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September 28, 2022 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 28, 2022 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses online conversations with Muslims regarding the Quran.--2- Was David and Bathsheba's child punished for David's sin---3- If a believing family member sins against me, do I still confront them in the Matthew 18 way---4- What do I do about someone in my church who supports the transgender movement---5- What does it mean to have the mind of Christ-

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33. What is three God scans Allah as God right it wouldn't answer and they came back with this convoluted stuff about logic and answer.

You don't really amazing to me to hear this is a lot is just wrong to say all is 1/3 of three when there is no all except one Allah will three Allah's numbers are three dollars of one Allah. That's what's going on in the text, and they would even admit that. And these are supposed to be Muslims who know the Quran and then it really got interesting. I could insert a 42 which says that a that if there's any discrepancy, the Quran and is not from Allah and and they said no, not in its many okay so if you don't make the much discrepancy are many discrepancy. Is it okay so is one discrepancy okay just one and actually one of them said no so good right because so it says if you hit will even ponder on the Quran if it had been from other than that all I would've found therein much incongruity okay and the. The other was a fitful version. The use of Aleve version had been other than all other would've found therein much discrepancy so there's any problems then is not from Allah.

So I said okay let's go to Sir 86 Alexi's 20 680-452-7657 is a good listener, a target with numbers mixed up 86 567.

This would assess not let man but think from what he's created is created from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone of the ribs. So I said look that you notice what the Quran says man's seed comes from his chest and they said no it doesn't. It cracked it up because I said is is proceeding from between the backbone of the ribs where's the backbone of the reps you know where it is and they were trying to say man man trying to say that the low-lying area is between the backbone of the ribs and said that it is this that you know they were trying to say the backbone of the ribs considered a vertical area that encompasses the entire body heads below the everything and actually thought about that before was wondering if any Muslim to say that they did and so I said so the loins, or between the backbone of the ribs. That's right there in between down low bidder reminds me of wacko metal and so just theologically sold in my head is between my ribs like I backbone is that when the drop come from to you. Just like no way. It's so bitter guys was a www.PA and I think it would be silly ribs and remember accurately put it was quite an interesting discussion that I had with these guys and me. You know it is this what happens when you defend a false teaching a false god of false gospel false everything and was really bad and the Claiming victory. Honestly, Victor hate going to give me a call 87720722765 lines are never there was any debates in online tomatoes and onto computers in the same account and we had this debate was arranged and when I did forget what year I member this site. I'm in under a laptop and I I've watched computers in the house was computer tech for years and so when one computer is me and then another computer decision, alias just listening right and so I had this debate with his Muslim guy and I answered, I think was every question except one or two and I couldn't answer because of time ran out and wasn't able to address it wasn't that I was I couldn't. It still didn't answer because we rented. Time to move on and these guys connect with the bit was over.

I left based listens on the other computer and it was amazing because they were saying how I couldn't answer a single question and how my opponent answered every question which was not true. I mean, it was no way it was true and I was actually sitting here listening and laughing because all my goodness, how deceived are these guys wealthy believing in Allah and Mohammed in the just shows how deceived you are so anyway it was a was an interim discussion I had before with him on estate and teach about the karate renowned and going there with the Muslims because I need to practice. The practice to be able to see what arguments are getting use. I put in my file and no answer ready. Hey, but look, if you want to give me a call.

We can talk about whatever you want to talk about, 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you give a call all right. It was fun for me know if there are other things in the chronic you talk about fact that we have no callers waiting. I think I will.

I think I'm to do some more.

Let's see, this is what it says answer roof four 171 it says so the people of the book Written reference to the Christians commit no excess in your religion or say Obama but the truth, Jesus Christ the son of Mary was no more than an apostle of Allah and his work which he was married a spirit proceeding from an SSA not Trinity exist, it would be better if Allah is one Allah.

It's either to go. You know, the Quran gets the idea of the Trinity wrong think it's a plurality and it's not of God, because it would say all is one Allah God is what got me Satan is what God is what got so if it makes a mistake and up we are talking and I said to so don't say that Jesus is.

It is divine or anything to say he's an apostle that only I said the funny thing is, John said John the apostle who worked with Jesus and new Jesus. He wrote that Jesus said unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. We had a Muslim who got on and said are you saying that I don't believe he's gotten I'm going to hell yes Jesus, unless you believe that I am, you will die soon and I went on leave it or not. They were client is weird and I went on and I talked about the deity of Christ and with the Jews went to John 1030 were Jesus is on the father but it works the father of Shawnee fortuitous account for saying that I said did the Jews think that Jesus was God. Of course I said Muslims do agree with the Jews that he's not God, yes. Anyway, here's a summary think you talk about but hey if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 was good to Dave from Salt Lake City, a debacle I always known Megan in her no big deal. We got so come here in the great dog that believe in evolution and maybe yet to be your time of them got… The arch like they logic involved in this, you draw by like all time. Again, I don't not they like.

Are you and will be like God a lot then and futility. Yes, it is my question so I guess my question would be is there why when you're trying to get through to something on sale at some future that it's okay to lovingly move on.

Thank you state the obvious, that they don't get it.

I mean, obviously.

Now we want yes, I guess the reason yes there is a point when you just say were done just to feed off your shoes and you will forward. There are people who no matter what you tell them they're going to reject the truth because God is not open their hearts and minds to Muslims as teaching or talking with today. They just have no capacity to understand the truth because God is not granted to them in their lost instructor while you're sick, they were just done talking on the Getty first with your voice so had to say like four times repeating ourselves on skill about you and I say look look look good party going over this like your buddy can handle it. I say luckily going to be behind the cafeteria for school talking like my child. It's ridiculous. So now I say is move.

Although I often appreciate your heart, not including you fight the good fight we find enough any that are willing to let the men that we can help lead them to that's that's the goal you want to find Jesus is God blessed and that was Dave solidly I'll be down there in a couple weeks down in Provo is a you call five lines 877 why call 77077 we had a bit of a problem, try to figure things out. Maybe earth on their not know but that does happen sometimes and obediently working out. Let's get to camp in North Carolina can welcome here.

I did all right mangling her.

My question for week two primary work definitely sexy thing about it says as often as you come together, they meet at different times. Complete rises, so I don't see anything that prevents it so no it's fine's instruction at the morbid Yahoo it would be traditional to be tradition of the pupils do for very long, become tradition. I think it's fine to have a children's service away from the adults.

I prefer most children know. I work it out. Don't be going on but blog by it incorporated in the art that the Knoxville art as you look at the gate from restaurants is not specifically stated in Scripture as something to do, but is not prohibited by Scripture either. And so, in what was called regular principal and regular principal or to dream views, you can do whatever the Scripture to do anything unless Scripture says don't know the one says you can only do the Scripture tells you to do and so I like the first one you can do your free disability don't violate Scripture deliver can't have liver, liver my thinking that what will God bless yeah I like the idea of children being outside the service of because the parents in my experience different churches don't keep their children under control. Sometimes a little play had hit things over and over again and it's very distracting. The parents don't seem to mind. And so for that kind of stuff. I think you take the kids out there are cyber to a couple churches where the parents of kids there.

They mind and understand all kids can do something here and there we get that, but the most part I have been to churches where the children while they but minimal. What I can't enjoy the service I was like what is saying in the next to be some kids hit in the book, thinking it so it bothers I can't. I can't listen is what it is.

Let's get to Mark from North Carolina. Mark welcome your thinking about that but obviously right and I thought you did a great job you did you and I would not 1040.

This is what Peter is talking to water that they should not be baptized with the Holy Ghost just but that was not that there is not yet right mission was to bait cellular but younger to me without with that Patrick dictates acts 1044 to 48.

The cross reference it with acts 238 is next to 38, baptized then you receive the Holy Spirit. The next 1044 to 48 they receive the Holy Spirit. Then they were baptized. So I asked people is a will which was the right and as if there will is only one writer both write such a trick question which was right one and they fall for it. Though this was a right.

What also Scriptures the Cardiff itself you know so stuff like that you're eager to quickie Debbie slick you don't quick and slick so is good stuff you did a great job… Right quick vinyl middle why you know that you can't really give that's why if you notices of the debates I have with people that are less the same thing over and over again. And because I find that people don't want to answer the questions and speak I can ask questions of people and want to do that is why I think I should be on interrogator for the people in the Senate, the Congress of because I know how to add a question also that's wrong and I know how to ask questions. I know how to get an answer out of it. I wouldn't tell Linda Hamby Pam be all over the place. I got no hatches specific question.

The answer is either yes or no affirmative that was the answer and then I would make it so that they hated my guts when I walk in. Oh yeah, it's right, brother, I'll call me for six weeks for two hours once a week and I tried to get me but should be back to what other commandment mainly all the company you break one on the thing about merely of course not. This is why it's necessary to what I do is I take notes when exiting the computer, usually discussing things to take note of people with a safe and I will actually write out a question as her talking and think okay that you're saying this in writing the question related with her saying so that I can literally read the question back to them over and over and over again, and this little do I need to do that to because this like you said you go for hours and they will believe it is because are brainwashed. So what you have to do is get through the brainwashing you could ask the same thing over and over and over and over again would all sometimes do like you, but affects 1044 to 48 assay acts 1044 to 48 say that over and over and over and over and over again so they memorize it because that's what everybody I may God bless Mark all right for the line to 072276] mass.

Like why call 77072 seekers from Idaho eight welcome.

I'm on your right arm yes you are you all right Eric David Bakula, baby baby died and I want now was not the end of the father was a child but the father ask a question and I guess we have to look at what what is a punishment who was being punished. It was David obviously being punished. The punishment was he lost his son.

Does that mean the sun was punished if anything we could say that it was a blessing in that the child would enter straight into the presence of God without having to go through stuff and risk not being with the Lord. Since David did have a problem with the sentence so it's a matter of perspective on how we were to see that David certainly lost his firstborn because of what he did with Bathsheba and so there are consequences for our actions and David broke covenant and got punished him for breaking the covenant requirements of faithfulness to God and his people, so he was punished another color queen you got two more botanical had been a question I do that I don't, it might be more of our last it again. You are we and their fellow Christian to confront them in a loving way when it are stepparent like there's an authority.

Yes you can. If that's what it is. If it's you know there's a lot of fun just got a gray area here. If it is just getting half of whatever situation and bringing it up might now you adultery.

Well then if you claim to be Christians if they claim to be Christians and you ignore the elders of the church and of their connection.

Talk to them about it and go through the process.

There is what I would say right right writing you to think all right. Let's get to mode from Utah all right welcome you and I am not, how are you kidding me coming from. My having your children, we feel it is okay with you. I like should have that big on me right. I'm not bragging for my Maggie though, and you know why the only fitting question.

What do you have to pick them down the black church because that's shut down hyperlink to have that people what you and Mike were never a learning chart chart you learn. Walking will out right but would be thinking something I try. If you have your thinking check and then something happened that crying out even when everything comes back to church.

Many have called them know what you know how to get that check after the date in high they know they would be did Nick one know how to get in their little so I agree that that I like the idea of children thinking church. I think it's a good thing for them to experience what's going on and that that's wise. However, my complaints in the complaint of a lot of people is that parents aren't aren't minding their children in churches so that the children then become disruptive of others, and that's the problem, and it's the parents fault.

Occasionally, kids can actively get that, but generally speaking, the parents have bought into this so you know John, you told to stop it until just a little to stop it, and eight of 15 times in the could learns not to trust with the parent says because a parent repeats himself sometimes and is no consequence action so the children learn how to become disrespectful and out-of-control in a church environment and so they ruined it for other people and someone like me who's got hearing problems. I can't process too many sounds when focusing on this new sermon. If there's a lot of distractions of noises of children. I can't. I can't pay attention.

I have to leave the complaining and whining is just a just a problem. I have and so not able to to do that some little more sensitive to that than most. But still, even my wife who don't have that problem agrees to go to churches and we can even enjoy the service, because somehow the children just out-of-control the Pearsall to the care you seem to care using like you got your kids under under good good control. I got a question for you what your accent like your accent what is it hate crimes would have a quick barn church and David Asher looking not behaving comfortably and it took my right that the going to go but it would yup I can relate to that. We had a group of people. When I lived in San Diego that like-minded parents and each parent could discipline the child of another parent, but under indirect circumstance wasn't just casual. It was under right to cumulative the always go to the parents first and if you don't think like it and it was really good because the children minded and never fine with find it really was fine (frail and I many people have been Wendy is laying on it. I go. You ask your God, yet is wide enough to be the Provo area will be done on March 2 preaching and something in a city on a hill in Provo where you are and you told it was no big deal, but some life you want me to say hi and I would yup by the latter not filing from global okay you be in San Diego and okay so I looking then PM bombing hologram and Miley and I thought Mike that got okay yeah I got a friend in Sandy and I stay there and it's good in Provo.

I preach and things like that sounds nice. Okay around can't think if I think in my a thank you for calling X at Eric all right, let's get to Matt from North Carolina met welcome on the third line question way it it. I've heard a man the other day about with the crane and come to the point that they realize that they have the empathy they think that the and they're going to want to come back to work that the noise that quail whale they repented and they came back but edit and we have all that old you hear me, for you broke up a little bit but I'm sorry to have Democrat sitting in our current that are helping the thing up and it things like outfit outfit off deal about it. Well, in my mind can assure you I know what you're asking you sink Christians were Democrats is a problem is I would agree on saying that I do agree weekly and as how do I deal with the person that is a Democrat in the what I would do help the air. What I would do is go to Carmen and look up history of the Democratic Party and there's an article there and you can print stuff up and you can point things out.

The Democrat party stands for support, KKK, abortion, homosexuality, and socialism. Christians should not be supporting old folks we write back after these messages, please state why call 77077 welcome buddy here in short by I would like to build up, not the whole terrible thing filled homosexuality and I believe that I think one would get very aggressive in my heart rather the more white chin up with. This is the foundation for what I'm trying to say you that with me being Mark Bennett possibly dying sitting there holding the Democratic Party helping people and being in you know we we have here is think the When you talk your Christian friends who are misguided enough to believe that the Democratic Party is actually good party. I don't support to the Republican Party. Either they're just not mainly rhinos, but you just get the documentation that supports homosexuality, abortion is socialism in there. The party the KKK there. The party that so developed the Jim Crow laws. It's all document and I would say to them. Are you aware of the history the roof. The history of the credit party what it stood for and I'll say one thing that she would have to visit Democratic Party is my opinion is full of liars flat out lying deceivers because with the do is they take someone else's problem or to dethrone problems that they created them, blaming other people for it and they accuse everybody of racism accuse everybody of wrongdoing whenever the guilty party. This is been well documented Republic from the Democratic Party and you should get the book. Saw Wolinsky's rules for radicals, but you don't have to get it but could you could go to website and I've outlined the rules for radicals book, you can just read through and just a couple three minutes with the basic principles are in this book that is used by people to force a culture and a political culture system to change so that they can get the minority to be in control and, for example with homosexuality. What you do with the procedure was was to cause it to be talked about. No matter what, always get it in the public eye. Do whatever is necessary to the public eye because people become desensitized to it once they're desensitized that you start protesting making demands and wants to get used to that you keep pushing and pushing and pushing and now it's getting to the point was I missing for years. For example, the Democratic Party in the end, the Provo sexual old to be teaching the alphabet Mafia stuff is going to become the oppressors of Christians. This could become oppressive derivatives and if you don't approve of homosexual marriage.

Now your guilty they have no tolerance or full of hypocrisy.

These are the kind of things that you can point out are they trying to feel make it a hate crime to Mary.

If you don't Mary homosexual. I don't know if that is the case, I just don't know what I haven't heard the documentation yet seen it that she tried to and I Stu Epperson he put that ad out here and suck to check that out. So I want to verify that I am able to discuss with students. It's hard to find stuff to find an outlet you all the great thing and I will look into all the thing. Create a weight belt 11 way and also really bitter. I think you can go to the Checketts Let's see if it forwards what I wanted to forward Teresa does and it talks about what is socialism and of the 45 goals of communism which you might want to get into as well because in those 45 goals will see that the Democratic Party is working and to do the successful absolutely and ever. There is so it's it's just pathetic. In fact, you make a comment here that is on that a genius but I know what it means to think critically and I've noticed over the years that fewer and fewer people, particular those who are young, fewer and fewer to think critically. There are some who can, but I am amazed at how in incapable so many people are of of understanding basic facts together and they vote and the vote because there is a mouth breather's note whatever the whatever the is a liberal news media says is simply the truth hate they don't think this is too much of a problem here in America. Our schools have been dumbed down so that critical thinking is not to be done. In fact, my wife did the study on this.

I didn't know that she informed me that in the 1800s people in order to get into college took their entrance exams I think will tutor in Greek or Latin to get in the car while and I think that's really accurate and so now that that's impossible he could do that. This is impossible to not being taught were being done on to be led well now not, how they died and they don't go alone and try to find out call home won't make them pay. I'm not going. I'm not looking for will admit that everything I wanted and and and I think that the defection that they all have now it would lead from note that this is the Mary now we don't even know what it is like youth is not liquid now they look up during the goblet right. I would suggest folks to go to the current website.

Look at the 45 goals of current communism look at number 17. Get control the schools used in this transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda soften the curriculum good control teachers Association split the party line in textbooks infiltrate the press get control of book review assignments, editorial writing, gain control key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all form of artistic expressions eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them censorship and the violation of free speech and free press break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV present homosexuality degeneracy promote promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy infiltrate the churches infiltrate to be the churches and replace revealed room religion with social religion discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which is not needing religious crutch limited prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of separation of church and state discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis. I can go on and on. This is what the 45 goals of communism marks you should read them and see how many of those are in effect now. This means our country is going to fall. Christians wake up because once it falls to come after us. Okay.

At a Sunday morning door in your church or your house didn't come from okay it's good to see. Boy oh wow from Louisiana luckily on their boat. You both own joke. Oh, I can see all of the letters I close the top segments of them so I got wrong. Okay who have not yet I'm in Louisiana out. I was listening to you talk about critical thinking, and I get family beats to critical that I wondered what you thought about people that had the mind of Christ that needs to be godly crisis to put Christ is his position of Lordship and as good as God and for us to be humble and servants of the Lord reaching out, being kind and loving, truthful things like that you will. Jesus calming. Paul wrote impulsively that he had the mind of Christ I believe. So let's see mind Christ and it occurs in first, it is 264, who has known of the mind of the Lord that you instructed, but we have the mind of Christ and that's only place that I see it in the NASB that occurs in perspectives 260 you don't find a lot of people with the mind by coastal people with the mind of Christ are like.

I am there.

There into God and their being revealed things by God that could that be a good bit limit for it. The builder my well I'm not just say yes or no because the phrase only occurs right there without broader context for multiple usages. I can't determine with much accuracy exactly what that means. Generally speaking, the mind of Christ would be to emulate his teachings and his attitudes that will be the mind of Christ will we have the mind of Christ not believe that the ugly teeth, indicating that they were might be a possible profit that have been filled with the Holy Spirit and that God oh the human cake. Like I said the phrase is not used enough in different contexts to narrow down what it means. So I don't say this is exactly what it means. Isaac generally see what it is the right me yeah but they could mean I think you are as critical thinkers. You can be gleaned, it could mean that the that have the mind of pride have the spirit of God in and there in communication and their want it to that cadet. Not sure because we see possibly happen when people talk like that generalities there's yeses and those that go into aspects of what you're saying. I like to say well this possibility with this custom.

So the doctor said the frameless only occurs once that I've seen in the NASB, and I can tell you what it means exactly who will tell you that way. Thank you for letting me okay anchor that and I am going to go make clear Louisiana check with you and God bless both you think you call all right is mojo from Louisiana Alex, your medicine call back tomorrow. All right hey folks, we already time the Lord bless you beyond the clubhouse tonight. Questions must

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