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September 30, 2022 6:00 am

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September 30, 2022 6:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about his recent online conversations with Oneness members.--2- What will the mark of the beast be---3- Is there such a thing as Christian meditation---4- What do you think the first seal is-represents in Revelation 6---5- Can you explain Proverbs 17-27---6- Is repentance what brings us salvation-

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The following program is recorded content created on Facebook Live. If you want to check it out, you can watch me.

I say to people, see if my face matches my voice, because people say it does not. There you go. All right, we have five open lines. Nobody waiting, why don't you give me a call? We can talk.

877-207-2276. Last night, I had an interesting experience. For me, it was interesting. As you know, I go out into different venues in order to communicate what I hope is the word of God. I want to be able to communicate to people, to talk to them, and just work with them. I want to work with them.

What's your issues? What happened last night? I was in something called Clubhouse. I was there. All right, I'm looking at something. Here we go. There we go.

There's a oneness room, oneness which denies the doctrine of the Trinity. I was in there for a while. What happens a lot of times, I'm not trying to boast or anything, but what happens a lot of times is people will say, oh, you're Matt Slick. Hey, answer questions. Line up people and answer questions because Matt Slick's here. I get that every now and then. I go into this room and that's what happened. They're telling people, oh, Matt Slick's here. This is a oneness room.

They deny the Trinity. They were going to talk about it. They were, right away, talking about how they're going to corner me, how they're going to beat me, how I won't be able to answer their questions, et cetera, et cetera. I'm just listening and finally get up and they start asking questions. I said to them, look, if you're going to ask me questions, I just want to talk to one person at a time and please just let me finish my sentences. That's not too much to ask. Just let me finish what I'm saying instead of just interrupting me while I'm answering a question because they and others do that quite a bit. One person at a time. No dogpiling, please.

Just a nice civil conversation. For the most part, they could do that. We went in and they were asking questions, and I would give them an answer, and I could tell they were saying, oh, Matt doesn't know what he's doing. For example, they went to a verse that would say something like, God is spoken of in a singular in the phrase his, his will. Ephesians 1-11, God works all things after the counsel of his will.

See, Matt? They said, see, his is singular, so therefore it's not a trinity. I said, look, that's not a challenge to the trinity. Apparently you don't understand it because we would never say that that's a challenge, and of course we're aware of those verses, so you're missing something.

They kept boasting that Trinitarians couldn't answer this question, and their arrogance and ignorance were just equally promoted. Well, this happens, but what was interesting is after about two hours, I'm getting a little tired, and my wife and I are going to spend some time watching TV together and relaxing in the evening, and they started getting a little more obstreperous, and I started dialoguing with them a little bit more and say, hey, come on, come on, come on. Just let me finish. And then two guys just started getting to do a tag team, and they would ask me a question. Well, if you ask me a question, okay, let me answer it.

It's not hard. Well, they asked a question, and then they went on explaining how I couldn't answer the question. So I didn't say anything. I just let them continue. I just let them continue to tell everybody how I couldn't answer even though they didn't ask me to answer.

Well, they did, but they wouldn't let me. They just kept talking. Matt can't answer.

Notice this. He's not answering right now. Blah, blah, blah. I'm just waiting. Give me a break so I can talk. Just take a breath. Come up for air.

Let me talk. They went on for, I think it was 17 minutes. I kept cracking up for 17 minutes, and they're talking about how Matt can't answer.

Matt this, Matt that. This is the verse he can't, and he's afraid of this verse. I'm just sitting there going, I am?

I didn't know I was afraid of these verses. Seventeen minutes, right? And then finally someone says, why don't you let Matt answer? So I started to answer, and I said, look, guys, you're going on. You're going on, and you're just pontificating and verbal carpet bombing, and if I'm going to answer, I want to be able to answer each one of these things that you've said, and they interrupted me, and they went on for another, I don't know, eight or nine minutes doing the same thing. In 25 minutes, I got less than one minute to respond.

It was awesome. I got less than one minute in 25 while these guys went in and pontificated and proclaimed and exclaimed how Matt Slick couldn't answer anything, and I'm going, but, guys, you're not giving me a time to answer anything, and I even said that to him. Finally, I said, look, guys, I've got to go. I've got to go spend time with my wife, and people are writing it.

Oh, you're Matt's chicken, and I'm like, man, it's like, okay, let's be behind the gym after school. It was so immature, and I'm cracking up because it was so stupid. I'm still laughing about it, and so they went on and on and on, and they got a big kick out of it because it was ridiculous, and this is what I put up with last night. So I finally said, look, I've got to go talk to my wife, spend time with my wife, and I said, man, you guys have been on for 25 minutes, and I got less than one minute in 25, but you're claiming victory. I said, that's not a victory. That's just verbal carpet bombing. It's all you guys are doing. You're not dialoguing. You're proclaiming. I said, and you guys made so many mistakes. I said, well, take a book just to respond to everything you said in those 25 minutes. It was so ridiculous and so bad. Anyway, that was my time last night. I had a good time with it. You know, there's something wrong with me, obviously, because I enjoy that kind of a thing.

What is wrong? Matt Slick enjoys sitting there for 25 minutes getting lambasted. I get to speak for one minute while they're telling me how great they are and how stupid I am. To me, that's awesome. That's a good time.

So yes, there's something not right in Matt Slick's head, obviously. So I got a kick out of it. I'm having a good time. I don't know if you guys are smiling out there in radio land, but that is my idea of a good time because it's not watching sports. If somebody says, hey, want to watch sports? No, that's boring.

It'll kill me. But this? Oh, this is good. This is better.

How about that? All right, all right. Let's get on with Paul from Virginia. Paul, welcome. Yes. If you recall, I had told you sometime back about a book called COVID-19 and the global predators.

We are the prey, Dr. Peter Breggin. And I was wondering if you had had any more time to read that book because you said you had gotten it. I haven't. I haven't read it. I've got so many things going. If I don't do it right away, I just forget about it.

So I know I haven't. Yeah. Okay. And then I would really like to tell the public about that book. It's very important. But beyond that. Just mention it one more time and then we're going to move on because I don't know.

I haven't read it to be able to tell you if it's accurate or not or what or what. Okay. Yes, it's called COVID-19 and the global predators.

We are the prey by Dr. Peter Breggin. Yeah. Beyond that, I had a question around the question I had asked you a few months ago around how, quote, far does the Christian go into the world system before it becomes the mark of the beat? Well, that's a huge question. That's a huge question. I would just be as simple as just saying, look, if they start requiring a mark on your forehead or your right hand in order to buy and sell, that's it.

Okay. Now, we do know that because of the woke idiocy that's out there in the social credit system we're trying to impose for control. Now, you've got to understand something. The Democrats, in my opinion, not every Democrat, the average Democrat person driving a car, working hard, is not like this. The Democrats in control, in my opinion, are flat-out evil, liars, deceivers, power-hungry mongrels.

They're like dogs returning to their own vomit. I mean, I have no respect for them, period. They're socialists and they are hypocrites. They're liars. They say things that aren't true about the enemy, what they consider the enemy, Republicans, conservatives. They use the DOJ and taxes and stuff to try and silence us. They try and get private enterprise to do censoring. They're the party of the KKK, Jim Crow laws. They're just evil. I don't understand how any Christian who knows anything about them in their history stuff could ever claim to be a Democrat. I just don't get that.

And I'm not saying that means Republicans are okay because I'm neither one. But the woke stuff we need to be aware of, and I can't tell you enough about COVID. I did a lot of research, written about 30 articles on COVID and masks and everything else and stuff. And just say this, I'm glad I never got the vaccine.

I'll just leave it at that. Yes, and I have been severely injured. The 27th of September was a year from the booster and it nearly killed me. And I would like to know if you have any thoughts on why Nuremberg-type trials haven't begun.

Wow, that's quite a jump. Nuremberg trials only worked because we had good people. We don't have hardly any good people anymore because everyone's doing what's right in their own eyes. Think about what's happened to our country. Men are beating up women in subways. People are robbing, going into stores, ransacking and robbing. Murders are up all over the place. The border is wide open and the morons in government say, oh, the border's secure. We have a guy who's senile who can't hardly be trusted to articulate anything.

Kamala, whatever you want to call her name, does word salad garbage. She and he are embarrassment. The prices of everything is going up. In fact, my wife and I were just talking about it this morning. I bought mustard. The mustard is watery now.

The things that we buy, soap, everything is getting smaller. And the stupid dems, they're the ones who are behind this and causing all this stuff. It makes me mad, particularly the border thing. I'm just rambling now. I used to live in San Diego. I used to live in San Diego.

I learned Spanish enough to be able to work because you had to have a lot of Spanish to deal with the population coming up over the border and dating. It was just the way it was. Anyway, better get going, buddy. Hey folks, for Open Lines, we want to give you a call at 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everyone, welcome back. If you want to give me a call, three open lines, 877-207-2276. Let's get to Ted from North Carolina.

Ted, welcome. You're on the air. Hey, Matt. How are you doing? Doing all right, man. Hanging in there. All right.

What do you got, buddy? Thanks for taking my call. Listen, I wanted to get your opinion on Christian meditation and how it is distinct from New Age meditation. I've been reading a fair amount about it. You read that in, I guess, more New Age meditation rituals, sometimes people report contact with the spiritual realm, which us as Christians are strictly prohibited from that. I think even from a scientific perspective, there's definitely value in meditation so much as you're sort of stopping your mind. And then there's the meditation world.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. There's value in stopping your mind? Well, I mean, it's like slowing down your thoughts, right? Slowing down your thoughts.

Okay. So part of the occult... Being present.

Being present. Yeah, all these are New Age kind of concepts in terms. They're creeping into the church. So the idea of slowing down your mind, emptying your mind, stopping your mind, these are all dangerous. These are all cult things. This is exactly what you induce in yourself when you're trying to contact demonic spirits and forces in the spiritual realm.

I know I used to do this. The New Age movement is involved with this. We are never told to empty our mind in Scripture. Never told to slow our thoughts down in Scripture. We're told be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

We're told Romans talks about this, Romans 12. Our mind is to be active. If you want to meditate, which is okay to meditate on the words of God, that means to think about those things, to think about what God has said.

You know, you could take a Scripture, for example, a psalm, or two or three verses out of a psalm and pray through them, where you pray about what it said and, Lord, please apply it in my life. Please teach me, and you're concentrating in your thinking. Just stay away from this evil of emptying your mind, closing your mind, slowing your mind. Whatever you're in your mind, it's occultic. Okay? That's interesting.

Sorry, just one more follow-on question. So when you say you used to do it, is this like a past life, like from prior to being a believer? I used to do this when I was an unbeliever in the occult, when I've seen manifestations, I've seen demonic manifestations.

No drugs, no sleep deprivation, no alcohol, nothing. I've seen stuff materialize. And what I would do, and I can tell you the whole thing, one of the processes is doing exactly the things you were saying. Okay?

Got it. And you're saying that's squarely in line with the occult practice, where you're letting it, demonic spirit. Where does it say in Scripture anything like empty your mind? Where does it say in Scripture slow down your thinking?

Nothing like that. It says meditations of your heart is to meditate on the things of God. You meditate on His Word.

You think about what He has done. That's what I will do sometimes. A great pericope to study to do this is, Philippians 4, 5, and 6.

Actually, 6, 7, and 8. For example, be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. See, that verse right there, you could sit there and repeat it, not like the vain repetitions of the Roman Catholics. You could repeat things, and you can work with the verse and say, be anxious.

Okay, what does this mean? What does God want me to know about this? What does it mean in everything by prayer, and what is supplication? And in thanksgiving of all these things, my requests be made known to God. You know, be made known, does He not already know them?

What's going on here? You think about these things on a particular verse. You meditate on them.

You go over them. This meditation is the opposite of what the New Age and the occult are teaching, and the idiocy that's being used to creep into the church through Christian yoga, which is a kind of meditation and emptying, which is bad, or the idea of practicing the presence of God. That phrase is used of emptying, quieting, focusing on something. You might as well focus on your spirit animal.

It's just kind of a thing. You find these occult practices in TV shows and movies. You calm yourself. You empty yourself. You get into a physical body position, and you just meditate on an object, a particular thought. You just let your mind go.

This is occult crap. Okay? Got it.

That's super helpful. Thank you. One more really quick question on the occult.

I promise I'll stop. That's all right. Is Halloween part of the occult? Well, it depends what you mean by Halloween. Halloween when your five-year-old daughter dresses up as a fairy and goes door to door and gets a little candy, is that occult?

No. Is it occultic when on October 31st the people who are into Satanism and Wicca and various things use that date and Halloween as a means of extra occult connection, then yes. So is Halloween overall an occult kind of a thing?

It could be said to be, but then we're not bound by that. We're free. I have no problem.

When my kids were young, we had Christian groups, and on Halloween we would go over to their houses and we'd have candy hidden and things like that, or we'd go to a church and have trunk or treat, and we knew everything was safe and the people were there, and they would dress up in little costumes. It was fun. So it just depends on what you're doing, what the reason is in that context. Got it. That's very helpful. Thank you. All right. Okay, man. All right.

So where were you getting this before you go? Where were you getting this stuff about emptying your mind, slowing your mind, slowing your thoughts, all this stuff? Well, I guess I've been trying to read material that is not – man, I know it's all based on sort of New Age, but I was trying to read more material that purported itself to be medical teaching, like psychological, these are good practices for mental health, that's what they say, and I've always tried to weigh that against the biblical teaching, which is very implicit about any sort of connection to the – If you want mental health, eat right, exercise, get sleep, lay off of sugar and lay off of alcohol, because these things – sugar is very detrimental to your health. Alcohol has problems if you take too much – a little bit of sugar, a little bit of this, and that's okay. And the reason I know about this is because I'm 65, my brain's slowing down and I'm taking steps to maximize whatever I can to be as efficient as I can. And so I've researched a lot of stuff. I take vitamins, the first thing I do in the morning is get up, I take a large glass of water with – I put plant-based minerals and stuff like that, take some vitamins, a large glass of water, because it's good for the kidneys, it's good for the body to cleanse itself.

I try and reduce the idea of taking in any sugar, reduce the idea of alcohol, which I might have a glass of wine once a month kind of a thing, exercise, sleep, there you go. And then for the other part, read the Psalms and see what the Psalms tell you to do, okay? You'll be fine if you do this kind of common sense stuff. Okay, buddy, got to go. Hey, folks, 4 Open Lounge, why don't you give me a call? 877-207-2276.

We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Welcome back to the show, everyone.

All you got to do is give me a call, 877-207-2276. Elijah from Pennsylvania, welcome. You're on here. Hey, Matt, how are you doing today? Doing all right, hanging in there, a little tired.

Just a slight bit of irritation today earlier for some unknown reason. And then I calmed down and relaxed, and so I'm doing okay. That's how I'm doing. Good, good. I love answering questions like that. People say, fine.

No, I'm going to tell you. It's a lot of fun. Try it sometime. See what people do. They look at you like you're a weirdo.

Okay, what's up, man? Yeah, I want to know what do you think about Revelation 6, the first seal? I've heard several interpretations of this. I think the most popular one and the one that I'm leaning more towards now is that the first seal represents the Antichrist because he's a writer on a white horse.

And when Jesus comes back in Revelation 19, he comes on a white horse. So the argument is that this being is mimicking Christ. So what are your thoughts on that interpretation?

It's possible. I've not studied it in depth. And Revelation has always been kind of a, oh, do I really want to get involved with it? Because it's like an infinitely deep well. There's just so much there.

How far down are you going to go? And so I think it's possible because we do know the Antichrist is going to mimic Christ. He's going to mimic a wound and a mimic or actually be resurrected.

We don't know. But he's going to have a wound on his right eye, his right arm. He'll probably be homosexual. These are some of the prophecies that are there. He might be a Muslim, too.

There's some thought about that. But he'll come bringing destruction. And the Second Seal talks about war and then famine and death, which makes sense when the left of wacko morons get in control.

That's what they do. They leave terror and harm and destruction in their path. And also, I've seen some very striking parallels between Revelation 6, 12 through 17 and Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. And then I also saw that Donnie from the Standing for Truth YouTube channel also makes these connections as well. Are you aware of the parallels between these chapters?

I'm not sure I didn't like that. I wouldn't be surprised at all because it says the Sixth Seal, terror, earthquake, sun was black, just like it was talking about in Revelation 24. So, yeah, there certainly seems to be a connection. And it says the stars filled the sky to the earth as a fig tree casts its unripe figs. That's interesting because a fig tree often is representative of Israel. I don't know if it means something about Israel and what's happening that Israel the nation will be shaken, which could get into the issue of Magog coming down from the north and the kings from the east, along the dried up Euphrates River to come take a spoil out of Israel. Maybe there's a connection out of there.

I don't know. Then the sky was split apart like a scroll. What does that mean? And every island and mountain and island were moved out of their places. So this is talking about an incredibly huge global event. So maybe the earth is going to shift in its access. We're talking about this kind of thing, a wobble, and there's going to be a correction. Who knows?

Yeah. Maybe it's going to be a comet's going to hit us. Who knows? An asteroid, you know? I don't know. Or maybe Pelosi becomes king. Who knows? Or queen, I should say.

That would do that too, you know. You can tell I have no respect for the Democrats in government. None. I think they're evil. I'm just saying it flat out. Okay?

Yeah. I recently became a Republican after my eyes were opened to the history of the Democratic Party. And I also learned that the majority of Republicans actually have Christian values. And when I watch Fox News, I see them sometimes show Christian commercials about them talking about Jesus. You never see those at the commercials on CNN.

No, but you'll see mockery of the things of God on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. I only watch a little bit of Fox, and I'm not all impressed with them in a lot of areas. But I watch Newsmax, but even watch some other ones, which I forgot a name. I just go to it on Roku.

And there's some lesser known ones, and I watch that. But also I think something good to go to is the Conservative News Pro on your phone. You can get an app called Conservative News Pro.

It's like three or five bucks, and it's worth it. And it brings together a lot of conservative thought. And there's also the Israeli Times, which I'll look at every now and then, and epic times and things like that. We need to be informed. You cannot trust the media. You cannot trust the government. You can't trust the feds. You just can't trust them.

You can't. I mean, think about it. Biden, he's senile. And Kamala Harris, well, she's approaching senility.

She can, you know, she doesn't know what she's doing. And why is it they're not, Biden's not being impeached for what he's done? They impeached Trump for stuff that Biden has done in the way he accused Trump of doing what you didn't do. They're hypocrites. They're liars. They're the party of the KKK, of Jim Crow laws. They're the socialists, that socialism wreaks havoc everywhere it goes. They're just evil people.

I have no respect. And as far as the Republicans go, most of them are rhinos, you know? Yeah.

Anyway. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? A rhino is called Republican in Name Only, R-I-N-O, rhinos. And I saw a really good, clever comic just a few days ago. It had the jackass, which is the symbol of the Democratic Party. And then there were two other jackasses with masks on, of elephants, resembling the Republican Party.

And one of the masks had a horn going through it, or something like this, I forgot to remember. And so, in other words, it's saying that the Democrats and the rhinos are equal in their hypocrisy and the lack of constitutional integrity. Now, the Democrats, I think, are just too far gone. And the rhinos, they need to be voted out of office. We need to get conservatives in there.

There's a lot of movement going in to do this. A lot of people are moving into politics on the ground level, they're going to move up through the ranks. And that reminds me, you've heard of, maybe, just so much lying. You heard what Italy just did, is they elected a woman. And I watched some of what her policies were. She's pro-family, pro-God, anti-government.

And CNN, MSNBC are calling her a fascist. And they're just full of lies, they're liars. I wish I had a TV show, what I would do, I'd have some writers help me out and say, we need to list out all this stuff, because I want to call them liars to their faces. You are liars, you are hypocrites.

You get in office after you say one thing, and then you do another. You are liars and deceivers, and you're evil people. And you take care of your own, and you don't watch out for the people you've sworn to protect, and you don't uphold the Constitution.

You push socialism and woke agenda, which you should never be doing. You are liars and hypocrites. They need to be called out for what they are, I would say it publicly. And I'm surprised that a lot of these guys and girls, some of them do, men and women on the air, will call them out on it. And here's the thing. In November, what I'm concerned about is the midterm elections are coming, and it looks like the Dems are going to get their rears handed to them all over the place.

Wouldn't it be interesting if there was somehow a necessity, an economic this or that, so all of a sudden, hey, the midterm elections are now suspended. I wouldn't put it past the leftist whack-a-moron Dems for this. I have no respect for them, none. And Republicans, just a little bit, well, let's put it this way, I have a little respect for them. There are some good Republicans, but I'm not a Republican.

I'm a constitutionalist, so independent constitutionalist. You can tell. I'm just mad. I get angry.

I see the border open, and I know what it's like. I lived in San Diego. My wife's car was stolen. My car was broken into. I go places. People aren't speaking English.

I remember once, I was working in a hospital, and a woman came in, and she's pregnant. And I asked her, how long have you been in America? Eight years. You speak English? No. Who's this man next to you? Well, that's your husband. Are you legally married to him? No.

Where's your legally married husband? Don't know. Well, is this man sitting next to you the father you're pregnant with? Yes.

Is he the father of this child sitting next to her? No. How about that child? No. How about that child?

No. Where's the father of that child? I don't know. Is he the same father as this child? No. Where's the father of that other child? I don't know.

This kind of stuff was going on and on and on. They come in, and they don't want to learn our culture. The ones who don't. That's bad. There's a lot who do come in, and they're great people.

This is why we need to have legal immigration and not illegal immigration, because then you can't do what's necessary according to the law to filter out the bad guys and the stuff like that. We want them. It's just frustrating. We'll be right back after these messages, folks. Please stay tuned. All right, welcome back to the last segment of the show. Yeah.

A little tirade there about the condition of our country is going downhill. All right, let's get back on the air with Elijah if he's still there. Yeah, you are. All right, man.

Where were we? Yeah, we were talking about politics, but I have another question. Sure. Did you get to check your email yesterday when I sent you the video of the man's testimony? I think so.

I remember seeing an email, and the guy bought NDE, right? Yeah. Yeah, I saw it.

Haven't looked at it. I got a sermon I got to prep, and I got a Bible study I got to prep, and I got to do two hours tonight answering questions on Clubhouse. And I got a meeting tomorrow working with some stuff on advertising, on Cloudflare, on ProtonMail, on all kinds of stuff. Yeah, I get a lot of my plate, that's all. You're pretty packed up. So yeah, I just haven't looked at it. But yeah, there's just so much.

I'm not complaining. Man, there's just so much to do. I'm looking at my government outline, and it's only 24 pages of information on government's totalitarianism, socialism, republic, oligarchy, which I go through and I write out what these things are, research them, get documentation. And so I got so much, I got to expand that. There's just so much to do. Yeah, I mean, there's a lot.

Oligarchy, look at all this stuff I got to fix, Marxism, oh, man. That's just the government stuff. Anyway. You want to look at that Bible verse that I had gave you yesterday right before we had got off the phone? What was that Bible verse?

Which one? Proverbs 7, 27. Her house is the way to Sheol descending into the chambers of death. That's just metaphor. Proverbs is poetry, as is the Psalms and their songs. So the thing about this is, when do you say something's literal and figurative in these two contexts, in these two books? It's an honest question.

It's a legitimate question. It doesn't mean that we can't believe literally what it says. Often what is happening in prophetic literature, it means actually what it says, often, but sometimes not exactly. There are metaphors and similes used. So I'm not sure what the case would be here, but it talks about her house. Let's see, therefore, my sons, listen to me and pay attention to the words in my mouth and let your heart turn aside from her ways, and that is, who is the her that she's talking about?

I'm looking at the strong lexicon, it says that chambers means room, innermost, or in the word part. Sure. Yeah, sure. Sure. But we can use literal words in poetry.

I wrote a poem, and people don't know this, but I write poetry every now and then, and one of them, I have a tree where the wind is blowing through the leaves, and the leaves are scraping against each other, and it's the trees clapping their hands, and you hear the trees say, shh, as it wants you to listen. And these are real words with real meanings, but they're used in a context that don't intend to convey literalness. So is that the case here? I'm not saying it is or isn't. So her house is the way of sheol, her house, who's the her? And what house is it that she's speaking of? Is it the prostitute?

Is it foolishness? Because I'm not sure what the context is. I think it's the harlot, yeah. So the prostitute, her house, well, that would make sense, you know, the prostitute's house is the way of sheol, descending into the chambers of death. So her house descends into the chambers of death, well, obviously there's some metaphor there. So, you know, I'm just saying, you know, the chambers of death, does it mean there's literal chambers? Maybe. Maybe not. How I interpret the verse, I interpret it as saying that, you know, if you commit this sin and don't repent from it, that's where you're going to end up in the afterlife.

That's how I look at it. So then let me ask you, do you have to repent in order to be saved? I believe so, because Jesus did, and I believe... Okay, yes. The answer is yes. Okay.

It's a question, it's a trick question, okay? Is repentance compliance with the law? Is repentance... No, we're not honest about it.

I didn't ask that. Is repentance compliance with the law? The law says don't lie.

If you're lying and you repent, you're complying with the law, right? Right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So there are questions. Do you have to repent in order to become a Christian?

Do you? No, I don't believe so, because Jesus did come as you are. Okay, good. So the reason we repent is because we're regenerate. God grants us that ability to repent, but our repentance does not save us, because repentance is ultimately compliance with the law of God. We're not saved by our compliance with the law. We're not saved by our repentance. But we could say we're not saved without it either. We've got to repent, but it's not the repentance that brings us salvation.

I just want to make sure people know that. So sometimes people will say, you've got to repent and believe in order to become a Christian. Well, what do you mean by repent in order to become a Christian? Stop doing bad things and start doing good things to become a Christian, then you're back under the law.

So it's a nuance that I try and clarify with people just to make sure they're in the right track. We're justified by faith alone in Christ alone. Repentance is something we need to do, but it's because of our regenerative work that we're able to do that, but it's not necessary for salvation. But those who are saved, it's part of the result of being saved.

Okay? What do you think about Luke 13.3? Luke 13.3 is great.

I like Luke 13.3. Now let me go look it up and see what it says. They kept silent, but he took hold of them and healed him and sent them away. Okay.

Oh, that's four. Sorry. Verse 33.

Jesus answered and spoke to the lawyers and Pharisees saying it is lawful to heal in the Sabbath or not. Is it? Yeah. Okay. So what about it?

Are you there? Wait, wait, wait, wait. Is that the right verse? Cause also I saw Luke 13.3 was the verse where he said, I'd like to repent, you will all likewise perish. Yeah, I typed it in wrong. I didn't even check, but yeah, I tell you, but unless you repent, you'll always likewise perish. Right? Uh huh.

And always look at the context. Now on the same occasion, there were some present who reported to him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with the sacrifices and Jesus said to them, do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all those Galileans because they suffered this fate? And I tell you, but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish and yeah, you need to. Yep.

Absolutely. See, but repentance is not what brings us salvation, okay? Repentance is not what brings it to us.

The blood of Christ cleanses us. Our faith justifies us and repentance is only capable, only able to be done by those who are thus indwelt by God and regenerated. The unbelievers cannot repent of their sin because they have no mediator of the new covenant and they do not do things for the glory of God. Their sin is ever before them. Oh, they can have changes of attitude about varying degrees of evil that they might do, but the unbeliever does no good.

Romans 3, 10, 11, and 12. So repentance cannot be a good thing for them because they don't do any good. They don't repent and part of repentance is the change of heart, mind, and attitude about certain things, but they may say, well, I need to stop robbing those banks and then they stop that.

On a human level, we'd say that's good. On a divine level, hey, it doesn't help their status one bit. They're still lost and they're still damned. For the Christian, he doesn't repent to become a Christian or stay a Christian. Repentance is the work of God. He grants it to us, 2 Timothy 2.25, but we often and actually do have a change of mind, metanueo, repentance, change, mind, metanueo, and so we have a change of mind and attitude, but that can only be accomplished because we have the mind of Christ now because we're indwelt by God, and so we have a change, and so therefore we're able to repent, but the repentance is not what saves us or ensures our salvation. It is what is the result of God's work in us. Important nuances. Should we repent?

Absolutely, yes. Sometimes people take what I'll say and I'll take a segment out and say, see, Matt says you don't have to repent to be saved. I didn't say to be saved, I said in order to become a Christian or maintain your salvation. That's what I say. That's different. You must repent to become a Christian in the sense that repentance is part of what it is to be a Christian, but it doesn't make you one.

It's concomitant with the regenerative work of God. People often don't understand the nuances and the differences, so that's what I'm just telling is to get a little more precise. Okay? Okay. All right, man. Good stuff. Thanks for those conversations.

Hey, call back any time, Elijah. All right? Okay. All right. Well, God bless.

All right. Nobody waiting right now. We've only got a couple of minutes left in the show, maybe three at the most.

Oh, two minutes now, so it should be online on Clubhouse tonight, and that's a phone app, but Club Deck is the computer app. I look for my name, just do a search, and I do Q&A usually for a couple of hours on Wednesday nights. Tomorrow night, I'll be teaching a Bible study, and this Sunday, I'll be going down to preach at... Oh, I remember what I was going to say. On Saturday, what I'll be doing with Saturday. I'll be going down to preach at City on a Hill at 11 o'clock. I found out the service at 11 p.m., and so if you want to check it out, City on a Hill Provo, Utah. It's a church. But I'll be at this Saturday, which is, because today's the 28th, and so this Saturday will be the first.

Oh, look at that. It'll be October 1st. I'll be with Bill McKeever at the Utah Lighthouse Bookstore, and that's in Salt Lake City, and it's down the street just a little bit from the baseball stadium. I don't know the exact addresses. I just don't know how to get there.

Bill McKeever, he runs Mormonism Research Ministry. He and I are going to be there for about four hours from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock, just manning the tables. We just blab. We talk and stuff like that. If you're in the area and you want to come by and say hi to Bill and myself, all you've got to do to find it, you can look up Utah Lighthouse Ministry.

That's easy to do. Or if you know where the baseball stadium is, once you come off the freeway and you go up and you turn right near that baseball stadium, just go down the road a quarter mile and on the right-hand side, I think it's, let me see, let's get my head on straight, facing north, it'll be on the south side of the street because the street runs east, west, west, west. And so, it's a small yellowish house that's a bookstore. So Bill and I, anyway, no big deal, I'm just blabbing. Bill and I will be there this Saturday from, Lord willing, from one to four and stuff like that. You want to come by and say hi. We'd love to talk to you.

All right? Because he's on the radio, I'm on the radio. Come by and say hi. And it'll be that. And like I said, I'll be down in Provo, Utah, preaching this Sunday, 11 o'clock at the church in the city on the hill, or city, city on the hill, city on the hill, city on the hill. Thanks for what it is. Anyway, God bless everybody. Oh, and by the way, Luke will be doing a show on Friday and probably on Monday as well. May the Lord bless you. God bless everybody. We'll see you. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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