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September 20, 2022 8:05 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 20, 2022 8:05 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Do you think Psalm 11-2 applies today---2- Matt discusses his recent experience at the Boise pride fest.--3- Did God cast Lucifer to earth or was there no earth yet---4- What is the significance of the east side in Leviticus 16-14---5- Matt further discusses the LGBTQ movement.--6- I work at a job where I evaluate people in their performance. I have to go and pretend to be a customer. Is that lying- And what should I do---7- I was invited to a UPCI church. How should I navigate that-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why five open lines 877-207-2276 and on the last four digits of your CAR room does Christian apologetics research ministry card networks – the website and go check it out there if you want of the car better work people are asking me hate that I paint and the talk with second list of what you may call 877-207-2276. No I did not take no for those who don't look at means you can Ashley watch me do the show in a studio actually expense in office and the so well yesterday put some soundproofing up and it turns out that they can have all this was muscle color so I put it up just as a background so that makes people battle of the nicer. I hope course and the only hope I could get my friends tell me man face for radio so it's always was good so you can tell if you like the new Outlook lighting in the background you like it or not. Already folks look like what you may call 877-207-2276.

Yesterday we had on her Johnson from the Mormonism research ministry and we talked about his book introducing Christianity. The Mormons would you get on Amazon and Christian

I do recommend you check it out on earth for 30 years and is a godly man is a great wife and Terry if Jerry for listing wave and he's these next run Mormonism so he knows so much.

These are the guys he and Bill McKeever a call up and ask questions that I have issues that need to get to. So do I give a call for open lines 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you so we just jumped right on and just get to chalk out from North Carolina on Chuck Chuck welcome but you on the mat late Acrobat Matt you know I love about our board worked out the right to not currently on the following on the file menu, I could send you what what 1111 agree about the glory.

What about the right now the right place for today yeah like the night and even I do the law and away we had our validate that our society everybody had a validate live on. You know the kind them. Generally, no, no, no, and copy that paper. I think that were floating in the air right is this phrase in the salt screen in the Angus judges and everyone did what was right in their own eyes and what follows, that is the destruction of the nation of Israel and then oppression from an outside ruler.

That's what happens. So what happening here when you're talking reminded me because I go into the virtual world Ivan oculus and I go in and I'll talk to people and cycled these varying rooms and some of them are quite hostile to the gospel message, and that some are hostile to be personally have a reputation for challenging people and so this I was in this room and this is one of female avatar and all the stuff said that associated trump, single forgets trump. I just said okay why I just was curious listening I don't know and she said oh, because putting people on Supreme Court who would overturn Roe V Wade that was real recent okay so that launched the conversation for us to get into a what's a human person what to tell you the room was full of people who then started attacking over talking excellent dog piling verbal carpet bombing not listening to reason not having a dialogue. They were rude and condescending and insulting were impolite when I would try and ask questions.

They would just attack this is this is what happens when they don't have a common foundation in God that a common foundation in paganism. When does what's right in his own eyes that reminds me what happened Sunday, which I didn't talk about because I could do that too at the Boise pride Fest that went on like a bright light was so yeah I went there I was in France on Sunday. Boise, Idaho, and one of the bodies was useful to film the camera wasn't recommend Ivan old camera.

I do need to get a new one a DSLR because when I have is 12 or 15 years old and any rate, so we missed some humor, some of the meek, big open of preaching that a big deal. But what happened was we went inside his place. It was shut. It's literally across the street from the state capital in a park and I understood that the mayor of Boise was there I went in. The music was so loud that I had to put earplugs in. It was incredibly loud.

And I mean very loud. It was just wasn't me. I my friends are going, man. It's loud it was just one conversation I had with a woman I had to get less than a foot away just to hear her because it was that loud but indirect. So obscure is the synopsis I had conversations with people in their corporations companies. Wells Fargo was there and Citibank will error in the state of this from the state of that was there I said hey you know the pride festival right and envies your flags in your booth as it sleep. You pride you pride about this is suggestible when you have pride about what would sit what about this. We are proud and they had, I guess I've been asked the question and so this will all you cut him and hotter than one person fun is about the diversity and equity here were proud of that. I said oh okay I think that's this noble some curious that your corporations do you have equity for the Christians and equality is tougher that you promote their studies. There their lifestyle do you promote that as well and they just stared at me and I said because it it's interesting because what you're doing is promoting a sexual behavior, sexual preferences, sexual behavior, and that's what you're celebrating and I think that's really interesting, and yet you don't promote Christianity which is equality in their staring at me and well, but I said we call that hypocrisy and so that I discovered a conversation about five times different booths. They weren't able to answer the auctions people are hot right then I went outside of the area and there were some Christians preaching and I joined in. After about 10 minutes and let's just say that the people that was preaching to were yelling, screaming one guy had a Bible. He walked out and onto the street. They surrounded him were yelling at him would not let him speak. They were yelling at me with that let me speak. They were full of anger and I can not even hint at what the vile things they were saying about Jesus. It was just horrible and I kept preaching and the foul language.

The hatred, the mockery the disdain and they would get as close as they could. One guy start putting some stickers try to put a sticker on me and on.

Chuck is a good way for me. Don't touch me know and I said that's assault. If you touch me not want that to salt this let you know don't do that you finally backed off before yelling screen okay so this is what happened Sunday and to Billy get much that on film thickness at the new camera. So him.

This is what happens when people do what's right in their own eyes just like you said, they don't have a foundation they don't have it in God and they learn to hate the light. They learn to hate, that's exactly what was going on now. Like you I was like you got that dark Nausicaa good like that.

Lord, convicting them in their and the lifestyle that are involved in it but what it really just really wicked and it was wicked and it so wicked that and that it may get convicted and they like crazy they come, I mean I don't know how I know man fell in bed. I don't know how exactly he didn't like my car with that you'll need that word that I don't know but gave up their dear with people who yeah yeah my back on. My very go ahead. I was sorry just to say that the festival was all about love and tolerance and they showed absolutely no love and no tolerance whatsoever. The hypocrisy was so evident and they can't see it because you don't have the right to speak you don't have the right to have a different opinion only their opinion is the right one and so they will silence you and try and stop you from speaking. This is the hypocrisy know hypocrisy is a form of lying.

You say one thing and do another.

You're hypocritical and this is what's going on, more and more in this country.

The foundation is gone foundation in Christ is gone, and was doing was right in his own eyes and for that you could just go on the web and you can do searches for assaults in the crime rates are going up murder rates are going up of people getting out of prison. It is as though there are people behind the scenes pulling strings to make our countries volatile as possible in order to maybe set out in the Constitution so they can gain control and when I was talking about this in our Friday meeting with our missionaries river Friday meeting car a few days last week.

They said the same thing is happening in their respective countries that that that in South America. In two different countries.

They are letting the criminals out. They are punishing the people who abide by the law. Homelessness is increasing their attacking Christians crime is on the rise, and the government is not do anything about and smile and say hello. I control the Lord will understand about the of the United States on their holy you know and that is allowing that not responsible, allowing it happen because of their own throat what they thought well that let the good thing they're going to have.

There is no more a all right.

Everybody will be right back after these messages, 87720777577077072276 all right if you want to watch the show. We want to do this is not a big building what they can do is see if my voice matched my face as most people say no it does not to check it out. Go to and on the right-hand side you will see the subnets of life.

All right, so I've been playing a little with the lighting. I'm just curious notable think in the room with a like it's all right and you call 877-207-2276 is good to Joe from High Point North Carolina to welcome your on-air law Megan in her more hanging in there, but I'm hanging in there for you or your mom mother would start a group the other day. Years old and came back and called me up study leader was saying that the best at what he was saying that God of heaven, and did not broke into our there was no and I've always been thought there was another for him to and I'm going okay that's it. We don't know. I a people that question before, I don't tell you because I don't know when it was that Lucifer was cast out of heaven. Was it before the universe was created or was it after the universe was created.

Some say it was after, and some say it was right about the time of the The Fall that many of you know I just don't know.

I've looked at it and it just as he was cast out, but doesn't say when does give us any time marker somewhere. So with that pastor's Bible soot leader said is with in the logical realm of possibility of the best of my knowledge this is true, which is one of the possible options okay okay but to say this is what happened.

That's a problem you know because Bible doesn't tell us when it happened. It tells us that it happened. So if I were teaching a Bible study. In this kilobytes a wealth one view is this one view is that when you whatever I said Bible doesn't tell us as far as I'm aware it doesn't say when this occurred before or after the foundation was laid of the universe and so I guys can't tell you and I wish I could but that's it. Minute site. The possibilities there you will find out later we get to heaven. Now our goals were that found that Seo like I forgot yeah it says in Isaiah 1412 how you are fallen from heaven will store the morning sun of the Dawn you've been cut down to the earth you we can the nation know, we could make a case in there that that's where he was cast down to down the earth when it came to heaven, you fall from heaven went down to earth okay is it literal. Maybe you've weakened the nations, but you said your heart. I will send to heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars also. The mounting assembly. I will send the heights of the clouds make myself like the most hot hi nevertheless you be thrust down to Sheol so it's certainly not. I'm thinking about it certainly would seem that if this is the, the district description of the fall of Satan, then it would be after the universe was made.

The implication well good I hope he does.

But I would just make sure you go to Scriptures, and in that okay buddy I already got I okay all right for open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to Chris from New Jersey, Chris, welcome you are on the air. Hello Matt how are you all right hanging in there and we got. I have a question about it, thinking 14 1614 moreover, he shall take some of the blood of the bowl and sprinkle it with his finger in the mercy seat on the side also for the mercy seat, he shall sprinkle some of the blood with his finger seven times. Okay my question is what what was the significance of the die to be and not the west side East is the rising of the sun. Also, the temple, the door you enter into faces east the tabernacle and faced east and the east is when the sun rises and it's a symbol of God in the light because God said, let her be like Jesus is the light of the world, etc., facing the east is the rising of the sun 11 commentary that I read talking about with the people we gathered for the temple, both at the time of the sacrifice of the all the people gathered on the eastern side and then the priest would come in at the end and make the sacrifice on the behalf of the people is that possible but again they be facing towards the east of the Aston these are the temple and and that's where the cadet for the door would be in the high priest would go in and move from East to West. Okay and if there any significant that the why the wet dog with not much. I don't know or anything like that. I don't think is an issue of not being touched. I think it's just because may be the issue. The setting of the sun and darkness and so there's symbolism in that and so they would want to stay on the east not the west because of the symbolism of the light of God in the darkness, things like that and maybe you Bible people often take a little symbol like that to make a big deal out of it and become the tradition of the comfortable practice area 11 theory that I read about that possibility that it would be at the western side where where you would like right came that it and fell before the father is back by that may be significant that would reserve for him. The interlinking down or something that that's where the sacrifice of all time with me. I don't know how much like there was from Ron Wyatt you familiar with them. No, no, I love you even want to guide the lien you have found the at the ark when he found it again.

He claims that when he found blood on it. Under Calgary that laid on the western side, and we sure of the fact I might, I don't believe that really barely found it open another man, but I'm just wondering if there something in Scripture that talks about the western finding reserve for the propitiation. I know it's so is a lot of factors in that study.

Yeah the whole thing becomes very interesting.

Life just a service. A lot of the stuff there.

So probably everybody is right, all right. Chris, thanks a lot. Hey, we have five open lines wide open. If you want to give you call all 776577077. My opinion is going to become even more oppressive. There something mothers obviously spiritual component to the idea of rebelling against God in the very nature of male-female relations that God has ordained and set up lot of people don't think of this lease terms but homosexuality holds BTQ is an attack on the created order of God and ultimately attack on the Messiah. The reason it is is because in the Old Testament exists. This intensity of sexual perversion that occurred in the Old Testament would have threatened the arrival of the Messiah by threatening the coherence and the genealogy to the Messiah's outcome in the nation of Israel, so it was in that context.

Ultimately, demonic attack and so people today they are serving their flesh for not serving God. They are raising their own ideas of sensibility of truth, morals to such a level that even God himself is to be judged by them as wrong.

Their arrogance is before them. Their foolishness is before them.

The pride is before them.

The judgment of God is upon the attack when I was doing opener out there over your preaching opener after outside the capital area capital Street. For those we might listing all the area I should talk to the judgment that was on them right then and there for their denial of who God was. There were only a couple places in the open air where they actually heard and maybe three, 2 1/2. This appellant's one of them was not what I said the judgment of God is on their hearts for the believe the lie and say I saw few people they paid attention to that. Another one was in their mockery of God, and I told him they've mocked God's judgment in their hearts for that as well and of course I preach Christ crucified and risen from the dead and it was it was a pleasure to be able to speak that I had to raise my voice over the music over the crowd yelling and tell them that they needed Jesus and that he needed to repent of their sins.

Trust in Christ because judgments coming die one day in her Jesus rose the defendant and gave that gospel message about trusting in him and I'm thankful for the acts that ability and that pleasure of privilege of being able to do that in a hostile world. When the light shines in the darkness, even the smallest of light can become a harsh reality to them and they want to destroy as you think about this if there was a community of people who lived in caves and they work their eyes and their souls in their hearts to become a custom to the darkness and are so accustomed to the darkness that if a light were to shine. It would be injurious to them uncomfortable to that's the case that's what I see we are called the light in the world because we represent Christ. Christ himself is that life because represent him. When we speak the truth. The light shines upon their sin and they hate that likely want to destroy the light because they prefer the darkness of their own hearts in the judgment of God is upon them in the darkness of their own hearts where they love evil. They seek to promote that which is ungodly and they mock the things of God, and they condemn and mark the very sacrifice a car. Christ himself, which they can be redeemed and this is a sign of the degradation of our society. A degradation of the hearts of so many people who hate the things of God because they hate the light that shines upon their dark hearts do not like what they see. So they suppress it in order to suppress that suppress you. That is how it works.

Let's get to Jan from Richmond Virginia Chan will Jan are you there hello hi Jan hi how are you glad that you harbor Charlotte, you are my light will call you with the question raised started new job I work for the people a long time ago and I gave evaluation of how people do their job and have to laughter them about and what I'm doing there, you can lie and write Jerry.

It's really been bothering yeah it started where will so able to. Are you able to give an example so that we can reword things are not lying but accomplishing the same whatever it is is an example of an old boss of mindset of phone calls coming in the half hour you want me to pick it up and tell the guy that he was not there. I said, but not can't do that because not true. It's a lie. I won't lie for you to submit a lie. I will say you're not available because he wasn't available said okay.

He said okay I'll go with that said, fine.

So there's an example of something. Okay, so now I'm not sure become going to apply Rob for single player, they are kebab light on or immediately or something like that lien from the get go. So you're going into a store to buy something now pretend about and not my just so I can evaluate how the people react to me if they say the right thing warm like close air all the so we so lying is something that occurs in the heart right so if your intention is to deceive the that's a lie.

But if you're going into evaluate how people do things. It's not Alliance is an evaluation right, but I have to tell them I'm out here actually be a cost that's a lie right you talk your bosses he can do the you know and you can't because not some that would all do sometimes when I want when I don't want to use my first name. I'll use my middle name is and so that's what your name and I'll say my name and I go in. You know and and I'm not lying, etc. not deceiving them is not name so I I do that, but the rest of it while I'm looking for two bedroom house I'm working for.

I'll be leaving on October the I'm not moving anywhere to say your ear so you are you not it's a lie so you can say something, I will outline I'm sorry what like I'm interested might just say things like, I'm curious to know how you how this works discouraged about things of gathering information.

I just want to know, just don't spin out. That said, if I work my going you need own a house thing or whatever it is you know considering how someone so sell something and I was there. I'm not a lie. You know, but I cannot say I'm here to see how things work was going on. Should I ever want to sell or buy. I want to have information which would be true right now I can follow you around, I sure wish I could. You should you want to be deceptive. Okay, but you don't have to volunteer everything either mean that you want to be deceptive that of omission. But if you want to evaluate how someone else is doing something in the ask a question, a new light of them need to stop that.

Okay so there are ways to get around things not trying to be deceptive and by not lying you shall do the same thing is not. That's not it. So if you go when you want to see how they do things using explicit I do things a lot so there's a lot more to it like an appointment at all… I think that what you told me I can get one of those little make it.

And, John's mom felt.

I felt like there are don't see anything.

Thank you, alright you welcome okay accomplished, all right we have for the lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 Alex from Orlando get a break coming up, but what he got what there is to brag about. So you after you take the right that folks after these messages, please let why call 77077 Alex Welch will be my you know it really helps if in addition, right before all the rest of the fuzz is gone is you just pour 7-Up in there with all the bubbles and then you drink and then you throw light on the rent roll my wife I'm at work called counsel you to free ride original most probably you and then he disappeared you some month monument just belches and you can do that like like that he didn't else did you hear that so yeah there you yeah though yeah I actually got to talk talking talking right now I'm count yeah I know, I mean like over the phone. Now you know anything okay I know so we yeah though I met the guys again and that he does the darling done a good garbage there and even your PCI I got an invitation to go to his church go yeah I want to go out on encounters like I want to ask your advice where websites will why do you wetsuits in a crash helmet you be fine. Don't worry.

So yeah I want. At about that you'd like yeah I want you can come and worship with a knife that will I will be worse yet-I will be worshiping with you all come to it and the third and I want to know, like when I'm in a reach out to more than a coffee and I'm in a good like yeah a lot of people from the headquarters will be there but how do you know when you want that service in Idaho you navigate that like it's going to be uncomfortable and it belong like with your advice with well they're not out to get you and not violent people are not condemning you find them to be quite young and welcoming, and you know if you were to drop something will help you pick it up in normal, decent people okay and you can find a level of exuberance that you may not be comfortable with that. That is right or wrong, but they tend to… Say become energetic so they can run around the church. They can jump up and down they can shout they can clap that within pastors and elders which is definite and biblical. They deny the Trinity tonight.

Who Christ truly is what is really done etc. so it's not Christian cult, but you will be fine and then afterwards just just talk to me. Just be careful how you talk to because you want to be offensive and all you wanted to say God and was the guy the rate of name slicks is occult.

I don't talk to you is not good advice you could give a quizzical abdomen. See baking soda don't describe them up discussion with dark look of article beguile you a lot your lot and I said that I bet you think I'm lost you any good, no, no, no, really not good no no no no I went for your loss. We serve the same God that everything, though. Yeah, exactly. And so were talking and I realized you know that they you believe in the Trinity, the lamellar in the Bible the word but then skills so neither the wording of the Bible. Yet atheism faces the Saddam looks like, come on, you know me and I would've asked her did you jump a barbell in your head or something.

You know, yeah, I yeah love you buried the grubby third-generation the very and I said what what about the sign and the father you know you think the gun was talking to himself in the garden. I got yeah I think you what they actually think that you think when talking to himself in the garden like that.

They know that.

Oh yeah, let them eat to give you pointers okay. The is the issue of personhood. That's it.

So what you do is when you have your cup after you go when you go to coffee find a place we can have a good conversation and you want to ask him what you think the Trinity is and of various things you want to get to the conversation about the person.

A person theologically in reference to the Trinity is, it will be use a term to demonstrate what we call the attributes of personhood, self-awareness, awareness of others being able to speak to you, George, me, mine, and so see that's what we mean by person Hilda okay and in the Ascom was Jesus a person is good have to say yes okay Jesus a person right in and how do we know he was a person because he had the attributes of humanity had the attributes of personhood he could say you and yours and me and mine. I have a will, not my will but your will and I think that's what personhood is right. Yeah Jesus a person right so when Jesus was praying to the father was. He was the person of Christ praying to the person of the father. This is where just listen closely you'll start hearing the wheels come off the cart. Okay because they can then with the generally do is say that the human nature was praying to the divine nature. This is called Nestorianism Pistorius taught the idea that in one body of Christ are two distinct persons now officially PCI statements are such that the the person of Christ has two distinct natures.

As one person, but they're very inconsistent how they apply that so you have to ask them save for the person into dependent how the conversation goes because her UPC are different so you say are you saying that Jesus was one person or was he to persons other than the saying it was one person, and he was God and man right is also yes so he was one person as God and man right. This is very important. One person as God and man. Hell, he should say yes and how do we know he was a person because he said I you yours, me, mine get a wills good love things like rent so that was praying to because of Jesus is a person who was praying to the plaintiff himself presented Jesus as a person praying to himself and no.


So then, are you saying that human nature is praying to the divine nature fell say yes then housing one person. This is where the problem is okay to huge problem now.

Also, if you go to phenomena look for it. See who boy I'm going back for exactly where I owe victory loop of the bunch articles back a few more pages and I wrote all his great job.

I'm told that it has had like a big open so he is a great asset to Carnegie really is all right so doing is looking for man this you think are.

I wrote papers in article I wrote and released to go backwards want you to do.

If you can is fine the start you not to find living. Just look because Rick and Gabriel find it, you can record record article person. The father in Jesus because you very heart of my domicile, when I found your lot yeah so it's called oneness, Jesus, and which nature is talking to just type in which nature is talking and go through that and for example, when I had a discussion with one of my opponents.

Bishop Jerry Hayes. He's a one this guy is very polite gentleman fell. Given that, but some I asked something like this.

The prick up you join six or 72 39 and I asked diverse questions about it and let's just go with verse 38 to save time for Jesus is for I have enough to do my own will but the will of him sent me, so I said okay to look for eyes at divine nature of the human nature is a divine nature. I came down from heaven to do my own will. That's the human nature.

He said, but the will of him who sent me is a divine nature. So this is evidence that they say the divine nature and the human nature communicate to each other, but that means or to persons initially have a definition what personhood is also in that article, so this is an event of look at you to check out so okay then there that here here something else don't want you pay attention to this because this is all logic. It's all it's right there in Scripture. Women do is go to John 17 five now Ascom does Jesus speak as one person or does he speak as to persons because if you does a person usually speak as one person right make sense yet is what you say is Jesus a person he's got to say yes if he doesn't know he's got problems. Just put your hand on one side of his ear and then look on the other peers. He thinks he like going with your head up and down it means you don't know so that is what he said.

John 75 father, glorify me with the glory I had with you which, for the fund before the world was. How can Jesus the person say the eye.

He's good at the say was a divine nature, but he speaking as a single person because I manifested your name to the men who sat at the person of Jesus will then the divine nature talking I manifested in the next verse, or that the human nature.

It was only the human nature than what we have is a schizophrenic view of Christ where he alternates between natures speaking divine nature, human nature, divine.

I can even get it where in one sentence and one sentence.

The two natures are talking alternately, it just gets ludicrous.

This is why you get a focus on this okay, I'll follow that all really quick. For show and I talked about David K. Bernard, and they can actually mention the guy next to me and he said yeah my friend Matt selected a debate with everyone wanted to debate anyone to be a pretty major discussion. I told her 93rd everything to get a little agitated when Matt started at 10? About one delete in the Scriptures and and going to the tax all David not like that. My after work that headquartered may know, the whole family there are really nice people and their habits guy, really. I do not have you got a look and kind of like God, like you, the all in all the top dog yes will tell you what this is one of those weird connections. Now you have this guy connection and you tell him that sent Matt slick etc. still wants to have a discussion with them. I've emailed him I have a gut response back. And what better time to go back tomorrow.

Let me know what happens with the sky to okay here I will I will let brother remained on less. All right, that was Alex from Orlando Florida and the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow and hopefully talk to them greatly, and powered by the Truth Network

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