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September 28, 2022 4:00 pm

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September 28, 2022 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Did Noah have to bring fish on the ark---2- Is there a contradiction between Matthew 11-24-25 and Ephesians 2-8-9---3- Does Genesis 3-8 reference a pre-incarnate Christ- What about all the mentions of -the angel of the Lord----4- In Genesis 33-11, how did Moses talk to God -face-to-face- and live---5- Why did Jesus speak in parables---6- What does it mean to deny yourself and take your cross---7- Matt discusses the parable of the unjust steward in Luke 16.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is right. Throw a look at what it McCall five open line 607-207-2276 if you want to watch the show. All you did was go to Secure your room.a wardroom right hand side you will see the link is selected first to watch it sit here in the studio. Also, back to the office and if you like to chat with people is a chat room thereto as well. Okay, no get this so harm the website used to get oh 5060 70 80,000 page views a day. Page view is when someone comes and looks at St. one page and then go to another page and looks goes another page of history page views for one person could do three pages or three people could just look at one page each of the three pages so you sent a page is accessed and I've been keeping records on this for I don't know how long 20 years 25 years and so lately we've had a change in technology lately. See the traffic is increasing drastically since were really encouraged about so the articles the information is going out a lot more and I were grateful. Praise God for that. And so did just a little something to say thanks you know for leaper support in which reminds me now, in my opinion is that it is me. I really confident in our government. In my opinion I think things really get worse and before they get better as the recessions here so but nevertheless right like to do.

I need like to help me don't like to accept that I need to at least you to let you know that we could use your support if you want you want to consider supporting us at five dollars a month. It's not pretty much. If you would kindly consider that all you have to do is go to CRM.O RG, and on the square foot/donate one on the homepage that was also the bottom left look is/donate to set things up in this we ask five dollars a month because it would be helpful if we get to enough people all we need is 1000 people doing five dollars a month and that would actually cover what we need Melissa say because the accidental type as we need is not like we're out there doing helicopter ride send a free trip to Disneyland or the like that.

I haven't even had a raise in five, six, seven years and so is good thing that Medicare and Social Security from is coming up in a while, so that'll help out, but nevertheless we do have missionaries and if you are so interested and so inclined. Please consider just five dollars a month you can stop anytime you want to go to't think that will be great. Let's get to Google from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome your near it. There doing what no love. I suppose some fish did, but I don't think it was a necessity for know what you have fish on the ark. There you thing your is okay because you know in the end the Z categorization that is used in the Bible and overwhelm his Concerta finished we call the mammal people say see it does even though the fishes of Bibles this rock know if it categorizes a pizza has a word that uses all those things swimming in the ocean and that's what his word is we just translated into fish. It does mean that they were wrong, it just means a translation issue.

They didn't have as defense a definitive categorization techniques that we did so out of that we do now, so I wail for example wouldn't be needed on the ark killer wipes away right but remember that the work. Thank God for everything that the breath of life with God. Right now you mammal money could include insects include microbes to see what is it mean by the breath of life. That's the question that is a breath of life to do plants have the breath of life. I would say not what they are alive so little fish. I don't see them as having the breath of life either. So undoubtedly, there were fish that died just as normal things die normal situations, but I don't see any necessity of any fish being the only work items (okay, well, well, thank you okay great deal from good question. I never heard anybody and every body me though I think about it and I will not do a thing if I knew it meant ICR Institute for creation research.

They discuss this stuff so you should decide saltwater fish versus freshwater fish and they have an analyses about that the same because of the flood was a flood of fresh water from the skies. What about that would give the oceans would mix good cause fish to die. Well then there's some adaptation issues that would be worth discussing it. Like for example in Nicaragua there are two lakes like Managua and are freshwater sharks are actually sharks and they live in the lake how to get there right but like the quote came from the ocean, go ahead.

But you know that for sure what that would do down here in Ocala they found a blue shirt from the ocean and dictate your bread with the mouth from the ocean. I worked yesterday. Can they are questionable do that.

I read lots of stories of sharks doing that moving upstream quite a bit you out okay well thank you and God let the public harden on their donate will appreciate that thank you got that about goblets Rudolph preshift with my mouse on my screen. There we go for large monitors and mouse is lost all right through the lines of what you may call 8772072276L from Georgia.

Welcome your near that bag.

Thank by great birds. Read Matthew 1120 verse 2125 though with me the way. So Matthew 1124 25 was more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the digital good for you is your father in heaven and earth, so I'm not sure what the problem is because it's just the issue of Capernaum and the miracles and people were rejecting the miracles across is performing. He condemns them is even some of the more seamless so not sure how it will about about right, but the 80 know not all that you know you not go if you don't deny your daily Bible work… Jesus is saying that every single day with the dues is to see daily. But when we see every single day with you in the hospital. What if your recovery from sickness or surgery. This account will know what he's doing is he's talking about the issue of of regular it's mostly daily and normal situation you're supposed to be living for the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's all that he's talking about. Okay the Lord be your great understanding.

Is everything okay okay okay that I'm not I'm not understanding you okay it's breaking up his noises and not able to understand you okay so call back. Maybe get their connection.

Okay over our stand. All right hey for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to William from North Carolina, William welcome your near Lake. Anyway, I would like to ask you in 38 is the Lord appearing in the garden walking in the garden that a bright in the Old Testament yes pre-incarnate manifestation Christians guess okay and I'm just going to act in general like in general.

In Genesis, when able sigh when lot is joined by the Lord and or the angel of the Lord, I believe it and gone.

That also Christ is in the context I don't have all of those instances memorized so I can tell you, but there is my question anytime there's a anamorphic and anamorphic like Israel, struggling with Angel didn't get that Jeep within the Oka yes.

So Jesus says that gnome is arresting the father John 646 and Paul in first Timothy 616 in the context of sin that the father was in unapproachable light of no man has seen or can see is not possible possible see the father is Bible says in Jesus and sponsors in the father.

So who they sing in the Old Testament while they were not seeing God the father. But the worse and God Almighty because we know that from Exodus 6213 were God spoke through Moses said to him I am Yahweh, and I peered Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty so he appears in his other versicles to you or he appears that the Holy Spirit manifests in flames and land and things like that so that's the topological manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Never in a humanoid or cold anthropomorphic form and says the father can be seen.

That leaves out two out of the three ones left. That's a pre-incarnate Christ simple so you okay no going back. You create my version in the American Standard version Jehovah God called to the man where art thou thou Jehovah God being the highest name of God, saying that she would be if they click what John 11.

Would you agree with that. Absolutely okay… That's really where art coming from because I was being where in the beginning God created heaven and earth, and the spirit was moving along the surface of the earth and thought going okay. I got God I got there and then Jesus John 11 13 to their then we got the Trinity right would not be correct in saying that he now depends on how you want to go with it now so you think about this writer is known as the Mormons were mighty listening.

They heard the sound of the Lord God is actually in Hebrew Jehovah Elohim, and that's what is Jehovah's Elohim is 60 to the break who was in the focus for the lines of seven mass like why call 7707, lines 877202276 all right musket on the air back again with William from North Carolina. Welcome back on okay were talked about the calling Christoph endings okay there hello.yeah yeah I'm here.) Yes, I can Sony's little bit more about them. Okay because it's really an interesting study actually when you go to Genesis 3, the one walking with Adam and Eve was a pre-incarnate Christ and he is the one who instituted the gospel totaling galea, the first mention of the first idea and aspect of that gospel message was instituted by the pre-incarnate Christ because Adam and Eve send and they hid themselves. They covered themselves with fig leaves and the fig leaves are a symbol of their own efforts of their own work and are done in sin, and so what happened is the gap the Lord pre-incarnate Christ the Lord took away those fig leaves and covered them with animal skins.

The implication is that the animals were killed, sin entered the world through one man, Adam, Romans 512 so soon it already just entered and so there was death coming and so do you know the Bible does not say that the pre-incarnate Christ killed an animal which I think is really interesting because I don't take a risk here no one dies in Christ's presence in the pre-incarnate Christ.

I don't see any instance where anyone dies and so I think this kind of a thing is carried over to the idea of animal sacrifice, but I do not work, but nevertheless, so the idea is covered with animal skins. Probably an animal died in the process of the 1711 says without the shedding of blood is no forgiveness of sins. So there they were covered up by the work of God, not by the work of their own hand.

This is really important because this is the first mention of the gospel concept of justification and salvation by the work of God, not by us, not by our works covering ourselves with our own works, combined with what God did, because of false doctrines are in all kinds of churches teach that you're saved by your faith and what you do your sincerity in your goodness before God blessed us exactly what Adam and Eve are doing to cover themselves with fig leaves and got rejected, covered with animal skins.

The shedding of blood, and without the forget is that without shutting… No forgiveness of sin. So there we have right there in the garden, the pre-incarnate Christ instituting the gospel message in the garden and forget in the garden is where Jesus sweat blood and was in prayer with the father as he began the atoning work getting what he to accomplish atoning work as you want to disseminate okay just one of the points. Interesting follow-up every yes I like to follow up with their dark 3328, the you cannot see my face granola make the knee and lit his right verse 11 3230.

I'm sorry and 3311 described Moses seeking to God, Satan, faith that was he speaking to Christ.

At that point. So the Trinity comes in and aids us so annexes 3320 cannot see my face for no man can see me and live all right. So who's speaking unless what's interesting because because you can't see my face, but nine versus earlier in verse 11. Thus the Lord used to speak to Moses face-to-face. What is the phrase face-to-face meeting means personal encounter means personal encounter. So I've done research on the phrase face-to-face.

It does occur, I think 11 times in the Bible or spoke to you face-to-face at the mountain in the midst of the fire and the Army 540, wait a minute. It wasn't like God had a face so it's an expression of personal encounter right then and there. So when it talks about God talking to Moses can understand GSX is 3311 but also annexes 24 nine 211 it says Moses and Aaron may Devin have a who and 70, the elders of Israel went up and they saw the God of Israel, and under his feet. There appear to be a completeness of sapphire as clear as the sky itself, yet he did not stretch out his hands against the sons of nobles of Israel and they beheld God thinking they drink good numbers chapter 12 verses six through eight, after Miriam and Miriam and Aaron were a little bit irritated that Moses had married a Cushite woman she have to be black. It still is #032, but that's not the issue either upset because is not a specific Jewish lineage. The kind of thing but Eric so God says here know my worth as a prophet among you I the Lord I Jehovah will make myself known to him in a visionary dream but not so with my servant Moses, he is faithful in all my household with him. I speak openly and not in dark sayings and he beholds the form of Jehovah.

So Moses saw God, but it cannot be the father because Jesus says in John 646 N. everything the father. So what's going on.

We know that the Trinity is father-son Holy Spirit. We know the Trinity is eternally existing so when we see annexes 3311 God spoke to Moses face-to-face. It doesn't mean that God has a face.

The Mormons us again as a phases of got a body flesh and bones, 6 feet tall and NS that was going on here so what it does say annexes 33 20 is you can't see my face right. But if you read the context he says he put them in a rut between rock and in the glory God passed by him was going on is looking like rain and with what looks like is happening is the Lord is what the Lord is communicating with them not in a physical face-to-face manifestation which would be Christophe and he but in another way of communication as in Moses being face-to-face with God in the burning bush, and so the encounter is right there so you cannot see my face for gnomic see me live so God doesn't have a face so why is God saying that because the face represents the personhood and essence of what a person what someone else as you see them. He recognized and that is not to be between the father and the son of and be the father and and people so it could be fully things out in NC which would stick to the wall with the father is speaking in one context and the sun is speaking in another pre-incarnate Christ vision. It gets complicated, but these are something to think about for decades on these things and I go to other versus a trip talk about this to, but now you answered my question. Bless you and what you do and take out their fingers. The court appreciated him by the way, William on-call arm is an article just look up the plurality study plurality study guide: right now all right because there is a go to this a lot in there with more versus all right got out suck you again. I'll fill you in their bed by Douglas Smith. All right, hey, let's get to the break. So what can we say the hour you call 187726 mass Y call 770-7776 was good to remain from North Carolina were a welcome here. Yes, I can hear you.

So we got hello I'm I hear you.

You hear me okay. Oh, I'm fine by God's grace question. I was randomly lowered and cabinet at knowing it is fairly talking about randomly and commonly called and a conundrum of comparable those one leg usually date the head.

Never mind will hear you talk about it or remember your Nextel appreciated. Sure glad to be really need to stop what he's doing and he's a stop attacking reformed theology, causing division of the body of Christ in his ignorance. He's been corrected so many times and do not live in person and is nice guy but he needs to to stop doing that is causing problems in the body Christ that P90 did you have a public debate on this issue deal with, but nevertheless so this is a typical thing to what Jesus said in John and Mark for 10 to 12 ask him why he speaking in parables.

He says to you has been given the ministry the kingdom of God but those who are outside get everything in parables, so that while seeing they may not perceive it will hearing they may not hear and understand. Otherwise they might return to be forgiven.

So why would he do that because the T station parables specifically so people will not be forgiven will wait a minute. So what latent others will say is okay if someone select or not elect.

And why speak in parables are not well for one thing, I speak in parables because only those were given the ears to hear, in the eyes to see by God because God grant that they believe Lukens 129 and not his legs as God grants to opportunity to believe that's that's what he does he change the text.

I know he doesn't talk to about it flat out changes and alters the word of God, stop doing that so what happens here is Jesus is speaking. Now he's God in flesh. If Jesus commands something because he's God will occur. So he speaks in parables, so that the nonelectric won't hear that command they won't come because not chosen by God to be saved is perfect makes sense because if you can speak in an absolute truth that you need this you need that you need that. Okay then there you have the come to faith, but there's the non-elect.

So God has ordained that the hear or grant that grant that faith to them seductively, so he speaks in parables to hide that from them. That's all's going on okay okay I remember hearing the thing that you remember everything I you welcome.

I wish he would stop what he's doing. He you know there's so many people who attack reformed theology and in my opinion they just don't have a good grasp of what it is mostly and they don't understand how to respond to things like this. I'm sure he's been told this answer before and you insist it's ridiculous merely thinking, are you okay Douglas all right Liska back to Alberta from the place. So okay buddy strike against their connection is okay. Thank you letter to us what happened.

My question again is it represented saved by faith through great invasion and then the bird out of the Romberg… Matthew 16 verse 2120 oh if I'm faith by my faith alone, in the first 16 Matthew 24 in Matthew 16 is not talking about being saved. You talk about the disciple. I know, but the verse 25. Faith lead acid whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, never loses life recycle find you.

He's talking before his crucifixion is talking with the discipleship issue in the cost of discipleship and you lose your life was mean salvation is a salvation or not. He was a want me to go to salvation. Does it lose your life it wishes to save his life will lose it never wishes to lose lose his life for my sake will find what you mean by that these talk about the cost of discipleship which is severe and to be Christians today don't understand that cost and I'm messing I got down but I'm telling you a lot people don't understand it means pick up your cross daily and follow after him and because of says Matthew 1624 and if you were to which you keep your life. You think he's saying look at it which it is really doing is a look and understand something you can follow me. Are you willing to follow me even to death. Are you willing to where you want to keep your own life as if you're not to follow me, even to the point of death that are not worthy of me.

He wants complete and total commitment. That's the level that Jesus is requiring of his disciples of his people.

This what we have to seek for and strive for in our Christian walk.

And so sometimes I wonder if someone held a gun to my head and said deny Jesus, what would I do. I can't tell you what I would do jointly what I hoped I would to as a teacher in college Rod Rosenblatt well known Lutheran guy when someone asked him in the class, Prof. Prof. Rod if someone held a gun in your hand to your head and said deny Jesus, will be due in the room went quiet and he thought from you said finally said if I deny Christ is because of my sin. And if I don't is because of his grace that it was a perfect answer. We don't know what to do, but the but the whole idea. But back to what Christ is saying is to follow after him to follow after him means to risk your life even if that need be. Not every single day, but you need to be willing to be able to give up your life for the Lord Jesus.

And that's the idea. If you give you that grace should it ever be necessary to actually happen then that's just between you and God naturally was going on there so I you and you don't thing I am at my church we are saved, but by faith is great and I was that if you don't deny it when I have right now by your reaction. Your response at the moment right now. This is a complicated topic because someone could easily take those verses and say see to earn your salvation.

You can lose your salvation because if you don't follow him not to be a disciple lose your life eternal life could say that civil is that what is teaching pollutants doesn't say anywhere that you lose your salvation and he's not talking about losing salvation. Talk about those who wish to come after him, must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me. And so that's what he saying deny yourself and that's what's going on honey, making it for today are taking more material welcome. They got thinking all that did not deny them the right of the heretic and little Kenneth Copeland heretic Joyce Meyer heretic. There's a lot of heretics out there who are teaching false doctrine that God wants us to be healthy and wealthy and things like that.

They don't send anymore.

You know when and the false doctors at your teaching and they've the reason they succeed is because the Christian church is ignorant largely about what the truth is they don't preach picking up your cross and follow after him into darkness, into danger into a long life of service to a sick family member or working well and hard in a job by you providing for your family or doing the things that are necessary for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ in difficulty but no they teach us anymore and in the Lord was telling me.

Blah blah blah.

And God wants you to be healthy and wealthy because people want to be comforted. They don't know about that cross upon their backs and the splinters in the wood and the roughness and the weight of that cross it as you move it rubs up against your body and injures you and Jesus pick it up and come after me because what he saying is deny yourself. You gotta be willing to deny yourself and whatever station, whatever place you are in the pastors who Satan nope does not weep as we doing want you to be healthy. Jesus wore designer robes that she heard him say it in the foolishness the filth that they teach, and if part of the apostasy of the Christian church. So with Jesus is saying is talk with the cost of discipleship and is a severe cost.

That's what he says. Many will say to me that the portal prophesying to make it work, etc. is good with you.

Where's her home revenue as of right now we got it all alright hey folks, wide open lines, five lines going to be calling 777657707 back to 276 you know I was thinking about something Richter the usual parables, and I thought what I would do is teach on the unjust steward at Luke 16 one through eight. The unjust steward is where Jesus praises a guy for his dishonesty for real well and was read it and then I'll go through and explain it so that you understand what's going on because the parables are awesome that when the one person called earlier. Why did Jesus speak in parables will so people would not be saved.

But that's not the only reason parables are time bombs in the sense that they are messages and ideas that need to be taught and understood and if you think about them and you learn through them that the really deep now this is what Luke 16. Now he was also saying that to the disciples. There was a certain rich man who had a steward in the steward was reported to him as squandering his possessions and he called him and said to him, what is this I hear about you give an account of your stewardship for you can no longer be steward and the steward said to himself, what shall I do, since my master is taking the stewardship away from me. I'm not strong enough to dig. I am ashamed to bed.

I know what so that when removed from the stewardship they will receive me into their homes and he summoned each one of his master's debtors, and he began saying to the first, how much do you owe my master and he said 100 measures of oil and he said to them, to him, take your bill and sit down quickly and right 50. Then he said to another and how much do you owe any said 100 measures of wheat, he said to him, take your bill and write 80 and his master praised the unrighteous steward because he acted shrewdly for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light is not interesting to go through this and explain what's going on because believe it or not this is actually a very interesting parable that when you understand the context in which going on and a little more. Which of the text. The nuke, it makes sense so this is a rich man and twitter steward or a manager's way of saying it and he said to squandering his possessions and understand the culture to a rich man like him would owned a lot of land and what they would do is to parcel out the land to different people who would live on the land have a dwelling on it with their families, that would work the land and then they would give a certain percentage of the produce of the land to the landowner and then they would keep a percentage for themselves so they were able to produce for the landowner as well as their own selves and their families and provide and so in this sense, everyone was winning nothing is a steward or a manager is someone who was the go-between between the tenants and the land owner.

The landowner wouldn't do all the business personally. He would hire someone to go out and do all this you keep the records you go talk to them because you got to go from place to place over this area of land and then he would have to keep records and who did what, but turns out that the steward is a bad guy. Now the landowner doesn't know if he is risen. He says what's this I hear about you is hearing it give an accounting of your management for you can no longer wants to see the facts of a manager is in trouble. He said I would wish. I do my master's taking management away from you.

I the strong with the dig. I'm ashamed to back so he doesn't have the ability to take care of himself outside of this job is got and apparently he's doing some bad stuff you understand something.

This steward represents the landowner. This is a critical comment. Okay I know what to so that when I'm removed from the management people will help welcoming their homes and he summoned each one of his master's debtors, and he began saying to him. The first, how much do you owe hundred measures of oil, said take your bill quite right on 50 now also the the steward. The land manager would also work on behalf of the land workers.

The tenants in the land and he which communicate is there will order desires of their issues to the land owner who then make decisions and then the steward would carry them out to the steward was in a sense a mediator between the two and he would talk from the landowner to the people and the people to the landowner so if the steward came to the land to the this the people who live in the linear work in the land. Workers and he said look how much you owe half. One of the things that they're probably going to assume is that he negotiated a deal with the landowner on their behalf because the landowner is not involuntarily do that they want their money and the rich were often oppressors of the of the four so that all of a sudden he steward knows that they are going to think that he negotiated a deal with the land owner they're gonna love the steward thing is that you're a great guy that he knows this right and he said to another. How much do you owe any said 100 measures of setting take your bill and write 80 out this what's interesting in the master praised the unrighteous manager. What why would he do that but here's what we could acted shrewdly assess what was going on in the record in the culture of the reputation of the landowner and of men in general was very important, particularly if you had a stature of ownership of land ownership. Whatever was that you had that gave you stature in that culture. In a time and so his reputation was very, very important to be a man of integrity.

Men of honesty, etc. now people to be thinking: sec people to be thinking that the land owner approved of and or initiated, the, the merciful idea of reducing the debts so the people who work in the land don't know if for sure if it was the steward's idea though. It's probably can be one of things really think Orth was a landowner's initiation, but probably not that this matter now would like to be doing these workers are to be rejoicing single landowner approved of this. He's a great guy in the steward. He's a great guy to let's have a party let's rejoice now what happens with the landowner find out about this which you can do a I want every opinion what they owe me anyway. His reputation now is sullied because now he is been caught with a steward who was lied and Reppert misrepresented him. Then the landowner got busted by the failure of himself to know this guy was good or not so his reputation would be sullied dirty in the landowner in the steward knows this. So he's counting on the goodness of the landowner in his integrity say okay when you're smart and in private room.

You know you say you are smart. Okay, I can't say anything because if I do then I want to look bad in here.

You look good while you're out here anyway. So you gotta go now.

What's the landowner to do the stock and the steward he gets to go out there and he's got a place to go because now the people take another home that you work this great deal. You say this years of work and years of data. Whatever now, he says, and his master praised the unrighteous manager because he acted shrewdly for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light in which Jesus saying he said look, the people of this age is in this age is corruption in sin. Things like this.

These are the unbelievers there more shrewd and how they work with her and with themselves than the sons of light. He says in verse nine I say to you, make friends for yourselves by means of the wealth of unrighteousness so that when it fails, they will receive you into eternal dwellings.

Now this is interesting because this what Jesus says. He says make friends for yourselves by means of the wealth of unrighteousness so that when it fails, they will receive you into eternal dwellings. What you talking about eternal dwellings you talk about salvation here and people say you know what when you come to Christ. The only way to come to Christ is with sincerity, not because you're afraid of hell because that's not you. If it helps. That's not true salvation. If the health of the trust in Jesus is not true that people say that this man here. The unrighteous torts as I don't want to be caught. I want to be in trouble. So to take care of it. Jesus and right now is even saying in this parable in Luke 16 one through 90 saying, look is a clock you have got to understand what the nature of eternal dwellings are is so serious that you better make sure you get you better make sure that even by means of unrighteousness here you get into the kingdom not he's nothing by deception a hook and crook what he saying is look at how they are looking all the unbelievers are there smart and you sons of light Jews-getting it there more shrewd than you are. And by the unrighteous is that they have and they get in. That's okay.

He's not saying you get in by deception consoling to Christ is not what you say it is. Think you need to pay attention of how serious an issue this is using the Jews in the sons of light and you even have this you even know you don't understand how serious this is better wake up as we say this parable is a fascinating parable when you understand the context of culture. It opens up you all. I can't. It's not that Jesus was approving of wickedness or deception when he was approving of laws is of parable he invented and he came up with and what is teaching is you better make sure that in the afterlife. You got good place to eternal dwellings as we sing, even if it's a shady way. You gotta make sure you're in a two important and that's the point he's trying to illustrate using you're not shrewd you're not shrewd and to the Jews because her self-righteous and so this was going on.

The parable I love the parables is a parable to me are magnificent teaching opportunities and I love teaching on them and I love preaching through them and a lot of times people don't understand the cultural context and their little gems like that. Like for example the good Samaritan.

So when the good Samaritan comes and finds this victim is unconscious and naked.

The reason that's important is because of these unconscious you can't tell where it's from by his accent and if he's naked you can't tell where he's from, by his clothing so you don't know if he's good guy, bad guy who or what he's just a person and the Samaritan takes care of the Samaritans were hated by the Jews, so this could be a Jew Samaritan could be someone else could be Egyptian could be Syrian could be a Jew right there with this, he took naked and unconscious is significant, and are so many things in my favorite of all of these accounts, the cultural context is the woman who came into the place where Jesus was having that dinner with Simon the Pharisee, she let her hair down. I love love that whole story because of the greatness of what she did in the light of the failures of others. It was anyway, there you go. And that was interesting. Less by his grace back on your tomorrow tonight of teaching on Romans one that out/calendar of lesser voting. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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