoric Which is just throwing things out at a hundred miles an hour and there were a few things I had not even heard of excuse me heard of before which that's going to happen and Not a big deal, and so went through that and it reminds me when I were debated Shabira Lee He was a Muslim I debated him. I don't know two three months ago and in our debate. I asked him a question and He said he hadn't studied it. He didn't know Okay, you know I said all right.

That's all right, and I was very polite and went through it says This is what this is and he said I? I Think that's fair in a debate that if you haven't studied an issue You really can't comment because you can't know everything and there was an issue. I wasn't familiar with called indexicles And so I said well, I'm not sure what that means and I've been mocked Been mocked for that by the let's say the atheistic intelligentsia Which is really interesting because they had a discussion room afterwards where they all claim victory But they always do the other side always does and I noticed that the atheists That sided with the Muslim Which I think is really interesting because I have a reputation among the atheist community, and they don't like me So how it works is this? Is this way if I were to debate an agnostic?

Then I'm wrong if I debate a Muslim, then I'm wrong if I debate a Mormon, then I'm wrong Why because Matt's leg is wrong, and that's their position It's too bad because what happens with that is a rather a dismissal kind of attitude. I must adopt and the reason is is because Their their critiques are never objective And you can't really learn from what they say because it's just ridiculous and then when you go back and point out about that oh And so that's how it went so Anyway, it was good, and it was entertaining All right now We have five open lines. Why don't you give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six I've got nobody waiting so I do want to let you know that we stay on the air by your support if you are so Kind and you would consider supporting us by going to C a r m dot o RG and if you go to the front to Your forward slash donate or you go to the the left side on the desktop, but on the phone I think it's on the right side a little hamburger menu, and you just miss the navigation menu pull it down. You see the donates link And what we ask is five thousand five thousand what we ask is five dollars five dollars From people a month on a monthly basis five dollars is not that much folks it really isn't would you please consider?

supporting us at five dollars a month and we hope that you would because we're trying to get a thousand people who will do that and We started this a couple months ago or three months ago And then it kind of faded out because of other things and I'm bringing it up again. I know that the The end of year is coming up, and I would hope that Everybody's going to have their financial needs met, but we we just stay on the air by your support So please consider a fight like I said five dollars a month you spend that on a couple cups of coffee at a place you know and people do that regularly, so There you go, and I think that's we got a call coming in we have four open lines eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six tonight. I'll be continuing in the Bible study. I'm teaching on Romans chapter two We're gonna be starting at verse 11, and it's a very interesting pericope a pericope is a section of scripture, and we're gonna go through 11 through 16 and Talk about the issue of the law and what is Paul teaching when he talks about? justification by the works of the law because he teaches that but Does he and as we'll be talking about who we lost that collar so five open lines and I go through that in the book of Romans and I'm particularly enjoying the study in the book of Romans because the book of Romans is Brilliant it is theologically deep it is just awesome and There are so many theological sub points in there that I want to bring out That we're gonna be going through I'm looking forward to Romans header 3 Romans header 4 Romans 5 Romans 6 and the Romans 7 There's some of the great stuff in Romans 8.

I know and Romans 9 really good stuff These are the heavyweight chapters are coming, and I'm really enjoying all of that, but we're gonna be taking a break for the holidays we'll decide what we're gonna do that and There you go five open lines. Let's see Okay All right, so like I said we've got people in In the chat room and so if you saw the debate last night type out what you we thought or if you want give us Call and I want to hear what you thought your your comments good bad ugly and all of that. I want to know oh that reminds me Well actually it doesn't because I saw a link open I think I talked about voting on Tuesday and my wife, and I voted and I stood in line with a Mormon and talked to a Mormon about salvation and After the debate last night it reminds me because We had a an after show and a Muslim came in and it was really interesting to talk to him because He was defending stuff He was kind of difficult to work with he was the kind of Muslim That would just talk really fast and not really answer a question And then I've noticed this among a lot of Muslims the incredible arrogance that they possess You know I'm not kidding.

I'm not just being mean, but a lot of them now shabir ali He was not like that at all when I debated him. He was a polite humble man but I've talked to so many Muslims and the arrogance that they have and so What I did was I asked him some questions, and I said Are your sins all? Forgiven right now just a simple question, and he says he hopes so I said well but are they not do you hope are they and He couldn't say And I said don't if you're to die right now.

Where would you go? you know I don't want you to die right now, but if you did where would you go and And uh he said well, I I would go to paradise. I said why have you done enough good works and The Muslims try and mix humility with arrogance at the same time well He said well, I hope that I've done enough and that Allah by his mercy will save me I said, it's okay, so you're mixing humility and arrogance at the same time You're hoping that in his mercy that you've done enough good to please the infinitely.

Holy God, right? So which is it that you're holding to pride or humility and this is a question I'm gonna be asking Muslims because they teach that you are saved by Well, here's the thing you're saved by your works, but you're not saved by your works See in surah 23 101 102 and then when the trumpet is blown there'll be no more relationships between them that day Nor will one ask after another Then who's those whose balance of good deeds is heavy they will attain salvation verse 103 but those whose balance is light will be those who've lost their souls in hell will they abide and This particular Muslim when I asked him about this last night. I Said is your balance of deeds heavy your good deeds heavy is it good and he says inshallah Which means if Allah wills if Allah sees it that's it so you don't know But you you say that you know you can attain salvation. That's what Quran says you'll take attain salvation if your Deeds are good. You have enough good deeds. You've had enough good deeds, and he wouldn't answer.

He couldn't answer Because he's trying to be humble, but he can't say yo. Yeah, I've got it Because he well if God says so but they must be assuming they're being good enough I mean what else would you think is a Muslim you must be assuming that they're doing enough good in order to be right with God Why would they stay in it if they were to think you know? I just got nothing. I got I've got nothing at all You know it just depressing Well, I what is but they boast in Allah. They boast in the Quran So I was asking about this and it reminded me of something that the Catholics say because they see the same thing That you know you or say by grace of faith bless Mormonism after all you could do 75 25 23 But in paragraph 2068 of the catechism the Catholic Church as you obtain salvation by faith Baptism and the observance of the commandments by the keeping of the law by the things that you do and this is what I want I've learned about the false religious systems is they all One way or another say that their works with the faith of God their faith in God It's gonna be enough to save them. This is arrogance It is so arrogant to say That or even to believe our hint that well you know I'm trying but God understands my sincerity my heart my works and He'll take it into account Really?

Where do you get this as human? It's humanism It's human thought and it's a real concern I have but this Muslim last night said that he will make it to heaven because if he's done bad stuff then what'll happen is he'll go to a place of of torment Will he be purified? Before he goes to heaven, which is what Catholicism teaches the same thing. It's just to me It's amazing because Mormonism teaches a variety of variation of that, too It's amazing to me that so many of the false religions teach the same kind of thing and why do they? Because they teach the same kind of salvation process it is by your works and your faith in God and he'll Understand and then the combination you'll make it you hope you see you expect Because you have the confidence to know that in your humility and in your works. You're gonna make it and that's It's unfortunate.

It's really unfortunate because It's just not biblical So many people so many people are deceived and It's just it's amazing now. We're about ready for a break. We've got 101 collar waiting. We're talking about the battlefield of the mind and We'll wait till after the break, but I want you to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Four up the lines. Give me call. We'll be right back It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show if you want give me a call all I got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero Seven two two seven six. Let's get to Samuel from North Carolina Sam. Welcome here on the air Yes, sir, good evening, sir, I'm calling good evening to know the primary battlefield for Satan War against us is it on them the mind is it on the house and they in the playground or where? Where is the primary area that Satan is concerned about? destroying our lives It's everywhere but Let's see What we have to understand is that he does not rest. He seeks to destroy people He will use any means as possible.

It could be a billboard that you stare at it could be a Commercial that has the promotion of homosexuality. You could see the the assault upon our senses to degrade our passions to follow after our flesh That and this is promoted by his servants in the media and in society and in varying forms of culture Then there's the internal battle that we have to go through where our own minds our own hearts And the clarity as well as the cleanliness of our thoughts and actions within us because the enemy works to affect our internal self he wants the Externals to corrupt the internal he wants the The eyes and the ears and the hands to see hear touch ungodliness and then make it part of what's in you and So the battle is external as well as internal Okay, that brings another question sir the brain is the is the command center for the body as A man thinks in himself crazy. Is that how does the demon? influence your way of thinking Well, that's a debate among Christians but we cannot be possessed by demons that's that's one thing but How do they influence us you I just don't know the Bible doesn't say it doesn't say like as though a demon can whisper Something into your ear and you hear a thought It's not like that though.

I do write like that in my novel the influence It's just that's just fiction and a literary device, but biblically speaking. We don't know And so I just can't answer that one because why wasn't jealous Thank you, sir, okay. All right. Yeah. Okay. Is that it that good? Yes, sir. That's very good All right. Got any other questions?

We got nobody waiting right now. It's a slow day today for some reason. Okay Okay, sir Okay, that it then anything else No, sir, that's you Okay. Well, thanks All right. Well, God bless. Okay. Yes, sir All right. We'll talk to you later All right That was Sam from North Carolina if you want to give me a call all you got to do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six, you know, I mentioned Catholicism earlier might as well talk a little bit about that because I'd like to talk about it here and there on what it teaches in varying areas and What I want to do is just go over a few things of what it says Just so you can know and this is not me hating on Catholicism This is what it actually teaches and it says for example in paragraph 18 one of the catechism of the Catholic Church. It says that you obtain the joy of heaven as God's eternal reward for the good works accomplished with the grace of Christ.

Now. What do you guys think of that? Have you ever heard that and people tell me no Catholics are Christians Well, there might be Catholics who are Christians, but official Roman Catholic theology is Antichrist Official Roman Catholic theology is bad news. It's just not Christian it's not true. It teaches these heresies and It's it's amazing to me So if eternal life is a reward for doing good works Well, then, you know we have to ask What person would ever ever assume that that's the case now what they're gonna do is they'll talk about the difference between Condign merit and congruent merit and they'll say well no it's reward not that it's owed in strict merit But it's owed in a sense of condign merit, which is God's self-imposed reward He imposes his own value upon that condition and he's obligates himself to Give you eternal life as a reward for the good works.

You're accomplishing. It's not that it's a strict merit You earn it by your good works, but it's a reward of your good works So it's a play on words what they do they they speak like this I say well, it's still based on your works, isn't it? No, it's based on God's mercy. Then why does it say? reward for the good works And this is just more of the deception that goes about in False religious systems for open lines if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Josh Watch you're on the air Josh. Welcome Hello, how are you doing? All right hanging in there man hanging in there.

Where do you got buddy? So I was just kind of calling your guard Calling where they made the comment, you know asking about demonic forces, you know controlling you and you had mentioned You know far as a biblical stand not really having you know A reference to fall back on the only thing I could think about was Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12 I thought we wrestled right against principalities and powers Absolutely Yeah Yes Yes, they're there the only biblical reference I would think would be like the seduced spirits over there And I think it's maybe 1st Timothy, you know, the old nature that God doesn't say I guess that's really where they would influence Is that whether it be through something lustful or you know, agree or whatever? That would be their open door to oppress our mind It's true and you know since you mentioned 1st Timothy 4 if you go to verse 1, but the Spirit Explicitly says that's a Holy Spirit who has personhood because he speaks The Spirit explicitly says that in the latter time some will fall away from the faith paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons Now, how are they going to know what the doctrine of demons are?

And James 3 15 this wisdom is not from that would come from above but as earthly natural demonic So it would I would assume that what this these verses are talking about are Our demonic forces that are working through people in order to teach false things That's what I would think how that works true and I would say that such demonic doctrines are found in the Roman Catholic Church in Mormonism in Jehovah's Witnesses in Eastern Orthodoxy in Islam And varying other religions that deny the truth of who Christ is and what he's done. I agree with you. I've listened to your station now for a couple years you know on the way home from work and heard many good debates and some very unique phone calls and that last one was kind of slow tonight so I thought I'd just call and just kind of get maybe my little I thought I'd just call and just kind of get maybe my little two cents from a biblical view Well, I appreciate that It's important to talk about these kind of things I'm glad you're listening and should you listen for a couple of years, you know, one of the things you could do and I do recommend this You know I ask for donations and I think about this now I ask for donations, you know in the ministry that I run and I do we do definitely need but also It's good to go to the website The radio website and donate there and support them too.

They need it as well. But hey Josh, we got a brace We've got to go. Okay, buddy. All right, man.

God bless. All right, you have a good night. Thank you, Matt All right. Hey folks five open lines wide open. Give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six right back It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick So if you want to give me a call all you do is dial eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six I want to hear from you. Give me a call Alright, we're talking about demonic stuff a little bit there and I'm gonna I'll talk about that a little bit But we got callers coming in. So let's get to Sam from North Carolina. Why you Sam you back? Yes, sir.

Yeah, so what do you got man? I have a question. I don't know what objective When he said to God am I if you are this father don't to become bread Oh, you mean the temptation of Jesus by making bread what was the purpose? All right, so with little theology to answer that first little theology first of all Jesus was made under the law Galatians 4 for So he had to live Accordingly under that law and it would be someone he would Call God etc Now when he was baptized because after his baptism is when the temptation came when he was baptized he was baptized in order to enter into the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek and When this baptism occurred the Holy Spirit came upon him his miracles didn't begin until after his baptism when the Holy Spirit moved upon him and so I leaned towards the idea that Jesus did his miraculous works by the Holy Spirit in the parachoretic relationship of the inter Trinitarian communion and that's Advanced theology, but we won't talk about it here. Nevertheless So if he's doing his miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit it would mean then that he was in submission to God and working under the law of God where the Holy Spirit was upon him anointed him for his work and In this is the Trinity manifested that it's the will the father that Jesus submitted to who gave the blessing upon the son The Holy Spirit anointed the son and the son of course is the one going through this then when Satan comes along He says if you're the son of God command that these stones become bread in other words Move away from what the procedure is or the ordination of God's Taking care of you through the father's provision and the Spirit's ministry instead of doing that do it on your own and Command this and that's what I think is going on there Okay, okay It'd be a type of rebellion that that the devil was trying to get Jesus to participate in and He tried three times Then the devil took him to a city.

He said I shall not leave but Yes My bread alone. Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Yeah, and so that's what I think is going on there It has to do with it. If we understand the theology of the personal work of Christ, then it makes sense Okay Yes, sir.

All right Okay, anything else you want to ask? Okay, well god bless thanks Sam All right Let me continue with this what he said here Matthew for what Satan did the three temptations and to make bread That's about the flesh. Okay, if you're the son of God throw yourself down for it is written He'll you I'll keep his angels charge over you and you won't you know, you'll be safe He says you shall not put the Lord your God to the test So without Satan is trying to do is to get Jesus to test the reliability of God the Father Because the Father had sent him in the eternal covenant he was 1320 that he ordained from the foundation of the world Ephesians 1 1 through 11 and So this now would be a way of tempting God outside of the will of God and and Jesus says no I'm not gonna do that then he says If you fall down and worship me, I'll give you all the kingdoms and things like that And he says go away you shall worship the Lord your God and serve him only so then it was an an appeal to the pride that he was trying to induce in Christ and and selfish ambition in Christ and of course Jesus rebuked him because now it's an intent an intent to Appeal to and get Jesus to sin by not falling down and worshiping the true God but a false God So Satan tried in different ways in different types of temptation in order to oppress the Lord Jesus Now think about how this works in our lives in the fleshly needs.

You know commanded to be a bread and Then well God if you blah blah blah, then I'll blah blah blah you're testing God and you're trying to negotiate with God and get God to do what you wanted to do and In the issue of idolatry to serve something other than the true and living God because we're guilty of these things we might serve our family more than God our ministry more than God or certain ideas or whatever it is our work Or habits or whatever more than God so these three areas here fleshly needs and then the will of God putting God to the test and also Falling Down and worshipping something else doesn't have to be literally worshipping like a car in your job, but the idea of God's of lacking The position of removing God from the primary position of his adoration and worship where he needs to be in all areas of our life This is what's going on here, and so Satan is tempting Jesus in these three ways, and he can do the same thing with you He can do the same thing with you, so here's the question What should you do if you suspect that? That you might be demonically oppressed now when I say that I'm not trying to scare anybody But you know that the demonic forces are there in Ephesians 6 12 says so we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers And principalities of darkness, so what do you think you know? What do you think you know I wonder just demonic forces going around in your life? I'm gonna dress that right now the first thing you should do is pray Ask the Lord to protect you very first you've always got to get involved in prayer Lord, please help Me in this area, and you you go and you talk to the Lord it has to be the number one thing you do Because it's a spiritual battle, and you want to use spiritual forces you want to use spiritual tools and prayer is the number one and I'm reading from an article that I'd written on this and Then what you do is you take a survey of your life To see if there are any doors in your life that are open to demonic stuff So let's say you have tarot cards or You look at astrology To see if you can learn things or you've practiced seances or Ouija boards, or you've done you abuse drugs the word for pharmakeia is Is a sorcery in the Bible and so drug abuse pharmakeia and sorcery related anyway drug abuse Pornography and a lot of people don't really focus on this, but demonic music Because there is demonic music, and how do you identify it? When it exalts evil That's it If the music exalts evil now you know You know um paperback rider by the Beatles is that demonic You know I'm not gonna get out of that kind of stuff, but I mean music that actually exalts Evil things and I don't want to say them over the air because I might be children around But you get the idea so you the I the thing you're supposed to do is renounce all of these Confess them as sin and seek the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse you seek that forgiveness. That's in Jesus Now here's a third thing you've got to do You need to take those tarot cards astrology stuff Ouija boards drugs paraphernalia Whatever it is along with things like the wash tower magazines come to Jehovah's Witnesses and get rid of them now I Have washed our magazines and the Book of Mormon in my home, but it's because I do them for research they're not the means by which I seek spiritual truth because those things are not from God and If you are using them for spiritual truth and they're not from God then they are demonically authored and you are opening yourself to demonic oppression and The such demonic oppression can be interesting because it can manifest itself in demonic forces that confirm What you're doing is true And they can appear as familiar spirits all demonic forces need are doors to open And so if you have some of these things and you're practicing in them Then it opens up demonic doors and you might get aunt Martha appearing to you yes, this religion that you're in right now is a true one and then you say oh, it's true and Because people don't realize where they don't have the Bible as the final authority What they do is they look to something else like the Book of Mormon Wash tower magazines or statues of married it they'll pray before and they seek Mary False religious materials New Age stuff like crystals and things like this and they use these things along with astrology tarot cards Various Ouija boards and they use them as a means of gaining spiritual power knowledge authority Whatever it is. Those are the ways in which demonic forces get in the house and further deceive people and Romans 1 18 through 32 talks about The people being deceived and God giving them over to that deception. So they believe the lie Remember when I was talking to this Mormon lady two nights ago Waiting in line to vote. She was so convinced of Mormonism And she had no idea how bad it is and she just knew it was true.

I know for a fact it's false So she's open to demonic oppression Hey folks, there is the break music. So we write back after these messages. Give me a call wide open calls 877-207-2276 877-207-2276 got nobody waiting. Give me a call It's Matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show Just want to let you know that we have five open lines Slow day today and that happens if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 I want to hear from you In the text someone said something I'm looking for the exact phrase. No one actually was well put I've never thought of it this way But the Mormons pray about the book are told pray about the book of Mormon and listen to it for a voice And in the light of what I was saying, this is exactly the same kind of thing that When when I was involved in the occult before as a Christian the exact same kind of thing that I would do Now I'm not going to tell people how to do this, but I would I will tell you that when I was involved in the occult for a couple of years before I became a Christian I mean occultic stuff seances We tried a Ouija board. You tried pendulum swinging. We tried necromancy astral projection chakra balancing Uh all kind of stuff and I mean I was involved with it and then I got saved and all that darkness went away But one of the things we would do within these procedures is to focus on something or read something or Look at something and wait and ask for communication Ask for what we essentially amount to a voice See We've got to understand how utterly adaptive the enemy is Now I know that my show goes out to uh Salt Lake City And I know a lot of Mormons listen to what I say And they have to understand that i'm not I don't hate Mormons. No Mormon beat me up and now I hate Mormons Nothing like that. Mormons are fine people.

I mean, you know, uh, I wouldn't have any problem saying here's the keys in my house. I'll be back in a week, you know They're not they're not bad people but um The thing is that uh, Mormonism, I'm sorry, but it's not christian because it teaches god came from another planet And he has a goddess wife and they have relations in heaven and make spirit babies Spirit offspring that inhabit human bodies and through temple ceremonies you have the potential becoming a god of your own planet And that's a super short version, but that's what Mormonism teaches and it is absolutely not biblical Absolutely not. It serves it teaches a false god an um god that is finite a god that increases in wisdom and knowledge a god who was one of us and it's the the ultimate Deception because it's saying god is really just one of us and we can become like him um Wow Their god is nothing their god is weak. Their god is is minuscule compared to the trinitarian god who is Eternal in all his essence and things and the creator of all things not evil, of course but the conditions by which it is allowed to exist and he understands and comprehends the Location of every atom in the universe simultaneously. That's not the case of the god of Mormonism. There's a huge difference and I like what Jesse said.

Thanks, Jesse. Well said is that they are told to get involved with a book and then pray and ask for a voice to speak to them the inner voice and that is precisely an occultic methodology I Never really put those together. I'm gonna give just thanks for that again because it's a good insight and it is true It's an occult procedure to go to a book pray about as a reading it and then you submit your heart mind in the nature of truth to it and you ask for a voice a presence to come upon you Internally in order to get truth and this is an invitation so one of the procedures of invitations of demonic oppression to ask a To ask a false god a false spirit ultimately to speak to you This is exactly what occult practices are comprised of exactly We're never told to pray about the truth of what God says What God says is true. You don't pray to determine its truth.

It is true It's a huge difference because if you determine to see if it is true, then you're saying I will Experience something to determine what God says is right or wrong and this is arrogance and it's foolishness This is what Mormonism does. It's really bad Let's get to Rick from Ohio Rick. Welcome. You're on the air. Oh Thank you, man. I just want to thank you. I listen to you every day. You're terrific.

Oh Okay, but tell my wife how great I am call her up at the office And tell her I'm terrific. And if she if she says did he put you up to this just go What and yeah, okay, I Have a question if my mom seems to think that we have like a generational curse and I'm wondering how they could How can you break that thing? Let's define what it is first There is a sense in which generational curses are true Because we are affected by the sin of our ancient father Adam. And so there's a curse effect upon his descendants That's generic broad Understanding because of the curse that fell to Adam fell upon us and we all die.

We all get sick things like that It's part of the the curse and the curse of Eve who represented women is to have pain in childbirth So there is that now a generational curse is generally understood to mean Your specific family has a curse attached to it and then the children and it wouldn't be your neighbor But you and your family etc. And so this is generally how that is is the case now, is it possible? Well, yeah, it is possible because they're like for example a God actually curses The house of Eli in first Samuel threes and they're the sense of their house will not be forgiven that is a curse upon them And they're in his house right there. So these are broad ways of looking at it. So is it possible?

Well, yeah, it is and we get more specific about individual cases. So in a specific home If someone were to ask me Matt, look, I've got some problems. I think there might be a generational curse Well, okay.

I'll come over. Let's talk and so I would ask questions What in the past from your father your mother your grandparents aunts uncles? Do you think might be the open door by which they have in? invoke demonic presence on you and your family and her descendants and One of those could be being Mormon praying to marry in statues of Believing the watchtower organization believing in Muhammad, you know in Islam these and I'm talking in generalities What's that and that would carry them through the kids? Absolutely. So let's take Mormonism.

For example, will they teach that God came to the planet? There's a goddess mother and you can become gods Well, whoever believes that is under a curse because the Bible says curses everyone who does not abide by all things written in the law to perform them Deuteronomy 27 26 which is quoted by Paul in Galatians 3 10 and so The children will suffer that curse Because they will also suffer the belief of a false system of belief and they will fall under that same curse About that, yeah. Mm-hmm. So how do you break it?

Yeah How Well, if you send me $20 I can give you a little cheat, you know Okay, so I know what you do. I love to say something like that stupid stuff The first thing you do is you ask God in prayer to reveal any open doors that you yourself might be involved with or your ancestors or relatives might be involved with or have been involved with and You go through and you just lay them out before God and you just say Lord. Here's these things Here's the things I'm guilty of and Lord I think that aunt Martha might have been involved in Christian science, for example, and Certainly helped the key to the scriptures. And so she taught this and she was praying to her demonic God for us Which is an invocation of demonic forces upon the family, which is what happens in Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Islam and Catholicism with their demonic stuff about Mary and so Magic water. That's right That's what you do is you first have to identify you pray and you identify the possibilities that are there Doesn't mean you have to get everyone right but you go through what you know what you're aware of and you ask God Show me the things that might be Related to this and as I said earlier You need to look in your home to see if any gifts have been given you by people who might say, you know Here's an example this I'm gifting you with this Book of Mormon pray about read it and pray about it Well, that's an occult thing now me I say hey give me a Book of Mormon I'll put it in my stack of other books of Mormons, you know And because I don't I go through and use it as a research tool. So that's not a big deal for me But for someone else they might say, okay, I'll consider that now that becomes an open door for the occult And demonic oppression so it's as an example like Mary statues went over to a house of a friend a few years ago we walked into the house and I was stunned and I mean Staring stopping looking around hardly able to believe what my eyes were looking upon I went into this house of this Catholic woman must have been 500 statues of Mary all about her house If you walk in and you're like, oh my goodness, maybe 500 is an exaggeration.

Let's say maybe 200. It was like that and so these are Occult doors because it's it's idolatry praying to someone who's not God the true God So you identify things in your house now if you have a statue of Mary You need to be careful because an example because it does it is you pray to Mary and you stand before the statue and pray That's an occult door if someone gave it to you and they bless the statue They want you to have the statue. It's in your house. That could be an occult door So then you say well, what do I do, you know? Well, you get rid of occult doors you close the doors and if someone told me it's a gift I gave you I'm sorry, it's gone. I remember seeing a show on TV and they had a house that was gonna go to the house and gonna sell this house and They had a Buddha statue in the backyard. I remember saying to my wife That's a first things going if I bought that house first thing out of here is that thing it's gone Okay, I'm gonna destroy it.

I'll take grenades. I'll take my AK and it's gone And so, you know that kind of thing. So this is the idea This is what you do and then you ask God to break any Potential curses or open doors from the past and or the present associated and you continue to do this Just because you pray at once doesn't mean it's going to happen at this point Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes it takes time to do it and You just got to go through the process and I would recommend at that point anointing your entire house with oil Getting elders of the church to do it if they can but if they don't want to or just not able to that's okay You're as a as a man of the house You can do it or a woman of the house can do it Take oil go through all the rooms. I like to pray out loud when I do it I talked about Lord and just go through the house and anoint it and give it to the to the Lord, etc I'm speaking quickly because we're almost out of time Sorry for going so fast But here's the thing when you do this kind of thing It's sometimes stirs the pot and things can get a little bit worse for a week or two or three Because of demonic forces one we don't like this and then you get a flat tire and then all of a sudden You know your cars running rough, whatever it is.

It could happen We're not this going to and you go through this procedure and this is how you deal with it Sorry had to go so fast, but it's trying to get it up before the show ended You gave me a lot to go with here. That's great Well, you're welcome Okay My aunt Catholic so You know if she's praying to marry for you on your behalf you've got to stand against that And to say just pray but Lord just buying that in Jesus name, you know And that's right not I bind it. But Lord, would you please bind this in the name of Jesus and don't pray to demonic forces?

You know Satan I bind you don't pray to demonic forces pray to Jesus and ask him to take care of it. Okay Okay. Thank you, Matt.

All right, that was rapid fire, but I wanted to get it out. There you go. God bless By God's grace by God's grace god bless you, too Hey folks, there you go. All right, another one done. Hey by his grace look back on there tomorrow We'll talk to you then and maybe we'll get some hate mail. Yay We'll talk to you that have a great evening everybody. God bless Another program powered by the truth network
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